Founded by Lux Capital in 2004, Lux Research helps leaders in business, finance, and government make informed, strategic decisions. Through its proprietary methodologies and global network of innovators, Lux Research uncovers opportunities and provides its readers with competitive advantages. Lux Research was acquired by Bregal Sagemount in 2017.

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Lux founded: 2004

Acquired: 2017

Lux Research

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Lux investment: 2023

Vipul Ved Prakash

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Cajal Neuroscienceis a drug discovery company focused on neurodegenerative disease.

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A-Alpha Bio is building a high-resolution model of biology by measuring protein interactions.

Lux investment: 2021

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FEIG ELECTRONIC: Moscow-City Skyscrapers Streamline Parking Access and Control with Secure RFID

Feig electronic partners with isbc group to deploy ucode dna rfid security and parking access control solution in moscow business district.

Weilburg, Germany  — December 3,  2019  —  FEIG ELECTRONIC , a leading global supplier of radio frequency identification (RFID) readers and antennas with fifty years of industry experience, announces deployment of the UCODE DNA RFID security and parking contactless identification solution in the Moscow International Business Center, known as Moscow-City, one of the world’s largest business district projects.

The management of Moscow-City not only selected long-range, passive UHF RFID to implement in its controlled parking areas, it also chose to implement UCODE DNA , the highest form of secure RAIN RFID technology, developed by NXP Semiconductors.

lux research

Panoramic view of Moscow city and Moskva River at sunset. New modern futuristic skyscrapers of Moscow-City – International Business Center, toned

“Underscoring NXP’s innovation and leadership in developing advanced RAIN RFID technologies, our UCODE DNA was chosen to be incorporated with the FEIG and ISBC implementation of the contactless identification system in the prestigious Moscow-City,” said Mahdi Mekic, marketing director for RAIN RFID with NXP Semiconductors. “This exciting project represents yet another successful deployment of NXP’s contactless portfolio, and showcases our continued ability to meet the high-security requirements of highly demanding applications without compromising user convenience.”

“UCODE DNA is considered the only identification technology to match the physical protection of a barrier with the cybersecurity necessary to truly protect entrances from unauthorized access,” said Manuel Haertlé, senior product manager for FEIG Electronic. “As a respected contactless payment technology company, FEIG applies security know-how from its payment terminals, which are fully certified according to the latest high-class security standards, into our RFID systems. FEIG vehicle access control RFID readers incorporate advanced secure key storage elements, supporting various methods for secure key injection.”

FEIG’s partner ISBC Group provided the knowledge and support for this successful implementation using  FEIG’s long-range UHF RFID . The resulting system enables authorized vehicle entry into areas reserved for private residential use or corporate tenants, while also allowing availability of temporary, fee-based visitor parking. Thanks to the cryptographic authentication of UCODE DNA, both the tag and reader must go through an authentication procedure before the reader will validate the data from the tag, which is transmitted wirelessly. This level of authentication is typically used in the most secure data communication networks.

“The system’s two-step authentication means that only authorized equipment can handle the secure protocol and the data exchange with the UCODE DNA based tag. Without the required cryptographic secrets, other readers would query the tag in vain, because the tag’s response cannot be interpreted or understood,” said Andrey Krasovskiy, director of the RFID department at ISBC Group. “On top of this, each data exchange in the authentication process is unique, so even if a malicious actor were to intercept the communication, the transmission is only good for a single exchange and the tag’s unique identity is protected from cloning.”

Established in 1992 and still growing, Moscow-City is the revitalization and transformation of an industrial riverfront into a new, modern, vibrant and upscale business and residential district. A mix of residential, hotel, office, retail and entertainment facilities, it is located about four kilometers west of Red Square along the Moscow River. Twelve of the twenty-three planned facilities have already been completed, with seven currently under construction. Six skyscrapers in Moscow-City reach a height of at least 300 meters, including Europe’s tallest building, Federation Tower, which rises more than 100 stories.

Partnering with ISBC and deploying FEIG Electronic RFID solutions, the Moscow International Business Center is delivering security and access control to its city center today, as it grows into the city of tomorrow.


FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas is one of the few suppliers worldwide offering RFID readers and antennas for all standard operating frequencies: LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), UHF (860-960 MHz). A trusted pioneer in RFID with more than 50 years of industry experience, FEIG ELECTRONIC delivers unrivaled data collection, authentication, and identification solutions, as well as secure contactless payment systems. Readers from FEIG ELECTRONIC, which are available for plug-in, desktop, and handheld applications, support next-generation contactless credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, NFC and access control credentials to enable fast, accurate, reliable and secure transactions. For more information, visit:

Founded in Moscow in 2002, ISBC Group provides knowledge and support to integrators for their successful implementation of RFID and smart card-based solutions. The company specializes in the distribution of smart card equipment, contact and contactless card manufacturing, smart card and RFID personalization services, and information security.  Its Research and Design Center is focused specifically on RFID, primarily HF and UHF solutions with NXP tags, and software development for the smart card industry. For more information visit:

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Top 20 Facts about the City of Moscow

lux research

Moscow Metro- by A.Savin - Wikimedia Commons

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20 facts about the city of moscow, 1. moscow’s oldest surviving building is more than 550 years old.

lux research

Assumption Cathedral – Wikimedia Commons

2. The world’s largest medieval fortress is found in Moscow

lux research

Moscow Kremlin on foreground- by Pavel Kazachkov- Wikimedia Commons

3. Moscow hosts Russia’s largest zoo

lux research

Moscow Zoo entrance- by A.Savin – Wikimedia Commons

4. Trains with the most frequency in the world are found in Moscow

lux research

Moscow Metro- by A.Savin – Wikimedia Commons

 5. The City of Moscow hosts the World’s second-largest library

lux research

Russian State Library main building interior- by A.Savin – Wikimedia Commons

6. The City of Moscow is home of the Babushka doll

lux research

Babushka dolls variety- by Ph. Saget – Wikimedia Commons

7. The City of Moscow hosts the world’s largest university building

lux research

Moscow State University- by Dmitry A. Mottl- Wikimedia Commons

8. The City of Moscow hosts one of the largest urban parks in the world

lux research

Visitor at Izmailovo Park- by Kristy2906 -Wikimedia Commons

9. Europe’s largest botanical garden is found in Moscow

lux research

Moscow’s Botanical Garden- by AlixSaz- Wikimedia Commons

10. The City of Moscow boasts 7 identical skyscrapers

lux research

Seven Sisters side by side pictures- by okruz- Wikimedia Commons

11. The City of Moscow FBI buildings were once torture chambers

lux research

Peasants tortured by Saltykova- by P. V. Kurdyumov – Wikimedia Commons

12. The first man in space was buried in Moscow

lux research

Yuri Gagrin- by P. V. Kurdyumov- Wikimedia Commons

13. Victory Obelisk is Moscow’s highest Monument

lux research

Victory Obelisk- by GAlexandrova- Wikimedia Commons

14. Moscow has an underground river

15. moscow’s stray dogs can navigate the metro, 16. lenin’s corpse is preserved in a mausoleum in moscow’s red square.

lux research

Lenin Mausoleum at the Red Square- by NVO- Wikimedia Commons

17. The largest bell in the world is found in the City of Moscow

lux research

Tsar Bell- by W. Bulach- Wikimedia Commons

18. The City of Moscow has billionaire residents

19. old moscow was segregated, 20. the city of moscow and england share an insignia.

St. George on Horseback slaying the dragon- by W. Bulach- Wikimedia Commons

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About lux research.

Our mission is to advise leaders about commercially viable science and technology to enable sustainable innovation.

Using quality data derived from primary research, fact-based analysis, and opinions that challenge traditional thinking, our experts focus on finding truly disruptive innovations that are also realistic and make good business sense.

Talk to Lux Research now and learn the benefits of becoming a member.

lux research

Safmar Aurora Luxe

Safmar aurora luxe is a luxurious 5-star hotel in the center of moscow, within walking distance to the main attractions of the city., about the hotel.


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  10. Our Leadership Team

    Arij joined Lux Research in 2015, leading the energy research and Lux Expertise teams until 2023, when he became CPO. As CPO, it is his mission to make sure Lux supports all its clients with the most relevant, highest quality and most up-to-date information, insights, analyses, and opinions to inform and improve the innovation decisions its ...

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    Lux Research helps clients innovate differently and faster in the face of disruptive technologies and markets. Learn how they serve over 300 global clients across various industries and sectors.

  15. FEIG ELECTRONIC: Moscow-City Skyscrapers Streamline Parking Access and

    "Underscoring NXP's innovation and leadership in developing advanced RAIN RFID technologies, our UCODE DNA was chosen to be incorporated with the FEIG and ISBC implementation of the contactless identification system in the prestigious Moscow-City," said Mahdi Mekic, marketing director for RAIN RFID with NXP Semiconductors.

  16. Top 20 Facts about the City of Moscow

    Winding down this top 20 facts about the City of Moscow is an interesting fact- The figure of St. George in armor on horseback slaying a dragon with his lance that appears on the City of Moscow flag also appears on England's flag. There are many legends that explain St. George slaying a dragon, but all of them end with the St, George as a hero.

  17. Chloe Herrera :: Lux Research

    [email protected]. chloe-herrera. Chloe Herrera is an Analyst at Lux and leads the Energy Storage team's coverage of battery technology for electric vehicles and stationary storage. In this role, she analyzes opportunities for novel battery chemistries and follows energy storage market trends. Specifically, Chloe covers innovations ...

  18. Crocus City Hall attack

    On 22 March 2024, a terrorist attack which was carried out by the Islamic State (IS) occurred at the Crocus City Hall music venue in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast, Russia.. The attack began at around 20:00 MSK (), shortly before the Russian band Picnic was scheduled to play a sold-out show at the venue. Four gunmen carried out a mass shooting, as well as slashing attacks on the people gathered at ...

  19. PDF The Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report Executive Summary

    Lux Research is a consulting firm that analyzes emerging technologies and markets for a sustainable global economy. The 2022 Foresight Report covers climate tech, circular tech, and future consumer tech, and highlights the top technologies, signals, and implications for each sector.

  20. Safmar Aurora Luxe Hotel (ex-Marriott Royal Aurora)

    Safmar Aurora Luxe (ex-Marriott Royal Aurora) is a luxurious 5 star hotel in the center of Moscow, within walking distance to the main attractions of the city: the Red Square, the Kremlin and the Bolshoi Theater, as well as to the world-famous stores TsUM, GUM, Petrovsky Passage and Stoleshnikov Pereulok, where there are boutiques of luxury brands.

  21. Expert Innovation & Technology Market Research Advisory

    Lux Research provides market research and advisory services on emerging technologies and innovation for various industries. Learn about their insights platform, analyst inquiry, innovator assessments, reports, events, and more.