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  6. Essay on Computer in english || Computer essay for students

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  1. This Technology Can Write Student Essays: Is There Any Educational Benefit?

    Montgomery said AI can be a helpful writing tool for K-12 students who may not have the support of a teacher, parent, or guardian in the classroom or at home. " W e need AI to fill in the gaps ...

  2. The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing and How Writing is

    More than half (58%) have students write short essays or responses on a weekly basis, and 77% assigned at least one research paper during the 2011-2012 academic year. In addition, 41% of AP and NWP teachers have students write weekly journal entries, and 78% had their students create a multimedia or mixed media piece in the academic year prior ...

  3. Technology in the Writing Classroom

    When handled with care, technology can be a boon to the writing classroom. Generally, the benefits of technology in gaining new literacies, learning independent problem solving skills, and showing students the wide range of applications of composition in their lives outweigh the risks. In this resource, we suggest some ways that teachers can ...

  4. Convenience, Communications, and Control: How Students Use ...

    According to McEuen, student technology skills can be likened to writing skills: Students come to college knowing how to write, but they are not developed writers. The analogy holds true for information technology, and McEuen suggested that colleges and universities approach information technology in the same way they approach writing. 6

  5. Essay on Computer and its Uses in 500 Words for Students

    500+ Words Essay on Computer. In this essay on computer, we are going to discuss some useful things about computers. The modern-day computer has become an important part of our daily life. Also, their usage has increased much fold during the last decade. Nowadays, they use the computer in every office whether private or government.

  6. 75 digital tools and apps teachers can use to support formative

    Teachers and students alike can make videos. Create quizzes, polls, and surveys . Crowdsignal Lets you create online polls, quizzes, and questions. Students can use smartphones, tablets, and computers to provide their answers, and information can be culled for reports. Edulastic Allows you to make standards-aligned assessments and get instant ...

  7. PDF Using Technology to Support Creative Writing: How It Affects Teachers

    writing. Creative writing practices can contribute to students' imaginations and improve their creativity (Memiş, Sever, & Bozkurt, 2016 ò Susar Kırmızı, 2009). Creative writing first emerged as a modern subject in educational settings some time at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century (Kroll, 2003).

  8. Writing for Electronic Media

    Welcome to Writing for Electronic Media, an OER textbook. OER stands for Open Educational Resource, which means it's free for all who access. Since it is electronic, I will do what I can to keep it updated with the changing media. People's viewing habits are changing as they migrate to mobile sources, social media, and kitten videos.Television News is still a dominant #1 source, and radio ...

  9. The Impact of Technology on Students' Writing Performances in

    1. Introduction. Writing is a fundamental skill, so students are expected to be proficient writers [1].Mastering writing at an early age is a strong predictor of student success in the college and workplace in the future [2].However, learning to write is uniquely challenging [3].Elementary school students are encountering various writing hurdles, from the formation of letters to organizing ...

  10. How to Write the "Why Computer Science?" Essay

    Elements of a Good Computer Science Essay Writing an effective ... But, rather than let panic overwhelm them, the student calls upon Spiderman and tells us their goal of establishing digital equality through education. This provides a great basis for the rest of the essay, as it thoroughly explains the students motivations and goals, and ...

  11. Computers' impact on students' writing skills

    the use of computers in education increases students' writing skills as word. processors offer a great assistance in writing and as teachers' aim is to intr oduce. many differen t kinds of ...

  12. Essay on Computer For Students In English

    Essay on Computer: Students can go through the 500+ words essay on computers to get ideas for essay writing on the computer. It will help them to frame their thoughts in an organised way for an effective essay. ... 500+ Words Essay on Computer. A computer is an electronic device that performs complex calculations. It is a wonderful product of ...

  13. More States Opting To 'Robo-Grade' Student Essays By Computer

    Developers say they understand why teachers would be skeptical. But, they insist, computers already drive cars and detect cancer, so they can certainly handle grading students' essays.


    Students can use computers effectively to plan their writing. They can prepare a list of words or ideas. Then, they can rearrange these words in related clusters. Students can do same activity with pencil and paper, but computers can offer them more features. For example, they can easily organize their list of words. Teachers can

  15. A Computer Can Now Write Your College Essay

    Please make the essay a maximum of 650 words, and write it in response to this prompt: Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their ...

  16. University students are using AI to write essays. Now what?

    Feature As word of students using AI to automatically complete essays continues to spread, some lecturers are beginning to rethink how they should teach their pupils to write.. Writing is a difficult task to do well. The best novelists and poets write furiously, dedicating their lives to mastering their craft. The creative process of stringing together words to communicate thoughts is often ...

  17. Now AI can write students' essays for them, will everyone become a

    But unbeknownst to them, an unexpected insidious academic threat is on the scene: a revolution in artificial intelligence has created powerful new automatic writing tools. These are machines ...

  18. How a Computer Program Learns to Grade Essays

    How a Computer Program Learns to Grade Essays. By Kelly McCollum. September 4, 1998. Developers say the technology saves time and improves the assessment of students. To a professor facing a stack ...

  19. Can AI Computers Write Essays Better Than You?

    AI can ensure that the content is engaging and free of errors or mistakes; it doesn't need to be perfect in order for a student's grade to improve, though this might motivate them more if they try ...

  20. The Advantages of Using Electronic Processes for Commenting on ...

    software and incorporate them, as appropriate, into their writing processes. At the same time that most writing instructors expect students to be willing to try new computer-based writing process strategies, many of these same instructors continue to use the print-based marking techniques they used when they themselves were college students.

  21. What Students Are Saying About Tech in the Classroom

    Screens in the classroom allows students to complete work in a more organized manner and use online resources to help them learn. It helps teachers to be able to make sure students turn work in ...

  22. We Used A.I. to Write Essays for Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Here's

    Write me a 100-word essay in the voice of a high school student explaining why I would love to attend Dartmouth to pursue a double major in biology and computer science. HuggingChat

  23. 1. With a good use of the educational... and how they get access to

    With a good use of the educational... and how they get access to academic information. (apply) Students can write essays on computers and submit them... Tìm. × Tìm kiếm với hình ảnh ... (apply) Students can write essays on computers and submit them.... 3. Many students are purchasing digital editions of textbooks instead of ...