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Jerome Powell speaks during a press conference

The outlook for home prices has changed drastically in just the past month as Fed rate cuts look more and more distant

Freddie Mac said home prices will increase 0.5% in 2024 and 2025, after saying last month they will rise 2.5% in 2024 and 2.1% 2025.

two hands shaking

The case against work friends: The office has changed. Maybe it’s time our relationships do too

Richard Haass sits during interview

Investors need to buckle up because this is the most dangerous time since the end of World War II, former top diplomat says

Elon Musk smiles

At least 5 companies under Elon Musk’s control billed each other around $9 million in expenses

  • Huawei’s 7-nanometer chip breakthrough is ‘years behind what we have,’ U.S. Commerce Secretary says 0 minutes ago
  • A U.S. manufacturing renaissance won’t create many good jobs—just look at Germany, S. Korea, China and decades of data, Harvard economist says 0 minutes ago
  • Donald Trump risks cash crunch as legal fees pile up while just $6.8 million is left for his lawyers 0 minutes ago
  • Investors need to buckle up because this is the most dangerous time since the end of World War II, former top diplomat says 0 minutes ago

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA - MAY 19: Michael Saylor speaks on stage during Bitcoin Conference 2023 at Miami Beach Convention Center on May 19, 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Bitcoin Magazine)

A dot-com entrepreneur who once lost $6 billion in one day has made billions from the Bitcoin rally and his company’s surging shares

The prisoner in jail

Former HGTV star slapped with $10 million fine and jail time for real estate fraud

business articles websites

The ghosts of ‘Wintel’: What leaders can learn from the diverging paths that made Microsoft a $3 trillion powerhouse and flatlined Intel

Elon Musk wearing cowboy hat

Longtime Tesla bull hits panic button on robo-taxis vs. Model 2: ‘It would be a disaster of epic proportions’

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  • Data Sheet Short-form videos on social media are both a problem and an opportunity for Netflix, co-CEO Ted Sarandos says BY Rachyl Jones
  • Fortune Crypto Bitcoin’s halving event is set for Friday or Saturday—why it’s hard to say exactly when BY Jeff John Roberts
  • The Trust Factor As automated attacks ramp up, cybersecurity and fraud prevention shouldn’t be two different worlds BY Nick Rockel
  • Broadsheet From Beyoncé to Taylor Swift to Dua Lipa, women artists are ushering in ‘Pop Girl Spring’ BY Alicia Adamczyk and Joseph Abrams
  • CHRO Daily Millions of Americans have used medical marijuana. Is it covered by their FSAs? BY Emma Burleigh
  • Term Sheet The number of CVCs has increased rapidly in recent years. But how are those CVCs actually doing? BY Allie Garfinkle

a group of men with a football in front of them

AI is shaking up how sports like rugby, soccer and cricket are played—and could mint big money for sports clubs

John Donahoe

Hundreds of staffers laid off at Nike, as second-round cuts hit Oregon headquarters

Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman at a panel.

There’s an early winner in the race to feed AI’s infrastructure demands: Private equity

business articles websites

Rihanna’s ‘Fenty effect’ could teach AI developers about inclusivity and fighting bias

A retiree stares out the window looking sad

The retirement gender gap is so large, women have less savings in the best markets than men do in the worst

Renee Stanton, Bill Emenecker, Trey Slough are pictured sailing.

How 3 baby boomers are approaching phased retirement, the ‘mega-trend’ reshaping workplaces

Nan Ives, left, and Lisa Stornaielo launched The Future of You to cure their retirement blues.

‘Unretirement plans’ are baby boomers’ newest hack to fight depression in their 60s, 70s, and beyond: ‘It’s a third of your life that you don’t have a road map for’

Senior woman doing home finances at home.

$1.46 million? $3 million? Financial experts say there’s no such thing as a single ‘magic’ retirement number

Real estate.

Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott on the red carpet

HGTV’s Property Brothers reveal the biggest mistakes new real estate investors make and predict the next hot housing market

Jerome Powell, chairman of the US Federal Reserve, during the Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy Conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in San Francisco, California, US, on Friday, March 29, 2024. Inflation has slowed substantially since peaking in mid-2022, but the rapid progress seen late last year back toward 2% has seemingly hit a roadblock. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

5 signs of under-the-radar economic pain from the Fed’s favorite on-the-ground source

Jerome Powell

Mortgage rates surpass 7% for the first time this year

Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker during Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker on Location For "Sex and the City" on May 08, 2001 at Central Park in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Tom Kingston/WireImage)

Single women are scraping by: Held down by the wage gap and inflation, they struggle to build wealth or emergency savings

Jerome Powell, chairman of the US Federal Reserve, during a fireside chat with Tiff Macklem, governor of the Bank of Canada, not pictured, at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC, US, on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. The world's biggest bond market remained under pressure, with traders sifting through a slew of remarks from Federal Reserve speakers on speculation that policymakers will be in no rush to cut rates. Photographer: Samuel Corum/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Fed Chair Powell ‘backed himself into a corner’ by predicting rate cuts this year and is now in a ‘tricky situation,’ according to this chief investment officer

Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell

Jerome Powell pumped the brakes on rate cuts, but Goldman still eyes a soft landing because of the strong job market

From the magazine.

business articles websites

How the oil earnings of Saudi Aramco, the world’s most profitable company, are helping the Saudi monarchy shake up the global economic order

The oil giant has generated $722 billion in profit since 2016, funding everything from stakes in Tesla and Uber to new mega-cities in the desert.

business articles websites

How UBS, Deutsche Bank, and other giants tap their in-house art experts to appeal to ultrawealthy customers

Amid the loneliness epidemic, men are craving connection. On the last sunset of an all men's retreat in Joshua Tree, the group reflected on what it was like to build empathy.

Goodbye, tough guy. More men are rejecting the finance bro stereotype and going on retreats to learn empathy

business articles websites

As OpenAI targets Hollywood with Sora, Runway’s CEO is waiting for the $86 billion Goliath with a ‘sling and a stone’

AFLAC CEO and Chairman Dan Amos at the AFLAC headquarters with a duck in Columbus, Georgia on February 16, 2024.

Aflac’s CEO gave us that obnoxious, genius duck and changed the insurance industry. Now, he’s facing his aging customers’ mortality—and eventually his own

Fortune well.

Close up of a reusable water bottle in a human hand, concept of thirst, rehydration and decreasing single use plastic

Your reusable water bottle may be a breeding ground for strep and fecal bacteria. Here’s how to keep it clean

Unrecognizable old woman lighting a joint of marijuana with the flame of a lighter. concept of medical cannabis and CBD and THC.

Recreational cannabis use may lower your risk of cognitive decline, study says

Tim Lillard at the home he and his wife, Ann Picha-Lillard, shared in southeastern Michigan. Since her death in 2022, Lillard has made it his mission to pass the Safe Patient Care Act, which would create mandatory nurse-to-patient ratios in Michigan hospitals. (Beth Weiler/Michigan Public)

He thinks his wife died in an understaffed hospital. Now he’s trying to change the industry

Senior man sorting prescription medications at kitchen table

Medicare’s push to improve chronic care attracts businesses, but not many doctors

Fortune recommends.

Illustration showing an increasing bar chart

The best high-yield savings accounts for April 2024 (up to 5.27% APY)

The Fortune Recommends top picks for the best high-yield savings accounts offers customers the chance to earn over 5% APY.

Blue bars surrounded by orange cirlcles

The 10 best CD rates for April 2024: earn over 5%

Illustration of the SoFi Bank logo surrounded by a orange and blue frame.

SoFi Bank Review April 2024: An online bank with solid APYs and a long list of financial services

Arm raising the winning trophy against the sun.

Best credit cards of April 2024

Woman packing suitcase for travel.

Best travel credit cards of April 2024

DENVER, CO - MAY 23: Ibotta's founder and CEO Bryan Leach raises his glass for a toast to the product and engineering team of Denver's well-known startup's relaunch of their mobile app. The complete overhaul of their mobile application took over 9 months and focused on user accessibility after more than 1,000 usability tests.  May 23, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Joe Amon/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Digital marketer Ibotta prices shares higher than expected, raises $577M in public debut as IPO market heats up


Europe is falling behind in generative AI, with the U.S. light-years ahead. But the race is just getting started

Jerome Powell looks on before speaking

Israel-Iran conflict will add to Fed’s caution on rate cuts as oil prices may disrupt inflation fight—but China and OPEC+ could ease pressure, Capital Economics says

a big airplane against China's flag

Airbus and Boeing clearly dominate commercial aircraft—but the future could look different if China’s COMAC emerges a dark horse 

Fortune crypto.

bitcoin ad displayed on a bus

Bitcoin’s latest halving is now complete. Here’s what could happen next

SPAIN - 2021/05/04: In this Photo illustration, a Bitcoin is seen in front of a one dollar bill. (Photo Illustration by Thiago Prudencio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Don’t call it a stablecoin: How did a ‘synthetic dollar’ generate a yield of 113%?

Bitcoins golden physical coin illustration on dark black background with reflection and vibrant color light illumination. Visual representations of the digital Cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Bitcoin with the symbol BTC, XBT is a popular digital currency that showed growth and is widely spread, accepted from banks, markets and other services and shops as ways of payments. The exchange rate today for 1 bitcoin blockchain is nearly 72.000 US Dollar setting a new record high the recent day. Bitcoin is traded in historical record all-time high prices touching almost $72.750 in the markets in March 2024. Amsterdam, the Netherlands on March 10, 2024  (Photo by Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Bitcoin’s halving event is set for Friday or Saturday—why it’s hard to say exactly when

TikTok content creators protest ban

TikTok eyes removal of exec in charge of placating U.S. government after House passes divest-or-ban bill

Esther Duflo accepting her Nobel prize in 2019

Nobel laureate Esther Duflo proposes taxing 3,000 billionaires to protect the world’s poorest from climate change—and most Americans likely agree with the plan

The essential c-suite playbook for adopting ai.

AI Playbook. C-Suite. Generative AI. Artificial intelligence. Microsoft.

The CEO and AI: What’s ahead in 2024

Most CEOs plan to invest in generative AI. But some are finding it difficult to cut through the buzz and determine where to invest.

AI Playbook. C-Suite. Generative AI. Artificial intelligence. Microsoft.

AI gives CMOs a new way to create content and talk to consumers

AI Playbook. C-Suite. Generative AI. Artificial intelligence. Microsoft.

CFOs weigh the risks and rewards when adopting AI

AI Playbook. C-Suite. Generative AI. Artificial intelligence. Microsoft.

How CTOs can make the case that AI investments create value

AI Playbook. C-Suite. Generative AI. Artificial intelligence. Microsoft.

HR leaders on how AI is changing recruiting and talent management

Making business better.

screen showing AI visualization

Bayer’s AI-driven plan to feed 10 billion people by 2050

A couple cooking at home using a laptop for the recipe

AI could be critical to feeding a growing global population—and Big Food is taking notice

Shot of a young woman taking a selfie while standing in the bathroom

Face-scanning AI apps are giving cosmetics companies deeper connections, and selling points, with customers

George Kurtz, co-founder and chief executive officer of Crowdstrike Holdings Inc., during a Bloomberg Television interview at the 2023 CES event in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, on Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023. For the first time, CES has a theme: how technology is addressing the world's biggest challenges. Photographer: Lauren Justice/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Cyberattacks are the No. 1 worry for business leaders—and AI may be able to help

Special digital issue: elon musk's universe.

Elon Musk speaking at a conference in Paris.

Elon Musk’s 10 laws of management

A worker lays down a solar panel on a rooftop during a SolarCity Corp. residential installation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S., on Monday, Feb. 8, 2016. SolarCity is scheduled to release earnings figures on February 9. Photographer: Sergio Flores/Bloomberg via Getty Images

How Elon Musk’s solar ambitions fell back to earth

A partially removed sign at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California, US, on Wednesday, July 26, 2023. Elon Musk has changed Twitter Inc.'s logo, replacing its signature blue bird with a stylized X as part of the billionaire's vision of transforming the 17-year-old service into an everything app. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Inside the death of Twitter and birth of Elon Musk’s X

Elon Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla Inc., right, and Rishi Sunak, UK prime minister, during a fireside discussion on artificial intelligence risks in London, UK, on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2023. Sunak convened this week's AI summit in an effort to position the UK at the forefront of global efforts to stave off the risks presented by the rapidly-advancing technology, which in the prime minister's own words, could extend as far as human extinction. Photographer: Tolga Akmen/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images

What Elon Musk is really building inside his ChatGPT competitor xAI

  • Tech Rihanna’s ‘Fenty effect’ could teach AI developers about inclusivity and fighting bias BY Alice Xiang
  • diversity and inclusion DEI is under attack. Here’s the real reason it makes many white men uncomfortable BY Barron Witherspoon, Sr.
  • careers Our entire approach to summer internships is broken–and many students don’t stand a chance BY Jane Swift
  • diversity and inclusion DEI critics were hoping that the Supreme Court’s Muldrow decision would undermine corporate diversity programs. It does no such thing BY Ming-Qi Chu
  • economy Immigration, productivity, inflation: Why finding the pandemic’s ‘missing women’ could be the solution to almost every challenge facing the U.S. economy today BY Katica Roy
  • A.I. The U.S. and China are leading the world in AI innovation–but the U.K. can punch above its weight. Here’s how BY Victor Riparbelli

Joe Biden speaks near podium

Daily Cover Story

By Christopher Helman Forbes Staff

Richard Palmer of Global Clean Energy used Exxon money to overhaul an aging California oil refinery in order to process the oil-rich seeds of a plant called camelina. Now Exxon is suing.

Forbes  daily cover story, the cannabis civil war: hemp vs. marijuana.

With federal legalization of pot indefinitely stalled, hemp products have bloomed into a $28 billion gray industry determined to get America high—legally.

“Whenever you make a decision, if more than 50 percent of the reason you’re doing it is for your ego, the odds are you’ll regret it.”

Jeff Greene , Real Estate Entrepreneur


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Tesla cuts its car prices around the world after week of turmoil for the company

Tesla dropped its prices on cars by about $2,000 in the United States. Ebrahim Noroozi/AP hide caption

Tesla cuts its car prices around the world after week of turmoil for the company

April 21, 2024 • The company dropped its starting prices of its Model X, Model Y and Model S by $2,000 in the U.S.

Startups want to geoengineer a cooler planet. With few rules, experts see big risks

Andrew Song and Luke Iseman of Make Sunsets ready for a launch. Iseman says they hope to someday cool the earth on a larger scale. Julia Simon/NPR hide caption

Startups want to geoengineer a cooler planet. With few rules, experts see big risks

April 21, 2024 • In a parking lot and on San Francisco Bay, NPR witnesses two different tests for solar geoengineering to tackle climate change. With much science unsettled, experts say regulations aren't keeping up.

House approves sell-or-be-banned TikTok measure, attaching it to foreign aid bill

The latest effort in Congress to force TikTok to be sold is the most serious threat yet to the app's future in the U.S. Michael Dwyer/AP hide caption

House approves sell-or-be-banned TikTok measure, attaching it to foreign aid bill

April 20, 2024 • The bill, now advancing to the Senate, represents the most serious threat yet to the video app used by half of Americans.

Biden administration restricts oil and gas leasing in Alaska's petroleum reserve

In this undated photo provided by the United States Geological Survey, permafrost forms a grid-like pattern in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, managed by the Bureau of Land Management on Alaska's North Slope. David W. Houseknecht/United States Geological Survey via AP hide caption

Biden administration restricts oil and gas leasing in Alaska's petroleum reserve

April 20, 2024 • The administration said it will restrict new oil and gas leasing on 13 million acres in Alaska to help protect wildlife such as caribou and polar bears as the Arctic continues to warm.

Volkswagen workers vote yes to unionizing, igniting UAW's push to organize the South

Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga, Tenn., celebrate as results from the union election at the auto plant come in on April 19, 2024. The final tally was 2,628 votes in favor of unionizing and 985 against. Stephan Bisaha/Gulf States Newsroom hide caption

Volkswagen workers vote yes to unionizing, igniting UAW's push to organize the South

April 19, 2024 • Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga, Tenn., voted overwhelmingly to unionize with the UAW, setting a new trajectory for labor unions in the American South.

Ticketmaster's dominance, Caitlin Clark's paycheck, and other indicators

The Indicator from Planet Money

Ticketmaster's dominance, caitlin clark's paycheck, and other indicators.

April 19, 2024 • It's highs and lows in this edition of Indicators of the Week! The surprisingly high amount of electricity needed for artificial intelligence, basketball star Caitlin Clark's surprisingly low base salary, plus a potential crackdown on the ticketing company everyone loves to hate (possibly because of those high fees).

April 19, 2024 • Money makes the world go around, faster and faster all the time. At Planet Money, a multimedia team of reporters tracks down the economists, investors and regular folks who are trying to make sense of the rapidly changing global economy.

FTX and the Serengeti of bankruptcy

FTX and the Serengeti of bankruptcy

April 19, 2024 • For the last year and a half, the story of FTX has focused largely on the crimes and punishment of Sam Bankman-Fried. But in the background, the actual customers he left behind have been caught in a financial feeding frenzy over the remains of the company.

We, The Voters

April 19, 2024 • The Left. The Right. The Disillusioned.

Tesla recalls Cybertruck over sticky problem. Blame it on — yes — soap

Newly manufactured Tesla Cybertrucks are parked outside the company's Giga Texas factory on December 13, 2023, in Austin, Texas. Suzanne Cordeiro/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

Tesla recalls Cybertruck over sticky problem. Blame it on — yes — soap

April 19, 2024 • Accelerator pedals on the new Cybertrucks can get stuck, a potentially dangerous production flaw. The reason why they're so sticky is soap.

Which scientists get mentioned in the news? Mostly ones with Anglo names, says study

When the media covers scientific research, not all scientists are equally likely to be mentioned. A new study finds scientists with Asian or African names were 15% less likely to be named in a story. shironosov/Getty Images hide caption


Shots - health news, which scientists get mentioned in the news mostly ones with anglo names, says study.

April 19, 2024 • A new study finds that in news stories about scientific research, U.S. media were less likely to mention a scientist if they had an East Asian or African name, as compared to one with an Anglo name.

Google worker says the company is 'silencing our voices' after dozens are fired

Google has a contract with the Israeli government where it provides the country with cloud computing services. Not all Google employees are happy about that. Alexander Koerner/Getty Images hide caption

Google worker says the company is 'silencing our voices' after dozens are fired

April 19, 2024 • The tech giant fired 28 employees who took part in a protest over the company's Project Nimbus contract with the Israeli government. One fired worker tells her story.

Inside the epic fight over new banking regulations

Inside the epic fight over new banking regulations

April 18, 2024 • After the financial crisis of 2008, regulators around the world agreed banks should have more of a cushion to weather hard times. Now, U.S. regulators are once again looking to update minimum capital requirements through a set of proposals called Basel III Endgame. Today, on the show, a blow-by-blow account of this battle between bankers and regulators.

Trump Media shares surge after a miserable run. Pros say stay away

Shares in former President Trump's social media company surged climbed over the past two trading sessions after tanking for several weeks. Joe Raedle/Getty Images hide caption

Trump Media shares surge after a miserable run. Pros say stay away

April 18, 2024 • Trump Media shares surged over the most recent two trading days — but the company continues to weather a miserable run since its stock market debut last month.

Trader Joe's recalls basil linked to 12 salmonella infections in 7 states

Infinite Herbs-brand organic basil recalled by Trader Joe's have been linked to salmonella infections in several states. Food and Drug Administration hide caption

Trader Joe's recalls basil linked to 12 salmonella infections in 7 states

April 18, 2024 • The Food and Drug Administration warns Trader Joe's customers in dozens of states to throw out fresh basil after a federal investigation linked the product to a salmonella outbreak.

'S' is for solidarity, not strike. 'Sesame Street' writers reach a deal

In this 2008 file photo, Big Bird reads to Connor Scott and Tiffany Jiao during a taping of Sesame Street in New York. Mark Lennihan/AP hide caption

'S' is for solidarity, not strike. 'Sesame Street' writers reach a deal

April 18, 2024 • The deal offers writers minimums for animation and new media programs, paid parental leave, protections against artificial intelligence and new media residuals.

Housing costs keep inflation stubborn; New report on Maui wildfires released

A "for rent" sign in front of a home in December 2023 in Miami, Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty Images hide caption

Up First Newsletter

Housing costs keep inflation stubborn; new report on maui wildfires released.

April 18, 2024 • Inflation is proving stubborn this year, and the cost of rent may be to blame. Hawaii's attorney general has released the first report into last year's Maui fires.

Many baby boomers own homes that are too big. Can they be enticed to sell them?

Some baby boomers would like to downsize from their large homes, but say it doesn't make financial sense. Single-family homes in Dumfries, Va., are seen here last year. Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/The Washington Post via Getty Images hide caption

Many baby boomers own homes that are too big. Can they be enticed to sell them?

April 18, 2024 • Lots of older Americans say they'd love to downsize, but it doesn't make financial sense. The housing roadblock has left some would-be buyers stuck. We asked experts what policies could change that.

Grocery prices, credit card debt, and your 401K (Two Indicators)

Grocery prices, credit card debt, and your 401K (Two Indicators)

April 17, 2024 • What's going on with consumers? This is one of the trickiest puzzles of this weird economic moment we're in. We've covered a version of this before under the term " vibecession ," but it's safe to say, the struggle is in fact real. It is not just in our heads. Sure, sure, some data is looking great. But not all of it.

Profiting off greater risk: the reinsurance game

Insurers say they need higher premiums from FL homeowners to offset mounting losses from hurricane claims, severe weather events and resulting increases in the cost of reinsurance. South Florida Sun-Sentinel hide caption

Profiting off greater risk: the reinsurance game

April 17, 2024 • When an insurance company can't cover all of its claims, it actually has its own insurance. This is called "reinsurance." How does that work and why do reinsurers look at their risk pool differently than say home or auto insurers?

NPR editor Uri Berliner resigns with blast at new CEO

Uri Berliner resigned from NPR on Wednesday saying he could not work under the new CEO Katherine Maher. He cautioned that he did not support calls to defund NPR. Uri Berliner hide caption

NPR editor Uri Berliner resigns with blast at new CEO

April 17, 2024 • The senior editor says CEO Katherine Maher has "divisive views" that confirm the issues he wrote about in an essay accusing NPR of losing the public's trust.

Ford recalls 456,000 Broncos, Mavericks that may lose power, raising crash risks

A Ford Bronco is displayed at a Ford dealership in Hialeah, Fla., on Jan. 23, 2023. Ford is recalling more than 456,000 Bronco Sport and Maverick vehicles due to a battery detection issue that can result in loss of drive power. Marta Lavandier/AP hide caption

Ford recalls 456,000 Broncos, Mavericks that may lose power, raising crash risks

April 17, 2024 • The automaker is recalling Bronco Sport and Maverick vehicles due to a battery detection issue that can result in loss of drive power, increasing crash risks.

Persistent shortage of growth hormone frustrates parents and clinicians

Winston Hall, 9, needs growth hormone to manage symptoms of Prader-Willi syndrome, a genetic condition. A shortage of the medicine has contributed to behavioral issues that led him to be sent home from school. Bridget Bennett for NPR hide caption

Persistent shortage of growth hormone frustrates parents and clinicians

April 17, 2024 • As a shortage of growth hormone used to treat rare diseases in children drags on, families and doctors are struggling with insurers' requirements to get prescriptions filled.

Medicare's push to improve chronic care attracts businesses, but not many doctors

Medicare enrollees with two or more chronic conditions are eligible for Chronic Care Management, which pays doctors to check in with those patients monthly. But the service hasn't caught on. John Moore/Getty Images hide caption

Medicare's push to improve chronic care attracts businesses, but not many doctors

Kff health news.

April 17, 2024 • Most Medicare enrollees have two or more chronic conditions, making them eligible for a program that rewards physicians for doing more to manage their care. But not many doctors have joined.


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The 3-Stage Process That Makes Universities Prime Innovators

  • Anne-Laure Fayard
  • Martina Mendola
  • April 19, 2024

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Should You Quit Your “Meh” Job? Or Is It Salvageable?

  • Rebecca Knight

business articles websites

5 Strategies for Improving Mental Health at Work

  • Morra Aarons-Mele
  • April 18, 2024

business articles websites

Research: Boards Still Have an ESG Expertise Gap — But They’re Improving

  • Tensie Whelan

business articles websites

How to Stay Ahead of a Cybersecurity Breach with the Right Resilience Strategy

  • April 17, 2024

business articles websites

5 Networking Tips for Introverts (and Anyone Else)

  • Samantha Dewalt

business articles websites

Disruptive Innovation in the Era of Big Tech

business articles websites

Crisis Leadership Lessons from Polar Explorer Ernest Shackleton

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Double declining balance depreciation is a method of quickly depreciating large business assets. Learn how and when to use it.

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We take a deep dive into the best employee monitoring software packages on the market in 2024, considering the best use cases for each.

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Document management software is an increasingly critical part of any business in the digital era. Instead of rows of filing cabinets, document management systems create an electronic archive that any...

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Nike Reverses Course as Innovation Stalls and Rivals Gain Ground

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Shoe giant stumbled as CEO John Donahoe pulled away from retailers and relied on old hits. Now it says it’s refocusing on cutting-edge footwear for athletes.

13 min read

Air New Zealand Warns on Profits As Headwinds Stay Strong

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Air New Zealand warned on profits as it grapples with revenue headwinds in its home market and in North America.

Salesforce’s Talks to Buy Informatica Fizzle

Salesforce’s Talks to Buy Informatica Fizzle

The deal for the data-management software firm would have ranked among Salesforce’s largest.

2 hours ago

South32 Expects Gemco Wharf Operations Restart to Take Up to a Year

South32 Expects Gemco Wharf Operations Restart to Take Up to a Year

South32 expects it will take around a year to restart manganese ore exports from Australia following cyclone damage, unless it can find an alternative shipping option.

Underground Thermal Energy Networks May Be About to Have Their Moment

Underground Thermal Energy Networks May Be About to Have Their Moment

These climate-friendly heating-and-cooling systems are drawing support from states, cities, utilities and developers.

12 hours ago

Chipotle Keeps Raising Prices. Gym Rats and Millennials Are Still Buying Burritos.

Chipotle Keeps Raising Prices. Gym Rats and Millennials Are Still Buying Burritos.

Despite repeated price increases, the burrito chain is outperforming restaurant competitors with customers who tend to have higher incomes and be health conscious.

15 hours ago

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Allysia Finley

Climate Advocates Must Use the Market

The biden-trump trade war with mexico.

Mary Anastasia O'Grady

The UAW Wins One for the Subsidies in Chattanooga

Most Popular in Business

The Secret Retreats That Have CEOs, VIPs and Billionaires Jockeying for Invites

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April 20, 2024

10 min read

Chipotle Keeps Raising Prices. Gym Rats and Millennials Are Still Buying Burritos.

Elon Musk Lost Democrats on Tesla When He Needed Them Most

Company Bosses Draw a Red Line on Office Activists

Company Bosses Draw a Red Line on Office Activists

8 hours ago

Diversity Goals Are Disappearing From Companies’ Annual Reports

Diversity Goals Are Disappearing From Companies’ Annual Reports

16 hours ago

If You Give a College Student a Cookie . . .

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Nike Reverses Course as Innovation Stalls and Rivals Gain Ground

Nike Reverses Course as Innovation Stalls and Rivals Gain Ground

Inside the White House’s Scramble to Avert Full-Blown Middle East War

Inside the White House’s Scramble to Avert Full-Blown Middle East War

9 hours ago

Billions in Dirty Money Flies Under the Radar at World’s Busiest Airports

Billions in Dirty Money Flies Under the Radar at World’s Busiest Airports

22 hours ago

These Home Sellers Are Done Waiting for the Fed to Lower Rates

These Home Sellers Are Done Waiting for the Fed to Lower Rates

April 21, 2024

Meet the 12 New Yorkers Who Will Decide Donald Trump’s Fate in Hush-Money Trial

Meet the 12 New Yorkers Who Will Decide Donald Trump’s Fate in Hush-Money Trial

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Reading business articles regularly keeps you informed on current events in the business world. You can stay up-to-date on economic and market developments, learn about new business endeavors (things done to achieve a goal) and check out your competition.

When you read business articles in English, you get even greater advantages.

Reading articles in English helps you expand your vocabulary . You will encounter new words and see how these words are used in real contexts.

Articles also provide a great opportunity to practice your reading comprehension. The more you read, the better your comprehension will get.

By reading business articles in English, you can become the first person in your office to learn of a new practice, trend or technology in your industry. With the knowledge you gain from these articles, you can impress your boss. You can also feel comfortable striking up a conversation with an English speaker.

You can also pair these articles with more context for optimized (more effective) learning. For example, you can watch authentic videos related to business on FluentU . These videos have interactive subtitles that show you the meaning of any word at a click. FluentU also lets you save these words to your flashcards without leaving the video.

business articles websites

You can also search FluentU for any new vocabulary you find as you read these business articles. This will show you the different meanings of a word as well as common phrases where it appears.

The more you practice, through FluentU or other programs, the more confident you will feel talking about the information you find in the articles below.

Here are some of the best business English article resources available online. There are resources for different levels. They also cover all aspects of the business world— such as news about small business owners, stock prices, property information and trade.

business english articles

That way, you can learn the proper pronunciation of new words as you read. At the end of each article, there are key vocabulary words with easy-to-understand definitions.

If your English is at an advanced level, you can go to VOA’s main website . There, you can find all the latest news on business and the economy. Most importantly, you can practice reading material aimed at native speakers. 

business english articles

One of the great features of this site (as its name indicates) is that each article has three levels . Beginner readers can read the “Level 1” version of the articles. Meanwhile, advanced learners should try the “Level 3” versions.

business english articles

These articles are specifically designed to test your knowledge of business English. Each article is accompanied by reading comprehension questions . You can also try out the vocabulary training and grammar quizzes to  augment (add to) your English studies. 

Business English Site is the business section of . 

business english articles

The articles are accompanied by exercises , so you can practice what you learn.

If you want to maximize (make full use of) what the site has to offer, you have to sign up for the premium version. 

business english articles

Their articles are considered breaking news (very current/recent). Each article is written specifically for ESL learners. They have key vocabulary  words with definitions and various types of  reading comprehension exercises .

If you’re looking for business English news specifically, go here .

If you are confident in your English reading skills or want to challenge yourself, check out some of these famous business English news outlets. Remember to keep your dictionary close for easy access to translations and definitions!

business english articles

Those who are interested in SEO (search engine optimization) can find a ton of information here as well. 

If you want to improve your business English vocabulary with articles written for native English speakers , this is an ideal place to start.

business english articles

If you are a more advanced learner, you can check out their features and opinion articles for in-depth (more detailed) analyses of the latest trends in the business world.

You have to purchase a subscription to read most articles, though.

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They are most notable (famous) for providing lists of the richest people in the world . You can read about who these people are, their net worth, what businesses they are in and how they got to be where they are. 

You can access articles on the Forbes website for free.

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On Bloomberg’s website, you can read one article for free without a subscription. To read more than that, you can sign up for their newsletter and unlock one more article or buy a subscription. 

If you decide to sign up for the subscription, however, you will discover a ton of in-depth features and news articles. 

To brush up on your economics vocabulary, you can visit this article:

business english articles

One of the nice things about Yahoo Finance is you do not need to buy a subscription to access their content . They also syndicate (publish the same content at the same time) from well-known publications like the AFP ( Agence-France Presse ) and AP ( The Associated Press ). That means you can rest assured their news is both high-quality and updated. 

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If you look through their archive, you will notice that articles are grouped under two-month periods (for example, March-April 2023). You can use that to easily jump to articles from a particular time. 

Like  Bloomberg,  HBR gives you one free article. Then, you will have to purchase a subscription to read all of their other articles. 

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For example, the website has an “ Entrepreneurs ” section. It is full of tips, advice and interesting or inspirational trivia (information). 

The  CNBC  website also has a  “Pro” version you can sign up for to access additional resources. These include special talks and news analyses. Consider this option for practicing your English critical reading and thinking skills further.

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If you are looking for business English news that is understandable to the average reader, this is one of the best sites to visit aside from Yahoo Finance. 

You can read many of the articles for free, but some may require you to pay for a subscription. 

business articles websites

For example, if you want to read about how Warren Buffet’s salary compares to the average employee from Berkshire , this site does a fantastic job of explaining it to the lay-reader (ordinary or average reader). If your job involves making a lot of charts and graphs or analyzing statistical data, check out this website for ideas.

Like many other entries on this list, you can create an account for free or sign up for a subscription to access their articles. 

business articles websites

Many of their articles are short and written in a conversational but professional tone. This makes them more accessible to the average reader. At the same time, they retain (keep) an air of authority when it comes to all things entrepreneurship. 

Luckily, the articles are all free to access. 

To read a newspaper, you have to understand business English. You also need to know idioms ,  slang ,  more slang  and pop culture.

This section is about just that— decoding (understanding) business English news to improve your reading comprehension. 

Below are business English article titles from the business/finance and economy sections of English websites—explained.

(by Stephanie Strom, published by The New York Times )

Chipotle is a very popular restaurant in the U.S. that offers delicious Tex-Mex (Texas-Mexico) food. I highly recommend it!

Shares Fall

business english news

“ The Wolf of Wall Street ” taught us what “shares” are. They are financial products that represent ownership of a company.  They are also known as “stocks.”

When you buy Chitpotle shares, you own a portion of Chipotle. When the value of Chipotle shares increases, you earn money. On the other hand, when the value of shares decreases, you lose money. Unfortunately, Chipotle shares fell in value, meaning shareholders lost value and their invested money.

For a refresher (review) on describing movement, such as “fall” and “rise,” refer to this post on movements in graphs .

The author is showing her confusion. “Although” is a great word to use when something does not match your expectations . Other phrases you can use are “despite,” “in spite of” and “even though.” In this case, shares fell unexpectedly, despite the fact that sales rose.

Shares Fall at Chipotle Although Sales Rise

Usually, when sales rise, a company’s value increases and the prices of shares also increase. But this was not the case for Chipotle. Even if the reader does not understand finance, the words used in the article title let them know that this is an unusual and unexpected event.

(by Katie Allen, published by The Guardian )

Brain Drain

business english news

This refers to the loss of educated individuals due to emigration (leaving their native country to move abroad).

Countries invest in their citizens by providing educational opportunities. There are many reasons for this. Generally, high-quality education leads to economic strength and growth.

Brain drain often occurs when there are better professional opportunities (careers) or standards of living elsewhere.

Overall, brain drain is a waste of a country’s efforts to improve its citizens’ intellect and skills. The value of these educated individuals is wasted because they do not work, live or spend money in their home country.

Brain Drain: Which UK Regions Hold On To Their Graduates?

The author of this business English news article is highlighting (putting emphasis on) which regions in the U.K. keep their graduates (the opposite of brain drain). This information could be used to predict (expect) which regions will become stronger in terms of economy. This strength would be due to their retention (holding, keeping) of educated individuals.

  • Make it a habit to stay updated. Check out these websites for a fixed period of time every day. For example, you can allot (make space for) five to 10 minutes at breakfast for the headlines. Then, you can have at least 20 minutes of serious “reading time” before bed or while you are traveling.
  • Read the article twice. You want to read every article “actively.” That means you use focused reading techniques to get the most learning potential possible out of every article. The first time you read an article, read it for a general understanding. Circle any of the words you don’t know. When you get to the end of the article, look up the words you do not know in an English dictionary and write down their meanings in your notebook. Then, read the article again. This time you should be able to understand more.
  • Learn important business concepts and discuss them with others. By reading the editorials, you become familiar with a lot of technical words and theories. Apply your new knowledge to real-life scenarios by discussing these concepts with your co-workers or friends.
  • Learn key business terms to express yourself professionally.  Reading business news articles will help you  develop a proper business English vocabulary . Pay close attention to commonly occurring words and phrases in these articles. Then, use them in conversation with others to practice them.
  • Master the art of being concise (brief and to the point). These articles will teach you how to summarize important details in a jiffy (quickly). At first, it will be difficult. So take notes while you read and revise them continuously. Regularly practice what you learn as well.
  • Get help. If you can, find a friend, colleague or teacher who is willing to read the article too. After you both read the article, discuss it. Was there anything you found really interesting? Did you learn something new or surprising? Was there an idiom or phrase that you saw for the first time? Discussing what you read is a great way to check your understanding of the article and practice speaking English.

These are some of the best business English article resources available online today. Take advantage of all they have to offer. Increase your business English vocabulary. Stay abreast (updated) on current business events around the world.

Happy reading!

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E-commerce and the influencer economy.

How internet shopping became choked with junk.

A woman strolls walk across a road, holding a pink Stanley water bottle in her hand.

By Annemarie Conte

She is a deputy editor at Wirecutter.

People are bombarded online each day with ads for newfangled products that promise dramatic life improvements. Modish tumblers . Sleek pans . Miraculous cleaning solutions . Overblown air purifiers. Just click this link and — voilà! Productivity. Happiness. Nirvana.

Don’t buy it.

Wirecutter, The Times’s product recommendation service, tests many of the wares that clog Americans’ social media feeds. And while our testers do like some, these products are often built on empty promises. In today’s newsletter, I’ll explain how e-commerce, a $6 trillion global industry, became choked with junk.

Paid to sell

Online shopping can expose people to a greasy influencer economy. Influencers often join affiliate-revenue networks, such as Amazon’s. When an influencer’s follower clicks a link and buys something, the influencer makes money. That’s why people on your social media feed are crowing about their 10 favorite Amazon finds or talking about how an expensive gizmo has changed their life.

Many influencers have another incentive: Brands pay them to hawk stuff. Some people with large followings make deals for tens of thousands of dollars per post. Then, when enough people like or share a post, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube algorithms push it to more people. The result is a blizzard of gadgets.

Consider these spin scrubbers , pitched online as the solution to all of your cleaning woes. “In videos , these devices churn up rings of soap suds, implying they are lifting away all the filth beneath them,” writes Ellen Airhart, Wirecutter’s cleaning expert.

In reality, they’re the worst cleaning tools we’ve ever tested. Ellen spent six hours trying to scour a soap-scum-covered shower and a toothpaste-crusted sink with two spin scrubbers popular on TikTok. They splattered water everywhere and often cost upward of $50. Instead, Ellen recommends a humble $1 sponge.

Products making the rounds on social media are often manufactured by small companies and come with unhelpful guidance or lousy warranties. This is true of the Pipersong Meditation Chair , hailed as the solution for restless sitters, thanks to its rotating footstool.

Well, I tested it. And as I was pretzeling myself into the thing, which lacks solid back support or armrests, I knew most people wouldn’t find it to be worth the $400-plus price tag.

Even viral products from reliable brands can be mediocre. Stanley tumblers are in vogue . And yet, they spill. A lot. The leaks haven’t stopped 10 million units from being sold since 2020. Hordes of people stampeded Target to nab one in a recent trending color.

Avoid getting duped

As an editor at Wirecutter, I take my job of testing and recommending products seriously. I never want anyone to spend their hard-earned money on garbage. Here’s how to avoid being hoodwinked:

Search the product’s name on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Reddit. Are the influencers all saying the same thing? And does what they’re saying sound like marketing copy?

Look for the hashtags #ad, #sponsored or #partner on the post to see if the recommender is being compensated by the brand. If the influencer doesn’t disclose that arrangement, the Federal Trade Commission could issue a fine.

Check influencers’ bios or LinkedIn profiles for credentials. Do they show a background in this area? Have the creators shown their testing methods? Do they even have testing methods?

Read one-star Amazon reviews to see if any consistent flaws jump out.

See if a trusted person or publication also recommends this product.

Not all influencers are scurrilous peddlers. Some creators use their expertise to vet products and give reliable advice. But it’s important to spot the difference.

There are so many wonderful, truly helpful and well-made buy-it-for-life products, such as the sturdy Lodge cast-iron pan and Darn Tough hiking socks , which come with a lifetime warranty. Don’t waste your time and money on overhyped trends.

More about Wirecutter: Our journalists have no financial relationship with the companies that make or sell the products that they review. They instead use an exhaustive testing process to choose the products they recommend. After that, Wirecutter’s commerce team may negotiate fees with the affiliate-revenue networks.


The House voted to approve $95 billion in aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Speaker Mike Johnson, faced with opposition from the right wing of his party, marshaled support from mainstream Republicans and Democrats.

As part of the package, the chamber also advanced a bill that would force TikTok’s Chinese owners to sell the app or ban it in the U.S.

The Senate is expected to pass the legislation as early as Tuesday. See how the House voted .

Johnson had largely opposed aid to Ukraine as a rank-and-file member. He has attributed his turnaround in part to intelligence briefings .

The vote was met with relief in Ukraine . Experts say it could take weeks before U.S. assistance has a direct effect on the war.

More on Politics

A small Oregon town cracked down on homeless encampments. A lawsuit brought by homeless residents there is at the center of a Supreme Court case .

Opening statements in Donald Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial begin tomorrow. For the next few weeks, the former president — who values control — will have very little , Maggie Haberman writes.

Middle East

Israeli airstrikes on the southern Gazan city of Rafah killed several civilians and hit two family homes, according to Palestinian state media. The Israeli military did not immediately comment on the strikes.

Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank went on a general strike after Israeli soldiers killed at least 10 people during a raid on a refugee camp there. The military called it a counterterrorism operation.

Israel’s retaliatory strike on Iran on Friday appeared calculated to send a message that it could bypass and paralyze Iran’s defense systems , Western and Iranian officials said.

More International News

Top Chinese swimmers tested positive for a banned drug months before the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. They were allowed to compete after Chinese officials secretly cleared them of doping, a Times investigation found.

After years of conflict in Myanmar, rebels have scored victories over the military junta, potentially turning the tide of the war .

Rahul Gandhi, the scion of an Indian political dynasty, is trying to unseat Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party. He traveled across the country to appeal to voters.

Other Big Stories

Some poultry growers have used inflatable dancers and lasers to fend off possible carriers of bird flu and protect their flocks.

The level of major crimes, like homicides and shootings, has decreased in New York City, but the number of assaults remains high .


Does the anti-abortion movement still have a cohesive strategy?

No. When Trump said he wouldn’t support a federal ban, it was “the most pro-choice position of any Republican presidential nominee in two generations, and all the largest pro-life groups continue to bend the knee,” Times Opinion’s David French writes .

Yes. Anti-abortion supporters need to maintain a moderate position and prioritize winning elections now before turning their attention to a nationwide abortion ban. “This is a marathon, not a sprint,” Mark Davis writes for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram .


Daniel Levy has a simplified guide to the complicated dynamics among the biggest players in the Middle East.

Here are columns by Ross Douthat on how the wars in Ukraine and Gaza have resurfaced old American divisions and Lydia Polgreen on Columbia University’s pro-Palestinian protests .


Cosmic forces: The Impressionistic swirl of color above shows the churning magnetic fields of the Milky Way.

A side of Cheez-Its: In the household of a self-proclaimed fat activist, there are no “good” or “bad” foods .

Vows: He had her at the baby moose .

Lives Lived: Ellen Ash Peters was the first woman on the faculty of Yale Law School and the first female justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. She died at 94 .


By David Marchese

I’ll be part of a new Q. and A. franchise, The Interview, that debuts next week. In the lead-up, I’ve been sharing some of my favorite past conversations. This one, the first I ever did for the old Talk column, is with Meg Ryan, the great romantic comedy star. I spoke to her in 2019, at a time when she had been out of the public eye for a while.

Were you happy with the work available to you as you got older? Would you have felt more compelled to keep exploring acting if those opportunities were good?

I’m sure the same opportunities did not present themselves in my 40s that did in my 30s and 20s. I get offers to do things now, but they’re not things I want to do. I have so much admiration for actors who have incredible imagination for life or have life experience that they can then bring to the audience. I don’t think I was one of those people.

Was backing off from show business part of coming to terms with a fundamental ambivalence about your career that had always been there?

Nora [Ephron] used to tell me, “Just because you have fame problems doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem.” I like the famous I am now: I walk into other people’s paparazzi photos, but I can also get a restaurant reservation.

What have you learned about how power works for women in Hollywood?

I don’t think I took advantage of the power that I had. Somewhere in the middle of my time in Hollywood, I did have a production company and produced movies, but it felt exhausting. I kept thinking: What is this thing about having it all? Why do we want that? Don’t we just want to be happy in our independent pursuits?

Read more of the interview here .


Click the cover image above to read this week’s issue.

An American pastime: A new book of photos celebrates Black rodeo culture .

Our editors’ picks: “Table for Two: Fictions,” six short stories set in New York around the new millennium, and eight other books .

Times best sellers: “Toxic Prey,” the 34th book in John Sandford’s “Prey” series, is new on the hardcover fiction list .


Try these passover recipes .

Clean your baking sheet .

Scan documents on the go .


What to watch for.

The London Marathon is today.

Earth Day is tomorrow.

Passover begins tomorrow evening.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Wednesday over Idaho’s abortion ban.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Thursday over whether Trump has presidential immunity over his conduct surrounding the Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021.

The N.F.L. draft begins on Thursday.

In this week’s Five Weeknight Dishes newsletter , Emily Weinstein suggests easy pasta dishes that you can make on the fly with whatever is in the house. Mix spaghetti with tuna, capers and scallions; add olives and walnuts to some penne; or pair rigatoni bacon, greens and a fried egg.


Here is today’s Spelling Bee . Yesterday’s pangrams were Lilliputian and nuptial .

Can you put eight historical events — including the Magna Carta, the Sistine Chapel and the first canary in a coal mine — in chronological order? Take this week’s Flashback quiz.

And here are today’s Mini Crossword , Wordle , Sudoku , Connections and Strands .

Thanks for spending part of your weekend with The Times.

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Tesla cuts the price of its “Full Self Driving” system by a third to $8,000

FILE - A Tesla charging station is seen, Sept. 28, 2023, in Woodstock, Ga. Tesla knocked roughly a third off the price of its “Full Self Driving” system, which can’t drive itself and so drivers must remain alert and be ready to intervene, to $8,000 from $12,000, according to the company website. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File)

FILE - A Tesla charging station is seen, Sept. 28, 2023, in Woodstock, Ga. Tesla knocked roughly a third off the price of its “Full Self Driving” system, which can’t drive itself and so drivers must remain alert and be ready to intervene, to $8,000 from $12,000, according to the company website. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File)

  • Copy Link copied

NEW YORK (AP) — Tesla knocked roughly a third off the price of its “Full Self Driving” system — which can’t drive itself and so drivers must remain alert and be ready to intervene — to $8,000 from $12,000, according to the company website.

Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk promised in 2019 that there would be a fleet of robotaxis on the road in 2020, but the promise has yet to materialize, and the system still has to be supervised by humans.

The cuts, which occurred on Saturday, follow Tesla’s moves to slash $2,000 off the prices of three of its five models in the United States late Friday. That’s the latest evidence of the challenges facing the electric vehicle maker.

Tesla reduced the prices of the Model Y, a small SUV which is Tesla’s most popular model and the top-selling electric vehicle in the U.S., and also of the Models X and S, its older and more expensive models. Prices for the Model 3 sedan and the Cybertruck stayed the same.

The price reduction came the day after Tesla’s stock dropped below $150 per share , wiping out all gains made over the past year. The Austin, Texas , company’s stock price has dropped about 40% so far this year amid falling sales and increased competition. Discounted sticker prices are a way to try to entice more car buyers.

business articles websites

Telecom Italia writes down value of submarine cable business Sparkle

  • Medium Text

The Tim logo is seen at its headquarters


The Reuters Daily Briefing newsletter provides all the news you need to start your day. Sign up here.

Reporting by Elvira Pollina. Editing by Jane Merriman

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. New Tab , opens new tab

Logo of Paramount Pictures

A court in the Azerbaijani capital Baku on Friday remanded the head of an independent media outlet for two months on charges of smuggling, Turan news agency reported, the latest move against independent journalists in the ex-Soviet state.

Russian war correspondent Semyon Eremin, who worked for the Russian daily Izvestia, was killed on Friday in a Ukrainian drone attack in southeastern Ukraine, the newspaper said.

LSEG Workspace

Business Chevron

The logo of Australia's Macquarie Group Ltd adorns a desk in the reception area of their Sydney office headquarters

Macquarie's banking unit to stop new car loans to focus on mortgage growth

Australian financial conglomerate Macquarie Group said on Monday its banking and financial services unit will stop new car loans through direct, broker and novated lease channels in a bid to prioritise growth of home loan and deposit offerings.

The logo for Air New Zealand is displayed at their office located at Sydney International Airport, Australia

Melania's presence at Trump's hush-money trial could be 'powerful,' legal experts say — but Eric and Don Jr., not so much

  • Opening statements in Donald Trump's first criminal are set to begin Monday. 
  • The former president's family has not attended this past week's jury selection.
  • But their presence, especially Melania's, could have a powerful impact, legal experts say. 

Insider Today

Donald Trump enters his first criminal trial every day flanked by lawyers, court officers, Secret Service members, and political advisors.

But not his wife and children.

Melania Trump and the former president's children have not attended this past week as seven men and five women were chosen as jurors for his historic Manhattan hush-money trial .

And while it's not uncommon for family members of defendants to sit out the slogging jury-selection process, legal experts say their presence — especially that of Melania Trump — could have a strong positive impact on jurors once opening statements begin Monday.

'No question that Melania is the most important'

"There's no question that Melania is the most important family member to be there," Mark Bederow, a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor for the Manhattan district attorney's office, told Business Insider.

Bederow explained that Melania Trump's courtroom support could be "potentially very powerful" given the salacious nature of the hush-money case against Trump.

Making Trump at least look like a wholesome, beloved husband and father might help him.

"Certainly, if Melania were there supporting him, that potentially sends a message that 'I support him, I'm OK, I believe, perhaps, this didn't happen,'" Bederow said. "I think that can only have a positive impact on the jury."

This is especially important in a trial where the words "porn actress" and "extra-marital affair" will be lobbed at Trump by prosecutors.

Prosecutors from the Manhattan district attorney's office say Trump falsified 34 business records to disguise a $130,000 hush-money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels .

The payment to buy Daniels' silence over an alleged 2006 sexual encounter with a married Trump was part of an illegal scheme to influence the 2016 election, according to prosecutors.

Jill Huntley Taylor, a jury consultant, told BI that the presence of Trump's family will likely magnify the jurors' other impressions of the case.

If the jurors are inclined to side with Trump, thinking the case is lousy, then they'd understand why his family didn't show up, she said. If they side against Trump, they might wonder why none of his family members are supporting him.

"Trump doesn't want to be there," Huntley Taylor said. "I could see jurors, if they're favoring him thinking, 'Well, he's not going to make his family be there.' And I can see jurors who are not favoring him thinking, 'Well, wouldn't your family want to support you in this while you're on trial?'"

His family — or lack thereof

Courtrooms are, by design, "sensory deprivation tanks," joked Julia Vitullo-Martin, a criminal justice consultant and former director for the Citizens Jury Project , an initiative of the Vera Institute of Justice .

So when there's downtime in the courtroom, jurors, who don't have their electronics, have little else to do but study the defendant and whoever is with them.

"So you look around, and you assess the defendant's demeanor, his clothes, his family — or his lack thereof," Vitullo-Martin said.

Jurors have sworn they will judge Trump's case solely on the evidence. But their observations of the defendant — and any family present — will influence their eventual verdict, she said.

"They're human beings," she said of jurors.

"And defense attorneys have always known this, which is why they are so conscious of how their client is coming across to the jury."

'Kind of the elephant in the room'

Whether family shows up for Trump should not matter to the jury, but Bederow said it's only natural for jurors to wonder why Melania Trump or any other family member might not show their solidarity in the courtroom for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

"It's not evidence of anything, and it's not the kind of thing they're supposed to consider, but I think it's kind of the elephant in the room," Bederow said.

Even in criminal trials with more dire stakes — and where defendants have been accused of far worse — it's common for family members to attend and show support.

Related stories

Fallen cryptocurrency mogul Sam Bankman-Fried had watched his parents in the front row of the gallery for every day of his monthlong trial. Even Ghislaine Maxwell , who trafficked girls to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein for sex and sexually abused them herself, had two sisters and a brother attending her trial nearly every day.

Melania Trump did not show up for her husband's past Manhattan trials

But Melania Trump has been a no-show in Trump's other three Manhattan trials, all of which he lost, and at a cost of more than $600 million in judgments against him.

The former First Lady also did not attend either Trump's first or his second E. Jean Carroll federal defamation trials, in April, 2023 and in January of this year.

She was also a no-show at last year's civil fraud trial .

 Trump himself stayed away entirely from the first Carroll trial, at which a jury found him liable for sexual assault.

These absences likely do not make jurors' hearts grow fonder, according to legal experts.

"A defendant's demeanor and appearance in front of a jury is critically important, from the very start of jury selection through the return of a verdict," defense attorney and former federal prosecutor Justin Danilewitz told BI.

Danilewitz added, "And although a defendant cannot, of course, communicate directly with a jury, perceptive jurors will note the courtroom surroundings and the support of family a defendant may have."

Former Brooklyn prosecutor Arthur Aidala echoed those remarks.

"Typically, you want family members there to show the jury that the defendant has a lot of support," he said.

Aidala, a criminal defense attorney who has represented Rudy Giuliani and Harvey Weinstein, agreed Melania Trump's presence at the trial would be "key" but noted that he did not believe the attendance of family would have much of an impact in this case.

"It's not the kind of case where sympathy matters. Usually family matters when you want the sympathy of the jury for the defendant. That's not the case here," Aidala said. "People know Trump. Family will not change their opinion."

Danilewitz said Trump's defense team may have a different strategy in mind when it comes to Melania Trump.

"Ordinarily, in a case like this, the appearance of a spouse may well send an important signal of support," said Danielwitz. "But the defense strategy here is likely to signal that this trial is not worth the time of the defendant, and even less the time of his close family."

"Attending could suggest a level of importance the defense does not want to give the case," he said.

Instead of family, Trump has been surrounded in court by lawyers and support staff.

They include his four main criminal defense lawyers in the case — Todd Blanche, Susan Necheles, Emil Bove, and Gedalia Stern — and a rotating cast of political aides working for his 2024 presidential campaign, including Steven Cheung, Jason Miller, Margo Martin, and Natalie Harp.

On Friday, they were joined by Clifford Robert, one of Trump's family's lawyers in the New York attorney general's civil fraud trial against the Trump Organization last year.

Melania Trump is portrayed as the 'mistreated wife' in the hush-money case

They spend a lot of time together, but they're not the wife and kids.

Melania Trump "is the mistreated wife in this narrative that the DA is saying," Bederow said, explaining, "If she's not there, jurors may take note of that. Certainly the media will."

Given that the prosecution's narrative includes Trump having an affair, Trump's lawyers may have deemed it wiser to keep Melania Trump away, according to Huntley Taylor, the jury consultant.

"It seems like you would have to really think twice about whether you want to put her through that," she said.

The presence of Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, at her father's criminal trial could also be impactful, but the appearance of his sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. likely wouldn't matter, according to Bederow.

"Let's be honest, if Donald Jr. and Eric Trump showed up, is that going to make it any better? No. Probably, if anything, it potentially makes it worse," said Bederow. "But it's a different story with Melania and Ivanka."

"People who are inclined not to like Donald Trump probably view the sons in the same way just because they're very vocal defenders of their father, which is natural and expected," Bederow continued. "But they're also very involved in the political game and the media game that surrounds everything involving Trump."

Melania Trump has privately called the charges against her husband "a disgrace," even though she was initially furious at him when news of the alleged affair broke in 2018, according to the New York Times .

If Trump's family does decide to show up Monday, they might want to wear sweaters. The temperature in the courtroom is very cold .

Watch: Trump dozes off at the start of his hush-money trial

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business articles websites

View, manage, and install add-ins for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

When you install and use an add-in, it adds custom commands and extends the features of your Microsoft 365 programs to help increase your productivity.

Note:  This article only applies to add-ins in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. For guidance on how to view, install, and manage add-ins in Outlook, see  Use add-ins in Outlook .

View installed add-ins

Screenshot of the add-ins in Office from Home tab.

You can directly install add-ins from this page or select  More Add-ins  to explore.

In the Office Add-ins dialog, select the  My Add-ins  tab.

Select an add-in you want to view the details for and right-click to select  Add-in details  option.

Install an add-in

Tip:  If you selected  Home  >  Add-ins , directly install popular add-ins from the menu that appears, or select  More Add-ins to view more options. 

Select  Add  from the add-in you want to install.

Manage installed add-ins

To manage and view information about your installed add-ins, perform the following:

Select  File > Get Add-ins .   Alternatively, select  Home  >  Add-ins > More add-ins .

In the Office Add-ins dialog, select the  My Add-ins tab.

Select  Manage My Add-ins . This opens the Office Store page in your preferred browser with a list of your installed add-ins.

Remove an add-in

To remove an add-in you installed, follow these steps.

Select  File  > Get Add-ins . Alternatively, select  Home > Add-ins .

In the Office Add-ins dialog, select  My Add-ins  tab.

Select an add-in you want to remove and right click to select  Remove  option.

Note:  Add-ins that appear in the  Admin Managed  section of the Office Add-ins dialog can only be removed by your organization's administrator.

Cancel an add-in subscription

To discontinue your subscription to an add-in, do the following:

Open the Microsoft 365 application and select the Home  tab.

Select  Add-ins from the ribbon,   then select  More Add-ins .

Select the My Add-ins tab   to view your existing add-ins.

Select  Manage My Add-ins .

Under the Payment and Billing section, choose Cancel Subscription .

Select  OK ,   then Continue .

Once you've cancelled your subscription, you should see a message that says "You have cancelled your app subscription" in the comments field of your add-in list.

Manage an add-in's access to your devices

Note:  The information in this section only applies to Excel on the web, Outlook on the web, PowerPoint on the web, and Word on the web running in Chromium-based browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

When an installed add-in requires access to your devices, such as your camera or microphone, you will be shown a dialog with the option to allow, allow once, or deny permission.

business articles websites

If you select  Allow , the add-in will have access to the requested devices. The permission you grant persists until you uninstall the add-in or until you clear the cache of the browser where the add-in is running.

If you select  Allow Once , the add-in will have access to the requested devices until it's relaunched in the browser.

If you select  Deny , the add-in won't be able to access the requested devices. This persists until you uninstall the add-in or until you clear the cache of the browser where the add-in is running.

If you want to change an add-in's access to your devices after selecting  Allow  or  Deny , you must first uninstall the add-in or clear your browser cache.

Add or load a PowerPoint add-in

Add or remove add-ins in Excel

Get a Microsoft 365 Add-in for Excel

Get a Microsoft 365 Add-in for Outlook

Help for Excel for Windows add-ins


Need more help?

Want more options.

Explore subscription benefits, browse training courses, learn how to secure your device, and more.

business articles websites

Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

business articles websites

Microsoft 365 training

business articles websites

Microsoft security

business articles websites

Accessibility center

Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

business articles websites

Ask the Microsoft Community

business articles websites

Microsoft Tech Community

business articles websites

Windows Insiders

Microsoft 365 Insiders

Find solutions to common problems or get help from a support agent.

business articles websites

Online support

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    6. "Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change". "Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change," by legendary economics scholar Clayton Christensen and business consultant Michael Overdorf, is one of the best business articles for entrepreneurs who need help getting a handle on change in their business.

  21. Business

    Breaking news and analysis on business and the economy, including the latest news in technology, stock markets, media and finance.

  22. 17 Places to Find Business Articles for English Learners

    Business English articles will boost your vocabulary, improve your comprehension and keep you up to date with the latest in your industry. Check out these 17 article sites that include ESL-friendly material (VOA Learning English), articles native English speakers read (Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC) and sample articles.

  23. E-Commerce and the Influencer Economy

    When an influencer's follower clicks a link and buys something, the influencer makes money. That's why people on your social media feed are crowing about their 10 favorite Amazon finds or ...

  24. Tesla cuts the price of its "Full Self Driving" system by a third

    NEW YORK (AP) — Tesla knocked roughly a third off the price of its "Full Self Driving" system — which can't drive itself and so drivers must remain alert and be ready to intervene — to $8,000 from $12,000, according to the company website. Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk promised in 2019 that there would be a fleet of robotaxis ...

  25. Telecom Italia writes down value of submarine cable business Sparkle

    Telecom Italia (TIM) valued its submarine cable business Sparkle at 481 million euros ($521 million) as of Dec. 31, 2023, following an impairment of 107 million booked during the year, according ...

  26. Melania's Presence at Trump's Trial Could Be 'Powerful': Experts

    Melania's presence at Trump's hush-money trial could be 'powerful,' legal experts say — but Eric and Don Jr., not so much. Jacob Shamsian , Laura Italiano, and Natalie Musumeci. Apr 21, 2024, 3: ...

  27. Trump Media shares fall, Truth Social will launch TV platform

    The price of Trump Media shares closed trading more than 14% lower Tuesday, hours after after the company announced its Truth Social platform is moving to launch a live TV streaming platform. The ...

  28. View, manage, and install add-ins for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

    When you install and use an add-in, it adds custom commands and extends the features of your Microsoft 365 programs to help increase your productivity. Note: This article only applies to add-ins in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. For guidance on how to view, install, and manage add-ins in Outlook, see Use add-ins in Outlook.