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  1. Using a Thank You Slide to End Your Presentation (+Video)

    Build an Effective Last Slide of Your Presentation "Thank you" slides for presentations can create a solid finish. They signal a clear end and show a sense of gratitude toward your audience. Thank you PowerPoint slides continue to be the most popular choice. But, remember: a "thank you" slide for your presentation may not be the best choice ...

  2. How to End Your Presentation: Tips for Your Grand Finale

    Summarize and show a sneak peek. Make a lasting impact: quotes. Use emotions to persuade your audience. Involve your audience. Add a "Thanks!" slide. Summarize and show a sneak peek. Just before saying "thanks" and "goodbye", it's time to summarize the contents of your presentation… and give something new to your audience.

  3. How to End Your PowerPoint Presentation With a Strong Close

    Decide on Your Close. The first step is to decide what type of close and call to action you'll use for your presentation. For the purposes of this tutorial, I'll use a persuasive close with numbers that back up the ideas presented in the presentation. Slide #13 from the Yukee template fits perfectly for this occasion.

  4. How To End A Presentation & Leave A Lasting Impression

    7 things to put on a conclusion slide. Remember, your closing slides for the presentation is your final opportunity to make a strong impact on your audience. However, the question remains — what exactly should be on the last slide of your presentation? Here are 7 conclusion slide examples to conclude with a high note: 1. Key takeaways

  5. 10 Powerful Examples of How to End a Presentation

    Give your audience actions to help share your message. 7. Promote your upcoming events or workshops. 8. Asking your audience to become a volunteer. 9. Direct your audience to learn more about your website. 10. If you are a book author, encourage your audience to engage with your book.

  6. 6 Ways to Close Your Presentation With Style (& Tools to Use)

    But how you end it can make all the difference in your presentation's overall impact. Here are some ways to ensure you end powerfully: Way #1: Include a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA) Way #2: Don't End With a Q&A. Way #3: End With a Memorable Quote. Way #4: Close With a Story. Way #5: Drive Your Main Points Home.

  7. Rethinking final slides

    6) A black slide. Yes, a black slide can be a good option, for example if you want to end your presentation with a powerful story. By turning the screen black, you refocus the audience's attention on you. Never forget that the slides are not the presentation; the speaker is the presentation and the slides are there to support the speaker.

  8. 10 creative Title & End slide Design Ideas for PowerPoint

    7. An interesting fact. Catch the audience's attention by putting an interesting fact concerning the topic on one of your slides - ideally at the beginning, but maybe also in the end (to keep up the audience's interest even after the presentation is done). 8. The title, but with a twist.

  9. How To End A Presentation The Right Way (+ 3 Bonus Slide Templates

    For a final touch, go to Animation Pane. From the side panel, click on the Effect Options dropdown and tick the check box for Auto-reverse. Another would be the Timing dropdown, then select Until End of Slide down the Repeat dropdown. Get a hold of these 3 bonus conclusion slides for free! Download Here.

  10. How to end a PowerPoint presentation

    By the last slide of the last presentation, they're all going to have blended into one. If you can't flirt your way to being placed as the first or last of the day, you're going to have to go bigger and better for your finale. Bring out the dancers. Too many people think of their slides as a box to contain their ideas.

  11. How to End a Presentation with Punch (17 Techniques)

    12. Use the title close technique. Another useful technique for how to end a presentation is to use the title of your presentation as the closing words. This creates a bookend to your entire presentation and can be used to bring your audience full circle. See the tip about coming full circle above. 13.

  12. 30 Examples: How to Conclude a Presentation (Effective Closing Techniques)

    30 Example Phrases: How to Conclude a Presentation. 1. "In summary, let's revisit the key takeaways from today's presentation.". 2. "Thank you for your attention. Let's move forward together.". 3. "That brings us to the end. I'm open to any questions you may have.".

  13. How to Make a Great "Any Questions" Final PowerPoint Slide (PPT)

    Use thank you PowerPoint slide design #48, which has everything you need. You can also add a background image by clicking on the placeholder and choosing an image on your computer. It's a basic slide, but using Clean's "Thank you" placeholder (slide #48) is a great example of premium themes saving time. 2.

  14. 7 Brilliant Ways to End Any Presentation: When to Use a Presentation

    6. Closing with a Quote or a Short Sentence. If you can condense your summary to a less wordy, short sentence, it tends to leave a longer-lasting impression on your listeners. It is essential to ensure that the short message conveys your authenticity and the importance of your message.

  15. Last Slide of Your Presentation: How to Leave a Lasting Impression

    The last slide of a presentation is an incredibly powerful tool. It allows the presenter to summarize their key points, impress the audience with the central theme of their talk, and leave the audience wanting more. ... Thank You Slide in PPT Thank You slides are a popular concluding element to many PowerPoint presentations. They offer the ...

  16. 18 impactful ways to create an end slide in a presentation

    It can be the abiding image of your presentation. Marketing of property, food and travel relies heavily on attractive and persuasive images of the products, while symbolic use of images, as using a dog to signify loyalty, can also be effective. 7. Evoke emotion. An intellectual argument can be very engaging.

  17. Last Slide PowerPoint Templates & Presentation Designs

    Download 100% editable last slide templates for PowerPoint presentations and Google Slides. In this section, you can find slide designs that you can use as the last slide of your presentations, including Thank you pages, slides with QR codes, Next Steps slides, or slides with quotes and closing remarks.

  18. 121+ Editable End Slides For PowerPoint

    To download Last Slide presentation templates, you can follow these steps: Select the resolution (16*9 or 4*3). Select the format you want to download the Last Slide template in (Google Slides or PowerPoint). Make the payment (SlideUpLift has a collection of paid as well as free Last Slide PowerPoint templates).

  19. 38 best presentation slides for captivating presentations in 2023

    Industry professionals aren't the only ones who benefit from killer slide presentations. Amazing slides are a huge help for educational topics, too. They transform boring expositions into engaging discussions. Show off innovative ideas, creative flair, and detailed research with these incredible slide templates. 29. Group project slides

  20. Best GIFs for Presentations: Keep Your Viewers Engaged (or Awake)

    Inserting a GIF into a Google Slides presentation takes little effort. If you have the GIF saved on your desktop, you can drag-and-drop it from the source folder and onto the slide. If you haven't saved the GIF yet, choose the slide, navigate to Insert > Image > By URL, and then copy-paste the GIF URL. The GIF will appear on the slide.

  21. 105+ Creative Presentation Ideas to Engage Your Audience

    In this article, you'll find unique slide examples, templates, designs and more. Put these slide show presentation ideas to practice using our presentation maker and create your own presentation in minutes. Here's a short selection of 8 easy-to-edit Presentation templates you can edit, share and download with Visme. View more below:

  22. Free presentation templates

    With our free presentation templates you get a ready-made slide deck that's easy to use and speedy to customize. Choose a design and click Use template to make a presentation. If you're new to Genially, you'll be asked to sign up for an account (it's free, just like the template). Next, choose which slides you want to use.

  23. Free Business Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates

    Business Presentation templates Engage your audience in your business presentations with our free customizable PPT templates and Google Slides themes. They're perfect for business plans, office meetings, pitch decks or project proposals. ... The results from last month were great for the company, now we must keep it up! If you'll be ...

  24. How to Duplicate Slides in Microsoft PowerPoint

    Another method is to copy and paste the slide to be duplicated. Select the slide you'd like to copy and then press Ctrl+C (Command+C on Mac) to copy the slide to your clipboard. Related: How to Combine PowerPoint Presentations. Alternatively, right-click the slide and then select "Copy" from the menu.

  25. Revive Your Slides: Presentation Tips for Educators

    Lastly, consider the visual appeal of your slides. Poor design can contribute to a lack of interest. Ensure your slides are visually balanced with harmonious color schemes and readable fonts.

  26. Free Pink Google Slide themes and PowerPoint templates

    Pink Presentation templates Make your presentations stand out with these Pink Google Slides themes and PPT templates. It is a playful color, good for encouraging creativity and optimism, denoting love and tenderness, and creating a soothing effect on your public.

  27. 6 Ways to Create More Interactive PowerPoint Presentations

    Go to the relevant slide and open the Web Viewer add-in. Then, copy and paste the secure URL into the field box, and remove https:// from the start of the address. In our example, we will add a selector wheel to our slide. Click "Preview" to see a sample of the web page's appearance in your presentation.

  28. Keynote (presentation software)

    Keynote is a presentation software application developed as a part of the iWork productivity suite by Apple Inc. Version 10 of Keynote for Mac, the latest major update, was released in March 2020. On January 27, 2010, Apple announced a new version of Keynote for iPad with an all-new touch interface. It is now also available for the iPhone to download from the App Store.

  29. PowerPoint Slide Size: What is the Best Size for a Presentation

    PowerPoint slide size refers to the dimensions of the slides within your PowerPoint presentation. These dimensions determine how your content is displayed in a monitor or projector, and can significantly affect the overall look and feel of your presentation. The most common slide sizes in PowerPoint are 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 (standard).

  30. Visme AI

    Craft captivating presentations effortlessly using Visme AI. From pitches to training presentations, let AI assist you in creating diverse and engaging projects in a snap. ... and optionally select your preferred branded templates theme. AI-fueled search. It's the end of the old search. Experience the next level of search capabilities with AI ...