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body:nth-child(2) > div.body-wrapper > main:nth-child(3) > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div.row-fluid-wrapper.row-depth-1.row-number-7 > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div.row-fluid-wrapper.row-depth-1.row-number-8 > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > #hs_cos_wrapper_dnd_area-module-10 > #hs_cos_wrapper_dnd_area-module-10_ > p:nth-child(1)" data-rage-tracking-data="{"count":0}" style="font-weight: bold;">Why not take some of the stress out of the process and put your best application forward with Accepted's team of expert graduate school admissions consultants?

body:nth-child(2) > div.body-wrapper > main:nth-child(3) > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div.row-fluid-wrapper.row-depth-1.row-number-7 > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div.row-fluid-wrapper.row-depth-1.row-number-8 > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > #hs_cos_wrapper_dnd_area-module-10 > #hs_cos_wrapper_dnd_area-module-10_ > p:nth-child(1)" data-rage-tracking-data="{"count":0}">Working with a member of our graduate admissions consulting team can help you show the admissions committee at your target graduate programs that you have what it takes to be an integral part of their class. We can guide you through the entire admissions process or help with specific aspects of your applications.

body:nth-child(2) > div.body-wrapper > main:nth-child(3) > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div.row-fluid-wrapper.row-depth-1.row-number-7 > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div.row-fluid-wrapper.row-depth-1.row-number-8 > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > #hs_cos_wrapper_dnd_area-module-10 > #hs_cos_wrapper_dnd_area-module-10_ > p:nth-child(1)" data-rage-tracking-data="{"count":0}" style="font-weight: bold; text-align: center;">Learn more about the wide variety of graduate school admissions consulting services we offer.

Comprehensive Grad School Application Services

Master's application packages.

This flat-rate service brings you through the entire application process, including help evaluating your target graduate programs, strategy, revising, and editing of your statement of purpose, advice on choosing and coaching your recommenders, polishing your resume, waitlist advice, and decision counseling.

Grad School Application Writing Sample Packages

Depending on the level of service you choose, our grad school application writing sample packages will give you guidance on developing your topic, advice on determining sources, an online, 1-2 critiques of your writing sample draft, and line editing.

PhD Application Packages

This flat-rate service brings you through the entire admissions process, including brainstorming for, outlining, and editing your personal statement or statement of purpose, outlining and editing one research proposal, guidance on letters of recommendation, advice on your CV, interview prep, waitlist support, and decision counseling.

Services for Individual Grad School Application Components

Grad school hourly admissions consulting.

Learn more about the graduate school admissions process. Which graduate programs should you apply to? How can you maximize your appeal to your target graduate school programs? How can you mitigate weaknesses in your profile? Our hourly graduate admissions counseling services will help answer any and all questions you have about making this major decision.

Graduate Program CV/Resume Packages

This element of your graduate school application is usually the first thing admissions committees look at, so you want to dazzle them with your experience and qualifications. Choose from a comprehensive flat-rate CV/resume package or an hourly service–whichever suits your needs. Both options save time while ensuring your achievements and impact stand out distinctly to admissions officers, adding excitement to your graduate school applications.

Grad School Application Essay Packages

Let our graduate school admissions consultants help you brainstorm ideas based on your experience and goals, while guiding you through the writing process so that you tell your story with authenticity and impact. You'll emerge with engaging, substantive, and compelling application essays. Flat-rate packages provide comprehensive assistance with no clock ticking; hourly options can help you polish application essays you've already drafted.

Graduate Programs Letters of Recommendation Services

Unsure what to write for a student you're recommending? Want an expert to review or polish your letter to ensure it hits all the high points for your graduate school applicant? Our LOR packages pair you with a graduate school admissions consultant who will interview you and draft an outline for the letter, and then edit your draft. This package ensures a strong, effective LOR for your grad school applicants.

Graduate Program Application Final Check

Don't hit “submit” until you've had an Accepted graduate school admissions consultant provide a final check for your application materials. We'll review and critique your application essays, resume, and responses to short-answer and optional questions. If any part of your application seems wobbly, we'll offer specific recommendations to get it on firmer ground. We'll give you the green light when your self-portrait shows the admissions committees that you belong at their graduate school!

Grad School Interview Preparation

Ace your graduate school admissions interview after prepping with one of our admissions experts. As former admissions officers and experienced admissions consultants, they know what you can expect and will provide you with a dress rehearsal plus targeted guidance and meaningful feedback to strengthen your interview skills and calm your nerves. Depending on the service you select, you can have 1-3 mock admissions interviews so that you walk into your real grad school interview calm, prepared, and ready.

Grad School Waitlist Strategy

Want to move from “Waitlisted” to “Accepted?” Our grad school admissions waitlist strategy services provide a review of your application materials and offer editing, consultation and guidance on writing a waitlist letter. This proven service saves time, eases worry, and strengthens your appeal to the top graduate programs that are still interested in you.

Grad School Scholarship Essay Services

Your graduate school admissions consultant will review and critique your scholarship application essay, providing you with expert guidance, actionable feedback and ways you can improve your essay. Our flat-rate package also includes brainstorming and outlining of your scholarship essay.

Grad School Rejection Review

If you plan to reapply to graduate programs after a rejection, this service is essential. Your admissions consultant will review your profile including test scores, undergraduate GPA, and work history, and critique one graduate school application. Your admissions consultant will identify weaknesses in your qualifications and your presentation of those qualifications. You'll learn how to bolster your application essays, CV, interview skills, and letters of recommendation, mitigate weaknesses and highlight your unique strengths, boosting your chances for acceptance at a top graduate program in the next application cycle.

Grad School Career Coaching

One of our highly experienced career coaches will help you explore and research career options, make career decisions, develop and implement job search strategies, interview prep, salary negotiation, career changing and more.

Want to speak with one of our graduate school admissions consultants first? Not sure which graduate admissions counseling service is best for you? 

We'd love to guide you through the process!

Meet Our Graduate Admissions Consulting Team

Our team of highly-experienced and passionate graduate school admissions consultants are experts in the entire admissions process, able to guide and coach you to the graduate degree of your choice. Learn more about our team here.

Sadie Polen

Sadie Polen

Sadie has  more than ten years of experience in higher education . She reviewed statements of purpose, personal statements, and resumes for political and public service opportunities and made candidate selections for elite programs at Harvard University. She also has experience advising graduate students on their career and post-graduation plans. Sadie holds a BS from UC Davis, an EdM from Harvard, and a DEI certificate from Cornell.

Learn more about Sadie Polen.


Natalie Grinblatt

An AIGAC member and Michigan Ross MBA, Natalie has served as   admissions dean/director at Michigan Ross, Cornell Johnson, and ASU Carey . With almost two decades of admissions experience, she’s helped hundreds of clients get admitted to top U.S. and international business schools, graduate programs, colleges, and universities in her 15 years as a consultant. Described by her clients as strategic, engaged, creative, nurturing, and direct, she’s earned high ratings on   Poets&Quants , GMAT Club, and Trust Pilot.

Learn more about Natalie Grinblatt Epstein.

Karin Ash

With   30 years of career/admissions experience   at four universities, including Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Business and College of Engineering, Dr. Karin Ash has met with thousands of recruiters seeking to hire the best graduate students from leading schools. She has served as a member of the admissions committee, ensuring that the applicants who ultimately enroll are a good fit for the program and prime candidates for employers. Karin has been a Consultant with Accepted for almost a decade and has facilitated students’ entry into top engineering, data science, MBA, and other STEM graduate MEng, MS, and PhD programs. Her clients have been accepted into top graduate programs at MIT, the University of Chicago, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, UPenn, USC, and more than 60 other schools.

Learn more about Dr. Karin Ash.

Vanessa Febo

Vanessa Febo

Vanessa has   more than seven years of graduate school and scholarship consulting experience   and specializes in helping clients communicate their research and goals. She’s coached clients to top programs in engineering, English, social sciences, and business and has mentored applicants for major scholarships for the past five years. Vanessa has taught writing for over a decade and is particularly skilled in writing for professional communication. Her working style is client focused, organized, and positive.

Learn more about Vanessa Febo.

Kelly Wilson-1

Kelly Wilson

In her past roles as   executive director of admissions   at CMU Tepper and   assistant dean of admissions   at Georgetown McDonough and Pittsburgh Katz, Kelly oversaw admissions for 23 years for the MBA and master’s programs in management of information systems, computational finance, business analytics, and product management. Having approved more than 38,000 admissions decisions, she has a deep understanding of what top MBA and graduate programs value. Her working style is warm, supportive, straightforward, and organized. Kelly is also a member of AIGAC.

Learn more about Kelly Wilson.

Barry Rothman

Barry Rothman

Barry’s clients have successfully applied to MD, MD/PhD, dental, vet, pharm, PA, PT, nursing, optometry, podiatry, PhD, and MPH programs. He is an   emeritus professor of biology, former health professions advisor, and former director of three post-bac programs   at San Francisco State Univ. whose post-bacs had an 80% success rate. His Accepted clients have an even higher rate. He has his PhD in biochemistry from CalTech and conducted biomedical research at CalTech, UTMB Galveston, UC San Francisco, and SFSU.

Learn more about Dr. Barry S. Rothman, Ph.D.

Esmeralda Cardenal

Esmeralda Cardenal

Esmeralda consistently receives five-star reviews on   Poets&Quants , GMATClub, and Trust Pilot for her personable coaching style, helping her clients present their best. Her   nine years in MBA admissions   as former Yale SOM associate director of admissions, Michigan State director of MBA admissions, and Cardiff Business School (United Kingdom) consultant prepared her to effectively help clients gain entry to elite MBA/EMBA programs and a wide range of master’s programs, as she’s done for more than eight years.

Learn more about Esmeralda Cardenal.

Alice Diamond

Alice Diamond

Formerly the associate dean for career and community service   at Lesley University, Alice brings 35 years of experience in career and admissions advising for undergraduate and graduate students. She has expertise in working with candidates applying to top graduate degree programs in a wide range of fields including psychology, social work, public health, public policy, education, expressive arts therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and environmental studies.

Learn more about Alice Diamond.

Flash Gordon

Herman "Flash" Gordon

Flash applies his teaching of problem-solving and strategic thinking to helping clients present their most compelling stories to admissions committees. A tenured faculty member at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, he was also the  admissions committee chair  and a  neuroscience graduate admissions committee member . He earned his biochemistry AB from Harvard College and his developmental neuroscience PhD from Caltech and was a postdoctoral fellow at both the MRC Cell Biophysics Unit (London) and UCSF.

Learn more about Dr. Herman Gordon.

Mary Mahoney

Mary Mahoney

Mary earned her PhD from the University of Houston and her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. She is   director of medical humanities   at a liberal arts college in New York and has been a   tenured English professor , specializing in the personal essay, for more than 20 years. She also teaches narrative medicine, empathy, health equity, disparity, bias, and social justice. She specializes in helping medical school, psychology, and humanities graduate school applicants, with whom she has a high success rate.

Learn more about Dr. Mary Mahoney.

Valerie Wherley

Valerie Wherley

As the   former assistant dean of student affairs   at the William Beaumont School of Medicine and former director of pre-health advisement and the Postbaccaulaureate Certificate Program at Sacred Heart University, Valerie brings more than 20 years of success working with pre-health candidates in medicine, dental, vet, PA, PT, OT, exercise science, and nursing. Her clients appreciate her expertise in the holistic admissions process and her patient, thoughtful, strategic, and data driven working style.

Learn more about Dr. Valerie Wherley.

Christie St-John

Christie St-John

Dr. Christie St-John, a member of AIGAC, has a deep knowledge of MBA, specialized master’s, and EMBA admissions. With   more than 25 years of experience as MBA admissions director and career coach   at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business and Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, she’s read thousands of essays and conducted thousands of interviews around the world. Her clients have been admitted to Columbia, Wharton, Harvard, Kellogg, UCLA, Berkeley, Michigan, Virginia, Oxford, INSEAD, and ESADE, among others.

Learn more about Dr. Christie St-John.

Cydney Foote-1

Cydney Foote

Having served on admissions committees at the University of Washington (UW) School of Medicine and the curriculum development team at the UW School of Dentistry, Cydney uses her   more than two decades of real-world admissions expertise   to pinpoint what is unique about her clients’ stories and help them present their authentic voice. She has advised hundreds of successful applicants to MD, DO, and other healthcare programs in the United States and Canada and authored three e-books on medical education.

Learn more about Cydney Foote.

Here is what some of our satisfied clients, grad school applicants like you, have to say:

"i initially approached dr. ash to scope out her services on essay editing. yet, from the start, she was able to provide a holistic view of my positioning and offer a different perspective that would ultimately expand and shift my selection of target schools. given her ability to pinpoint the most critical components in the application, she made what was initially an overwhelming process manageable. her quick turnaround times and actionable feedback helped significantly in pushing through the process - and gave me confidence when i needed it most.", graduate school admit, "dr. barry rothman served as an incredible line of help throughout the entire process of applying for phd programs in biomedical engineering. specifically, dr. rothman was critical in helping me choose the best schools for myself given my academic standing and career goals, helping to formulate essay frameworks and to select good topics, grammar and flow editing of essays, deciding how to respond to specific questions that individual schools ask on their applications, and interview prep.", phd program admit.

Johns Hopkins University, the University of San Diego, Boston University, and the University of California, Irvine

"I just wanted to check in and thank you again for your hard work and help for my grad school application. Again, your support through this process definitely means a lot to me and I couldn't have done it without you."

Some of the graduate programs our clients have been accepted to....


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Pricing : The prices range from $10 per page to $29 per page, depending upon academic level and assignment type.

“My English knowledge is not good, since I am an international student and I placed my order on KingEssays. The easy interface helped me to register and place the order without any problems. My writer made my assignment with simple words, because I asked him to. In the end, my order was made according to my directions.”- Mr. Gonzalez


The company provides a wide range of writing services, including essays, reports, research papers, presentations and even math problems. Professional researchers and writers can cover any topic in-depth. High quality writing is a good tradition with this online service. Whenever a student places an order on this website, a client can expect prompt answer and expert writing help. Students are eligible for free unlimited amendments until they are fully satisfied with their papers.

Pricing : The prices are interrelated with a deadline and academic level and start at $17.09 per page.

“My friend suggested me to use this service, he told he bought a couple of essays and research papers there. In the beginning I was a little nervous using the essay writing service, but after completing the order I was surprised with the paper I got. The quality of writing is amazing! And just to say I received an A+ for this one. Thanks Essay Roo!” – Jenna Z.


Affordable prices and qualified writing help are the core reasons explaining popularity of this service. Professionalism and individual approach to every order allow satisfying needs of the most demanding students. Instant Support is available 24/7. Money back guarantee demonstrates the company confidence in their product. Affordable prices and friendly team make cooperation with this online service unforgettable.

Pricing : Prices range from $10 per page to $29 per page, depending upon the requested academic level and order urgency.

“I had some very nice experience with, to be honest. They managed to write exactly what I was looking for (My professor actually:)). I would recommend you to contact the support team as soon as you come to the website. I only used the chat option in the right bottom corner for my communication and never spoke to them, but it was enough for me. I couldn’t find any review of Buyessayclub online so just gambled and decided to try them out. Now I want to share my experience and say that it is a nice and legitimate service! Don’t be afraid to order your essays from them. (I also think they write almost everything, not only essays).” – Ross S.


CoolEssay makes college students feel cooler, boosting their academic performance and saving their valuable time. This experienced company with professional writers can help students solve various homework problems. This essay writing service guarantees students’ satisfaction. Even if a client has some doubts, free revisions are unlimited and can help resolve all kinds of questions.

Pricing : A high school essay with a two-week deadline can cost $10 per page, while an urgent doctoral project can cost up to $49 per page.

“I have used many companies during the past 2 years, but I found the website called, and first of all I was impressed with prices! This company is pretty cheap comparing to other companies, so i decided to give a try. I absolutely loved the service, since they could even complete my IT project which quite complicated. I bet they can complete any paper or project of any complexity..definitely worth to try! I will recommend them to my friends.” – Sarah P.


The website name is self-explanatory, as the main emphasis is put on cheap price of the provided services. Fortunately, students do not need to compromise quality of writing services. The company offers 100% refund to students who are to certain extent unhappy with their papers. Original papers written from scratch follow every client’s individual instructions. The website revision policy allows polishing papers to make sure they are error free and close to perfection.

Pricing : The prices are unprecedentedly low (the cheapest ones in the industry) – $4 per page for a high school essay with a reasonable deadline.

“I hope you will have more free features with your orders because it is not enough, some services offer more. But, your quality is the highest and you several times saved my life, and I will soon graduate from college. Thank you for my future!” – Marilyn W.


Just like true ninjas, essay writers from this service remain invisible but do their best to help you. Security and confidentiality are guaranteed. Therefore, nobody will ever know that your essay is based on research materials from an expert ninja writer. This service is professional and affordable at the same time. Furthermore, a flexible discount system can make your cooperation with this company even more pleasant.

Pricing : Prices are calculated, taking into account assignment type and deadline. The minimum price is $19.99 per page.

“Being a good student myself I just couldn’t crack the essay one professor assigned me, so I decided to buy essay from NinjaEssays. They delivered great essay fast and cheap. Good job.” – Bobby V.
“Usually all school paperworks I do myself. But once it happened that I had to use the services of this company. I was really impressed with quality and style. They do their job professionally.” – Carmen Allison


This reliable and legitimate essay writing service employs only native English speaking writers from the different corners of the world. The company offers a money back guarantee and 24/7 online support. With this company, students can be certain that third parties are never involved. Their personal info will never be shared with anyone, and their essays will never be resold in the future.

Pricing : Pricing ranges from $16 per page to $65 per page, depending upon academic level and deadline.

“I have been using EssayBox off and on for a couple years now, and I have yet to be disappointed. All of their writers are very professional and produce outstanding work. What ever you are wanting or needing, EssayBox will be able to get it done.” – Sloan B.
“60 pages of Masters in Thesis was excellent. Writer followed directives carefully and was very courteous, knowledgeable and reliable!” – Kyle Walden

Professional writing services do not work miracles, but they can make a whole world of difference for your academic career and even private life. To maximize effects of expert writing help, try to choose an effective and reputable writing company. In that regard, this list of top 20 legit essay writing services is enough for you to make an informed choice.

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Hel Stone

Okay, that was a good review of those services. However, you forgot something very important, I’m afraid. This site possesses a lot of value to many students seeking professional academic writing help. Make sure to include it to your list as well.

Christina Walker

Thanks for your offer, we have researched this site and added it to list of top 20 essay writing services. It is a really good service.

Zoe Wilson

If you are searching for best essay writing services so do not forget to check Essay Pro services which is the best leading academic assistance in USA.


  • SAT BootCamp
  • SAT MasterClass
  • SAT Private Tutoring
  • SAT Proctored Practice Test
  • ACT Private Tutoring
  • Academic Subjects
  • College Essay Workshop
  • Academic Writing Workshop
  • AP English FRQ BootCamp
  • 1:1 College Essay Help
  • Online Instruction
  • Free Resources

14 Best College Essay Services for 2024 (40 Services Reviewed)

Research conducted by Emily Kierkegaard , PhD, and expert-reviewed by Kevin Wong, PrepMaven Co-founder

Not sure which college application essay coaching and editing service is the best? We compared the top 40 services, created in-depth reviews for 14 of them, and narrowed it down to the 4 best that will help guide you through the process of writing amazing college application essays.

What is the Best College Essay Service?

  • PrepMaven  – best college application essay service overall
  • College Essay Mentor  – best for individual consultants
  • The College Essay Guy  – best for unlimited essay assistance
  • College Vine  – best of the big platforms

The best of the rest:

Individual essay consultants:

  • College Essay Editor  – small editing team
  • Allison Karpf  – former English teacher helping students
  • Your College Vision  – former journalist with more affordable rates
  • The College Guru  – good on paper but unresponsive
  • Sofia Zapiola – budget-friendly application assistance

Mid-size teams:

  • Lotus Learning  – focus on health sciences

Large platforms:

  • Study Point  – larger platform with mystery editors
  • Ivy Select  – larger platform with mystery editors
  • Empowerly  – larger platform with mystery editors
  • BeMo  – expensive and aggressive with wrong expertise

starting to write college essay

Schedule a college essay consultation

Best College Application Essay Services in 2024

#1 – prepmaven.

Our Verdict — Best College Essay Assistance Overall Price: $79–349/hour (minimum $510 package) PrepMaven’s one-on-one college essay assistance is the best option overall. Founded by brothers and Princeton grads Greg and Kevin, almost all of PrepMaven’s essay coaches have Ivy-League experience, primarily from Princeton and Harvard. All essay coaches also undergo a thorough training program in PrepMaven’s methods, developed by professional writers with deep understanding of the college admissions process, for helping students to discover the most compelling stories for their essays. Unlike other services, PrepMaven offers college essay assistance at several different price points. At the most accessible rate, students can work with current Ivy-League undergraduates who specialize in writing and have recently aced the college application process. At higher rates, students can work with coaches who are both Ivy-League grads and professional writers (screenwriters, journalists, editors) with many years of experience helping students to craft compelling essays. Interested students can even work directly with founders Greg and Kevin, who have over 15 years of experience helping students through the entire essay-writing process. PrepMaven’s services combine many of the best features of other good options into one, and it’s hard to beat their experience.

Sign up for PrepMaven’s college essay help now

Any student wanting college essay help, at any point in the process, with a range of budgets.

At a glance:

  • Cost: $79–349/hour (minimum $510 package)
  • Writing coach qualifications: Princeton graduates and professional writers (or current Princeton students); all trained

What we like:

  • Ivy League experience —most of their writing coaches are Princeton grads or current students, with some from Harvard and other Ivies
  • Different pricing options to meet different families’ circumstances
  • More flexible and greater capacity to take on new students compared to individual consultants

Sign up for PrepMaven’s college essay help

Princeton University

#2 – College Essay Mentor

Our Verdict — Best of the Individual Consultants Price: unknown but high Some college essay consulting services consist of just one expert. Of these individual essay consultants, Chris Hunt at College Essay Mentor is our favorite. He combines writing experience as a journalist for the Economist and the Wall Street Journal with personal experience as a graduate of Dartmouth. However, he only works with a small number of students each year, and students need to apply to work with him — he only accepts students with top grades and test scores who are already strong applicants for top schools. Chris offers the option for one-time written feedback, but this only gives big-picture generalizations. (And written-only feedback is always limited.) In order for help with the essay process, students need to purchase a complete essay package.

Students with top grades and test scores who want to work with a one-person business, who have a sizable budget, and who are ready to get started early.

  • Cost: $210 for a one-time written essay feedback (big picture only), then $110 per draft feedback; pricing for essay process packages unknown
  • Essay coach qualifications: professional journalist, Dartmouth grad
  • Professional writing experience as a journalist
  • Extensive experience working with college applicants
  • Partners with Debra Felix, former Director of Admissions at Columbia, for full application review

What we don’t like:

  • One-on-one work is limited to very high-achieving students, who need to apply with a resume : “I limit my one-on-one work to students who I believe will be strong applicants to elite universities. As a rule, this means having high grades in challenging classes, a test score of ACT 34+ or SAT 1500+, and substantial activities outside of the classroom.”
  • Works with a limited number of students (60 per year), so often no availability
  • All-or-nothing packages don’t allow students to work with Chris for just a few hours or for part of the essay-writing process
  • Secretive about pricing (he’ll only give pricing details once he’s reviewed the student’s resume and agreed to work with them), but we expect the minimum cost of working one-on-one to be several thousand dollars

#3 – The College Essay Guy

Our Verdict — Best for Unlimited Essay Assistance Price: $4900 for application to 3 schools, $8050 for application for 10 schools We’re fans of Ethan Sawyer, the original “college essay guy”— his book, College Essay Essentials , is a great guide to the essay-writing process. Ethan doesn’t work directly with many students these days, but he now has a team of consultants who help students follow his principles. Their assistance is really all-or-nothing — they prefer to work with students from the very beginning of the process, and their minimum package is $4900, which includes assistance with essays for three schools. If students are applying to ten schools (a more realistic number for students aiming at competitive colleges), the fee is a hefty $7400.

Students who want unlimited help through the entire process, who have a sizable budget.

  • Cost: $4900 (supplemental essays for 3 schools) – $7400 (supplemental essays for 10 schools)
  • Essay coach qualifications: mix of Ivy grads and former teachers, some writers/screenwriters; all trained
  • Great free resources about the essay-writing process
  • Their Matchlighters Scholars Program gives back to the community by providing admissions consulting for select qualifying students
  • All-or-nothing packages have a high minimum fee and don’t work for students who want just a few hours of feedback or help with just part of the process

#4 – College Vine

Our Verdict — Best of the Big Platforms Price: $140–180/hour There are plenty of large platforms with large stables of part-time tutors and coaches available to work with students. Of these big platforms, we think CollegeVine has the best offerings. Compared to other large companies, CollegeVine provides more information about their tutors, and students can pick individual tutors to work with from their roster. However, this model is really just a way of finding individual tutors to hire. Tutors don’t receive any training and don’t share a common approach, so it’s a mixed bag. Their rates are fairly high for part-time tutors who don’t have specific expertise and training in college essay consulting. Because CollegeVine is really just a marketplace where individual tutors can find students, the quality and price will vary widely.

Students who want to work with a big company, or those who want a quick session or two to go over their essays.

  • Cost: Typically $140–180/hour
  • Essay coach qualifications: no specific qualifications, but a few are Ivy League graduates
  • Possible to select individual editors to work with from their roster.
  • Easy to schedule ad-hoc sessions with a tutor through the website.
  • No training or common approach for tutors
  • Editors are part-time , with no option to work with full-time college admissions experts
  • Relatively expensive for this level of expertise

College Essay Editing Alternatives (that Didn’t Make the Cut)

Individual essay consultants, #5 – college essay editor.

Our Verdict — Small Editing Team Price: Roughly $5,950 for applications to 10 schools College Essay Editor comprises two graduates of Stanford. This means that they have personal experience applying to highly competitive schools. One member of the team also has a college counseling certification, which is a good background for college essays. Based on their website, they appear to focus on the editing and proofreading phase of the essay-writing process. This can be helpful to students, but we recommend working with a service who can help students to uncover their values and brainstorm really great material that allows them to really shine—and if this doesn’t happen at the beginning of the process, it’s much harder to add in later on.

  • Cost: $195/1000 words for proofreading, $495/1000 words for 3 rounds of editing and proofreading, or $595/1000 words for unlimited rounds of editing and proofreading; for the purposes of comparison, complete applications to 10 competitive colleges would be around 9,650 words, or $5950.
  • Writing coach qualifications: Stanford graduates, one of whom has college counseling certification
  • Editors are graduates of Stanford University , and one is a member of NACAC, the national association of college counselors
  • They focus on editing and proofreading only , not on the crucial earlier steps of brainstorming and strategy
  • Small team with very limited availability
  • All asynchronous editing so you won’t be able to cultivate a real relationship with your essay coach.

#6 – Allison Karpf

Our Verdict — Former English Teacher Helping Students Price: $385/hour or $3850 package for application to one school Another option for students looking to hire an individual consultant is Allison Karpf. Allison is a former high school English teacher and a graduate of UC Berkeley who also holds a Masters of Education from Stanford. Her rates are definitely on the higher side, especially for someone who doesn’t have a professional writing background, but she does have extensive experience working with students to craft their essays.

  • Cost:  $385/hour or $3850 unlimited counseling (includes supplemental essays for one college)
  • Essay coach qualifications: former high school English teacher; Berkeley grad, Stanford MEd
  • Lots of experience helping students improve their college essays
  • Very quick to respond to client requests
  • No professional writing experience or Ivy-Plus undergraduate experience
  • High rates relative to other options
  • Limited availability , since she works alone

#7 – Your College Vision

Our Verdict: Former Journalist with More Affordable Rates Price: $180/hour, or packages starting from $3500 Laurie Lande is another individual consultant who helps students through the essay-writing process. She comes recommended by other consultants like Chris from College Essay Mentor . Laurie did not herself attend a highly competitive school, so she doesn’t have that personal experience of going through the selective admissions process, but she does have a professional writing background as a journalist for the Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong.

  • Cost: $180/hour or packages starting at $3500
  • Essay coach qualifications: journalism background
  • Affordable pricing , relative to other options
  • Not a graduate of a highly selective school

#8 – The College Guru

Our Verdict — Good on Paper but Unresponsive Price: unknown Yet another individual essay consultant is Geanine Thompson from The College Guru. Geanine attended Dartmouth as an undergraduate and also holds an MBA from Duke. She also has a professional writing background as an assistant book editor at Berkley Publishing Group. Like Greg and Kevin at PrepMaven , she combines experience in the business world and at Wall Street firms with experience in education.

  • Cost: unknown
  • Essay coach qualifications: former assistant book editor; Dartmouth grad, Duke MBA
  • Dartmouth graduate and former book editor
  • Not responsive to emails and client requests

#9 – Sofia Zapiola

Our Verdict — A budget-friendly, personal essay editor. Price: $80/hour Yet another individual essay consultant is Sofia Zapiola, who offers a mix of essay editing and college application counseling services.

  • Cost: $80/hour
  • Essay coach qualifications: M.A. from Harvard; certificate in College Counseling from UC San Diego.
  • Individual approach, budget-friendly rates, commitment to working within families’ budgets.
  • Very few testimonials, so it’s difficult to evaluate how effective she is.

student writing college essay on laptop

Mid-size Teams

#10 – lotus learning.

Our Verdict — Expensive for Tutor Background Price: $165/hour Founded by a Harvard grad who is a former teacher and veteran of the publishing industry, Lotus learning offers college essay help in the Boston area. They have a small team of tutors, mostly recent grads from good but not Ivy-Plus colleges, and mostly with focus in health sciences.

  • Cost: $165/hour (minimum 8 hours)
  • Essay coach qualifications: tutors are recent grads, but not Ivy-Plus schools
  • Reasonable pricing with flexible packages
  • Essay editors aren’t graduates of Ivy-Plus schools and don’t have professional writing experience

Large platforms

#11 – study point.

Our Verdict — Larger Platform with Mystery Editors Price: Rates Between $60 and $120/hr Study Point is a larger essay editing service. They claim to have several decades of experience helping students to craft their college essays, but they do not give information about who their essay coaches are and what qualifications they might have.

  • Cost: $60-120/hr, depending on tutor experience
  • Essay coach qualifications: unknown
  • Larger company with several decades of experience
  • Unclear who the essay coaches are
  • Lack of statistics about their results

#12 – Ivy Select

Our Verdict — Larger Platform with Mystery Editors Price: unknown Ivy Select makes a lot of big promises on their website about having the best college essay consultants in the business, but they offer no information on who these consultants are, or on their backgrounds. They also brag that each consultant “only” works 20 students in one application cycle, but in our experience, that’s quite high.

  • Long list of impressive (but anonymous) testimonials
  • Only work with “top students”
  • No information on their website about who the editors are
  • Each essay coach works with up to 20 students at one time

#13 – Empowerly

Our Verdict — Larger Platform with Mystery Editors Price: High, from $6000/year Empowerly has over 60 college counselors who each work with an average of 5 students per year, in order to have more time to devote to each student. Their counselors come from “different educational backgrounds,” and while they do not provide specific biographical details we can assume that most of their essay coaches did not attend highly selective schools.

  • Cost: typically from $6000/year
  • Essay coach qualifications: college counselors
  • Counselors work with just a few students per year
  • You have to upgrade to “Empowerly Elite” to guarantee a counselor with a more selective educational background
  • No professional writing experience

#14 – Prepory

Our Verdict — Expensive but with Good Expertise Price: $325/hr Prepory is a college application and career counseling service that offers a comprehensive program for college applications at any stage of the process (including as early as 9th grade). They make a lot of impressive claims about the expertise of their coaches, but it’s quite difficult to actual find much information about their essay coach qualifications.

  • Cost: $325/hr
  • They have a comprehensive college application program that begins as early as 9th grade.
  • Limited information about essay coaches
  • High prices

Top 40 College Essay Services Considered

  • College Essay Editor
  • The College Essay Guy
  • College Vine
  • College Essay Mentor
  • Study Point
  • Allison Karpf
  • The College Guru
  • Lotus Learning
  • Summit Prep
  • Sofia Zapiola
  • Ivy Global / New Summits
  • College Essay Solutions
  • Your College Vision
  • Essay Edge*
  • ServicEscape*
  • PapersForge*
  • QuickWriter*
  • JustEditMyEssay*
  • JustDoMyEsssay*
  • ExpertWriting*
  • SpeedyPaper*
  • GradeMiners*

* A number of services will edit essays directly for students, or even write portions of the essay for students. We do not condone this. Admissions officers can tell when essays have been written or edited by adults and this can have severe consequences. We have excluded these services from our reviews.

student writing college essay

Why are college application essays important?

Can a great college essay alone get you into Harvard?

No. You’ll need your grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities (as well as letters of recommendation and interview) to be outstanding.

But can a mediocre essay be the reason you didn’t get into Harvard?

Yes. There are thousands of amazingly-qualified students who graduate from high school each year. Great grades and test scores might be a prerequisite for admission to a competitive college, but they alone aren’t enough.

Harvard University

College essays are a key component of a student’s application . When done well, they transform a collection of numbers—GPA, class rank, SAT or ACT scores , number of AP classes taken, AP scores—into a glimpse of a real, individual person.

Essays do many things. Good college essays can highlight extracurricular achievements which otherwise would be overlooked in a sterile list. Strong essays often indicate the student’s future plans —how they plan to leave a mark on their college campus and on the world. They can shine a light on unique challenges that a student may have had to face on their journey.

College admissions officers only have a few minutes to spend on each application. College essays need to be original, interesting, and memorable . They need to grab the attention of the admissions officer and persuade them that this is the student out of hundreds or thousands of other similarly-qualified applicants who should be admitted.

College admissions essays are usually unlike any other kind of writing that students have done before. They’re a combination of memoir and marketing pitch, and they need to be creative but also highly strategic. That’s a tough assignment!

What’s more, students are left to figure this assignment out on their own. A thoughtful and generous high school English teacher may provide guidance or offer to read essays and give feedback, but these teachers are responsible for many students, and they’re (usually) not experts in admissions strategies.

There’s another reason college essays are especially important from 2024 on. After the recent Supreme Court decision, the application essay has become one of the main ways that you can communicate how your racial identity has affected your life.

In fact, the New York Times published an article about how important it can be for students to discuss race in their college application essays!

Princeton University

Why work with a college essay service?

You may want to consider a college essay service if:

  • You have no idea where to start in order to write your college application essays
  • You feel overwhelmed by all of the different ideas you have and don’t know what would be the most strategic for college admissions—and what topics to definitely avoid for college essays
  • You don’t know how to craft a compelling stor y
  • You’re not sure how to edit and refine what you’ve written
  • You have a hard time keeping yourself on track and want an external structure to hold you accountable
  • You’re tired of conflict between students and parents about college essays
  • You’re aiming at a competitive college (not just the Ivy League!) and know that you need your essays to be outstanding
  • Your grades, test scores, and extracurriculars aren’t exceptional, so you need your essay to make your essay stand out from the pack
  • You’re unfamiliar with the US college admissions process (a common situation for international students and first-generation families in the US)

Any of these are strong reasons to consider working with a college essay service!

It’s also worth remembering that a lot of the free advice on college’s website isn’t always very clear. For example, NYU’s admissions Senior Assistant Director of Admissions says that “There is no right or wrong way to answer as long as your answer is genuine to you.”

While that’s true, that doesn’t offer much guidance on how to actually write the essay!

Though many college applicants might not mention it, more and more students are using professional college application consultants. Research at the University of Chicago has shown that over a quarter of high-achieving seniors employed private specialists to help with the college application process.

In fact, according to NPR , some companies are even offering college admissions counseling to their top employees as an incentive–that’s just how important professional help can be in the current landscape of college admissions.

It’s important to note that a good college essay service will not write your college application essays for you . This is unethical and illegal. That’s not just coming from us: take it from a school like Princeton, whose website insists on the importance of writing your own application essays.

A good college essay service will guide you through each step of the process , teaching you how to self-reflect and write well while sharing insider insight about admissions strategy .

Yale University

What makes a good college essay service?

We strongly believe that students need to write their own college essays , and we do not condone plagiarism or “buying” a college essay.

However, writing college application essays requires a completely new set of skills that is rarely taught in high school!

Writing a personal essay is much more creative than simply writing a good paper for English class. It requires a compelling narrative and a great deal of writing craft . A good essay service will teach how to do this kind of writing.

There are many college essay services that will provide only written feedback to students, usually in the form of comments added to an essay draft. (Remember, it’s important that students write their own essays, so avoid any college essay service that will make edits directly to an essay document .)

Written comments can be an effective component of good essay coaching. However, writing college essays is a deeply personal process , and it’s incredibly difficult to guide a student through the process of self-reflection, brainstorming, and planning purely through written comments.

In addition, a great college essay coach will teach students how to do this entire process of brainstorming, planning, outlining, writing, and revising . It’s difficult to learn why an essay coach is advising certain changes through written comments alone.

For these reasons, look for a college essay service with live, one-on-one services , not just written feedback. These days, it’s easy to work with the best college essay consultants in the country over Zoom!

college essay coaching service online

Students need to reflect on their goals, their passions, and what drives them to be the person they are. This requires a great deal of self-awareness and self-analysis . An experienced college essay coach can help draw these ideas out of students through tested introspection techniques and brainstorming exercises .

On top of all of that, students need to be cognizant of which traits and accomplishments will be most appealing to colleges , and which stories will be cliche and boring. Personal statements and supplementary essays need to fit together to tell a cohesive story, and they need to work together with the rest of the student’s application (extracurriculars, grades, and other accomplishments).

In other words, there’s a great deal of strategy here! An experienced college essay service can help students decide how to present themselves in the best possible light .

Furthermore, most students don’t know how to edit effectively . A really top-notch college essay service will also teach students how to edit their own writing —how to reorder sections for better flow, cut unnecessary words to meet a word count, eliminate passive verbs, and make their writing vivid and exciting. Our students are routinely amazed by how transformative this step can be, and how much they learn by doing it together with the essay coach.

Finally, the best college essay services can also help students to make a writing plan and keep them on track , so that parents don’t have to be involved directly.

Ready to work on your college essays? Schedule a free 15- to 30-minute consultation with Jessica or one of our founders.

Best overall: PrepMaven’s tutors offer the highest quality at the best price. With three tiers of tutors, they make it easy to work with an Ivy League undergraduate for as little as $79/hr. Or, families can work with education professionals or Ivy League graduates from $150/hr. PrepMaven’s track record means that you can be sure every hour is being spent productively, so that you can expect real results from the work.

Best for individual consultants: College Essay Mentor. In theory, College Essay Mentor would offer an unparalleled level of individual attention and guidance: his website boasts of some very impressive results. You might find it hard to actually schedule with him, however, since he’s very selective about his clients.

Best for unlimited essay assistance: The College Essay Guy might not offer that personalized attention you get from live, face to face essay coaching, but they do offer unlimited essay editing for up to 10 schools (if you’re comfortable paying a hefty package price).

Best of the big platforms: College Vine will always be a bit of a gamble. Because it’s a tutor marketplace, your results (and costs) will really depend on how lucky you get with your consultant. From our research, however, many of their essay coaches look to have solid track records.

Ready to work on college essays with one of our experienced writing coaches? Schedule a free test prep consultation with Jessica (Director of Tutoring) or one of our founders to see what would be the best fit for your family.

It’s always best to start early and not wait until the last minute to write your college essays! Remember that essays can be used to earn scholarships as well as college admission, so a few months of writing now can pay off with up to $300,000 in tuition saved later. 

We work with students at all stages of the writing process, from I-have-no-idea-what-to-write to final edits. To start working with an Ivy-League writing coach today, set up a quick free consultation with our team.

Schedule a free college essay consultation

Ivy League schools

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  • Qualities of a Successful College Essay
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  • How to Format Your College Essay

best graduate level paper writing service

Emily graduated  summa cum laude  from Princeton University and holds an MA from the University of Notre Dame. She was a National Merit Scholar and has won numerous academic prizes and fellowships. A veteran of the publishing industry, she has helped professors at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton revise their books and articles. Over the last decade, Emily has successfully mentored hundreds of students in all aspects of the college admissions process, including the SAT, ACT, and college application essay. 


best graduate level paper writing service

15 College Essays That Worked

May 13, 2024

In this regularly updated post, we share the college essays that helped students get into their dream schools -- including Ivy Leagues.

SSAT Score Release Dates and Information

SSAT Score Release Dates – When You’ll Get That Score Report

May 2, 2024

You've studied hard. You've taken the SSAT. Now when will you get that score report? Find SSAT score release dates and more in this regularly updated post.

SSAT Prep Resources (1)

SSAT Prep Resources: Your Guide

Preparing to take the SSAT? What SSAT prep resources should you be utilizing? We weigh in on the best SSAT test prep tools in this post.

Scoring on the SSAT

Scoring on the SSAT: Your 2024 Guide

Understanding your SSAT score report can be challenging. With this detailed breakdown of SSAT scores, you'll have a firm grasp on what to expect in no time!

What is a good SSAT Score_

What is a Good SSAT Score for 2024?

What is a good SSAT score? What percentile ranking do you need to get into the school of your dreams? Find out more in this comprehensive post.


Princeton Review vs Kaplan: Which SAT Prep Service is Better?

April 29, 2024

Princeton Review and Kaplan are two of the biggest test prep services, but which one is better? Detailed review of pricing, course materials, instructor qualifications, and customer service. Choose the best SAT prep to help you raise your score…

best graduate level paper writing service

Kaplan SAT Prep Review: Rating All of Kaplan’s SAT Prep Options

Comprehensive review of Kaplan's SAT prep services: pricing, instructor qualifications, online platform, customer service, and educational quality.


Princeton Review vs Kaplan: Which ACT Prep Service is Better?

Princeton Review and Kaplan are two of the biggest test prep services, but which one is better? Detailed review of pricing, course materials, instructor qualifications, and customer service. Choose the best ACT prep to help you raise your score…

Kaplan ACT Prep Review: Rating All of Kaplan’s ACT Prep Options

Comprehensive review of Kaplan's ACT prep services: pricing, instructor qualifications, online platform, customer service, and educational quality.

best graduate level paper writing service

15 Best Online Writing Tutoring Services for 2024 (50 Tutoring Services Reviewed)

A list of the 15 best online writing tutoring services, reviewed and ranked. Compare prices & writing tutor qualifications. Best overall: PrepMaven’s writing tutoring ($66–349/hr). Best on a budget: Wyzant ($20–600/hr). Best…

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best graduate level paper writing service

Ace your degree with our graduate essay services

Struggling with your graduate essay? Trust the professionals at EssayService to handle it with originality, quality, and affordability.

You know it's time to turn to EssayService when:

best graduate level paper writing service

Carefully selected writers for high-quality essays

Choose from a team of carefully selected experts at EssayService, who can handle any paper, any complexity, with no impossible tasks.

best graduate level paper writing service

“Amazing writer! Delivered the work ahead of time. Great communication. If I wanted any changes in the document, I asked her and she immediately worked on it and delivered a great job!”

best graduate level paper writing service

“This writer communicates well, works fast, and delivers great papers. I definitely will be hiring her in the future.”

best graduate level paper writing service

“Easy to communicate with, quick responses, finishes days before the deadline you set for him, the essays come out looking better than great. Paul will exceed your expectations and definitely the guy to go to.”

best graduate level paper writing service

“Very quick and thorough. Followed instructions with no revisions necessary. Sarah is a great writer and highly recommended!”

best graduate level paper writing service

“great assignment! thank you so much for your prompt work!”

best graduate level paper writing service

“Great work and fast ! will hire again”

The reasons why students opt to collaborate with us:

Zero plagiarism policy.

We guarantee plagiarism-free papers and provide a free report to ensure originality and quality assurance.

Elite authors

All our experts boast a postgraduate degree, at least three years of experience and demonstrate our exacting standards.

Tailored service

We welcome your writing samples to emulate your style and deliver a professional paper that meets your standards.

Prompt submission

We understand that deadlines are critical, and strive to provide you with your writing well before the due date!

Always online

Our round-the-clock support team is always available to answer your inquiries and even assign an expert on short notice.

Fast ordering

Ordering is easy: fill out the form, choose a writer, and receive your completed work.

Any assignment possible

Our team can assist in crafting convincing essays, regardless of complexity.

Secure and private

Remain anonymous when working with us, as our website is fully encrypted and employs secure payment methods.

Reasonable rates

Our prices are budget-friendly and affordable without compromising the quality of our service.

Explore our customer reviews

We are proud of our graduate school essay writing services and always happy to get feedback! Leave your impressions of our help and see what other students are saying about our work.

The writer has followed my specific instructions and was able to provide the paper earlier than the deadline. The writer is very communicative and answers all your concerns. Highly recommend.

Goes above and beyond. He completed the assignment ahead of schedule and the work was exceptional.

The best writer here, always on time. Very proactive to read your assigment first for corrections, if they are needed he do that inmediatelly. If you want to have good grades or you are in trouble and need to pass a class this is your writer.

Impressive writer. Paid attention to detail, was very conscientious and timely, and adequately integrated theory and empirical evidence in his writing.

This writer continues to provide quality work, he is thorough, diligent, and communicates timely. Hire him, I have hired him again and will continue to only use him. Best writer on this site in my experience.

Frank has been the MOST helpful writer on this site and you would be making an incredible mistake if you do NOT hire him. His prices have been the MOST reasonable, and he communicates timely and effectively. I appreciate you, Frank. If I could give you 20 stars I would. Folks, Frank is your guy trust me. I tried maybe 5 others and Frank is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am beyond eager to write this review for this writer. I will shout to the rooftops ENCOURAGING you to hire him. I have used other writers but NONE have delivered such awesome work as this writer and NONE of their prices can compare to his. He does not try to "break the bank" and he works hard. He is simply,THE BEST HERE!!!

There were too many writers to have to sort through, would be nice if I was able to sort by how many medical/health science paper they have written.

SO far everything seems to be professional, this is my first time using this kind of online service to get an assignment done.

This service is very easy and efficient. When you are overloaded with tasks, you're up to your ears in paperwork, this is the best help!

Easy to use the website, have people bid for your paper which is cool, cause you can pick who you want, you get options

Being able to see the finished product prior to making the full payment is what made me choose this site. Great idea!

I'm new to this but so far the communication with the tutors has been awesome.

Super well thought out, I wish there was more information on the delivery of the work/essay when finished, but overall I'm happy.

Even though I wrote a similar paper once last year, I already forgot how to do this analysis and understand that it will take too much time to reread the theory and then write the paper based on it. Thanks for making my life easier!

Yesterday I felt so sick that I was lying in bed doing nothing. I was not able to read, analyze, or say, write something. So I turned on the PC ordered the paper on this website. Thanks a lot!

I am very happy with the services they provide, excellent work. In a timely manner, I received 100 for my essay. Since I am always busy working they come through when I do not have time to finish.

The reaction paper was written, bearing in mind all the necessary structural elements of the essay. I am happy the writer used quite complex vocabulary, so the essays sounds persuasive.

I am very happy with the services they provide, excellent work. Since I am always busy working they come through when I do not have time to finish.

Great company to work with they get the job done one time and correct.

I would like to thank your marketing assignment expert for editing my assignment so well. It’s completely error-free now.

So caring about what I expect, offered revision in case it's not what i needed. Everything was good

It was my first time using such a service. Essay was good and nicely formatted.

Now I received my paper and you know, I’m amazed! I recommend them.

They are really good in services as their name in the market. Superb, outstanding and marvelous

Your experts helped me to better understand the task I couldn't complete for a long time! Thanks!

How to get your perfect grad school essay?

1. place an order and pick your graduate school essay writer.

Fill out a short order form with the details and requirements for your essay. Then, browse through our writers’ profiles and pick the best one.

2. Communicate with your writer and get your paper done

Chat with your assigned writer directly to clarify any issues, make suggestions, or monitor the progress. Then check your completed paper after receiving a notification

3. Pay once you are 100% satisfied

You will deposit one-third of the sum when placing an order. The rest will be released only when you are satisfied with the final piece.

best graduate level paper writing service

Frequently asked questions

What is grad school essay writing, is it legal to use your graduate essay service, how much does a graduate school essay cost, how does your website process payments, do you need to get grad school essay help in less than 3 hours.

There is nothing impossible for our EssayService writers, so even if your essay is due soon, you can always rely on our help!

Graduate paper writing service

Welcome to the top graduate essay writing services. Hire a pro writer, get your perfect grad school application essay, and boost your chances of success! Each graduate school essay writer on our skilled team will make sure that your essay will stand out from the crowd.

Get a reliable graduate school essay writing services!

Certified writers

Here at EssayService, we’ve gathered the best writers that deal with graduate school essays! In our pool of professionals, you can find qualified specialists with academic degrees and vast experience in delivering top-notch grad essay help.

Flexible pricing

The prices for our graduate essay writing services are pocket-friendly. To help you save even more, our team has made our pricing model flexible. Simply put, the more pages you order, the less you pay!

Style imitation

To create a truly flawless and authentic grad school application essay, our experts study your own samples of writing first. This enables them to imitate it when it comes to creating your final paper.

24/7 Friendly support team

EssayService, a leading college essay writing service , ensures its support team strives to create a comfortable environment for all customers. That's why our friendly support representatives are available 24/7 and ready to answer all your questions or provide any assistance.

Our graduate school essay writing service stands for academic integrity

Our graduate essay writing service is committed to upholding academic integrity and delivering exceptional results. When you buy a graduate essay online from us, you can trust that our team of experienced writers will provide you with a well-researched, original, and well-written essay that meets your specific requirements. We understand that selecting a reliable service can be a daunting task, which is why we encourage you to read our reviews to see what our satisfied customers have to say about our work. With our graduate service, you can confidently achieve your academic goals, knowing that our team is here to support you when you say, " write an essay for me ."


EssayService is 100% parent-friendly. Many of our regular clients are parents who order grad papers to help their children study better and succeed academically. You too can get graduate school essay help to empower your child!

Advocate academic integrity

Our writers strongly encourage students to respect academic integrity and use our grad school essay service wisely. Make the most of the texts we deliver to learn from pro writers and hone your own research and writing skills.

Unique study guides

Keeping up the high academic performance can be hard and that’s why we are here! EssayService was created to help students succeed. With our graduate school essay writing service, you can receive top-notch, unique papers and learn from them.

Sharing academic goals

We strive to take part in a global educational mission. Recognizing that every student needs a unique teaching approach to succeed, our service offers one more tool designed to support you in your studies.

Expert Graduate Essay Writing Service

Struggling with the Graduate Application Essay? We Can Help!

Trusted by 30k+ Students

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Pick Your Graduate School Essay Writer

Our hand-picked writers have the skills, education, and experience needed to meet your needs. Browse through and find the right essay writer for your grad essay:

emily-roy - Writer


john-kenneth - Writer

John Kenneth

sarah-lamperouje - Writer

Sarah Lamperouje

What Makes Us The Best Graduate School Essay Writing Service?


Customized Writing Approach


Unlimited Revisions

Get as many revisions as you need, ensuring your complete satisfaction with every order.


Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

timely delivery

Timely Delivery


24/7 Customer Service

Starting At Just $11/Page - Benefits Includes

Plagiarism Report

Bibliography Section

Get All These for

Hear From Our Clients: Authentic Reviews

Discover firsthand accounts from students who trusted our service with their writing needs. Review Logo

Insightful Analysis

Lucas Murphy

Best Reflective Application

Sophia Martinez

Exceptional Support

Ethan Thompson

Our Grad School Essay Services Span Across Disciplines


Science & Technology

We offer comprehensive insights into science and technology guided by scientific expertise.


Social Sciences

Our essays provide invaluable perspectives on social issues, from advocating social justice to analyzing social media impact.


Literature & Humanities

We offer profound insights into literature and humanities, enriching your understanding of these subjects.


Environmental Studies

Within the domain of environmental studies, we specialize in guiding you through complex dilemmas. 


Economics & Business

Rooted in in-depth research, our essays offer insights into key economic and business concepts.

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Let our custom graduate school paper service help you with any type of grad essay!

Get Grad School Essay Help In Simple Steps

Order step 1

Submit Your Order

Order step 2

Secure 50% Payment

Order step 3

Receive Confirmation

Order step 4

Connect with Our Team

Order step 5

Download Your Essay

Fill in the order form

Answering Common Questions

How do you handle tight deadlines for grad essays.

FAQ Question

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines for grad-level assignments. Our writers are experienced in working under pressure, and we offer expedited services to ensure your essay is delivered on time.

What steps do you take to ensure the confidentiality of my order?

We take data security seriously. Your personal information and essay details are encrypted and stored securely. We also have strict policies in place to ensure that your essay remains confidential and is never shared with anyone without your consent.

How do you ensure the originality and authenticity of essays?

We use plagiarism-detection tools and ensure that each essay is custom-written from scratch. We also provide a Turnitin plagiarism report with every essay.

How can I choose the right graduate paper writing service?

Look for a service that offers experienced writers, a track record of quality work, positive customer reviews, guarantees of originality, and adherence to deadlines.

What if I'm not satisfied with the grad essay I receive?

We offer unlimited revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you're still not happy, we have a money-back satisfaction guarantee in place.

Are there any hidden fees or extra charges for using your service?

No, we are transparent about our pricing. Our initial quote covers all the services mentioned in your order, including revisions, formatting, and any additional features you choose. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

How much does a graduate school essay cost?

Our pricing for graduate school essays starts at $11 per page. However, the exact cost may vary depending on factors such as the deadline, length, and academic level of the essay. We offer transparent pricing, and you can calculate the cost using our online calculator or contact our customer support for a personalized quote.

Discover Our Expertise in Graduate Writing

Are you seeking top-notch graduate essay writing services online? Look no further than MyPerfectWords! Our dedicated team specializes in crafting exceptional essays tailored to your academic needs and aspirations.

What is a Graduate Writing Service? 

Graduate essay services provide invaluable assistance to students navigating the complexities of higher education. Whether it's graduate-level admission essays, program essays, or personal essays, these services offer customized solutions to meet your academic requirements. Our expert writers are adept at creating original, high-quality essays that ensure your academic success.

At, we understand the challenges students face, especially when deadlines loom large. That's why we take pride in delivering 100% unique papers crafted to your unique specifications.

Why Trust Our Professional Graduate Writing Experts?

When you choose our service to buy a graduate essay online, rest assured that our academic writers undergo strict screening to ensure they meet our standards. We evaluate their educational background, writing proficiency, and subject expertise. Our commitment to excellence ensures that only the most qualified writers join our team.

Unlike other services, we don't believe in the bidding process. Instead, we carefully select or enable you to choose a writer who aligns perfectly with your requirements. You can trust our professional essay writers to deliver top-quality work that propels your academic journey toward success.

Why Do You Need An Expert Grad School Essay Writing Service?

Grad students face a number of challenges, from time constraints to complex assignments. Here are some reasons why students choose us to buy a personal statement for their graduate admissions. 

  • Time Constraints: Juggling multiple responsibilities leaves little time for academic writing.
  • Complex Assignments: Grad school essays demand in-depth research and critical analysis.
  • Lack of Expertise: Some students may lack the necessary writing and research skills.
  • Language Barriers: International students may struggle with English proficiency in written form.
  • Academic Pressure: Maintaining high grades and meeting deadlines can be overwhelming.
  • Desire for Quality: Students seek writing services to ensure their papers stand out academically.

If you're struggling with these challenges, seek assistance without compromising your academic goals. With our user-friendly ordering process and 24/7 customer support, obtaining expertly crafted essays has never been easier.

Type of Graduate Paper Writing Services Offered

At, our commitment to excellence makes us the standout choice for your grad essay needs. Here's why we outshine the competition:

  • Tailored Application Essays: Our graduate school application essay writing service specializes in graduate school admission essays that make your application stand out. Our expert writers understand the nuances required for admission success.
  • Best Graduate Level Paper Writing Service: As the best in the business, we take pride in delivering top-notch research papers. Our writers, with advanced degrees, ensure your papers meet the highest academic standards.
  • Comprehensive Writing Services: From graduate admission essay writing services to editing and writing graduation speech essays, we offer a range of services to meet all your essay writing needs.
  • Grad School Essay Editing Excellence: Our graduate school essay editing service ensures that your essays are polished to perfection. We pay attention to detail, refining your work to ensure the final paper is of the highest quality.

Say goodbye to stress with our custom essay writing help . Our professional writers are here to ease your academic burden.

Explore Other Services for Help With Your Application Process

Here are a few other services that you can pick if you need personalized help with your admission essays or application process. 


Admission Essay Writing Service


MBA Essay Writing Service


Medical School Essay Writing Service

scholarship essay writing service

Scholarship Essay Writing Service


Personal Statement Writing Help

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15 best essay writing services online: a review and comparison of the top paper writing sites in 2021.

Chicago, IL, March 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MagnoliaMediaNetwork announces the release of the review, “ Best Essay Writing Services in 2021 ”:

We’ve all been there, your deadline is looming when disaster strikes!

Your laptop gets stolen, your job distracts you, you fall behind… it happens.

If you need a high quality college, high school, or university essay quickly, why not try a top essay writing service?

Here we’ve evaluated some of the best essay writing services online based on 4 benchmarks: price, quality, writers, and customer support.

How the Essay Writing Services Were Evaluated

Price - Essay writing services tend to charge on a per-page basis that includes turnaround time, academic level, topic, and so on. In this review, sites that offered quality at great prices scored higher on this list.

Quality - It’s no secret that these essays will be handed in at schools, colleges, or even universities. Even if the student does rewrite the content in their own words, the quality of the original piece cannot be overlooked. That’s why this review took into consideration the quality of content provided when ranking the best essay writing services on the market.

Writers - Building on quality, the writers hired by the platform should be professional, experienced, and capable of handling any paper thrown at them. As such, this article carefully looked at how each platform screened writers and what methods were available for the customer to contact the writer.

Customer Support - Customers are bound to run into issues with any online service at some point. Therefore, this article made sure to look at how customer service on each site dealt with complaints, revisions, and any negative feedback.

The Best Essay Writing Sites in 2021

1. 99Papers - Best Essay Writing Service Overall

With an average trustpilot rating of 4.6 with 230 positive reviews, this is one of the most trustworthy and ethical writing services we have been able to find. The pricing starts at roughly $9 per page and goes up from there depending on length, etc.

99papers is also one of the few paper writing services that has a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. After using the site and talking to their support you can feel they are not looking to make a quick buck and are focused on building long term customer relationships to get repeat customers.

99Papers Positives

Competitive pricing

Handles all types of writing assignments

Flexible deadlines

Easy-to-use platform

Money-back guarantee

A 5% first-time discount adds to your savings and makes sure customers can afford their services without emptying their piggy bank. There is an on-site calculator to figure out your costs before you sign up and order a paper.

Plus, users can order essay writing, research papers, citations, and even dissertation projects, as well as other content projects they need to be completed by a pro. There is also a money-back guarantee. Customers just have to look on the website to find the requirements that have to be met to get their money back.

With the simple ordering process, users simply have to click on the particulars for their specific needs, and the order will reflect those requirements when the writer picks up the project. The company does pride itself on making sure your deadlines are met, guaranteeing you won't have to request an extension or turn your paper in late to your teacher.

2. Grademiners - Best for Fast Turnaround Times

Experience counts, and with this writing service, students are getting over ten years' worth of industry experience. Grademiners have been around for a while and, therefore, know how to provide quality papers.

Grademiners Positives

Simple, easy-to-understand pricing policy

100% money-back guarantee

Easy communication between staff, writers, and clients

Onsight calculator

Proofreading services available

Grademiners Drawbacks

Potentially expensive, especially with short deadlines

Discounts only for first-time buyers

The process is straightforward. Users simply need to provide details of what they want in their paper and use the online calculator to estimate the price. Grademiners vet their writers, making sure they pass a grammar test and a screening interview to guarantee your papers are handled by people who know their stuff.

Their pricing is competitive, and depending on the length, deadline, and other details, customers can pay as little as $16 a page. $8 per page if proofreading is all that's needed to make sure your paper is perfect.

This company also offers discounts, a money-back guarantee as well as 24/7 communication through different chat, e-mail, and other messaging options. Users can stay in constant contact with the company while waiting for a quick deadline to be met.

Finally, their online reputation is quite good, and the professional attitude helps make sure customers get treated as they should.

3. Essaybox - Best Writing Service for College Students & Graduates

The focus of this writing service is more for college students and graduate students. They work with clients worldwide and employ about 1800 writers, give or take a few, who live in different countries.

Essaybox Positives

Native English writers

Covers a wide range of subjects

Works with students up to Ph.D. level

Easy-to-use payment system

Writers occasionally miss deadlines

Expensive extras

Like every other writing service, their per-page costs are competitive, with the minimum price starting at $11.40. If you want plagiarism-free papers, customers may need to pay a little extra. Still, Essaybox's plagiarism detection will make sure students won't get in trouble.

This writing service also offers the same services as their competitors, including but not limited to a money-back guarantee, original work, 24 7 customer service, unlimited revisions, and so on.

There is also a first-time discount, but long-term clients can get other bonuses if the paper is long enough. Plus, they use native English speakers from Canada, America, the UK, and other western countries.

Their area of expertise covers a wide range of subjects making sure their company is ready to handle the needs of its many different clients. The maximum fee that customers can be charged should be around $60 per page, but that is for a Ph.D. level paper with a 3-hour deadline.

4. EssayFactory - Best Essay Writing Service for UK-Based Student

More for students who live in the United Kingdom than any other country, this writing service prides itself on its good customer service, often responding to early morning inquiries quickly.

EssayFactory Positives

Attractive website

Easy-to-use interface

Extensive range of subjects

Wide variety of services and extras

EssayFactory Drawbacks

Not all writers are professional

Money-back guarantee policy not clear

EssayFactory is also supposed to be a very ethical writing service as it maintains a strong "meeting the deadline" policy. This company also has a money-back guarantee policy, but it is a graduated guarantee depending on where the paper is currently at during the writing process.

If the paper has not been assigned, most likely, you will receive a 100% return on your money. But if the writer has started work on the paper, customers will receive between 50 to70% of their money back.

Along with the normal paper writing service, this company offers editing and proofreading services to make sure papers are given the best treatment before turning them in.

With an easy ordering process, customers should be able to get their assignment on the board within a few minutes. The cost is roughly 11 British Pounds per page if you put a 15-day deadline.

5. Essay-Company - Most Affordable Essay Writing Service

Some reviewers do not like this writing service and stated that the unprofessionalism overshadowed all the good aspects of this company. Other reviewers stated that this is a great writing service that comes through with its promises.

Good quality papers

On-time delivery

Looks after their clients

Negative reviews quickly addressed

VIP service available

Customer service not native English speakers

Some black SEO marketing tricks practiced

No matter which side of the fence you sit on, this is a good writing service to work with. Essay-company makes sure the assignments are all returned on time and at high-quality levels. Also, they do contact those negative review writers and talk to them about the service they received.

In addition to checking out those negative reviews, the company does offer a fair money-back guarantee as well as provide their clients with confidentiality. Like their competitors, this writing company also has a wide range of services it provides.

Their prices per page are said to be one of the lowest around, and an on-sight calculator helps users figure out their costs before they click that payment button. Then the paper is returned with high-quality content that should impress any professor.

The company's clear policies help the client know that nothing is being hidden from them when using this company for their writing needs.

Here are the runner ups that didn’t make the cut for the top 5: 6. Dissertation Guru 7. FinestEssay 8. Master of Papers 9. Need-Masterpapers 10. RoyalEssays 11. Skill-Roads 12. GhostWriterGesucht24 13. Akadem Ghostwriter

Essay Writing Service Tips

Use These Services With Caution While they are not illegal to use, you could be charged with cheating and potentially face expulsion if your school finds out. To use papers written by these companies, you should rewrite them in your own words before turning them in.

Use a Plagiarism Checker Make sure to use your own plagiarism checker, as the ones employed by these companies are not known to be the best in the world.

Keep an Eye Out for Fake Sites There are a lot of fake writing services on the internet. They may be clones of reputable ones and exist only to steal your credit card information.

Look Out for Non-Native English Writers Watch out for the writers, as not all of these writing services employ native English speakers. You have to double-check their work to make sure the writing makes sense.

Best Paper Writing Service: The Bottom Line As long as teachers and universities keep assigning research papers, essays, and so on, there will be essay writing sites that offer their services to students as a way of "keeping on top of deadlines." Though whether students should rely on these sites falls into a bit of a grey area, it's ultimately their choice whether they decide to work with a trusted essay writing platform.

The pricing may be high, but then you are paying for experience, knowledge, and convenience. When students simply do not have the time to do the research themselves, these writing services come to the rescue.

All you have to do is pick the best of the best to make sure your content is top quality.


[email protected]

Disclaimer: The pr is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, express or implied: The content publisher provides the information without warranty of any kind. We also do not accept any responsibility or liability for the legal facts, content accuracy, photos, videos. if you have any complaints or copyright issues related to this article, kindly contact the provider above.


6 Best Dissertation Writing Services

best graduate level paper writing service

Every dissertation is a complex academic assignment with plenty of requirements. It rarely has a short deadline.

In most cases, you have enough time to complete an entire project. University professors assign a standard amount of time for the paper completion.

At the same time, many students first test their writing abilities and only after start thinking logically about such a needed help.

There are many situations when students are completely incapable of performing a familiar paper themselves.

In fact, this particular assignment is difficult to perform for lots of well-trained students. If you care about the best quality of your assigned papers, you need to be one step ahead.

It is much wiser to order papers online instead of writing them on your own . Besides, once reaching the best dissertation writing services online, you save tons of your nerves.

The dissertation writing process is a multi-part procedure. You need to check the proper structure first, learn the main features of the assigned style, and prepare an outline.

After, you proceed with the writing process itself. It often becomes really insufferable dealing with numerous analytical subtasks and calculations.

Such particular dissertation parts make it a really complicated assignment for modern students.

What is a Dissertation Writing Service?

A certified dissertation writing service is a special online company that successfully assists with a dissertation writing routine.

The service that provides dissertation writing assistance can offer only help with this single assignment, or it can deal with a variety of academic projects.

People used to believe that only a service that provides specific dissertation assistance could be a good one.

In fact, many advanced writing platforms to buy dissertations offer tons of other academic papers.

What is more, they can prepare every named paper perfectly. The company’s specialization is a secondary issue.

The primary issue is the hired writers, their proficiency, experience, and dedication.

The best dissertation writing services employ only the most dedicated and perfectly trained writers. The hiring process is often highly competitive.

Only the most skilled specialists become team members. The well-organized writers’ selection ensures the top quality of dissertation papers and timely delivery.

Besides, all the writers who perform a dissertation always have a Ph.D. degree. Many writers have expertise in certain fields of study as well.

In any case, your immaculate dissertation completion is guaranteed. Once the dissertation writing duties are put on the right author, you can stop worrying about the final results at once.

Best Dissertation Writing Services in the USA

The US online market has plenty of popular names that are listed as the best dissertation writing help companies.

Such services follow their personal principles of work. The main accent is always on the immaculate quality of a delivered text.

Second, the time of delivery is never to be postponed or delayed.

Finally, the customer service and managers’ replies are always friendly and competent.

It brings us to the short list of the key characteristics of the best dissertation writing services:

  • Immaculate original content prepared by writers with a Ph.D. degree
  • Friendly and competent managers and customer support
  • No delays or orders postpone under any circumstances
  • Main guarantees and privacy policy ensured

1. is an up-to-date writing company that offers expert dissertation writing help.

The service completed a huge number of academic papers, including theses, term papers, research papers, various essays, etc.

Customers can find available assistance for various types of educational projects.

Dissertation help is one of the specialized types of writing assistance for graduate students. brings a powerful team of writers who have Ph.D. degrees and experience in carrying out familiar assignments.

The hired experts are chosen due to their experience, verified qualifications, preferred field of study, and expertise.

Once assigning trained writers with a Ph.D. degree, the service ensures timely expert assistance. The chosen approach allows for finalizing more papers since the company has hundreds of experienced dissertation writers.

The significance of ordering a perfectly prepared dissertation is reasonable. Students who order at the platform not only improve their chances to submit papers timely, they get finalized papers on time as a rule.

Why choose

  • A skilled team of writers with Ph.D. degrees
  • Hundreds of dissertation writers at the site
  • Timely delivery and immaculate content
  • Friendly round-the-clock customer support

2. is one of the most modernized online writing services. The company brings the implementation of advanced technologies and tools to the next level.

The ordering procedure is more advanced nowadays. It allows clients to order a dissertation quite quickly.

The website navigation is also advanced. It helps check and decide on the needed services to order.

The utilized modern technologies and software helped create and implement new writing algorithms. It ensures speedy paper accomplishment.

The top writers perform every dissertation paper separately and from scratch.

Once using advanced tools, dissertation writers perform papers efficiently and due to assigned requirements. is well-known for the impressive efficiency of the company’s writers. The trained experts are chosen through a meticulous hiring process.

It ensures that only skilled specialists are included in the team who prepares dissertation papers.

Why choose

  • Top writers are chosen through a meticulous hiring process
  • Implemented advanced technologies and software
  • Fast orders accomplishment and delivery

4. Domyessay.Co is a specialized writing service that completes various assignments. You can order any essay at the website, in addition to more complicated projects.

Expert assistance with a dissertation is one of the main services offered by the most skilled company writers. is the student’s choice both when they need help with homework assignments and with big projects like a dissertation.

The trained writers effortlessly deal with various disciplines, topics, and subjects.

Still, a dissertation is a precise piece writers perform extra carefully. This particular paper has complicated requirements that must be followed under any conditions.

The service offers additional literature for those who want to check numerous tips, guides, and writing recommendations on the website.

The service also brings extra editing and proofreading assistance.

Why choose Domyessay.Co?

  • Clean and tidy content and timely help
  • Strict following of the dissertation requirements
  • Extra editing and proofreading services

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best graduate level paper writing service

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  • 4c. Develop effective searches
  • 4d. Beyond keyword searching
  • 4e. Find statistical information
  • 4f. Evaluate the resources you find
  • 4g. Read, absorb, and organize the information you find
  • 5. Finalize your document plan
  • 6. Double-check your research
  • 7. Start writing the first draft
  • 8. Overcome writer's block
  • 9. Revise the draft
  • 10. Edit the draft
  • 11. Prepare the final version
  • 12. Submit the assignment

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best graduate level paper writing service

The 6 Best Graduate Level School Paper Writing Services in the USA


Being an undergraduate comes with its expectations. But it becomes even more taxing when you’ve got a professor who expects you to write graduate-level papers. Besides, you could also be planning to go to grad school. Either way, learning all about graduate-level school paper writing in the USA is quite essential. And deciding to write one today is sure to improve your writing skills.

You might be wondering what differences exist between undergrad and grad-level writing. Well, there’s quite a lot to break down in that regard. First off, a graduate-level paper is all about your contribution to your field. 

On the other hand, an undergrad-level paper assesses your knowledge in your field. And thus, undergrad-level writing is usually with less stress. That doesn’t mean it comes easy. And mastering under-grad level paper writing is the perfect foundation for the graduate-level paper. 

However, it is not always possible to write one yourself. Being a student comes with many activities that take up your time well enough. And right in the midst of all that, you’d still have to find time to read towards acing your exams. 

Also, you’d need more time to prepare your paper. Sadly, we all get 24 hours a day, and that’s not enough time to do all we want to do. So what if there was an expert who could take on that part of your school life and give you more time to dedicate to other things? That sure would be a wish granted. 

That’s why writing a grad-level paper in the USA or anywhere is a lot easier right now. All the templates, examples, and tips you need to go about yours are at your fingertips. Today, you can also seek help with graduate-level paper writing services. 

These ensure you get the best and at when due — at prices that won’t hurt a student. They help you write — and they write the best. But if you have no idea which to go with, here are extensive reviews of graduate paper writing services to consider.

1. 99Papers  

If nothing else, the first thing you’d probably realize about 99Papers is their cheap service. Past customers have commented on their low rates per service. And that’s a good thing, especially for students who appreciate the low cost.

Another thing they excel in will be many options of writers made available. You could go for the one you’d worked with before now. And you could even go for their top writers. Also, if you’re looking for native essay writers , 99Papers is the place to go. 

However, coming at a low price seems to make their quality submissions late. But then, when it comes to grad-level paper, you wouldn’t want to rush it. Giving it enough days is vital, and that’s something 99Papers offers you. 

As stated, 99Papers is affordable. Their starting price can go as low as $9.95. And this only increases as the delivery days reduce. In other words, it will cost you more if you want a higher-level paper within a brief period. 

With grad-level paper, it’s advised you go with the longer delivery days to ensure the quality of your submission. But for your information, a Ph.D. paper page within 3 hours at 99Papers would cost you $55.50. Not bad, right? 

Besides, if you’re ordering over $600, they allow you to pay in installments, so there is no pressure, and you still get the best. 

You can quickly fill out the form for your custom writing order from their website. From here, you can easily see the cost of your order. And that’s pretty transparent, not something you’d always see with other services. Once that is out of the way, all that you have to do is to make your payment.

Here is an excellent time to speak of their 24/7 customer service. You don’t have to worry about getting stranded when you’ve got a short deadline to meet. 99Papers gives you several contact options. One of these is an online chat function and other social media messaging links. Thus, they ensure you can reach them via several routes. 

After placing your order, talking to your writer thus becomes stress-free with their 24/7 online support. You get to take your time explaining to the specifics what you need. The writer takes your words and creates for you results that you’d appreciate — coming at a low price. 

You are most likely going to get your delivery before the deadline. That gives you enough time for revisions, and if you’d like to cancel or go with a more experienced writer — you’ve got it all available to you! 

Apart from low prices, you can also get some services for free. They offer free inquiry, unlimited revisions, and plagiarism checks — all at no cost. 

However, as their writers are freelancers from the web, there is the risk of getting a good quality that just isn’t enough to make your professors proud. But 99Papers makes provision for that. They allow you to opt for writers trusted in writing grad-level papers, and also, if you’d wish to get a refund, their customer service is always there. There have, however, been talks among past customers about how difficult it is to get that refund. 

In all, 99Papers is your go-to place if you’re looking for good quality at prices that won’t bite hard at your budget. It’s that place you can go to at any time and for about any form of writing. And they’ve got writers from all over the world, so you can rest assured you’ll be working with the best of the best. 

  • Competitive prices
  • Native English writers
  • A broad range of writing services 
  • Fast and Reliable Customer services
  • Money-back policy
  • Writer-Essay Mismatch leading to poor quality submission
  • Long delivery time for quality work

2. PaperHelp  

Another writing service platform to consider is PaperHelp. Although their prices may not go as low as 99Papers, it’s also another place to get top-notch papers. Their customer service is also there for you anytime, any day. It is a complete balance of professionalism, support, and cost. So, rest assured that you will still be getting the best at your preferred delivery time. 

Here’s how it works with PaperHelp. Like many other services, you can see a form to fill out from their homepage. You can include your assignment details in this form and then proceed to the payment channel. Of course, you’d have seen the cost that will be best for your preferred delivery time and the number of pages. If you’re okay with that, you can go on and make your payment. 

Pricing at PaperHelp for college-level paper can go as low as $12. So, they are still a perfect go-to place for fantastic work while on a budget. The prices increase with a higher academic level and reduction of the delivery time. The shortest is within 3 hours — like you’d find with many other writing services. There are also some extras that you may have gotten for free elsewhere. Over here, they come with a price. But the good news is they provide special discounts for orders that exceed $500. 

After making your payment, you can monitor the progress from the control panel. If you’d like, you could also get updates via mail or SMS. Of course, for that, you will have to pay more. But it’s not mandatory, and it is entirely dependent on your preferences and budget. PaperHelp also has an app that makes it easier for you to follow through on your mobile. 

PaperHelp provides you with some free revisions after delivery. And if you’re a bit concerned about their quality, here’s something about their writers. Now, you won’t always get the chance to know your writers before employing them to help. 

However, PaperHelp takes it as a point of duty to list all their writers with their stats. You get to see the writer who best fits your field of study, and what more? All their writers fall in these three: Basic, Advanced, and Top writers. The top writers are, of course, at the top of their field and are native speakers. They would cost you more, but it’s sure worth the cost. 

  • Submissions are high-quality and plagiarism-free
  • Easy order tracking
  • Price transparency
  • Limited free revisions
  • Extras like plagiarism checks come at a cost.

3. EssayPro  

Here is an essay writing service platform that works like an auction house. You’d only be placing your order with the best bidder, which in this case is your writer. And like every other service on this list, their primary function is to connect you as a student to professionals who know how best to write your paper. You could order with them if you’re only looking to rewrite, edit, proofread, and also if you’d be writing from scratch. 

How it works is simple. You start by filling out the form and uploading all necessary documents. With pricing starting from $11.4, you can be sure to get a quote that works well with your budget. 

However, knowing this net cost isn’t final. Why? Well, after filling the essentials, EssayPro calls on its writers to bid on your order. You get to choose the writer that best meets your demands in terms of a final price, ratings, number of orders completed, and the likes. So, the final price you’d have to pay depends on your selected bidder. 

Once that is out of the way, and you make your payments, your submission comes next. The final drafts are plagiarism-free, and at your request, you can ask your writer for a plagiarism report. You’ve got some extras from them for free, too — most significantly, free revisions. By the way, your identity remains hidden, so you don’t have to worry about getting exposed. After all, it’s okay to take a little help when the work becomes bulky. 

  • You get to choose your writer — the best bidder.
  • Direct communication with the writer
  • Free plagiarism checker
  • Free unlimited revisions
  • The website might be a bit hard to use
  • There have been reports of typos in some deliveries.

4. SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper takes its editing services as seriously as writing. So, if your work is ready and all you need is a professional edit, SpeedyPaper might be the one for you. As you’d expect, the journey starts with accessing their website. Now, this might be a bit simple and bland, but it works well with its price calculator ready to tell you the different costs of each project. 

With pricing starting from $10, you can order as many pages as you want. Like many others, the cost depends on the academy level, number of pages/words, and the delivery date. Of course, ordering a graduate-level paper would cost you more.

One unique advantage of ordering with SpeedyPaper is getting experienced writers at their peak. With being in the business for so long, you can be sure they know all about writing papers. And when you order with them, you’d also be benefitting from this rich experience of theirs. 

You start by filling in an order form. Here, you spell out what you need, and you’d have to pay for the order moving forward. Once that is out of the way, you can monitor the status of your order. After completion, you can request revisions. Only 3 of these are free. But then, you get experience, high-quality, and you can also run scans to confirm it’s plagiarism-free. 

  • Experienced writers
  • Free revisions
  • There have been some reports of typos in submissions.

Here’s one of the best writing services you can find in the USA. Now, you might find them as opposites to SpeedyPaper in terms of experiences as they are relatively new in the business. Still, they hold nothing back at providing you with the best quality. 

They see themselves as offering every student help that allows the student more time for other educational duties. For this, they ensure all identity remains confidential, and prices are not too much of a burden. 

Ordering at Studdit starts from as low as $12 for college-level, which increases depending on your requirements. You can easily calculate all costs right from their homepage to make things easier. Besides, their user-friendly website is one you’d appreciate. By the way, they’ve got a special discount of $15 if you’re ordering for the first time.

As with others, you start with filling out the order form, make payments, and then await your delivery. There is also the option to track the status of your order. And when necessary, ask for revisions after submissions. 

In all, they seem like a perfect place to start with if this is your first time seeking help with your papers. 

6. EssayBox

EssayBox is another place to look for quality help with your graduate-level papers. Apart from the USA, they are also quite popular among graduates from Canada and Australia. They provide expert writers and editors, and one thing you’d appreciate is their coverage of all fields you could ever imagine. 

Sadly, their prices come off as one of the highest in the market. You’d already have to spend $12 per page for a high schooler’s work. You can only imagine how much you’d be spending as a graduate. While you may attribute this to their quality submissions, you might, however, be able to get the same quality elsewhere at a lower price. 

Still, their online calculator makes it easier for you to know how much you’re paying — and also to know why you’re paying that much. 

Something else that has touched the hearts of many past customers is their fast online support. However, you might not get a chance to have a conversation with your writer. Who you speak to is a client manager who answers your question and takes down your request. 

Besides, they offer you free unlimited revisions — all of which end at a deadline. Usually, that’s ten days after delivery. So, if you’d be ordering from them, a quick crosscheck from you may be necessary to avoid having to pay for revisions. 

However, you can rest assured you’d be getting their best work, which is free of plagiarism. 

7. WiseEssays  

Finally, it would do no justice to this list not to add WiseEssays. They are another writing service committed to providing students with the best professional help. 

It is another cheap platform to get the best qualities at prices that won’t kill your budget. It is also important to note that the quality here comes from carefully selecting writers. WiseEssays prides itself in only employing writers with higher-level degrees. 

So, the person writing your paper could as well be at the same level as your professor. Thus, you can stay at peace knowing your professor will get stunned by the perfect essay you’d be submitting. 

The price starts at $9.58, and if you’re ordering for the first time, you get to enjoy some discounts. You can ask for revisions after getting your delivery. And there is also the promise of refunds. However, there is a tiny number of reviews available on the net, which might make anyone doubt their legitimacy. 

What is a graduate level paper?

For any graduate study program, you will have to write a research paper, a thesis, or in this context, a graduate-level paper. They all mean the same thing. In some instances, your graduate school might not mandate you to write a thesis, and they call it a non-thesis paper. But this is not our scope, so moving on.

The graduate-level paper is more like the pinnacle of your graduate studies, so it is essential, and you need to get it done appropriately. You’d need to synthesize information and make valuable rationalizations for the project. Also, you’d have to make use of all you’ve learned in your field of study. 

Graduate-level papers are different from other types of writing. It requires a different writing language from all other forms of writing. The terms are additional, and since you have to cite other scholars’ papers in the field, there are guidelines on plagiarism and many other rules. The formatting of the paper is entirely different from other essay structures. It often includes a review, a methodology, discussion, and other parts.

How to buy a graduate paper online?

We really cannot underestimate how tough it is to be in graduate school—a flurry of assignments, block lectures, and all that cumulative stress. But you know what? You can make things easier for yourself by purchasing your research paper online. It is easy and at affordable prices. If you can pay for comfort, then why deny yourself any longer.

Suppose you are looking to purchase your graduate papers online. In that case, you must identify a credible graduate paper service. Then you can choose amongst the hordes of graduate research writers on the website, all nice and easy. A random google search would point you in the right direction, but we would also be making some suggestions in this compilation.

You can order your research papers. These often come as plagiarism-free, on-time, with customer support always available. Save time and recharge your mental batteries while getting the best outputs from one of the many research writing services out there. 

Note that you are not the only one seeking to buy research papers online; your colleagues are getting it too and reducing the stress they face. Instant assistance comes to you, irrespective of the time of the day; you can get your graduate papers online.

Are using graduate research papers services legit? 

With the ease of ordering research papers and getting top quality, it is typical for you to have this question in mind. But are graduate-level paper writing services really legit?

Well, yes! Graduate paper services are legal to use. These platforms work with native and professional writers who provide excellent, custom-made outputs. An excellent graduate paper service would help you secure good grades and ease your journey through graduate school.

Making use of graduate research writing services is legal. However, finding a good and authentic one is where you might have issues. The internet is a vast place. Many graduate-level paper writing services on the internet would always want to be the next best thing.

Of course, it leaves many students confused. But one thing you need to do is not lose hope of finding the best, reliable and legal help for your graduate-level papers. Do not fret. Many graduate level paper services have permission. And they are only for achieving the singular objective of making your graduate school life more manageable.

Graduate thesis and research paper writers

If you have been looking for the best graduate-level paper writing service, you should consider these two platforms. They are top on the list of the best graduate-level paper writing services out there. We will briefly highlight them in this section:

If you are looking for a graduate paper writing service, you might want to consider PaperHelp. Since 2013, they have built the needed experience to pull through with your papers in just some hours.

This devotion to providing quality has earned the company a good reputation in the research writing community. The company enlists the services of experts or specialists in different fields. So, you can be sure there would be that person with the capacity to handle your job. The price for academic writing services on the platform starts from $10, which is relatively affordable.

99 Papers is a graduate-level paper writing service that provides original documents from scratch. Before you finally get your documents, they get double-checked. And another great thing is that if you are not satisfied with the work done, you can quickly request a work review within ten days of receiving it.

They have helped over 50,000 students with their projects and accelerated their journey through graduate school. There are also testimonials of the excellent services they got from the company. Writers on the company’s platform follow stringent rules of writing. They must pass different tests of knowledge and also on writing.

Note that when a writer accepts to work on your order, you can communicate with that writer. Highly creative writers prepare original papers. All these almost leave students convinced about how they can seamlessly provide services.

Are writing services safe for students?

Many students are always worried about the safety of using graduate-level paper writing services . And this fear is valid, we must say, as many institutions see this practice as cheating. We really cannot fathom the reason behind this. After many hours in the classes, it is only fitting for students to devise means to improve their lives.

That is what graduate paper writing services do. They help you cut down on your stress levels. But it can become a big deal if your professor finds out another person wrote your assignments, essays, or research papers. The consequences can be dire, as you can quickly get canceled out and your career prospects ruined.

But this should not deter you. The use of writing services is very safe for students. With years of experience, they have gotten better at safeguarding your private information. With this, no one can know if you paid someone else to write your assignment for you.

Writing services are safe. And according to their privacy policy, no third party has access to your names, orders, and banking details. If they did that, they would be putting their entire business at risk and then lose their clients in the long run. It is only suitable for everyone to be careful.

How to hire the best graduate paper writer?

At this stage, one thing to note is that research writing follows some rules to the letter.

It is an impersonal essay. Custom-made and written to reinforce specific concepts or arguments related to your specialization. The writer must fully understand the requirements and research in the given field. Graduate-level writers must be able to persuade their readers within agreeable limits.

A good writer must be able to compare and assess information. And must analyze different interpretations and develop arguments and evidence to support them. When you want to hire a graduate paper writer, below are some points you must have in mind. Some boxes must get ticked before you trust someone with work so important.

  • Before hiring a graduate-level writer, you must be sure they can research the assigned topic. You do not want to hire a writer that would do empty study and give you meaningless results on the assigned topic. You must be sure the writer must be able to develop a powerful narrative related to the issue of discussion.
  • Another critical factor is confirming your writer doesn’t plagiarize. Plagiarism is a big deal in the global academic community. You do not want your professor to find out you plagiarized his work from the past years and submitted it as an assignment.

Graduate paper writing cost

Many students are also wary of the costs of ordering for a research writing service online. But if you are seeking convenience and a reduction in your stress levels, you must be able to pay for it. However, this is just on the light side. There are a lot of graduate paper writing services that are free. But the only thing is that it is difficult to determine credibility on most of these platforms.

As it is the norm with almost every free system, there would be many shady characters masquerading as good writers. You do not want to fall into the hands of these folks and then jeopardize all the progress you have made in graduate school. But if you are willing to pay, graduate essay writing services are relatively cheap, and you can get by with parting with only a few dollars.

There is no stable price for these tasks. The consensus price seems to start at $10 per page, and a 3-hour delivery period is the earliest possible. However, other graduate paper writing services charge up to $17 per page. But with tweaks like the opportunity for a review and a direct conversation with the writer handling your project.

In the end….

We have gotten to the end of our highlights of the different questions asked about graduate paper writing services. You, as a student, do not have to grapple with all those hours of lectures alone. You do not have to struggle to get good grades because you did not have enough time to think about your essay. Or you were so burdened with stress that you could not turn it in on time.

With a few bucks, you could save more time doing what you love. And you allow competent writers to work on your essays and graduate-level papers for you. It is that simple, compare and contrast the different ones out there. Be sure you contact a credible platform and then wait for your delivery — a top-notch graduate-level paper.


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AI savvy

Unlocking the Power of AI Leadership: A Dialogue with Professor David De Cremer

Reorganise Seven Times for Digital

How Top-Performing Firms Needed to Reorganise Seven Times for Digital

best graduate level paper writing service

How to Put Curiosity to Work in Your Organisation


How AI Liberates the Transition to a Skill-Based Organisation

Gen AI Revolution

Leading the Gen AI Revolution: Building Workers’ Trust to Reinvent Work in Europe

Aligning Organisational Ecosystems to be Fit for Purpose

Aligning Organisational Ecosystems to be Fit for Purpose


Generative AI Update for 2024

transformation in business processes

Longevity for Sustainability: Adding Value That Lasts


Magnetic Loyalty: Crafting Effective Loyalty Programmes that Attract and Retain Customers

Business Leadership Paradigm

A New Business Leadership Paradigm to Understand Signals and Timing: When to ENTER a Business and When to EXIT

Future series.

Electric Vehicles

What Does EVhype Teach Us, and How Can We Consider the Lessons in AI’s Development?

frontier in elderly

Embracing AI: The Next Frontier in Elderly Housing

Coins stack for value economy

The Dawn of the Value Economy Era 


Models to Scale ESG Metrics and Data

Strategy & management.

Brand Identity and Strategy

How To Build a Strong Brand Identity for Your SaaS MVP


Bluemina: A Leading Force in Citizenship and Residency Solutions Launching a Virtual Office for Clients Anytime Anywhere!

Businessman sending emails by laptop and smartphone to customers

How to Build a Highly Successful Email Marketing Funnel for Conversions

Businessman working in office, technical price chart and red and green candlestick chart indicator and computer screen background for stock trading, double exposure Traders analyze data.

German Stock Index Hits Record

Gender pay disparities persist among independent contractors

Gender Pay Disparities Persist Among Independent Contractors

Upcoming events, privacy overview.

best graduate level paper writing service

Professional Essay Writing & Editing Services

Our experts will write you a top-quality paper and revise it an unlimited number of times until you're 100% satisfied - or offer a refund.

Will my paper pass Turnitin?

Yes, definitely. Our experts write all papers from the ground up and use only credible sources. They also are familiar with all formatting and referencing styles.

Once your paper is completed, it is checked for plagiarism with powerful plagiarism detection software (e.g., Copyscape and Copyleaks) to make sure it is 100% original and will pass any checker, including Turnitin.

We do not check completed papers with Turnitin because it saves all works to the database, making them unoriginal if submitted once again.

If you'd like to get official proof of your paper's uniqueness, add our Plagiarism Report extra to your order.

Can somebody detect that I've used an essay writing service?

Absolutely not. GradeSmiths is a reliable essay writing service that takes all measures to protect your data and order details from illegal access or disclosure. We work in accordance with GDPR, use the latest bank-level encryption, and offer anonymous communication with writers. So, it's 100% safe to order your papers from our subject-matter experts.

What if I don't like the quality of my paper?

No problem. In such cases, which are quite rare, we offer two options to choose from: you can either request a free revision or get a refund.

If you would like the writer to amend the final draft, just activate the 14-day revision period in your account and add revision instructions. Then, the writer will revise the paper according to your remarks in the shortest time possible.

To request a refund, contact the Support Team via email or live chat. They are always more than happy to help out. Please note that this option is available within 14-30 days, depending on the paper’s length.

I'm not sure that your writers can deal with my topic?

We have a vast pool of qualified experts across 50 subject areas. All of them have 4+ years of academic writing experience, so rest assured they will be able to deal with your topic.

Still hesitating? Please contact our 24/7 support team to discuss your project in more detail and get a free quote.

Do you deal with large papers like research papers, dissertations, etc.?

Yes, we have experts in huge papers of any complexity, including:

  • research paper
  • capstone project
  • dissertation

To see the complete list of papers we can prepare for you, click here .

Do you write all types of papers?

Yes. We can help during the entire study period and post-study life — from preparing admission essays to assisting with graduation papers and resumes. Also, our services are not limited to writing. We provide editing, proofreading, and paraphrasing services too.

If you haven't found your type of work on the order page, just select "Other" and specify what exactly you need to be done. Then, we'll check your paper details and find an appropriate expert for you.

Is your writing service legal?

Yes, of course. GradeSmiths is a registered company with a 12-year history of delivering academic assistance services to English-speaking students worldwide that works following existing laws. Our main goal is to help students improve their writing skills and academic performance.

Over 50k students trust us, 42% of whom come by friend's recommendation.

How fast can your service complete an essay?

Our experts can write a high-quality 275-word or 1-page essay for you within just 1 hour. However, if your essay is 550+ words long or 2+ pages, it will take them 3 hours to complete it to a high standard.

What happens after I pay?

Once the payment is done, you get access to the personal customer area, where you can track order progress, add more instructions for the writer or ask them order-related questions.

In your customer area, you can also communicate with the support team, request revisions, add extra services like additional pages or excel sheets to your order, rate your writer, and much more.

Can I add additional instructions after the order has been placed?

Yes, sure. You can do it on the order page in your customer area. The writer will check them out and follow too.

Want to talk to my writer. Can I?

Yes, definitely. You will be able to communicate with the writer through messages in your account after the payment is done and the writer is assigned. Usually, it takes up to 15 minutes.

Please note you will receive an email notification once the writer is assigned.

To send a message to your writer, go to the corresponding order page and type your message in the chat window located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

How much does paper writing help cost?

The price for writing your paper greatly depends on your study level, type of work, deadline, and number of pages needed. For example, a college essay due in 7 days will cost you $7.00 per page, while a Ph.D. dissertation due in 30 days will cost $6.19 per page.

If you want to get the best price, simply place your order in advance. Close deadlines require more resources. Therefore, they are more expensive.

To calculate the price of your order, click here .

What free options do you have?

At GradeSmiths, every paper comes with the following freebies:

  • Bibliography page
  • Any academic format
  • Preferred paper writer
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  • Quality check
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Do you have discounts?

Our professional aid is accessible to everyone. We strive to help students on any budget. For this purpose, we offer regular discounts and seasonal deals to all customers. In addition, every newcomer gets a special 15% discount on the first order, while regular customers receive loyalty bonuses they can spend on future orders.

How can I pay?

You can pay for your order using a debit or credit card by Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro. The payment will be processed via a secure checkout page, and no card data will be saved.

Meet Your Perfect Essay Writing Service – GradeSmiths

GradeSmiths is an essay writing service that helps students in the USA and from all over the world to write better essays and other types of high school, college, and university research papers. Our writers are experienced and competent enough to cover all subjects and meet any deadlines.

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7 Easy Signs You Need an Expert Essay Writer Right Now

The ultimate trick to score the highest grade for an essay is… not to write it yourself. Trust writing an essay to an expert essay writer and get this burden off your back. Using a professional to writing essays and our extensive academic knowledge base, we guarantee to fulfill your term paper, case study, book report, or any other type of paper up to the hilt.

We’ll write you a quality essay based on all the order requirements that you initially provided on the order now page. This will save your free time and also boost your GPA. Need more proof? Here are seven signals you might need professional writing help with essays ASAP:

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GradeSmiths is not only a cheap essay writing company to get ace-quality writing services, but also a reliable writing service that takes full care of its customers. To protect your data and confidentiality, we take the following measures:

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  • We provide you with secure payment options.

Financial operations are also well-guarded. Our essay writing company cooperates with leading financial service providers, acknowledged all across the world. Use any safe option to purchase your article online.

  • We give a chargeless review period.

Viewpoints differ. To avoid dissatisfaction with our essay services, every order is supported by a free review period. It starts on the day of delivery and lasts for 2 weeks. If your essay needs changes, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

  • We return your payment if you dislike the essay.

Viewpoints can differ dramatically. The situation is highly surreal, but as a safeguard, your rights for repayment are protected by our Refund policy. Proven plagiarisms, poor quality, and insufficient research are among the main reasons to request reimbursement.

We Have Pro Essay Writers

Let’s skip generalities and get down to our biggest pride – a team of expert essay writers. Nothing proves our expertise and reliability better than the following facts about them:

  • Academic credentials: all our essay writers hold advanced university degrees.
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How Our Essay Writers Service Works

On GradeSmiths, we have a rule that we never break – write only plagiarism-free essays. Every essay writer has to write from scratch. Otherwise, they won’t be working for our service.

All college essay writers you’ll be working with when making orders on our website are real human experts, each across their subject field. Some writers are experienced and educated enough to write essays in several disciplines. We neither rewrite old essays nor take stuff from the internet, simply changing a title and switching paragraphs’ places. Quite the opposite!

Our professional paper writers deliver 100% original scholarly documents, e.g., essays, which live up to the initial order instructions that you provided when making an order. This way, it’s safe to say that our essays are one-of-a-kind – no two similar papers could ever be found if written by our authors.

In general, when writing essays, our writers stick to the following protocol:

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  • Create an essay outline.
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  • Write the first draft.
  • Edit and proofread.
  • Apply a required citation style according to the latest APA/MLA/Chicago/Turabian guidelines.
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  • Revise the final draft.

Note that free revisions (14-30 days) are already included in the price. GradeSmiths’s online essay writing service is designed in a way to leave you nothing but to enjoy the rest of your day while one of the service’s writers takes care of your homework.

GradeSmiths’s essay service makes college life easier. Simply make an order now and see for yourself!

Our Guarantees

Why is our essay service so special? Besides having an excellent reputation of reliable essay writers and a service that has low prices, it’s possible to name 5 more features that make GradeSmiths the number one spot for students who want a quality essay for a reasonable price. To learn more advantages that might interest you, please contact the support manager.

In general, our essay writing service provides the following guarantees:

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Our FREE Essay Writing Services

Everyone can use essay writing help from GradeSmiths anytime. We strive to help students who have shoestring budgets. For this purpose, our essay service offers regular discounts and juicy deals. Every newcomer gets a special 15% discount for the first order and is offered to join the Customers Loyalty program to receive and collect bonuses for further orders. On top of that, we complement every essay with the following freebies:

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  • APA/MLA/Chicago/Turabian citation format.
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  • Limitless amendments.
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  • Quality control.
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If you need professional college paper writers who can do the work for cheap, simply submit your order in advance. Close deadlines require more resources. Therefore, they are slightly more expensive. Recruit your top essay writer beforehand, and take advantage of our professional services at a reduced cost.

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GradeSmiths is the perfect write my essay service. There are professional GradeSmiths, top-notch 24/7 customer support service, cheap prices, a money-back guarantee, and results that you notice right after the first order. The “who can write my essay for me?” question won’t bother you again. Sleepless nights and poor grades will be in the past when you order your first essay on our website.

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  • English Research Paper Writing Service

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Academic writing service that has your back

EssayPro will help you with any task, always.

Our professional team knows what you need and how to help you achieve greatness. Trust your assignments to us today.

Trusted by 1,5M+ happy customers

Academic writing service

Meet our team of professionals

Academic writers with years of experience are here to make your life easier and your school performance better.

Neat W.

A time-tested academic writing service

We know what you need and are here for you. Let us make you feel safe.

Your instructions are our law

Individual approach to every order is an EssayPro guarantee. You can trust us with the most ambiguous instructions, and we will still deliver a perfect paper.

Thousands of experts

Our team of writers will help you with any task. Each one has at least three years of practice in academic writing and real-world experience in their field.

Originality is a non-negotiable

Delivering unique papers is a must for us. Every paper goes through a Turnitin-based plagiarism checker. Claim your free originality report to confirm.

Privacy & confidentiality

You don’t have to give us any personal information except your email. Stay completely anonymous if you wish. No private data is shared with third parties.

Three easy steps to claim your perfect paper

Step 1: sign up.

Sign in or register to place your order. Give us your instructions and pay the deposit.

Step 2: Pick your expert

Writers will start bidding on your order. Choose the right expert by comparing their qualifications

Step 3: Get your paper

After receiving an email notification, read your paper and confirm receipt. Ask for revision if necessary

best graduate level paper writing service

Read customers’ testimonials to see why they choose us

There are many academic writing services to choose from. Here’s why people choose ours:

Frequently asked questions

Is it legal to use academic writing services, do your academic writers provide original work, what exactly can you help me with, is there a way to talk to my writer, why is academic writing so hard.

Academic writing is the main way of assessing students’ comprehension, critical thinking and analysis skills. This is why it is not supposed to be easy. However, in the current landscape, it is arguably a lot harder than it used to be just ten years ago. Students truly have a lot on their plates, and getting a trusted service for academic writing help is a necessity rather than a luxury. But still, finding a reputable academic writing company that would not scam you out of your money and private data can be a struggle. We recommend always reading through the terms and conditions before giving an online service your money. Sure, reading through dozens of pages of legalese is not fun, but it’s a sure way to safeguard your funds and, most importantly, your privacy. An easier way to determine the trustworthiness of a company is by looking at the payment methods they offer. Always look for a padlock character at the beginning of the address bar in your browser, as this tells you the website is safe. The payment methods also have to be recognizable and trustworthy. If all those conditions are met, you know that the research papers writing help service is safe and can be trusted. But if it raises any suspicions, run away immediately!

Reasons to choose us for your writing needs

There are plenty of academic writing services to choose from these days, and feeling confused when you have to settle for one is natural. The reality is you don't have to settle for one! You can test different services, compare their professional academic writers, support teams and other aspects and then return to the one you liked best. The thing is, though, we are pretty sure EssayPro will be the one you settle for, regardless of how many different services you try out. We have some of the most affordable prices, a huge pool of writers who all have been excessively tested and trained, round-the-clock support, and many features that other services charge for are free at EssayPro. We are always willing to listen to feedback and learn from it. This is why even if you had a disappointing experience with us, we will give you free, unlimited revisions or even a refund. Our policy has you, our client, in the center. Your satisfaction, privacy, safety and happiness are important to us, and it's in our best interest to do everything possible to support these claims. So, hurry up, place your first order today, and claim your discounts!

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Best Essay Writing Services 2023: Find The One For You

Santiago mallea.

  • Non-Traditional Students , Reviews

Best Essay Writing Services Gradehacker

Chief of Content At Gradehacker

  • August, 2023

If you need help to write your essay but don’t know which of the best essay writing services is the one for you, you are in the right place.

What Are The Best Essay Writing Services?

To pick the service for you, it’s important to know what you are looking for . These are the best essay writing services for students who want:

  • Gradehacker: Transparent communication and top-academic quality
  • Pay Me To Do Your Homework: Straightforward process
  • EssayPro: A company with a well-known online reputation
  • EduBirdie: Cheaper prices for a quick delivery
  • PaperHelp: Affordable, last-minute quality essays
  • Course Hero: Essay samples and exam results

You Deserve Personalized and Transparent Help

Whether it’s a 4-page nursing essay, book review, or complex research paper, submit your request and see how we can help you!

New call-to-action

Feeling overwhelmed by college (and any other aspect of life) is one of the most common issues students face. Whether you are struggling with a complex and last-minute essay or want to dedicate your time to more important things, it’s critical you find an essay writing service you feel comfortable with.

Here at Gradehacker, the non-traditional adult students’ #1 resource, we have years of experience in the essay-writing industry and have helped many students graduate faster .

As an essay writing service, we recognize that there are many great companies out there . All of them are different and have their own set of pros and cons, but what’s critical for you is to find the one that best suits your needs.

There are better and worse fits for you, and in this list, you’ll discover which are the best essay writing services and which is the right one for you.

What to Look For in Essay Writing Services

Before choosing the right academic service for you, these are the aspects you should consider:

  • Transparent ordering process
  • Direct communication with your writer
  • Clearly explained pricing
  • Knowing who will help you
  • Quality-based guarantees
  • Editor who ensures academic quality and plagiarism-free essays

At the end of the day, you need to pick the service that has what you are looking for and inspires the most trust in you . You need to feel confident that the experience they offer is effective and know before you start working with them how every step of the process will be.

You can use our guide and learn how to choose the best fit by answering the 7 questions you need to ask before working with an essay writing service.

best graduate level paper writing service

For students who want transparent communication and top-academic quality

Here at Gradehacker , we have years of experience providing personalized help to non-traditional students like you with their papers.

We can help you with:

  • Research papers
  • DIssertations
  • Discussion posts
  • Exams and quizzes
  • Resume and cover letter builder

We believe to be a key resource for adult students with busy lives who have to focus on their lives and families but still want to progress in their degree program fast. 

We are the ideal fit for college students who value transparent communication , as you can chat, call, or even meet with your writer at any moment of your experience.

You always know who is helping you and are guaranteed to have a positive experience. 

We aim for academic excellence , and to ensure that your assignments will be successful, every request is reviewed by our own Editor in Chief, who checks grammar, styling, structure, and plagiarism in your paper.

And in case your paper gets a lower grade than B, you have our money-back guarantee!

best graduate level paper writing service

Our essay-writing prices start at:

  • $55 per page for undergraduate essays
  • $60 per page for nursing and graduate essays

The cost of your paper depends on the level of education, number of pages, spacing, and time until the deadline. To know exactly how much it would cost to get help with your essay, you can use our online calculator .

Pay Me To Do Your Homework

For students who want direct communication and a straightforward process.

Pay Me To Do Your Homework is a reputable essay writing service with many years of experience.

They can help you with:

Pay Me To Do Your Homework’s process is direct and, unlike other companies, feels personalized and dynamic.

This is because you need to complete their ordering form and submit your request so they can review your assignment in detail and later get back to confirm the pricing.

They are a great choice if you value 1-on-1 communication , as you’ll have to get in touch with their sales department to confirm your order and can later email them whenever you want an update on how your essay is going.

best graduate level paper writing service

While their essay-writing prices start at $39 per page, the total cost of your order will be the one that they send you.

For example, in our experience, we ended up paying double of what their pricing page advertised. You can learn more about that in our Pay Me To Do Your Homework review .

For students who want a company with a well-known online reputation

EssayPro is one of the most popular and well-known essay-writing services in the market.

  • Essay writing and rewriting
  • Essay editing
  • Dissertations

Their services cover all types of assignments for any academic level. They deliver original essays and guarantee a Turnitin plagiarism report and unlimited revisions .

EssayPro is a great choice for college students who would feel more comfortable working with a well-known company as they feel unsure about other academic help services.

Plus, it offers a very simple ordering process , lets you choose the writer you want, and can easily communicate with them through their integrated chat.

The only downside is that you can’t verify who your writer is , as they have fake profiles. 

Now, while EssayPro writers can help you with your essay and give you decent results, we found that their team of experts is actually part of a larger database of writers.

You can learn more about this legitimacy issue in our EssayPro review .

best graduate level paper writing service

EssayPro prices start at:

  • $11.4 per page for essays, reviews, and case studies
  • $12.35 per page for research papers and term papers
  • $13.35 per page for lab reports and admission essays

These prices can change depending on the time you give them to write your paper and the academic level of your assignment.

Still, EssayPro has a bidding system where dozens of their professional essay writers will place their bids. You can choose the one you feel has the necessary experience to help you , but these bids can either be close to their starting price or cost as much as double.

Get Help With Your College Paper

Get help with your paper, for students who want a quick delivery.

EduBirdie is another of the most well-known essay writing companies, as it has years of experience in the industry and has one of the larger catalogs of experienced writers .

  • Essay writing
  • Application essay

The experience they offer is very simple: You place your order, choose a writer, make the payment deposit, and wait until they send your essay.

EduBirdie has hundreds of positive reviews across multiple websites and guarantees that they will follow your academic paper’s instructions, meet the deadline, and include a plagiarism report so you see that your order is 100% original.

It’s a great option for students who need a quick delivery but are still willing to make the necessary corrections to turn the draft you receive into an academic paper.

best graduate level paper writing service

According to EduBirdies’ website, essay prices start at $13.99 , but similar to other services, the price of each order depends on the deadline, number of pages, and educational level.

Still, because they have a bidding system , your final price can be completely different. You can choose among their multiple options and pay more for the one who claims to be the most experienced writer and looks like the best fit for your assignment.

And just like with EssayPro, while these professional writers can write your essay, you just get their first name and don’t have any way to verify who they are. This is because EduBirdie’s writers are part of a larger database shared with other essay-writing companies owned by the same people.

You can learn more about this in both our EduBirdie and PapersOwl review .

For students who want last-minute quality essays with affordable prices

PaperHelp is a reliable essay writing service that has significantly grown these past few years and has now solidified as one of the best alternatives.

  • Programming homework

Its ordering and the overall process is intuitive ; it’s easy to chat with your assigned writer, and they have a solid amount of money-back guarantees.

And in case you aren’t sure whether this is a legit service, you can check some of the multiple positive reviews they have.

It is an excellent choice for college students looking for one-time help with an essay with a deadline that’s a few days away. They’ll deliver a high-quality paper for a reasonable price.

From all the reviews we conducted, PaperHelp delivered the best quality essay . Our experience wasn’t perfect, but the clarity of the paper and the use of the APA guidelines met our academic standards.

You can read our full PaperHelp review and see how we break down their essay in our blog.

best graduate level paper writing service

PaperHelp prices start at:

  • $9 for high-school essays
  • $12 for undergraduate essays
  • $17 for Bachelor’s students
  • $20 for Professional/Master’s students

What’s great about them is that they have loyalty and referral programs that reward you for working multiple times with them. 

Plus, they have a 15% discount for first orders!

The only downside is that prices can change significantly depending on the writer’s category you choose : the Advanced writers have a higher satisfaction rate, while the TOP professionals are native English writers with the highest ratings.

Still, PaperHelp’s basic writers are experienced and will deliver the essay you need in a timely manner.

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best graduate level paper writing service

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best graduate level paper writing service

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Course hero, for students who want essay samples and test results.

While Course Hero isn’t exactly an essay-writing service, it can be a great resource for college students who are looking for a finished essay to have as a reference.

They are a document-sharing platform where students from all universities upload their assignments. It’s essentially an enormous online study group.

Here you’ll find:

  • Discussions
  • Lab reports
  • Tutor assistance
  • Textbook solutions and explanations

The idea is not that you download an essay and submit it as yours but use it as a reference to write a new one from scratch . You use others experiences as inspiration and guides to complete your assignments.

best graduate level paper writing service

Course Hero plans cost:

  • $24.95 per month
  • $59.85 per quarter
  • $119.40 per year

Any of these plans will let you unlock up to 30 documents per month.

However, you can earn “free unlocks” by uploading your own files. You can learn how this process works and if it’s worth it in our Course Hero review .

Get Organized Digitally

In the digital world, being organized is essential. If your online program is in a different state, you’ll need to manage your time zones to ensure you don’t miss any classes or deadlines. 

You should also create folders on your computer for each class and organize files and documents so you can later find the information you need easier.

Bookmarks are also a great way to store important websites or pages related to your classes so you can easily access them later on. This will also come in handy when working on your video lectures since there’s a lot of information to remember.

Setting up an email system is essential for online classes. Try creating separate folders for each class where you can store all the emails.

Also, developing a detailed checklist and actively eliminating distractions are crucial steps to maximize focus and productivity during virtual classes.

Start by setting up a dedicated workspace on your computer or device, where you can access all your class materials and assignments . Utilize digital calendars and task management apps to keep track of deadlines, class schedules, and important events.

One app that can help you is Todoist , which has ample resources as a task manager app. To find out more about it, you can check our full review!

You can streamline your online learning journey and enhance your productivity by getting organized digitally.

Having Doubts on How we Can Help You?

Get in touch with our team and discover how we can help you!

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Having Doubts on How we Can Help?

Time to choose the essay writing service for you.

Now you are ready to make a decision and pick the essay writing service that you trust will deliver a quality paper and best suits your needs.

If you need help with your essay , value transparent communication with your writer, and want to receive a top-quality paper while you focus on your other responsibilities, submit your request for free and work with our team of experienced writers!

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best graduate level paper writing service

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best graduate level paper writing service

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best graduate level paper writing service

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best graduate level paper writing service

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Research Paper Writing Services

Let our highly trained research paper writers take care of that dreaded research paper, so you can focus on more important things in your life. our research paper writing service covers any topic, any style, on any deadline, on your schedule..

Try it risk-free with our money-back guarantee.

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Writer level

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  •   Quality See how we ensure results through great writers and our quality assurance model.
  •   Guarantees Trying is risk-free because we guarantee you service, delivery, and satisfaction.
  •   Trusted Read about safety, security, and thousands of good reviews from people like you.
  •   Services Choose custom services on any citation style, format, and research depth.
  •   How it Works See the steps, main features and inclusions, and pricing model before ordering.
  •   Samples Browse real samples produced by our writers to see their capabilities.
  •   Why Ultius? Explore our background and see why we are the best fit for your writing needs.
  •   FAQ Read answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Research paper writing services with superior quality

Ultius can guarantee high quality content because we have better writers than the other guys. Our quality assurance department reviews every order to ensure the highest standards.

Every research paper gets reviewed by a Quality Assurance Engineer

When you order research paper writing services from Ultius, you can count on quality. Your custom paper goes through many different levels of quality control. Our auditing process is run by our Quality Assurance staff who work 24/7, 365 days a year.

This final review step ensures that all work ordered by our clients meets our high standards. Plus, it helps us ensure that our highly skilled writers are delivering at their highest potential.

The revision option . Not happy with the final draft? Get a free revision.

If you are dissatisfied with your completed draft for any reason you can always get a free revision. This means that the writer will fix any mistakes you may find. We offer the free revision option in case things are not 100% perfect the first time around.

Highly selective hiring process—we only hire experts

Working with an Ultius writer is a privilege that we've worked hard to provide. We don't just hire anyone that applies. In fact, we only hire writers that can show their ability to produce the best possible work. Ultius hires writers 24/7 and maintains ongoing quality guidelines to ensure that only the best research paper writers stick with us.

Writer highlights

Native English-speaking American writers

All Ultius writers are native English speakers. We do not hire or have any writers from other countries.

Highly skilled and trained

All writers go through an internal orientation program and are subject to continued feedback for continuous improvement.

6% writer acceptance rate

We only accept 6% of all writers who apply to do research paper writing services for us. With Ultius, you are getting the best of the best.

For every 100 writers that apply, only six will have the opportunity to work on your research paper order. We are very selective to be sure our clients are satisfied with their orders every time they order.

Quality process

Our internal QA process for all custom research paper services.

You tell us your requirements.

Order pre-screening

Client Success team

Ensuring instructions are clear.

Draft submission

The writer submits version one.

Instructions review

QA Engineer

QA reviews the work.

Quality review

Final quality check.

Originality scan

Originality tool scan.

Final delivery

Email delivery initiated. You just log in and download.

Each QA step ensures that your research paper order is well-written and high-quality.

Choose your research paper expert

Choose from best available, graduate, or requested writer options for your research paper service. Either way, you are getting highly skilled, highly experienced, and well-versed writers. Read more about our writer matching technology.

Best available

Get automatically matched with the best writer based on your research paper requirements.

Main features

  • American writer Guaranteed native English speakers
  • Topic specialist Your writer will be an expert in your research paper subject
  • Reassignment option If you are unhappy with the writer's performance, we'll assign you a new one - no questions asked

Graduate writer

Upgrade to a top performer and work with the best writers in our entire pool.

  • Hand picked expert Graduate writers are vetted and selected by the writing manager
  • Top 10% performer Graduate writers represent the best in our entire talent pool 3
  • Master/PhD graduate Graduate level research paper service
  • Proven track record Graduate writers have very low client revision request rates
  • Add-on pricing The cost for this writer upgrade is +20% of the base price

Requested writer

Choose your own expert writer based on the compiled favorites list you created.

  • Writer inbox priority Your requested writer will prominently see your order listed first, leading to a higher acceptance rate

what's this?

  • Add-on pricing The cost for this writer upgrade is +15% of the base price

Add-on pricing

Writer upgrades

American writer

Native English-speaker

Topic specialist

Expert in your paper's subject

Reassignment option

New writer if you're unhappy

Hand picked expert

Selected by staff

Top 10% performer

The best in our writer pool 3

Master/PhD graduate

Graduate level 4 paper service

Proven track record

Low research paper revision rate

Writer inbox priority

High acceptance rate

Availability Intelligence SM

What's this?

Save 15% on your first order

When you start your Ultius account, use discount code "newcust" on your first order to save 15% today.

Girl panicking about research paper

Service guarantees and features

Risk-free research paper services.

With every custom order you place, you are guaranteed the following: 1 on-time delivery; 2 100% originality; and 3 a great research paper writing according to best practices.

Love it or your money back

Money Back Guarantee

security vendors

Privacy Commitment

24/7 Availability Commitment

Free inclusions

For all research paper orders

  • 275 words per page
  • Free revisions 1
  • References/works cited page
  • Quality assurance review
  • Money back guarantee 2
  • 1-on-1 chat with your writer
  • Repeat customer discounts
  • Match with a top writer
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Any style: CMS, MLA, APA...

Expert paper help—1-click away

Fill in a few blanks, make an account, and we'll do the rest—it takes less than five minutes .

Research paper service writer typing on computer

Research paper service reviews

Ultius has the best research paper writing service with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a 4.6/5 average star rating from around the world.

Alicia, is awesome. Assisted me with my issues and resolved then effortlessly

Ultius provides me with the best writers and papers. It also has best customer support namely Delia, who is always there to reply back to your messages as soon as possible and provide you with the best help possible!

The paper I received back was phenomenal! I was pressed for time and needed help writing this paper. It was so good I made a 100 on it. I will definitely be telling my friends about this website

This is a great service to help me stay on course with my essay writing. Thanks to Delia for helping me out.

Uitius is the best. I ordered I service and it was done perfectly. I will make refer them to whoever want a service quick and perfect. Once more thanks so much Kahlo, you are the best.

Excellent turn around. I submitted my order at 9 am with a 48 hour due date I received my paper in less than 12 hours and received an A. Excellent customer service!! Will definitely use this service again.

Sara was very prompt in answering my questions. I hope that all of Ultius customer service are as courteous as she was. Thank you Sara

I am very pleased with the services that I have received from Sara, customer service and Scorpio, writer. These two individuals have been very patience with me and have totally gained my trust with your company.

Ultius exceed my expectations. I had 2 research papers due at the same time and they helped me with one while I took care of the other one. Thank you Lizzy Z. and Ultius

I had the pleasure of speaking to Delia for clarification and she was very pleasant and courteous.

Sara R was very prompt in answering my question, and provided the perfect solution to my problem. I'm very happy!!

I have never had a bad experience with Ultius as I have with other companies. They are legitimate, honest, professional and very helpful. Sara R helped me during my chat and was prompt and attentive. She was very kind and professional and I respect that.

The customer support team was amazing. Lizzy, Delia, Sara, and Shauna helped resolve my issues. They are polite and prompt responders. I will always recommend their services. Thank you.

I am extremely happy with Ultius and Brittany. As a full time mom, Full time nurse, full time student, Ultius saves me time. Thank you Ultius.


Recently, I had a positive experience with the writers completing the papers on time and providing quality work.

My experience is always wonderful and the writers are phenomenal. They are great writers and I never have a problem. I’m thankful I came across this writing services. Also, the writers are always communicating with me efficiently which is awesome.

Lizzy at Ultius always gives first class customer service. I know that any issue I bring to Lizzy will be handled professionally and promptly. She’s wonderful and Ultius is a better company for having her.

Very satisfied with this service. Kahlo was a fine writer, but there was a concern with one of the references. Since I waited too long to request assistance (7 days) I used the live chat with Alicia. Alicia seemed to understand my concern and opened a work ticket to help. She was patient and explained the situation and how I needed to rectify it. Thank you so much and I hope to hear back from someone soon so I can submit my paper!

I have tried Ultius service. At times I get a very best paper but at times I dont. But my order #166309, the writer knew exactly what is needed for my paper. The writer took initiative to go through the rubric in order to meet the requirement of the paper. The writer understood my situation as the previous order on the same subject didnt pass the requirement. I was quite contented knowing the writer take consideration of my mishap. Thank you

Excellent writing. Be sure to give detailed instructions for A graded papers

I have been using Ultius for a while now and anytime I have any issues they are always quick to respond and resolve. In this instance Delia from the Client Success Team did a fantastic job resolving the issue with my order. I had placed in order, and no writer had accepted it on the day it was due. So I reached out and told the client success team, where then Delia found a writer to work on my order, as well as compensate me for the amount I paid!

I have used Ultius on many occasions and any concerns have always been addressed to my great satisfaction. Sara helped me this time. She was knowledgeable, patient, attentive, and helpful.

I was very impressed by customer support Delia!. She was timely. Curious, and very knowledge. She always kept me informed immediately. I completely recommend this company for your professional needs and wonder customer service. Thank you Delia!

I had used Ultius one time before and they came through in my time of need.

Delia was very helpful and she is very professional and she is a people person also she help me throughout my order and I was very satisfied with how she help me.

Outstanding experience... To be honest, I was extremely nervous about the process. However, the customer service was outstanding and my writer was fantastic. I will definitely be back and highly recommend those who are on the fence.

I’ve used a bunch of sites like this, Ultius is by far my favorite. The customer service is fast and excellent. Delia was super helpful with my questions about my order.

My writer is nothing short of amazing. I love this program and the open ended conversations I am able to have with this writer. He/she has been super helpful and receptive to all of my feedback. Our discussions are concise and I appreciate the extra help.

First time using this service and it was great. Will definitely use the service again or recommend it to friends. Lizzy, in customer service, was wonderful answering all my questions.

Delia is absolutely amazing! She has helped me so much, her customer service was outstanding and she did everything in her power to help me, and to make sure that I was 100% satisfied with my experience with Ultius.

I love Ultius . Very responsive customer support! Patient and taking care of the issue till is solved . Great writers too! Jobs are done on time . I am very pleased with Utilus.

My experience with Ultius has been really good. They are fast professional and very helpful when you have questions. I would recommend others use this service.

The best site ever! never had an issue and very reliable. The writers are also very nice and understanding if you want to change things or edit something that was written. Amazing fast service!

I selected the wrong due date and decided to contact the live chat for help. Sara R. made the process very easy and stress free to fix the mistake. Nothing but great experiences from this site.

I had a great experience with the writers at Ultius! The papers were great and they stayed in contact with me. This is the only place I will use from now on!

I love Ultius!! I can trust them to deliver excellent service; both from the writers and customer support!! The writers follow my instructions with minimal contact. Superb service!

My experience with Lizzy was awesome. She was very efficient, handled my questions promptly and got me the feedback I needed. My questions were answered and she got me the information I needed. Great customer service

I have used you guys for more than 30 papers and article reviews. When I was low on time, you guys helped me out. My papers were always well written and submitted back to me on time. My grades always remained high. Thanks for your great work.

I have been using you guys for a long time now, and I am pleased to say that I have never had any problems when it came to my orders. I have used your guys for different papers of many different lengths and those papers were always on time and exceptionally written. I have never gotten a low grade on something that you guys have written for me. Thanks very much.

Ultius is an amazing organization. I was in a tough place and unable to work this project. This company was able to provide me an incredible mentor who was thorough in research and also provided great insight on a topic that I was quite familiar with. The professionalism and promptness of the team really exuberates academic excellence.

Great experience. The writer exceeded my expectations and I have submitted a new project with them for my business. Customer service is extremely responsive. The work they do is original, I ran the project through 4 different plagiarism checkers and they came back with less than papers I've written myself. Highly recommend working with this company and their writers.

Although I had trouble processing my payment through my credit card company, Lizzy was patient in explaining to me the errors that had occurred. I was skeptical about using paypal in fear of duplicating the pay…

I was little wondered about my order that the due date was coming close. I asked about the progress of my order and she replied kindly with a satisfying response. Thank you Ultius!

Lizzy Z. was incredibly great and kind. She was patient and took her time to solve my issue. I had an issue with my money being refunded and it got solved today.

Lizzy is very pleasant to deal with.

Great company

Research paper services by document type

See the different research document types we offer.

Research paper requirements vary in length, citation style, subject, and sources. Ultius can help with them all. We also have supporting services like editing, proofreading, formatting, research proposals, and bibliographies. See below for more details.

Standard research paper Popular

A standard research paper document is six to eight pages long and provides evidence and an argument. At least ten peer-reviewed sources are recommended, but that number depends on the length of the paper. If you'd like to buy research papers from Ultius, you can expect a balanced argument based on recent, credible sources in your field of study.

Research proposal

The goal of a great research proposal is to provide background information and context on your general topic. This starts the paper writing process. Research proposals outline the background information for your topic while highlighting the unique angle you want to take. Most Ultius customers start working with us by ordering a proposal first. This way they can get a sense of their writer's work before moving on to the paper itself.

Research outline

Research outlines include a numbered list of the major sections of a research paper with brief descriptions for each section. Ideally, they outline the sources that will be used along with the evidence from each source. You can either have our writers produce the outline or you can provide one for them to work from. Either way, you will surely need a robust outline as part of your overall research paper whether you choose to buy one or not.

Research summary

A good research summary will explain your research findings and analysis. This is presented to the reader in a brief, logical format. Most research summaries have few details. They convey the most important research information and tell the reader what to expect from the paper without having to review all of the evidence.

Annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography is the cornerstone of a great research paper. These list the references you will cite and highlight the evidence used from each source. Most longer research papers you write will require a robust annotated bibliography before your topic is even approved. Since sources are critical to a strong resource paper, it is important not to skimp on this step.

Papers by citation style Popular

Many clients require research paper services in a specific citation style. This is often determined by the discipline you are studying. For example, the field of psychology will require APA style while humanities often require either CMS or Turabian. The core difference between these is formatting requirements. Click here to see all our citation style services.

Paper types by subject

Different research paper subjects may require specific guidelines to be met. Luckily, Ultius offers subject-specific research paper writing services for a number of different disciplines. Our writing and editing experts are chosen from many different fields to make sure we can meet your needs.

Paper editing services

You may be looking for paper editing services, proofing, or something other than simple essay writing services . Ultius has all kinds of experts for whatever you are looking to order. Many of our writers specialize in upper-level topics and some are published authors.

Before you order

See the tips provided for help before ordering the best research paper services for you.

Tip #1 → What kinds of sources do you need?

Primary vs. secondary sources for your research paper

Tip #2 → Review the order process

Tips for choosing the best research paper writing services for you

Any subject, any style, any deadline

Our research paper writers are ready to go and have the skills to work on any requirements you have.

All research service subjects supported - Ultius

Learn how to use Ultius research paper writing services in 3 easy steps!

Time is important to you. We designed the process of getting research paper services to be fast, convenient, and on your schedule. Just tell us a few bits of information and the writer will start working.

Provide instructions

Provide your research paper's requirements through our form and process the payment.

Writing & QA

The writer will write the paper and our QA team will double-check the instructions and quality.

Completion & Delivery

Get notified via email and download your completed draft, free revisions included.

Prices start at $17.00 per page

The cost is based on the deadline and page count, and we accept all major cards and PayPal. Payments are safe, secure, and encrypted and thanks to our security vendors.

How much does your research paper writing service cost?

Cost is based on four major factors, but starts at $17 per page.

  • Deadline: How quickly you need the essay
  • Writer level: The skill level of the writer
  • Page count: How long the essay needs to be
  • Add-ons (optional): Writer upgrades

It's important to note that add-ons are calculated as a percentage of the base price (deadline, level and page count).

Secure payment processing 5

We accept all major payment methods and don't store your payment information on our servers; instead, we rely on our payment partners, PayPal and Authorize.NET, to manage sensitive card data.

Accepted payment methods | VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal

We also utilize 256-Bit SSL encryption for the entirety of our website, making sure that your experience with us is as safe and secure as possible.

Getting started is fast, secure, and confidential. You'll be glad you did.

Read sample research papers

See the quality for yourself.

Read through a small selection of custom research papers our expert writers have written. You will see they pay attention to detail, answer the question, and follow citation style guidelines to a T.

Topic → Death penalty

8 Pages · 8 Sources · MLA

Topic → Death With Dignity

10 Pages · 21 Sources · APA

Topic → Legal Drinking Age

Topic → School Safety

6 Pages · 8 Sources · MLA

Topic → Climate Change (U.S.)

9 Pages · 8 Sources · Turabian

Ultius writers regularly produce sample research papers for our samples page, blog, and other pages. If you would like a more precise sample based on your own needs, just let us know. Otherwise, the samples page linked above has many options for you to review.

Ultius—your trusted partner

Great service and results since 2010.

For almost a decade, Ultius has established its presence as the trusted global leader in connecting customers with writers for the best research paper writing services. Since our inception, we have focused on executing our clear mission : conveniently delivering high quality content and offering great client support to people like you.

Completed orders

Talented writers

Countries served

Clear mission

Paper service FAQ

Commonly asked questions.

Before you place an order, we want to highlight some common questions and answers. Previous customers have found these helpful things to know before placing research paper writing service orders. We also offer a full frequently asked questions section called Ultius 101 so that you can get even more answers.

General questions

How do revisions work?

If you are unhappy with your research paper order after it's completed, you can get it revised for free. Just request a revision within seven days of the completed order and the writer will upload a revised draft within three days. Note that urgent revisions may have an extra cost and other restrictions/limitations apply. We recommend reading the entire revision policy .

Do you guarantee me a good grade (an A) for my completed research paper?

Our writers will deliver great work that is free of errors, answers the question, and follows all instructions. Most clients become repeat customers after trying the service only once. However, please remember that writers for Ultius offer sample research paper writing services so the work should be used as a reference. We cannot legally promise grades, but we do promise you on-time delivery, fulfilled instructions, and great writing.

Can you guarantee I will get an original research paper?

Your purchased paper will be original or you will get your money back. Additionally, we don't submit the paper to Turnitin because if we did, it wouldn't pass the originality scan. We use our own tools and Copyscape.

Can I cancel my order after placing it?

You can cancel your order within one hour of placing it, no questions asked.

Where do you get sources for a research paper?

Our writers gather sources from trusted journal databases like JSTOR, EBSCOHost, ProQuest, Google Scholar and others. If you require a specific book, we can usually find it on Google Books or the Kindle Store. You can also upload your own sources in the messaging interface once you’ve placed an order. Either way, we always go with peer-reviewed sources from trusted publications.

Privacy and security

How secure is the Ultius website?

Our website uses industry-leading security practices like required dial-in PINs, email registration restrictions, and high internal security to protect your privacy. We also rely on a number of security vendors to keep our website safe.

Pre-order questions

Is it safe to use research paper writing services online?

Using the Ultius platform to connect with a writer for the best research paper writing services is safe, secure, and legal. We don't ask you for lots of personal information during registration. We also use industry-leading security practices to ensure your information is safe and private. If you are wondering "should I use a research paper writing service," the answer is yes!

What if I don't like my finished product?

If you are not satisfied with your final paper, we do offer free three-day revisions as long as they fall within the revision policy guidelines. We want to make sure that you are satisfied, so contact us if you would like a refund instead.

I have used other bad paper writing services. Why should I trust you?

Unfortunately, there are many websites that offer awful writing services and fail to deliver in terms of quality, service, and customer outcomes. Ultius proudly sets itself apart by being a credible and legitimate company that offers the best research paper writing service in the world. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau where we have an A+ rating , have almost 700 positive reviews on independent review platforms, and are a genuine American company that does not outsource writing overseas. When customers are dissatisfied and leave poor reviews, we reply to each and every one of them and offer a resolution. Given our strong track record of service since 2010, we hope you will consider giving us a chance before giving up your search.

Writer options

What is the difference between selecting a lower and higher writer level for my essay?

The writer level impacts the overall competency of writing you will receive for the final paper. For example, if you select a high school level writer, you will receive writing that meets this competency level. Conversely, selecting the doctoral level writing option will result in a doctoral level writer who has a professional degree. Please understand, selecting high school level does not mean you will work with a writer in high school; instead, it reflects the writing level you will receive.

Reading done, it's time to place an order!

You made it to the end of the page and we hope you're ready to do business with us.

Confident woman ordering research paper online from Ultius

Legal Notes

Availability Intelligence SM, Never Late, Always Great SM Availability Intelligence is a registered service mark of Ultius, Inc. The mark represents our proprietary technology that utilizes various signals and data points to determine whether clients can request specific contracted writers. Never Late, Always Great is pending SM registration as of July, 2018.

1 Free revisions are offered for all custom writing services. After your order is completed, you will have seven days to request a revision and we will upload it within three days. Urgent revisions may have additional costs and other restrictions apply. Please read our full revision policy for more information.

2 Ultius offers a money back guarantee if we fail to connect you with a writer, the order is not completed or doesn't meet the required quality standards. For partially late orders, we will refund you the difference in cost between your original deadline and the deadline we met.

3 The graduate writer pool represents a total of 7.3% compared to the total number of writers we have in our database. This figure is accurate as of 4 October 2016.

4 Our graduate writers generally have professional degrees. In rare cases, the writer may not have a professional degree, but the company feels confident in the writer's ability to produce graduate level work. Revision writers or reassignment writers may not have professional degrees.

5 While we work extremely hard to secure our web properties, no system is foolproof or immune to intrusion. Therefore, we legally cannot guarantee a 100% success rate of securing our website.

Writer hiring data Writer hiring data is from the entirety of 2016 and based on 4,844 initial applicants. The data provided represents a confidence interval of 10% for each subset of data within the entire hiring process.

Reviews Aggregate review ratings are derived from Facebook ®, the BBB ®, Google ® and SiteJabber ®. Review vendors are not affiliated with Ultius, Inc., whether expressed or implied. As a matter of policy, the BBB ® does not endorse any product, service or business. Current BBB rating as of 29 January 2017. All logos and marks are trademarks of the respective company.

Security disclaimer While we work extremely hard to secure our web properties, no system is foolproof or immune to intrusion. Therefore, we legally cannot guarantee a 100% success rate of securing our website.

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Industry leading security

Your data security is important, and we want you to feel safe using our writing services. That is why we partner with security vendors that protect some of the largest websites in the world. We also utilize internal security best practices like requiring dial-in pins for customer support interactions and two-factor authentication . Finally, whenever security related incidents happen around the internet, we inform our customers through our security bulletins. All bulletins include clear (and pictured) instructions for updating passwords.

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GeoTrust issues our SSL certificate , encrypting all communications on our website (256-bit).

Availability Intelligence

Our Availability Intelligence technology ensures that if you request a specific writer, there is a 90% chance they will be available and accept it.

When you use our advanced requested writer feature for your custom research paper service order, we work extremely hard to ensure that your writer is going to be available. We use various signals and internal data points to predict whether the writer will accept the order in the first place.

For example, our writers have profile settings like vacation mode where they can mark themselves as away. We also consider the writer's current workload so they have time to complete your writing order.

These are just a few of the many signals we use when deciding whether to show a writer as available - and we're improving our technology every day to make it even more reliable. As of October (2016), the requested writer acceptance rate is 90%, meaning that there is a 9/10 chance they will be available.

Please make sure to read our writer availability policy before requesting a writer from the order form.

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Sample Writing ii

Custom sample services are for model and reference use only. When referencing our work, you must use a proper citation.

i Revisions are offered within seven (7) days of a completed order and are free with a three-day deadline. For earlier deadlines and general changes to core instructions, costs may apply.

ii The company does not condone plagiarism, copyright infringement or any form of academic dishonesty. All provided sample services must only be used for reference purposes while being cited properly. Please read the Fair Use Policy.

Fair Use Policy

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  • A+ BBB Rating!

Ultius is the trusted provider of content solutions for consumers around the world. Connect with great American writers and get 24/7 support.

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Purdue Online Writing Lab Purdue OWL® College of Liberal Arts

Graduate Writing Overview

OWL logo

Welcome to the Purdue OWL

This page is brought to you by the OWL at Purdue University. When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice.

Copyright ©1995-2018 by The Writing Lab & The OWL at Purdue and Purdue University. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use.

Here we present four vidcasts that offer a broad introductory overview of graduate writing. In this context, it is helpful to think about writing as a conversation , a process , a social endeavor , and a disciplinary undertaking . Stay tuned as we continue to publish these vidcasts!

Writing at the graduate level is quite different from writing at the undergraduate level. As emerging scholars, graduate writers will need to become well-versed in the scholarly conversations taking place in the journals and at the conferences within their field. Where undergraduate writers may find themselves primarily writing for their professor as audience and to show mastery of subject matter as a purpose, graduate writers’ audience will be their colleagues in the field, and their purpose will be to engage in conversation with and to disseminate new research to those colleagues. A graduate writer’s identity as scholar requires a concurrent identity as writer.

Materials in this section cover a range of topics relevant to graduate-level writing and to the process of becoming a scholarly writer within a particular field. Two sets of vidcasts fall in the category of Intensive Writing Experience (IWE). An IWE is a concentrated program aimed at a particular group of graduate students (e.g., those new to graduate writing or those writing theses and dissertations). These programs ask writers to learn about and engage with information about and strategies to apply to writing that they can then use in their own work. The Introduction to Graduate Writing vidcast series explores how writing is a conversation, a process, a social endeavor, and discipline specific. The IWE for Thesis and Dissertation writers offers material on how to set goals for and remain motivated during a long-term project. It covers topics relevant to drafting and revising documents, such as reverse outlining, sentence concision, and flow in scholarly writing.

In addition to the vidcasts, this section of the OWL houses a number of handouts specific to graduate writing on topics such as style or organization and on genres such as literature reviews and conference proposals. These materials offer explanations and samples of the particular topic or genre being covered in the handout.

  • Varsity Tutors
  • K-5 Subjects
  • Study Skills
  • All AP Subjects
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Computer Science
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Macroeconomics
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  • AP World History
  • All Business
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  • Supply Chain Management
  • All Humanities
  • Essay Editing
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  • All Learning Differences
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Award-Winning Graduate-level writing Tutors

Welcome! Let's match you with the perfect Graduate-level writing tutor.

Who needs tutoring?

We look at 100+ variables to create a personalized learning plan to match each student's personal needs and goals.

My son was failing Algebra on all levels. He began working with one of the VT 1-on-1 a month ago. He now has an overall grade of 91%!
Varsity Tutors really helped me understand the concepts during my Calculus 2 class. My tutor has such amazing patience and is open to many questions! Lastly, was always on time and very prompt. Highly suggest Varsity Tutors.


Understanding your timeframe helps us to develop a tailor-made learning plan just for you.

We have a 4.9/5 average customer satisfaction rating.

Found me a great Python, C Programming, and MatLab tutor for a Engineering Computation course.

— Charles C

We've had the BEST experience with VT! Our tutor has helped my middle schoolers math grades come up from a D to an A for our 8th grader. and from a D to a B for my 6th grader. I'm beyond pleased with how she connected with my boys.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed — if for any reason you’re not satisfied after your initial session, we’ll find a better fit. And your next session will be free of charge.

We know every student is unique. And they deserve a tutoring experience as unique as their needs. With thousands of tutors available, we're confident to find the one best for you.

  • Algebra Tutors
  • Calculus Tutors
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  • ISEE Tutors
  • PSAT Tutors
  • SAT Math Tutors
  • SAT Writing and Language Tutors
  • SHSAT Tutors
  • SSAT Tutors
  • STAAR Tutors
  • TACHS Tutors
  • Graduate Test Prep
  • GMAT Tutors
  • LSAT Tutors
  • MCAT Tutors
  • Anatomy Tutors
  • Biology Tutors
  • Chemistry Tutors
  • Microbiology Tutors
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  • Physics Tutors
  • Physiology Tutors
  • College Essays Tutors
  • English Grammar and Syntax Tutors
  • Essay Editing Tutors
  • Phonics Tutors
  • Reading Tutors
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  • French Tutors
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Private Graduate-level writing Tutoring

Our interview process, stringent qualifications, and background screening ensure that only the best Graduate-level writing tutors work with Varsity Tutors. To assure a successful experience, you're paired with one of these qualified tutors by an expert director - and we stand behind that match with our money-back guarantee.

Receive personally tailored Graduate-level writing lessons from exceptional tutors in a one-on-one setting. We help you connect with the best tutor for your particular needs while offering flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.

Attending graduate school is a logical step for many people who graduate from college. Perhaps you want additional experience before you go out looking for a job in your field or maybe your career requires a graduate education. But what if you struggle with writing? Varsity Tutors can help with graduate-level writing tutoring based on your needs. If you want or need to go to graduate school, learn how a tutor can offer you the chance to improve your abilities.

Perhaps writing has also felt like a struggle and you feel unprepared or unsure of yourself. With a graduate-level writing tutor, you can work in-depth on topics that involve:

  • Developing a thesis
  • Creating an argumentative paper
  • Supporting your topics with the correct outside sources
  • Developing an abstract
  • Refining source citing
  • Working in APA or MLA formatting

Graduate-level writing takes what you learn in your college studies and builds upon it, making it important you have a solid grasp of the subject. If you simply want someone to review your work or you'd like advice and assistance through each step of the process, graduate-level writing tutoring can give you the chance to choose how much or little help you need.

Your tutor can give you advice, such as how to ensure your thesis comes across clearly. If you're writing an essay for admission to graduate school, you can ask them for advice on what the school is looking for. If you want to review the basics, such as how to cite a paper in MLA format or learn about the best types of sources to use for a paper for graduate school, a graduate-level writing tutor can help you.

Your tutor can help you learn the material in different ways, such as going through samples of graduate papers that follow a certain style or format if you're a visual learner. If you'd prefer only focusing on one specific format, such as writing a compelling conclusion, you can ask your tutor to format the lesson plan to meet your needs. Your tutor can work directly with you, and only focus on what you need to excel in graduate school.

Lessons can last as long or short as you would like, from a few weeks of tutoring sessions to a whole semester or longer. Graduate-level writing tutoring sessions can get formatted to meet your needs, so you get the most out of your experience. If you're looking for "graduate-level writing tutoring near me", contact Varsity Tutors today and see how a qualified tutor can help you make the most of your abilities.

Your Personalized Tutoring Program and Instructor

Identify Needs

Our knowledgeable directors help you choose your tutor with your learning profile and personality in mind.

Customize Learning

Your tutor can customize your lessons and present concepts in engaging easy-to-understand-ways.

Increased Results

You can learn more efficiently and effectively because the teaching style is tailored to you.

Online Convenience

With the flexibility of online tutoring, your tutor can be arranged to meet at a time that suits you.


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Best Online Writing Tutoring Services

Chegg is our pick for best online writing tutoring service

Everyone needs a little writing boost from time to time, whether they're working on a term paper, preparing for the essay portion of a standardized test, or developing niche writing skills.

Online writing tutors are a great solution to any writing issues you or your child might have, with plenty of instructors specializing in every niche imaginable, right at your fingertips. And, thanks to the pandemic and the growing need for flexible learning options, online tutoring options continue to expand.

If you're looking for professional help or a way to boost your creative writing skills, we've reviewed some of the best online writing tutoring services out there.

The 7 Best Online Writing Tutoring Services of 2024

  • Best Overall: Chegg
  • Best for High School Students: Princeton Review
  • Best for Transparent Pricing: Skooli
  • Best National: Kaplan
  • Best for Creative Writing: Wyzant
  • Best for Professional Writing: Business Writing Center
  • Our Top Picks

Princeton Review

Business Writing Center

  • See More (3)

Final Verdict

Comparing online writing tutoring services, frequently asked questions, methodology, best overall : chegg.

  • Price: Starting at about $15.95 per month
  • Grade Level: High school-age and older
  • Frequency: As needed

Chegg makes it easy to find tutors with expertise in your struggle areas. Plus, you’ll be able to submit a paper and receive feedback within 48 hours.

24/7 support

Submit papers for feedback

Plagiarism checker

Different tutor for each use

No real curriculum or lessons

Chegg covers pretty much any subject you might need writing help in, which is a comfort for students. The site has thousands of writing experts, all with their own individual expertise and specialties. Whether students need help with literary analysis, lab reports, or a history research paper, someone can assist.

Chegg’s system allows learners to submit a paper they need help with and have it checked by a suitable expert who can provide feedback within 48 hours, whether it's an answer to a specific question or a general scan of your paper and writing style.

The platform offers a subscription plan for Chegg Writing, which includes a plagiarism detector, free citation creation, and proofreading and grammar scans for an unlimited number of papers.

The writing subscription is $9.95 per month, however there is a free trial. Prices for Chegg study and tutor start at around $15.95 per month.

Best for High School Students : Princeton Review

Use promo code INVESTO15 for 15% off MSRP.

  • Price: Starts at $40 an hour up to roughly $350 to $1,450 for six-month flex plans
  • Grade Level: K-12 and higher education
  • Frequency: One to 10 hours per month, or 10 hours to 50 hours in six months

High school students will benefit from the help of expert tutors that can cater to individuals’ one-on-one needs and specific learning goals. The tutors are available 24/7 for those late-night cramming sessions.

One-on-one tutors plus premade content for academic help

Tutors available 24/7

Heavily vetted tutors include professors, teachers, PhDs and other experts

Can be expensive

No one-off sessions

Princeton Review just might be the perfect fit for high school students looking for help with their writing skills.

Whether they're looking for help on a book report, a research paper, an admissions essay, or something else, they can call on these tutors 24/7 to polish writing skills. Even better: Princeton Review's instructors are categorized by topic, so students can specifically search for tutors with expertise in whatever subject help is needed.

Rather than negotiating rates with individual tutors, Princeton Review offers several different pricing plans, including monthly subscriptions with a set number of hours per month or a more flexible plan allowing access anytime.

Monthly packages range from about $40 for one hour to roughly $340 for 10 hours per month, while six-month flex plans run from approximately $350 for 10 hours ($35 per hour) to around $1,450 for 50 hours ($29 per hour).

These flex plans allow students to log on at any time during the six months, and a session can be as short or as long as they want.

Best for Transparent Pricing : Skooli

  • Price: Starts at $0.82 a minute with pay-as-you-go; as low as $0.65 a minute if you prepay 32 hours
  • Grade Level: Elementary school through college

There’s no commitment needed with Skooli. You can use the platform as needed, and you’ll only have to pay roughly $1 per minute. 

Get help instantly 

No commitment needed

Pay per minute makes rates reasonable

15 minute minimum

No student-tutor relationship, since you’ll book as needed

Since Skooli offers tutoring in plenty of different subjects, you’re likely to be able to find writing tutors who can help tailor your essays to the specific needs of your subject. Writing a history research paper is very different from writing a literary analysis, and you can browse Skooli’s wide range of tutors to find one with the background and expertise to help with your specific project.

You can use Skooli as a long-term tutoring option—either with one specific instructor or different ones each time students log on—but it’s also designed for in-the-moment queries. The pricing structure reflects that: Skooli charges around $1 per minute rather than monthly or even hourly rates, so all time is accounted for while learning.

For the most part, tutors on Skooli are well-vetted and experienced and hold degrees and teaching certifications, so students can be sure that every minute spent will further their knowledge.

Best National : Kaplan

  • Price: Courses start at $549 (ACT prep) and $1,100 (LSAT prep)
  • Grade Level: From high school admissions through career advancement
  • Frequency: Varies by course

Kaplan is widely known and trusted for online tutoring, and offers test prep tutoring from high school admissions tests through college admissions tests and beyond. 

Robust offering

Help for specific tests

Widely known and trusted brand

Not much offered beyond test prep courses

Not for basic writing tutoring

Kaplan's name and its test prep formulas are top of the line. For students looking for private or group tutoring to prepare for a standardized test or entrance exam, Kaplan’s tutoring program is one of the most comprehensive.

Students can sign up for small-group remote classes with experienced teachers or enroll in private, one-on-one tutoring. Tutoring sessions are highly structured, including multiple full-length practice tests and in-depth explanations for scores. It’s as close as it gets to taking the test before you actually take it.

While a good portion of the tutoring focuses on the multiple-choice sections of these tests, Kaplan tutors also work with students to improve their writing skills and help them learn what the test review boards are looking for in each individual exam. The platform is for serious, long-term tutoring with highly experienced tutors and exclusive materials, not one-time sessions, and the prices reflect that.

Prices vary depending on which test you’re preparing for. If you're prepping for the ACT, you can enroll in an online class with top ACT teachers for $549. If you want one-on-one tutoring, options start at $749. If you're prepping for the LSAT, they offer a live online course for $1,100 and one-on-one tutoring plus a live online course starting at $1,999.

Best for Creative Writing : Wyzant

  • Price: Starts at $25 an hour
  • Grade Level: All, plus adults

Wyzant allows you to search for tutors in your subject matter of interest, including both gen-eds and more creative classes. 

Ability to search for the type of tutor you want

Search within your price range

24/7 access to tutors

Experience is specific to the tutor you choose

Site does not have tutors adhere to a specific methodology

No tutor/student relationship, as sessions are one-off and as-needed

While the majority of tutoring sites focus more on straightforward academics, Wyzant also includes creative writing tutors. Whether you’re a student working on an English class assignment, a creative writing major looking for a little extra guidance, or just someone wanting to dig into creative writing on your own time, there’s likely an instructor for you.

The site filters tutors by broad subject area and then by narrower expertise. Prospective students can view a tutor’s profile, rating, and hourly rate before reaching out. Many of the site’s creative writing tutors have advanced degrees or professional experience, so you can be sure you’re getting genuine expert help.

Wyzant gives students and tutors a lot of leeway to negotiate their own relationships, both in the classroom and in terms of rates. Tutors set their own fees (the average is between about $25 and $65 per hour, although there are plenty of tutors above and below that range), and the platform offers a one-hour guarantee: the first hour lesson with a new tutor is guaranteed to be a success, or it’s free. It’s a great way to dip your toe in and get help honing your craft.

Best for Professional Writing : Business Writing Center

  • Price: $69 up to $595
  • Grade Level: Adult
  • Frequency: Self-paced for four months

Business Writing Center caters specifically to professionals by teaching business writing for reports, proposals, and other important work writing. 

Specifically for business professionals

Classes for non-native speakers available

Self-paced classes may not be for everyone

Greater fee for individualized courses

Business Writing Center (BWC) isn’t your typical tutoring service.

Rather than aiming its services at secondary school-aged students, the site is geared toward business professionals looking to brush up their writing skills. While some of the offerings are more suitable for business people whose first language isn’t English, there are options for one-on-one tutoring and feedback on professional reports, proposals, and other important work documents.

Rather than hourly tutoring, BWC offers its tutoring services through “coaching” courses. The company has a few different specialties, including document writing, coaching for executive writing, and a more general individual training option.

Self-paced courses start at $69, go up to $595, and can last up to four months. They allow students to work on real-world writing projects and get personalized feedback from an experienced teacher.

An online writing tutor can help students and professionals alike brush up on their writing skills so that their finished writing projects are more successful. Since you can access these tutors from anywhere, they can accommodate most schedules and learning rhythms. We chose Chegg Study as the best overall online tutoring service because it's affordable, convenient, and offers a range of writing tutoring options.

What Is an Online Writing Tutoring Service?

An online writing tutoring service is a website or platform that connects students with writing tutors, completely online and remote. These companies may be geared toward a specific grade level or type of writing, or they may be a more general platform to connect students and tutors.

A research study found that students who sought the help of tutors in writing the second draft of essays progressed more and scored higher on their second drafts than those who did not seek help. The same study found that students who used online tutoring services in addition to in-person tutoring in their school’s writing center scored even higher than those who did not take advantage of online tutoring services.

How Much Do Online Writing Tutoring Services Cost?

Online writing tutoring services cover a wide range of prices. In general, there are two basic models: pay-per-session or subscription. For the former, students pay for access each time they use the service for tutoring help. For the latter, students pre-pay for a package that spans a certain amount of time, number of sessions, or even a mini-course that also includes one-on-one tutoring time. Many tutoring services charge $1 per minute or $35 to $60 per hour. Monthly packages can range from about $69 to thousands of dollars.

What Can You Learn From a Professional Writing Tutoring Session?

Adult professionals can expect to gain practical skills they can apply directly to the writing they do in their chosen profession. Some of those skills may include document writing, executive writing, using basic grammar and sentence structure, and writing for non-native speakers of English.

Online writing tutors may also look over previously written documents and provide edits and/or suggestions to help you polish them.

What Features Do Online Writing Tutoring Services Have?

Every tutoring service structures its offerings a little differently, and each tutor may have their own particular style of teaching. That being said, these platforms are usually based around chat functions, either video/audio or text-based (or some combination of both), and many services have some type of screen-sharing and document-sharing capabilities.

Most online writing tutors will focus on helping students apply their knowledge in a practical sense. While some might have pre-planned assignments to develop particular skills (more common in specialized subjects like creative writing or test prep), other instructors prefer to have students come prepared with an assignment they need help with and give feedback to strengthen it.

Online writing tutoring doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and we’ve tried to make selecting an instructor as easy as possible. Because “writing” is such a broad skill applied to so many different settings, we’ve sorted out some of the categories that we think will be the most useful to the largest number of students. The platforms here range from specialized expertise in niches like business writing and test prep to more general essay-writing assistance.

Students seeking a writing tutor may want a long-term preparatory course or help with an individual essay. With this in mind, we’ve included a wide range of specialties and, more importantly, price points, from pay-per-minute instant feedback to formal, highly researched, long-term prep classes that cost significantly more over the course of several months.

Rachel Weill / Getty Images

Al Chibani W. The effectiveness of online and on-to-one tutoring in the writing center on the students’ achievement: a multiple case study . Int Lett Soc Humanist Sci . 2014;41:192-197. doi:10.18052/


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    #3 - The College Essay Guy. Our Verdict — Best for Unlimited Essay Assistance Price: $4900 for application to 3 schools, $8050 for application for 10 schools We're fans of Ethan Sawyer, the original "college essay guy"— his book, College Essay Essentials, is a great guide to the essay-writing process.Ethan doesn't work directly with many students these days, but he now has a team ...

  5. Scribbr

    Their top-notch editing services, user-friendly platform, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a standout choice for anyone looking to improve their academic writing. I am incredibly grateful for the support Scribbr provided me and would highly recommend them to students seeking to enhance their writing skills.

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    This is where EduBirdie's Graduate Paper Writing Service comes in as a game-changer. EduBirdie gives students access to experienced academic paper writers who know all about writing papers at the graduate level across many subjects. Our experts offer personalized help, guiding students through their research topics, sharpening their arguments ...

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    1. Place an order and pick your graduate school essay writer. Fill out a short order form with the details and requirements for your essay. Then, browse through our writers' profiles and pick the best one. 2. Communicate with your writer and get your paper done.

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    Best Graduate Level Paper Writing Service: As the best in the business, we take pride in delivering top-notch research papers. Our writers, with advanced degrees, ensure your papers meet the highest academic standards. ... Comprehensive Writing Services: From graduate admission essay writing services to editing and writing graduation speech ...

  9. 15 Best Essay Writing Services Online: A Review and Comparison of the

    The Best Essay Writing Sites in 2021 1. 99Papers - Best Essay Writing Service Overall With an average trustpilot rating of 4.6 with 230 positive reviews, this is one of the most trustworthy and ...

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  11. 10 Tips for Graduate Level Writing for Academic Papers

    Graduate Level Writing Tip #5: Avoid using casual language and cliches. Keep your writer's "voice" professional, academic in tone, and cliche-free. Use simple, straight-forward, and thoughtful words and sentences. Many people mistake "academic tone" for big words, vague ideas, and heady data. An academic tone is conscious, intentional ...

  12. 6 Best Dissertation Writing Services

    Fast orders accomplishment and delivery. 3. Edusharky.сom. is an up-to-date educational writing platform that offers expert dissertation help. The service operates round-the-clock to deliver every finalized paper timely. The extremely convenient design helps with ordering routine and website checking.

  13. How to write a graduate-level essay

    What's in this guide: Site map. Steps 1-3: Plan your work. Understand the Assignment. Create a Preliminary Document Plan. Draft Your Thesis Statement. Step 4: Research the Topic. Research is a complex process in its own right! This step contains several. sub-steps with their own pages.

  14. The 6 Best Graduate Level School Paper Writing Services in the USA

    99Papers. 99 Papers is a graduate-level paper writing service that provides original documents from scratch. Before you finally get your documents, they get double-checked. And another great thing is that if you are not satisfied with the work done, you can quickly request a work review within ten days of receiving it.

  15. Professional Essay Writing & Editing Services

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  16. Academic writing services for every student: Get the help ...

    Academic writing is the main way of assessing students' comprehension, critical thinking and analysis skills. This is why it is not supposed to be easy. However, in the current landscape, it is arguably a lot harder than it used to be just ten years ago. Students truly have a lot on their plates, and getting a trusted service for academic ...

  17. Graduate & Doctoral Writing

    Graduate & Doctoral Writing. Graduate and doctoral writing and research differs from undergraduate writing in a few important ways. Gone are the days you can simply write about a topic and not connect it to the larger context. Use this informative graphic to better understand these different expectations: Undergraduate vs. Graduate Writing.

  18. Preparing for Graduate Writing

    The Graduate-Level Writing Refresher is a great way to prepare yourself for the writing you'll be expected to do as a graduate student. Go through each step below to improve your graduate writing skills. We strongly encourage you to review the Academic Writing Refresher and the Advanced Writing Skills Refresher.

  19. Best Essay Writing Services 2023: Find The One For You

    Pricing. EssayPro prices start at: $11.4 per page for essays, reviews, and case studies. $12.35 per page for research papers and term papers. $13.35 per page for lab reports and admission essays. These prices can change depending on the time you give them to write your paper and the academic level of your assignment.

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  21. Graduate Writing Overview

    The Introduction to Graduate Writing vidcast series explores how writing is a conversation, a process, a social endeavor, and discipline specific. The IWE for Thesis and Dissertation writers offers material on how to set goals for and remain motivated during a long-term project. It covers topics relevant to drafting and revising documents, such ...

  22. Top Online Graduate-level writing Tutors Near Me

    Call us today to connect with a top Graduate-level writing tutor. (888) 888-0446. Get Started. Choose the best Graduate-level writing tutor for you from many highly-rated tutors available for personalized 1-on-1 Graduate-level writing tutoring.

  23. The 7 Best Online Writing Tutoring Services of 2024

    The 7 Best Online Writing Tutoring Services of 2024. Best Overall: Chegg. Best for High School Students: Princeton Review. Best for Transparent Pricing: Skooli. Best National: Kaplan. Best for Creative Writing: Wyzant. Best for Professional Writing: Business Writing Center.

  24. PDF Academic Phrasebank

    Preface. The Academic Phrasebank is a general resource for academic writers. It aims to provide the phraseological 'nuts and bolts' of academic writing organised according to the main sections of a research paper or dissertation. Other phrases are listed under the more general communicative functions of academic writing.