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  1. Journal of Research on Technology in Education

    Explore the current issue of Journal of Research on Technology in Education, Volume 56, Issue 3, 2024. Browse; Search. Close search. Publish. ... Topics, author profiles, and collaboration networks in the Journal of Research on Technology in Education: A bibliometric analysis of 20 years of research. Matthew L. Wilson.

  2. Journal of Educational Technology Systems: Sage Journals

    The Journal of Educational Technology Systems (ETS) deals with systems in which technology and education interface and is designed to inform educators who are interested in making optimum use of technology. More importantly, the Journal focuses on techniques and curriculum that utilize technology in all types of educational systems. Description ...

  3. Understanding the role of digital technologies in education: A review

    Educational technology businesses are continually attempting to create novel solutions to expand access to education for individuals who cannot obtain adequate educational facilities. Social media as a learning tool has come a long way. ... Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 9 (1) (2006), pp. 176-187. View in Scopus Google Scholar [13]

  4. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education

    This journal aims to: facilitate the dissemination of critical scholarly works and exchange of information from a variety of cultural perspectives for researchers, professionals and practitioners in the technology enhanced and digital learning fields in higher education; contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge regarding the human and personal approach to the use of technology in ...

  5. ISTE

    The ISTE Journal of Research on Technology in Education (JRTE) publishes research articles on the use of education technology in teaching and learning.

  6. Time to Rethink: Educating for a Technology-Transformed World

    As technology has become more sophisticated, more pervasive, and has replaced more workers and disrupted the society and economy, education has changed comparatively less. Curriculum content, the structure of schools, and opportunities to learn, initially based on a 19th-century Prussian model, have changed incrementally while technology has ...

  7. Education reform and change driven by digital technology: a

    (2) Education and Information Technologies, Computers & Education, and the British Journal of Educational Technology are notable journals that publish research related to digital technology ...

  8. Home

    Overview. Educational Technology Research and Development is a scholarly journal focusing on research and development in educational technology. Publishes rigorous original quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods studies on topics relating to applications of technology or instructional design in educational settings.

  9. Educational technology: what it is and how it works

    This paper presents an argument that education—the giving and receiving of systematic instruction, the process of facilitating learning, constituted from countless methods, tools, and structures, operated by teachers and many others—may usefully be seen as a technological phenomenon; that all educators are thus educational technologists (albeit that their choices of technology may vary ...

  10. Trends and Topics in Educational Technology, 2022 Edition

    This editorial continues our annual effort to identify and catalog trends and popular topics in the field of educational technology. Continuing our approach from previous years (Kimmons, 2020; Kimmons et al., 2021), we use public internet data mining methods (Kimmons & Veletsianos, 2018) to extract and analyze data from three large data sources: the Scopus research article database, the ...

  11. British Journal of Educational Technology

    An official journal of the British Educational Research Association, the British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET) is a primary source for academics and professionals in the fields of digital educational and training technology throughout the world.. We publish theoretical perspectives, methodological developments, and high-quality empirical research demonstrating whether and how ...

  12. Technology Intervention: Rethinking the Role of Education and Faculty

    Technology has affected almost every aspect of our lives, including education. In this digital age, we are bombarded by technology. As Bates (2015) discussed in his book Teaching in the Digital Age, "technology is leading to massive changes in the economy, in the way we communicate and relate to each other, and increasingly in the way we learn" (p. 13).

  13. AI technologies for education: Recent research & future directions

    5. Conclusion. AI technology is rapidly advancing and its application in education is expected to grow rapidly in the near future. In the USA, for example, education sectors are predicted with an approximate 48% of growth in AI market in the near future, from 2018 to 2022 (, 2018).

  14. International Journal of Technology in Education

    The IJTE is an international journal and welcomes any research papers on educational technology using techniques from and applications in any technical knowledge domain: original theoretical works, literature reviews, research reports, social issues, psychological issues, curricula, learning environments, book reviews, and review articles.

  15. Journals

    The ISTE Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education (JDLTE) is a refereed journal that provides access to the growing body of research addressing the use of digital technologies in teacher education.Articles highlight contemporary trends and effective, creative and innovative uses of digital technologies that prepare preservice, inservice and teacher educators for teaching in technology ...

  16. Guides: Technology in higher education teaching: Journals

    The journal offers insight into a wide range of topics such as knowledge sharing, mobile games for learning, collaborative learning, e-learning, and more." "The Journal of Research on Technology in Education (JRTE) is a premier source for high-quality, peer-reviewed research that defines the state of the art, and future horizons, of teaching ...

  17. Technology and education : Journals

    "THE Journal is dedicated to informing and educating K-12 senior-level district and school administrators, technologists, and tech-savvy educators within districts, schools, and classrooms to improve and advance the learning process through the use of technology. Launched in 1972, THE Journal was the first magazine to cover education technology."

  18. Inroad of Digital Technology in Education: Age of Digital Classroom

    The inroad of digital technology in education may be deemed as a boon for elevating education system. But the unequal distribution of digital technology in education may also beget unwanted outcomes. For the populous and impoverished third world countries, introduction of digital technology in education may mark a sharpening division between ...

  19. Journal of Technology Education

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  20. <em>British Journal of Educational Technology</em>

    British Journal of Educational Technology publishes research, perspectives, and methodological developments in the fields of digital education and training technology. Abstract To win in sports competitions, in addition to excellent sports skills, coping strategies in the face of various competition situations are also critical for success.

  21. Technology is shaping learning in higher education

    As education technology use grows, the digital divide for students puts access to education at risk. While all the institution types we surveyed use learning technologies in the classroom, they do so to varying degrees. For example, 55 percent of respondents from historically Black colleges and universities and tribal colleges and universities ...

  22. Teaching About Technology in Schools Through Technoskeptical Inquiry

    His research concerns technology, democracy, and education, and he is the cofounder of the Civics of Technology project ( T. Philip Nichols is an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Baylor University. He studies the digitalization of public education and the ways science and ...

  23. Browse journals and books

    Browse journals and books at, Elsevier's leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature ... Academic Libraries and Public Engagement with Science and Technology. Book • 2019. Academic Libraries and Toxic Leadership. Book • 2017. ... Accounting Education for the 21st Century. The Global Challenges. Book • 1994.

  24. University of Delaware to partner with public schools on K-3 literacy

    Kelly Powers covers race, culture and equity for Delaware Online/The News Journal and USA TODAY Network Northeast, with a focus on education. Contact her at [email protected] or (231) 622-2191 ...