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  1. A brief look at some final tips regarding the research question in your thesis!

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  1. Erasmus University Thesis Repository

    Navigating Policy Uncertainty Towards Sustainability: The direct and combined effects of climate- and economic policy uncertainty on the returns of sustainable investments masterThesis. Kuijpers, Daniëlle. March 2024. Prev.

  2. Thesis repository

    Here you will find the details of online theses up to 2013 inclusive and of printed theses up to 2014 inclusive. Like books, printed theses may be borrowed. The Erasmus University Thesis Repository contains over 40,000 theses from 2009 until the present. Most of these are master theses.

  3. Erasmus University Thesis Repository

    Master Thesis. Smeets, P.M. March 2024. Spillovers in sovereign debt markets in the Eurozone Master Thesis. Roest, A.J. van. March 2024. The effects of CSR perceptions on citizenship behavior Master Thesis. Castillo Gosker, Karen. March 2024. Previous. Next. About. Erasmus University Rotterdam

  4. Erasmus University Thesis Repository: Erasmus University Thesis ...

    Master Thesis. Farissi, Yasmine. October 2021. Investigating the Value of Design Thinking in shaping Job Satisfaction and engaging Employees Master Thesis. Eiselt, Timon. October 2021. How to improve leadership and employee communication through an extended period of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic Master Thesis.

  5. Erasmus University Thesis Repository

    Erasmus University Thesis RepositoryPublications by Year. Faculties. Erasmus School of Economics. Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. Erasmus School of Law. Erasmus School of Philosophy. Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management. International Institute of Social Studies.

  6. RSM thesis submission

    RSM makes use of an online platform to support the thesis process, called Thesis Online Platform (TOP). Students will submit their final proposal and final thesis in the system. Coaches and co-readers will approve or disapprove the documents in TOP. At the end, after the defense, the final assessment and grading is recorded in TOP.

  7. Erasmus University Thesis Repository: Erasmus University Thesis ...

    Available Years. Publications from 2023. Publications from 2022. Publications from 2021. Publications from 2020. Publications from 2019. Publications from 2018. Publications from 2017. Publications from 2016.

  8. Master thesis defence and graduation

    2. The supervisor selects the final version, and you start the Thesis workflow by clicking on the button 'Thesis workflow - Start final assessment'; 3. After the supervisor has filled out the first assessment an email is sent with approval for requesting the master's diploma and defence to the Study Progress and Diploma team.

  9. PDF Writing a Thesis in European Studies

    Writing is a process! The writing of a longer text is a process that includes several steps. You will need to think about your research question, write a proposal, structure your thesis and write an outline, decide on how to operationalize and measure your concepts, gather the data, analyze it and write your conclusions.

  10. Thesis Master in Health Economics, Policy & Law

    The thesis must always be written in English and can take the form of an article or a report. Period and study load. The thesis has a study load of 420 hours (15 ECTS). The thesis is often concentrated during the period from March to June, but this may vary. Supervision. There is always a subject-specific supervisor of the thesis from ESHPM.

  11. EUI Theses

    EUI theses are assessed for the award of doctoral or master degrees at the EUI. EUI theses published under the EUI imprint are deposited in Cadmus according to the EUI Academic Rules and Regulations in immediate Open Access or under Embargoed Access. All EUI theses are accessible on the EUI campus. To be able to access embargoed or restricted ...

  12. Graduation

    Graduation dates ESE. For both students and supervisors, it is important to realise that in general there are five weeks between the moment that the final version of the thesis is submitted and the defence of the thesis. Registrations must *be received at *least 2 weeks before the requested graduation date on the appropriate form.

  13. PDF EUR-Organic Master Thesis Guide

    The thesis is a chance to acquire expertise in a specific field of research in respect of the EUR-Organic programme. In the EUR-Organic programme your thesis will be worth 30 ECTS-Credits. The master thesis is assigned to the host university and rules of this university are to apply for the whole master thesis project and the defence.

  14. Master Thesis in European Studies

    Master Thesis in European Studies. Here are a few of the theses written by students in the Master's programme European Studies in 2019-2020. Students engage in original research related to their specialisation and work on a broad range of topics, covering many policy areas, actors and institutions, pieces of legislation, normative questions and ...

  15. Thesis

    Thesis allowance. PhD students are eligible for a reimbursement of their thesis production costs of up to €750, provided that they submit the required number of copies to EUR. PhD students who have already received a thesis allowance from another source are ineligible for a EUR thesis allowance, or may only be eligible for a smaller allowance.

  16. Executive Master in EU Studies

    Students choosing the research track write a Master thesis, students choosing the professional track write a final paper. The two formats have different quality criteria. The titles for the Master theses and Final papers in the disciplines Political Science, Economics, and EU Law are listed below. Since 2021, the Board of Examinations and ...

  17. European Studies: Dissertations & Theses

    Access to over 500,000 full-text theses from over 500 European universities. Provides indexing and access to United States and Canadian dissertations. OATD aims to be the best possible resource for finding open access graduate theses and dissertations published around the world. Metadata (information about the theses) comes from over 600 ...

  18. Master thesis: European Master in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems

    Master thesis. Suchen Suchen Facebook. Sitemap; Contact; Legal notice; Letzte Aktualisierung: 12.01.2024 | Feedback. Programme coordination. Universität Hohenheim D-70593 Stuttgart Head of Advisory Board: Dr. Sabine Zikeli [email protected] ...

  19. Master thesis

    You perform your thesis work during the fourth semester while enrolled at your host university. The master thesis will be jointly supervised by supervisors from both your host and your home university. In most cases you will be physically located at the host university during the entire thesis work, but if you and your supervisors agree you can ...

  20. MSc Thesis Course Guide Wageningen University

    MSc thesis within (the specialisation of) your study programme. • Find thesis subjects via the thesis database at WU-website (currently this is the TIP database:; an alternative is under construction). • Make an appointment with the thesis coordinator of the chair group and discuss which thesis

  21. MSc theses online

    MSc theses online. MSc theses online is a collection of students' theses successfully defended at Wageningen University. The database is updated daily. Most of the MSc theses are from 2010 onwards. Not all MSc theses are available in this database. Use the searchbox below or go directly to MSc theses online.

  22. Master's Thesis Defense in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    05/31/2024 By Danielle Fretwell. The Francis College of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, invites you to attend a Master's Thesis defense by Christopher Molinari on: "Additively Manufactured X-Band Detectors Atop Multilayer Doubly Curved E-Glass Substrates."