1. GCSE Romeo and Juliet Level 9 Exemplar Essay on the relationship

    romeo and juliet grade 9 essay gcse

  2. AQA English literature essay plans for Romeo and Juliet (Grade 9-1

    romeo and juliet grade 9 essay gcse

  3. Grade 9 Essay on Love in Romeo and Juliet

    romeo and juliet grade 9 essay gcse

  4. Romeo And Juliet Grade 9 Essay Aqa

    romeo and juliet grade 9 essay gcse


    romeo and juliet grade 9 essay gcse

  6. GCSE (9-1) Romeo & Juliet FULL Revision notes

    romeo and juliet grade 9 essay gcse


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  1. Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet Essay

    Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet Essay. The OCR GCSE English Literature exam paper asks you to write one essay from a choice of two on the Shakespeare play you have studied. Here you will find an annotated model answer for Question 2, the discursive essay question. "Discursive" can be interpreted as a discussion on wider ideas, so examiners are ...

  2. 'Romeo and Juliet'

    Join my £10 GCSE 2024 Exams Masterclass. Enter Your GCSE Exams Feeling CONFIDENT & READY! Sign up for our GCSE A...

  3. Sample Answers

    Moreover, his position as the family patriarch leads him to believe Juliet will consider this arrangement as 'a sudden day of joy.'. His fury at her refusal leads to him addressing her in disparaging terms as 'a wretched puling fool', and 'a whining mammet'. Rather than as a daughter, he views Juliet as a possession, declaring 'I ...

  4. Exemplar AQA Romeo and Juliet Essays

    This free Romeo and Juliet (AQA) English Literature essay explores how Shakespeare presents relationships between adults and young people in the play. This GCSE Romeo and Juliet essay is based upon the AQA English Literature exam format. This Romeo and Juliet essay is a top band, Grade 9 response, linked to the June 2018 AQA exam.

  5. JAC English Revision

    Grade 8-9. Romeo and Juliet is about how strong emotions have tragic consequences. Through the theme of fate, Shakespeare invites his audience to question how far the characters' tragic deaths were predetermined and how far they were decided by Romeo and Juliet's impulsive actions.

  6. AQA English literature essay plans for Romeo and Juliet (Grade 9-1

    Detailed essay plans including characters and themes, quotes and exemplar answers. Includes past exam questions and possible future exam questions as well. Written by a grade 9 student, the essay plans cover all of the Assessment Objectives and have unique and nuanced ideas and explanations, decoding Shakespeare's complicated literature.

  7. Sample Answers

    This is a confident and perceptive response that shows a thorough knowledge of the play. The material is expressed in a mature way and the essay blends skills of interpreting ideas with close language analysis. The expression is controlled throughout and the essay is structured in a way that allows contextual ideas to blend within the argument.

  8. Romeo and Juliet (Grades 9-1) York Notes GCSE Revision Study Guide

    With the York Notes Romeo and Juliet revision bundle you'll have everything you need, including essay planners, sample exam questions and answers, a comprehensive analysis of the play and useful background information, to attain the highest grade you can in your GCSE English Literature examinations. Print Edition information: Paperback, 88 ...

  9. How to Write a Grade 9 GCSE Literature Essay: AQA 2018 Past Paper

    The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, these star-crossed lovers, is far from simple as with all Shakespeare plays, and so writing a grade 9 essay about the relati...

  10. Full Marks Romeo & Juliet Gcse English Essay Grade 9

    GCSE English Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet essay, given full marks (34/34, including AO4 marks). "Starting with this speech [Act 3 Scene 2] explore how Shakespeare presents attitudes towards love in Romeo and Juliet. Write about: how Shakespeare presents attitudes towards love in this speech, and how Shakespeare presents attitudes towards love in ...

  11. Romeo and Juliet Grade 9 Essay Exemplar GCSE English Literature

    Romeo and Juliet Grade 9 Essay Exemplar GCSE English Literature. This product contains an essay that is two sides of A4. This grade 9 essay response is based on the question 'Starting with this extract, explore Shakespeare's ideas about fate.'. This essay was rewarded for being a simple yet high-level response to the question, easy to ...

  12. Romeo and Juliet Essay

    Romeo and Juliet Essay. GCSE Standard (Grade 9) This is an exemplar Romeo and Juliet essay - Grade 9 GCSE standard - based upon the AQA English Literature June 2019 exam question. The essay analyses aggressive male behaviour in the play. The Romeo and Juliet essay has been well structured and would achieve full marks - the equivalent of a ...

  13. How to Write a Romeo and Juliet Essay

    OCR examiners state that, for the Romeo and Juliet essay, you need to use evidence from elsewhere in the play, even for the extract-based question: to get a Grade 9, it's not enough to rely on the text from the extract. See our Romeo and Juliet Quotations and Analysis revision note page for key quotations you can use in your answer.

  14. PDF Gcse (9-1) English Literature

    Juliet and the Nurse, so at least two scenes could be examined from Juliet's initial appearance before her mother, with the Nurse doing most of the talking in 1.3 to the Nurse's role as go-between in 2.4 and 2.5, the Nurse's confusion of loyalties in 3.2 and what Juliet sees as a betrayal by a 'wicked fiend' in 3.5,

  15. PDF Context

    Shakespeare is known as England's most famous playwright; he lived from 1564 - 1616. His plays can be divided into Histories (e.g. Henry VI), Comedies (e.g. Midsummer's Nights Dream), and Tragedies (e.g. Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet). Shakespeare was writing for his acting group, the Lord Chamberlain's Men (later, the King's Men).

  16. How to Write a Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet Essay

    Revision notes on How to Write a Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet Essay for the WJEC Eduqas GCSE English Literature syllabus, written by the English Literature experts at Save My Exams. ... How to Write a Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet Essay (WJEC Eduqas GCSE English Literature)Revision Note. Download PDF. Author. Sam Evans. Expertise. English Content Creator.

  17. Romeo and Juliet: Essay Writing Guide for GCSE (9-1)

    SAMPLE FROM THE GUIDE Foreword. In your GCSE English Literature exam, you will be presented with an extract from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and a question that asks you to offer both a close analysis of the extract plus a commentary of the play as a whole.Of course, there are many methods one might use to tackle this style of question.However, there is one particular technique which, due ...

  18. JAC English Revision

    When the characters assemble at the tomb, Lord Capulet is the first to initiate the end of the feud, reaching out a hand to Lord Montague and offering to build a golden statue of Romeo in his memory. These actions demonstrate love and respect for Juliet. It appears that, after her death, he is willing to acknowledge her own choice of husband ...

  19. GCSE Romeo and Juliet Level 9 Full Marks Exemplar Essay on Fate

    This useful resource is an example of an exemplar essay which achieved 34/34 (including 4 SPAG). 1296 words in total. This was written for AQA but would easy adapt to any other exam boards. Aimed at GCSE students studying Romeo and Juliet

  20. grade 9 AQA English literature GCSE essays on Romeo and Juliet

    English. Institution. GCSE. Book. Romeo and Juliet. contains teacher-marked essays on: Romeo, Juliet, Fate, the Friar, love, conflict, religion, gender, death, Mercutio, and the nurse these are a mixture of past paper questions used in mock exams as well as predicted questions for upcoming GCSE exams. Preview 2 out of 12 pages.

  21. GCSE Grade 9-1 English Shakespeare -Romeo and Juliet Revision ...

    GCSE Grade 9-1 English Shakespeare -Romeo and Juliet Revision Question Cards CGP. Condition is Very Good. Dispatched with Evri Tracked.

  22. Summary GCSE Romeo Character Essay Plan (GRADE 9)

    Summary GCSE Romeo Character Essay Plan (GRADE 9) Module. English. Institution. GCSE. An in depth essay plan for an essay on the character of Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. Includes thesis statement, conclusion, suggested quotes for each section with points for analysis, and relevant context facts. This was my revision material at GCSE (I achieved ...

  23. Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet Essay Question Model Answer

    Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet essay question model answer. Below you will find an example answer for a past Eduqas GCSE Romeo and Juliet essay question. This Romeo and Juliet model answer includes annotations that show where and how this answer has met the above assessment objectives. It's a sample answer to the following question: