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How to Write a Graphic Designer Cover Letter (3 Examples)

By Ammar Ahmed

Published: January 22, 2024

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Ammar Ahmed

Ammar Ahmed

Writer & Career Coach

Ready to design the perfect Graphic Designer cover letter? This guide is your creative toolkit, filled with tips and tricks to help you sketch out a cover letter that will make potential employers stop and stare, ensuring you’re not just another application in the pile, but the one they remember.  

Creating a Winning Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Every application you send out shouldn’t just be a repetition of previous ones. Tailoring each cover letter to the specific company and position you’re applying for can dramatically increase your chances of standing out. Here are the vital steps you should consider when crafting your Graphic Designer cover letter.

Researching the Company and Position

Before diving into writing, it’s paramount to do your homework about the company and the specific Graphic Designer role they’re hiring for. Companies appreciate applicants who’ve taken the time to understand their mission and values. By aligning your cover letter with these, you not only showcase your dedication but also highlight your potential fit within their team.

  • Aligning with Company Values and Goals: This goes beyond a cursory glance at their mission statement. Dive deep into the company’s portfolio, campaigns, and any significant milestones. Understand their design ethos. Do they favor minimalist designs or vibrant graphics? By showing that you’re in tune with their core values, you cement your position as a potential asset.
  • Understanding the Specific Graphic Designer Role: Are they seeking a UI/UX designer, an illustrator, or perhaps a brand strategist? By tailoring your cover letter to the precise role, you underline your expertise in that domain, setting you apart from general applicants. Highlight relevant projects or achievements that make you the best fit for the role.

Structuring Your Cover Letter

While content is the heart of your Graphic Designer cover letter, structure is its backbone. A well-structured cover letter ensures that your key points are effectively communicated, making it easy for hiring managers to spot your potential.

Let’s break down the key components of writing a job-winning cover letter and how you can tailor them for a graphic design position.

  • Heading and Salutation: Start with your contact information at the top: name, address, phone number, and professional email. If you have an online portfolio, this is a great place to include the link. Directly beneath, address the hiring manager by name if possible. A quick LinkedIn search can help with this. 
  • Opening Paragraph – Grabbing Attention: This is your elevator pitch . Instead of the standard “I’m applying for X position”, delve into a brief story or achievement that encapsulates your passion for graphic design. Perhaps it’s the moment you realized the power of design in storytelling or a significant design award you received.
  • Middle Paragraph(s) – Showcasing Your Skills and Experience: This is where you highlight your relevant experiences. As a Graphic Designer, it’s essential to mention specific projects you’ve worked on, design tools you excel in, or brands you’ve elevated with your designs. Use quantifiable metrics if possible. For instance, “Revamped a client’s website leading to a 20% increase in user engagement.”
  • Closing Paragraph – Expressing Enthusiasm and Call to Action : Reiterate your interest in the role and the company. Highlight how your design philosophy aligns with theirs. End with a proactive statement, like “I’d love the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your upcoming design projects” or “I’m eager to showcase how my design skills can further your brand’s vision.”
  • Signature and Contact Information: Sign off professionally with “Sincerely” or “Best regards”, followed by your name. Beneath that, include your phone number and email again for easy reference. As a Graphic Designer, it’s a good touch to ensure this section, especially your name, is in a font or style that is reflective of your design sensibilities without being overly ornate. Remember, simplicity often speaks volumes.

Highlighting Relevant Skills and Experience

For Graphic Designers, it’s not just about stating your skills—it’s about narrating the story of how those skills have been put to work and have delivered results.

Here’s a closer look at how to highlight some essential skills and experiences uniquely tailored to the graphic design profession:

  • Creativity & Ideation: At the heart of every graphic design project lies creativity. Mention specific instances where your original ideas transformed a project. Maybe you conceptualized a brand’s logo that’s now recognizable everywhere or devised an innovative design strategy that steered a campaign’s success. Showcase how your ideation process sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Graphic Design: While this seems obvious for the profession, delving into specifics is key. Did you specialize in typography, layouts, or branding? Talk about design projects you’ve led or contributed to and the impact they made. For instance, “I spearheaded the rebranding of XYZ company, which led to a 30% increase in their brand visibility.”
  • Communication: As a Graphic Designer, you’re often the bridge between a client’s vision and the final product. Highlight moments where your communication skills ensured that the client’s requirements were met and translated into design. Maybe you’ve facilitated workshops or led client meetings to align visions, or perhaps you’ve collaborated with cross-functional teams, ensuring every stakeholder’s input was visually represented.
  • Adobe Creative Suite Proficiency: Most design jobs will expect proficiency in tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. But instead of just stating you know them, delve deeper. Discuss a challenging project where your expertise in these tools was vital. For example, “Utilizing advanced features in Illustrator, I was able to craft intricate design elements for a client’s product packaging, which received industry acclaim.”

Remember, every skill or experience you highlight should have a story or a tangible result attached. It paints a picture not just of what you can do, but of what you’ve achieved and can bring to the table.

Tailoring Your Cover Letter

In the realm of graphic design, where uniqueness and creativity are treasured, sending a generic cover letter can quickly lead to missed opportunities. Tailoring your cover letter for each application can give you a distinct edge over the competition.

Let’s dive into how you can effectively customize your letter for that dream graphic design position:

  • Addressing the Hiring Manager: Personalization starts right at the greeting. Instead of a generic “To whom it may concern,” do a little research. Look up the company on LinkedIn or their website to find the name of the hiring manager or the head of the design department. Addressing them directly, such as “Dear Ms. Thompson,” immediately establishes a personal connection and shows your keen interest in the role.
  • Matching Job Description Keywords: Employers often look for specific keywords that align with their needs. When tailoring your cover letter, integrate terms and phrases used in the job description. For a Graphic Designer role, some keywords might include “UX/UI design,” “branding,” “vector illustration,” “multimedia campaigns,” or “digital design solutions.” If the job description mentions a need for someone skilled in “responsive web design,” and you have that experience, ensure it’s prominently featured in your letter.
  • Demonstrating Cultural Fit: Companies don’t just hire skills; they hire individuals who’ll thrive in their environment. Research the company’s culture—be it through their social media , website, or company reviews. Are they innovative and fast-paced, or do they value a methodical, detail-oriented approach? Maybe they have a strong focus on community service or prioritize sustainability in their projects. Mention past experiences or values that resonate with the company’s culture, like working on eco-friendly design projects or participating in collaborative design-a-thons.

Remember, a tailored cover letter isn’t about fitting what you think the company wants. It’s about genuinely showcasing how your unique skills, experiences, and values align with their needs and culture. This authenticity will make your application shine amidst a sea of generic submissions.

Providing Evidence of Your Accomplishments

In the world of graphic design, the adage “show, don’t tell” couldn’t be more relevant. While it’s essential to list your skills and experiences, it’s equally important to provide concrete evidence of your accomplishments. Demonstrating your successes with tangible examples not only lends credibility to your claims but also paints a vivid picture of what you can bring to a new role.

  • Quantifiable Achievements: Numbers have a unique way of catching attention and validating your contributions. As a Graphic Designer, here are some ways you can quantify your impact:

“Redesigned a client’s website, leading to a 40% increase in user engagement within the first month.” OR “Collaborated on a marketing campaign that saw a 25% rise in product sales, largely attributed to the graphic elements I introduced.” OR “Led a team that reduced design production times by 15% through the implementation of new software tools.”

  • Relevant Projects and Outcomes: Specific projects provide a narrative to your experiences and the value you offer. For a Graphic Designer, it’s all about the visual impact and the story behind the design:

“Conceptualized and executed the branding for XYZ Startup, which has since become a recognizable logo in the tech industry.” OR “Managed the graphic elements of a national advertising campaign for ABC Company, which was nominated for a design award.” OR “Curated the visuals for a major exhibition at the DEF Museum, attracting over 10,000 visitors in its opening week.”

When detailing your accomplishments, focus on the impact and the problem-solving aspect of your work. Employers want to see not just what you did, but how you made a difference and the results that stemmed from your efforts. By providing tangible evidence, you give potential employers a glimpse into your potential contributions to their team.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Navigating the path to a stellar Graphic Designer Cover Letter involves not only emphasizing your strengths but also steering clear of pitfalls that can detract from your application.

Here are some common mistakes Graphic Designers make in their cover letters and how you can prudently sidestep them:

  • Generic and lengthy cover letters: While it’s tempting to have a one-size-fits-all letter, hiring managers can spot these a mile away. Tailor your letter to each company and position. And remember, in the fast-paced world of design, brevity is your friend. A concise, impactful letter often leaves a stronger impression than a lengthy monologue.
  • Overdesigning the cover letter: Graphic Designers naturally want their documents to look aesthetically appealing. However, there’s a thin line between a polished design and an overdesigned document that distracts from the content. Use simple layouts, consistent fonts, and a touch of color if necessary. Ensure the design complements the content rather than overshadowing it.
  • Using overcomplicating language: While it’s crucial to come across as professional, inundating your letter with industry jargon or overly complex language can be off-putting. Aim for clarity and simplicity. Instead of saying, “I utilized a plethora of techniques to enhance the brand’s visual representation,” opt for “I used various design techniques to elevate the brand’s image.”
  • Focusing on yourself only and not the company: Yes, your cover letter is about showcasing your skills and experiences, but it’s also about illustrating how you can be a valuable asset to the company. Ensure you weave in how your expertise aligns with the company’s goals, values, and needs. Instead of merely stating you’re proficient in “Adobe Creative Suite,” mention how this proficiency can aid in their upcoming rebranding project or align with their innovative design ethos.

Dodging these pitfalls will help ensure your cover letter stands out for all the right reasons and resonates with potential employers in the graphic design arena.

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Graphic Designer Cover Letter Examples

It can be difficult to navigate the nuances of a graphic design application. While we have discussed the elements to include and mistakes to avoid, sometimes seeing is believing. By looking at real-world examples tailored to the profession, you can gain a clearer understanding of what a compelling Graphic Designer Cover Letter looks like.

Let these examples serve as a blueprint for crafting your own standout letter.

Entry Level Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Crafting an entry-level cover letter is all about emphasizing potential, passion, foundational skills, and any relevant academic or extracurricular experiences.

Here’s a cover letter tailored for an Entry-Level Graphic Designer position:

Anna Smith 15 Creative Avenue Boston, MA 02118 [email protected] (123) 456-7890

October 25, 2023

Ms. Jane Thompson Creative Director Innovative Designs Inc. 45 Innovation Way Boston, MA 02119

Dear Ms. Thompson,

As a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from Boston University, I was elated to find an entry-level Graphic Designer position available at Innovative Designs Inc. Having avidly followed your organization’s work during my studies, I’ve always been inspired by your commitment to innovative and impactful design. I am eager to translate my academic knowledge and passion for design into practical contributions as a member of your team.

While my professional experience is just beginning, I’ve had the privilege to intern at Local Design Studio during my senior year. Here, I assisted senior designers in creating digital assets for various local businesses. This hands-on experience, coupled with my proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop and Illustrator, reinforced my foundational design skills.

Your “Urban Renewal” campaign truly resonated with me. In fact, as part of my final year project, I embarked on a similar theme, focusing on the intersection of urban landscapes and sustainable design. This project was not only well-received by my professors but also sparked vibrant discussions within the university community.

I am excited about the prospect of being part of Innovative Designs Inc. While I come to you at the onset of my career, I bring an unbridled enthusiasm for design, a strong foundation in the tools of our trade, and a hunger to learn, evolve, and contribute.

Thank you for considering my application. I am keen to discuss how my background and aspirations can align with the goals of Innovative Designs.

Kind regards,

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Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Crafting the perfect cover letter for a graphic design position requires a blend of showcasing your technical skills and capturing your creative essence.

Here’s a glimpse of how you can eloquently weave these elements together to leave a lasting impression on your potential employer:

Jos Buttler 27 Artistry Lane Boston, MA 02118 [email protected] (123) 456-7890

Ms. Jane Thompson Design Department Head Innovative Designs Inc. 45 Innovation Way Boston, MA 02119

The first time I came across Innovative Designs Inc.’s portfolio, it was a testament to the perfect blend of creativity and strategy in design. As a Graphic Designer with over five years of experience in branding and digital realms, your recent job announcement instantly resonated with my professional aspirations and personal design ethos.

At my recent position with Creative Corp, I championed a rebranding initiative that elevated our client engagement metrics by 40%. This success was partly due to my adeptness with the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Illustrator and InDesign, and partly because I deeply delved into understanding the ethos and preferences of our target audience.

Your “Eco-friendly Living” campaign particularly caught my eye. Not only was it visually striking, but the underlying message was powerful. Similarly, in my tenure with Green Designs Ltd., I led a digital campaign promoting sustainable lifestyles, which resulted in a notable 25% increase in product sales. It strengthened my belief in the potent combination of design with purpose.

Joining a forward-thinking company like Innovative Designs Inc., known for pushing the boundaries of design, is an exciting prospect. I am keen to contribute to and learn from the trailblazing work your team produces. I look forward to potentially discussing how my experience and design philosophy align with the ethos and goals of Innovative Designs.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

Warm regards,

Jos Buttler

Senior Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Here’s a cover letter tailored for a Senior Graphic Designer position, highlighting deeper expertise, leadership qualities, and a more refined understanding of the graphic design industry:

David Warner 27 Artistry Lane Boston, MA 02118 [email protected] (123) 456-7890

Having closely followed Innovative Designs Inc.’s trajectory over the years, I’ve consistently been impressed by the audacious creativity and design innovations your team champions. As a Graphic Designer with a decade of in-depth experience, the opportunity to contribute as a Senior Graphic Designer at your esteemed organization feels like a natural and exciting progression for my career.

During my time as the Lead Designer at Prestige Creations, I was instrumental in ushering a design renaissance, shifting our branding strategies to resonate better with the evolving market demographics. My team and I conceptualized and executed campaigns that led to a 50% increase in brand engagement over two years. This achievement wasn’t just a testament to my proficiency in tools like Adobe After Effects or XD but also underscored my ability to mentor junior designers and ensure our team’s synergy aligned with the company’s overarching objectives.

Your recent “Tech for Tomorrow” campaign is a stellar example of design meeting futurism. Drawing a parallel, I once spearheaded a campaign for a tech client at Prestige, where we amalgamated AR elements into our designs. This not only won us the “Innovative Design of the Year” award but also positioned our client as a frontrunner in tech innovation.

The potential of contributing to Innovative Designs Inc., a company that sits at the nexus of design and innovation, excites me. My vision as a Senior Graphic Designer isn’t just to bring my expertise to the table but to foster a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and impeccable design execution.

I’d welcome an opportunity to delve deeper into how my experience and vision can complement the ongoing and future projects at Innovative Designs.

Thank you for considering my application.

David Warner

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3 UX Designer Cover Letter Examples for the Job in 2024

Stephen Greet

  • UX Designer Cover Letter
  • UI UX Designer Cover Letter
  • Entry-Level UX Designer Cover Letter
  • Write Your UX Designer Cover Letter

As a UX designer, you’re the mastermind behind successful user journeys and impressive website overhauls. From the initial stages of research and testing to designing storyboards and wireframes, you turn something that’s often “meh” into a seamless, enjoyable experience.

You track every step a user takes in mobile and web apps, finding ways to improve those paths. Now, it’s time to do the same with your career and take recruiters on a trip with your cover letter and complementary UX designer resume .

Let us be your tour guide through the world of successful job hunts! Our UX designer cover letter templates and cover letter generator will help you navigate these uncharted lands.

cover letter examples for design jobs

UX Designer Cover Letter Example


Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Block Format

UX Designer cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Examine the intro of Nina’s masterpiece. See the sharp correlation between UX design’s role in enhancing online user experiences and the employer’s ambition to curate expectation moments for their passengers? Talk of a goldmine that gives your applications a strong start.

Level up your cover letter game

Relax! We’ll do the heavy lifiting to write your cover letter in seconds.

UI UX Designer Cover Letter Example

UI UX designer cover letter template

  • Emulate how Malik mentions learning about Sykes Enterprise at a local business tech fair. Alternatively, show familiarity with the company’s products. Let’s say you’re applying to Cisco. How about talking about your prior experiences with Cisco switches? An Asana applicant? Then, mention your expertise in using their project management tool.

Entry-level UX Designer Cover Letter Example

Entry-level UX designer cover letter template

  • Check out Lea’s entry-level UX designer cover letter. Notice how she brilliantly narrates her experiences using SimilarWeb and SEMRush for competitor analysis and UsabilityHub for collecting real-time user feedback. The transition from theory to practical application no doubt speaks for your hands-on experience outside formal settings.

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How to Write a Masterful UX Designer Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

Just like you’d never propose the same UX or UI design to more than one client, you can’t hope for success on the job market without a tailored cover letter for each job application. Approach creating a cover letter the same way you would a UX design project—start with thorough research and impress them with your knowledge of their needs.

Read the job description carefully and determine the key job skills and values the perfect candidate should possess. Next, make sure to sprinkle them throughout your cover letter—hiring managers appreciate the effort.

cover letter examples for design jobs

Get them hooked with an exciting intro

Working in UI/UX design, you know full well that a good first impression can make or break the final result. The same applies to your job application and your cover letter. It might never be read in full if it’s not gripping from the get-go, and your expertise will remain unnoticed.

The secret recipe for getting your foot in the door is to start by addressing the hiring manager by name. Next, establish a connection between your UI/UX skill set and the company’s needs. 

For instance, if the company is known for creating innovative and responsive mobile designs, mention how you’ve worked in that field before and how your designs increased user engagement.

If you want to get hired, avoid using starters like the one below. It’s presumptuous and doesn’t invite the reader to find out more.

Not getting that job…

I’m very experienced so I hope you can get back to me right after reading this.

Now, the next opener is a real improvement! This candidate tailored their UX cover letter to the max, and it’ll pay off.

That’s a winner!

Hawaiian Airlines is a company I admire for its commitment to superior user experiences. With my background rooted in HCI, supplemented by several recognized certifications, I have honed my skills in user-centered design, information architecture, and data analysis. Hawaiian Airlines’ values resonate with my professional ethos, making this the opportunity to be your next UX designer genuinely enticing.

cover letter examples for design jobs

Show off your UI/UX chops in the body paragraphs

Whether you’re a seasoned UX pro or a recent graduate, use this part of your cover letter to zone in on two things. 

One: Talk about the projects you’ve worked on and the skills that helped you succeed, be it usability testing or visual design. Two: show the recruiter that you’ve read the job description and cherry-picked your job skills accordingly.

Include examples of how you excelled in past roles (or school projects!) and how eager you are to do the same for your future employer. As an example, you can talk about how you boosted conversion rates by 18% with the help of careful user feedback analysis.

Always include metrics where applicable, and don’t be afraid to get pretty specific with your achievements. Discuss your experience designing mobile and web interfaces, creating interactive prototypes, or working with cross-functional teams.

At Tampa Bay Tech Solutions, we improved session duration for a local client by 23% through redesigning wireframes and prototypes of the existing applications in the portfolio. My proficiency in Adobe XD and Sketch, plus a keen understanding of Information Architecture, facilitated intuitive user experience.

cover letter examples for design jobs

Make them call you with a memorable closer

As a UX or UI designer, you’re an expert at many highly technical tools, from Google Analytics to Adobe XD. You’re no stranger to A/B testing, prototyping, and WCAG guidelines. 

However, at the core of it all, you’re also a person who deeply understands what other people might want to see when they visit a particular website or app. Use that skill and natural predisposition to excel at the second most important part of your cover letter: the closer.

Show that you’ve done your homework. If the company’s mission is to increase accessibility in mobile apps, mention how this is especially important to you. Throw in the job skills that align well with this to seal the deal, such as using tools like Axure for high-fidelity prototyping.

This closer isn’t great. This applicant should get interviewed first before securing vacation time.

Just to let you know, I need at least 20 days of PTO per year. If that works for you, please give me a call.

Share why the following is a good example of a closing paragraph and signoff:

That’ll do it!

At Accenture, I hope to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired. I’m eager to further enhance usability testing, visual design, and competitor analysis in an environment as dynamic and innovative as Accenture. Looking forward to our future discussions about this exciting opportunity.

Including projects, be they professional or personal, can help elevate your whole job application. Consider creating a professional portfolio website and uploading a few of your favorite UX/UI designs over there, then link to it in your UX resume.

Companies that deal with UI and UX are often fairly modern and don’t use an overly formal tone, but this will differ from business to business. Your best bet is to read the job listing and the website. If it’s all very casual and friendly, you can tone it down, but always make sure to err on the side of caution.

Use one of your body paragraphs to discuss projects that included cross-departmental collaboration. For example, if you’ve had to work with software engineers, discuss how the wireframes you created helped the front-end dev team create a visually pleasing website.

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Entry Level Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Examples

Cover letter guidelines, how to format an entry level graphic designer cover letter, cover letter header, cover letter header examples for entry level graphic designer, how to make your cover letter header stand out:, cover letter greeting, cover letter greeting examples for entry level graphic designer, best cover letter greetings:, cover letter introduction, cover letter intro examples for entry level graphic designer, how to make your cover letter intro stand out:, cover letter body, cover letter body examples for entry level graphic designer, how to make your cover letter body stand out:, cover letter closing, cover letter closing paragraph examples for entry level graphic designer, how to close your cover letter in a memorable way:, pair your cover letter with a foundational resume, key cover letter faqs for entry level graphic designer.

Start your Entry Level Graphic Designer cover letter by introducing yourself and stating the position you're applying for. Make sure to mention where you saw the job posting. Then, briefly mention your qualifications and how they align with the job description. For example, "I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from XYZ University. I am writing to apply for the Entry Level Graphic Designer position at your company, which I came across on LinkedIn. With my strong foundation in design principles and familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite, I believe I am a strong candidate for this role." This approach is direct, professional, and shows that you have the necessary skills for the job.

The best way for Entry Level Graphic Designers to end a cover letter is by expressing enthusiasm for the opportunity, summarizing their qualifications, and inviting further discussion. For example, "I am excited about the possibility of bringing my unique blend of creativity, technical skills, and passion for design to your team. I am confident that my abilities align with your needs and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your company's success. Thank you for considering my application." This ending is effective because it reiterates your interest in the role, summarizes why you're a good fit, and shows initiative by inviting further conversation. Remember to end with a professional closing like "Sincerely" or "Best regards" followed by your name.

Entry Level Graphic Designers should include the following elements in their cover letter: 1. Contact Information: At the top of your cover letter, include your full name, address, phone number, and email address. If you have a professional website or online portfolio, include that as well. 2. Salutation: Address the hiring manager by name if it's known. If not, use a professional greeting like "Dear Hiring Manager." 3. Introduction: Start by introducing yourself and stating the position you're applying for. Mention where you found the job posting. 4. Body: This is where you sell yourself. As an entry-level graphic designer, you might not have a lot of work experience, but you can still highlight relevant skills and accomplishments. Discuss your knowledge of design principles, software proficiency (like Adobe Creative Suite), and any relevant coursework or projects. If you've done any internships or freelance work, be sure to mention that as well. 5. Show Enthusiasm for the Company: Research the company and express why you're interested in working there. This shows the hiring manager that you're not just looking for any job, but that you're interested in their company specifically. 6. Conclusion: In your closing paragraph, thank the hiring manager for considering your application. Express your interest in the opportunity to discuss your qualifications further. 7. Signature: End with a professional closing like "Sincerely" or "Best," followed by your full name. 8. Portfolio: As a graphic designer, your portfolio is crucial. Make sure to include a link to your online portfolio in your cover letter. If you're sending a hard copy, consider including a PDF of your best work. Remember, your cover letter should complement your resume, not duplicate it. It's your chance to tell a story about who you are, what you can do, and why you're the right fit for the position.

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entry level graphic designer cover letter

The 23 Best Cover Letter Examples: What They Got Right

Amanda Zantal-Wiener

Published: December 14, 2023

I've sent plenty of cover letters throughout my career, so I know it isn't usually fun to write one. Fortunately, the cover letter examples I painstakingly gathered below show that it’s possible to have a little fun with your job search — and maybe even make yourself a better candidate in the process.

 person types of a cover letter

I was shocked upon learning 45% of job seekers don't include a cover letter when applying for a job. I definitely don't recommend following the crowd on this matter because your cover letter is a chance to tell the stories your resume only outlines.

It's an opportunity for you to highlight your creativity at the earliest stage of the recruitment process.

→ Click here to access 5 free cover letter templates [Free Download]

Are you ready to showcase your unique skills and experience? Or are you looking for more tips and cover letter inspiration?

Keep reading for 20+ cover letter examples, then check out tips for cover letter formatting and what makes a cover letter great .

cover letter examples for design jobs

5 Free Cover Letter Templates

Five fill-in-the-blank cover letter templates to help you impress recruiters.

  • Standard Cover Letter Template
  • Entry-Level Cover Letter Template
  • Data-Driven Cover Letter Template

You're all set!

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Cover Letter Examples

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  • Short-and-Sweet Cover Letter Example
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  • The Administrative Assistant Cover Letter
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  • The Brutally Honest Cover Letter
  • The Pivot Cover Letter
  • The Graphic Design Cover Letter
  • Consulting Internship Cover Letter Example
  • Nonprofit Referral Cover Letter Example
  • General Email Inquiry Cover Letter Example
  • Post-Phone-Call Cover Letter Example
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  • Short Recommendation Cover Letter Example
  • Professor or Research Position Cover Letter Example
  • Director Cover Letter Example
  • Editorial Cover Letter Example
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Customizable Cover Letter Examples

In a hurry for a cover letter example you can download and customize? Check out the ones below from HubSpot’s cover letter template kit .

1. Standard Cover Letter Example

cover letter examples: standard cover letter

Download a Customizable Copy of This Cover Letter Example

This standard cover letter is among my favorite approaches because it hits all the right notes: It includes a space to give a brief summary of your experience, as well as a space to delve in-depth into the specific responsibilities of your current role.

You also have the chance to describe the challenges you’ve mastered in previous roles, showing that you’re capable of facing any problem that comes your way.

Why I Love It

I love this cover letter because it allows you to describe the high points of your career while still being professional, personalized, and succinct.

2. Data-Driven Cover Letter Sample

cover letter examples: data driven cover letter

Numbers are worth a million words — or that’s how I think the saying should go (if only we could include pictures in cover letters).

Citing data and statistics about your achievements at your current company is an assured way to capture a hiring manager’s attention.

Over the years, I've learned most hiring managers don’t read the entire letter, so a bulleted summary of your achievements can be a powerful way to increase the effectiveness and scannability of your message.

I love this cover letter because it’s adaptable to any role. Even if you don’t work in a data-centric role, you can include any enumerable achievement.

If I worked in a creative industry, for instance, I could include the number of creative assets you designed for your current company.

3. Entry-Level Cover Letter Example

cover letter examples: entry-level cover letter

Many of us have had "first job jitters" (that's what I'm calling it) when applying for our first career opportunity.

However, my experience taught me to increase my chances of getting that first interview by including a cover letter that explains how my education can help me succeed in the role I applied for.

In fact, HubSpot staff writer Erica Santiago says highlighting her education was key to snagging her first role out of college.

"When I graduated from journalism school, I only had a couple of internships under my belt and maybe some writing clips — not enough to compete with most young professionals with more experience," she recalls.

"So, I highlighted the classes I took such as 'News Reporting and Writing' or 'Electronic News Gathering," she says, "And I explained the assignments I did and how they gave me real-world experience in interviewing and reporting."

She says that's how she got her first job as a digital journalist for WSVN in Miami.

If you need help understanding how to highlight your education in a cover letter, look no further than this example from HubSpot.

While other cover letter samples give experienced professionals the opportunity to share their experience at length, this one gives you the chance to describe your personal and professional attributes.

You can then convey how you can use your knowledge to help your target company reach its goals.

I love this cover letter because it’s easy and simple to use for a student who has little experience in their target industry — including those who haven’t yet completed an internship.

Looking for more? Download the entire kit below.

5 Professional Cover Letter Templates

Fill out the form to access your templates., best cover letter examples.

What does a good cover letter look like in practice, and how can you make yours stand out? I  found six examples from job seekers who decided to do things a bit differently.

Note: Some of these cover letters include real company names and NSFW language that I've covered up.

1. The Cover Letter That Explains 'Why,' Not Just 'How'

You may already know how to talk about how you’ll best execute a certain role in your cover letter. But there’s another question you might want to answer: Why the heck do you want to work here?

The Muse , a career guidance site, says that it’s often best to lead with the why — especially if it makes a good story.

I advise against blathering on and on, but a brief tale that illuminates your desire to work for that particular employer can really make you stand out.

cover letter that explains "why" with a story about a childhood experience with the chicago cubs

Image Source

Here’s another instance of the power of personalization.

The author of this cover letter clearly has a passion for this prospective employer — the Chicago Cubs — and if she’s lying about it, well, I'm sure that would eventually be revealed in an interview.

Make sure your story is nonfiction and relatable according to each job. While I love a good tale of childhood baseball games, an introduction like this one probably wouldn’t be fitting in a cover letter for, say, a software company.

But a story of how the hours you spent playing with DOS games as a kid led to your passion for coding? Sure, I’d find that fitting.

If you’re really passionate about a particular job opening, think about where that deep interest is rooted. Then, tell your hiring manager about it in a few sentences.

Why This Is A Great Cover Letter

This example shows how effective personalization can be. The writer is passionate about the employer, drawing from her own childhood experience to communicate her enthusiasm.

Further reading: Sales Cover Letter Tips

2. The 'We're Meant for Each Other' Cover Letter

This cover letter example is a special one because it was submitted to us here at HubSpot. What does the letter do well? It makes a connection with us before we've even met the letter's author.

We're meant for each other cover letter submitted to HubSpot

"Content Marketing Certified" shows the applicant has taken the content marketing certification course in our HubSpot Academy (you can take the same course here ).

Our "records" indicate he/she did indeed give an interview with us before — and was a HubSpot customer.

The cover letter sang references to a relationship we didn't even know we had with the candidate.

The letter ends with a charming pitch for why, despite him/her not getting hired previously, our interests complement each other this time around.

(Yes, the applicant was hired).

This cover letter example does an excellent job of building rapport with the employer. Despite not getting hired for previous roles they applied for at HubSpot, the writer conveys exactly why they are right for this role.

Read more: Customer Service Cover Letter Tips

3. The Cover Letter with H.E.A.R.T.

HubSpot has a lot of H.E.A.R.T. — Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, Transparent.

Our Culture Code is the foundation of the company's culture, the driving force behind our mission to help millions grow better , and serves as the scaffolding for our hiring practices.

Recruiters at HubSpot look for applicants that demonstrate how they embody the Culture Code and job description, paying extra attention to cover letters that are super custom to HubSpot.

In another HubSpot submission, a HubSpot applicant writes about how she found out about HubSpot, why she likes the company, and how her professional experience aligns with H.E.A.R.T.

cover letter that details experience according to hubspot values: humble, empathy, adaptability, remarkable, and transparent.

HubSpot's recruiting team was impressed with her dedication to the company and how she went beyond what was asked for by linking her portfolio in her closing paragraph.

Featured Resource: 5 Free Cover Letter Templates


Download our collection of 5 professional cover letter templates to help you summarize your professional journey and land your dream job – whether it's at your first or fifth company.

Short Cover Letter Examples

4. the short-and-sweet cover letter.

In 2009, David Silverman penned an article for Harvard Business Review titled, " The Best Cover Letter I Ever Received. " That letter has three complete sentences, as follows:

Short and sweet cover letter example with only three sentences

One might argue that this particular letter is less than outstanding, and I'll also admit it's an older example.

It’s brief, to say the least, and the author doesn’t go into a ton of detail about what makes him or her qualified for the job in question.

But that’s what Silverman likes about it — the fact that the applicant only included the pieces of information that would matter the most to the recipient.

"The writer of this letter took the time to think through what would be relevant to me," writes Silverman. "Instead of scattering lots of facts in hopes that one was relevant, the candidate offered up an opinion as to which experiences I should focus on."

When you apply for a job, start by determining two things:

  • Who might oversee the role — that’s often included in the description, under "reports to." Address your letter to that individual.
  • Figure out what problems this role is meant to solve for that person. Then, concisely phrase in your cover letter how and why your experience can and will resolve those problems.

The key to this standout cover letter is research.

By looking into who you’ll be reporting to and learning more about that person’s leadership style, you’ll be better prepared to tailor your cover letter to focus on how you can create solutions for them.

Read here for more tips on how to land your dream job .

5. The Short Story

Basha Coleman began her cover letter with a short story. The goal of this short story is two-fold:

  • Detail the experience she already has with the organization.
  • Stand out to the hiring team.

short cover letter example from basha coleman that starts with a short story about her existing experience with pepsi

I notice her short story follows a typical narrative arc: It has a conflict/obstacle, a turning point, and a positive outcome, all created with a goal to emphasize a theme or point.

In this case, Coleman is emphasizing her existing affinity with the brand and her triumphs within the program so that she can continue on her career path.

Like the second example in our list, this cover letter does an excellent job of conveying the applicant’s existing affinity for the brand. If you are applying to a company you love, don’t be shy about showing it and explaining why.

6. The Bare Bones Cover Letter

In today's job market, cover letters aren't always necessary. Even though many recruiters won't ask for or even read them, cover letters can still be effective and convey personality to a reader.

Writing a strong cover letter can help you better convey your interest in the position and company.

This template from The Balance Careers puts together the essential components of a short cover letter: excitement about the position, your qualifications, and a call-to-action for the recruiter to follow up with you.

Combining these central aspects in a well-written, compelling narrative will go a long way in convincing readers to hire you.

short cover letter example with summarized bullet points

This letter is organized and concise. The inclusion of bullet points to highlight key skills and help the recruiter skim the document is a nice touch.

Check out this post for more useful cover letter tips .

7. The Breezy Follow-Up

In this cover letter, Amanda Edens is following the instructions the hiring manager gave by forwarding an email with resume and writing samples attached.

short cover letter example from Amanda Edens with bullet points and breezy language

This short cover letter is the result. I especially admire how she uses casual and breezy language to convey personality and enthusiasm, and she keeps her paragraphs succinct.

Not only does Amanda include links to relevant writing samples that are live on the web, but she also closes with a strong final paragraph that:

  • Summarizes the expertise she has relevant to the posting
  • Emphasizes that she doesn't want to simply get a job but rather help the organization accomplish their goals
  • The reader gets everything they need in an organized and thoughtful manner.

8. The Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

In this cover letter the candidate, Michelle, plays up her prior music industry experience to build a connection with Epic Music Group. If you have specific industry experience for the role you are applying for, be sure to highlight that.

Cover Letter Example: Admin Cover Letter

It’s clear that she’s passionate about not only the music industry, but Epic as a whole.

She’s done so much research on the company that she knows what software programs they use, and happens to be proficient in it to help convey value to the hiring manager.

This example further illustrates the importance of research.

Make sure you understand the culture of the company to which you’re applying before you send a completely unfiltered cover letter — if you don’t, there’s a good chance it’ll completely miss the mark.

In just three short paragraphs, the applicant uses their company research to drive home why they are the perfect fit for the role — emphasizing industry experience as well as software knowledge specific to the company.

All of this communicates that she’d be able to start with very few hiccups while getting up to speed.

Further reading: 15 Cover Letter Templates

9. The Internship Cover Letter

Maybe you’re just getting started in your career and looking to land the right internship to gain experience in your field.

In this case, you’ll need to highlight more of your educational background and transferable skills since you won’t have as much professional experience to highlight.

Cover Letter Examples: Internship Cover Letter

The cover letter above is a great example of how to emphasize your skills and accomplishments when applying to internships or entry-level positions. A few things the applicant does well:

  • Highlights relevant extracurriculars and affinity networks. In this case, the applicant is applying for a business analyst position, so mentioning their involvement in a FinTech group makes sense.
  • Previous internships in relevant fields: Our applicant points out that they’ve interned as a Business Analyst at another firm. Pointing out that they’ve done the role before will help make their case for fit.
  • Highlight other useful skills: This applicant is fluent in both English and German. If an international company or an organization needs bilingual support, knowing multiple languages is an asset.

This cover letter example illustrates how you can leverage your education and background to get the gig even when you don’t have much working experience. Highlighting previous internships or experience in related fields can go a long way in convincing hiring managers you’re the perfect candidate for the role.

Further reading for recent graduates:

  • How to Find a Job After College
  • Writing a Cover Letter for an Internship

Creative Cover Letter Examples

10. the brutally honest cover letter.

Then, there are the occasions when your future boss might appreciate honesty — in its purest form.

Former Livestream CEO Jesse Hertzberg, by his own admission, is one of those people, which might be why he called this example " the best cover letter " (which he received while he was with Squarespace):

Brutally honest cover letter example

As Hertzberg says in the blog post elaborating on this excerpt — it’s not appropriate for every job or company.

But if you happen to be sure that the corporate culture of this prospective employer gets a kick out of a complete lack of filter, then there’s a chance that the hiring manager might appreciate your candor.

"Remember that I'm reading these all day long," Hertzberg writes. "You need to quickly convince me I should keep reading. You need to stand out."

The applicant did their research on the company’s culture and executed this cover letter flawlessly. It’s funny and shows off the applicant’s personality all while making it clear why they are a good fit for the role.

Further reading:

  • How to Stand Out and Get Hired at Your Dream Company
  • How to Find Your Dream Job

11. The Pivot Cover Letter

Making a career switch? Your cover letter can be an excellent opportunity for you to explain the reasoning behind your career change and how your transferable skills qualify you for the role.

Cover Letter Example: Creative Pivot Cover Letter

It’s clean but effective.

Since the role she is applying for is more visual, it’s important to both show and tell why you’re a good fit.

This cover letter strikes the perfect balance between creativity and simplicity in design while putting the applicant's career change into context.

The copy is clean, with a creative font choice that isn’t distracting from the content, but still demonstrates the applicant’s knack for design.

12. The Graphic Design Cover Letter

When applying for more creative roles, the design of your cover letter can say just as much as the words on the page. Take the graphic designer letter example below.

sandra barnes cover letter

It’s got so much going for it:

  • Pop of color
  • Clean layout
  • Interesting fonts

Besides the style elements, this example also doesn’t skimp on the key skills recruiters are looking for. Using metrics, the applicant proves their value and why they would be a great fit.

This cover letter thoroughly conveys the applicant’s skills and qualifications using a variety of visual elements and emphasizing their greatest achievements.

Pro tip: If you're applying for a graphic design job, share a link to your graphic design portfolio website , even if it's not an application requirement.

Job Cover Letter Examples

Next up, let’s go over some classic cover letter examples for jobs, especially if you’re applying to internships or only have a few years of experience.

The below cover letters follow the golden rules and don’t deviate too much from the standard — which is ideal if you’re applying to positions in more traditional industries.

13. Consulting Internship Cover Letter Example

consulting cover letter

Many internship applicants are early on in their careers or are still in college. That means they’ve yet to gather enough experience to offer tangible proof of their ability to do the job.

That means that a cover letter is the place where an internship applicant can shine.

This cover letter example highlights the applicant’s skills in a bullet-point format. That makes it easier for an overburdened hiring manager to get the essence of her points, quickly, if they’re only skimming cover letters.

Not only that, but this applicant personalized the letter in every single sentence. She shares information about her prior conversations with some of the company’s employees and mentions the company’s name at every turn.

While she only has one prior consulting job, she deftly mentions the skills she developed in that role and ties them into her desired position at Quantcast Product Group.

This cover letter example does a fantastic job advertising the applicant’s soft skills in a highly scannable format — while still going heavy on the personalization.

Don’t be shy to lightly play with formatting to get your point across and to imbue the letter with your passion for a company.

14. Nonprofit Referral Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: nonprofit referral

This cover letter example for a nonprofit job hits the ground running by right away inserting the name of one of the nonprofit’s Superintendents.

That’s an excellent way to get a recruiter’s attention and make you stand out from the slush pile, even if you’re only just out of school, as is the case for this applicant.

If you’ve received an internal recommendation for a position, you’d be wise to open your letter with that information. Don’t worry about it feeling too stilted or strange — remember, hiring managers only skim letters.

Your goal is to make sure they get information about you that they otherwise won’t get from your resume.

With only three full paragraphs, this cover letter example is short, sweet, and to the point. No time is wasted, and it also goes over the critical basics, such as skills and experience.

This nonprofit cover letter includes a recommendation from an internal employee at the target organization, making it more likely to stand out from the slush pile.

I  also love that it doesn’t skimp on the basics, such as skills, enthusiasm, and experience.

15. General Email Inquiry Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: general internship inquiry

Even if a job opportunity isn’t available at an organization yet, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be. You can always send a general inquiry cover letter, like the one in this example.

This email cover letter for a political campaign internship is short and sweet, but includes the critical information the campaign coordinator needs to consider the applicant for any new positions that may open up.

The best part about this cover letter is that it can be easily customized from one political campaign employer to the next.

While it does include a level of personalization, it’s brief and can be easily changed to address the specific political candidate.

When sending general inquiries like this one, it’s essential to make the personalization aspect as pain-free as possible for yourself. That may mean including only one sentence or two, knowing that a general inquiry might not be replied to.

This email cover letter example hits all the right notes while keeping it brief and to-the-point. While we don’t recommend choosing this format for a formal cover letter, it works if you’re sending a general inquiry to an employer over email.

It’s also a good example to follow if you’re still in college or have very little experience.

Read more: How to Write a Letter of Interest

16. Post-Phone-Call Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: post phone call

If you get a phone call from a potential employer and they invite you to send your resume, pat yourself on the back — that is such a win. In your cover letter, be sure to mention that right away, like this example does.

A hiring manager or an executive at a company likely has a lot of tasks on their plate, which means that they may forget about your call from one week to the next.

That is totally okay, which is why this example starts with a reminder that the applicant and the letter recipient spoke back on January 31st. It also has a few more details about why they started speaking in the first place.

Aside from leveraging the phone call that’s already occurred, this cover letter also does an excellent job explaining why the applicant is an ideal choice for the job.

It goes into detail about skills and previous experience with a high level of enthusiasm, and includes a promise to follow up at the end.

This cover letter example includes two things that will immediately draw my attention: A phone call they’ve already had, and a mutual contact at their organization.

The job and internship search can be grueling; never be afraid to use everything you have at your disposal to improve your standing over other applicants.

Read more: How to Start a Cover Letter

17. Mission-Driven Graduate Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: mission driven

This cover letter example from a recent B.A. graduate wowed me from the first sentence.

The applicant right away explains her attained degree and her specific career interests, then dives into the aspects of her experience that make her such a great candidate.

It's so personalized to the employer’s own mission that it’s difficult to stop reading it.

Even if the hiring manager isn’t a science or health professional, they would be able to effectively gauge the applicant’s suitability for the role by the expertise she shows in her cover letter alone.

The applicant explains at length why she’s excited to work for that specific hospital. The organization serves Aboriginal populations, which aligns with her own values and research interests.

In the last paragraph, she summarizes what she knows about the employer in one sentence, then describes how each of her experiences supports the employer’s mission.

That is an exceedingly clever and meaningful way to align yourself with an organization at a deeper level.

If you’re applying to a mission-driven organization, don’t be shy about showing your excitement and expertise. You don’t need a lot of experience to show that your values align with those of your target organization.

This cover letter example is especially good inspiration if you’re making a career change, have only just a few internships under your belt, or are graduating from college.

18. Short Recommendation Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: short recommendation

Referral or recommendation cover letters don’t need to be too long, and this is a great example of that. It immediately leverages a mutual connection at the company.

The mutual connection recommended that the applicant contact the hiring manager for a role, which is a piece of information I  always recommend you frontload in your letter.

This specific cover letter comes from an applicant with little experience, making it a good example to follow if you’re switching careers or just out of college.

Instead of talking about their experience, the applicant uses anecdotal evidence to convey their enthusiasm for working at that company.

The writer also goes over their most salient skills, such as being able to speak multiple languages. They also explain how their degree directly applies to the target role.

I  love that the candidate highlights their leadership abilities and makes that an effective selling point for being hired.

This cover letter doesn’t go on for too long, which we love. It’s simple and sweet and provides all the information the hiring manager needs to look more closely at the applicant’s resume and make an interviewing decision.

19. Professor or Research Position Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: professor or research

Academic or research position cover letters might require a little more information than the typical cover letter — and this is one such example. Why is it okay to go a little longer?

Because the letter is not only a way to supplement the PhD candidate’s academic CV, but to provide a writing sample for the search committee.

I love this cover letter because it expresses the candidate’s enthusiasm for teaching and explains her instructional ethos, such as providing out-of-the-classroom opportunities, championing communication, and encouraging students to step out of their comfort zone.

The applicant also suggests courses she may be able to teach at the target institution, and expresses her interest in developing new courses as needed.

She also suggests how she can enhance the college’s extracurricular programming by offering study abroad courses, which shows not just an interest in teaching but adding to the school’s overall culture.

While this letter goes for a little longer than recommended, it serves as a fantastic writing sample and explains the applicant’s research background at length.

If you’re applying to academic or research roles, don’t be afraid to go into detail about what most excites you in terms of research interests.

20. Director Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: director

This cover letter example — for a Director of Catering position at a university — doesn’t waste any time.

The applicant right away says that they’re a strong candidate for the role, then jumps right into three salient qualifications that make him a great fit.

I love how the applicant uses bullet points and bold text to guide an overburdened hiring manager through the cover letter — and to give them permission to scan it, if needed.

If the hiring manager would like more information or actual examples of the skills, they merely need to read the rest of the bullet point paragraph.

As mentioned, light formatting can be beneficial to your cover letter, as it draws the recruiter’s eyes and prevents them from having to fish for the information they’re looking for.

This short, sweet cover letter includes the critical information a hiring manager or high-level executive needs to make an interview decision.

I  love the use of formatting that doesn’t stray too much from regular cover letter conventions, and I  like that the applicant kept all other paragraphs extremely brief.

21. Editorial Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: editorial

Applying for an editorial or journalistic position? Like a cover letter example I  shared earlier, you can take a more storytelling approach to capture the hiring manager’s attention.

This cover letter example does that effectively by telling an anecdote that directly mentions the newspaper where they’d like to work.

This immediately draws the reader in and tells them that this application isn’t random at all; the applicant would like to work at the newspaper because they’ve read it every morning.

Not only that, but they have a favorite reporter on the newspaper’s staff. The applicant then jumps into the specific reason they want to take an editorial position at the Baltimore Sun.

The cover letter includes all pertinent information, such as how previous positions have equipped the applicant to take on this job. It closes with enthusiasm after keeping the reader rapt every step of the way.

The applicant uses storytelling to — you guessed it — apply for a position that needs storytelling skills. If you’re applying for a data-driven position or a graphic design position, why not showcase those skills in the cover letter itself?

I  like that this letter doesn’t diverge too much from cover letter conventions while still differentiating itself.

22. Promotion Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: promotion

In this cover letter example, the applicant already works for the employer and wishes to apply for the next position to move up in their career.

I  like that the letter cites the applicant’s extensive knowledge of the organization, which will no doubt give them an advantage over external applicants.

Not only that, but the applicant also references their experience before they started working at the employer and uses that information to make their candidacy even more desirable.

Lastly, this letter includes a healthy level of enthusiasm for the university and the position — something that is never extra in a cover letter.

This cover letter example does an excellent job showing the candidate’s knowledge of their current organization while stating why they’re a natural fit for the promotion.

Plus, the letter includes information on the applicant’s relevant activities outside of work — if you’re involved in any organizations that might help you do your job better, be sure to include them.

23. Law Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: law

This law cover letter example jumps right into personalization, a bold move that will serve you well if you’re genuinely interested in a company and want to stand out.

The applicant cites the recipient’s recent article on bond litigation, then ties that into the role they’d like to get at the law firm.

The applicant then goes into his skills and the feedback he’s received from past managers. This is an excellent way to introduce your skills without sounding dry — or even unfounded.

By citing positive feedback you’ve received, you’ll imply that others have praised you for having those skills, and that you’re not only "tooting your own horn."

Pro-Tip: In cover letters, it’s absolutely okay to toot your own horn — that’s what they’re for. But if you can cite others’ remarks, that also helps.)

At just two and a half paragraphs, this letter is exceedingly short but no less effective. It’s an excellent example of how to personalize your letter quickly while still conveying the essentials of a cover letter.

This short cover letter example keeps it brief while still creating high impact. The applicant personalizes the letter immediately, cites external feedback, and conveys enthusiasm.

This letter proves you don’t need to write a novel about an employer to sway the hiring manager into giving you an interview.

Now that I've shown you some excellent examples, let's talk about how you can create the best cover letter for your dream job.

What is a good cover letter?

A cover letter is used to show your interest in the role, passion for the company, and the impact you've had in previous positions. Good cover letters should include a standout opening, relevant skills and qualifications, and a strong finish with a call-to-action — all within one page and unique to each application.

What’s on a cover letter?

Before you start writing your cover letter, let's cover a few basic must-haves you'll want to include. If you’re looking for more detailed instructions, check out this guide to writing a cover letter .

Add a simple, but pleasant greeting to address the recruiter or hiring manager.

Learn more:

  • Dear Sir or Madam Alternatives
  • Cover Letter Greetings

Write a catchy introduction that explains why you’re interested in the role.

  • How to Write an Introduction
  • Tips for Writing a Good Introduction Sentence

Work Experience

This is the heart of your cover letter. It outlines your relevant experience and why you’d be a great fit for the role. You can highlight special skills, experiences, professional achievements, or education to help make your case.

  • How to Write About Your Professional Background
  • Professional Bio Examples
  • LinkedIn Bio Examples

In this paragraph, add a call-to-action by expressing interest in an interview. Offer your contact information and sign off.

  • Email Closing Line Examples
  • Tips for Writing Conclusions

What does a cover letter look like?

Besides showing off your skills and qualifications, cover letters give you the opportunity to present a clear, concise, and compelling writing sample. It shows off your personality and your ability to convey ideas.

That's a lot of information to include on a single page, so it can help to have a clear structure to start with.

Check out our fillable cover letter templates to see how you should organize the content of your cover letter.

HubSpot Cover Letter Template

What makes a great cover letter?

A cover letter is personal, but it also needs to help you reach a goal and help the hiring team understand how you could perform that role with their company. This complexity can make cover letters really tough to write.

Because cover letters are difficult to write, many come off as boring, basic, or confusing for hiring managers to read. But the tips below about the qualities that make a cover letter great can help you take your cover letter from basic to bright.

Start with this quick video, then keep reading for more tips:

Personalized Introduction

Begin with an introduction that's personal. It should capture the reader's attention and address your recipient by name. Then, add a compelling opening sentence that emphasizes your interest in the specific role.

Helpful Cover Letter Introduction:

"Dear [Hiring Manager's Name],

In an increasingly digitized world, where customer-centric strategies are vital for business success, I am thrilled to apply for the [Job Title] position at HubSpot."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Introduction:

"To Whom it May Concern,

I am applying for the [Job Title] position at HubSpot. I have some experience in marketing and can help your clients grow their businesses."

Relevant Professional Experience

It can be tempting to use the same cover letter for every job. After all, it's about your experience, isn't it? But it's not enough to rephrase the work history in your resume.

Recruiters and hiring managers are looking to fill a specific role, so you need to show how your experience translates to their unique needs.

So, the body of a great cover letter should showcase the specific professional experiences that are relevant to the job you're applying for. Emphasize your accomplishments and skills that directly relate to what the job needs.

To speed up this part of the cover letter writing process, start by creating a list of your transferable skills . Drafting this list can help you quickly focus on the skills to highlight in your cover letter.

Then, use AI tools to summarize job descriptions and narrow in on where your experience and the needs of the role you're applying for overlap. This post is full of useful AI assistant tools if you're new to AI.

Helpful Cover Letter Experience:

"At [Company Name], I had the opportunity to assist a global ecommerce retailer in enhancing their online customer experience. By conducting in-depth market research and customer journey mapping, I identified pain points and areas of improvement in their website navigation and user interface."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Experience:

"I also worked with an ecommerce retailer to improve the customer experience. We did some surveys and training, and they were happy with the results."

Useful Examples

To make your cover letter stand out, add specific examples that show how you've solved problems or gotten results in past roles.

Quantify your accomplishments whenever possible, using data to give the reader a clear understanding of your impact.

Helpful Cover Letter Example:

"I lead a team of five content writers while increasing website traffic by 18% year-over-year."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Example:

"I have a great track record of leadership and achieving fantastic results."

Research and Company Knowledge

Hiring teams aren't hiring anyone with the skills to do the job. They're hiring a person they'll work alongside at their specific company.

So, to show that you're not just looking for any job anywhere, share your knowledge of the company's industry, values, and culture in your cover letter.

Spend some time on the company website and take notes on what makes this business interesting to you and why you would want to work there.

Then, explain how your skills align with the company's mission and goals and explain how you could add to their chances of success. This will showcase your interest in the company and help them see if you are a good cultural fit.

Helpful Cover Letter Research:

"I was particularly drawn to HubSpot not only for its industry-leading solutions but also for its exceptional company culture. HubSpot's commitment to employee development and fostering a collaborative environment is evident in its recognition as a top workplace consistently. I strongly believe that my passion for continuous learning, self-motivation, and dedication to contributing to a team will make me a valuable asset to HubSpot."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Research:

"I have been inspired by HubSpot's commitment to inbound marketing and its comprehensive suite of solutions. HubSpot's dedication to providing valuable content and fostering meaningful relationships aligns with my own values and aspirations."

Clear Writing

Your cover letter needs to pack in a lot of important information. But it's also important that your cover letter is clear and concise.

To accomplish this, use professional but easy-to-understand language. Be sure to remove any grammar or spelling errors and avoid lengthy paragraphs and avoid jargon or overly technical language.

You may also want to use bullet points to make your letter easier to skim. Then, proofread your cover letter for clarity or ask a friend to proofread it for you.

  • Guide to Becoming a Better Writer
  • Tips for Simplifying Your Writing

Helpful Cover Letter Writing:

"In addition to my academic accomplishments, I gained valuable practical experience through internships at respected law firms.

Working alongside experienced attorneys, I assisted in providing legal support to clients. This hands-on experience helped me develop a deep understanding of client needs and enhanced my ability to effectively communicate complex legal concepts in a straightforward manner."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Writing:

"Furthermore, as a complement to my academic accomplishments, I have garnered invaluable practical experience through internships at esteemed law firms.

Throughout these placements, I actively collaborated with seasoned attorneys to conduct due diligence and furnish clients with comprehensive legal support. Notably, these experiences fostered a profound comprehension of client necessities, whilst honing my legal acumen to articulately convey intricate legal principles within a lucid and concise framework, adhering to applicable precedents and statutes of limitations."

Genuine Interest and Enthusiasm

Find ways to convey your passion for the role and how excited you are to contribute to the company you're applying to. At the same time, make sure your interest feels authentic and outline how it aligns with your career goals.

Your ultimate goal is an enthusiastic letter that feels honest and leaves a lasting positive impression.

Showing excitement in writing doesn't come naturally for everyone. A few tips that can help you boost the genuine enthusiasm in your letter:

  • Record audio of yourself speaking about the role, then use voice-to-text technology to transcribe and add these sections to your letter.
  • Choose your words carefully .
  • Write in active voice.

Helpful Cover Letter Tone:

"I am genuinely enthusiastic about the prospect of joining [Company/Organization Name] as an accountant. My combination of technical proficiency, eagerness to learn, and strong attention to detail make me an ideal candidate for this role. I am confident that my dedication, reliability, and passion for accounting will contribute to the continued success of your organization."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Tone:

"Honestly, I can hardly contain my excitement when it comes to reconciliations, financial statement analysis, and tax regulations! Engaging in spirited discussions with professors and classmates has allowed me to foster an unbreakable bond with the fascinating world of accounting, and I'm positively bursting with enthusiasm at the prospect of applying my skills in a professional setting."

Memorable Conclusion

End your cover letter on a strong note. Summarize your top qualifications, restate your interest in the position, and express your interest in future communication.

Then, thank your reader for their time and consideration and include your contact information for easy follow-up.

To make your conclusion memorable, think about what parts of your letter you'd most like the hiring manager to keep top of mind. Then, consider your word choice and phrasing. If you're feeling stuck, this list of ways to close an email can help.

Helpful Cover Letter Conclusion:

"Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the opportunity to further discuss how my qualifications align with the needs of Greenpeace. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to arrange an interview.

Together, let's make a lasting impact on our planet.

[Your Name]"

Unhelpful Cover Letter Conclusion:

"Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of discussing my qualifications further and how I can contribute to Greenpeace's mission. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to arrange an interview.

I’d like to add another stage to the job search: experimentation.

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s so easy to feel defeated, less-than-good-enough, or like giving up your job search.

But don’t let the process become so monotonous. Have fun discovering the qualitative data I’ve discussed here — then, have even more by getting creative with your cover letter composition.

I certainly can’t guarantee that every prospective employer will respond positively — or at all — to even the most unique, compelling cover letter. But the one that’s right for you will.

So, get inspired by these examples and templates. Write an incredible cover letter that shows the hiring team at your dream job exactly who you are.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. This article was written by a human, but our team uses AI in our editorial process. Check out our full disclosure to learn more about how we use AI.

Professional Cover Letter Templates

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3 Examples of Cover Letters That Stand Out (with Tips)

By Editorial Team on February 15, 2024 — 12 minutes to read

Crafting a Memorable Introduction

When you’re writing a cover letter, you want to grab the hiring manager’s attention immediately. Your introduction is your first chance to show off your personality and give them a reason to keep reading. Start with a greeting that is polite yet shows you’ve done your homework—use the hiring manager’s name if you can find it.

Dive straight into why you’re excited about the company. Maybe you’re inspired by their mission statement or impressed by their rapid growth in the industry. Then, tie this enthusiasm back to your skills. For example:

“Having followed (…) Company’s evolution as a leader in sustainable practices, I am thrilled at the possibility of bringing my decade of experience in green technologies to your dynamic team.”

It’s important to tell a brief story that highlights your relevant achievements. Pick an accomplishment that aligns with the job requirements and show, don’t tell. Use numbers or outcomes to illustrate your impact. It could look something like this:

“After spearheading a successful social media campaign that increased online engagement by 30%, I am eager to apply my digital marketing expertise to elevate (…) Inc.’s brand presence.”

Close your introduction with a sentence that underscores your enthusiasm and readiness to discuss how you can contribute to the company’s success.

Try to personalize your introduction for each job application. Generic intros are easy to spot and often don’t make it past the first read. Taking the time to craft a unique opening will help your cover letter stand out.

Showcasing Relevant Skills

When crafting your cover letter, highlighting your relevant skills is a key way to grab an employer’s attention. Make sure to tailor these skills to the job you are applying for by matching keywords and demonstrating transferable skills.

Matching Job Description Keywords

Review the job posting carefully and identify the keywords related to the skills and qualifications required .

Use these keywords in your cover letter to show that your experience and abilities align with what the employer is seeking.

This approach not only shows that you’ve paid attention to the details of the job description but also helps your application pass through applicant tracking systems that screen for these specific terms.

  • “Experienced in social media management and content creation, as specified in the job description.”
  • “Proficient in graphic design software including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, aligning with your need for a creative professional.”

Highlighting Transferable Skills

Even if you’re changing industries or don’t have direct experience, showcase your transferable skills. These are abilities that can be applied across various jobs and sectors, such as leadership, communication, or problem-solving. Explain how these skills have contributed to your success in past roles and how they can be beneficial in the position you’re applying for.

  • “Utilized exceptional organizational abilities to manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring all deadlines were met.”
  • “Employed problem-solving skills to resolve customer complaints quickly, increasing customer satisfaction by 35%.”

Incorporating Success Stories

When crafting your cover letter, including success stories can make a significant impact. Highlight your past achievements to show how you can bring value to the position you’re applying for.

Using Quantifiable Achievements

By using numbers and data, you make your contributions concrete. This gives hiring managers a clear picture of your potential impact on their company. For example, if you increased sales, specify by how much, such as “Boosted regional sales by 25% within one financial quarter.”

  • Increased team productivity by 30% through strategic workflow redesign.
  • Cut customer service response times by 50%, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Narrating Career Milestones

Connect the dots in your career by sharing key milestones. Tell the story of how you solved a difficult problem or took on new responsibilities. This paints a dynamic picture of your growth. Example: “Successfully managed a project that resulted in a patented product, becoming a top-seller for my company.”

  • Led the development of a new tracking system that decreased shipping errors by 15%.
  • Spearheaded a fundraiser event that raised $20,000 for local charities.

Cover letters that stand out contain specific components that highlight your suitability for a position.

Concluding with a Strong Call to Action

The closing of your cover letter is where you need to reel in the hiring manager with a compelling call to action (CTA). This means directly inviting them to contact you for an interview or further discussion. Here’s how you can effectively do this:

  • First, express genuine enthusiasm about the position. You want to communicate your eagerness to take the next step. For example, “I am very excited about the prospect of joining your team and am eager to discuss how I can contribute to the success of your organization.”
  • Next, clearly state what you want to happen next. It’s important that there’s no ambiguity about your intentions. A straightforward request, like “I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how my skills and experience align with your needs,” can convey your confidence and desire for an interview.
  • Make it easy for them to reach out. Include your contact information in the closing paragraph and invite them to call or email you. Phrases like “Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience,” followed by a phone number or email address, demonstrate your openness and readiness for communication.
  • End on a polite note. Thanking the reader for their time and consideration showcases your politeness and respect. A simple “Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to your esteemed company,” can leave a positive final impression.
  • “Please contact me at [your phone number] to discuss how I can bring value to your team.”
  • “I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience and can be reached at [your email address].”
  • “I look forward to the opportunity to share how I can make a difference in your company.”
  • “I’m keen to discuss my fit for the role in greater detail.”
  • “I am hopeful for the chance to further discuss my potential impact on your team.”
  • “Eager to explore this opportunity with you, please reach out to me via [contact method].”

Template of a Strong Cover Letter

Dear [Employer’s Name or Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am interested in the [Job Title] job at [Company Name] that I saw [where you found the job posting]. I have experience in [Your Field/Industry] and have achieved [specific achievement or skill]. I am looking forward to helping [Company Name] reach its goals.

At my last job at [Previous Employer], I did [describe a relevant achievement or project] which improved my skills in [mention specific skills or areas of expertise] and showed I am good at [mention a quality or achievement that reflects the job requirements, such as problem-solving, innovation, or collaboration].

I like [Company Name] because [mention something specific about the company or its mission that aligns with your values or career goals]. I respect how your company [describe an aspect of the company’s work, culture, or values], and I want to use my [mention a key skill or experience] to help your company succeed.

I am excited to [mention how you would apply your skills in the role, aligning with the job description]. I believe my [mention a personal trait or professional attribute] and [another skill or experience] make me a good fit to help [Company Name] with [mention a goal or project relevant to the position].

I have attached my resume for more information about my qualifications. I would be happy to talk about how I can contribute to [Company Name]. Thank you for looking at my application. I am ready to discuss this job with you and join your team.

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

Dear (…),

I am interested in the Marketing Coordinator position at (…) Solutions that I saw listed on LinkedIn. With a background in marketing and a proven record of increasing customer engagement, I am looking forward to helping (…) Solutions reach its marketing objectives.

At my last job at (…), I led a campaign that increased social media engagement by 40%. This experience improved my skills in social media strategy and analytics and showed I am good at creative problem-solving and effective communication.

What draws me to (…) Solutions is your commitment to leveraging technology for environmental sustainability. I respect how your company integrates eco-friendly practices into its business model, and I want to use my expertise in digital marketing to help your company expand its reach.

I am excited about the chance to use my skills in this role, particularly aligning with your recent initiative to launch an online eco-conscious marketplace. I believe my proactive approach and experience in project management make me a good fit to help (…) Solutions successfully market this new platform.

Enclosed is my resume, which provides more details about my qualifications. I would be thrilled to discuss how I can contribute to the innovative work at (…) Solutions. Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to discuss this opportunity with you and hope to join your dynamic team.

When using this template, customize each cover letter with specific details about the company and the role you are applying for . Personalization is key to making your application stand out.

Examples of Cover Letters That Stand Out

Cover letters that stand out are tailored to the job and company, showcasing the candidate’s relevant achievements and expressing genuine interest in the specific role and organization.

Cover Letter Example for a Graphic Designer Position

Hello [Employer’s Name],

I’m interested in the Graphic Designer job at [Company Name] that I saw [where you found the job posting]. I have a degree in Graphic Design and over five years of experience. I believe I can create great designs for you.

At my current job at [Current Employer], I led a rebranding for a big client that made their online presence grow by 30% in three months. I’m good with Adobe Creative Suite and always keep up with new design trends, so I make modern and attractive designs.

I’m excited about working at [Company Name] because you value creativity and innovation. I really liked your recent campaign for [specific project or client]. It stood out to me as a designer and a shopper.

I’m looking forward to using my skills and creativity at [Company Name]. I’ve attached my resume and a link to my portfolio for you to see. I look forward to the possibility of discussing this exciting opportunity with you. Thank you for considering my application.

Warm regards,

Cover Letter Example for a Marketing Manager Position

I am a marketing professional with over ten years of experience and I’m excited about the Marketing Manager job at [Company Name]. I’ve led campaigns that increased revenue by 20% each year and I’m looking forward to helping [Company Name] grow even more.

At my last job at [Former Employer], I ran a digital marketing campaign that raised online sales by 40% and got more people interacting with us on social media. My hands-on experience with SEO, PPC, and CRM systems, along with my ability to analyze market trends and adjust strategies accordingly, are skills I am eager to bring to your team.

I really admire [Company Name]’s fresh ways of marketing, like your recent [specific campaign or initiative]. I believe my experience with building brands and targeted marketing fits well with what you’re doing.

I’d love to talk about how I can be part of [Company Name]’s success. Please find my resume attached for your consideration. Thank you for your time and I hope to speak with you soon.

Cover Letter Example for an Administrative Assistant

Dear [Employer’s Name],

I am very interested in the Administrative Assistant job at [Company Name] that I found on [where you found the job posting]. I have experience in administrative work and I really enjoy making sure an office runs well. I’m looking forward to the chance to be part of your team.

In my last job at [Previous Employer], I gained skills like managing schedules, preparing documents quickly, and making sure the office works at its best. I work well with different teams and I’m good at using MS Office and CRM software, which has helped make things run more smoothly and helped the business grow.

I once reorganized the filing system at [Previous Employer], which made finding information 30% faster. I would like to do similar work at [Company Name] to help with the quick pace of your work.

I like [Company Name]’s focus on both helping employees grow and working together. I am excited to bring my skills and experience to a place that values hard work and commitment.

I hope we can talk about how I can help with [Company Name]’s administrative tasks. I am available at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email].

Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to support the team at [Company Name] and help with your success.

Best regards,

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key elements to include in a standout cover letter.

A standout cover letter includes a personalized greeting, a compelling opening statement, evidence of your achievements, skills relevant to the job, enthusiasm for the role, and a professional closing.

Can you suggest a structure for an effective cover letter?

An effective cover letter typically starts with a header and salutation, followed by an introductory paragraph, 1-2 body paragraphs detailing your qualifications and fit for the role, and concludes with a call to action and formal sign-off. For instance, “I am excited to discuss how my experience as a digital marketer can drive growth for (…) Corp.”

How can I begin my cover letter to immediately grab the employer’s attention?

Begin your cover letter with an intriguing fact about yourself, a question, or a bold statement related to the job. You could start with, “Reducing customer churn by 30% at my last job makes me eager to apply these strategies to the Client Engagement Specialist position at your esteemed company.”

What are some innovative ways to showcase my personality in a cover letter?

You can showcase your personality by sharing a brief story that illustrates your passion for the field, using a conversational tone, or including an interest that aligns with the company’s culture. For example, “My passion for graphic design started when I redesigned a flyer for a local pet shelter and saw the impact it had on adoption rates.”

Could you provide a model of a concise yet impactful cover letter?

For example, “Dear Hiring Manager, your ad for a creative copywriter caught my eye. At (…) Agency, I increased client engagement for major brands through compelling copy—one campaign saw a 50% jump in CTR.”

What strategies can I use to tailor my cover letter for different job applications?

Research the company and position to include specific details in your cover letter. Use keywords from the job description and speak directly to how your skills and experience meet those needs.

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