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  1. PDF The Critique Essay

    The critique essay is not about concerned with the content of the article - but whether or not the AUTHOR of the article presented an effective (or ineffective) argument. EXAMPLE - Dr. John Stamos writes an article about polka music (he's in favor of more polka music on the radio). Do not focus on polka music - you can love it or hate ...

  2. PDF Writing a Critique

    3 Plan and write your critique Write your critique in standard essay form. It is generally best not to follow the author's organisation when organising your analysis, since this approach lends itself to summary rather than analysis. Begin with an introduction that defines the subject of your critique and your point of view. Defend your point

  3. PDF Journal Article Critique Example

    many examples of work written by those who have written on this subject in the past. Pesch cites people like Locke, Montesquieu, and Machiavelli. These are good, well-‐known examples. and authors and I think it adds a great deal credibility to the piece as a whole.

  4. (PDF) Writing Critical Reviews: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Ev en better you might. consider doing an argument map (see Chapter 9, Critical thinking). Step 5: Put the article aside and think about what you have read. Good critical review. writing requires ...

  5. PDF Planning and writing a critical review

    The introduction and literature review The introduction may be part of the literature review itself. It should clearly state the aim of the research, and give a brief rationale for this. The literature review should provide a background to the study by examining and evaluating other research in the area. It should synthesise this to help

  6. PDF How to Write an Article Critique

    2. Writing the Critique o 6 Compose an introduction. According to the University of Waterloo's guide, "How to Write a Critique," the introduction should include the author's name, the name of the article, its source and the thesis or main point of the article. o 7 Summarize the article's supporting points. "How to Write a Critique"

  7. PDF Writing a Critical Review

    The critical review is a writing task that asks you to summarise and evaluate a text. The critical review can be of a book, a chapter, or a journal article. Writing the critical review usually requires you to read the selected text in detail and to also read other related texts so that you can present a fair and reasonable evaluation of the ...

  8. PDF Writing a Critical Review

    A critical review is similar, as it is based on a close and detailed reading and evaluation of a text or comparison of multiple texts on the same topic. The type of texts you may be asked to review could include books, articles, reports, websites, or films. 1. Purpose 2. Structure 3. Writing style 4. Example 1. Purpose

  9. PDF Writing a Critique or Review of a Research Article

    so that your review will be clear to a reader who may not have read the study. 4. Aim for an objective, balanced, and well supported critique. Polit and Beck (2008) advise2: a. Balance your analysis to include both strengths and weakness b. Justify your criticism by giving examples of the study's weaknesses and strengths 5.

  10. PDF Writing Critical Analysis Papers1

    A critical analysis paper asks the writer to make an argument about a particular book, essay, movie, etc. The goal is two fold: one, identify and explain the argument that the author is making, and two, provide your own argument about that argument. One of the key directions of these assignments is often to avoid/minimize summary - you are ...

  11. PDF Topic 8: How to critique a research paper 1

    Use these guidelines to critique your selected research article to be included in your research proposal. You do not need to address all the questions indicated in this guideline, and only include the questions that apply. 2. Prepare your report as a paper with appropriate headings and use APA format 5thedition.

  12. PDF How To Write A Critical Essay

    A critical essay involves evaluating information, theories or situations and is an important way of analysing information, posing questions and challenging information. The critical essay is an important academic tool that allows your knowledge to develop, because rather than being a personal opinion, the critical essay requires an in-

  13. Writing a Critique

    A 'critical review', or 'critique', is a complete type of text (or genre), discussing one particular article or book in detail. In some instances, you may be asked to write a critique of two or three articles (e.g. a comparative critical review). In contrast, a 'literature review', which also needs to be 'critical', is a part of a larger type ...


    Critique . Conclusion : 1.Establish context, mention the title of the article and author. 2. Introduce topic and mention author's purpose. (found in synopsis or abstract). your Critique. 3. Comment . on appropriateness of author's purpose in terms of timelessness and importance of subject. 4. Mention . what authority. or . expertise

  15. PDF Writing a Critical Review

    Examples and evidence do not need to be included at this stage. Usually they are used selectively in your critique. Paraphrasing means putting it into your own words. Paraphrasing offers an alternative to using direct quotations in your summary (and the critique) and can be an efficient way to integrate your summary notes. The best way to

  16. (PDF) Critiquing A Research Paper A Practical Example

    The results wer e discussed appropriat ely- No misinterpretation. 11. Streng ths motioned are the true strengths. 12. Limitations are r eported do not aff ec t the applicability of the study-. 13 ...

  17. PDF How to Write a Critical Book Review

    A review is a critical essay evaluating the merits of an academic work. Its purpose is not to prove that you read the book—which is understood as a given—but to show that you can think critically about what you've read. You can see examples of reviews in virtually any historical journal, and these may help you to write your own review.

  18. PDF Helpful Hints for Writing A Critique

    statement. · Introduction: Introduce the work by stating the author, title, and source along with the date of publication. Polish the one- to two-sentence summary of the work that you developed earlier and add it to the introduction, leading up to your thesis statement. · Body: Use about three to five points to support your thesis statement.

  19. PDF How to Write a Peer Critique

    How to Write a Peer Critique. Read each essay twice. You will be surprised by how many things that you didn't understand the first time through will become clear on a second read. Mark up the text as you go along. Your 1 page letter (yes, write, "Dear. ") should look like this:

  20. PDF Sample summary & critique papers

    of the main points of the paper you chose to critique!) If you cannot write a clear summary, you absolutely cannot begin to critique the paper. 2) Example summary and critique of primary research paper The fertilized eggs of marine snails are often enclosed in complex, leathery egg capsules with 30 or more embryos being confined within each ...

  21. Writing an Article Critique

    After summarizing the article, critique the article by doing the following: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the article that you noted while critically reading the article. State your informed opinions about the clarity, relevancy, and accuracy of the article, using specific examples from the article to support your statements. 4.

  22. PDF The Critical Essay

    Examines how a director has put together a movie about a particular subject. Analyzes what works and what doesn't. Offers an opinion as to whether or not the movie is successful/valuable/worth seeing. Critiques not the topic of the movie, but how the director treats that topic.

  23. Critical Essay

    You may also like sample essay outlines. 3. Your critical essay should teach your audience something new. Whether it is a new perspective, or a fresh idea, or a life lesson, they should have something useful to take from your paper. 4. Your tone in writing your critical essay should be objective and serious.