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  1. PwC Research and insights

    Our research and insights provides you with access to a range of publications covering areas such as regulation, risk, governance, operations, strategy and growth, talent and more. ... Research and insights. Explore PwC's insights on today's biggest business challenges. Copy link. Featured - 4 items. Digital Trends in Operations ...

  2. Research & insights: PwC

    Research & insights. In today's world, leaders are facing tough challenges and complex issues. Each decision needs to be informed and measured, as the impact can be wide ranging. PwC has decades of experience advising on a wide range of industries and services. Whether you're considering the risks and opportunities around AI, or if now is ...

  3. Viewpoint

    Viewpoint is PwC's global platform for timely, relevant accounting and business knowledge. A modern experience with real-time updates, predictive search functionality, PwC curated content pages and user-friendly sharing features, Viewpoint helps you find the insights and content you need when you need it.

  4. PwC Research and insights

    The future of the Medicare customer. PwC specialists discuss the future of Medicare health plans and their customers. Our insights. Your choices. Our research and insights provides you with access to a range of publications covering areas such as regulation, risk, governance, operations, strategy and growth, talent and more.

  5. PwC's Global Artificial Intelligence Study

    Our research also shows that 45% of total economic gains by 2030 will come from product enhancements, stimulating consumer demand. This is because AI will drive greater product variety, with increased personalisation, attractiveness and affordability over time. The greatest economic gains from AI will be in China (26% boost to GDP in 2030) and ...

  6. PwC Research

    PwC Research is our global centre of excellence for bespoke end-to-end research and insight. We work with clients to help solve their business challenges, with the unique ability to connect with subject-matter experts across the PwC global network. Primary research can be a critical tool to allow businesses to meet compliance requirements ...

  7. strategy+business

    New PwC research shows that trust isn't a fuzzy concept. It's an intangible asset tightly linked with corporate performance. The first lever is trust. Advanced data analysis using responses from more than 4,500 CEOs about customer engagement and business performance shows that customer trust really does improve business outcomes. The ...

  8. Our leading research on strategy

    PwC's Strategy& has conducted a survey of more than 6,000 executives from companies of various sizes, geographies, and industries. ... Our research has shown that the way companies approach strategy fits one of six patterns: We call these the strategy archetypes. Each archetype is characterized by a set of challenges that companies of this ...

  9. Insights

    Having a point of view is one thing, but practical insight that helps business leaders navigate today's complex challenges is quite another. At Strategy& we know the difference. With decades of strategy experience and a global network of industry experts, we bring together the people, skills, technology and capabilities to help our clients ...

  10. Global Culture Survey 2018

    Five actions to evolve the culture in your organization. 1. Address where your culture and your strategy clash. A growing number of C-suite and board members view culture as a critical strategic topic: in fact, 71% say culture is an important topic on their agenda, a notable jump from 64% in 2013. But for the influence of culture to translate ...

  11. 2024 Global Digital Trust Insights Survey: PwC

    The 2024 Global Digital Trust Insights is a survey of 3,876 business, technology and security executives (CEOs, corporate directors, CFOs, CISOs, CIOs and C-Suite officers) conducted in the May through July 2023 period. Four out of 10 executives are in large companies with $5 billion or more in revenues.

  12. PwC survey: Workers expect AI to boost salaries and job security

    Nearly half of workers expect AI to increase their salary and job security, PwC's survey of 56,600 workers shows. Since ChatGPT's explosive debut in November 2022, fears of robots replacing ...

  13. AI Is A Game Changer: PWC AI Predictions Report

    AI is a Game Changer. The 2021 PWC AI Predictions Report is summarized in his post. Over 1000 leaders from USA completed the research demonstrating AI practices are on the rise, despite Covid 19.

  14. PwC Global Crisis Benchmarking

    PwC Global Crisis Benchmarking Many thanks for your interest but the questionnaire has already been completed. If you have any technical questions or concerns, please email [email protected] .

  15. Research on what drives a company's success

    PwC's Strategy& surveyed more than 700 executives and found that a capabilities-driven approach to value creation leads to higher returns, on average, than other ways of doing strategy. Capabilities-driven companies owe their success to having a truly distinctive way of providing value, a powerful set of capabilities, and coherence between ...

  16. PwC's Health Research Institute: PwC

    Where is the medical cost trend headed? Each June, PwC's Health Research Institute (HRI) projects the growth of medical costs in the employer insurance market for the coming calendar year and identifies the leading factors expected to impact the trend.

  17. Global Research from PMI and PwC Reveals Attributes and Strategies of

    Series of three reports uncovers the practices that differentiate the top ten percent of PMOs from other organizations. Project Management Institute (PMI) has released a series of three global research reports, in collaboration with professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), that uncovers the attributes and strategies being deployed by the leading project management offices (PMOs ...

  18. Global Wealth Report 2024

    The next edition of the Global Wealth Report is out in July. Sign up now to make sure you don't miss our latest insights. For fifteen years, we've been providing leading insights into global household wealth through our Global Wealth Report. Over time, it's become the reference point for those ...

  19. PwC Research

    From school leavers to experienced professionals. PwC Research is our specialist in-house global centre of excellence for primary research and evidence-based consulting services to an international client base. Explore graduate career opportunities with our PwC Research Team at PwC UK.

  20. Reports and studies

    The reports and white papers developed by Strategy& cover a broad spectrum of functional and sectoral topics: CEO succession, innovation spending, strategy-based transformation, Organizational DNA, and supply chain management, to name just a few. Please use the filter below to search our database of available reports and white papers.

  21. PwC: Industry Cloud Services Capabilities, 2024

    Key facts about PwC's industry cloud services capabilities. Source: HFS Research, 2024. PwC's performance in the study and HFS' views of its strengths and development opportunities for industry cloud services capabilities. Source: HFS Research, 2024. To read the complete report, click the download button below.

  22. Our research on the connection between strategic purpose and ...

    A truly powerful purpose statement achieves two objectives: clearly articulating strategic goals and motivating your workforce. These are important individually and synergistically: When your employees understand and embrace your organization's purpose, they're inspired to do work that is great and delivers on your company's promise. Read ...

  23. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

    The origins of the firm date back to the 1800s with the formation of the accountancy firms Price Waterhouse & Co. and Coopers Brothers. In 1998, the two companies, then named Coopers & Lybrand and ...

  24. Global M&A Trends in Industrials & Services

    Our commentary on M&A trends is based on data from industry-recognised sources and our own independent research. Specifically, deal volumes and values referenced in this publication are based on officially announced transactions, excluding rumoured and withdrawn transactions, as provided by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) as of 31 May ...

  25. Sustainability research and publications: PwC

    Explore PwC's ESG research, insights, and thought leadership. It's time to take action on your sustainability journey.

  26. Industry focused research, trends, benchmarks and methodologies: PwC

    PwC offers industry-specific expertise and solutions for various sectors, such as consumer markets, energy, financial services, health, industrial products and technology. Explore the latest trends, benchmarks and methodologies for each industry and learn how PwC can help you navigate change and unlock value.