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Everything you need to make a presentation you’re proud of

Start creating a video presentation without having to set up any equipment. With a screen recorder and a microphone, you can record video presentations online yourself. Or, browse the stock footage library to craft the perfect presentation video. 

Visualize your presentation with Video Generator

Easily experiment with different visual elements using the AI video generator . Spark inspiration from each generated video or choose one to edit directly.

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Make a video presentation your audience will remember. This video presentation maker is perfect for creating any kind of presentation from slideshows to talking head videos. 

Everything you need to make a presentation you’re proud of Screenshot

How to Make a Video Presentation

How to Make a Video Presentation

Open a new project with a blank canvas. Choose the size you want your video presentation to be; apply preset aspect ratios 9:16, 4:5, 1:1, and vice versa.

Open the “Record” tab in the left-hand side and choose your recording settings to start recording. Or, browse the stock footage library to create a presentation without recording. 

(Optional): Use the AI video generator to create a video presentation for you with subtitles, background music, and an AI voiceover. 

Trim, crop, or add subtitles to your video presentation. Apply subtle background music to fill in silences, or remove silences automatically with Smart Cut.

Export your video presentation, download a video file, and share its unique video link. Have others leave comments at specific points in your video—all in real time.

The best way to create video presentations without feeling overwhelmed

Unless your racing against the clock and coming up on a deadline (we've all been there), create video presentations online without feeling overwhelmed by a complex-looking video editor.

Kapwing's video presentation maker offers you a full creative suite of video editing tools with a user-friendly interface. Start creating video presentations without a learning curve.

Professionalize your video with AI-powered features

Use the AI voiceover generator to add an AI voice so you don't have to record narration yourself. (TIP): Apply text-to-speech for both subtitles and a voice over.

Store brand colors and logos in a shared Brand Kit

Easily access brand assets to have consistent branding across different social media platforms. Create video presentation templates and save them for your team to create the next video presentation in a breeze.

Make a video presentation in under 10 minutes

Jump directly into the editor and generate a video presentation using the slideshow generator. Edit the generated subtitles accordingly and make any additional changes to your video. Create and edit a video presentation all on one platform—no download or software installation required.

Collaborate with your team in real-time

Leave feedback at key points directly on the playback timeline. Share your video presentation with just a link. Never see a "file upload limit" notification on your screen again.

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How to Make an Eye-catching Video Presentation in Minutes | InVideo

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creating video for presentation

Video is now the undisputed king of mediums in business communication. HubSpot reports that 85% of companies use videos in their marketing efforts. From webinars to demos, from sales presentations to investor pitches, and from welcome videos to online tutorials, videos are the go-to channel. Clearly, video marketing  is on the surge.

And video presentations are among the most widely used formats for video marketing. But how exactly can you create winning video presentations, to begin with?

Simply by signing up to InVideo for business where you get tailor-made template and video editing services on demand so you can spend your time running your business. Sign up for a free demo here. 

Video Presentations Q&A

Before we get into the meat of our guide, let’s quickly answer a few commonly asked questions.

1. What is a Video Presentation?

A video presentation is a form of communicating with an audience with the aid of a video or completely using a video. The video could be made of PowerPoint slides , still images, animation, or actual video footage.

2. Why Should I use Video Presentations?

Common reasons for using videos as presentation aids include:

- Overcoming space/time limitations - Using video as a visual aide to drive your point home - Video enables you to compress a lot of information into a digestible size

3. How do I make a Video Presentation?

Thanks to the advancements in technology, making video presentations has become very easy. It has also become more affordable than it was a couple of years ago. While different video makers have different steps to take when making a video , here are the basic steps to follow:

- Come up with a concept for your presentation. - Craft an engaging script . - Decide on the visual assets (and format) you’ll use. - Use a professional video editing app to bring it all together. - Promote the video.

Pro tip: To make things even easier, you could sign up to InVideo for business and get presentations made for your brand using the editing-on-demand services.  Sign up for a free demo here . 

4. How do you begin a Presentation?

You can open your presentation in 7 ways:

1. Share an anecdote or short personal story. 2. Kick-off with a provocative statement. 3. Present a startling statistic or data. 4. Tell a good clean joke that suits the audience. 5. Ask a loaded rhetorical question. 6. Show the audience a compelling visual. 7. Hook people with a fascinating quotation.

5. How do you Make a Video Presentation with PowerPoint?

Turning a PowerPoint presentation into a video is easy. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: On the File  menu, select Save  to make sure you have saved all your recent work in PowerPoint presentation format (.pptx).

Step 2: On the File  menu, select Save As .

Step 3: Select the folder location where you want to store your PowerPoint Show file.

Step 4: In the Save as type  box, choose PowerPoint Show (*.ppsx) .

PowerPoint Show Save as Options

Step 5: Select Save . That’s it.

Now that we’ve answered a few basic questions, let’s dig deeper into why videos are so powerful.

What Makes Video Presentations so Effective?

Why do they increase the impact of your message?

Well, it’s simple, really – people are visual creatures. This means we take in more information by watching than by reading. Remember the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Besides that, here are 4 other reasons video is so effective:

1. Conveys emotions better

No other communication channel conveys emotions better than video. That’s because video caters to the brain’s visual and auditory systems, helping the viewer pick up on cues like body language, facial expressions, imagery, and music.

2. Cements information better

According to research , people remember 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read. However, they remember a staggering 80% of what they experienced. In short, visuals are easier to remember than text or audio because they help your audience “experience” your message. It makes video an essential part of creating presentations your audience will remember for a long time.

3. Makes it easier to digest information

Especially when explaining complicated concepts, video is a great way to present information in an easy-to-understand way. Not only is the format easy to take in, but it also makes breaking down concepts easier.

4. Builds relationships fast

I’m sure you know the marketing mantra: people buy from people they know, like, and trust. Nothing beats video in making prospects or your audience know, like, and trust you…   fast. Video is an instant relationship builder. It’s the next best thing to live face-to-face communication.

A video is a great tool that has made it easier to communicate thoughts and ideas with people – not just in a room, but even across the globe.

6 Types of Video Presentations You Need to Know

Video presentations come in different flavors, depending on their purpose.

types of video presentations

1. Educational Presentations

These are mainly used in teaching and learning sets online or in a classroom setting. These make it easier for the teacher to convey information and the students to grasp the concepts.

Use this template

2. Sales Presentations

The field of sales has evolved tremendously in the past decade. With customers being savvier, sales reps must play the game well if they’re to bag sales. One way they can do that is by creating story-based sales video presentations.

Sell more with pro video presentations

Use 5000+ InVideo templates to get started

Sell more with pro video presentations

3. Investor Pitches

Need to woo an investor? One of the best ways to do that is by using a video pitch. This will help you present your business plan in a visually appealing way so they can easily grasp your business concept.

4. Promotional Videos

Whether you’re promoting an existing product or a new one, video is your best bet for getting eyeballs on your product (or cause). People relate better to what they can see, making video the best medium for presenting your promotions (like product reviews, for example).

5. Employee Training and Onboarding

Video presentations are great for conducting employee training and onboarding. One of the main reasons for this is that video helps reduce the resources spent on these 2 important aspects of employee relationship management.

6. Informational Videos

As the name suggests, the informational/how-to type of presentation serves to pass on important information. Why video in this case? Because it’s more engaging and can pack a lot of information in a short clip.

Pro tip: You can get tailor-made templates to create any kind of presentation for your brand or business using InVideo for business . Sign up for a free demo here . 

How to create killer Video Presentations – 4 Tips

Now you know why video presentations are important and which scenarios to use them in. Now to the fun part – tips on creating killer video presentations. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Tip #1 - Know your Audience

how to create a killer video presentations - know your audience

The most important aspect of creating a stellar presentation is to know and understand your audience. Even if you use the best video presentation maker , if you don’t target a specific, clearly defined audience, your presentation will flop. Understanding your audience will help you:

A. Communicate effectively

Effective communication involves knowing the language and examples that resonate with your audience.

B. Choose the right visuals

Certain visuals are more impactful when used on a particular audience. Study those that your audience will easily understand and relate to.

C. Connect on an emotional level

No matter the type of presentation, it’s crucial to connect with your audience on an emotional level. And to do that, you need to understand the emotional triggers to push in your video presentation.

Invest in adequate audience research. While it may be time-consuming (and a bit costly), it will pay off in the end.

Idea #2 - Brainstorm video content ideas

Create Killer Video Presentations - Brainstorm Video Content Ideas

Now that you have gathered enough audience data, it’s time to brainstorm some content ideas. Whether you’re creating your talk solo or as a team, 3 crucial questions will lay the foundation of your brainstorming session:

1. What do you want the video to achieve? 2. Which emotions do you want the video to evoke? 3. What will visual elements help your video achieve its goal?

The answers to these questions will help guide your ideas. They are key to creating a killer video that your audience will love.

Tip #3 - Craft engaging scripts

Craft Engaging Scripts

Audience research? Check.

Great idea? Check.

Now we get to another interesting stage of creating great video presentations  – crafting an engaging script. Whether it’s a live presentation, a webinar, or even a product review, you’ll need a great script to ensure you keep your audience engaged.

Even if you love creating impromptu videos, having a script for your video presentations is important. And no, you need not be Quentin Tarantino to produce a great video script (although it won’t hurt to learn how to become a good copywriter). Here are 3 reasons a good video script is a must:

1) Helps structure your video

To ensure your video has a smooth and progressive flow, you’ll need a good script.

2) Eliminates “dead spots”

Dead spots, or moments of inactivity, are a great turn-off in a video. They reek of unprofessionalism and can lead to your audience disengaging. The best way to eliminate dead spots is to craft a solid video script .

3) Keeps you on track

It’s very easy to get sidetracked when creating a video . However, with a script, you minimize the instances of going off-topic.

Creating scripts for your videos is a best practice that shouldn’t be overlooked. If anything, invest more in your script than the visuals as a good script can save a video with poor visuals.

Pro-tip: Once you’re confident about your script, it is time to make things even more clear. A  storyboard will allow you to break down your video visually, scene by scene, describing what is happening in it.

Tip #4 - Invest in the Right Tools

video presentations right tools - InVideo

With video, one thing you should never skimp on is the tools you use, particularly your video editing software. While there is a gazillion free video editing software on the market, it’s highly recommended that you use a professional video editor . And that means going the paid route.

Why should you spend on a video editor when there are countless free options available? Here’s why:

A. Get more (professional) features

Creating professional-looking videos requires a lot of resources and features. Most free video editors lack the features that will enable you to create professional videos.

B. Avoid branding and ads

With video editing software, free is never free. That’s because you pay through being forced to include the video editors brand in your work. In other words, you pay by advertising for them. Besides branding, some free video editors may subject you to irritating in-app ads.

If there’s one thing that’s inevitable when it comes to software, it’s that one time or another you’ll encounter glitches. This is where paid video editors have a great advantage over their free counterparts – you’ll have access to customer support.

From hardware (like cameras) to software (like video editing software), the tools you use will determine the quality of your videos. Invest in professional tools, and your presentations will sweep your audience off their feet because they’ll be more polished.

Pro tip: If you don't have the time or bandwidth to find your way around an editing tool, simply sign up to InVideo for business and get presentations created using tailor-made templates and on-demand editing services. Sign up for a free demo here . 

Tip #5 - Adopt Video Presentation Best Practices

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when creating presentations . Most winning video presentations are based on common fundamental principles that work. Here are some you need to know:

1) Create impactful intros (and outros)

Your intro is the most important part of your presentation as it sets the tone for the rest of the talk. If you can’t engage your audience with your intro, you probably won’t get another chance to engage them.

2) Keep it short, sharp, and sweet

No matter how engaging your video is, always remember it’s not a movie. The point is to keep your audience engaged enough to pass on your information, no more no less.

3) Be professional

Don’t throw out your professional etiquette just because you’re on (or using) video. Maintain professionalism in your video presentations by, for example, using clean language and maintaining a good posture.

4) Use quality sound

Sound plays an integral part in presentations. Whether it’s music or speech, make sure it’s crisp, clear, and audible.

By following these (and other) video presentation best practices, success is inevitable. Remember, the presentation is not about you; it’s about your audience. So, ensure that your presentations provide a good user experience for your audience.

Make video presentations in minutes

With customizable InVideo templates

Make video presentations in minutes

Looking for a great Video Presentation Template? Here’s what you should consider

video presentation templates in InVideo

Templates are lifesavers. They help you create a decent presentation in a snap, even if you are a newbie.

Here are 3 simple questions to help you determine if a template is good:

1) Is it editable? – Are you able to change things like playback speed, effects, or text, so you produce something you like? Stay away from rigid templates that don’t give you the freedom to create with ease.

2) Is it customizable? – Can you design brand-specific clips using your company’s colors, fonts, and styling? Good templates give you wiggle room to include your brand’s specific needs.

3) Is it campaign-specific? – Different videos fit different scenarios. Ideally, you want templates tailored to your current campaign.  That way, you have less tweaking to do because the templates are close to what you want.

Pro Tip: Get more tailor-made templates for your video presentations by signing up to InVideo for business . Sign up for a free demo here . 

5 Awesome Video Presentation ideas to bring The House Down

Presentation is both an art and science. Get the balance right, and you have the audience eating out of the palm of your hand. Here are some ideas to help you do just that.

Idea #1 - Tickle them with humor

Humor is a powerful learning tool.

According to studies by Physiology Org humor leads to learning because of it:

- Attracts and sustains attention. - Relieves tension and produces a relaxed atmosphere. - Enhances participation. - Increases retention and motivation. - Bonds the student and the teacher.

However, to reap all these benefits, the humor must be appropriate and on-topic. So spice up your presentation with a joke or two. The result? Your audience will laugh and learn.

Idea #2 - Use Relevant Examples

Effective presenters use timely, powerful illustrations.

The word illustration comes from the Latin term ‘illustration,’ which means illumination. So practical examples are like windows of your presentation. They let light in. They help people see or understand the material better.

Here are 5 questions to ask about your illustrations:

1. Are they relevant to the topic? 2. Are they suited to the audience? 3. Are they suited to the time limit? 4. Are they enlightening? 5. Are they well told?

Grab compelling examples from books, movies, TV shows, history, children, current events, and captivating real-life incidents. Use good illustrations ram your points home.

Idea #3 - Wield Questions like a Ninja

Questions are an integral part of learning.

Sharp questions aid learning. Plus, they keep listeners highly engaged.

Ask questions:

- At the beginning of your presentation to draw your audience in. - In the middle of the presentation to revive waning audience interest. - At the end of the talk, so the audience reflects on the material.

Also, allow the audience to ask questions. When your audience asks questions, they switch from passive spectators to active participants.

Idea #4 - Be Minimal

Have you ever sat through a presentation and felt:

- Dazed? - Confused? - Strained?

More than likely, the reason is the presenter drowned you in a blaze of inessential stuff. There was too much going on you couldn’t cope with.

Minimalism is removing all unnecessary material, leaving only the bare minimum needed to put your points across. It means using just enough text, visuals, scenes, or slides to make the point and no more. A minimal presentation is clean and uncluttered.

Simple yet intriguing. Plain but profound. Basic but punchy.

Most importantly, it makes learning easy and enjoyable.

Idea #5 - Connect emotionally with a story

Stories are speakers’ most powerful weapons. That’s because stories play a dual purpose –

- Engage intellectually - Connect Emotionally

And an emotional connection is key to bringing the house down with your presentation. Why?

An emotional connection:

- Endears you to your audience - Makes your presentation memorable - Inspires your audience to take action

By using a relevant story in your video presentation, you’ll ensure that your audience walks the entire journey with you from intro to outro.

6 PowerPoint Presentation tips to wow your audience

powerpoint presentation tips

No business video guide is complete without PowerPoint, the staple software for business presentations.

Here are 6 golden rules to help you nail your next PowerPoint presentation and leave your audience crying for more:

1. Keep Things Simple

Legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci once said something profound:

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

With the plethora of apps and templates at your disposal, you will be tempted to complicate things. Don’t. Keep things simple.

Simple design. Simple colors. Simple story.

People get swamped and confused by complicated stuff but easily absorb and appreciate straightforward material.

2. Good visual contrast

What use is your blockbuster presentation if the audience can’t see it?

You want people to enjoy your presentation, not endure it. If you use dark fonts on dark backgrounds or light fonts on light backgrounds, you’ll strain your audience’s eyes. They’ll struggle to see your lovely slides.

Classic black-on-white color contrast does just fine. You can use colors like red, blue, or yellow for headings and images. If you don’t like black and white, you can use other colors you prefer as long as the contrast of your combination is bold and strong.

3. Use a few words and animations

It’s easy to go overboard with fancy animations and a gushing stream of words. Only use as many words as it takes to get your point across and no more.

Too many words cause the audience to read rather than listen. Remember, your slides are there to compliment your talk, not substitute it. Also, a lot of words will fill up many slides that wear your audience down.

Ruthlessly cut out senseless animations that don’t add value to your talk.

4. Use excellent images

Images are to a presentation, what water is to fish. Without them, your presentation becomes bland. It lacks the needed fizz to keep your audience hooked. But only include relevant images.

Not only that. Above all, make sure all pictures are of high quality. Amateur-looking clip art causes the audience not to take you seriously.

Pro-tip: Get access to millions of stock assets and tailor-made templates with InVideo for business . Sign up for a free demo here . 

5. Smooth and fast transitions

While PowerPoint transitions can make your presentation engaging, don’t overdo them, especially the advanced ones. Not only do they quickly drain power on weaker machines, but they also distract the audience. Stick to simpler and faster transitions like wipe or slide.

6. Avoid overloading your slides

In presentations, less is more.

Having a lot going on your screen confuses and overwhelms listeners.

Cramming too much info into your slides is a big no-no. Clutter is your enemy. Strip your slides down to essential words and images. Your audience will love you for it and leave you with many takeaways.

Pro looking Video Presentations – No longer an option

With Industry 4.0 fast coming into its own, going digital is no longer an option for businesses and speakers.

And one of the most important communication mediums in the digital age is video. That’s why you can’t afford to ignore video any more. Whether you’re speaking before a live audience or seeking to disseminate information to a global audience, video presentations are the way to go.

Need a great tool to create stunning video presentations? Then make sure to schedule a demo and see just how much you can do with InVideo for business. 

Let’s create superb videos

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  • Diverse Workplace Scenes
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  • Welcome New Team Member
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  • Now Hiring Product Engineer
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  • Thanks Group
  • You Rock Employee
  • Great Job Team
  • You Rock Team
  • Great Job Employee
  • Great Job Group
  • Weekly Update
  • Company Update
  • Product Launch
  • Monthly Update
  • News Update
  • Year in Review

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Whether you meet on Zoom or in person, a video presentation beats a PowerPoint any day.

Video reports

A performance report is boring, but a video presentation report is bold and memorable.

Making a video presentation: FAQs

Your answers to the most frequently asked questions about making a video presentation.

How do I make a video presentation for free?

It’s hard to make a video presentation for free, because free video makers have limited features that usually aren’t geared toward professional presentations. Your best bet is making a presentation during a free trial with a leading video presentation maker. Most people quickly realize purchasing a subscription is worth the money.

How do I make a video out of a presentation?

Not all online video makers are geared toward making a video out of a presentation, so it’s important to use one that focuses on making videos for a professional setting. Look for features like: templates and scenes geared toward the business world; video branding capabilities; an easy-to-use workflow.

How do I make a narration video presentation?

There are three ways to make a narration video presentation.

  • Record narration separately and sync it to your presentation.
  • Upload first-person video footage. Merge it with your presentation.
  • Use a video presentation maker with in-app voice-over and recording features. (This is the easiest way to make a narration video presentation.)

How do I make an animated presentation?

Making an animated presentation from scratch is difficult unless you have advanced skills. Your best bet is to find a video presentation maker with a library of animations you can add to your presentation. Look for an online video maker that offers unique animations geared toward a professional setting.


“Biteable gives us the speed and quality to create videos that allows our 3-person team to play at the level of a 60-person team.”

  • Tara Aiken, Regis Corporation

4 must-have tips for making video presentations

Creating a video presentation is easy with Biteable. And it’s even easier if you follow these best practices.

Have a goal in mind

Every great video presentation starts with a goal. What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe you want to share a new idea with your colleagues. Maybe you want to report on important company metrics. Or maybe you want to do something else entirely.

It’s incredibly difficult to make a video presentation that moves the needle until you define exactly what your presentation aims to achieve. Figure that part out and the rest becomes much easier.

Choose a proven template

Now that you know what your presentation aims to achieve you can pick a template that fits. You can create your video presentation from scratch, but using a template as a starting point gives you guide rails for tempo and pacing, plus a proven structure designed by pros.

Biteable video presentation maker has plenty of template options geared toward a professional setting, plus hundreds of extra video scenes and animations to build out your video presentation as much or as little as you like.

Use animations that underscore your message

One of the biggest advantages of video presentations over something static like a PowerPoint is the presence of motion. Without even realizing it, your audience will remember the information better simply because video is a multimedia experience that combines movement, sound, and visuals. To make the most impact, choose your animations wisely and use movement in a way that underscores your key points.

Are you presenting on the massive growth your marketing team achieved? Use a graph showing upward movement to drive the point home. Do you have one key point you’re trying to make? Use animation to circle your text or arrows that point at your most important information.

(All of this is easy to do with the video scenes available in Biteable.)

Keep it short and sweet

The length of your video presentation matters. Too short and you won’t be able to convey enough information. Too long and your audience will tune out.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to video presentation length. But in general, 1-2 minutes is the sweet spot for making a video presentation that holds attention while still getting all the important information across.

You’d be surprised how many details you can share in this amount of time. A 15-minute live presentation can easily be condensed into one or two minutes if you hone your message to focus on the key details.

Brand your video

This is probably one of the most important — and most overlooked — parts of creating a successful video presentation. You’d never create a PowerPoint with erratic, off-brand colors. Making a video presentation is no different.

It’s a subtle change, but it gives off a big signal that you are polished and professional, and that you and your video presentation mean business.

Take advantage of the unique branding feature in the Biteable video presentation maker to easily apply your colors and logo to your entire presentation.

"> "> Make a presentation video today

Video Presentation Maker

Empower your people and drive results with professional-quality video presentations

Video Presentation Maker

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With VEED’s online professional video editor, you can create powerful video presentations that can empower your team and drive results—whether that’s for your company’s quarterly review, a marketing pitch, or a product launch. Use our online screen and webcam recorder and upload your Google Slides. Edit your recording with our full range of video editing tools. You can add annotations, images, text, and animations to make your presentation even more engaging.

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How to create a video presentation:

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Upload, record, or start with a template

Upload your video to VEED or record your screen and webcam with our online webcam recorder. You can also start with our video presentation templates.


Add annotations, text, animations, and more!

Use our full range of tools to add annotations, animated text, music, and more! You can also add your company logo and other branding assets (available in premium).


Email, share, or save as a template

You can email the VEED link of your video presentation so your team doesn’t have to download the file. Or export it at the quality and file size you prefer. You can also save your video as a template for easier business communication in the future.

Watch this walkthrough of our video presentation maker:

‘Video Presentation Maker’ Tutorial

Maximize your slides’ impact with our presentation maker

Upload your Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation inside our webcam and screen recorder, and go through your slides while recording yourself. Select from different themes, backgrounds, and layouts. When you’re done, you can edit your video presentation to make it even more engaging for your audience. Split, cut, and rearrange your clips on the timeline. Add transition effects between clips to maximize their impact.

Add your slides to your presentation

Annotate, add text, images, music, and more!

VEED lets you quickly add annotations to your presentation slides and animate them. Add drawings and text. You can animate these elements and even add music and sound effects from our stock library. Draw arrows, underline key points, and create speech bubbles to emphasize your message. Make sure that you get your message across using our full range of tools!

Add text, audio, and annotate

Save your videos as templates for business communication

Our professional video editing software lets you save your videos as templates, letting you quickly edit and repurpose your video for future business video communications. You can automatically add subtitles to your video presentations and translate them to make them accessible to people all over the world. This is great if you need to talk to your international team.

Why use our video presentation maker?

Frequently Asked Questions

Upload your video to VEED or use our webcam recorder. You can also upload your slides and present them while recording yourself. Edit your video, add all the elements you want, and share!

VEED is free to use for everyone. Some tools require a premium subscription, but even with a free account, you can use our screen and webcam recorder, upload your slides, and edit your video with our pro tools!

There are many video presentation software out there, but VEED stands out because of its smooth user interface and design. Our drag and drop functionality makes video creation quick and efficient. Plus, it’s packed with a full range of tools that you won’t find in other free video editors.

To ensure that you will get your audience’s interest, your presentation needs to be compelling. Don’t just share information, tell a story! You can also add music, visual elements like photos and text, use humor, and add graphics.

VEED lets you edit your video to make it look like a presentation. You can split your video into clips and add transition effects in between. Animate elements like text, images, and subtitles. And much more!

VEED works smoothly on laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. And it works right from your browser!

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What they say about VEED

Veed is a great piece of browser software with the best team I've ever seen. Veed allows for subtitling, editing, effect/text encoding, and many more advanced features that other editors just can't compete with. The free version is wonderful, but the Pro version is beyond perfect. Keep in mind that this a browser editor we're talking about and the level of quality that Veed allows is stunning and a complete game changer at worst.

I love using VEED as the speech to subtitles transcription is the most accurate I've seen on the market. It has enabled me to edit my videos in just a few minutes and bring my video content to the next level

Laura Haleydt - Brand Marketing Manager, Carlsberg Importers

The Best & Most Easy to Use Simple Video Editing Software! I had tried tons of other online editors on the market and been disappointed. With VEED I haven't experienced any issues with the videos I create on there. It has everything I need in one place such as the progress bar for my 1-minute clips, auto transcriptions for all my video content, and custom fonts for consistency in my visual branding.

Diana B - Social Media Strategist, Self Employed

More than a video presentation maker

If you have been looking for a video editor that can do it all, look no further! VEED is a professional, all-in-one video editing software that can take care of all your video editing needs—quickly and efficiently. You can resize your video for different video sharing and social media platforms, add text, images, music, and more. Whether you need to edit a video for business or personal use, VEED is the best tool you can use.

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Video Presentation Maker

Make your ideas stick with Descript as your free video presentation maker. Get everything you need to record, edit, and share great video presentations, whether you're presenting a pitch, project feedback, course content, or a quick async video message.

creating video for presentation

How to create a captivating video presentation

Write your script or paste in an existing draft directly into Descript where you can Ask AI to help you with brainstorming and rewriting. Descript's text-based editor makes it easy to edit and organize your script by adding a '/' to create new scenes and mark transitions between slides.

Highlight your script and hit  Record  to capture your camera, mic, screen or slides while you read your script. Select  Replace selection  to replace your script with a fresh transcript synced to your recording. Don't worry about memorizing your lines since Descript lets you fix eye contact, remove filler words, and delete bad takes in a couple of clicks.

Edit the transcript to make cuts, apply transitions, add visual elements or stock media to make your presentation stand out. When you're ready, go to Publish to download your presentation as an MP4 file, or generate a web link you can share or embed anywhere.

Download the app for free

More articles and resources.

The best AI tools for podcasters: From scriptwriting to audio editing to marketing your show

The best AI tools for podcasters: From scriptwriting to audio editing to marketing your show

creating video for presentation

How to optimize your podcast for YouTube

creating video for presentation

New in Descript: Transcript Correction Wizard and more

Other tools from descript, collaborative video editing, silence remover, video compilation maker, business video maker, video brightness editor, youtube transcript generator, article to video, youtube description generator.

creating video for presentation

  • 3 Create a new project Drag your file into the box above, or click Select file and import it from your computer or wherever it lives.

creating video for presentation

Sound like you recorded in a studio mic using the Studio Sound effect. Don't worry about rehearsing either—with eye contact correction and filler word removal, you can read your script while your record and make it look like you weren't, while removing filler words like "um" or "like"—all in a few clicks.

creating video for presentation

Design video presentations from scratch in Descript scene by scene. Or record as you present your slides in presentation tools like PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and Canva, directly into Descript where you can edit and polish.

creating video for presentation

Draw from Descript's extensive library of stock media and templates to enhance your video presentations. Incorporate stock footage, images, GIFs, AI voice overs, music, and sound effects with impeccable timing.

creating video for presentation

A good video presentation combines a strong host with a visually appealing design that uses examples and infographics to simplify complex information, and concise copy to ensure ideas are clear and easy to follow. Each slide should focus on one idea at a time and ensure reasonable pacing from slide to slide.

You can screen record directly in PowerPoint as you narrate along. Or you can use Descript's built-in screen recorder to  record your PowerPoint presentation , then edit, polish, and publish in one seamless workflow.

To record a Google Slides presentation with audio and video using Descript, open your Google Slides presentation and set it up for presenting. Then, open Descript and select Record from the toolbar. Choose to record your entire screen or just the presentation window, and make sure to enable both microphone and camera if you want to include audio commentary and a video of yourself. Start recording, switch to your presentation, and begin. Once done, stop the recording in Descript, and you can edit or share your video as needed.

You can deliver better video presentations using AI features like Eye Contact and Filler Word Removal in Descript. Eye Contact adjusts your gaze to ensure you're always looking directly at the camera, creating a more engaging and personal connection with your audience. Meanwhile, Filler Word Removal automatically detects and eliminates unnecessary words and pauses ("um," "uh," "you know," etc.), making your presentation smoother and more professional.

creating video for presentation

Create video presentations that keep classrooms engaged.

Learn how to craft teaching sessions or class projects that keep eyeballs on the screen with compelling video presentations.

Person recording a leather-working video of themselves on their mobile phone

Spice up learning with a video presentation.

As the world shifts toward the virtual classroom, teaching and education tools are moving into digital spaces, as well. With video presentations, students and educators alike have a powerful resource to make learning exciting and fun.    

For educators, a video presentation can help introduce topics visually and hold the attention of a class longer. For students, video presentation projects draw on creative and analytical skills that they’ll use throughout their lives.

Go beyond simple PowerPoint slides and explore how Adobe Premiere Pro can help any video presentation maker create their own videos and live presentations that compel audiences with video, animation effects, and more.

Limitless video presentation ideas for any creative occasion.

In a virtual learning environment, students are exposed to limitless knowledge with the drop of a link. Videos offer digestible amounts of information that students can rewatch later to help retain new knowledge.

For teachers, video presentations add variety to teaching materials, which can help keep eyes on the lecture screen instead of the phone screen. Making video presentations can help both students and teachers express themselves, share ideas, and make meaningful learning progress.

 Expand the possibilities of virtual learning for students.

 Some subject matters lend themselves better to a video presentation than other teaching formats. For example: 

  • Real-world events and experiences: Watch a video tour of the Parthenon ruins in Greece or experience rare green mambas hatching from their eggs in West Africa.  
  • Art, creativity, and visual skills: Learn about painting, drawing, geometry, and more with visual aids to help better understand the topic.  
  • Complex or technical topics: Get a 3D view of the human skeleton to help learn about anatomy, or show all of the elements of the periodic table in action. 

Person looking down at their laptop watching a leather-working video

Make teaching more accessible and engaging.

Keeping students interested can be a challenge, especially in a virtual classroom setting. Try using videos to change up your course content — and give you a break from lecturing. But, entertaining as videos may be, there are lots of other good reasons to use them in the classroom:

  • Inclusivity: Online video presentations with subtitles can accommodate all audiences, including students with hearing impairment. Subtitles can also help students who are learning a new language better understand their teachers.  
  • Information retention: Smaller chunks of information tend to be easier for learners to remember. Engaging visuals can help overcome learning curves so students can grasp concepts more easily.   
  • Time efficiency: A brief  explainer video  or short clip can save you time with lesson planning and help share information from experts in their fields.   
  • Effortless studying: Students can revisit and rewatch videos outside of the classroom and have time to reprocess the course material.

Types of video presentations.

There’s no limit to what you can create with your video presentation, from a video of you dancing the cha-cha to an animated infographic, or even funny GIFs for a dose of comic relief. Here are a few types of videos you can make yourself — or find online — to use in the classroom:

  • Personal narratives: As a class assignment, a personal narrative video can help students learn about themselves and each other. Or, share a personal narrative of people related to the subject you’re teaching.   
  • Instructional videos: Step-by-step tutorials are a versatile way to break down complicated topics. Try making a how-to video on linear algebra, novel writing, or even a DIY art project.  
  • YouTube videos: Try using a YouTube video in your presentation slides to connect with younger students in their own language. Many YouTube stars cover educational topics . Or, within a larger video presentation, pop in a short video or two from credible YouTubers to help students stay attentive.

The makings of an engaging video lesson.

Whether you're a student with a video project assignment or a teacher looking to change up your lesson plan, a solid outline will help you or your students create a cohesive video presentation. Start by writing an outline that includes the following:

1. Introduction of your topic:

Hook your audience with an exciting story, fact, or anecdote about your topic.

2. Agenda or overview:

Provide a slide of the talking points you will be sharing with your audience so they can see the full breadth of the presentation.

3. Explain your topic or subject:

Tell the audience about the most important aspects of your topic as you work your way through the sections you presented in your overview.

4. Examples and discussion points:

Get practical on your topic and dive into detail to get the conversation going.

5. Conclusion:

Wrap up your presentation with any last remarks or touch back on the theme of your presentation.

Use Adobe Premiere Pro to create your presentation.

You don’t need a vast knowledge of video editing software to craft a quality video presentation. Adobe Premiere Pro features many video and presentation tools that you can use to customize and finalize your video. Choose from several themed video and presentation templates, slide transitions, and features that let you add subtitles , music, and much more.

Polish off your video by adding some creative components.

Take your video presentation to the next level with these creative tips:

Two images side by side: one of a leather chair with personal accessory items laid out on it and one of a person taking a photo with an audio soundwave file superimposed over it

Editing ideas:

  • Select short clips : Pick a quick video clip to add variety as a visual aid, but keep it bite-sized so it’s easier for your audience to grasp. You can add video files and clips easily in Premiere Pro and use video templates to speed up that work.  
  • Add transitions : Premiere Pro features many fun transitions and animated effects you can use within your presentations to keep your audience’s attention.  
  • Throw in some music: Sometimes a little background music can make a presentation more engaging. Keep the tempo up by adding a tune. 

Add the final touches:

  • Choose a color scheme or overall design: Slideshow and presentation templates can help you unify the color and theme of your presentations to ensure nothing distracts the viewer. Customization controls can help you update those color schemes too.  
  • Use stock images: Select a few stock images as visual aids to place throughout your presentation to add high-quality visuals to your piece.

Read more about Premiere Pro tutorials so you can hone your video editing skills and start putting together an engaging video presentation for your next lesson plan or class assignment.

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creating video for presentation

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Home Blog Presentation Ideas Video Presentations: A Guide for Engaging Content

Video Presentations: A Guide for Engaging Content

Video Presentations: A Guide for Engaging Content

In a time when the Millennials’ attention span can be measured as little as 12 seconds, how can we create genuinely engaging presentations? Is continuously changing slides the answer these days?

A skilled presenter has to master different techniques; therefore, we will examine the potential for video presentations. Join us to discover what video presentations are, the reasons why you should use them amongst your presentation tools, and exciting tips on how to drive engagement from them. 

Table of Contents

What video presentations are

Video presentation stats to consider, different types of video presentations, why should you use video presentations, what are the components of a winning video presentation, the role of accessibility: advanced research on video presentations, 5 tips on how to make your video presentations engaging.

  • How to create a video presentation

Do you need special software to create video presentations?

Closing thoughts.

Presentations are a crucial part of business and academic environments. Thousands of presentations are delivered each day in different environments; still, many are doomed to fail. Although we can blame this on a lack of proper presentation skills , reality tells us there’s a change in how people prefer to see the content.

As a general rule, consider 10 minutes the Goldilocks Zone for traditional presentations in what comes to audience engagement . Inspirational presentations like the ones we see on TEDx don’t follow this rule, as the objective here is to share a compelling story as detailed as possible so the audience can relate. In some cases, academic presentations of the thesis defense style remain loyal to a specific format. Still, trends are also changing, and video presentations have much to offer in terms of exposing complex concepts more plainly.

A video presentation can be represented in multiple formats: as a compendium of animated slides in video format, video files and audio sources packed on a single video file, a video recording made in interview format, a video documentary, etc. Although this definition may sound redundant, the concept behind a video presentation is that they don’t require a presenter to change between slides or windows to browse different assets . Hence, the importance to create a story behind the video presentation, so the various elements don’t feel segregated without logic.

We can say people use the video format to convey information in courses, job training, edutainment, conferences, and any kind of message-sharing purpose that requires connecting with the audience for engagement.

Before dwelling on the specifics of building a video presentation, here we share some video presentation stats that speak about the importance of video presentations these days from a marketing perspective.

  • Online search continues to be the most common way (45%) for users to find instructional and informational video content. ( source )
  • The most commonly-created types of videos are explainer videos (72%) , presentation videos (49%), testimonial videos (48%), sales videos (42%), and video ads (42%). ( source )
  • 57% of consumers said that product videos make them more confident in a purchase and less likely to return an item ( source )
  • Millennials’ attention span can be measured as little as 12 seconds ( source )
  • A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words in terms of information retention ( source )

As you can see, the effort of building a video presentation is well-paid in terms of consumption and content information retention from the audience.

Depending on the requirements of the presentation itself, we can classify video presentations as follows:

In-Company Video Presentations

These video presentations belong to the business and corporate world, but their purpose is to distribute information among coworkers or to coach the personnel for a specific requirement. In-company video presentations are used in workspace training, as part of internal recruitment processes, or other kinds of internal presentations.

In-company video presentations usually carry the company branding; they have restricted access for people outside the organization, so their distribution methods happen in meeting rooms dedicated to these purposes. 

Business Video Presentations

Business video presentations are used for a variety of business purposes: business pitches, workspace training, advertisement, product releases, recruitment, and more. Business video presentations also include the ones dedicated to  B2B or B2C relationships. 

Like In-Company Video Presentations, they carry branding to identify the video presentation’s author quickly. They are shared through official mediums for the company (like a brand’s social media channels and website), during corporate meetings with investors or potential business partners, and through 3rd. party channels.

Example of Product Launch Video Presentation by Xiaomi

Examples of these kinds of videos are product launch sessions, much like what tech giants like Xiaomi do.

Another kind of business video presentation is the explainer video. Explainer videos can be defined as short online marketing videos that are used to explain the company’s product or service. Explainer videos are commonly used for sales, marketing, and training purposes. Here is a real example of a 1-minute video presentation introducing SlideModel.com.

Another application of business video presentations is when sponsorship deals are involved, as brands can present their value to influencers through short reels.

Resume Video Presentations

This is a relatively recent but incredible turn of resume presentations. In resume video presentations , the candidate offers a detailed introduction of their capabilities, skills, interests, and potential value to the employer in a visually engaging format.

Unlike traditional CV presentations, the video format gives little room for anxiety, answering most of the interviewer’s questions or even driving admiration for the effort and dedication to this job-hunting adventure. 

We recommend the usage of resume presentation templates for this purpose, as they save tons of time in crafting a high-quality resume video presentation. 

Educational Video Presentations

This category can be divided into three different sub-categories:

Academic Video Presentations

Intended for University-level presentations or post-Doctorate work, these presentations follow strict format guidelines. They are mainly designed to distribute data comprehensively, with proper documentation backup. Animations usually don’t take part in these video presentations.

Despite being commonly associated with business events, conferences also belong to the academic video presentations category, as the live sessions are recorded to spread the message about important research discoveries. 

Teaching & Training Video Presentations

Teachers introduce the presentations to their students on various topics to understand abstract issues better. Chemistry, Physics, and Geography are typical examples of subjects that use video presentations. However, subjects like History and Philosophy can save countless hours of whiteboard sessions by using educational video presentations. 

Webinars fall under this category, either being released to the public or in-company webinars, as they share common aspects in their structure. Do keep in mind that educational content recorded as video presentations is not the same as a webinar, as the latter requires the presence of a live audience, a moderator, and usually a Q&A session at the end of it. If we talk about educational content being recorded and released as a course platform, then we can say it is a workshop.

According to recent studies, visualizations through video presentations and video-based learning can enhance understanding. It is demonstrated that students who watched learning videos on Statistics, influenced engagement and motivation positively .

Student Video Presentations

Finally, students also make video presentations as requested by their teachers to present a lesson or project exhibition. These presentations vary as the students grow older, becoming less dependent on animated effects, setting the bases for future work or academic presentation formats.

Informal Video Presentations

If you remember seeing videos in situations like 50th birthday parties, baptisms, wedding anniversaries, etc., then you have already experienced informal video presentations. 

These informal presentations are free from any format restriction. As the term implies, they are used for any kind of meetup, making it simpler to share a story rather than to tell a lengthy story.

Inspirational & Motivational Video Presentations

The final category belongs to the video presentations with a strong emotional component. They are built to connect, to empathize with the audience in specific situations or problems. Examples of this are TEDx , Evan Carmichael, or similar influencing platforms.

In general lines, motivational video presentations are recordings of live events shared with the purpose of getting the message to the biggest audience possible (internet consumers). Another possible format for these presentations is recorded interviews or testimonials intended to speak about a person’s contributions to society. An example of this, from an organization’s point of view, are the videos produced by the UK’s NHS to highlight and thank their medical personnel for their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Inspirational video presentations share common aspects with motivational speeches. A list of requirements for these video presentations would be:

  • Have a clear purpose
  • Make it personal
  • Get the message tailored for the target audience
  • A strong conclusion

Compared with traditional presentation methods, such as presentation slides or speaking in front of an audience, video presentations can offer a series of advantages. 

For starters, as you write the “ story ,” you are also rehearsing the points to be covered. In that way, anxiety or shyness won’t trigger you to forget about essential points or lose track of time. The length of the presentation can be predetermined, depending on the external requirements of the organization party, or how comprehensive or concise you need it to be. 

In the case of people struggling with camera shyness , an animated video presentation with voiceover is the answer to deliver quality work. Since psychologists and doctors agree the common point on fear of public speaking is the delivery of the presentation itself, video presentations shall reduce work-induced anxiety to a great degree. Since psychologists and doctors agree the common point on fear of public speaking is the delivery of the presentation itself, video presentations shall reduce work-induced anxiety to a great degree. You can also convert images to video online using video editor platforms to easily create video from images and voiceover on video.

Video presentations can be persuasive thanks to the usage of graphics and audio. It is far easier to convey emotions through video presentations than to put them in the presentation design. Also, research by Dr. James McQuivey proved that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words in terms of information retention.

Regarding engagement, the popularity that both TikTok and YouTube gained among the younger generations reflects the behavioral changes in content consumption . It has come to the point that even professionals use TikTok to demystify health hoaxes and help users worldwide. Therefore, using video format for presentations can help to boost your presentation performance, making it attractive for your audience and less effort-demanding. 

The most significant factor in delivering a successful video presentation is keeping the audience engaged. To ensure this, make sure the presentation doesn’t feel robotic-like but that it conveys a personal message. Don’t get this point wrong if we talk strictly about business or academic scenarios; making video presentations to deliver your personal touch can become as simple as selecting the proper color combination to enforce your message . Other solutions come from watching your voice tone not to make it too monotonous. 

Structure your presentation accordingly. In business or academic video presentations is a good idea to introduce a slide in the fashion of a table of contents . It is an extra touch that brings the audience closer to the topics due to be discussed. 

Consider the audience’s perspective as a vital element in video presentations. Check relevant examples of the topic discussed on platforms such as YouTube or DailyMotion. Compare their approach to yours and assert if you would watch your presentation as a spectator or not. This simple test gives insights into which aspects you should work on.

Winning video presentations never miss the usage of CTAs. It’s a good method to direct the audience’s interest to a specific goal.

Video presentations can become an incredible tool for driving engagement, yet there is a problem that not so many presenters address: accessibility. Think about how many times a presenter ends a phrase like “over here,” assuming the audience is watching the item being shown. But what if members of the target audience have visual impairments?

Much like we consider the importance of adding Closed Captioning (CC) to our videos, accessibility in terms of the narrative is a must. On this behalf, we want to introduce an interesting research that led to the production of a tool named Slidecho . Using state-of-the-art technology like video scene detection, AI, and OCR, Slideshow follows these very steps:

  • Step 1: Extract slide frames
  • Step 2: Selecting slide elements
  • Step 3: Detecting described elements from the slide elements
  • Step 4: Aligning slides with the speech

Therefore, Slidecho uses an algorithmic methodology to extract the visual elements from the slides, converting them to an audio reading format whilst aligning it with the original speaker’s narration. Moreover, its interface instantiates new interactions that augment the plain video interface with synchronized slide information and audio notifications to alert users to undescribed elements.

This technological advance helps the audience better understand what is being presented, regardless of the context of the presentation. Imagine an award ceremony where many references apply to visual cues. People with visual impairments get half of the message, with luck, when presenters fall into colloquial language usage, not understanding the context or having to ask for clarification. If instead, the synced narration is available, we then talk about making presentations available for everyone. This is an accurate definition of enriching an event experience.

If we talk about attending to the needs of people with hearing impairments, we have to consider the social factor as a motivator in presentations. It is a common mistake to leave slides filled with text and voiceover narration in the background providing detailed information. A study made by Stanford University speaks about the value of having the presenter’s face available through these slides, as it delivers both social cues plus helps users through lip reading. The human factor also reduces distractions since the audience must check the presenter’s input on written slides.

Example of video instruction with lecture slides in the back - Effects on information retention, visual attention and affect.

Tip #1 – Be mindful of the presentation topic

It’s not the same to create a presentation for a business audience as an inspirational presentation. The category of the presentation shall determine items like

  • Background music
  • Color theme
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Videos to include

Tip #2 – Limit the number of words to include

The whole idea behind the video presentation is to make a dynamic presentation, not having to pause every 5 seconds to allow the spectator to read.

Instead, use words to transmit powerful messages, such as quotes relevant to the presented topic, key information, or CTAs. Use the 7×7 rule: no slide should have more than 7 lines of text, and no sentence should have more than 7 words. 

Tip #3 – Voiceovers can become your best friends

The whole point behind a video presentation is not to create a boring one-person video speaking in front of the camera. Use voiceovers effectively to introduce charts, data feedback, etc., with your voice connecting the points of the entire presentation.

Be mindful of the tone. A monotonous or flat tone can divert attention and induce people to ignore your work. Your voice skills should articulate the importance of the point being discussed as well as your interest in it.

Tip #4 – The power of transitions

Adding suitable transitions and animations makes the presentation more engaging . However, this isn’t equal to adding countless effects. Less is more.

Ask a professional for guidance if you don’t have experience with animation effects. The transition can be part of the conversation, being subtle if the presentation is flowing between data sets or similar topics, or contrasting and powerful to deliver a persuasive message. You may also want to insert a transition when you’ve used a video cutter to remove an unwanted part to smooth out the video flow. Don’t abuse any of the two extremes, or the audience may find it uncomfortable.

Tip #5 – Make video presentations accessible

As we mentioned before, quite often presenters assume the audience can understand every part of a video presentation. Reality tells us to attend to the needs of people with visual and auditory impairments by making audio and video media accessible .

Subtitles or translator screen-over using sign language is a perfect opportunity to help people with auditory impairments feel part of the presentation, making the message available to them as well. 

For people with visual impairments, be mindful about how you create the narrative for your presentation, in particular, avoiding visual cues like: “over here,” “this,” and “there” and gesticulating over an object or person, assuming everyone can get the same reference information. Instead, opt to be descriptive in your speech; software solutions can help a great deal, but you can also use native PowerPoint or Google Slides tools such as voiceovers .

How to create a video presentation & recommended video presentation templates

You can create your own video presentations as easily as using Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynotes, or Google Slides.

Check these links for relevant information on how to create a video presentation:

  • How to Convert a Google Slides Presentation to a Video
  • How to Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to a Video
  • How to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

In case you feel stuck about which content to input or how to make your video presentation outstanding, a brainstorming technique can do wonders for interactive presentations and creative thinking. It is known as the SCAMPER technique .

Since video presentation templates make our life easier, we also recommend you check the following product categories to access extremely visually appealing designs created by professionals to help you deliver your message in style:

  • Animated PowerPoint Templates
  • Animated Text Banner Templates
  • Academic PowerPoint Templates
  • Business PowerPoint Templates
  • Marketing PowerPoint Templates

Additionally, here you can preview some of our presentation templates that you can use to create a video presentation in PowerPoint.

1. Animated PowerPoint Charts Collection Template

Business Charts Template Slide

Present data in a visually appealing format by using this collection of animated charts in PowerPoint. Fully customizable, this template brings ease to speak about data-driven presentations; hence becoming a vital asset for any presenter in the corporate world.

Use This Template

2. Animated Network Diagram PowerPoint Template

creating video for presentation

Simplify the different streams that take part in your project or product release with the help of this animated template design. This Animated Network Diagram template can help you expose the processes that, with integrated effort, evolve into a successful outcome. It has animations applied to the objects, plus transitions to make the presentation more fluid.

Fully editable with any version of PowerPoint.

3. Free Animated Editable Professional Infographics PowerPoint Template

creating video for presentation

Infographics are a powerful tool that every presenter must consider for their work. This Free Animated Infographics template allows presenters to communicate complex data pieces, build marketing strategies, or prepare professional-looking reports. 

You can find a broad variety of charts and graphs. These are fully editable by using the chart filter option to edit on a spreadsheet.

4. Free Animated Editable Infographic PowerPoint Slides

3D Circular Stack Diagram PPT

If you intend to present financial data or KPIs for your marketing projects, look no further: this Free Animated Editable Infographic Template for PowerPoint has it all. 

Arranged in an 8-slide deck, we find a compendium of graphic elements to represent complex data in a visually compelling manner. Fully editable in all versions of PowerPoint

5. Free Animated Business PowerPoint Template

creating video for presentation

This versatile free presentation template for PowerPoint makes the perfect tool for more than business presentations: it works perfectly for educational video presentations and even inspirational video presentations.

With 9 fully editable slides, you can build your video presentation by using a unique combination of graphic elements, animations, and transitions. The graphics elements on this template are oriented to highlight leadership concepts.

6. Free Animated Business Infographics PowerPoint Template

creating video for presentation

Use this free template to create powerful statements backed by data in your video presentations. With a broad selection of graphs, diagrams, and charts, this fully editable template can help presenters to discuss topics ranging from demographics, economy, marketing indicators, or other relevant research results in an easy-to-understand format.

Compatible with all versions of PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

You also need to consider the output format of your video presentations. For maximum compatibility, you can use  MP4 or MOV. Other alternatives include:

  • MKV : The native format of most 4K videos due to being able to store multiple audio tracks. Ideal for presentations with different voiceover languages that presenters can pick from.
  • WMV : It’s a quality format for rendering videos to be shared via e-mail, although not compatible with some devices. Installing codecs is advised. 
  • WebM : This format is one of the preferred choices for online video libraries or live streaming services, but it can present compatibility issues. 

The answer to this question entirely depends on your aim for creating video presentations. For most presenters, PowerPoint and Google Slides will do a good job, allowing them to use features such as voiceovers, transitions, animations, and high-quality graphics.

If instead, you desire to make advanced effects, screen recordings, or toon-like animations with voiceovers, then you should check the following list of solutions:

  • Camtasia (Techsmith) : It is a professional video editing software, much lighter and easier to use than Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. You can create professional transition or animation effects, work with layers to add multiple sounds or video sources and create screen recordings.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro : The industry-leading software in video editing. This often intimidating software by Adobe has all the requirements for professional video editing, plus full integration with third-party plugins or other software from the Adobe suite to enhance the video result.
  • Sony Vegas Pro : It is considered a direct competitor to Adobe Premiere Pro, less demanding in hardware requirements, and somewhat more user-friendly.
  • Final Cut Pro : For Mac users, this is the option to consider if we talk about video editing. Powerful and tailored for the hardware the Mac device has.

As we have seen in this article, video presentations are far from obsolete. It is a truly engaging method to divulge our ideas, especially if we target a younger audience. 

Take your time to write a compelling story to tell rather than spilling animations and transitions along the way. Professional-made video presentations always care about details and the takeaway message for the spectator. 

creating video for presentation

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Give your presentations a dynamic performance thanks to embedding YouTube videos to them. In this article, we will explain 5 different methods to perform this task.

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creating video for presentation

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How to Make a “Good” Presentation “Great”

  • Guy Kawasaki

creating video for presentation

Remember: Less is more.

A strong presentation is so much more than information pasted onto a series of slides with fancy backgrounds. Whether you’re pitching an idea, reporting market research, or sharing something else, a great presentation can give you a competitive advantage, and be a powerful tool when aiming to persuade, educate, or inspire others. Here are some unique elements that make a presentation stand out.

  • Fonts: Sans Serif fonts such as Helvetica or Arial are preferred for their clean lines, which make them easy to digest at various sizes and distances. Limit the number of font styles to two: one for headings and another for body text, to avoid visual confusion or distractions.
  • Colors: Colors can evoke emotions and highlight critical points, but their overuse can lead to a cluttered and confusing presentation. A limited palette of two to three main colors, complemented by a simple background, can help you draw attention to key elements without overwhelming the audience.
  • Pictures: Pictures can communicate complex ideas quickly and memorably but choosing the right images is key. Images or pictures should be big (perhaps 20-25% of the page), bold, and have a clear purpose that complements the slide’s text.
  • Layout: Don’t overcrowd your slides with too much information. When in doubt, adhere to the principle of simplicity, and aim for a clean and uncluttered layout with plenty of white space around text and images. Think phrases and bullets, not sentences.

As an intern or early career professional, chances are that you’ll be tasked with making or giving a presentation in the near future. Whether you’re pitching an idea, reporting market research, or sharing something else, a great presentation can give you a competitive advantage, and be a powerful tool when aiming to persuade, educate, or inspire others.

creating video for presentation

  • Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist at Canva and was the former chief evangelist at Apple. Guy is the author of 16 books including Think Remarkable : 9 Paths to Transform Your Life and Make a Difference.

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Typito Blog

Power Up Your Presentations: How to Use AI Video to Captivate Your Audience

Power Up Your Presentations: How to Use AI Video to Captivate Your Audience

Imagine delivering a presentation that not only informs your audience but truly captivates them. A presentation that keeps them glued to their seats, leaning in to absorb every word and every image. In today's fast-paced business world, where attention spans are shorter than ever, creating impactful presentations is no longer a luxury - it's a necessity.

But let's face it, crafting an engaging presentation can be a daunting task.  You might be strapped for time, lack design expertise, or struggle to keep your audience hooked throughout your entire talk.

Here's the good news: there's a revolutionary new tool at your disposal - AI video creation. This cutting-edge technology is transforming the way we communicate information, and it's poised to take your presentations to the next level.

This blog post is your one-stop guide to using AI video in presentations. We'll delve into the power of AI video, explore the top tools available, and provide a step-by-step guide to creating captivating AI presentations that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Whether you're a seasoned business professional, an educator, a marketer, or anyone who wants to elevate the impact of their presentations, this post is for you.

The Power of AI Video in Presentations

So, what exactly is AI video creation, and how can it benefit your presentations?

In essence, AI video creation tools leverage artificial intelligence to generate high-quality videos based on your text input. You simply provide a script, storyboard, or even just a few keywords, and the AI engine does the rest. It curates relevant visuals, generates a captivating voiceover narration, and assembles everything into a polished video presentation.

Here's why AI video can be a game-changer for your presentations:

  • Increased Engagement:  Let's face it, static slide decks can be downright boring. AI videos, on the other hand, inject dynamism and visual interest into your presentations. The combination of motion, narration, and visuals is far more engaging than text-heavy slides, keeping your audience hooked and actively participating in the learning process. Studies have shown that video content can increase audience retention by up to 65% compared to text alone [source].
  • Improved Communication:  AI videos excel at presenting complex information in a clear, concise, and easily digestible way. The AI can translate intricate concepts into engaging narratives, using visuals and storytelling techniques to enhance understanding. This not only improves knowledge transfer but also ensures your message resonates with your audience.
  • Professional Polish:  Even if you're not a design whiz, AI video creation tools can add a touch of professionalism to your presentations. With access to vast libraries of stock footage, royalty-free music, and professional voice-over options, you can create polished and visually appealing presentations that rival those produced by expensive design studios.
  • Time-Saving Efficiency:  Developing a compelling presentation from scratch can be incredibly time-consuming. AI video creation tools streamline the process significantly. By automating video generation, you can free up valuable time to focus on refining your content and practicing your delivery.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity:  AI videos cater to diverse learning styles. Visual learners benefit from engaging imagery, while auditory learners appreciate the clear voiceover narration. Additionally, AI videos can be easily captioned or translated, making your presentations more inclusive for audiences with disabilities or those who speak different languages.

Top AI Video Creation Tools for Presentations

Now that you're convinced of the power of AI video in presentations, let's explore some of the top tools available:

  • Typito: Typito is a user-friendly platform specifically designed for creating marketing videos, including explainer videos and social media ads. It offers a library of stock footage and allows you to incorporate your brand elements for a consistent identity.
  • InVideo:  InVideo is another popular option known for its ease of use and extensive library of templates, animations, and effects. It also boasts features like real-time collaboration and team editing.
  • Moovly:  Moovly caters to a variety of needs, from creating presentations to social media content and explainer videos. It offers a drag-and-drop interface and a vast library of assets to get you started quickly.
  • Powtoon:  Powtoon is known for its focus on animation and allows you to create engaging presentations with cartoon characters, infographics, and interactive elements.
  • Dubbler: While not strictly a video creation tool, Dubblar allows you to add professional voiceovers to your existing videos or presentations. This can be a great option if you already have video content but want to enhance it with high-quality narration.

Creating Captivating AI Presentations: A Step-by-Step Guide (continued)

Before diving into the AI video creation process, it's crucial to lay the groundwork for a successful presentation. Here's a step-by-step guide to pre-production planning:

Pre-Production Planning:

  • Define Your Goals: The first step is to clearly define the goals of your presentation. What do you want your audience to know, feel, or do by the end? Having clear objectives will guide your content creation and ensure your AI video aligns seamlessly with your overall presentation strategy.
  • Know Your Audience: Tailoring your presentation to your specific audience is paramount. Consider their demographics, knowledge level, interests, and preferred learning styles. This will help you determine the appropriate tone, language, and visuals for your AI video.

Scriptwriting for AI Videos:

When crafting a script for AI video creation, remember that you're essentially providing a blueprint for the AI engine. Here are some tips:

  • Clarity and Concision: Keep your script concise and easy to understand. Avoid overly technical jargon or complex sentence structures.
  • Action Verbs: Use active voice and action verbs to create a dynamic flow.
  • Storytelling Elements: Weave storytelling elements into your script to engage your audience. Use a clear narrative structure with a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Keywords: Strategically include relevant keywords throughout your script to ensure the AI engine selects visuals that align with your content.
  • Storyboard and Visuals: While the AI tool will generate visuals, having a basic storyboard can further enhance the final video. Sketch out key scenes or visuals to guide the AI engine and ensure the video complements your script effectively. You can also curate a selection of images or videos to provide the AI with inspiration, although most tools offer extensive built-in libraries.

Using AI Video Creation Tools:

Now, let's delve into the actual process of using an AI video creation tool:

  • Choose Your Tool: Select an AI video creation tool that aligns with your needs and budget. Consider factors like ease of use, available features, pricing plans, and integration with presentation software. Here's a list of top AI video generators .
  • Create Your Video with Typito AI : Each AI video creation tool has its unique interface, but the general process involves the following steps: Enter a prompt: Type a descriptive prompt which explains what the video is. Edit the Script:  Paste your script or upload a storyboard into the tool. Select Visuals:  Most tools offer libraries of stock footage, images, and animations. Choose visuals that complement your script and resonate with your audience. Customize Voiceover:  Many tools allow you to select a voiceover style and adjust narration speed or tone. Some even offer text-to-speech options. Preview and Edit:  Preview your video and make any necessary adjustments. You might need to refine the script, adjust visuals, or tweak the voiceover narration.

Optimizing Your AI Video for Presentations:

Once you've generated your AI video, it's time to integrate it seamlessly into your presentation:

  • Integration with Presentation Software:  Most AI video creation tools allow for easy export in formats compatible with popular presentation software like PowerPoint or Google Slides.
  • Fine-tuning and Editing:  Fine-tune the length of your AI video to ensure it fits within the overall flow of your presentation. You might also need to adjust transitions or add annotations to seamlessly integrate the video into your slides.
  • Adding Personal Touches:   Consider incorporating your brand elements or personal touches into the AI video. This could involve adding a custom intro or outro, including your logo or website address, or adjusting the color scheme to match your presentation theme.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced AI Presentation Techniques

The world of AI presentations is constantly evolving. Here's a glimpse into some advanced features that can further enhance your presentations:

  • AI-powered Speech Coaching: Certain AI tools offer speech coaching functionalities that analyze your presentation style and provide real-time feedback on pacing, delivery, and filler words.
  • Real-time Presentation Translation: Imagine delivering a presentation to a global audience with the help of AI-powered real-time translation. This technology can translate your presentation content into multiple languages on the fly, enhancing inclusivity and audience engagement.

AI video creation has the potential to revolutionize the way we present information. By incorporating captivating AI videos into your presentations, you can transform static slide decks into dynamic and engaging experiences. Remember, the key is to leverage AI as a powerful tool to amplify your message, not replace your message, not replace your own expertise and personality.

Android Police

Google vids looks like a fancy, ai-powered version of powerpoint.

Your next presentation could be a video instead of a slideshow, complete with AI voiceovers

  • Google Vids offers an AI-based solution for easy video creation, making it accessible for Workspace users even without video editing skills.
  • The tool is set to launch in June as part of Google Workspace updates, along with other AI-based enhancements like a security add-on and new features for Sheets.
  • Google continues to integrate AI into its products, pushing boundaries by creating innovative tools for tasks like video creation and shopping assistance.

Like it or not, it’s becoming easier to find tools and services that have integrated AI technology to make common tasks easier. Google's suite of apps has quickly become a hub of products that feature Gemini AI , which can then be used everywhere from the workplace to your home. If presentations have been a pain point for you at work, for example, Google has now developed an AI-based tool just for that — but it’s being positioned as an easy-to-use video creator.

Google Gemini: Everything you need to know about Google's next-gen multimodal AI

As Google announced on its blog, the company has debuted a new Workspace app called Vids. Not to be confused with the ill-fated Google Video platform or the still-active Google Videos search tool , Vids is a standalone AI-based app that was developed to help users create video content, positioned right alongside other productivity tools like Google Docs and Slides.

The tech giant is rolling out Google Vids as a part of several updates launched for Google Workspace, in particular. Some of the other developments that were revealed include an AI-based security add-on, a new tables feature for Google Sheets, and a translation tool for Google Meet.

How Google wants to make video creation easier

Vids is designed to make video creation a task that anyone can handle, even without refined video editing skills. With the AI tool, you can piece together a video with everything from stock footage to background music. Vids also frames your creation in a storyboard-like setup for easy editing — simply move around portions of your generated video until you have the final look you want. Upon announcing the tool, Google specified that Vids will officially launch this June for Workspace Labs.

It could be argued that Vids is little more than a fancier presentation developer tool, but at the least, it’s one more way Google is trying to integrate AI into its products and services. Recently, the company even went as far as to refine its shopping tool by adding AI to the mix — you can now queue up images to help you create a new style or find specific items of clothing. While you might not have envisioned such a tool ever being created, Google is delivering on this front, whether its audience wants it or not.

creating video for presentation

Google's AI Overhaul of Its Workspace Tools Could Make Presentations Easier and Better

Google's new AI tool could zazz up those awful promo videos the intern makes, and small businesses could create better content.

Google, like its big tech AI peer Microsoft, seems intent on pushing AI deeper into everyone's daily digital experience--at work as much as at home. Its latest advance may win fans in offices nationwide, as Google Vids offers cubicle drones a huge boost in making presentation content, promising efficiency and vastly improved quality.

While there are valid reasons to worry about AI's incursions into the workplace, which may unsettle people who think that AI is all about replacing workers with cheap or even free technology, there may be immediate benefits to smaller businesses that could use some support in their content creation.

At companies where the marketing department may be one person or even a function of an employee who has other duties, making video content can be a heavy lift. It can be a real challenge to follow through on the kind of plan managers are quick to delegate, but employees struggle to complete at a high level of quality: "Oh, can you put together a 90 second promo to show off our work for the Board on Friday? Nothing fancy. But make it good."

The AI boost to video comes as part of an upcoming overhaul to Google Workspace , the tech giant's collaboration-oriented, cloud-based productivity software. The system is squarely aimed at work-based tasks rather than more arty or creative uses. In the company blog post announcing the new video tool, Aparna Pappu, general manager and vice president of Workspace, said the goal was to bring "the same magic of real-time collaboration" to video-based products, "allowing people everywhere to tap into immersive storytelling at work."

As the website PCMag noted , Pappu emphasized that the new Google Vids system is specifically aimed at making videos for onboarding or training, sales pitches, board-level presentations and so on.

For any employee tasked with building a presentation at short notice, Vids seems like a boon. As Google's blog post explains, Vids is a "video, writing, production, and editing assistant, all in one." Once it's given a prompt in the form of a Google Sheets document that instructs the AI in the user's specific needs, the system pulls together a first draft "with suggested scenes from stock videos, images, and background music." Users can then edit this draft, change the overall style of the video and tweak the script Vids has put together, and even ask it to narrate the final video using an AI-generated synthetic voice .

As Google summarizes it, Vids is your new designer/writer/producer/editor/storyteller, all in the form of "an entirely new app that can help anyone become a great storyteller at work." Even after filtering out the most rah-rah aspects of the PR speak from the search giant, this means Vids can be thought of as a 21st century PowerPoint slide deck maker for a generation of workers used to YouTube and TikTok .

Vids is now being tested on small groups in a pilot program , but it's expected to be released in June. The tool is definitely useful, but it's an open question whether or not such AI tools boost people's creativity or presages their replacement in the workplace. For a small business or startup, where a team may not have broad experience in putting together video-based material themselves, Vids is a clearly useful system. On the other hand, it may also prompt a startup to delay hiring a real, human video expert if they find that Vids and other AI tools can serve its needs.

The new service may also raise a few questions concerning the sources of the data used to train Google's new video AI. The search giant was recently accused of "scraping" the spoken text from millions of hours of content uploaded by users of YouTube--a video site that plays host to many a company's promotional business video content. While Google Vids may be a perfect answer for some businesses, its emergence raises issues of copyrighted content and broader questions about the future of work.

This post originally appeared at inc.com .

Click here to subscribe to the Inc. newsletter: inc.com/newsletters "

Google's AI Overhaul of Its Workspace Tools Could Make Presentations Easier and Better

UPDATE: New Aurinia Presentation Details at the 2024 Bloom Burton & Co. Healthcare Investor Conference

Author of the article:

You can save this article by registering for free here . Or sign-in if you have an account.

Article content

Update: new aurinia presentation details at the 2024 bloom burton & co. healthcare investor conference back to video.

ROCKVILLE, Md. & EDMONTON, Alberta — NOTE: The new presentation time for Aurinia’s presentation at the 2024 Bloom Burton & Co. Healthcare Investor Conferences is 4:00 to 4:30 PM Eastern Time. This event is presentation only. Webcast Details remain the same.

The updated release reads:

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: AUPH) (Aurinia or the Company) today announced that it will attend the 2024 Bloom Burton & Co. Healthcare Investor Conference taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto from April 16-17, 2024.

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Aurinia management will host one-on-one meetings with investors and will host a presentation on Tuesday, April 16, from 4:00 to 4:30 PM Eastern Time. A live webcast of the session will be available on the investor section of Aurinia’s website, which can be found here .

About Aurinia

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals is a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on delivering therapies to people living with autoimmune diseases with high unmet medical needs. In January 2021, the Company introduced LUPKYNIS ® (voclosporin), the first FDA-approved oral therapy dedicated to the treatment of adult patients with active lupus nephritis. The Company’s head office is in Edmonton, Alberta, its U.S. commercial office is in Rockville, Maryland. The Company focuses its development efforts globally.

creating video for presentation

View source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240416949452/en/

Media and Investor Inquiries: Andrea Christopher Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Aurinia [email protected] [email protected]

Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion. Please keep comments relevant and respectful. Comments may take up to an hour to appear on the site. You will receive an email if there is a reply to your comment, an update to a thread you follow or if a user you follow comments. Visit our Community Guidelines for more information.

‘Don’t drag your feet’: Some cottage owners face big decision after budget's tax change

Posthaste: pain of canadians' mortgage payment shock is not over — not by a long shot, david rosenberg: time for macklem to turn before it's too late, opinion: ben & jerry’s woke chickens are coming home to roost, ontario teachers’ reportedly weighing $5 billion sale of luxury senior residences chain.

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Cries of Sexism Greet a Nike Olympic Reveal

The sporting giant offered a sneak peek at its track and field outfits for Team U.S.A., and an unexpected backlash ensued.

People wearing athletic clothing stand in a line on a stage.

By Vanessa Friedman

Ever since the Norwegian women’s beach handball team turned the fact that they were required to wear teeny-tiny bikini bottoms for competition into a cause célèbre, a quiet revolution has been brewing throughout women’s sports. It’s one that questions received conventions about what female athletes do — or don’t — have to wear to perform at their very best.

It has touched women’s soccer (why white shorts?), gymnastics (why not a unitard rather than a leotard?), field hockey (why a low-cut tank top?) and many more, including running.

So it probably should not have come as a shock to Nike that when it offered a sneak peek of the Team U.S.A. track and field unies during a Nike Air event in Paris celebrating its Air technology on Thursday (which also included looks for other Olympic athletes, like Kenya’s track and field team, France’s basketball team and Korea’s break dancing delegation), they were met with some less-than-enthusiastic reactions.

See, the two uniforms Nike chose to single out on the mannequins included a men’s compression tank top and mid-thigh-length compression shorts and a woman’s bodysuit, cut notably high on the hip. It looked sort of like a sporty version of a 1980s workout leotard. As it was displayed, the bodysuit seemed as if it would demand some complicated intimate grooming.

Citius Mag , which focuses on running news, posted a photo of the uniforms on Instagram, and many of its followers were not amused.

“What man designed the woman’s cut?” wrote one.

“I hope U.S.A.T.F. is paying for the bikini waxes,” wrote another. So went most of the more than 1,900 comments.

The running comedian Laura Green posted an Instagram reel in which she pretended to be trying on the look (“We’re feeling pretty, um, breezy,” she said) and checking out the rest of the athlete’s kit bag, which turned out to include hair spray, lip gloss and a “hysterectomy kit,” so the women would not have to worry about periods.

When asked, Nike did not address the brouhaha directly, but according to John Hoke, the chief innovation officer, the woman’s bodysuit and the man’s shorts and top are only two of the options Nike will have for its Olympic runners. There are “nearly 50 unique pieces across men’s and women’s and a dozen competition styles fine-tuned for specific events,” Mr. Hoke said.

Women will be able to opt for compression shorts, a crop top or tank and a bodysuit with shorts rather than bikini bottoms. The full slate of looks was not on hand in Paris but more will be revealed next week at the U.S. Olympic Committee media summit in New York. The Paris reveal was meant to be a teaser.

Mr. Hoke also pointed out that Nike consults with a large number of athletes at every stage of the uniform design. Its track and field roster includes Sha’Carri Richardson, who happened to be wearing the compression shorts during the Paris presentation, and Athing Mu. And there are certainly runners who like the high-cut brief. (The British Olympic sprinter Dina Asher-Smith , another Nike athlete, told The New York Times last summer that while she opts to run in briefs, she also leans toward a leotard style, rather than a two-piece.)

What Nike missed, however, was that in choosing those two looks as the primary preview for Team U.S.A., rather than, say, the matching shorts and tanks that will be also available, it shored up a longstanding inequity in sports — one that puts the body of a female athlete on display in a way it does not for the male athlete.

“Why are we presenting this sexualized outfit as the standard of excellence?” said Lauren Fleshman, a U.S. national champion distance runner and the author of “Good for a Girl.” “In part because we think that’s what nets us the most financial gain from sponsors or NIL opportunities, most of which are handed out by powerful men or people looking at it through a male gaze. But women are breaking records with ratings in sports where you don’t have to wear essentially a bathing suit to perform.”

The problem such imagery creates is twofold. When Nike chose to reveal the high-cut bodysuit as the first Olympics outfit, purposefully or not, the implication for anyone watching is that “this is what excellence looks like,” Ms. Fleshman said.

That perception filters down to young athletes and becomes the model girls think they have to adopt, often at a developmental stage when their relationships with their bodies are particularly fraught.

And more broadly, given the current political debate around adjudicating women’s bodies, it reinforces the idea that they are public property.

Still, Ms. Fleshman said, “I’m glad Nike put this image out as the crown jewel of Olympic Team design,” because it may act as the catalyst for another conversation that has been long overdue.

“If you showed this outfit to someone from the W.N.B.A. or women’s soccer, they would laugh in your face,” she said. “We shouldn’t have to normalize it for track and field anymore. Time’s up on that.”

Vanessa Friedman has been the fashion director and chief fashion critic for The Times since 2014. More about Vanessa Friedman


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