How to Work With Angels in Your God-assignment

 submission to the mission, commisioning angels .

But to which of the angels has He ever said, “Sit at my right hand until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet?” Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation? (Hebrews 1:13-14)
Bless the Lord, you His angels, mighty in strength, who perform His word, obeying the voice of His word! Bless the Lord, all you His hosts, you who serve Him, doing His will. Bless the Lord, all you works of His, in all places of His dominion; bless the Lord, O my soul! (Psalm 103:20–22)


Were you sent out, my prayer for you, my prayer for you .

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sending angels on assignment

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sending angels on assignment


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Is it true that a Christian can command his angels?

Yes! Angels are on assignment to minister for you.

Hebrews 1:14 declares that angels are servants sent to care for us. The Life Application Study Bible, New American Standard Bible, has the following to say about Hebrews 1:14: “Angels are God’s messengers, spiritual beings created by God and under His authority (Colossians 1:16). They have several functions: serving believers (Hebrews1:14), protecting the helpless (Matthew 18:10), proclaiming God’s messages (Revelation 14:6-12), and executing God’s judgment (Acts 12:1-23; Revelation 20:1-3).” Angels operate under the authority of Jesus (1 Peter 3:22), and one of their jobs is ministering to believers. Our responsibility is to make sure that we are doing the will of our Father and that we are putting His Word in our mouths. When we do this, Psalm 103:20 promises that angels carry out God’s commands and are obedient to His Word. They act as enforcers of the Word and will of God in our lives. For further study on this subject, we recommend the “Angels on Assignment” teaching by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

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  • May 13, 2020


Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Did you know you are meant to put Angels to work?

I know, crazy right! We need to tell Angel's what to do.... it's insane!!!

Shouldn't they be telling us what to do?

Most people would shake at the knees at the thought of telling an Angel what to do let alone seeing one with their own eyes. I have seen many Angels in my years of prayer and intercession and visions and noticed that most of the time when the Angels appear they wait for my instruction!

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? Hebrew 1:14

Some people think Angels don't visit earth anymore, or only on very rare occasions to someone who is considered "holy," and are surprised when someone takes a photo of a light being in Church and claim that it is a hoax and just a Photoshop creation. But the Bible says not to be surprised, that we may be "entertaining Angels" and don't even know it!

...and I can tell you from my personal experience that this is very true!

In 2009, when God asked me to write my first book, "I was a Muslim then I found Truth," (on SALE today below), I met with an Editor at a coffee shop to discuss editing the book so that I could publish it. I couldn't help but sob uncontrollably when discussing the horrific events I went through and the painful memories of my past abuse, and remembering the violent way my Father treated my mother to then myself marrying a same abusive husband... we were cursed! We had to be! And I was baffled at the thought of writing a book and how I was ever going to do it through the emotional outpouring and the dreadful memories that I would need to relive through in order to get my story onto the page.

It was not going to be an easy task!

When suddenly I felt someone staring at me from the distance. I tried to ignore it but I couldn't shake it as it felt like their eyes were piecing my very soul... I had to turn back and look! I felt a little uncomfortable that someone was watching me so intently as I was pouring my heart out to my friend, and the Editor, who was keen to get the story on the pages, so I turned to face the person and see if there was anything it wanted to say.

To my surprise this middle aged Asian man, fairly stocky, smiled at me intensely with his wide eyed and friendly demeanor, with the happiest welcoming of smiles. He just kept nodding his head saying 'yes' directly at me, as though he was listening to our conversation and writing the book was the right thing to do. But he was so far away he could not have possibly been able to hear our conversation, especially over the busy coffee shop noises. So I turned to tell my friend, who was sitting right next to me, to have a look, but when we both turned back to look at him - he disappeared!

I realized it was an Angel! I got up and ran so fast to where he was sitting, but he wasn't anywhere to be seen, then quickly to the top of the stairs and outside the building, but he wasn't there either! I felt in my heart that I had just saw an Angel, and he was agreeing with the work that was about to be done! I was amazed, happy and suddenly the sobbing stopped! I believed even more in the book, and my fears subsided, and that it was God's will and plan for me.

Writing the book wasn't my idea - it was a God idea - so He sent the Angel as a confirmation that I was doing what He asked me to do. It was quite thrilling and very exciting to know God was on our side and I was about to fulfill His purpose and plan.

sending angels on assignment

Jesus was very clear that He could call on Angels and they would appear to minister to Him. Twelve Legion of Angels is a lot of Angels! And as believers in Jesus, who gives you access to Father, the LORD of Hosts (Angels), you too can call on Angels and receive help from them!

Or do you think that I cannot call on my Father, and he will provide me here and now with more than twelve legions of angels ? Matthew 26:3

If you want to entertain Angels and actually put them to work to do things for you, then you have to agree with God, His Word, and take action so that they can manifest and come to help you achieve God's plans!

Bless the LORD, all his angels mighty in strength who carry out his word, who harken to the voice of His command. PSALM 103:20

sending angels on assignment


In Hebrews 1, we see God tell us that Angels come to minister to us, but in order for them to take action, or direction, we must speak the word of God in Faith by agreeing with it. Why? Because they only do what the Father tells them to do, and as a son of God, a child of God, with the presence of God living inside you, you have permission and authority to speak to them and tell them what to do, that will encourage, and advance the Kingdom, help someone in need, and send someone a blessing.

The Bible says "angels encamp around those who fear Him” ( Psalm 34:7 ), fear as in reverence to God and once we Decree or Declare the word of God the Angels go to work!


Am I allowed to do this? Yes, you can.

Most people find this difficult to swallow. I was even at a deliverance session once, when a lady told me I must not command them - this is biblically incorrect, 1 Corinthians 6:3 tells us that we will in fact judge angels " Do you not know that we will judge angels? " Angels are servants of God, messengers, to bring us a message from God or minister to us, and we are sons of God, and as sons and daughters we have authority to tell them what to do. If not, how could we then stop the works of darkness from Lucifer and his fallen angels if we are just to be under their submission.

Jesus gave us the keys over Hell and it's Angels, which is the authority over them, we are to put Angels and demons in their place. If not we will just be walking in darkness and under Lucifer's evil commands and will never rise up and take our rightful place and overrule them.

If you know who you are in Christ and what authority you actually have on the Earth, you will be ruling over the supernatural realms, you will understand that Angels must adhere to your commands, even demons.

When Jesus was tempted, or let's say, confronted with Satan's testing in the desert, the second thing he tested Jesus with was to "throw himself down" off the highest point of the temple of the Holy City, because the Angels would come and lift Him up and nothing would harm him. Satan was testing his authority, and his divine sonship, for he said "if you are the son of God" [Matthew 4:1-11]. Satan knows the Bible and was actually using it against Jesus to see what He would do, but Jesus just responded back to him with scripture that counteracted his test and had nothing left to say, so he left him. Satan was put in place with the Word of God, which silenced his accusations and his voice, yet still the angels came and attended to Jesus.

We must learn from Jesus' example and do what he did! Command your Angels and put demons in their place!


When you ask God to deploy your angels, you are asking Him to send them out to help you, and He will. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they are not there. In the Book of 2 Kings we read that Elisha's eyes were opened by Prophet Elijah's request to God, and in return Elisha sees horses and chariots of fire all around him, filled with Angelic presence and help! The battle would not be won by man, but with Angels!

Prayer releases Angels, so every time you leave home, or are at work, in a car, every building you walk in, in every situation, ask God to send you Angels to do a specific task, and He will. [ Matthew 26:51-53 ]


The Name of Jesus catches the attention of Angels! They know who He really is, do you?

One week in our church we did a fasting and prayer week for souls to be saved and that Sunday I saw explosive visions of Heaven. God on His throne with His scepter appeared, and the Seraphim Angels that stand behind Him, you know the ones with six wings and all those eyes - turned up! It freaked me out! The presence of God was so thick we were shaking in our seats and couldn't stop praying - it was amazing!

But as we prayed, I noticed that every time we said "Jesus" their eyes would quickly turn toward us. It was strange at first but they kept doing it every time we said His name, and they have a lot of eyes, so it was pretty scary and awesome at the same time. What power and authority we have in the name of Jesus, yet some people wield it like it doesn't mean anything. His name is the only name where every knee, creature, being, rock and tree will bow down, the King of kings, and Lords of lords. We need to understand how to use it, the authority and presence it holds, and that even Angels know the name and respond very quickly to it!!


Being thankful and having gratitude gets you into the Courts of Heavens. It's not our authority that gets us in, but our humbleness and thankfulness of who God is, and what Jesus has done, that gives us 24 hour access. I have spent the last 3 years in the Courts of Heaven, presenting my cases and cleaning up our family bloodline, and what I learnt is that I got in by being a daughter of God, but I got more respect when I was thankful.

The first time I went up to the Courts of Heaven, I didn't know what I was doing and I simply stood outside the doors of the Court room, I wasn't even allowed in! I didn't know protocol, or legalities, that things were done in a specific order, or I had to wait my turn, just like down here in our own judicial system. But Jesus was with me and He sorted everything out, and ran the case for me, I still didn't even go in!

There are many courts, some with Angels, some with councilmen, council beings, a jury, visitors, and many different types of Courts for different situations, where some you are not even allowed to enter in like the High Supreme Court, until you reach a certain level of authority. WHY? Because you don't have the understanding of how to operate in them and everything said in there is legal. I wasn't allowed in to what I call the Galaxy Courtroom, where matters of the universe are discussed.

God, the Judge, is not going to let you sit on a throne, swearing and cursing, and destroying planet alignments because you are human, or a son or daughter of God. You need to learn their ways, the legal systems in place, because even Satan goes to court, accusing you day and night of all the wrongs things you have done on earth, and he is an Angel! But he does it legally.

Through thankfulness Daniel was given wisdom and power to understand dreams, King Solomon was given a Kingdom and wisdom beyond his age and years, and he judged the people righteously. Jesus broke bread and gave thanks the night before He would be crucified, the Israelite's brought sacrifices and thank offerings in the temple of God and in return they got God's presence!

Be thankful... it gets you heard!


Father, in the name of Jesus, I call upon a legion of ministering spirits to minister unto my situation (mention your situation here). I call on Angels from the Courts of Angels and assign them according  Hebrews 1:13-14  to protect .......................... I claim this right as an heir to salvation to call on you so that you can minister to us. I release the Angels to protect, guide and minister to us. Thank you for sending your Angels to guide and protect us in Jesus mighty name!

sending angels on assignment

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How to grow Spiritually when God is not near?

Thank you so much for this. Thank you,thank you, thank you. This just helped me a helped me a great deal.

You are Correct about 2nd Kings regarding Elisha and his servant, however, beyond that issue, the servant did see more with him and Elisha than the army surrounding them.

You are not even knowledgeable about what you wrote in section 3. You either do not know the story of 2 kings chapter 6 or you are deliberately deceiving.

I don't know which to conclude.

If God be for us then who can be against us and if one stands against us how long can he stand. In Jesus Nane. Amen

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Proven Prayers To Send Your Angels On Assignment Now.

Table of Contents


Brethren, did you know that the word angels is mentioned 273 times in the Bible? Because of this, it leaves us with a few questions that come to mind, What do they look like, Why were they created, And what do they do?

It may come as a surprise to learn that the Bible does not describe angels in the same way that they are usually shown in paintings.

Most angels in the Bible have a human appearance and shape. Many, but not all of them have wings, ( Ezekiel 10:20 ). Some angels are larger than life. Others have several faces that appear to be a lion, bull, or eagle from one point and a man from another. Some angels are fiery and magnificent, while others look to be ordinary people and although some of them are unseen, their presence is felt, and their voices are heard.

A few facts we need to know about them are:

1. Angels were created to live forever ( Luke 20:36 )

2. Angels do not marry ( Matthew 22:30 ).

3. Angels are faster than humans ( Daniel 9:21 ) and are wise and intelligent ( Daniel 9:22 ).

4. Angels are not meant to be worshiped ( Revelation 19:10 ).

5. Angels express emotions like joy and longing ( Job 38:7 ).

6. Angels are too many to count ( Hebrews 12:22 ).

According to Luke 15:10, angels are very much interested in our affairs and are willing to assist us but are we willing to accept their assistance? So, what are some of the things you’re doing to assign your angels to work for you, brethren? Is it through prayer, fasting, or Bible reading? What exactly is it?

So, let’s pray these prayers seriously and as a result, we will put our angels to work.

Praising and worship

Start by praising and worshiping for about 5-10 minutes.

Thank God for what he has done:

O Lord my Father, thank you for being my God, thank you for the privilege of knowing you, thank you for always being there for me and with me. O God my Father, thank you for the great and mighty things that you are doing in my life, thank you for your provision and protection over me and my household, and thank you for always answering my prayers.

Repent and confess your sins

O LORD, forgive me my sins and let the precious blood of Jesus avail for me great miracles in Jesus name. I confess my sins before you today and I ask you to forgive me on the basis of your mercy, in Jesus’ name.

Plead the Blood of Jesus (before you start praying these prayers).

O Lord wash me clean today by the blood of Jesus Christ. I cover myself and my household with the blood of Jesus.

Then start by confessing out loud this Scripture to send your angels on assignment .

Luke 15:10 (Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.)

2 Kings 19:35 (And that night the angel of the LORD went out and struck down 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians. And when people arose early in the morning, behold, these were all dead bodies.)

Now start praying:

1. My Father! My Father! Send me my angel of healing and deliverance, in Jesus name.

2. O Lord, let your angels preserve all my ways this year. My going out and coming in is secured by the angels of God in Jesus name.

3. My Father! My Father! send my angel of financial abundance; to go to the four corners of the earth; and even to the elements and bring me my financial abundance, in Jesus name.

4. By the power of the Holy Ghost, let all the good doors that are closed against me; be opened by the angels of my breakthrough , in Jesus name.

5. My Father! My Father! Send your angels after the order of Daniel 6:22 to go and shut the mouths of the lions assigned to eat me up in my place of work, business, etc, in Jesus name.

6. By the power of the Holy Ghost, Let the angel of MTM Church go and recover everything the enemy has stolen from our members, in Jesus name.

7. By the power in the Blood of Jesus, Let the angels of God surround and protect me, my family, career, etc after the order of psalms 34:7 , in Jesus name.

8. I decree and declare that all the Goliaths, Herods, and Jezebels that have vowed that I will never be what the Lord said I will be; thou angel of death kill them, in the name of Jesus.

9. My Father! My Father! Send your angels of death; to visit my environment, foundations, etc, and kill every dragon spirit, the spirit of poverty, the spirit of untimely death, in Jesus name.

10. By the power in the Blood of Jesus, I decree and declare that the angel of death shall visit my foundation and destroy every spirit of lateness in marriage, anti-marriage spirit, failed marriage at old age, polygamous spirit, etc in the name of Jesus.

11. By the power of the Holy Ghost, I send the angel of light to shine forth in my marriage (health, peace, spiritual life, academics, etc.), in the name of Jesus.

12. By the power of the Holy Ghost, I send forth the angel of life to my foundation; to resurrect my every dead vision and dream, to resurrect my spiritual life, in the name of Jesus.

13. Let the angel of my guidance; guide me in the right way, leading to my promised land, in the name of Jesus.

14. Thou angel of my marriage, rescue my marriage from my enemy who is manipulating it, trying to tear it apart etc in the name of Jesus.

15. Pray in tongues for  10-15 minutes  for the Holy Ghost to connect you with your blessing angels to  send your angels on assignment.

Pastor Nathaniel.

  • Pastor Nathaniel
  • February 4, 2022


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Enliven Blog – Prophetic Teaching by Helen Calder

God Has Assigned Angels To You (Jacob at Mahanaim)

Angels are on Assignment

If you have been praying about a difficult situation, or find yourself in a space of uncertainty or transition, be encouraged by this prophetic insight from the story of Jacob.

The Holy Spirit is anointing your heart. He is touching your eyes! You will see that right here, right now —in your current circumstances— God is at work.

The Day Jacob Encounters Angels

At a time of great uncertainty, Jacob comes across a group of angels.

Right now, Jacob is afraid. His family and flocks may be plentiful, but his future direction is unknown. He is in a time of transition.

  • Jacob is yet to wrestle with God and receive the new name “Israel”
  • He has yet to confront his past and look into the face of his brother Esau

We read: “Jacob also went on his way, and the angels of God met him. When Jacob saw them, he said, “This is the camp of God!” So he named that place “Mahanaim.”   (Gen 32:1-2 NIV)

God has Assigned Angels to You

Double encampment.

“Mahanaim”. The name means, “double camp” (Strong’s, H4266).

  • Jacob, his family, and possessions are camped there
  • And so is a company of angels

Perhaps, like Jacob, you find yourself in a time of transition. You are “on the way to” something. Or it may be that God wants to speak to you about the place where you are right here and now.

Hear your Father say, “I am opening your eyes. This is a double encampment. Right here, is Heaven on earth”.

Angels are Here…God is Near

When Jacob meets angels at Mahanaim, the “double encampment”, he is on the way to Jabbok, a place that means “emptying” (Strong’s H2999). His self-will is about to be challenged and broken, in a wrestling match with God.

In the meantime, his mind is loaded with concern. Jacob is formulating strategies, to protect his family from his brother Esau (Gen 32:7-8). And he is in “risk management” mode.

Jacob has failed to pick up the clues. “Angels are here; therefore, God is near.”

He is about to have a life-changing encounter with God.

This is Your Spiritual Reality

Jacob passed through Mahanaim, “the double encampment”. For him, it was a brief sojourn. The township endured, and Mahanaim was mentioned in later accounts of Israel.

Like Bethel—another of Jacob’s stopovers—”Mahanaim” is also symbolic of a spiritual reality we have today in Christ.

Right here, right now. This is Mahanaim. You can be assured that angels are camped at your current location . It is a double encampment. The “Heavenly”—that which is of Heaven—is already here with you!

  • You have the Holy Spirit—God Himself with you (2 Cor 1:22)
  • You are a son, a daughter, a citizen of Heaven (Phil 3:20, Eph 3:19)
  • Angels surround you—sent from God’s throne (Heb 1:7,14, Ps 91:11)

Your Prayer Releases Angels

You may have a “Jacob” in your life. Someone who is on a journey, struggling, and needs to encounter God. The Lord wants you to know, that your prayers are powerful.

As you pray, angels are being released. the Holy Spirit is setting up “Mahanaim moments” for others.

These are the prayers God answers, the ones Jesus taught us to pray—not for God to send angels—but for God’s Kingdom to come! For His will to be done (Matt 6:10)

The presence and activity of angels is God answering the prayers of those whose eyes are fixed on Him. Who delight in His Presence . The ones who submit to His rule.

Mahanaim Is Your Constant Reality

We also read in the Bible of a prophet called Elisha.

“Mahanaim” was not just a place Elisha passed through; it was a zone he walked in.

Elisha knew because he was completely surrendered to God’s will, that he was at the epicenter of Heaven’s angelic army. Wherever he traveled, angels accompanied him. [1]

But it’s important to note that Elisha’s focus was always on God and what was on God’s agenda. He was never distracted by angels, and he did not communicate with them.

  • Elisha’s example reminds us that angels are to be kept in the periphery, not the focus of our gaze.

Peripheral vision is what you can see surrounding you, “out of the corner of your eyes”, not what you are directly looking at.

Angelic Power Against the Enemy

One day, Israel’s enemies sent a strong army, with horses and chariots, to capture a single man—the Prophet Elisha!

Elisha assured his distressed servant, “Those that are with us are greater than those who are against us” and prayed, “Lord open his eyes.”

  • The servant’s eyes were opened to see the chariots and horses of fire up in the hillside (2 Kings 6:17)

Elisha already knew that a contingent of angels was there. He knew that the camp of the Lord—”Mahanaim”—was mobile, and traveled with him.

So if you are struggling today. If the spiritual battle against you has been fierce, this is also God’s word to you:

“Those that are with you are greater than those who are against you.”

And, “You, dear child, are from God and have overcome them, because the ONE WHO IS IN YOU is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

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[1] Bible references linking Elisha with angels: 2 Kings 2:11, 2 Kings 6:17, 2 Kings 7:6) This account of Elisha is from 2 Kings 6.

Thanks to Prophet David McCracken for the word “epicenter”. He says, “Their [the angels’] central point of focus, their epicenter, was Elisha! They were “around” Elisha. Their geography was determined by Elisha’s geography. Where he was, they were!”

© 2019 Helen Calder Enliven Blog – Prophetic Teaching Enliven Ministries: Prophetic Ministry for a Revival Generation

sending angels on assignment

Helen Calder is a prophetic minister and writer, and founder of Enliven Ministries. Helen has a unique gift of equipping in prophetic ministry and prayer. She is known for Enliven Blog (est. 2009), an online resource that reaches thousands of people globally.

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69 thoughts on “God Has Assigned Angels To You (Jacob at Mahanaim)”

Amen! I recently had cataract surgery and my vision has been out of focus. And my daily prayer for this year has been Thy will be done here as it is in heaven. And I have been asking Father God to open the eyes and hearts of all Believers so that we see what is truly going on and put an end to all the deception. So this word has come right on time! Thank you, God bless you.

I’m praying for you right now, for your eyesight to be fully restored, in Jesus’ Name! Oh yes Lord, open our eyes to see, sensitize our hearts to know you and to know truth.

Well Helen you sure are accurate. I’m battling eye disease big time, my vision getting a beating in spirit and body. Hanging into God’s promises but the Mexico insists it’s getting worse. “Who’s report shall I believe?” John Mellor has prayed for me a month ago..but I so needed encouragement today. Thank you so much Jilly

Jilly, I’m praying for your faith to be uplifted and for God’s power to be released into your eyes right now, for reversal of the disease, in Jesus’ Name. You are His beloved!

Thank you so much for the word of prophecy. I am really blessed by the word of God. May God increase you and your ministry in Jesus mighty name.

Amen and thank you Stella

This word is mine , am really in a moment of distress not knowing what to do .As thou my prayers has reached yet before God .I have been praying and trusting God for a financial breakthrough to start (7th sept.) college but there has been some delay .I believe this word in for me . Father, I thank you .

Daniel, I’m praying for you right now, that you will have wisdom from God and see clearly what He is doing

Helen, This word is soooo cmforting we know Holy Spirit is with us yet this creates a picture in our mind that God’s Heavenly army is always with us. Thank you

Yes amen, Kathy 🙂

Hi Helen.. a very timely and encouraging word. 2 years ago as i started formal ministry you ministered in my church over the staff and spoke of Aaron’s rod and spiritual authority on my life. Last month that role finished (unexpectedly) and i completed working this week. Next week i am having a 5 hour spinal operation..(unexpectedly brought forward so i feel like i am in a whirlwind instead of ‘resting’) and i have problems with both hips that worry my recovery.. so in the natural.. yes! Transition, change and the unknown…at the door with a few sore hips thrown in for good measure as well as crippling back and nerve pain which hopwfully will be healed permanantly.. I have been praying for new vision (His) and for new eyes to see. I am a worship intercessor and am hoping to rest in this time just with my Jesus. Pain is a horrible controlling distractor though… and the Holy Spirit can feel so far away. Re reading Jacobs story is a clear reminder God is closest to Jacob at that moment AND he is met by angels along the way! Oh i want to see where God is with me in this! But when your word said we can pray for those Mahanaim moments for others my heart broke open.. one of our sons is wrestling desperately having lost his faith and has invited strongholds into his life.. gambling, drugs, alcohol, love of money etc creating terrible anger and depression…He has moved home with us 6 months ago. He is 20. Whatever my new situation becomes, your word has reminded me i can fight spiritually for Him in this time in prayer until the battle is won as he is called of God! And that his moment with the sovreign Lord is coming! And that wether i can see or feel the Holy spirit in this new and sudden wilderness… He is right here now. Please pray for the eyes of my heart and for my son.And Thank you so much for the word!

Hi Ries, I’m sorry to hear of the issues you are facing and pray for a powerful touch from God before you go into the op and during for absolute mastery of skill in the hands of the Holy Spirit, for it to be a success. And for your son and family situation. I pray that the same move of God my husband and I are experiencing, a sense of being in an environment that is saturated with God’s Presence and activity, a Mahanaim, will be yours! May he encounter Jesus’ personal love for him and never be the same!

Thank you Helen. Praise to God for His faithfulness and new insights into His word! You are a blessing!

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3 Ways Angels Are at Your Service

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Are angels really here to help you? Can you somehow set them to work on your behalf? Find out what the Bible says about how angels are at your service!

Have you heard the stories? Bullets that seemed to go right through someone without leaving a mark, cars that crossed through one another without actually making impact, people in danger transported from one place to another with no explanation. These are just a few examples of the supernatural encounters Christians are experiencing every day—encounters with angels.

What Are Angels?

Despite what is often depicted in books and on television, angels are not little, fat babies with bows and arrows in their hands. They are not soft and gentle with long, flowing blond hair. The only angels we read about in the Bible are big, strong male warriors whose presence often startled those they encountered. They are real. They are powerful. And if you are a believer, they are a vital part of your life.

According to Hebrews 1:14, God created angels to help His people: “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?” ( NKJV). One of the ways God carries out your protection, His covenant and your deliverance is through angels. You literally have angels at your service.

You only have to see them with your spiritual eyes to know it’s true. That’s what Elisha was telling his servant when they were surrounded by a large Syrian army. The servant was afraid, but Elisha said, “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them” (2 Kings 6:16, NKJV). When the servant opened his spiritual eyes, he saw an army of angels and chariots of fire surrounding the entire Syrian army!

Angels were always carrying out God’s plans and purposes in the Bible. They haven’t retired since then, either. Angels are at work today just as they’ve always been. More importantly, they are not flying around up there. They are HERE. This earth is full of them!

You have an angel working with you. He belongs to you. He’ll be with you all the days of your life. He’s always before the face of the Father ( Matthew 18:10 ). Angels are tremendously strong, but they all bow to the Name of Jesus. They are here to add their strength to what you do. You have authority in the Name of Jesus where your angels are concerned.

You’re not in this by yourself! If you haven’t had faith for what angels can and will do in your life, it’s time to open your eyes and see that there are more with you than there are with any opposition you will ever face on this earth. Begin to see through spiritual eyes, and learn these three ways angels are at your service.

 1. Angels Ensure Your Protection

“for he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. in their hands they shall bear you up.” –psalm 91:11-12 (nkjv).

Do you take your angels with you everywhere you go? It’s true—they follow you everywhere you go, but are you taking them with you spiritually? Are you putting them to work?

Angels are at your service—to carry out God’s will—to protect you from danger and harm. When you plead the blood of Jesus over yourself, your vehicles, your home—you’re employing angels. When you declare Psalm 91 over your life—you’re employing angels. When you speak out, “Angels are protecting me. I send forth ministering angels to protect me and my family”—you’re employing angels.

That is something Pastor George Pearson’s daughter, Aubrey, practices in her life, and it resulted in supernatural protection for her family. Her husband had been traveling, and she and her two young daughters, who were 2 and 4 at the time, were staying at her parents’ home.

One early morning, when Pastor George was returning home from a workout, he found two-year-old Kayelin on the front porch without her pants, crying. It wasn’t until later that they discovered her pants lying next to the pool—soaking wet. This little girl had been in the pool, not knowing how to swim, and was somehow lifted out to safety. Somehow. That’s the specialty of angels—defying natural laws and reason to bring about the will of God—supernatural protection in our lives.

And that protection belongs to you, too. You have an angel in the room with you right now. Waiting to protect you, on assignment to serve you. Are you employing him? It could save your life.

Discover the 7 Strategies for Building a Psalm 91 House here.

Creflo Dollar has said many times, had it not been for angels, he wouldn’t be here today. Here is his testimony:

“Years ago, I was in a car accident so bad that when the police showed up, they called the coroner. They thought everyone involved was dead. I was riding in a truck with other ministers to a finance convention in Sacramento, Calif., when someone ran a red light and struck the truck we were in. When the car hit us, I saw my angels hovering in front of me. I am confident it is because of them that my life was redeemed from destruction that day.”

The devil has come to steal, kill and destroy, but God has other plans for your life! Furthermore, He has an army of angels to defend your right to enjoy it. Not only does He protect His people physically, but He protects the preaching of His Word, too.

There have been a number of eyewitness accounts of Kenneth Copeland’s angel in action. Each account has described the angel in the same way, just like the first man who saw him, who explained it to Kenneth this way:

“He was the biggest fellow I have ever seen in all my life. The only way I know to describe him is that he looked like Mr. Clean. Every move you made, he stuck to you like glue; he stayed right with you the whole time you were preaching. You’d wind down a little, and he’d lean over and say something in your ear, and you’d get all wound up again.”

Angels are among us. Angels are at your service—to protect you, your loved ones and the preaching of the Word of God. Start believing, expecting and releasing them to do the will of the Father in your life. When you activate your faith, you activate your angel.

Kenneth Copeland shares more about how your angels will work for you.

2. Angels Enforce Your Covenant Rights

“bless the lord, you his angels, who excel in strength, who do his word, heeding the voice of his word. bless the lord, all you his hosts, you ministers of his, who do his pleasure.” –psalm 103:20-21 (nkjv).

Health, protection, financial prosperity—every covenant right belongs to you, and God has given His angels charge over enforcing those rights. Psalm 103:20-21 says that angels excel in strength, do His Word, and do His pleasure. What does that mean? As Gloria Copeland says, “Angels are covenant-enforcing agents.”

Angels are here for a purpose. They are here to establish God’s covenant in our lives. How do we release them to work on our behalf? With our words.

Your words give your angels charge to go prosper you, or to fold their hands and step back. When you confess the Word of God over a situation, you put your angels to work. If you speak faith words enforced by God’s Word, your angels are free to bring about what you want to come to pass (Psalm 103:20).

Even in the Old Covenant, the angel told Daniel, “Your words were heard; and I have come because of your words” (Daniel 10:12, NKJV). Daniel’s words put the angel to work for him. You can do the same. Don’t render your angels helpless with wrong words—speak what you want to come to pass and let them work on your behalf.

When you have a need in your life, speak words that line up with the Word of God, and start expecting your angels to be active in helping it come to pass. Jerry Savelle said, “God wants us to expect accelerated activity of the angels in the last days.”

And it’s true—we’re seeing it more and more. There was a man who had a heart condition, and he had been working in faith with the Lord to receive healing, as promised by God’s covenant. One night, he woke up, and there was an angel standing over him with his hands in his chest working on his heart. He looked at him, and the angel said, “Everything’s all right. Go ahead and go back to sleep.” And he woke up with a new heart.

There is story after story just like it. Now, don’t go looking to see an angel, because Satan will be happy to oblige by manifesting himself as an angel of light to mess with you. But you can expect your angel to work with you. In the meantime, seek the Lord and pray. Say “God, reveal to me how to aid my angels and their work with me and my family.” Angels are waiting to enforce your covenant rights!

3. Angels Carry Out Your Deliverance

“the righteous cry out, and the lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles.” –psalm 34:17 (nkjv).

It’s not an exaggeration to say that every one of us, or someone we know, is facing some kind of problem today—some kind of trouble we can’t escape without the help of God. For one person, that trouble may be a disease that medical science can’t cure. For another, it may be financial problems or a family crisis. But no matter what kind of wall the devil has backed you up against, you can count on one thing: God has promised to deliver you.

That’s right. The Word says the afflictions of the righteous are many, but the Lord delivers him out of them all . One way He does this is by giving His angels charge over you. He charges them to protect you…to keep you…to minister to you…to deliver you.

One example of angels delivering God’s people is found in Acts 12 . Peter had been arrested and was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with chains in prison and surrounded by guards. Maximum security. No natural possibility of escape.

But God’s people were praying and believing God for his protection, and “an angel of the Lord stood by him , and a light shone in the prison; and he struck Peter on the side and raised him up, saying, ‘Arise quickly!’ And his chains fell off his hands” (verse 7, NKJV). Following the angel, Peter walked right out of there past all the guards without a hitch.

You see, when you are dealing with the angels, things like bars, chains, doors and fences don’t make any difference. The angels know what to do. The chains fell off Peter’s hands. Anything holding you back from deliverance is no match for God’s army of angels.

There is story after story where angels have intervened to drastically alter the outcome of situations in the Bible and in our day as well. Some time ago, for example, a KCM employee was riding to work on his motorcycle, when suddenly a big truck pulled across the road right in front of him. It happened so quickly there was nothing he could do. He didn’t have time to think. He didn’t have time to speak. He didn’t have time to do anything.

Many times, that’s exactly how things happen—suddenly. Suddenly, trouble is upon you. It doesn’t tell you in advance that it’s coming, so you’ll have time to fast and pray. You have to be ready. You have to live every day believing God. You have to say continually, “The Lord is my refuge and my fortress.”

That’s how it was with that fellow on the motorcycle. All of a sudden, there was a truck in front of him. That’s the last thing he remembered. The next thing he knew, he was walking around on the side of the road. A few yards away, his motorcycle laid underneath the truck.

A girl who was driving right behind him saw the whole thing. She said when the motorcycle slid under the truck, the man who was riding it went up in the air, did a flip and landed safely on his feet by a fence nearby. His only injury was a scratch on his arm. That is an example of angels at work—delivering God’s people from danger.

But here’s the point. That fellow was ready. He didn’t have time to grab his Bible and brush up on Psalm 91. He was already prepared.

Watch Jerry Savelle share a powerful story about his encounter with an angel.

If you haven’t been getting the action you need in your finances, your health or any other area, look to your words. There’s no shortage of angel power, although you may be experiencing a shortage of Word power on your part. Solve that shortage by putting God’s promises of deliverance in your heart and mouth. Continually give the angels the Word they need to deliver you from any and every harmful situation.

Learn 5 Ways to Put Your Angels to Work here.

Now that you know these three ways angels are your service, start expecting angels to protect you, enforce your covenant rights and deliver you! Say, “Thank You, heavenly Father, for giving Your angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways.” Once you’ve spoken that word of faith, stand fast. Don’t fear. Don’t waver. Angels are at your service!

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We won’t stop preaching the uncompromising Word of Faith until the whole world knows that Jesus saves, heals and delivers. Will you join us in this mission?

Kenneth and Gloria

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sending angels on assignment

To understand how this works, first know what the Bible says about angels. Here are a few key passages:

Psalm 91:11-12 says that God gives His angels charge over you, to keep you and protect you. This Scripture passage says:

For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.”

So angels are assigned to help you. We see this again in Psalm 104:4, which says of God:

Who makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire.”

So we know from that verse that His angels are spirits and ministers. We also know that angels heed the voice of God’s Word. Psalm 103:20 says:

Bless the Lord, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His word, heeding the voice of His word.”

So, to recap: God has assigned angels to you. Their job is to keep you in all your ways and protect you. They literally bear you up in their hands. They are ministers, ministering to you, and they heed the voice of God’s Word.

To activate the ministry of angels and even command angels in your life, we also have to understand three things:

1. That angels heed the voice of God’s Word. This means that they move and work in response to God’s Word.

2. We ALSO have to understand that God’s Word is not hidden from us. It’s not something we have to wonder about. We have God’s Word in written format. It’s called the Bible, and it’s the inerrant, infallible Word of God.

3. Finally, we have to understand that God’s Word in your mouth is just as powerful as God’s Word in God’s mouth.

God’s Word is a living thing. Jesus said, “The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life” (John 6:63). And because God’s Word is a living thing, it carries the same power whether it comes out of God’s mouth or whether it’s repeated out of your mouth.

When we speak God’s Word–when we use God’s Word as the weapon that it is (Ephesians 6:17)–we can command angels, because they heed the voice of God’s Word.

That’s why I charge angels to help me–because God’s Word says they should (Psalm 91).

[mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”uf0wfs3mfzzxrijijhdl” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”You Can Command Angels to Help You!” volume=”70″]

That’s why I charge angels to keep me and my family safe–because God’s Word says we have a right to safety. And that’s why it’s of UTMOST importance to hide God’s Word in your heart, that we might not sin against Him (Psalm 119:11).

If you don’t know what God’s Word says, then you can’t command angels to carry out God’s commands based on that Word. But if you have God’s Word in your heart, then:

1) you won’t sin against the Lord, and 2) you’ll have God’s own vocabulary already in your heart so you can put those angels to work on your behalf.

That’s why I never hesitate to command angels to help me …

… because I have God’s Word in my heart; and whether I’m quoting God’s Word verbatim or putting His Word into a sentence, I am still speaking God’s own commands to those angels. Also, that’s why those angels respond: because they heed the voice of God’s Word.

I’ve personally seen God send angels to help me in soooo many ways.

It would be impossible to describe them all. But here are a few examples:

I used to play different instruments in my former church’s orchestra (sometimes viola, sometimes percussion, sometimes a mallet instrument). Whenever I would go to play, I’d often be nervous because I didn’t want to mess things up! So I would always ask the Lord to send angels to help me play, and to actually play through me.

Whenever I prayed that prayer, I could always sense the answer. When I went to play, I could actually feel that my hands were being guided by the unseen hands of God’s angels … and the music worked out well every time!

Almost every day, I speak out a verbal command to the angels to perform God’s will in my life.

This is what I say when I command angels to work out God’s will:

“Angels of God, I charge you in Jesus’ name to watch over my husband and I, our family and loved ones, and the houses, cars, tenants, pets, and items God has blessed us with. Keep us safe from all harm, danger, mal-intent, and loss. Minister to us the blessings from the Lord in Jesus’ name, and do everything through us and for us today that needs to be done, according to Father’s will, in Jesus’ name.”

I said I do this “almost every day” because some days I forget. But you know what? Every day I remember, I can tell a noticeable difference in how my day goes and how much heavenly assistance I sense in my life.

And every day I forget, I notice later that I didn’t sense anywhere near the same level of assistance.

Example 3 of commanding angels to help you:

Some days, the Lord wakes me up earlier than usual and I can sense Him calling me to go into my study and pray. Sometimes, though, when this happens, I feel so tired that–although my spirit wants to obey–my body just does NOT want to obey at all.

So I lay there, trying to work up the courage to get up. Then I get all convicted because I’m disobeying the Lord by not obeying right away.

And you know what I’ve found helps me during those times? To say: “Angels, strengthen me and help me get up, in Jesus’ name!”

Whenever I say that, after a moment or two, I always feel a surge of strength flow into my body. Then, I am able to get up and go spend time with the Lord.

So how do you activate angels on your behalf?

You command angels by speaking God’s Word out over yourself and your situation. Angels heed the voice of God’s Word. Psalm 103:20 says:

I also believe, based on other Scripture verses and my personal experience practicing those verses, that angels will answer commands that are supported by God’s Word–even if they aren’t necessarily quotes from God’s Word.

Example #3 above is one such example. I know it’s God’s will for angels to minister to me because Psalm 104:4 says of God:

“Who makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire.”

So His angels are assigned to minister to you.

[mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”rcm0bnjvextnyyqjrz8c” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”Prayer for An Angel with a Flaming Sword” volume=”70″] They also strengthened Jesus in the wilderness and in Gethsemane. Therefore, we know from the Bible that it’s Father’s will for angels to strengthen us. That’s why I don’t hesitate to command the angels both using quotes from God’s Word and using other commands that simply reflect God’s Word.

And to clarify: Yes, I do believe you can talk to the angels assigned to you.

We have no problem talking to demons, which are fallen angels. We tell them to leave in the name of Jesus, and they have to obey that name of Jesus. If we can talk to evil, fallen angels with our voices, why shouldn’t we be able to talk to God’s holy angels which He has sent and assigned to us, to help us?

Some people may disagree with me. That’s okay if they do. But, may I point out from the Bible:

  • Lot talked to the angels who came to rescue him and his family from Sodom.
  • Mary talked to the angel Gabriel, who brought her the news of her impending pregnancy.
  • Zechariah talked to Gabriel when he brought the news of John the Baptist’s impending birth.
  • And, angels talked directly to people over and over again throughout the pages of Scripture.

Does it really make sense to say that we cannot talk with the angels God sends us?

Does it make sense to say those people can talk with the angels they could see, but we cannot talk with the angels we cannot see–even though we know they are here?

Does it really make sense to say that angels are allowed to talk to people, but we are not allowed to speak back to them in conversation–even though the Bible characters did?

Does it really make sense, again, to know that we can speak to fallen, evil angels–but still to say we cannot speak to holy angels that surround us?

I think not. Of course we should NEVER worship angels. But, I think that the concept of talking with our guardian angels seems foreign because the enemy has stolen the truth of co-laboring with angels from God’s people.

Well, I aim to take it back. What about you? What will you do?

Have you activated the angels on your behalf yet?

If not, get busy doing so today! Don’t miss out on the ministry of angels in your life!

Commanding angels based on God’s Word is simply part of walking in Kingdom authority. It’s about making your life look on earth like God’s world looks like in Heaven. If you don’t already know how to operate in Kingdom authority, I urge you today to get my 4-part MP3 teaching set called Kingdom Authority 101. It’s available for instant download on my Gumroad store. Here’s the link: In Kingdom Authority 101, I teach: – how to bind off unholy attacks; – how to bind off the enemy’s purposes; and – how to walk in authority so that you can decree a thing for God, and it’s done. Beloved, you have GOT to learn how to wield your Kingdom authority in order to walk in power and victory. These are the keys of authority that Jesus died for you to have. Don’t waste them! If you haven’t already purchased this MP3 teaching set, please grab it now and get equipped! Knowing how to wield your Kingdom authority is an urgent matter for every believer, and I know this teaching set will bless you.


Thank you Jamie

This week my first new born baby cries in the mid night …and I have been disturbing a lot what did happened to her I prayed a lot ,However,after i read your emails I prayed to God to send his angels to minister,assist my kids from her terrible situation.

Thank you God Bless you

If we can talk directly to God in Jesus’s name, why go through his angels?

Hi Jan! Great question. You shouldn’t go through God’s angels. Angels are not an intermediary between us and God … but this article never said they were. We are to co-labor with angels, and God sends them to bring messages to us when it pleases Him to do so. Angels also minister to us and watch over God’s Word to perform it. But we do not have to go through them to get to God.

Greetings. This is an area where I’m struggling to understand exactly what our authority is. No where in God’s Word do I see an example where any man or woman commanded God’s Holy angels to do anything. In Matthew 26:53 Jesus said He could have done so, but declined in order to fulfill God’s Word. Other than that, not even the apostles wielded the sort of authority that commanded angels. There are numerous examples of God’s people praying to God and then God would send angels in response, both in the Old Testament and the New Testament, but never does anyone in the scriptures command a Holy angel to do anything. Are we reading something into the Word of God that isn’t there? I am sincerely asking, especially in the light of teachers such as Kat Kerr. I just want to know the truth regarding this issue.

Hello David, I don’t know anything about Kat Kerr, but the Bible says that the angels move in response to God’s Word. When you speak the Word of God, you can command angels because the Word of God coming from your mouth carries just as much power and the same authority as the Word of God coming from God’s mouth. Hope this helps. Blessings! Jamie

It’s not about talking to God through His angels, but about directing His angels, the ministering beings Father has given us, to assist us in this life. There, actually, was nothing said about speaking to the angels instead of God….. They’re our helpers and can assist in guiding us when we ask…. And…btw….. Who do you think God sends when we ask for His help? Angels!! They’re a blessing!!

My thoughts exactly. Also, I would be skeptical about asking angels to work through me when that’s the Holy Spirit’s portion. I have to pray more in this because it just doesn’t sit right in my spirit.

I have always wanted a connection with the heavenly realm. Conversing in the spirit, much like communicate with the Angels and Holy Spirit. This message brings me some steps closer to my goal. Thank you

Dear Jamie. I’ve been trying my hardest to live my life the way that God wants me to. But every time I start praying and trying to get close to God everything in my life just seems to get worse. Why does God allow me to struggle so much? How do I get ahead? What does God want from me. I’m trying my best Jamie!!! How much does one person have to go through before God helps me?? What do I pray??

I would suggest staying focused on the Word during your time of waiting. Fasting and praying as Daniel did when he didn’t get his answer right away. Stay humble and trust that GOD is moving even when we don’t see Him. No one is exempt from struggles but Christ reassures us that He overcame the world. John 16:33. I pray that you will receive His peace in all that you encounter. Galatians 5:22

Thank you for sharing this because not all could grasp the idea that we can command our creator’s ministering and even warring angels. These angels are always in our midst to protect us. I for one had an experience with them when there was an instance my heart was in pain i immediately called and asked them to help me because i know i was being attack by our enemy and his minions, after that it took just seconds my pain disappear. So angels really could help and protect us wherever we may be.

Don’t give up. James 1:12 tells us God blesses those who patiently endures testing. Afterward they receive the crown of life. James 1:2-4 tells us that when your faith is tested your endurance has a chance to grow. Count your circumstances a blessings because God is working things out for your good. Cry out loud and expect from the Lord. Expect today and watch the Lord answer. Evelyn

Also remember that our children see angels. My youngest daughter, Joy, would see angels. I remembering her staring into the corner of our bedroom or certain areas of our house when she was very small with bright eyes of wonder. When she got older we would drive through the surrounding neighborhoods she would point out the houses that had angels. She is now 14 and just entered high school. With her concern of getting to and from school and my work schedule she needed to rely on her father to drive her on most days, but he kept having issues with his car so much that he was afraid to drive it, even though it was just in the shop it seemed to have the same problems. But he had already been speaking negative. She prayed over that car and it has been faithful ever since. I believe angels for my car and gave her many examples when I prayed in faith for the angels to help with safe travel. She was in the car with my friend and her daughter when We were on this exit to go west and a van cut in front of us because they wanted to go to north. I felt the angels take over as I whispered “Jesus”. I let go of the control of the brakes, gas pedal and steering wheel I watched in awe and wonder as the blue van, in slow motion, drove right passed our windshield. As soon as the van was safely past us I saw the real time motion of the car moving forward around the curve as I resumed control. Wow…all that I could do is quote scripture, “surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives.” I truly believe that this miracle was the goodness and mercy of God in sending His ministering angels on our behalf. Going back to the cars we’ve had in the past. We had one car that kept losing power and stopping, like it had some sort of short or something. We would have to let it sit until it decided to start up again. I always prayed over it. When that happened with my husband, as we only had the one car, he would cuss and swear. Well, every time he came to the place in the road where he spoke evil, the car would act again like it was going to fail. I could drive all around with no problem because of prayer and belief in angels. It would fail on me sometimes but I prayed and it would resume. Sometimes I think I have had more faith for our cars than for other issues. I will have to consider these angels in other areas of my life in connection with my prayers for myself and family. We are really needing the assistance of our angels in these end times. I also believe that when we pray God can send ministering angels to others. It is good to remember these things in relationship with God’s truth to expand our faith in all areas of our lives. I pray for those ministering angels over my family, whether they are serving God for themselves or not. They need a defining moment God experience. Amen.

I love this teaching!! I received more revelation while reading this!! I believe in angels helping and ministering to us. But it really jumped out when I read they act on God’s Word.. Very Powerful!!! Thank you!!

When I try to read an article from you I get this page that wants me to join your email list which I have however I can’t get past the page to read what you wrote. I am not an expert on this stuff so how can I get to the article. With out the sign me up page preventing me from the article? I have even tried some of my other email addresses. Paul [email protected] [email protected]

Hi Paul. I’m not sure what you mean. What are you clicking on? I’m assuming you were able to scroll down on this page since you left a comment? I will try to help but I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t have any pages blocked that require you to sign up for email in order to read. If you could tell me more about what’s happening, I’ll try to fix it. So sorry about that.

Hello Jamie, Thank you for your research in the scriptures and hard work. It helps to build my spiritual life. As you see I am a frequest visitor of your webpage. Thank you so much God bless you. Keep doing the goood work.

Thank you thank you I’m in tears as I reconnect with my guardian angels , I had done this and had got lost in the world and lost my focus and my realization how important this is and how much we need their help tu

I agree with this post as I have physically seen on numerous occasions angels of God surrounding me waiting to be told where to go to fight the battles that the Holy Spirit has ushered me into. I am actually sharing these stories of my heavenly encounters as the Lord has told me it is time to share all I have been shown all my life in warfare. So I was very excited to see other children of God sharing thier testimony of spiritual realm warfare♥️? God bless you and your blog!!!!

Hi Jamie I totally agree what you shared. I had an encounter with an angel years ago after a spiritual warfare session. I walked outside of my house and I noticed a person sitting on my rooftop in broad daylight and ask him, who are you and he said I am angel of the Lord sent from heaven. I truly do believe co- labouring with the heavenly hosts by knowing my true identity in Christ and having a very close intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit always. Amen

Hi Jamie, I loved the read. A good refresher on the Ministry of angels. Thank and I DECREE blessing on your ministry.

Sis Jamie, pray for me as I’m preparing for my hospital final examination tomorrow, that the Lord will send me help from above. He Will command His Angel and put them in charge of me

I was not feeling well when I came across your blog /websites. Before I fell ill, I had been researching and open my mind in studying and hopefully to be receptive to angelic presence. I had a book written by Roland buck from Boise, idaho. But I didn’t read it. This time, I brought in coz I want to read it to connect with angels despite I do not know how. I type angels in Google search . A brief search led me to you.

Hi Shawn, those angels love and serve God and He will send them to watch over you if you ask Him to! Jesus loves you so very much!

I believe we need help from angels in our warfare and ministry. Some say angels feel bored because His saints are not calling on them for help.

My husband of 34 years has relapsed back into drug use. The enemy has surrounded him with people that profess to being Believers but who are giving him wicked counsel to divorce me. There is no Biblical grounds for divorce and God says He hates divorce. I love my husband and have stood loyally by him all these years. I only want to see my husband turn back to God and be delivered from his addictions and whatever caused him to turn to drugs. Can angels help my family in this situation? How/what should I pray?? I know you are probably very busy but my 9 children and I are desperate for help.

Good morning, I find your article very interesting. My question is can we command angels in spiritual warfare? The reason why I’m asking because their was a pastor was calling on angles from another country to help with the election in our country. I was sure if this is possible. Many people have asked me can a command be possible, but I wasn’t sure on this subject.

Hi Jamie, Very Good teaching…I will put it to practice…Amen!

Great post! Thank you. May God bless your ministry in Jesus name.

Great post! Thank you. May God bless and increase your ministry in Jesus name.

Good teaching.

I’ve had several people tell me that only God can command the angels. It’s amazing how many people don’t know about this powerful tool God has given us.

In addition to the verses you have here, I remind them that 1) Jesus was the example of what we should be and He said He could call down angels to defend Him; 2) He also said we would do greater works than He did; 3) death and life are in the power of the tongue (I include this one to emphasize that our words have power and when our words are the Word of God, so much more power). I give them the verses for each of these points.

I hope this article you’ve published here touches many people who need to know about this wonderful aid God provides for us. God bless you!

Hi Jamie, I am so thankful that the Lord is using you to teach these things. I have just been asked by my local church to assist with the prayer wing of the church and I felt this cannot be done alone. I was led to look into how I can partner with angels and that brought me here. This is very insightful. God bless you. Can angels be asked to manifest the presence of God among the congregation?

You can ask God to manifest His own presence. 🙂 And you can charge angels to minister the blessings from Heaven in Jesus’ name. Hope this helps.

Thanks for this words It’s what I believed but couldn’t find much on the topic. It’s given me even greater confidence. Be Blessed Rob

Thank-you ,so much , Jamie!

For the past few months I’ve had many encounters with angels. I’ve called them “restless angles” because they have let their presence be known at night pacing back & forth in front of the fan at the foot of my bed. Then one night last week, one came right in my face & I felt his presence as he blew across my face. Well, for all these months, I’ve wondered what they want. Today, I got the WORD that they’re waiting on MARCHING ORDERS! WHOA! So I started writing down what I believe the Lord is telling me to say to them! Your article has helped a lot with GOD’S WORD! Thank you!

Wow, Thank you Jamie for the insight from the Holy Spirit through you. I believe and God has led me to learn a lot on angels but did was a little bit uncomfortable to command angles. I believe they respond to God’s word but was not sure how i command them. This is helping, God is good. I pray the Holy Spirit to help me practice this.

Thanks for sharing the insight and experiences. It is really helpful. Great grace in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Asking GODS Angels to help us fight evil works! Satan sends his fallen Angels to blind us in a way that keeps us from asking GOD and his Angels for help but you have revived our faith in many of us! I have been asking Angels for help and when I do they respond and give me a lift emotionally and helps me defeat evil thoughts, Thank you

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Angels on Assignment (Part 2)

sending angels on assignment

The Bible includes hundreds of examples of how God uses angels to carry out His will. God has a whole host of angels that He can dispatch instantly to minister to us in our time of need. They are Angels on Assignment. In fact, God has angels right now that are on assignment to (1) speak to us, (2) minister to us, (3) deliver us, and (4) protect us.


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Tony Cooke Ministries

Angelic Bodyguards: Protecting and Helping Us Mark Brazee

Since 1975 Mark Brazee has taught the Word of God around the world. He and his wife, Janet, have traveled to more than 50 nations with the gospel. They also reach out nationally and internationally with the Word and the Spirit of God through television and radio. The Brazees pastor  World Outreach Church  in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they base their ongoing outreach to the world.

An excerpt from ANGELS – Heaven Helping Us

God has made a lot of promises to mankind. He’s made a lot of promises to you and me, and one of the primary ways God keeps His promises and delivers the help mankind needs is through the avenue of angelic activity.

Angels are here to help heaven help us.

It’s been true all through the Old Testament, it’s been true all through the New Testament, and it’s true even now as we bump up against everything God is beginning to do in this hour.

God worked through angels in the Old Testament delivering protection and victory on the battlefield, showing up with hosts of angelic armies and chariots of fire. Angels brought supernatural provision and food as three million children of Israel traveled to the Promised Land. An angel closed the mouths of lions ready to attack Daniel in the lions’ den and rescued Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the fire.

In the New Testament, angels announced the birth of Jesus, His ministry and His resurrection from the dead. Angels broke Peter out of jail and stood by Paul during a violent storm and ship wreck. And when the trumpet sounds, angels will announce the return of Jesus in great glory.

Yet, what angels have done for mankind from Genesis to Revelation is only the beginning. Angels are all around us today continuing to work in our lives. The Bible tells us in Matthew 18:10 that God assigns a guardian angel to each human being, so whether you have seen an angel or whether you ever do see an angel makes no difference. Either way, I guarantee you that angels are working in your life.

In fact, even now God’s Word gives us every reason to believe we’re about to see a flurry of angelic activity on the earth. I believe this increase of angelic assistance is about to unfold before us and surpass every Bible account we’ve read and every testimony we’ve heard. Why? We’re entering an era when the Church is preparing to do its greatest work, experience its greatest miracles and need its greatest assistance.

Let’s purpose to know more about God’s angels so we can expect their help and not be afraid when God has them manifest in unusual ways. Let’s partner with angels assigned by God to work hand in hand with us bringing about God’s will in the earth and in our lives. How? We need to develop an accurate picture of angels and what they’re all about. We need to recognize who they are, what they are, and when and how they function. We need to understand how we can cooperate with them and activate them in our lives.

Hebrews 1:14 says, “Are they [angels] not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation .” Their job is to minister to and for whom? They minister to and for the heirs of salvation, which includes all of us in the body of Christ. In other words, God assigns angels to guard and protect us, deliver healing and miracles to us, bring in money to meet our needs, arrange divine connections and appointments for us, provide us with directions and guidance and much more.

Keep in mind that these mighty supernatural angelic creatures are not the chubby little babies wearing diapers and shooting bows and arrows we see on Valentine’s Day cards. They’re also not the females in long white flowing gowns we see in museum paintings around the world. The angels I’m talking about are the same big, powerful beings the Bible talks about.

It’s important that we don’t get excessive or extreme on the topic of angels and worship them or elevate them ahead of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. In more than 30 years of ministry, I’ve seen so many times when angels would begin to manifest, but before long they became all people could think about and talk about. Angels don’t take the place of Jesus or the Holy Spirit. They don’t take the place of God’s Word or faith or prayer. But they are one facet of how God ministers and a facet the Church needs to know more about and understand.

If the Church will allow angels to manifest and work in our behalf without worshipping them, then we will experience their help like never before. That’s why we need these truths planted in our hearts and stirred up in our lives. At times we’ll know when angels are working with us; most of the time we won’t. But mark my words, we will see results, and we’ll thank God for it. Angels will be actively involved in harvest and in so many different areas of our lives.

Let’s expect their help. Let’s expect them to be involved in our lives and in our churches. Let’s expect angels to help heaven help us.

God’s Enforcers of Protection

In this day and hour, we need to be particularly aware of the role of angels in keeping us safe. God never promised we wouldn’t face problems in life or walk through hard times. He did not promise that life would always be rosy, but God did give us His Word to teach us how to live victoriously. God proves it with thousands and thousands of Bible promises and then enforces His Word with angelic back up.

Psalm 91 is one of those promises of protection. Actually, some Bible scholars believe God gave Psalm 91 to Moses as the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and headed into dangerous territory on their way to the Promised Land.

Interestingly enough, this particular supernatural insurance policy didn’t wait to pay up when the Israelites had problems, and it doesn’t wait to pay up when we have problems. It’s God’s plan to keep His children out of danger altogether.

But let me ask, did God want His children to experience 40 years of wilderness? No!  God wanted His children to live in the Promised Land of plenty, but God couldn’t change what His children had chosen for themselves because He gave them the right to choose. God knew His promises in the 91st Psalm—along with God’s angelic enforcers—could keep His children safe from anything, anytime, anywhere.

Again, Psalm 91 does not tell us, “Thou shalt cruise through life on a bed of roses and everything will be wonderful with never a challenge, never a problem.” That might have been nice in a perfect world before Adam’s fall, but as a result of Adam’s disobedience we can pretty much expect the devil to raise his ugly head and try to cause trouble for us while we live on this earth. Actually, we can count on it.

But Almighty God sent Jesus to restore to us what Adam’s treason cost mankind, and God promised throughout His Word to guarantee our protection, safety, defense, healing and health and long life. He’s also promised that if we holdfast to the promises of God, we can triumph over the devil in every circumstance.

God’s Word isn’t just a storybook, and Psalm 91 isn’t just a nice poem. God’s word is alive and full of power because all scripture is given by inspiration of God. Even more to the point here, God wraps up this supernatural insurance policy by pointing out that He’s assigned angels to enforce its provisions.

Angelic Enforcers

Let’s focus on two verses of Psalm 91, where God points out that He’s assigned angels—or we could call them supernatural adjusters—down here on earth to enforce Psalm 91. He’s telling us, “I’ve got special agents and enforcers assigned to your case. They’re supernatural insurance adjusters who will adjust whatever needs to be adjusted for you. They will enforce your protection policy.”

Notice the kind of heavy duty back up God has promised us in these two verses.

Psalm 91:11-12 (NKJV) 11 For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways. 12 In their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone.

Verse 11 says that God has given these angels charge over you. Or, in other words, He’s assigned angels to guard and protect you. Then verse 12 says, “In their hands they shall bear you up.” Those are some mighty huge angels if they’re big enough to hold an adult in their hands. In fact, these angelic enforcers do a lot more than hold you up; they’re assigned to watch over you and take care of you.

These verses remind me of how parents sometimes ask older siblings to keep an eye on younger kids when the parents are gone from the house. A parent might say to an older child, “I’m leaving you in charge.” What does the parent expect? The parent expects that even if the older child remains in the background, he or she better know what’s going on and be alert. If trouble shows up, the parent expects the older child to protect the family and take charge.

Aren’t you glad to know that your heavenly Father has given your angel the same kind of assignment? He expects your angel to guard and protect you, defend you, watch out for you and take care of you.

‘You’re in Charge!’

Let me give you another example. When I was about 15 years old, I worked for a guy during the summertime laying sod at new apartment complexes.   Three of us worked all morning, and then we’d jump in a truck and all head to lunch together. We would always find a restaurant with a buffet, and I can tell you the restaurant didn’t make any money on the three of us the way we ate.

Our boss drove the truck to lunch each day, and I still remember how he had a big book filled with all of his contacts and paperwork. Sometimes he even had wads of cash hanging out of the thing. Other times he would put an old rubber band around a big wad of cash and throw the whole stack on the front dashboard of his truck as we headed into the restaurant. It was so hot in the summer that the truck windows were usually rolled down even though that big wad of cash sat in plain sight on the dashboard.

The guy never worried even once that all that money would be stolen. Do you know why?

His dog waited in the truck.

The dog was really friendly and always rode around in the truck with us. But when we would go into the restaurant, the boss would say to the dog, “You’re in charge!”

Early on I remember thinking, I hope the guy knows what he’s doing . Anybody could reach in and grab that roll of money.

But one time I watched as somebody innocently walked past the truck, and the dog came really close to taking a bite out of the person. That dog knew he was in charge, and after that we did, too. On an average day, that dog was friendly—even lazy—until somebody looked at the roll of cash. Then that old dog took charge really quick.

Thank God, we don’t have to be concerned about lazy angels. It may not seem like they’re doing much sometimes, but when something tries to cause trouble for the person they’re assigned to watch, then all of a sudden they take charge.

“How come angels aren’t doing something all the time?” somebody might ask. They don’t need to do something all the time. God’s plan is that you do everything you know to do. When you run out of what you can do, then you will have mighty angels helping you.

Your angel will work when he needs to work. He’s not going to tie your shoes, pick out your clothes or serve you lunch. God didn’t assign him to do those things. But you’ve got an angel backing you up, and when you need him, he’s there. If you need more than one angel, you get more. You have one assigned for sure, but there are a whole lot more angels on standby when you need help.

Angel Blocks Stabbing

A pastor friend tells the story of how an angel saved the life of his great grandfather, who was one of the pioneers of the Pentecostal movement back around the turn of the century. Keep in mind that his grandfather pioneered Pentecostal churches when Pentecost was not popular.

Actually, the Pentecostal message was received so badly back then, there were folks who would burn down evangelistic tents where the meetings were conducted. But that didn’t stop my pastor friend’s grandfather. He traveled and set up his tent to preach the Pentecostal message, and God was with him.

My friend shared about one tent meeting in particular when an angry man walked into his grandfather’s service. Toward the end of a meeting, the man walked into the back of the tent and called out to the grandfather preaching on the platform. Loudly and harshly the man said, “I want to talk to you outside!”

“Sure,” the grandfather answered the man. Then the Lord spoke in the grandfather’s heart and said to him, “But don’t yield to fear or the man will kill you.”

The grandfather walked back through the tent with the man and went outside with him.

“All of the sudden,” the grandfather said, “I looked down and the guy had a huge dagger up the sleeve of his coat. He pulled it out and lifted it up. I couldn’t even flinch. I just stood there.”

The man thrust the dagger down to stab the grandfather, but as the knife got about six inches from stabbing him, the knife was blocked. It stopped like it had hit a wall or something. The man tried five times to stab the grandfather, but the fifth time the man turned, jumped over the bushes and took off running.

The Lord spoke to the grandfather and said, “Don’t tell anybody what happened.” So he returned to the tent meeting and continued preaching the service like nothing had happened.

Several nights later, a guy showed up at the altar and prayed almost all night long. By morning the man got born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. Then the grandfather shared, “I got to baptize him in water the next night. As I was baptizing him, he shared his testimony and said, ‘I’m the one who tried to stab you. But I could not get the knife in you because I kept running into something that stopped it.’”

“I had never believed in God or religion,” the man continued, “but I couldn’t stab you because I ran into something big and real protecting you. Suddenly I believed in God and religion. I decided right then and there that I had to get God in my life, so I got born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit.”

What do you think blocked the guy’s knife? I believe He bumped into one of God’s enforcers of the 91st Psalm.

Angels Join the Football Team

I heard a story years ago of an angel rescuing two girls walking home from a meeting on the outskirts of a college campus late one night. As they walked along, they heard something behind them. It was very dark, but they were able to see some shady looking characters following them so they picked up their pace.

When they came to the next street light, they looked back again and saw that the guys were a little closer. So they hurried even faster. By the time they got to the next street light, they looked back again and realized the guys were really gaining on them. The two young co-eds were really scared and knew they were in trouble. The girls prayed earnestly.

Pretty soon they came to the next street light, and this time they looked back and saw three or four members of their college football team with their jerseys on. They were massive guys that blocked the view between the girls and the bad guys, and the girls were so unbelievably relieved.

“Thank you, Jesus! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You that You’ve called out the football team to protect us!” the girls called out. Best yet, while the girls shouted praises, they realized that when the bad guys saw the football team, they took off running in the other direction.

Yet as the girls walked a little further excitedly talking about what God had done for them, they stopped and stared at each other in shock. “Wait a minute,” they said out loud at the same time. “Our school doesn’t have a football team!”

Do you think their school got a new football team just in time? No. Were they imagining things? No. I believe God sent an angelic team to their rescue.

We could go on and on with stories like this because God is not a respecter of persons. What He’s done for many, He’ll do for you. God will watch over you. He’ll take care of you. He’ll bless you. He’ll prosper you and with long life He’ll satisfy you. His angels will pick you up and carry you in their hands. That’s right! They’ll pick you up in the palm of their hands because they’re big angels with lots of experience, they’ve been around for ages and generations, and they have lots of practice taking care of folks.

Quote Psalm 91 over yourself and your loved ones often, saying: “I’m dwelling in the secret place of the most high. I say of the Lord, He’s my refuge. He’s my fortress. He’s my God in Him I’ll put my trust. No evil shall overtake me. No plague shall come near my dwelling. And God has given His angels charge over me to watch over me, protect me and help me.”

Angels Halt Mexican Mafia

We received an email awhile back from missionaries out of our church in Mexico who shared how angels supernaturally protected them on the field. You’ve probably heard news reports about the turbulent drug wars in Mexico between drug lords and the Mexican mafia. Headlines have reported violent shootings and murders, and our missionaries emailed to say activity had escalated to an all-time high in their region of Mexico.

As a matter of fact, three of our DOMATA School of Ministry graduates, two pastors and one of the youth, were eating in a restaurant in Mexico when for no apparent reason the mafia walked in armed with semi-automatics and killed 10 people. Praise God, our grads were unharmed as they lay on the floor claiming the 91st Psalm. God’s Word works!  It doesn’t matter how bad the world is or how bad the world becomes, God is always faithful to honor His Word. As our grads put their trust in God’s Word, God sent angels to shield and deflect bullets for them.

Angelic Safety Squad

A few years ago Janet and I met a couple for the first time who shared an interesting report with us about God’s protection for us. The husband was a pastor, and his wife was a woman given to prayer. We had heard of them, and we had heard about the amazing prayer life of the wife in particular. As we rode along in a car with them on the way to a church service, the wife turned around to us and said, “I’ve been praying for you and Janet for many years.”

I thought to myself, We’ve never met this woman before, but thank God for the Holy Ghost leading in prayer. I was really glad to hear that God had her praying for us, but I was surprised because after all we had never even met before.

She began to talk about the things God had instructed her to pray for us, and actually, she knew more about what we were doing than we knew ourselves. She talked about nations where we had traveled, our missions outreaches and God’s leading in our lives.

Keep in mind that we had this conversation back when planes were being hijacked in Europe in the 1980s. Terrorists shot up the Athens, Greece, airport at one point, and we had left the country only weeks before. Planes were being hijacked over Paris, and for awhile people were being shot on the tarmac in Paris.

Wouldn’t you know just about the time all this shooting was taking place near the Paris airport is about the time God dealt with us to begin traveling to Paris. A lot of our friends and family were saying, “Please don’t go over there!  You need to pray about it!”  Well, we already had prayed about it, and that’s why we were going.

“Yeah, but, it’s dangerous over there,” people would say. The truth is that we’re safer over there in the will of God than we are over here in America out of the will of God.

The pastor’s wife continued talking and said, “I just want you to know that every time you get on a plane, a team of angels has already boarded and checked out the whole plane. Angels check it out for bombs. Angels check it out for mechanical problems. Angels are on standby to get you where you need to go and get you there safely.”

Angel in Uniform

Angels don’t just show up to protect missionaries on the field or ministers traveling to preach the gospel. Angels are on assignment by God to protect us whatever we’re called to do and wherever we’re doing it.

In fact, this is a female police officer’s testimony of how an angel in uniform protected her from danger one night while on duty:

“While on routine patrol one night on the midnight shift, I pulled up to a traffic light on a busy street with a drinking establishment on one corner. At the unction of the Holy Ghost, because God is a God who loves justice, I saw a car light come on in the parking lot. As soon as I saw those headlights come on, the Holy Ghost said, ‘Stop that car.’

“Of course, in law enforcement you have to have probable cause to stop a car, so I was sort of watching the car and following it a ways. I took a right to get in behind this fellow driving a big, old Buick LeSabre. It was almost two decades ago now, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

“After his car weaved left of center, I thought, Ah-ha, a drunk. He saw me in his rear view mirror and made a sharp left, but he didn’t use his turn signal. Ah-ha, failure to signal, I thought, There’s my probable cause.

“Long story short, I pulled the car over and told communications over the radio that I was out on a vehicle stop. All of a sudden a big foot—and I mean enormous foot so much bigger than almost anyone’s—kicked open his car door and out came a massively huge guy. I’m only a little over five feet tall and almost everybody seems tall to me anyway.

“I thought, Dear God in heaven , I’ve just stopped the Brawny man with a twist of Grizzly Adams. He must have been 6’4” and had a lot of meat on him. The guy was massive.

“So as he’s climbing out of his car, I got on the radio and told communications, ‘Start me a backer.’  But eventually I had to get out of my car because I didn’t want Brawny-man coming back to me. I screamed at him to stick his hands out and turn around. When he did I saw a pistol in his waistband.

“ Yikes!  I thought.

“’Lord,’ I said out loud, ‘What have You gotten me into?’  I was serious because it was the Holy Ghost that told me to pull the guy over in the first place.

“So I tell Brawny-man, ‘OK, now you’ve really got to keep your hands out to the side.’

“As I walked up to him again, I said, ‘Headquarters, you’ve got to get me a backer started.’  But all I heard from the dispatcher was, ‘I’m trying.

“Suffice it to say, I got the gun away from Brawny-man and put it in the back of my waistband, but I still had to manage to handcuff him and search him again. So I got him down on his knees and even on his knees he was almost my height.

“I stood there thinking, Holy cow, I’ve got to search this guy. Lord, how do I do this?  So I got on the radio one more time and in my frustration said, ‘Headquarters, please , send me a backer!’

“To that Bozo the clown Brawny-man said, ‘What’s wrong with the one you’ve got?’  As he said this to me, his eyes were huge like 50-cent pieces.

“I don’t know where the words came from that fell out of my mouth next except that they came from my spirit. I didn’t plan them. I wasn’t thinking them because when I looked behind me, I was aware of nothing. But I heard myself say, ‘He’s a rookie, and he likes to fight.’

“ Just hearing myself say that made me think, What? !

“Brawny-man said, ‘Well, I wouldn’t mess with him.’

”About this time, I realized Brawny-man had to be seeing an angel that God sent to help me. It’s probably a good idea that I didn’t see him because I really believe it would have distracted me, and I did have Brawny-guy there to deal with. I had to search him, and I pulled two more guns off this guy while I was trying to fit handcuffs on him. His wrists were like as big as my calves, and I had to squeeze and squeeze; finally they locked.

“While I squeezed the handcuffs, Brawny-man started having a conversation with my backing officer—the angel. This is how the conversation went. Keep in mind that Brawny-man was in trouble, but he was not drunk. He did not get arrested for DUI. He got arrested for a felon in possession of firearms. As I ran his record, I found out the guy had a rap sheet as long as I was tall with arrests for firearms, homicides, sexual assaults, assaulting police officers and on and on.

“As I finished patting the guy down, he looked over my shoulder and said to the angel that I could not see, ‘Boy, I know you didn’t walk into the uniform shop and pick that uniform off the shelf. You’re way too big. I know they don’t make them that big. Where did you get that uniform? Is that special made?’

“Then Brawny-man looked at me and said, ‘He doesn’t say much, does he?’

“To which I replied, ‘He doesn’t need to.’

“Needless to say, I got him cuffed and up, and the guy was completely compliant. I walked him over to his car and leaned him over it because I had to search his vehicle all by myself—but not. I pulled three more guns out of his car, and then I got a sawed-off shotgun out of his trunk with about 220 rounds of ammunition. This guy was trouble.

“But I’ll tell you this right now, as surely as the Lord lives, the uniformed angel wasn’t for the benefit of Brawny-man, it was for me because I had been so frustrated at not getting a backer. I mean, Brawny-man was like 6’4,” and yet he looked up at my angel. The man’s eyes were huge as he looked at the angel, and whatever I wanted him to do, he did it. He did it because the presence of God was with me in the form of that angel, and I realized that I have the only backer I will ever need.”

Angels Ride the Wings

Recently I read about some guys aboard a plane that was badly shot up in battle during World War II. The plane was so heavily damaged that it didn’t look like it could even fly. But one of the guys looked out of the window and saw a huge angel on one wing. He quickly looked out the opposite window and saw another huge angel on the other wing.

With an angel escort, the airplane so badly shot up it didn’t look like it could even get airborne flew all the way to the airport and landed safely. When folks looked at that plane, they were shocked and amazed because they said there’s no way a plane shot up so badly could fly. But it flew. And it landed.

I tell you what, God is in the protection business. He’s in the healing business. He’s in the comforting business. He’s in the delivering business. God is in the business of sending angels whenever His children need help. If you will believe God’s promises of protection—or any of the promises of God’s Word—God’s angels will enforce the Word from beginning to end in your life.

Activating Angels in Your Life

Most people have barely tapped in to the angelic help available to us. Yet, this is a topic we need to know more about because we sure don’t want a company of angels sitting around a camp fire singing “Kumbaya.” We’ve got billions of souls to reach down here on earth, and we need every angel busy. I sure don’t want the angel assigned to me sitting on the sidelines when I need help and protection. There’s too much work to be done for angels to sit around with no directions.

“If it’s God’s will, it will happen,” somebody says. No. The body of Christ has already been there on a few topics. That’s like saying, “If it’s the will of God, I’ll get saved or healed.” No, you and I always have something we must do in order to receive from heaven.

Can you imagine God walking by a couple of million angels sitting on the sidelines in heaven? He would probably walk by a time or two and say, “Hey, why are you guys sitting around doing nothing anyway?”  Then can you imagine a couple of million angels answering Him, saying, “We tried to get busy, God, really we did. But the Church won’t give us anything to do.” Somehow I don’t think God would be too happy about that.

We’re close to the Second Coming of Jesus, and the Bible gives us every reason to expect a great step up or increase in angelic activity, so we need to get our angels busy. “Well, I can hardly wait for it to happen,” somebody says. You don’t need to wait for it to happen. You can activate angelic help right now. In fact, God’s Word outlines specific ways you can activate and deactivate angels.

A Prime Way to Activate Angels

We need to take these instructions seriously because a lot of times we’re not getting the results we’re supposed to get or want to get, and we’re not getting the manifestations God wants in our lives because we don’t give assignments to our angels the way God instructs.

Let me ask you a question. Suppose you hired 10 people to work on your house or on your lawn, but they showed up and sat down with their hands folded in your front yard. Suppose you walked by and only said, “Hi! How ya doin’?”  They would probably still be sitting there.

If you don’t tell workers what you want done, they have no instructions to act upon. Workers cannot do what you want if they don’t know what you want, and it’s the same with angelic activity in our lives. Too often we haven’t had angels working for us because we have not given them work to do.

Let’s take a look at Psalm 103:20 that shows us the primary way to activate angelic help in our lives.

Psalm 103:20 Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word.

Pay close attention to that last phrase. Did you notice the scripture does not say that angels hearken to God’s voice, though I’m sure they do. No, the scripture specifically says that angels hearken to the voice of God’s Word.

What’s the difference? Actually, there’s a huge difference. This scripture is telling us that angels go to work and get busy when voice is given to God’s Word. That means they go into action when somebody—like you and me—speaks the Word.

You cannot just wave your Bible at them. You cannot just hope they know what you need. But every time you make a bold declaration from God’s Word in faith, angels take off to hearken to the voice of that Word and bring that Word to pass in your life.

Let me come at this from another direction. Angels don’t fly into action because you own a Bible or even because you faithfully read your Bible. Angels don’t go to work for you simply because you have a Bible sitting on your coffee table. Just because you once read a scripture, doesn’t mean angels are bringing it to pass. It doesn’t happen that way. No, angels get busy when you give voice to God’s Word; they hearken to the voice of it .

The Bible says when you open your mouth and give voice to God’s Word, then—and only then—angels will get busy on your behalf. “What happens if I don’t say anything?” Nothing!  “What happens if I say something inspirational, but I don’t speak the Word?”  Nothing at all happens. The Bible says angels hearken to the voice of God’s Word—not just any word.

Every time you give voice to the Word of God, angels grab those words and run out to get busy. Your words load your angel with ammunition to help you. Every single time you speak God’s Word, you can bank on the fact that angels just went to work in your behalf.

Every time you speak out, “I am the head and not the tail. I am above and not beneath. No weapon formed against me can prosper. Since God be for me, who can be against me? God gives angels charge over me to keep my family safe. God sent His Word and healed me and delivered me from my destructions. The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord,” you are giving directions to a host of angels.

“Yeah, but doesn’t God give them directions?”  Certainly! God gives angels instructions, but you also gave angels directions when you spoke the Word.  Who did?  You did!   You declared the Word of God, and it sent angels hurrying into action. After all, God created angels to minister to you and for you—so they’re waiting on your instructions.

Let’s say you confess out loud Philippians 4:19, saying, “My God supplies all my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!” Angels hearken to the voice of the Word, and they take off collecting finances in your behalf. Your angels are probably rubbing their hands together saying, “Ok! Now I’ve got something to do!”

But what if the next day you say, “Well, I don’t see any money yet. I guess this confession business doesn’t work. God never works any miracles for me. I’ve never had an extra dime in my life, and I guess it won’t be any different now.”  What happens? You just took your angels off their assignment. You assigned angels when you spoke the Word, but you unassigned them when you spoke the opposite of the Word. You activated them, and then you deactivated them.

A friend of mine shared this testimony with me about how an angel helped bring in the money he needed. Some time ago, my friend was encountering very difficult financial problems, and he was in a hotel room praying about the amount of money he needed. All of the sudden, he sensed a presence walk in the room. He looked up, and there was a huge angel standing right in front of him. My friend said the angel didn’t say a word, just stood there staring at him.

“Actually, I didn’t know what to do,” my friend said. “I just looked at him.” My friend didn’t ask, “What are you here for? What do you want? Do you have a message for me from God?”  He didn’t say a word at first. Then, without thinking, my friend said right out loud, “My God supplies all of my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Instantly, the angel turned and shot into the air like a rocket. Almost immediately, finances started coming in to meet the need. You see, the angel didn’t go to work until my friend gave the angel something to do by speaking the Word. When the Word was spoken, that angel got really busy, really fast. My friend said finances almost immediately started coming in to meet the need.

I figure if that angel went to work for my friend—and God is no respecter of persons—then there’s an angel ready to bring money in for me when I speak, “My God supplies all my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” There are angels ready to supply your need, and the angels know where to go find the money.

That angel was obviously assigned by God to help my friend, and yet, the angel wasn’t in action, wasn’t activated, wasn’t working until my friend gave the angel something to do by speaking the Word . The angel showed up in my friend’s hotel room, but just stood blinking at him. The angel wasn’t out working to get finances in my friend’s behalf; the angel was waiting. What was the angel waiting on? He was waiting for my friend to speak God’s Word—waiting until voice was given to God’s Word. Why? Because angels hearken to the voice of God’s Word.

God’s Word spoken in faith activated angelic help. That means there are angels ready to supply your need as well because God is no respecter of persons. There are angels on standby ready to bring in the money you need. Psalm 103:20 says they are mighty. They excel in strength. And they know where to go find the money and anything else you need.

Prayer Activates Angels

Another important avenue to activate angels and get them working in your life is prayer. Your prayers open the door for angels to get busy helping you. Being a person of prayer and walking in the supernatural always go hand in hand.

Remember in Acts 12 when Peter was thrown into prison? Herod had already killed James with the sword, and next he wanted to take off Peter’s head. But the Bible said the church went to instant and earnest prayer, and it paid off.

The early church didn’t just pray a quick little prayer like, “Lord, bless Peter. Take care of him in Jesus’ name. Amen.” No. They prayed and stayed with it. There are some kinds of prayers we can pray one time, believing we receive the answer when we pray. But there are other kinds of prayer where we must stay with it, which is something we’ve lost in the Charismatic world. We’ve lost the art of praying down heaven. We’ve lost the art of what old time Pentecostals called “praying through.”

“Are you supposed to ‘pray through’ to God?” somebody asks. No, you’re already “through” to God. You have to pray through what hell has tried to array against you, but that’s another subject in itself.

It’s obvious in the case of Peter that the early church prayed and stayed with their prayers. How do we know? We know because an angel broke Peter out of jail, and Peter walked right up to the prayer room and knocked on the door. The church members were so busy praying for Peter they didn’t even answer the door, which is what I call fervent prayer. That’s not praying for 10 minutes with one eye open. Man, they stayed with their praying until they had victory—until they had Peter.

What we need to see here is that being a person of prayer activates angelic activity . It’s amazing what God can accomplish in your life and mine if we’ll maintain a strong prayer life. Listen to me, though. The goal isn’t to pray for angels or to pray for God to send angels—the goal is to pray that the job gets done. How it gets done is up to God.

I don’t see where the early church prayed for an angel to help Peter. I don’t see where they prayed earnestly for God to break Peter out of jail. What I see is that the Church prayed for God’s help, and God decided how to help. If the Church will pray, God will figure out what kind of heavenly back up is needed.

Daniel’s Prayers

Daniel is another example of a man who was greatly helped by prayer. In Daniel 10 it says that he had some serious situations going on in his life and needed information about the future, so he began praying, praying, praying. All of a sudden, he looked up and an angel was looking right straight at him.

But did you notice that Daniel was not praying for an angel? He was praying for results, but one of the ways God brought results was through an angelic visitation. I’m telling you what, there’s something important about our prayer lives. If we’ll maintain a strong prayer life and be faithful to give voice to God’s Word, there’s no limit to what God can do to help us in times of need.

I don’t see from God’s Word where it’s our job to speak directly to angels and assign them tasks. But what do I see from the Word is that God expects us to speak the Word and pray, and God will disburse the assignments. What I see is that God has more than enough angels to help you however you need help.

Angels on Go

Recently, I heard about some folks who had a ministry project rolling in their hearts that they wanted to accomplish for God. They sensed God was dealing with them, but they were looking for how to step out and obey.

Before long the couple had a vision, and in the vision they saw themselves exploring how to launch out and serve God in this certain area of ministry. They saw themselves walking around and around in the vision absolutely surrounded by angels.

Then, still in the vision, they saw themselves take steps and move forward with this ministry assignment. When they did, the many, many angels all stood up with great energy. There was great expectation and intensity on the faces of the angels, and it was obvious they were alert, determined and ready to go into action.

Yet, still in the vision, this couple would think, Oh, man, this project would be good, but it would require a lot of work and a lot of resources. Should we really do this after all?  As the couple thought this way, they would find themselves turned around walking in the other direction. When they did, all the angels would sit back down.

This went on a few times back and forth and back and forth. When the couple thought of launching out, the angels all stood up with great determination and intensity ready to get busy, but every time the couple turned around all the angels would sit down again.

This vision makes an interesting point to us all. As long as we’re going forward with the plan of God for our lives—whatever God tells us to do—then we’re surrounded with help from heaven. As long as we’re declaring God’s Word and praying, we’re surrounded with angels ready to help us, ready to minister to us and for us. They’re ready to make things happen. They’re ready to bring guidance. They’re ready to protect us. They’re ready to arrange divine appointments and connections. They’re ready to bring in provision and money, and they’re ready to deliver us however we need delivering.

Our angels don’t plan to sit around in heaven and cheer from the balcony. They don’t plan to sit in the grandstands eating popcorn and hollering down, “Go saints! GO!”

What do our angels plan to do?

They hearken to the voice of God’s Word and the voice of prayer.

So let’s speak God’s Word!

Let’s pray!

Let’s get our angels busy bringing help from Heaven.

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sending angels on assignment

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11 Bible Verses about Angels Helping Us

sending angels on assignment

Most Relevant Verses

The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, And rescues them.

Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?

When morning dawned, the angels urged Lot, saying, “Up, take your wife and your two daughters who are here, or you will be swept away in the punishment of the city.” But he hesitated. So the men seized his hand and the hand of his wife and the hands of his two daughters, for the compassion of the Lord was upon him; and they brought him out, and put him outside the city. When they had brought them outside, one said, “Escape for your life! Do not look behind you, and do not stay anywhere in the valley; escape to the mountains, or you will be swept away.”

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.

But when he had considered this, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife; for the Child who has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.

Then he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb,

Then the devil *left Him; and behold, angels came and began to minister to Him.

The angel of the Lord came again a second time and touched him and said, “Arise, eat, because the journey is too great for you.”

The angel of God, who had been going before the camp of Israel, moved and went behind them; and the pillar of cloud moved from before them and stood behind them.

He said, “Look! I see four men loosed and walking about in the midst of the fire without harm, and the appearance of the fourth is like a son of the gods!”

Then the angel of the Lord went out and struck 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians; and when men arose early in the morning, behold, all of these were dead.

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sending angels on assignment

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Angels on Assignment: Exploring the Role Angels Play in Believers&#39; Lives Today

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Angels on Assignment: Exploring the Role Angels Play in Believers' Lives Today Kindle Edition

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sending angels on assignment

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Wednesday, february 17, 2016, put your angels to work.

sending angels on assignment

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sending angels on assignment

Taylor Ward has become the consistent run producer in Angels’ lineup

ANAHEIM — After a tumultuous couple of years, Taylor Ward is happy that this season has been blissfully uneventful.

The Angels outfielder began the 2022 season on a hot streak, but then he crashed into the outfield wall and suffered a shoulder injury that sapped his power for months . Last season he was in a slump in the first half, and he heated up just in time for a season-ending injury. He suffered multiple facial fractures when he was hit by a pitch.

“I think it’s been consistent this year,” Ward said Tuesday. “I think this is the player I am. Of course, things are going to happen. Injuries are going to dictate things. … So, trying to avoid getting injured and keeping things in balance and keeping it simple.”

Ward, 30, is hitting .274 with 11 home runs and an .813 OPS. He has played in 52 of the Angels’ 53 games going into Tuesday and is on a pace for just over 30 homers and around 100 RBIs.

His performance has been fairly steady, although it’s been on a slight upswing lately. Ward said he told the hitting coaches to “bookmark” the video of how he was swinging the bat last week, when he started what has been an 11-game stretch in which he’s hit .302 with four homers and a 1.000 OPS.

Ward has also walked six times in those 11 games, which he said was a particularly encouraging development.

The Angels have needed Ward’s production because they’ve been without three-time American League MVP Mike Trout, and even Miguel Sanó, in the middle of the order. Anthony Rendon was moved out of his spot as a run producer even before he got hurt.

Ward has responded by driving in 32 runs, tops on the team.

“I don’t necessarily like it,” Ward said of being the team’s prime run producer. “I like having the big boys in there to take the microscope off me.”

His performance so far has also alleviated any concerns that he’d suffer any lingering effects of last year’s injury. Ward acknowledged that there are occasional “curveballs I’ve popped out of the way of and they’ve been called strikes,” and that “there are some types of pitchers I can do better against by staying in there longer, but I think over time it will continue to fade away.”

Manager Ron Washington has appreciated Ward’s steady presence as a run producer, but he said he’d like to see more from him defensively.

“I don’t think his defense has been terrible,” Washington said. “Could it be better? Of course it could be better. If you ask him, he’ll tell you it could be better.”

According to Outs Above Average and Defensive Runs Saved, Ward is about the same as he was last year. Washington, however, said he’d like to see Ward be more aggressive in left field.

“I’m talking about taking chances catching balls, diving,” Washington said. “You can’t play the game without leaving your feet, whether you’re on the infield or outfield. I’d like to see him take some chances. And if you don’t come up with the ball, do what everyone else does. Get up and go get it.”

Sanó, whose rehab assignment is on hold because the infielder suffered a burn on his leg from a heat pack, “wanted another day” before returning to action, Washington said. “If he is able to play a game in Arizona in the next day or so, then we’ll move him out of there and send him to Triple-A.” Sanó is out because of left knee inflammation. …

Trout (torn meniscus) has not yet progressed to running on a treadmill. …

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  • Los Angeles Angels | Swanson: Angels keep losing, keep fighting
  • Los Angeles Angels | Angels home woes continue with sweep by Guardians
  • Los Angeles Angels | Angels continue to make mistakes on the bases
  • Los Angeles Angels | Jose Soriano, Angels fall short against Guardians

Infielder Brandon Drury (strained hamstring) was expected to hit and throw on Tuesday. He has also been doing some light running. …

Right-hander Sam Bachman (shoulder surgery) is scheduled for two innings in his second rehab outing on Thursday in Arizona. …

Infielder Michael Stefanic (strained quadriceps) was scheduled to play nine innings for Salt Lake on Tuesday. Stefanic has hit .364 in the first nine games of his rehab assignment, split between Arizona and Salt Lake. Stefanic is now eligible to be activated. Even if the Angels decide to keep him in the minors, they will need to create a spot on the 40-man roster to option him, because he’s currently on the 60-day injured list.

Yankees (LHP Nestor Cortes, 3-4, 3.29 ERA) at Angels (RHP Griffin Canning, 2-4, 5.05 ERA), Wednesday, 6:38 p.m., Bally Sports West, 830 AM

©2024 MediaNews Group, Inc. Visit Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

sending angels on assignment

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2018 mlb draft pick moving rehab to triple-a.

  • May 28, 2024

Matt Graves, Site Manager

sending angels on assignment

The Cleveland Guardians may be MLB’s biggest surprise team for plenty of reasons. Their first-place standing in the American League Central has been rooted in its offense. Unlike teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies or Baltimore Orioles, the Guardians lineup has no stars that are usually on the best offenses in baseball. Third baseman José Ramírez is the constant force in the middle of Cleveland’s lineup. But now, a former Rookie of the Year finalist will be returning to the lineup soon.

Steven Kwan Transferred to Triple-A Columbus

Mandy Bell of reports that Steven Kwan (hamstring) will have his rehab assignment transferred to Triple-A Columbus beginning Tuesday. Kwan went 1-for-5 with a three-run homer run and a walk over two games with High-A Lake County over the weekend. It’s expected that Kwan will play six to eight innings in left field on Tuesday. He may stay with Columbus for the remainder of the Guardians’ road trip. That will make it possible for Kwan to be ready to return to the majors by Friday.

Steven Kwan will start in left field for Columbus tomorrow and play 6-8 innings, according to Vogt. Gavin Williams is expected to start for Columbus on Wednesday. — Mandy Bell (@MandyBell02) May 27, 2024

Kwan felt tightness in his left hamstring and departed after the third inning against the Los Angeles Angels on May 4. Kwan was placed on the 10-day injured list with a left hamstring strain on May 5 . At the time of his injury, Kwan was leading the AL with a 3.53 batting average and 47 hits. He has gone 74 straight plate appearances before his last strikeout. The California native is a two-time AL Gold Glove Award winner and finished third in the 2022 AL Rookie of the Year voting.

Kwan’s Injury Came When He’s Been His Best

What Kwan is doing at the plate and in the outfield is incredible. His on-base percentage ranks third, he’s fourth in fWAR (1.9), seventh in wRC+ (164) and 13th in slugging percentage. What’s even more interesting is how he rarely hits the ball hard. His 84.4 mph average exit velocity is the lowest mark of his three-year career. Kwan’s exit velocity ranks in just the fourth percentile. His hard-hit rate, which is another career low, ranks in the first percentile.

The other thing is his defense. In 2022 and 2023, Kwan led all left fielders in both Defensive Runs Saved (21 runs in 2022, 16 in 2023). Statcast’s Fielding Run Value (8 in 2022, 7 in 2023) is worthy of nothing.

Main Photo: © Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Graves, Site Manager

Red Sox Catcher Providing Positives From Mookie Betts Deal

It isn’t much of a secret that the Dodgers won the Mookie Betts trade in 2020. Los Angeles got Betts, extended him, and won the

sending angels on assignment

Hot Streak Buoys Cardinals Season

The St. Louis Cardinals are squarely back in the playoff hunt after a hot streak over the past two weeks. The team has won 10

sending angels on assignment

Impressive Pitcher Plays In Recent MLB History

While credit is often given to outfielders for making sound defensive plays, many pitchers’ plays deserve honorable mention. In recent MLB history, some out-of-this-world pitcher

sending angels on assignment

Phillies Must Win It All In 2024

The Philadelphia Phillies must win it all in 2024. After coming short the last two seasons, combined with recent events, there are no more excuses

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sending angels on assignment

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  • Yankees Roster Moves

Yankees officially activate DJ LeMahieu from IL for 2024 debut

Reliever Ian Hamilton is also back with the team in Anaheim after a stay on the COVID-IL.

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New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels

The first few months of 2024 have gone pretty well for the Yankees , but one figure who has not seen such fortune is DJ LeMahieu. Throughout the offseason, the 13-year veteran appeared to be ready to play a role on this team until the home stretch of spring training. He fouled a ball off his foot, and the injury lingered long enough to put him on the IL just before Opening Day ... and then to delay his rehab assignment ... and then to cut said rehab assignment short on Day 1.

The rehab setback on April 23rd led to more rest for LeMahieu before the Yankees felt comfortable sending him back out on the road back. This time, he successfully played in six minor-league games from May 17th through the 26th, and now, LeMahieu is ready to go. As expected, the Yankees have officially activated him from the 60-day IL and he will start at third base tonight in Anaheim against the Los Angeles Angels. The roster casualty is Kevin Smith, who was briefly up when Jon Berti went down with a calf strain on Friday in San Diego.

Prior to tonight’s game, the Yankees made the following roster moves: •Returned from rehab and reinstated INF DJ LeMahieu (#26) from the 60-day injured list. •INF Kevin Smith elected free agency in lieu of accepting an outright assignment. •Reinstated RHP Ian Hamilton (#71)… — Yankees PR Dept. (@YankeesPR) May 28, 2024

Currently on a 19-game hitting streak, Anthony Volpe has capably assumed LeMahieu’s old leadoff position, so the infielder will bat ninth for the first time since March 2019 , during his initial couple games in pinstripes. LeMahieu has gone through the ringer in that time, exceeding expectations to become an MVP candidate in 2019-20 before falling back in recent seasons upon signing a six-year deal to return to the Yankees in January 2021.

Aside from the first half of 2022 (prior to a painful foot injury), the former batting champion hasn’t been the same hitter as the All-Star days. But on the whole, LeMahieu has been a 101 OPS+ guy in 411 games from 2021-23. He’s under contract through 2026, so the Yankees were always going to give him some run to see if he can hold down third base. Oswaldo Cabrera has had hot stretches at points early in 2024, but the overall 82 OPS+ isn’t going to cut it. The current Yankees don’t need LeMahieu to be his peak form; the pressure thankfully isn’t high on him with superior boppers in the lineup like Aaron Judge and Juan Soto. As long as the 2022 Gold Glove winner makes his plays in the field and remains a steady contributor at the dish, then they’ll appreciate what he brings to the table.

Also of note in that transaction above is that Ian Hamilton is back in the Yankees’ bullpen. The righty was great in the first few weeks of April before falling off a bit in May, and he’s been on the COVID-IL since May 20th.

Hamilton is essentially taking the roster spot of Nick Burdi, who recently hit the IL with a recurrence of the hip inflammation that plagued him earlier in 2024. Triple-A starter Yoendrys Gómez filled in for a few days and pitched an inning in San Diego before being optioned on Sunday. The Yankees’ relief options outside of Clay Holmes and Luke Weaver have been suspect and Tommy Kahnle is fresh off the IL himself, so Aaron Boone will appreciate having Hamilton back.

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Steven Kwan Rehab Assignment Recap, Guardians News

Tommy wild | may 26, 2024.

May 25, 2024; Steven Kwan takes the field for the Lake County Captains as he begins a rehab assignment for the Cleveland Guardians.

  • Cleveland Guardians

Over 7,000 fans packed into Classic Auto Group Park in East Lake Ohio on Saturday to watch the Lake County Captains play. This is a bigger crowd than the High-A club typically sees, but there was a good reason for it.

Cleveland Guardians Glove Glove left fielder Steven Kwan officially started his road back to the big league club after suffering a hamstring strain on May 4. This appearance with the Captains is a part of the rehab assignment he’s currently on.

Kwan played the first five innings of the game and got three at-bats before subbing out of the game.

His first appearance to the plate was a soft ground out to first base, but it was still an opportunity for Kwan to get out of the box and get the feeling back of running down to first in a game setting. 

Kwan showed a little more pop in his second at-bat as he lined out to left field. However, his third time to the plate is really where he left his mark on the game.

He smoked a three-run homer in the bottom of the fifth inning to give the Captains a 4-3 lead at the time. Seeing Kwan make contact such as this will make all Guardians fans excited for his eventual return. 

"Welcome to Lake County, Steven Kwan!" The rehabbing @CleGuardians outfielder goes fishing for a home run for the @LCCaptains . — Minor League Baseball (@MiLB) May 26, 2024

He did get some action in the field recording a put-out chasing down a few balls hit in the gap. It didn't appear that Kwan as limited at all by his hamstring as he moved around left field.

Kwan said in media availability before the game that he didn’t anticipate it being an injury that kept him out for a long time, which he was thankful for. 

Hopefully, that means this rehab appearance is just one of a couple of Kwan makes before rejoining a red-hot Guardians team.  

Tommy Wild


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  24. Taylor Ward has become the consistent run producer in Angels ...

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  25. 2018 MLB Draft Pick Moving Rehab to Triple-A

    Kwan felt tightness in his left hamstring and departed after the third inning against the Los Angeles Angels on May 4. Kwan was placed on the 10-day injured list with a left hamstring strain on May 5. At the time of his injury, Kwan was leading the AL with a 3.53 batting average and 47 hits.

  26. Yankees officially activate DJ LeMahieu from IL for 2024 debut

    •INF Kevin Smith elected free agency in lieu of accepting an outright assignment. •Reinstated RHP Ian Hamilton (#71)… — Yankees PR Dept. (@YankeesPR) May 28, 2024

  27. Steven Kwan Rehab Assignment Recap, Guardians News

    Cleveland Guardians: Steven Kwan goes 1-for-3 with a three-run home run in his first rehab assignment with the Lake County Captains.