4 Genius Ways to Use ChatGPT To Create A PowerPoint Presentation [Updated]

Zhun Yee Chew

Zhun Yee Chew

4 Genius Ways to Use ChatGPT To Create A PowerPoint Presentation [Updated]

ChatGPT has gained its prowess as a generative AI capable of assisting humans in a wide range of written communication tasks. You have likely also heard that ChatGPT can code, create music, and accomplish  a myriad of other remarkable feats .  GPT-4 can even identify the ingredients you have in your fridge  and instantly devise a recipe using them. With these capabilities in mind, you may now find yourself wondering: what else can ChatGPT achieve? What about using ChatgPT for making PPT? Can ChatGPT create a PowerPoint presentation?

Can ChatGPT create a PowerPoint presentation?

Can ChatGPT Create A PowerPoint Presentation

Yes, it certainly can. ChatGPT can be employed in the process of creating PowerPoint presentations by assisting in generating an outline, crafting slide content, generating VBA codes to automate slide creation, and offering image suggestions to enhance your PowerPoint slides.

In the following article, we will unlock the lesser-known capabilities of ChatGPT that are a source of intrigue for many. We are set to delve not merely into one or two, but rather 4 ways to use ChatGPT to create a PowerPoint presentation—a process often considered tedious and unenjoyable by many.

Join us on this journey as we explore how this AI marvel has the potential to completely reshape the way we conceive of and deliver PowerPoint presentations. 😎

Why Use ChatGPT to Create PowerPoint Presentations?

I mean, why not? 

Traditionally, creating a PowerPoint presentation required a considerable investment of time and effort. From drafting the content and refining the structure to selecting visuals and perfecting the design, each step demanded not only careful attention but also time. 

Imagine having a co-pilot that is already ready at your service, translating the concepts or ideas you have in mind into a coherent presentation. This is precisely where ChatGPT emerges as a transformative tool. Of course, time-saving is just one aspect. There are, in fact, numerous other advantages to using ChatGPT for PowerPoint presentations:

  • Idea Exploration and Expansion : ChatGPT lends a helping hand in brainstorming and expanding upon ideas, ensuring that your presentation provides comprehensive information and a range of perspectives.
  • Clear and Concise Ideas : ChatGPT ensures that your ideas are communicated clearly and concisely, by assisting you in expressing complex concepts in simple terms.
  • Uniform Presentation Tone and Quality : ChatGPT helps maintain a consistent tone and quality throughout your presentation, elevating the overall coherence and professionalism of your content.
  • Polished Language : ChatGPT minimizes grammar and language errors, ultimately removing the worry of flaws and grammar errors in your presentations.
  • Compelling Storytelling : ChatGPT’s narrative capabilities also mean that you can craft compelling stories that deeply resonate with your audience.
  • Effortless Refinements : With ChatGPT’s swift content generation ability, it makes last-minute changes or revisions a quick and effortless process.
  • Enhanced Visual Elements : Going beyond text, ChatGPT can also propose relevant images, graphs, and charts that align with your narrative, enriching visual appeal and audience engagement.

How to Use ChatGPT To Create A PowerPoint Presentation

So, now that we know that ChatGPT can be used to create a PowerPoint presentation, let us dive straight into the different methods it can do so.

🔥 Method #1 Use ChatGPT to Create Slides Outline and Slides Content

The first method involves utilizing ChatGPT to formulate a presentation outline . By providing ChatGPT with the topic and key points you wish to cover in your presentation, ChatGPT can swiftly generate an organized structure for your presentation. 

Here is an example: 

ChatGPT creates outline for PowerPoint presentation

Once ChatGPT has generated the slides outline for you,  it becomes a scaffolding upon which you can build the content of each slide. 

Creating PowerPoint Slides Content with ChatGPT

With a clear sequence of topics and subtopics in place, you can further harness ChatGPT’s capabilities by instructing it to expand on each of these points. By providing concise prompts or questions, you can guide ChatGPT to generate detailed content for each slide . 

ChatGPT creates content for PowerPoint presentation

You can always ask ChatGPT to formulate the slides content in your desired format, and expand the details:

ChatGPT creates content in bullet point format for PowerPoint presentation

Once you have the slides content,  you can seamlessly transfer this material into your PowerPoint presentation. Copy and paste the AI-generated text onto the respective slides, following the outline and structure ChatGPT has established for you.

How to Insert A Word Document Into PowerPoint?

After pasting the slides content generated by ChatGPT into Microsoft Word,

Step 1: Open the Word document

Open the Word document you want to transform into a PowerPoint presentation in Word.

Alternatively, paste the slides content generated by ChatGPT into Microsoft Word. 

Step 2: Format the text

How to Insert A Word Document Into PowerPoint Step 2

Clear all the existing formatting of the text and format the text in such a way that Heading 1 aligns with the slide heading, Heading 2 with the slide subheading and Heading 3 with the body text. 

Step 3: Export to PowerPoint (Windows)

How to Insert A Word Document Into PowerPoint Step 3

If you are on Windows, go to file > export > export to PowerPoint presentation. Once that is done, select “Open Presentation”. 

Step 4: Export to PowerPoint (Mac)

How to Insert A Word Document Into PowerPoint Step 4

If you are on Mac, save the document as a Rich Text Format (.rtf), and open PowerPoint and insert > outline. 

That’s it! Here is the final product: 

PowerPoint slides generated from Microsoft word document

Of course, this is a text-only presentation which still requires you to add design elements, media content, and adjust the layout for visual appeal.

🔥 Method #2 Use ChatGPT to Automate Presentation Creation Using VBA Codes

The next method simplifies the first approach into just a few clicks. It involves using ChatGPT to generate a series of VBA codes , which you can then add to PowerPoint to have them translated into individual slides . In other words, you don’t need to instruct ChatGPT to generate slide outlines, then create slide content, add them to Microsoft Word, and finally transfer them to PowerPoint.

But first, what is VBA? 

VBA , or Visual Basic for Applications in short, is a Microsoft computer programming language which is used to facilitate automation of repetitive Microsoft suite data-processing functions, like generating custom graphs and reports. In this instance, VBA can also be used to automate the process of slides creation in PowerPoint using ChatGPT, an AI that can understand and process both human language and codes.

ChatGPT will generate codes that you can input in  Visual Basic Editor  in PowerPoint, an interface that allows you to write and edit custom scripts that automate actions in PowerPoint. Visual Basic Editor  is part of the Development tools in PowerPoint. 

Here is a sample output : 

ChatGPT creates PowerPoint presentation using VBA codes

Running VBA Codes on PowerPoint

Copy the codes generated by ChatGPT.

And open up the Visual Basic Editor interface in PowerPoint by going to Tools > Macro > Visual Basic Editor on Mac, or Developer > Visual Basic on Windows.

Visual Basic Editor PowerPoint

Then click “Insert Module”, paste the codes, then click “Play”. 

Insert VBA codes using Module in PowerPoint

Here is the output :

PowerPoint presentation slides generated using ChatGPT VBA codes

Ok, I know what you are thinking. The slides look plain and basic. But fret not, as we know a way to generate quick designs and layouts in PowerPoint using  PowerPoint’s native AI-powered Designer .

Designing the Slides Using PowerPoint Designer

PowerPoint Designer enables you to effortlessly turn the plain-looking slides into a polished presentation, by adding images and offering layout and design suggestions. 

What can PowerPoint Designer do?

  • Add photo and design to title slide 
  • Turn text in the form of lists, processes, or timelines into a graphic
  • Organise images and texts into professional layouts
  • Provide layout suggestions

Here’s how you can access PowerPoint’s Designer. Simply head over to the Design tab in your PowerPoint ribbon and select the Designer pane on the right side of your screen. 

And there you have it – an instantly polished-looking slide, all achieved with just a few clicks!

PowerPoint Designer

🔥 Method #3 Use ChatGPT   to Automate Presentation Creation With AIRPRM 

This method is the simplest among all the approaches we have discussed thus far. No ChatGPT prompts are even necessary. We have found a tool that has ready-made ChatGPT prompts . Behold AIRPRM, a tool that offers ready-made ChatGPT prompt templates for your convenience.

What is AIRPRM?

AIRPRM is a Chrome browser extension designed for ChatGPT. It provides an extensive range of prompt templates that can be combined with ChatGPT to produce top-notch content that aligns with various contexts and applications. You can add the extension to your Chrome browser  here .

Once the extension is installed to your browser, you will notice a complete transformation of your ChatGPT interface. Your ChatGPT interface will now have a variety of options and templates at your disposal. 

Type in “PowerPoint” in the search bar to pull up PowerPoint-related AIRPRM ChatGPT prompts.

AIRPRM prompts

Then, in the chat bar, simply follow the format provided and add the topic of the presentation as well as VBA instruction. Then click generate and see ChatGPT do its magic. 

Create PowerPoint presentation using AIRPRM VBA prompt in ChatGPT

The output is exactly the same as what we get in method #2 when we instructed ChatGPT with our own prompt. Except in this case, you do not even need to spend time brainstorming on the prompt to provide to ChatGPT. AIRPRM has got that covered for you. 

Create PowerPoint presentation using VBA codes with AIRPRM and ChatGPT

Once ChatGPT has generated the VBA codes, follow the exact same steps outlined in Method #2 to paste the code into the Visual Basic Editor in PowerPoint. Then, run the code to automate the process of generating slides.

🔥 Method #4 Use ChatGPT  to Create Slide Image Suggestions

AI-generated Image with ChatGPT prompt

Okay, at this stage, you might be wondering if it is worth using ChatGPT for creating PowerPoint presentations at all, considering that the output generated by ChatGPT so far is entirely text-based and lacks visual appeal. We encourage you to keep reading, as the fourth and final method involves utilizing ChatGPT to infuse your PowerPoint presentation with a layer of visual excitement.

While ChatGPT is fundamentally a text-based chatbot that cannot produce images, this method entails combining ChatGPT with text-to-art generator tools such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-E, and many more. The goal is to generate image suggestions that can seamlessly enhance your PowerPoint presentation. 

Here is how you can use ChatGPT to add images to your slides once you have created the text-based content with ChatGPT’s help (using one of the methods above). 

Create PowerPoint slide images using ChatGPT

This prompt will guide ChatGPT in generating a list of prompts suitable for inputting into a text-to-art generator tool for image creation.

Once you are happy with the art or images generated by the text-to-art generator, then download the images to be included in your PowerPoint presentation. You can further enhance the layout or look of your slides with PowerPoint Designer. 

PowerPoint Designer

We also recommend you to add interactive elements such as quizzes and games to your PowerPoint slides once you have created the content, as a study indicates that a majority of 68% of individuals hold the belief that interactive presentations leave a more lasting impression.

68% of individuals hold the belief that interactive presentations leave a more lasting impression. Duarte.com

So, can ChatGPT create a PowerPoint presentation? Absolutely, yes and yes!

From generating outlines and content to automating slide creation using VBA codes, leveraging AIRPRM for prompt automation, and ultimately providing image suggestions, ChatGPT has truly revolutionized presentation creation. If you’re not using ChatGPT to streamline your PowerPoint presentation-making process, you are missing out!

So, make use of the step-by-step guide and the 4 creative ways to use ChatGPT to create a PowerPoint presentation we provided above to integrate ChatGPT into your presentation workflow, and let ChatGPT unleash its transformative potential. With ChatGPT as your creative ally, you will not only save time but also craft PowerPoint presentations that reach new heights of excellence that were previously unimaginable.

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How-To Geek

How to plan and create a powerpoint presentation with chatgpt and midjourney.

Let's use AI to make a tedious task fun.

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Prompting chatgpt to create a presentation outline, slide notes, and slide text, creating illustrations for powerpoint with midjourney, putting it together, tips and tricks, ai in your office, key takeaways.

By incorporating ChatGPT and MidJourney into your workflow, you can create compelling PowerPoint presentations with ease. ChatGPT helps generate presentation outlines, slide notes, and slide text, while MidJourney provides visually captivating illustrations. These AI tools enhance your productivity and allow for impressive customization in your presentations.

Despite all our modern technology, putting together a slideshow is still a chore, even if you're really passionate about the topic you're presenting. By adding ChatGPT and MidJourney into your workflow, you can produce amazingly creative presentations all by yourself.

It's not a stretch to say that OpenAI's ChatGPT has disrupted content creation. While most of the attention is given to fancy, complex use cases, the humble PowerPoint presentation can benefit too. Here's a general set of steps, you can modify them based on your specific presentation.

Step 1: Set the Stage

Start by providing ChatGPT with a clear and concise briefing. This includes the presentation's topic, the intended audience, and the key messages you want to convey.

Make sure to be specific, as this helps the AI generate more focused content. Don't submit the prompt yet, or if you accidentally do just use the "Stop Generating" button to halt the process.

Related: How to Collaborate on a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Step 2: Request an Outline

Once you've set the stage, request ChatGPT to create an outline for your presentation. For instance, you can say, "Please create a PowerPoint presentation outline based on the briefing I provided" at the end of your prompt or as your next prompt.

ChatGPT can recall what's been said in the chat thread, so you can refer back to your brief without repeating the same information.

Related: How to Track Changes in Microsoft PowerPoint

Step 3: Review and Refine the Outline

After obtaining the initial outline, review it for coherence and relevance. If any point seems off, ask ChatGPT to revise it or provide additional information. ChatGPT works best with a back-and-forth process between you and the software. Treat it like another person on your team!

Step 4: Ask for Slide Notes

When you're satisfied with the outline, ask ChatGPT to generate slide notes for each point. You can do this by saying, "Please provide detailed notes for each point in the outline."

Again, you can ask ChatGPT to change the notes or correct them, or if you like you can edit them the old-fashioned way.

Now that you have the notes for every slide, the next step is to ask ChatGPT to create suitable text to go on each slide. Here I simply used the prompt "Please provide suitable text that I can put on each slide."

Since ChatGPT generally knows the formats of various media and styles, you'll get text that will fit on your slides while conveying the most essential info.

Related: How to Make a PowerPoint From an Outline

After creating your presentation outline and slide notes, it's time to bring your PowerPoint to life with visually captivating illustrations. MidJourney is a superb tool to help you with this, if you're looking for something artistic to have in your presentation. It won't however help you with a pie-chart or histogram, but you can make some pretty impactful imagery to represent a specific vibe or theme.

If you don't already know the basics of MidJourney, you'll have to head over to our MidJourney beginner's guide to review the general process.

For our small demo here, we'll start with a basic prompt, in this case, "computer technician working on a computer corporate cartoon."

As you can see, MidJourney gives us four images that are all candidates for our presentation. You can click the corresponding "U" button to upscale any of the individual images in the grid. U1 and U2 represent the top row of images, and U3 and U4 the bottom two.

You don't need to know any advanced MidJourney commands and methods to make neat imagery for your presentation, except for the custom aspect ratios.

Simply add "--ar W:H" at the end of your prompt, replacing "W" with the width and the "H" with the height.

For example, I love making slides that are split 50/50 between the text and graphic. Since slides have a 16:9 aspect ratio, it means you can use "--ar 8:9" to get something that takes up exactly half of the slide.

Related: How Good is MidJourney at AI Art? We Compared All the Models

As of this writing, MidJourney. doesn't offer high levels of control over the images you get, but if you're particular about your images, try to use the same modifiers in your prompt. For example, we used "corporate cartoon" in the previous prompt, and by reusing with a different subject you'll usually get images that look thematically coherent. Remember that you can keep re-rolling the prompt if you don't get what you want at first, and you can use the "V" buttons to create variations of an image that was close but not quite there.

Now that you have the text and imagery for each slide, it's time to throw it together in a slide. Now you can apply your existing knowledge of Powerpoint (or the presentation software of your choice) to polish up the look and feel of your presentation.

Armed with this basic knowledge, you can use these AI tools to up your presentation same significantly, but there are some additional tips and tricks you can keep in mind for even better results:

  • Use detailed prompts: This is particularly true for ChatGPT, but it also counts for MidJourney. The more you put into the prompt, the more likely you'll get what you want.
  • Have a back-and-forth: For ChatGPT, in addition to a detailed prompt, you should have a back-and-forth conversation to refine and improve your presentation outline and notes.
  • Consider an MJ prompt creator: There are several online prompt creators for MidJourney made by third parties, that give you easy access to things like setting an aspect ratio, or defining a particular style or color palette. A good example is the MJ Prompt Tool by Noonshot, although it hasn't been update for a while. Searching for "MidJourney Prompt Generator" using the engine of your choice will give you a list with numerous similar tools, all of which have their own pros and cons, so try a couple.
  • Use Color Words in MidJourney: Put the colors you would like to feature in your image's prompts, and then use those same color words for all your illustrations to get a uniform color palette across your images.

The prompt-engineering rabbit hole goes as deep as you want it to, but these basic tips and tricks should be more than enough to transform your PowerPoint Game.

I'll be the first to admit that using ChatGPT and MidJourney like this feels like something of a kludge. However, generative AI tools are already being integrated into productivity software. For example, Canva has an AI image generator built right into it and Grammarly also includes generating AI now. Microsoft 365 itself has CoPilot, so its worth looking over what these tools can do for you when creating documents. One way or another, there's an AI assistant nearby to help you get stuff done more quickly.

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ChatGPT PPT Maker Prompt: 4 Customizable Inputs for Slides

Last Updated: May 8, 2024 Fact Checked

Creating Slide Outlines

Using visual basic editor (vba) codes, using aiprm for chatgpt, creating slide images.

This article was written by Luigi Oppido and by wikiHow staff writer, Rain Kengly . Luigi Oppido is the Owner and Operator of Pleasure Point Computers in Santa Cruz, California. Luigi has over 25 years of experience in general computer repair, data recovery, virus removal, and upgrades. He is also the host of the Computer Man Show! broadcasted on KSQD covering central California for over two years. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 2,617 times.

Do you need to make a PowerPoint presentation quickly? Just ask ChatGPT to generate the outline and slide content. If you want to include images, you'll need to use a text-to-art generator tool like Midjourney in conjunction. Here are the best ChatGPT PPT maker prompts to use with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Quick Prompts to Generate PowerPoint Slides

  • Write an outline for a PowerPoint presentation about the following topics: [topic 1], [topic 2], [topic 3]... It must be [#] slides.
  • Write me the VBA code to create a PowerPoint presentation for [topic]. It must be [#] slides.
  • Write me the VBA code to create a PowerPoint slide for [smaller topic].

Step 1 Start a new...

  • If you aren't already logged in, enter your account information to do so now.
  • Use this method to create the information and data for a presentation in text only. This does not include any design elements.

Step 2 Create the outline for the slides.

  • ChatGPT will generate a presentation outline with the above parameters. If you approve of the topics and order, proceed. Otherwise, generate the prompt again.

Step 3 Expand the outline topics.

  • Expand on the topics in the outline you provided. Tell me more about the important facts and key takeaways from the topics. Include supporting examples and extra details that will help the audience better understand the topic.
  • ChatGPT will generate more details on each topic, separated by slide. If you approve of the added content, proceed. Otherwise, generate the prompt again.

Step 4 Reformat the slide information.

  • Reformat the previous information into bullet points. Add more detail.

Step 5 Transfer the data.

  • Use PowerPoint or Google Slides to add design elements, such as color, images, videos, graphs, and more.

Step 1 Start a new conversation in ChatGPT.

  • Use this method to generate codes that can be inputted in PowerPoint. You'll need to enable the Developer tab in PowerPoint to use these codes.
  • Keep in mind that a full PowerPoint presentation in VBA code may be too long for ChatGPT to generate, so you may only receive snippets for a general template you can modify.

Step 2 Enter the prompt.

  • On Windows, click the Developer tab and click View Basics .
  • On Mac, click Tools → Macro → Visual Basic Editor .
  • If you don't have Developer mode enabled, go to Files → Options → Customize Ribbon → Main Tabs → check the box for Developer .

Step 5 Paste the code in the editor.

  • PowerPoint will create a presentation based on the code. It will be text-based, so you'll need to add design elements to spruce it up.

Step 7 Use PowerPoint Designer (optional).

  • Click Design at the top.
  • Click Designer on the ribbon.
  • Scroll through the right panel to view generated designs.
  • Click a design to select it.

Step 1 Download AIPRM for ChatGPT on Google Chrome.

  • Visit the AIPRM download page .
  • Click Add to Chrome at the top.
  • Click Add extension to confirm.

Step 2 Go to https://chat.openai.com/....

  • With the extension downloaded, ChatGPT's interface will look a bit different.

Step 3 Type powerpoint into the search bar.

  • You'll see the output similar to method two , and you'll still need to paste it into the Visual Basic Editor to create a presentation.

Step 1 Sign up for a text-to-art generator tool.

  • ChatGPT can only provide text-based information. If you need image suggestions, you'll need to combine ChatGPT with another tool.

Step 2 Create your slide text.

  • You can also ask ChatGPT to include the prompt for your text-to-art generator tool. Add the following prompt: Make sure to provide the [Midjourney] prompts for the suggested images.

Step 3 Open the text-to-art generator tool.

  • If needed, use the built-in tools to adjust the color, placement, crop, or another element.

Expert Q&A

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Get the URL for Pictures

  • ↑ https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/create-professional-slide-layouts-with-designer-53c77d7b-dc40-45c2-b684-81415eac0617

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How to Create Stunning PowerPoint Slides with ChatGPT: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tom Tran

You know, as much as I love giving presentations, there's one thing that always seems to trip me up: creating visually stunning PowerPoint slides. I mean, don't get me wrong—I know how important it is to captivate your audience with eye-catching visuals. But let's be real, not all of us are born graphic designers. And that's precisely why I'm so excited to introduce you to my secret weapon: ChatGPT!

ChatGPT is an incredible language model developed by OpenAI that's been a total game-changer for my presentations. Not only can it help me whip up creative and engaging content for my slides, but it also takes the pressure off me to be a design whiz. So, if you're like me and want to take your presentations to the next level, stick around. I'm about to spill the tea on how to use ChatGPT to create stunning PowerPoint slides that'll have your audience hooked.

Step 1: Groundwork

Laying the Groundwork Before we dive into the design magic, we need to get our ducks in a row. And by that, I mean setting some clear goals for our presentation and sketching out a rough outline. Trust me, taking the time to clarify what message you want to send and who you're sending it to will pay off big time.

Step 2: Titles

Jazzing Up Those Titles Let's face it, folks: first impressions matter. That's why I  turn to ChatGPT to craft snappy titles and headings for my slides. Whether I'm presenting on the latest marketing trends or dishing out tips for remote work, ChatGPT helps me reel in my audience with catchy titles that are too good to ignore.

Step 3: Content

Giving Your Content the ChatGPT Touch Now, you might think ChatGPT is just good for headlines, but boy, are you in for a treat. I've been using ChatGPT to generate all sorts of valuable insights and content for my slides—from bullet points to summaries. And let me tell you, it's been a game-changer.

Step 4: Visuals

Amping Up the Visuals Look, I'm all about that visual flair. And ChatGPT has been my go-to for generating suggestions for images, graphics, and visual metaphors that complement my content. I mean, who wouldn't want to sit through a presentation with visuals that pop?

Step 5: Speaker Notes

ChatGPT to the Rescue for Speaker Notes I'm not ashamed to admit it: sometimes, I need a little help with my delivery. That's where ChatGPT comes in. I've been using it to craft engaging speaker notes that keep me on track and ensure my talking points are crystal clear.

Step 6: Call to Action

Ending with a Bang. No presentation is complete without a killer call-to-action. And ChatGPT has been my secret sauce for crafting persuasive CTAs that inspire my audience to take action.

Step 7: Review

The Finishing Touches After letting ChatGPT work its magic, I always take a moment to review and refine my presentation. Consistency is key, my friends.

Step 8: Feedback

Feedback Makes Perfect Finally, I like to get some feedback from my trusted colleagues. A little constructive criticism goes a long way, and ChatGPT is always there to help me iterate based on that feedback.

And there you have it! Thanks to ChatGPT, creating stunning PowerPoint slides has never been easier. Whether you're a presentation pro or a total newbie, I guarantee that this AI-powered tool will be your new best friend. So go on, give it a try, and let ChatGPT transform your presentations into visual masterpieces that'll leave your audience speechless.

You see, in this fast-paced world, presentations are all about making an impact, and with ChatGPT by your side, you'll be equipped to do just that. Whether you're presenting to colleagues, clients, or a room full of strangers, you'll be able to deliver your message with confidence, creativity, and a splash of style.

How to Use ChatGPT to Create a Presentation

Tired of making presentations the old way? Learn how to use ChatGPT to create a presentation that will wow your audience.

Creating a presentation can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Researching the material, writing the text, styling the slides, adding images, and rehearsing it all consume a lot of time and energy.

What if you could have AI create it all for you? Since ChatGPT can't output files, you can combine ChatGPT with another AI tool and have them build your presentation from scratch. All in a matter of seconds. Sounds good? Read on to learn how.

Create a Presentation From Scratch With ChatGPT

Before diving into creating a presentation with ChatGPT, let's go over the steps involved. We'll use a combination of two AI tools to make this presentation.

ChatGPT is well capable of generating text based on your prompts. You can use ChatGPT to create the text for your presentation slides, but that's about all ChatGPT can do in this case.

The other integral element is SlidesAI . This is a tool specifically designed for Google Slides that can automate the creation of presentations. All you need to do is give it the text and pick a theme style. Then, with a single click, SlidesAI will create an entire Google Slides presentation for you. It'll even attach appropriate stock photos where needed.

Of course, like most other AI presentation tools , the free version of SlidesAI has limitations. You can only create three presentations per month, and the text for each presentation is limited to 2500 characters. You can purchase a paid plan to extend these limits.

Once you've generated the presentation, all that is left is to make some final changes and export the presentation to any format you like. If you want to create a PowerPoint slideshow with AI, you can follow these same steps and then export the slideshow to PowerPoint.

1. Generate the Presentation Text With ChatGPT

The first step in creating a presentation is to generate the text with ChatGPT. To get a proper output, you must provide ChatGPT with some basic information about the presentation, such as the topic, the audience, and the main points you want to cover.

Although this guide exempts you from many steps in creating a presentation, you should always research the topic before using ChatGPT. This way, you'll quickly recognize misinformation in ChatGPT's output, and of course, you won't embarrass yourself if the audience asks you a question.

The prompt you feed to ChatGPT determines the output text, which in turn, determines SlidesAI's behavior and output. It's important to carefully construct your prompt and include everything you want to see.

So, other than the topic, your prompt should include the main points and some structural features like the number of slides. You can see a sample conversation with ChatGPT for this purpose in the image below or through this shared chat link .

Once you have provided the information, ChatGPT will generate the presentation text for you. You can edit and refine the text to meet your needs and preferences. It's best to remove the structural phrases, such as the slide numbers and the image descriptions. Keep only the main text.

If you'll be using the free version of SlidesAI, it's important to note that there are limits on the number of characters and slides. Specifically, the free version has a limit of 2500 characters and can generate no more than ten slides. You can adjust your prompt or edit the ChatGPT output if you need to work within these limits.

If you want to make the whole process even easier and don't feel like editing the AI-generated text yourself, you can use yet another AI writing tool to edit ChatGPT's output.

2. Install SlidesAI for Google Slides

After generating the text for your presentation, the next step is to install SlidesAI for Google Slides . You can do this through the Google Slides add-ons store.

  • Go to Google Slides.
  • Create a blank presentation.
  • Go to the Extensions menu.
  • Go to Add-ons and click Get add-ons .
  • In the new dialog, search for SlidesAI .
  • Click it and then select Install .

SlidesAI will then ask you to sign in with your Google Account. Follow the instructions and then wait for SlidesAI to finish installing.

3. Compile the Presentation With SlidesAI

With SlidesAI installed, you can now begin creating your presentation. You can do this in the same blank presentation you made in the previous step. SlidesAI will automatically add new slides and fill them with appropriate content.

  • Open the Extensions menu.
  • Select the presentation type and the number of slides from the right.
  • Check whether you want SlidesAI to add images or a title and thank you slides.
  • Check Replace Existing Slides .
  • When all is set, go back to the Text tab and click Create Slides .

SlidesAI will now take the text you generated with ChatGPT and use it to automatically create the slides for your presentation. This can take a while, depending on your input.

Once the AI is done, you'll get a message saying your slides have been created. Close the SlidesAI window and check them out!

4. Add the Finishing Touches and Export the Presentation

Now you can customize the slides and add the finishing touches. Remember that AI is still prone to making mistakes, so proofread your presentation to ensure there aren't any blunders. If the main content looks good, you can then start making visual improvements like adding animations to your slides .

There's a chance that SlidesAI adds irrelevant images to some slides. In that case, you can replace the image with SlideAI's Magic Write tool. This feature considers the slide's content and suggests relevant stock photos.

  • Go to SlidesAI and then select Magic Write .
  • Click Recommended Images .
  • Select an image.

Once your slideshow is all set, it's time to start preparing for the presentation. If you want to present on Google Slides, there's only a little left to do other than rehearse.

If you want to use Microsoft PowerPoint, you can export your Google Slides presentation as a PowerPoint slideshow. Head to File > Download and then select Microsoft PowerPoint .

Create Efficient Presentations in Minutes

Creating a presentation involves a lot of invisible work. In an ideal world, you would dedicate your precious time to researching and rehearsing, and have someone else do the labor of creating the presentation.

Well, now you know exactly how to achieve such a productive workflow. With the help of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT and SlidesAI, you can create a presentation from scratch in a matter of seconds.

You can generate presentation text with ChatGPT by providing basic information about the topic and the main points. Then feed the text to SlidesAI, sit back, and watch as AI does all the work for you. Just remember to proofread it!

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With the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence in every task we do, the launch of ChatGPT has led to an all-time high dependency on AI for content generation. ChatGPT created by OpenAI and released in November 2022, is making a Whipple in the complete content industry, from article writing, to post generation. There is hardly anything today that is not being automated using ChatGPT. 


ChatGPT: What is all the craze about?

ChatGPT, short for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an AI model developed by OpenAI . It is built upon the GPT architecture and trained on a massive amount of text data to generate human-like responses in conversation.

ChatGPT leverages the power of deep learning and natural language processing algorithms to understand and generate contextually relevant responses.

Why ChatGPT for your Presentations?

ChatGPT does not essentially build a ready-to-use PPT for you. But being a language model it can generate precise content for all the slides with detailed organizations and all you need to do is put that content on any of your favourite templates.

There are multiple reasons why one should use ChatGPT for building their presentations and some of the key reasons that will immediately motivate you are:

1. Quick Solution for a Time-Consuming Task

Whether talking about the folks from offices or schools or colleges, everyone has a vast curriculum with innumerable assignments to work on. With a quick and easy way to extract relevant content and generate a PPT quickly, while, on the other hand, you would have saved hours surfing the internet and flipping your textbooks to find and sort the content that should go on your slides.

2. Selecting Precise and Relevant Information

The whole purpose of PPTs is to put a large amount of information into a precise format and present it to the audience. Hence it becomes almost essential to be very particular and decide meticulously what needs to be put on those slides. This can often be a time-consuming process and as humans it is actually impossible for us to cover all aspects of the given topic and there is a high probability that we miss out on some crucial sections. 

With the vast data used to build ChatGPT’s AI model, it can accurately identify the crucial topics and organize them for you on slides within minutes, without any hassle.

3. Organizing and Structuring the Slides

Even after having the most accurate and relevant information for your presentation, there is a high probability that it will still be not as effective. The reason is the structuring. PPTs are often very short and hence the orator needs to attract and engage the audience with relevant facts and figures in a proper structure so that they are neither overwhelmed nor bored at any given point. Here, ChatGPT plays a very crucial role in structuring your presentation in the correct way leaving no space for human error. Also, again the fact cannot be emphasized more that ChatGPT can do all this magic in minutes that we would probably take hours or even at times days to do. 

Use ChatGPT for Making PPTs: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: search for chatgpt and log in or sign up.

  • Open your preferred search engine and search for ChatGPT. Look for the official ChatGPT page on the OpenAI website and click on the provided link.
  • On the ChatGPT page, locate and click on the “ Try ChatGPT ” link. This will take you to the main Chat page where you can start working with the model and generate content.
  • If you already have an account, log in using your registered email ID. If not, sign up for a new account by following the necessary steps, such as confirming your phone number and signing in through your Gmail ID.

Step 2: Install AIPRM – ChatGPT Prompts Browser Extension

Go back to your search engine and search for AIPRM – ChatGPT Prompts , which is a browser extension designed for ChatGPT. It offers multiple tones and custom writing statuses that can be paired with ChatGPT to generate high-quality content relevant to your specific application and context. Download the extension and select “yes” for any prompts that appear during the installation process.

Install AIPRM - ChatGPT Prompts Browser Extension

Step 3: Access AIPRM – ChatGPT Prompts Extension

Once the extension is installed, it will automatically open a new ChatGPT page. You will now see various options that you can select to generate different types of content. Locate the search bar and click on it.

Access AIPRM - ChatGPT Prompts Extension

Step 4: Search for PPT

In the search bar, type “PPT” to generate a PowerPoint presentation.

Step 5: Select the Prompt

After searching for PPT, you will see a list of prompts. Click on the desired prompt that suits your needs. The chat bar will now change to accommodate the PPT generation.

Select Prompt For PPT

Step 6: Provide Prompt Details

In the chat bar, add the name of the presentation and the topic for the PPT. For example, you can generate a PPT on ChatGPT itself.

Following is a sample input of the prompt used to generate a PPT:


Step 7: Generate the PPT

Once you have entered the necessary details, press “Enter” or click on the appropriate button to generate the PPT.

Congratulations! You have successfully generated your own PowerPoint presentation using ChatGPT and the AirRPM extension.

Note: Please remember, if the model is still typing, let it complete the whole content and then you can copy-paste it to any template of your choice. Also, the steps provided are a general guide and may vary slightly depending on the specific interface or updates made to the ChatGPT platform.

Disadvantages of Generating Your PPT from ChatGPT

Although generating a PowerPoint presentation and even for that matter other content from ChatGPT might look like a very tempting and easy method to solve most of your problems, there are a few downsides to it as well. Some of the key things that you should keep in mind while generating PPTs from ChatGPT:

  • Although ChatGPT can easily provide very structured content with effective facts included, there is a chance that a human touch of creativity might be missing from the content as machine-generated content can often look very technical, whereas, in a real-world a presentation needs to be engaging, where the ChatGPT lacks.
  • More often than not due to the same knowledge bank, the generated content can be extremely generic, and in case the knowledge base does not have a lot of content on the requested topic, the PPT content generated can be very single-tracked not covering as many concepts as needed or expected.
  • Another major challenge can be standard content generated for all contexts and hence little customization as per the situation.
  • ChatGPT does not provide any graphics or designs for the PPT template, and that is a very important aspect of a PPT. 

ChatGPT offers a convenient and efficient way to generate PowerPoint presentations. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, users can leverage the power of ChatGPT and the AirRPM extension to create high-quality PPTs tailored to their specific needs. By providing prompts and inputting the necessary details, users can effortlessly generate PPTs on various topics of their choice.

FAQs on How to Use ChatGPT for Making PPT

Q1: does content generated by chatgpt contain plagiarised content.

Most ChatGPT-generated content does not contain plagiarism and so it can be used especially for PPTs.

Q2: How can I generate my own PPT using ChatGPT?

You can use ChatGPT in combination with the AIPRM – ChatGPT Prompts Extension to generate content for the PPT on any given topic.

Q3: Is the content generated by ChatGPT accurate?

ChatGPT contains content from a variety of sources and hence there might be a possibility of very minor errors if at all.

Q4: How much does it cost to use ChatGPT for making PPT?

ChatGPT as well as the AirRPM extension are absolutely free for public use and hence there is no cost of generating a PPT using ChatGPT.

Q5: Can I use ChatGPT for other tasks besides making PPT?

Yes, it can be used for almost all content-related tasks like writing articles, creating product descriptions, and even composing music.

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Using ChatGPT to Create PowerPoint Presentations

April 23, 2023

Create slide deck content within minutes using ChatGPT and PowerPoint.

In this video I will show how to leverage ChatGPT to produce relevant content

and then how to integrate it into PowerPoint using Microsoft Word.

Entering Your Prompt

Within ChatGPT, you want to be as specific as possible when writing your prompt.

For instance, if you went to your doctor and said

I have a pain. Can you help me?

Your doctor wouldn't be able to help with so little information.

Generative AI functions similarly.

The better the prompt the better the results

First, I am going to provide a scenario and then prompt ChatGPT for the slide content.

I will write….

I am a gardener in the Midwest interested in native plants for my landscape.

I am giving a presentation to a local garden club about how to incorporate native wildflowers into flower beds.

Create slides with bulleted points describing the benefits of using native plants in one's yard.

Once ChatGPT has generated slide content, you continue to prompt for more slide content

Here I will write….

now provide data and statistics that support the benefits of using native plants.

now add slides explaining the different types of wildflowers in the Midwest and the best growing conditions.

now add a slide listing the top five pollinators benefitting from wildflowers

now add a slide listing the top five books about native plants in the midwest.

If ChatGPT ever stops in the middle of generating content, it just means it hit its character limit.

All you need to do to prompt it to keep going and it will start again from where it left off.

Modifying in Microsoft Word

Once you are happy with the amount of content generated

Copy the text and paste it into Microsoft Word.

At this point you want to check the content for accuracy.

It is well known that ChatGPT does generate content that isn't true or doesn't exist,

so this is an important step.

Next you want to prepare the content so it can be imported into PowerPoint.

The Heading Styles in the Style Gallery on the Home tab determines where content will go on the slide.

For your slide titles, apply Heading 1

Select multiple slide titles by pressing Control or Command while highlighting

For your lists, apply Headings 2 - 6

The heading number corresponds with the indent level of the list

Here's a table matching the levels and headings. (show a table)

and here's a master slide layout matching the levels and headings. (screenshot of master slide - add heading levels with arrows)

You can also do this in Outline view.

and apply the headings using the drop down menu.

Use which ever option is easiest for you.

Once you've finished, save the file.

In Windows you can save it as a normal .docx file.

With Mac OS, save the file as an .rtf or Rich Text File.

Importing Word document into PowerPoint

Now open PowerPoint and create a new presentation.

If you plan to use a specific template, create the new presentation from the template first. [card to how to create a template]

Now in the Home tab, click the small down arrow next to the New Slide button

From the drop down menu, choose Import from Outline or just Outline on a Mac.

Navigate to the file location

Click the OK button

PowerPoint will process the content.

Once complete you can apply different slide layouts [card to layouts explained video]

or if you aren't using a template, use the Designer option to add visual interest.

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About the Author

Jennifer Sharkey is known as the Virtual Presentation Specialist. Being passionate about seeing people shine and be heard, she leans into her 20+ years of public speaking experience and uses what she has learned from presenting, both in-person and virtually, to small groups all the way up to 5000 people. Jennifer draws from her experience as an associate professor, academic librarian, and coach to help holistic coaches master virtual presentations to grow their business. Her unique immersive program provides practical strategies and methods to build confidence, engage audiences, and generate authenticity and authority.

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How to Create Presentations with AI using ChatGPT

Cover for ChatGPT for Presentations

We all know the hype about ChatGPT, the website-based application developed by OpenAI that answers almost every question you can think about. But what could be its potential to help presenters? Is there room for AI presentations at this current state-of-the-art?

This article will explore what ChatGPT represents for business professionals looking to create quality presentations. As an extra, you will get a case study using ChatGPT to generate ideas to power up a sales presentation. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

What is ChatGPT?

What does it mean to use ai in presentations, gpt for slides, how to use chatgpt in presentations to engage viewers more effectively, chatgpt free vs. chatgpt plus, case study: creating a smartwatch sales presentation with the help of chatgpt free version (gpt-3.5), best practices for using chatgpt in presentations, alternatives to chatgpt for using ai in presentations, complementary ai for presentations, closing thoughts.

ChatGPT is a deep learning language model developed by OpenAI that is capable of generating human-like text based on the input provided. The main features of ChatGPT include the following:

  • Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) : ChatGPT is a cutting-edge, artificial intelligence-based text generation model that utilizes transformer architecture to create linguistically similar text to human writing. This technology has been pre-trained on an immense amount of linguistic data, allowing it to generate intricate and complex sentences with incredibly high semantic richness. Moreover, the output produced by ChatGPT would be 50% longer than usual as it can draw upon a wide range of diverse facts and details to expand upon the original input. This makes ChatGPT an incredibly useful tool for generating long-form written content with ease and fluency.
  • Large-scale training : ChatGPT was trained on a massive dataset consisting of over 45 terabytes of text data. The model works by taking contextual cues from the query and utilizing its store of knowledge to craft an appropriate response. Additionally, ChatGPT can learn from user feedback, so it keeps improving over time, providing better results each time the system is used.
  • Contextual understanding : This AI tool can model various conversational scenarios using its powerful language modeling and natural language processing capabilities. Therefore, it allows ChatGPT to be able to recognize complex structures of conversations such as discourse, dialogue acts, sentiment analysis, summarization, etc. The system uses large conversational datasets to learn and generate meaningful responses. By modeling contextual information from these datasets, ChatGPT can comprehend nuances in conversations more accurately than existing AI systems. Furthermore, it can perform many other tasks like text classification or text summarization with high accuracy.
  • Multiple use cases : ChatGPT can be used for various natural language processing tasks, including question answering, text generation, dialogue generation, and text classification, among others. It is an ideal tool for creating content from a different perspective or brainstorming content ideas.
  • Customization : We are speaking about a natural language processing (NLP) tool that can be customized and fine-tuned to the specific requirements of any user or domain. Retraining ChatGPT involves adjusting various parameters such as word choice, sentence structure, and even word meanings to maximize its capabilities for the intended task.
  • API-based deployment : ChatGPT can be easily integrated into applications through its API, allowing developers to build custom applications that leverage the power of deep learning for text generation.

All in all, we talk about a multi-purpose tool that can help us for a large number of purposes. Users ought to keep in mind that responses, in some contexts, are not accurate since the software may know about extremely specific topics. Hence, it is constantly learning, and users can correct wrong inputs.

Summary of ChatGPT features

AI tools are used in many different industries, but for presenters, ChatGPT presentations go from the perspective of content generation. Let’s think about the main issues presenters face as “creativity blocks”:

  • Not knowing how to break concepts into simple terms or easy-to-apply steps.
  • Not knowing how to summarize large chunks of text.
  • Getting overwhelmed at the time of picking color combinations.
  • Selecting which content should be allocated per slide.

On top of that, we can add lacking presentation skills and feeling stuck when working with time-restrictive presentations as two extra creativity blockers. Although they can be overcome with patience, harnessing new skills, and sometimes asking for professional feedback, AI tools can bring a different perspective. 

Think of slides AI-powered by deep learning as having a coach next to you to help brainstorm ideas for your presentations. You can ask the coach to give you a basic outline of a topic, a selection of titles for an article or presentation, and even take a step further and hint hooks to elevate the performance of your presentation. Some other tools, which we won’t dwell on here, can help generate better graphics or analyze data you need to insert into your slides.

Exploring the potential of AI-generated visuals in presentations

Captivating visuals are a key component of delivering impactful messages to the audience. ChatGPT brings a new dimension to presentation design by enabling the creation of AI-generated graphics. These visuals can be seamlessly integrated into PowerPoint or other presentation software, enhancing the overall quality and appeal of the slides.

Whether it’s generating charts, infographics , or illustrations, ChatGPT can quickly analyze data and generate prompts that can be provided as input used to produce visually engaging content through other AI tools such as Midjourney. Presenters can now spend less time designing visuals and more time perfecting their narrative.

Overcoming challenges and limitations with ChatGPT in presentations

While ChatGPT brings remarkable potential to presentations, it is not without its challenges and limitations. One of the primary challenges is ensuring the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated content. Presenters must exercise caution and review the AI-generated text and visuals to verify their correctness before incorporating them into their presentation. Fact-checking is essential to avoid unintentionally presenting false or misleading information.

Additionally, ChatGPT’s lack of emotional intelligence may hinder its ability to respond appropriately to emotionally charged topics or gauge audience sentiment accurately. Presenters should be mindful of relying solely on ChatGPT for sensitive or emotionally nuanced presentations, as human intuition and empathy remain irreplaceable in such scenarios.

Furthermore, ChatGPT may encounter difficulties with understanding context and providing relevant content. ChatGPT 4.0 encounters these difficulties more often than the legacy versions because of the misuse of premium features by different users. As the model’s capabilities evolve, these limitations are expected to improve. Presenters should keep these limitations in mind and be prepared to fill in any gaps that arise during their presentations.

Incorporating natural language processing in presentation interactions

Natural language processing (NLP) is an amazing enabler that fully supplements ChatGPT and adds lots of strength to the interaction and overall engagement with the audience. In the presence of NLP, the presenter can engage on a real-time basis with ChatGPT while delivering the presentation. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions or seek clarifications about the content of the seminar, and new additions include interactive audience polls.

ChatGPT provides a detailed conversation, for that matter, and is thus able to create corresponding responses, so all Q&A sessions become useful and informative. Besides, since ChatGPT is capable of handling deeper and more complex questions using NLP abilities, the engagement goes further into helping the presenter handle specific questioning from the audience right there and, at that point, hence personalizing the presentation for each viewer.

Sentiment analysis can be done through NLP on the go during the presentation, so that the presenter is able to comprehend the feelings of the attendees present in the room and, therefore, drive the content and delivery according to the sentiments. This helps to make sure that the audience is kept engaged and sits throughout the session without any distractions.

Enhancing audience interactivity with AI-powered Q&A sessions

Q&A sessions enhanced by AI empower audience interactivity. Through ChatGPT, a presenter might be able to engage in long Q&A sessions without being confined by time restrictions. Members of the audience may ask questions, and ChatGPT could then parse and even categorize these requests so that it aids the presenter in giving out thorough and accurate answers.

Additionally, the capacity of ChatGPT to predict follow-up questions can make it more effective in drafting more insightful answers. As a reaction by audiences, they feel more involved and valued in the preparation thus increasing their active participation.

AI-powered Q&A sessions benefit not only the audience but also presenters for the feedback and insights that could be received from the audience. In fact, due to the feedback loop in the communication process, it could be used to adjust what to present in the foreseeable future and how to add value to the audience.

Future possibilities: AI’s role in transforming presentations

As AI technology, including ChatGPT, continues to advance, the future of presentations holds exciting possibilities. We can expect AI to play an even more significant role in transforming the way presentations are created and delivered.

AI-driven virtual presenters might become a reality, capable of conducting presentations autonomously. Virtual presenters could adapt their content and delivery based on real-time audience interactions, resulting in highly personalized and engaging presentations.

Furthermore, AI could aid presenters in speech coaching, offering suggestions for improving delivery, tone, and engagement. This real-time assistance can help presenters refine their presentation skills and deliver more effective talks.

The integration of AI-generated visuals and animations could lead to stunning and immersive presentations, captivating audiences like never before. AI’s ability to analyze audience preferences and behavior can also enable dynamic content generation, ensuring that presentations remain relevant and compelling to diverse audiences.

ChatGPT can produce intriguing content pieces for presentations, and now you can use it to generate the content for your slides, a presentation structure, or even the images and visuals for your presentations, with its built-in integration with DALL-E 3. This AI engine can create ideas and prompts for pictures and visuals that would enhance the quality of your work. Alternatively, you can use other AI tools for image generation with the prompts created by ChatGPT.

Ethical considerations when using AI in presentations

As we embrace the potential of ChatGPT and other AI technologies in presentations, ethical considerations must be at the forefront of our minds. Presenters must be transparent about the use of AI-generated content, informing their audience about the degree of AI usage. In scenarios where AI is not used to generate the exact content for presentations and answers, presenters are not ethically bound to make a statement. However, if AI had a vital role in coming up with the answers presented to the audience, the presenters are ethically bound to make a statement about the use of AI in their presentation.

Additionally, data privacy and security should be given utmost importance. Presenters must ensure that sensitive information is not shared with AI platforms and that data is handled responsibly and in compliance with relevant regulations.

While AI can greatly enhance presentations, it is crucial to retain human oversight and judgment. Presenters should avoid over-reliance on AI and ensure they maintain control over the content and flow of the presentation. AI should be treated as a valuable tool that complements human expertise rather than a substitute for it.

Ultimately, embracing AI in presentations requires a thoughtful and responsible approach, where the benefits of technology are balanced with ethical considerations and human values.

Many of us are already familiar with the basics of ChatGPT, but in fact, this software implements what’s known as a Generative Pre-trained Transformer, the language model developed by OpenAI. Therefore, ChatGPT isn’t the only gateway to use GPT for presentations.

The key to unleashing GPT power in presentation design is to work with the now-released open-access API that allows developers to use GPT in their applications. Multiple applications already count with integrations with ChatGPT and Generative AI, such as Zapier, Copyleaks, Code Snippets AI, and Notion AI , or even our AI Presentation Maker . Another one that truly caught our interest is MagicSlides.

Although this is not equivalent to ChatGPT for Google Slides, MagicSlides is a third-party plugin that allows us to work with the GPT API in Google Slides. To use it, you must count on an OpenAI account to create an API key access to GPT. Working with a single Gmail account is recommended to avoid performance issues. If your Google Chrome profile has multiple accounts, create a new profile from scratch and work only with one Gmail account.

Then, the concept is quite simple: you give the plugin a topic and the number of slides to create, and that’s it. You can add extra info as an optional feature, like instructions for which tone to use, which keywords to list, etc. The outcome is a simple presentation structure in a solid color background; you can customize from that first iteration to your preference, like changing the Google Slides theme color , for example.

Depending on your goals, there are multiple takes on how you can use ChatGPT to make your presentations more engaging. For starters, you can use this deep learning model tool to create AI-powered presentations in the format of interactive Q&As , allowing users to ask questions and visualize the responses live. If your presentation has a multicultural audience, ChatGPT offers the option to provide real-time language translation , which can be integrated via subtitles into the presentation template .

Storytelling is a powerful asset for presentations, and through ChatGPT, users can generate narratives from scratch or based on a set of prompts. These stories can be personalized by adding interests from the audience’s members or preferences, so the story remains relevant to the overall presentation. Another important feature to highlight is that we can generate character dialogues for our stories, making the presentation more immersive and entertaining for the audience. Also, ChatGPT can add contextual data in the shape of statistics or big data information, turning them into understandable pieces of information rather than complex concepts.

Illustration depicting a user working with ChatGPT

In terms of visuals, we can create captions and descriptions or generate alt-text for images, videos, and animations, making them accessible-ready. 

This same take can create accurate virtual tours through ChatGPT, providing information, context, and insights on specific locations during a presentation.

Gamification is another area to exploit through AI-powered presentations, and we can add that element to our slides in the following formats:

  • AI-powered quizzes : By integrating ChatGPT in presentations, we can create AI-powered quizzes or trivia games as alternatives to Q&A sessions. This serves to test the audience’s understanding of the topics exposed.
  • Scavenger hunts : We can create a presentation powered by ChatGPT in which the audience has to solve puzzles or find content based on the presentation information.

For sales purposes, ChatGPT can help business professionals generate predictive analytics models to understand market trends or customer behavior, making an impact in sales presentations. 

We cannot conclude this section without mentioning the ChatGPT integration procedure’s basics required for some of the features exposed here. As users, we must integrate ChatGPT into the presentation software as an API or a plugin. Then, the input recognition helps the deep learning model understand text input from the user or the audience. Thanks to its NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms, the information passed through the ChatGPT API is processed to generate an appropriate response and streamed through selected mediums.

ChatGPT is available to us in two versions: a free version, with ample capabilities but restricted to a number of inputs per hour and advanced tools; and a paid version, with up-to-date features and virtually no restriction for usage. The first version is ChatGPT Free (in its current GPT-3.5 model), and the second is ChatGPT Plus, which uses GPT-4.

GPT models available

Free users might face restricted access or longer wait times during high server demand. This limitation is due to resource prioritization, where the server capacity is allocated to maintain service levels, especially for paying customers. Still, premium users can find themselves restricted by a so-called Usage Cap , which is unfriendly considering it is a paid subscription service. Experience does tell us the limit gets reached sooner if using plugins or GPTs inside ChatGPT.

The response speed is also variable, as the premium members are prioritized. Typically, GPT-4 may feel a bit laggy compared to the paid GPT-3.5 version. For free users, response time will be at its lowest around 1-5 pm PST. 

Although the subscription-fee pricing may sound a bit hefty, depending on the usage of ChatGPT it can be profitable as it reduces the need to hire extra personnel for mundane tasks. Additionally, ChatGPT Plus comes with these particularly attractive features:

  • Early access to new features or GPT tooling. Some of these tools are of interest to sophisticated tasks like research and data analysis.

GPTs intended for Research & Analysis

  • DALL-E integration: Paid members get full usage of DALL-E, using it solo via prompts to generate images or pair it with useful GPTs for specific purposes, like logo creation, cartoon characters, image generation, and prompt generation (intended for Midjourney).


  • Image-to-text: Paid members access image-to-text responses by pasting the images in the input area. ChatGPT will analyze the image’s content and generate a response based on the prompt written by the user.

Image-to-text ChatGPT

  • Plugins: There’s a broad range of plugins available for users. Depending on your requirements, they get installed into your ChatGPT account and can be activated/deactivated. Remember that some of these third-party plugins may require an additional subscription fee by their creators.

Enable or disable plugins in ChatGPT plus

When planning this article, the main objective was to test, from a presenter’s perspective, an introduction to ChatGPT for PPT presentations. Therefore, we devised a hypothetical case: A brand wishes to present its new smartwatch at a live event. The presentation has to be streamed, and there is a select live audience attending the event. This presentation follows the format of other tech presentations like new releases.

What are our main objectives to achieve in this case study?

  • Obtain an outline of what the presentation should be about.
  • According to the “sales presentation for a smartwatch” requirements, obtain a list of elements to include per slide.
  • Generate suggestions on how to engage the audience to buy the product.
  • Get insights on which elements to avoid while performing the presentation.
  • Repurpose the presentation’s content to another format (article, social media, infographic, etc.)

So, our case study starts after logging into ChatGPT and giving detailed instructions: “Create an outline for a sales presentation about smartwatches.”

Outline generated for a sales presentation about smartwatches in ChatGPT

ChatGPT generated this presentation outline:

  • Brief overview of the topic
  • Purpose of the presentation
  • Importance of smartwatches in today’s world
  • Convenience
  • Health & fitness tracking
  • Communication and notifications
  • Mobile payments
  • Time management and productivity
  • Display and design
  • Operating systems
  • Battery life
  • Water resistance
  • Sensors and tracking capabilities
  • Showcase different models of smartwatches
  • Highlight the unique features of each model
  • Live demonstration of various functions and capabilities
  • Share experiences of existing customers
  • Highlight the impact of using a smartwatch in their daily lives
  • Summary of benefits and key features
  • Call to action
  • Q&A session

Interestingly enough, it’s time to cross-reference with what we, as presenters, intend to create out of the presentation.

Slide #1 – Introduction

As suggested, the ChatGPT introduction PPT will be handled through the first slide. Since the brand presenting this smartwatch is already established and has brand recognition, the purpose of the presentation shall be to track back to some key features of prior presentations. This implies if the brand has an iconic aesthetic used to start the presentation , that format should be preserved. 

Example of a smartwatch release presentation using our One-on-one Meeting PowerPoint Template

The point about the importance of smartwatches in today’s world is rather obvious given the kind of event; therefore, it will be replaced with some stats on how the brand has helped customers through the years to improve their lives thanks to these devices.

After the introduction is made, it should be immediately followed by an agenda slide .

Example of a smartwatch release presentation agenda slide using our One-on-one Meeting PowerPoint Template

Slide #2 – Benefits of smartwatches

Instead of generalizing the benefits of smartwatches, this second slide will directly speak about the features to be introduced in the to-be-released unit. It has to mention updates on health and fitness tracking functions (i.e., sleep pattern recognition, medication reminders, blood oxygen, wrist temperature, etc.), which new integrations it offers for mobile payments, productivity tracking apps, and how the notification system is updated. For convenience, we can directly mention a lighter watch specification (in terms of size and weight) or include those elements in the third slide.

Slide #3 – Key features of smartwatches

Now is the time to display your product in front of an audience. Some high-key photos taken by professionals should appear, as well as animations with a 360-degree view of the model. 

Next, we have to talk about the specs. Battery life, display size, and type, display resistance, waterproof/weather resistant capabilities. The new OS version is to be included in the unit, with the revisions listed from a prior version. To conclude, here is a list of the sensors paired with this smartwatch and their expected functionality.

Product demonstration

This point doesn’t have to be a slide. It can be a blank slide. A slide featuring the title “Product Demonstration” or a video. The purpose is to give room to the presenter to engage with the device, showing its functionality in real-time to the audience. Cameras should focus on the watch in detail as the presenter emulates daily life activities using the smartwatch.

Slide #5 – Customer testimonials

This can also be displayed in video format, with happy customers interacting with priorly-released units, to conclude with powerful graphics showing “the future” – a.k.a. the new model released.

Slide #6 – Closing

This is where you can become creative. A good point would be to feature an infographic comparing the functions and key specs between models (to highlight the reasons why users should upgrade). Call-to-actions are to be introduced here, using the element of excitement to create interest in buying the product.

What ChatGPT suggested

We ran the exercise of asking ChatGPT what would be content to list on these slides, and here is the output.

Outline of elements to include per slide in the case study presented using ChatGPT

Slide 1: Introduction

  • A captivating image related to smartwatches (which we added)
  • A brief overview of the topic
  • The purpose of the presentation
  • A statement about the importance of smartwatches in today’s world

Slide 2: Benefits of smartwatches

  • Benefits include convenience, health and fitness tracking, communication and notifications, mobile payments, and time management and productivity.
  • An image or graphic to illustrate each benefit.

Slide 3: Key features of smartwatches

  • A list of features includes display and design, operating systems, battery life, water resistance, sensors, and tracking capabilities.
  • An image or graphic to illustrate each feature.

Slide 4: Product demonstration

  • Images or graphics of different smartwatch models.
  • A brief description of each model, highlighting unique features.
  • A live demonstration of various functions and capabilities.

Slide 5: Customer testimonials

  • Quotes from existing customers about their experiences with smartwatches.
  • Images or graphics to accompany the quotes.
  • Highlight the impact of using a smartwatch in their daily lives.

Slide 6: Closing

  • A summary of the benefits and key features of smartwatches.
  • A call to action (such as encouraging the audience to purchase a smartwatch)
  • A space for questions and answers.

As we can see, ChatGPT’s approach isn’t far from what we accommodate the presentation to be. It is pretty generalist despite mentioning the case in first person during the user input, but that can be expected from AI deep learning models. Reiterative answers in some sections can also happen, although not as noticeable as other alternatives to ChatGPT, which we shall mention later.

Engaging the audience with ChatGPT

Points #1 and #2 of our case study are done, so we move to get suggestions from ChatGPT to engage the audience about buying the brand’s smartwatches.

Suggestions for hooks to engage the audience about buying smartwatches from ChatGPT

This AI tool presents us with six different hooks to engage our audience .

  • Pain point focus : We have to identify a common pain or problem many people face, then show how our smartwatch solves that problem. For example, it uses the case of difficulties experienced in time management and how a smartwatch can solve that problem.
  • Personalization : This hook focuses on how the smartwatch can be customized to fit each individual’s needs and preferences. We can mention changing the watch face, the app market, or using custom bands. 
  • Health and wellness : By highlighting the health and fitness tracking capabilities, you can show customers how to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  • Convenience : This hook points to using the smartwatch in daily activities such as making phone calls on the go, enabling mobile payments, or browsing notifications without needing to check your phone.
  • Emotional connection : Using customer testimonials, you can create personal stories demonstrating a smartwatch’s positive impact on someone’s life.
  • Highlighting unique features : This would be your competitive edge. Explain which features make your smartwatch stand out in the market.

Recommendations on presentation mistakes

An advantage of GPT language is the ability to develop accurate recommendations based on the context showcased. For our case study, we asked ChatGPT if there were any mistakes to avoid when giving this presentation about the release of a new smartwatch.

Mistakes to avoid when giving a smartwatch presentation generated by ChatGPT

In this case, ChatGPT presents us with seven mistakes that presenters commonly make on topics like this. We can put aside the lack of preparation, as no professional presenter would arrive at a product release presentation without proper practice and assets. 

The second mistake is related to bombarding your audience with technical details, which can end up boring the spectators. Instead, it offers the alternative of shifting focus to the product’s benefits and how it can help solve real-life problems.

Ignoring the competition as a mistake is questionable. You don’t see Apple speaking about Samsung smartwatches in their product releases, nor Sony talking about Nintendo or Xbox when presenting their newest PlayStation unit. That should go more from a preparation side when researching what the competition did to catch the audience’s attention.

Not showing the product! This suggestion surprised us. Honestly, how can you come up with a presentation about a product release and not even show a photo of the product itself?

Failing to answer questions can happen if the presentation stretches long enough to conclude the event, but it is not a common mistake in professional technology presentation events.

Poor visuals and slides, yes, we concede it is a common issue experienced by presenters, especially if they are overly populated with text.

Finally, it lists not practicing the presentation, which we also put aside as we did with the first mistake.

Overall, we ended up with 2 valid suggestions to look for out of the seven suggested. We can always retry the output, but when we tested that, the suggestions were pretty much similar.

Repurposing content with ChatGPT

So what if we intend to use the information in this presentation for another medium, for example, a blog post on the brand’s website ? We asked ChatGPT to give 10 title ideas for blog posts on smartwatches for a tech website.

  • “The Top 10 Features of the Latest Smartwatches”
  • “Why Smartwatches Are the Future of Personal Technology”
  • “How to Choose the Best Smartwatch for Your Lifestyle” – OK
  • “The Health Benefits of Owning a Smartwatch” – OK
  • “The Most Innovative Smartwatches of the Year”
  • “Smartwatches vs. Traditional Watches: Which is Right for You?”
  • “Maximizing Your Productivity with a Smartwatch” – OK
  • “How Smartwatches are Changing the Game for Fitness Tracking” – OK
  • “The Convenience of Mobile Payments with a Smartwatch” – OK
  • “The Impact of Smartwatches on the Wearable Technology Market”

Out of the ten titles suggested, half are a good fit for the content of our presentation, which, of course, requires additional research. 

Asking ChatGPT for extra recommendations

So far, the outputs generated by ChatGPT have been interesting from a content perspective. But let’s ask some more questions to test its true capabilities as AI content.

We start by asking, on that same thread, how long the presentation should be.

Output about presentation duration by ChatGPT

It gives a vague answer about sales presentations, recommending sticking it below the 30-minute mark. The section about “clear, concise, and engaging manner” is presented as a vice through this thread – we believe we counted about 7-8 times that same sentence repeated in the entire chat.

We move on to another question, this time asking ChatGPT which would be the best visual medium to present a smartwatch: a detailed infographic or a video.

Output about visual medium for presenting a smartwatch by ChatGPT

Again, we see the “clear, concise, and engaging manner” phrase in the second paragraph, which is somewhat rephrased in the final paragraph of this output. The suggestion retrieved is that infographics can help sales presentations highlight key features and benefits while also clarifying to the audience what your competitive advantage is. It recommends using videos as a bridge for emotional connection with the audience since they can demonstrate the product in action.

Finally, we wanted suggestions about the color scheme in the presentation slides to encourage customers to buy the product. Below is an image of the output generated.

Output about selecting colors for slides in a smartwatch presentation by ChatGPT

If you check our article about color theory , especially in the section about color psychology, the suggestions are okay. The question lies in a generalist output rather than explicitly suggesting a color palette for this.

Now it’s time to brief some tips to help presenters extract the potential of ChatGPT for presentations at its current state-of-the-art.

Avoid complex inputs

Asking a detailed question can make ChatGPT crash. You can question whether it is your mistake or just the server overloading. A good practice for this is checking ChatGPT’s homepage, and if the message shown below is displayed, there’s a server outage.

Server restriction by ChatGPT

This can be flagged as a partial outage triggered by requests going way higher than the system can handle. Those peaks in navigation are seen at certain hours, especially during the Pacific Time afternoon. A complete server outage can happen, and that’s notified through a different warning, saying the service will be up soon.

Don’t rely on the text generated by ChatGPT

Especially if your intent is to repurpose the presentation’s content for a blog post, be EXTRA cautious when using AI tools like ChatGPT. Google is flagging and penalizing websites that retort to AI content generation . This is explained by the necessity of providing users with the best quality content available for their search queries. Your website can endure a severe demotion in rankings triggered by ChatGPT content.

A good practice is to rephrase the content manually, meaning to actually read what ChatGPT generated and explain it in your own words. That way, ChatGPT becomes an idea generator rather than a content generator.

Take a look at repeated outputs

You can always regenerate the response if the output doesn’t satisfy your needs or rephrase the question to make it more specific. We tested the option of saying “do not include…” but it works randomly. 

Any AI tool for presentation is not intended to become an instant solution, and we cannot assume that we can entirely create a presentation with ChatGPT as the only resource. This process requires patience, skills to give the proper instruction (to avoid those repeated outputs), and a good deal of copywriting skills.

Outlines and title generation

ChatGPT is an amazingly effective tool for creating presentation outlines, helping a common writer’s block. Title generation is accurate, although it falls into the generalist category and can be easily flagged as AI content. We advise you to double-check titles, rephrase, or simply use the output for brainstorming.

Learning a new skill/definition

Say you have to deliver a presentation about a concept you don’t clearly understand – which, under some situations, can perfectly happen. ChatGPT can help you learn that concept to basic professional competence, and you can ask as many questions as desired to get a broader picture of the topic. Think about it as a personal, free coach. 

Of course, do not take the outputs as absolutely true, as some responses can be biased through the machine learning procedures applied. With dedication, you can train ChatGPT yourself and help the community get better responses.

Evaluate emotions

Yes, as cutting-edge as it sounds, the natural language processing features of ChatGPT and its machine learning algorithms help users evaluate their emotions in different datasets. How can this process be accomplished? Let’s go through a basic overview.

  • Data Collection : Feed ChatGPT with transcripts from speeches or customer reviews.
  • Model Review : ChatGPT uses machine learning algorithms such as Support Vector Machines (SVM) or Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) to develop the emotion recognition model.
  • Prediction : After the system processes the information, the output is sent using predictions that can be repurposed into new information.
  • Integration : With the new information generated, we can create graphs and charts to turn into visually-understandable data the emotion analysis generated.

This kind of feature is ideal for processing large chunks of data regarding customer reviews and finding common patterns of conflict (i.e., areas in which customer service can be improved).

Despite being the best-advertised option for GPT language tools, presenters should check other AI alternatives for content generation.

In our experience, Jasper one of the best content generator based on AI available in the market. We tested it in multiple scenarios, like generating metas, creating a presentation structure, generating step-by-step solutions, title ideas, and more.

Jasper’s Dashboard

We can work from pre-made templates or directly use the powerful Boss Mode, which is intended for long-format text generation, and it crawls the internet to search for valid answers.

Jasper’s Boss Mode in action

Our objections? Jasper can be reiterative with its answers, rephrasing or reusing the same sentences in the L length (which is the maximum) of text generation. Much like what happens with ChatGPT, some answers fall into the generalist side, meaning there’s room for improvement.

Frase is an AI tool for content generation to improve Google search ranks.

Frase AI content generation tool

We can appreciate considerable differences in keyword management for content generation (Jasper only allows 3 keywords), maybe due to this tool’s primary intent, which is web content.

Users can generate presentation structure, content briefs, large pieces of content, detailed analysis, and more, and customize where the AI engine is extracting the information from (if SERP, People Also Ask, Questions, Headers, Topics, etc.)

For presenters, Frase can be used to generate speeches or repurpose presentations into quality blog articles. 

Tome.app ppt is a new multimedia tool to generate AI-powered presentations by integrating ChatGPT, Dall-E, and other interesting features.

Tome’s UI for AI presentation generation

The free mode offered by Tome is pretty simple. You sign in and then are offered a set of pre-made templates to test. Or, you can hit the create button and create a presentation from scratch. 

You then write what the Tome presentation is about and click on create. Options for selecting which type of illustrations you want to add are listed, and if you intend to create a presentation, an outline, or a story.

Example of the Smartwatch product release presentation generated in Tome

It is an interesting take on presentation crafting. However, some users can feel it is restrictive due to using only Dall-E-generated images instead of uploading their photos. 

iA Presenter

Finally, we have iA Presenter, a tool still in the beta stage with a waitlist to access its features.

iA Presenter landing page

The proposal is truly interesting: you introduce text that can be extracted from multiple sources, and then you designate which are the headlines (using the # in front of the text). Slides are separate from each other by adding a – – – (triple dash) on the text. 

Images can be easily incorporated, and there are plenty of options to create visual cues, such as gradients, which are better audience magnets than common bullet points.

In this section, we wish to list some of the tools we have tested to speed up the content creation process from scratch. Yet when we consider the future of AI presentation as something vague, these tools have caused an uproar in terms of content development.

As the final AI image generation tool on this list, we should mention Midjourney , an AI tool that has raised controversies when winning an artist competition against real-life artists .

To access Midjourney, you have to apply to the official waiting list. After you are accepted, you’ll receive an invitation to their Discord server – a requirement to interact with the tool.

Like any Discord server, your interactions with the tool are public unless you create a private channel and invite the Midjourney bot to it. This would be our personal suggestion so you preserve the privacy of your projects. Midjourney works with credits in a subscription-based plan (basic tiers allow 200 images per month). The time to process each image depends on demand.

As we have seen with Jasper, DeepAI is a text-generator AI tool based on NLP (natural language processing). Its application is to create creative content as if written by humans, but we found its most powerful application in text translation.

If you used to struggle with making subtitles for your presentations, then take a look at DeepAI now.


We can all agree that video content production is expensive. Especially if we have to hire actors to do voiceovers or have them appear in video presentations. Synthesia.io takes video content creation a step further, allowing us to produce realistic videos with realistic AI avatars. These avatars are gender diverse, and they can fit multiple contexts, like doctors, corporate workers, athletes, common people, and even Santa Claus!

There is multiple language support available for Synthesia, with access to distinctive accents (like you want your avatar to talk in Mexican Spanish rather than Castillan). 50 customizable video templates are available for users, and you can also retrieve graphic assets from your computer or royalty-free services like Unsplash or Pexels.

This tool is subscription-based, but you can start with a free trial. For a text-to-video tool, the fee doesn’t sound that expensive, especially considering the outcome and what it would be to produce such reels with real-life actors. We want to highlight that, in some cases, avatars look a bit robotic (like not blinking when speaking), so test the different options available with enough time to craft the best quality video for your needs.

If you want to deliver presentations with realistic AI voiceovers, then you ought to test Murf AI. It is a text-to-audio AI generator, with a library of more than 100 professional voice actors in 20 different languages. Creating voiceovers in Google Slides presentations is an easier task now as you can export voice, voice + music, and even subtitles in formats like MP3, WAV, or FLAC. Exporting to video is another option, but we find tools like Synthesia to be more powerful for this purpose.

What is AI for presentation design?

AI for presentation design refers to the use of artificial intelligence tools and software to assist in creating, enhancing, or automating various aspects of presentations.

What are the limitations of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can’t be fully trusted for the accuracy of information, especially in matters of recent events or really specific subjects. It often messes up and the response isn’t accurate. Another thing is that it lacks essentially personal experience and feelings. That’s because it is a machine learning model that has been trained on a wide range of text from the internet but does not have the capability to access or retrieve information beyond what it has been trained for based on data up to its last update.

How does ChatGPT handle sensitive topics?

It is coded to avoid engaging in conversations about illegal activities, explicit content, and other sensitive topics. Still, some users have tested this to the limit by rephrasing the prompts to force ChatGPT to answer (for example, in piracy-related conversations). Users should also take into account that some answers may be politically or socially biased.

Can ChatGPT speak multiple languages?

ChatGPT is capable of understanding and generating text in multiple languages, though its proficiency varies depending on the language. Much like Google Translate, English is the base language and the answers are best delivered if asked in English.

Does ChatGPT Plus offer API access?

ChatGPT Plus itself does not offer API access, but OpenAI provides separate API services for businesses and developers.

How does ChatGPT handle user data?

ChatGPT follows OpenAI’s privacy policy, which includes measures to protect user data, but it’s important to avoid sharing sensitive personal information.

What happens if you reach the Usage Cap in ChatGPT-4?

The tool will trigger an error message saying you reached the limit and from which hour it will be available to use again. As a “solution,” it offers to switch to GPT-3.5 to deliver the answer.

Does ChatGPT learn from user interactions?

ChatGPT does not learn in real-time from individual user interactions; it learns from a wide range of data during its training phase.

Can an AI presentation maker help with slide layout and design?

Yes, AI can suggest slide layouts, font choices, color schemes, and design elements to create visually appealing slides. Still, remember that ChatGPT is a language model and not an AI presentation maker on its own.

Is AI capable of proofreading and editing presentation content?

Yes, AI for presentation can proofread and edit presentation content for grammar, spelling, and clarity to improve overall quality. We still recommend pairing it with proven quality tools like Grammarly for reassurance on grammar correction.

The current state-of-the-art for AI presentations is rather incipient. 2022 can be taken as the first year in which AI started to fill the conversation topics and proved itself to be a powerful variant of human-created content, although not a replacement.

We consider there’s room for improvement in ChatGPT for PowerPoint presentations and in all tools presented here, which naturally shall follow through usage. Regarding ChatGPT, the potential lies in idea generation, not copying/pasting extracted content. Think of ChatGPT as an extra tool in your arsenal to become a better presenter, not the panacea for presentation design.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

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how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt


Create PowerPoint Presentations with ChatGPT in a Click

In this article, we will explain how to use ChatGPT to create a PowerPoint presentation. Creating PowerPoint presentations can be time-consuming and quite boring. With ChatGPT, you can generate impactful content for your PPT with just a click of a button.

ChatGPT for PowerPoint

How to Use ChatGPT to Automate PowerPoint

With this ChatGPT plugin, integrating ChatGPT into PowerPoint and generating slides is very easy. To download the add-in, please click on the link below. This add-in is completely free and compatible with all versions of Office Desktop and Office 365.

For Windows OS   Download Add-in

For Mac OS   Download Add-in

Get OpenAI API Key

The ChatGPT Plugin for PowerPoint is free to use. However, there are charges for using the OpenAI API but they are very low and depend on how much you use it. No usage means no charges. Check OpenAI's site for pricing details.

Follow the steps below to generate an OpenAI API Key for the ChatGPT Add-in for PowerPoint.

  • Go to the OpenAI website at platform.openai.com .
  • Sign up for an account using your Google or Microsoft account.
  • Click on your profile icon in the top-right corner of the page and select View API Keys .
  • Click Create New Secret Key to generate a new API key.
  • Copy your API key and save it for future reference.

Your API key will look like this:


Steps to Install ChatGPT's PowerPoint Add-in

Microsoft prevents external add-in files from running and marks them as untrusted. To establish trust for such a file, you must follow the steps below:

  • Go to the folder where the downloaded add-in file is located.
  • Right-click on the file and select Properties from the menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the General Tab , find the security option, and check the Unblock checkbox. Finally, click Ok to apply the changes.

Refer the following steps to install ChatGPT add-in in MS PowerPoint.

  • Open PowerPoint and go to the File tab in the ribbon.
  • Choose Options and then select Add-ins from the menu on the left.
  • In the Manage drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen, pick PowerPoint Add-ins and click the Go button.
  • Click the Add New button and locate the downloaded add-in file.
  • Select the add-in file and click OK .
  • In the Add-Ins dialog box, ensure that the ChatGPT add-in is checked in the checkbox. Then click Cancel .
  • After following the above steps, you should see a new tab called ChatGPT in your PowerPoint presentation.

How to Use ChatGPT Add-in for PowerPoint

Follow the steps below to use ChatGPT plugin for MS PowerPoint.

  • Open a new or existing MS PowerPoint presentation
  • Click on ChatGPT Tab > PPT Maker
  • Enter the topic you want to discuss in your PowerPoint presentation with ChatGPT's help. For example, Scope of AI
  • Enter the number of slides you want ChatGPT to generate
  • Hit Submit Button
  • Enter your API Key . It asks for API key only once.
  • PowerPoint presentation will be created and appeared in a few seconds
  • Go to Design Tab and select theme to improve the layout and beautify your slides.

Using ChatGPT to Create PowerPoint Presentation

Data Privacy : OpenAI's data privacy policy clearly states that they do not use any user data submitted through their API to train their models.

How to Improve PowerPoint Presentations Generated by ChatGPT

Background : By default, the ChatGPT API doesn't recall past conversations. It considers each API request as a fresh chat so it doesn't remember your previous conversation when providing answers. To enable conversation history, you can click on " Chat " button in the plug-in. You can watch the demo video below to see it in action.

Step 1 : When you click on the "Chat" button for the first time, a presentation file is generated based on the topic you input.

Step 2 : Afterwards, you can click the "Chat" button again and provide instructions on how to improve the presentation file. Instructions can include adding more details or adding/removing specific slides.

Click on "Reset" button to clear prior conversation history and start a new chat.

How to Style PowerPoint Presentation

You have two options to style powerpoint presentation which is generated using ChatGPT add-in.

  • Custom Template: To style your own template/theme and set it in the add-in, click the checkbox labeled "Use my own theme". It accepts two file formats .potx and .thmx.
  • Office Themes: You can select inbuilt office themes by clicking the Design tab in the ribbon.

How to Fine Tune ChatGPT Output

In the API, there is a parameter called "temperature" which ranges from 0 to 2. If you want ChatGPT to generate creative content for presentation, you would set the temperature to a higher value (for example 1.2), whereas decreasing the value leads to a more focused output. You can adjust this parameter by clicking on the "Fine Tune Response" button in the ChatGPT tab on the ribbon.

How to Resolve Common Issues in Plugin

1. How to Update API Key: Solution: Click the " Update Key " button to specify the Model Type and API Key. This step is necessary when you have removed the current API key and generated a new one. You might also need to do this if you want to change the Model Type, such as switching from GPT-3.5 to GPT-4. After completing the update, you can view the updated API Key and Model Type by clicking on the " Check Key " button.

2. Error: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details . Solution: This error says that you need to upgrade to a paid account. It charges you based on your API usage (not monthly or annual plan). OpenAI calls it a ' pay as you go ' plan. Go to OpenAI's website . Log in, go to Billing , and sign up for Pay as you go with your debit or credit card. If it still doesn't work, it means that either you are making a large number of requests to ChatGPT or your current quota limit has been set too low.

Visit the links below to try the ChatGPT plugin for Excel and Word .

Deepanshu Bhalla

Deepanshu founded ListenData with a simple objective - Make analytics easy to understand and follow. He has over 10 years of experience in data science. During his tenure, he worked with global clients in various domains like Banking, Insurance, Private Equity, Telecom and HR.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

I have a run-time error "5" when creating a PPT. Any suggestions? Thank you.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Which operating system are you using? What's the version of MS PowerPoint? What's the topic you entered in the input box? Did it ever work for you?

Hi, I got the same issue. which version of powerpoint can support the add in? any requirement of the version? thanks Deepanshu

There is no such requirement. Which operating system and PowerPoint version you are using?

To fix this error, I created a separate add-in to make it work for macOS. I have updated the article accordingly.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

I've followed the steps closely and made sure to have fee options set up for both ChatGPT and Open AI. I am getting the Model GPT-4 does not exist. Is this due to a waiting list? If so, how will I know that I can access GPT-4 once I am added? Thanks so much for all you do - excellent site!

You'll be notified via email from OpenAI. I got the access to GPT-4 API last week only. I hope GPT-3.5 API is working for you.

Hmmmm... I wasnt able to download the GPT-3.5 plug-in. Is there a link out there? And thank you so much for the immediate reply. You sir... are awesome.

The addin shown in this article works for both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 API. Click on "Update API Key" button and selects GPT-3.5 from the drop down and enter your existing API Key.

ahhhhhh... you're so kind to a newbie. Again, another testimony to your value. Much appreciate your help.

Generate a new API Key. Also if you don't have a paid account set up, do it.

I am using Mac. When I try to add API key in the dialog box, it only adds the letter 'v'. The shortcut for Past in Mac is Command+V, so I think it is not recognising Command key. Please help.

This issue doesn't seem to related to the add-in. Try typing the API KEY manually if paste command doesn't work somehow

great content and super clear instructions. wondering if there is a way to connect the conversations with chatGPT to the ppt? the "chat" function seems to just be adding data but sure from where. also i have the gpt 4 plug in and wondering if it's able to generate images through ppt as well?

No. ChatGPT does not allow connecting its website to any external software directly. It can only be done via API.

ChatGPT will create an entire PowerPoint presentation for you — here's how

The future of AI is wild


Could you imagine not needing to lift a finger after commanding an AI to make an entire PowerPoint slide for you? Well, no need to daydream any longer. Microsoft's AI Future of Work kicked off today, and we're blown away by what the Redmond-based tech giant has in store regarding the future of Microsoft 365 .

As we've seen with the launch of Microsoft's AI-powered Bing, the company is moving full force ahead with rolling out ChatGPT -flavored services to the masses — and this AI event solidified Microsoft's AI-driven ambitions (h/t DigitalTrends ).

ChatGPT will facilitate PowerPoint and other Microsoft apps

Microsoft is poised to introduce Copilot to Microsoft 365 apps. Let's break down what this means. Firstly, as it stands now, many developers currently use GitHub Copilot, a tool from OpenAI — the mastermind company that launched ChatGPT — that utilizes the power of AI to help them write code. 

Microsoft plans to harness Copilot's smarts for Microsoft 365, including Word, Excel , PowerPoint, Teams, and more, allowing users to unleash a level of productivity that could never be done before.

As such, in the future, you can simply dictate your ideas to Copilot, and as a result, it can transform your simple prompts into an entire presentation. You can even use Copilot to help you consolidate lengthy slides onto a one-slide summary. The possibilities are endless!

ChatGPT PowerPoint

Check out the following use cases below to see how Copilot will power other Microsoft 365 apps.

  • Microsoft Word - Get rid of "writer's block" by using the integrated Copilot tool, which can create first drafts for you. You can even ask Copilot which tone you should use (e.g., professional or casual?) to strike the best note with your target audience.
  • Excel - Got a massive Excel sheet of data? Ask Copilot to give you a summary about the data in an easy-to-digest manner. It can even go as far as proposing "What if?" scenarios based on the data you feed it.
  • Outlook - Went on vacation for a week? Ask Copilot to give you a summary of all the emails you missed while you were out. Plus, you can also rely on Copilot to draft invites, replies, and more on your behalf.
  • Teams - With Copilot, you can create meeting agendas based on your Teams' chat history. If you missed a meeting, you can have Copilot summarize the points that were made.

Since Microsoft announced its investment in OpenAI in January, the AI firm suddenly made explosive moves that rattled the tech industry.

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Not too long ago, we wrote about GPT-4's launch and how it's better than the last iteration ChatGPT . Now, we're already hearing that a ChatGPT-esque engine will be powering Microsoft 365 apps in the future — all of this AI stuff is coming at us fast!

Kimberly Gedeon

Kimberly Gedeon, holding a Master's degree in International Journalism, launched her career as a journalist for MadameNoire's business beat in 2013. She loved translating stuffy stories about the economy, personal finance and investing into digestible, easy-to-understand, entertaining stories for young women of color. During her time on the business beat, she discovered her passion for tech as she dove into articles about tech entrepreneurship, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the latest tablets. After eight years of freelancing, dabbling in a myriad of beats, she's finally found a home at Laptop Mag that accepts her as the crypto-addicted, virtual reality-loving, investing-focused, tech-fascinated nerd she is. Woot!

I used Google Gemini in Gmail and it's not the AI revolution I hoped for ... yet

What are "agentive capabilities?" The buzzword at the heart of the future of Google Search

Microsoft tool warns of issue with your PC or laptop: It's not using Bing

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how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

December 18, 2023

100+ ChatGPT prompts to make presentations

100+ AI prompts to help you brainstorm, plan, create, practice, and revise your next presentation

Co-founder, CEO

Want to use ChatGPT to make your next PowerPoint presentation? Here are 100+ prompts to help you brainstorm, plan, create, practice, and revise your next presentation.

How can I use ChatGPT to help improve my presentations?

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

ChatGPT is the world's most popular AI tool, and customers use it for everything from meal planning and tutoring to creating business strategies and marketing plans.

Given its wide range of expertise and abilities, it is also an incredible tool for helping people make better presentations. It can help come up with presentation ideas, it can help coach you on improving your presentations, and it can even help you repurpose presentations into other types of content!

Although ChatGPT is a powerful tool, its primary interface is a text-based chat window, so one limitation to using ChatGPT to create presentations is you will likely only use ChatGPT to create a presentation outline and then another AI tool like Plus AI to generate the slides themselves.

How to write an effective AI prompt

To get the most out of your AI tools, you need to learn a little bit about how they work. AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard work by taking your inputs and using them to create a response based on large amounts of "training data" (basically all of the text on the internet).

In order to help match your inputs to the best "outputs," you can write prompts that guide the AI and help it understand your request. Here are some tips for how to do that:

  • Be clear and concise: Use simple language and avoid ambiguous requests.
  • Provide context: Give the AI background information on who/what/why is creating the content.
  • Specify the output format: If you want the AI to generate an outline, ask for an outline. If you want a slide title, bullet points, and speaker notes, ask for that specifically.
  • Use examples: If you want the AI to write in a specific style or output in a specific format, provide examples of what you mean.
  • Iterate and practice: If you don't get what you want on the first try, just try again, it's fast! The best way to continue getting better at prompting is to experiment and try lots of prompts.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

If you are using a tool like Plus AI that is specifically built to create presentations, here are some additional tips to help you generate great results. Make sure to always include:

  • The type of presentation (e.g., pitch deck, board deck, webinar, book report)
  • Presentation topic (as much detail as you can provide on the topic)
  • Audience (who is going to be reading the presentation)
  • Specific content (any specific slides or materials to make sure to include in the presentation)

As you continue to learn more about ChatGPT and other AI tools, you'll become better and better at writing AI prompts. Now, here are more examples and inspiration prompts to help you create amazing presentations!

Prompts to generate presentation ideas

  • Generate 5 potential topics relating to the impact of climate change on the economy for a group project
  • Create a list of presentation topics that cover the top 3-5 priorities for healthcare CIOs
  • Help me think of new marketing ideas for a car dealership to present to my boss. Focus on ideas that relate to reengaging with existing customers
  • Help me come up with a webinar content series about how to use AI for real estate agents
  • Generate a list of the 10 most interesting presentation topics for high school students who are interested in space travel
  • Create a table with a list of 10 presentation ideas for a PowerPoint night and score each one based on educational value and humor value
  • Make a list of end of summer presentation ideas for an intern at a wealth management firm
  • Create a list of presentation ideas I can make at an interview for a sales job at a car wash software company
  • Brainstorm a list of topics that would be interesting to high school students as real life examples of how to use calculus
  • Suggest 5 ideas for presentations about the 21st century capitalism
  • Make a list of 10 ideas for final presentations for my class on behavioral economics. Make sure each of the ideas could also include an interactive activity during the presentation
  • Ask me 10 questions about my interests and then use the results to pick a presentation topic for me for an upcoming PowerPoint Night about AI

Prompts to generate outlines

  • Create an outline for a presentation about the impact of climate change on island nations
  • Create an outline with slide titles and bullet points for each slide about how to make the best of a hospital stay
  • Generate an outline explaining how to implement a new social media strategy oriented around short form video at a car dealership
  • Create an outline for a webinar presentation about AI. For each slide, include a slide title, description, layout, and placeholder content
  • Make an outline for my PowerPoint Night presentation about energy crystals. Make sure each slide has a detailed description of the content and best layout
  • Generate an outline for a sales deck about point of sale software that I can create for an upcoming sales interview
  • Put together a very detailed outline (with descriptive slide titles, a summary of the slide contents, a detailed description of the layout of the slide, and the overall vibe of the presentation them) for a presentation about birth order studies in social psychology
  • Think like a world-class storyteller who is creating the outline for a TED Talk about why people are actually not spending a lot of time on their phones. Give me a very detailed description of the talk as well as minute markers to expect when to talk about different topics.
  • Make an outline for a presentation about number theory for a class of high school students who are interested in becoming college math majors
  • Help me create a presentation outline for a slide deck presenting a new marketing strategy for a direct to consumer contact lens business

Prompts to create an entire presentation

Where can I use these prompts to create a presentation? ChatGPT can give you outlines of presentation and example content, but if you want slides in PowerPoint or Google Slides format, try Plus AI .

See examples of AI-generated presentation in the Plus AI example presentations gallery.

  • Create a marketing strategy for Chloe's Coffee, an artisanal coffee shop selling fair-trade coffee in an aesthetic location. ( example output )
  • Create a case study on Spotify's entry into the podcast market and whether or not they could have better spend the capital on acquisitions on a different business line
  • Create a presentation about dinosaurs for a classroom of 5th graders. Include a slide on the differences between carnivores and herbivores with examples of different dinosaurs
  • Build a webinar presentation about how to set up a dog training business. Include a slide easy-to-follow steps to find your first client
  • Create a market research report on the car wash franchise market and whether there are opportunities to start a new franchise in the Seattle market
  • Create a presentation about Moby Dick for an AP English class. Include a slide about the key themes of the book and how they apply to today's cultural landscape
  • Create a presentation to support a TED Talk on happiness that highlights surprising and counterintuitive findings about happiness
  • Generate a pitch deck for a self-driving motorcycle company (try out the Plus AI pitch deck generator here )
  • Create a TikTok marketing strategy for Dan Dan Noodles, a quick-service noodle restaurant started by two cofounders named Dan and Dan ( example output )
  • Create the slides for an online course about best practices for personal cybersecurity
  • Create a presentation to plan out a Hawaii vacation with my friends. Include a day-by-day itinerary with photos of the destinations
  • Generate a presentation in Spanish about the growth of the Mexican economy

Prompts to create individual slides

  • Add a slide with the key characters from Great Expectations
  • Create a timeline about the Global Financial Crisis
  • Build a slide discussing the pros and cons of renewable and non-renewable energy sources
  • Create a slide with a SWOT analysis for a healthy juice shop
  • Create a slide with a diagram of the Krebs Cycle
  • Create an executive summary slide that summarizes this presentation [copy and paste presentation content]
  • Generate a slide summarizing this movie review [copy and paste content]
  • Add a slide highlighting the key features of Plus AI presentation maker
  • Create a two column slide comparing the Great Depression to the Great Recessions
  • Add an image slide that highlights a quote from Albert Einstein
  • Suggest 3 key points and supporting facts for a slide about the benefits of AI in healthcare

Prompts to help rewrite content

  • Make these text bullets more concise
  • Improve the readability of this slide
  • Rewrite this content by using a sports analogy to explain how credit card networks work
  • Propose 3 different options to reword this slide title to make it more engaging
  • Rewrite this slide to give it a professional tone
  • Rewrite this slide for a high school audience
  • Rewrite this content in the style of William Shakespeare
  • Simplify this content for a non-technical audience
  • Generate a catchy, rhyming title for this slide on the benefits of yoga and mindfulness
  • Add a call to action to the bottom of this text box
  • Rewrite this blog post as 3 concise bullets
  • Rephrase this conclusion to make it more memorable for readers
  • Improve the clarity of these bullet points
  • Translate this content into Spanish

Prompts to help with graphics

  • Help me come up with a Google search query for an image that would be a good background image for this slide: [copy and paste slide content]
  • Find an image that could be a good background image for this slide about how to take care of plants
  • Help me create 4 icons that I can use on this SWOT analysis slide
  • Help me pick the graphics for a timeline slide that highlights key points of Michael Jordan's carerr
  • Suggest 3 visuals that i could use in a presentation about the benefits of nuclear energy
  • Recommend search terms to find memes about working overtime on holidays
  • Give me 5 ideas on visuals and graphics that would illustrate the impact of climate change on island nations
  • Help me come up with design ideas for how to create a presentation about different types of diets
  • Suggest a series of 5-10 images and graphics I could use in a presentation to teach students about immunotherapy
  • Write a Google search query to find an image that would complement a slide about how to negotiate a high salary at work
  • Write mermaidjs to create a system diagram that describes the following system: [copy paste system description]

Prompts to improve presentation skills

  • Give me 3 strategies to help me manage stage fright before making a work presentation
  • Coach me on how to do better presentations if I typically can't avoid reading off the slides when I present to a room of people
  • Add speaker notes to this presentation outline
  • Ask me three questions that someone might have about this presentation
  • Give me 3 easy tips to practice my presentation
  • Help me write a script for this presentation
  • Give me 5 examples of how to present this slide without reading the content directly
  • Suggest 3 exercises that I can do to improve my presentation delivery
  • Give me 5 difficult questions that I might receive during my presentation on climate change. Suggest answers as well
  • Provide 3 ways I can improve my presentation skills during my next presentations
  • Help me make a list of 3 methods I can follow to slow down my speech during a presentation
  • I am going to run through my presentation five times. Help me come up with a different thing to practice each time I run through it
  • Give me 5 ways to exercise pacing during my presentation

Prompts for how to to start a presentation

  • Write an attention-grabbing opener to a presentation about gun control
  • Generate 3 options for interactive activities to start a training session on first aid at work
  • Give me a surprising fact about the history of airplanes that I can use to start a presentation on the evolution of air travel
  • Suggest 3 thought-provoking quotes about innovation to start a presentation on new AI technologies
  • Help me create 3 bold predictions that I can use to open a presentation on the future of AI in education
  • Give me a list of 10 icebreakers, so I can choose one to open a presentation that I use for new employee onboarding
  • Pick 2 quotes presenting the pros and cons about the growth of crypto to use at the start of a pitch deck for a crypto marketplace
  • Write a script for how I can start a presentation about ecommerce in Australia. Use Australian slang and an anecdote about how ecommerce is different in Australia than in other countries
  • Create a 5 question quiz about the audience's daily habits to start a presentation about the power of habit
  • Help me refine my story about getting my first job to make it more relatable to a group of Gen Z interns

Prompts for how to end a presentation

  • Summarize the key takeaways from this presentation [copy and paste presentation] and help me come up with a mnemonic I can tell the audience to remember these takeaways
  • End with a memorable quote or saying that relates to the key points of this presentation
  • Help me create a persuasive call to action for the audience to start their online business today after I finish my presentation on how to create an online course
  • Help me come up with an idea for a memorable meme to end my presentation on meditation and mindfulness
  • Come up with 5 potential questions that I can use at the end of my presentation to start the Q&A and discussion. Focus on open-ended questions that my be controversial
  • Help me come up with a funny way to thank the audience in a way that relates to my presentation about dinosaurs
  • Summarize the key content in my presentation and create a positive outlook on the future of AI
  • Give me an idea for an interactive activity that will reiterate the main points of this case study presentation
  • Write a script for me to challenge the audience to apply what they've learned in this presentation to their own lives and share their experiences
  • Help me come up with an ending to my presentation. I want to give the audience a "what if" scenario that encourages everyone to consider the impact of global warming in a non-cheesy, original way

Prompts to repurpose presentation content

  • Convert this presentation into a one-pager summary
  • Convert this presentation into a 300 word blog post
  • Use the content from this presentation into a set of 5 Tweets
  • Use the content from this presentation to generate ideas for 5 TikTok videos
  • Summarize this presentation into an email that I can share with my team
  • Help me turn this presentation into a set of talking points for my podcast
  • Use this presentation as the base material for a script for a YouTube video teaching this content to elementary school students
  • Repurpose the content from this slide and turn it into a LinkedIn post
  • Using this presentation outline, help me come up with 3 ideas for online courses
  • Turn this presentation into a three page essay
  • Write a ten question multiple choice quiz based on this presentation
  • Convert this presentation into the storyboard for a YouTube video

Want more inspiration?

Ready to get started on your next presentation? Prompts are great, but examples are even better! Here is a list of unique presentation ideas , here is a set of example presentations , and here is a set of (free) templates you can use to get a head-start on your next presentation.

Of course, the easiest way to get a first draft of your next presentation is to use Plus AI. Get the add-on today, and have your next presentation ready for you in less than minutes!

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

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Latest post.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

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how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

How to use ChatGPT to create PowerPoint presentations

Step-by-step guide to using AI tools to create presentations. Looking for ChatGPT for PowerPoint? Here's a guide to using AI in PowerPoint and Google Slides

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Five lessons for building AI apps

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how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

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how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

235+ Ideas for persuasive speech topics

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Microsoft Copilot: Everything you need to know

Here's everything you need to know before you start using the Copilot chatbot AI from Microsoft.

Copilot on Windows 11

  • Capabilities

Nowadays, "Copilot" seems to be the only word Microsoft knows how to say. You will hear this on every product, including Windows 11 , 10, Microsoft 365, Bing, and virtually every service. I remember when the company only knew how to say "developers, developers, developers."

But have you stopped to ask what Copilot actually is? Microsoft Copilot isn't just one thing. It's a suite of AI tools designed to help you in different ways, and here are the answers to your questions.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

By definition, Microsoft Copilot (or simply Copilot) is a chatbot that combines the power of OpenAI artificial intelligence and the Bing search engine using Prometheus technology to answer questions in a conversational human style using current information from the web. 

This is just an overview that describes the technology, but since Copilot is available in different products, it also means something different depending on the product.

Windows 11 Copilot panel

For example, Copilot for Windows 11 is technically your new digital assistant that replaces Cortana. The version of Copilot available on Windows 11 is the same as the one on the web. However, it has a deeper integration into the operating system since it can also perform advanced tasks, such as changing system settings.

Copilot is also available on Windows 10 , but this version only provides the same capabilities as the web version of the chatbot, and it's not possible to perform certain tasks, such as changing settings.

You also have the web version of Copilot and the Copilot on Bing. In this case, these two are the same chatbot. The only difference is that you would access the web version on Copilot.Microsoft.com , whereas the Bing version is available on Bing.com/Chat .

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Finally, there is Copilot for Microsoft Edge, the one for Microsoft 365 apps, and other variants of the chatbot for business applications .

Does Microsoft Copilot use GPT-4?

Technically, yes, Copilot uses the Prometheus model , which is based on GPT-4 from OpenAI, which Microsoft has tweaked for the general public. However, the company claims that Copilot uses GPT -4 and GPT -4 Turbo. Actually, the company has also said that it has replaced GPT-4, and now it uses  GPT-4 Turbo exclusively in the free tier .

Prometheus diagram

At the time of this writing, GPT-4 Turbo is the latest model from OpenAI with knowledge information up to April 2023. On the other hand, GPT-4 knows information up to September 2021. Usually, the more up-to-date the information, the better the chatbot is at answering questions.

Other improvements include a 128K context window, which runs more efficiently, so it costs less to operate. You can find out more on the  OpenAI models overview page .

Does Microsoft Copilot use ChatGPT?

No, Copilot doesn't use ChatGPT. However, to understand this response, it's important to note that ChatGPT is an application from OpenAI that connects to GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 to provide a chatbot AI experience. In the case of OpenAI, GPT-3.5 is available for free, while GPT-4 is a paid product.

OpenAI ChatGPT

This answer sometimes confuses people because of Microsoft's close relationship with OpenAI. However, the company's GPT and ChatGPT are different products.

Is Microsoft Copilot free to use?

Yes, Copilot is free to use. However, the company also offers a paid tier known as "Copilot Pro," which gives users several additional benefits. 

Copilot Pro pricing

The free version of Copilot gives you access to the chatbot AI using GPT-4 Turbo on any of the supported platforms, including Windows, macOS, IOS, and Android. You can also use text, image, and voice for conversational search, access to plugins, and 15 tokens every day to generate AI images with Designer. 

On the other hand, Copilot Pro costs $20 per month per user, and the subscription gives you priority access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo during peak hours. You can build custom Copilot GPTs (or chatbots) for different skills. The subscription gives you access to the chatbot AI from the Microsoft 365 apps, and you get 100 tokens every day to generate AI images with Designer. 

Is Microsoft Copilot included in Microsoft 365?

Copilot isn't part of the Microsoft 365 offering . It's a separate product. If you want to access Copilot on the Microsoft 365 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), you will need a Personal or Family subscription plus a Copilot Pro subscription.

In the case that you have the Family subscription, you will need a Copilot Pro subscription for each of the members of the group wanting to access the chatbot AI.

When was Microsoft Copilot released?

Microsoft launched Copilot on February 7, 2023, but at the time, it was known as "Bing Chat," and it was first only available on the web and through the Microsoft Edge browser.

Shortly after, the company shifted its marketing strategy and decided to use the "Copilot" branding , as the same name was already being used for other services that the company was building to offer the chatbot AI.

During the second half of 2023, Microsoft also launched the Copilot integration for Windows 11. Originally, the plan was to roll out the chatbot with the release of the "2023 Update," but then the company decided to push the new feature earlier through a cumulative update for devices running the "2022 Update."

Finally, Copilot also arrived as a cumulative update for Windows 10 devices at the end of 2023.

It's important to note that the chatbot AI is still available in preview and is slowly rolling out to compatible devices. 

What is the Microsoft Copilot available on Edge?

In addition to the version of Copilot in the desktop version of Windows, Microsoft also has a Copilot for Microsoft Edge . 

Microsoft Edge Copilot

In terms of capabilities, the chatbot available through the web browser is the same as the one you can access on the web or through the Taskbar (without the connection to change settings). However, the interface also includes the "Compose" tab, which includes tools to help you write content in different tones, formats, and lengths. 

The "Compose" tool is now also available as a "Writing assistance" feature that allows you to select some text and rewrite it using Copilot. (You can always turn off this feature with these instructions.)

What does Microsoft Copilot do?

Microsoft Copilot is an assistant that can take text or audio input using natural language to produce answers to any question on any topic. You can also have a normal conversation as you would with another human, meaning that it's context-aware, so you can continue asking questions without providing additional context.

Now, depending on where you're using the assistant, you will have access to different capabilities . For example, if you have Copilot Pro, you can use the assistant to create or modify content from a Word document, analyze data on Excel, and create a PowerPoint presentation with a single prompt.

You can also ask it to generate an AI image by providing a text prompt of what you want. The image creation capability is available virtually everywhere, including on the web, on Windows, Microsoft Edge , Microsoft 365 apps, and Paint app.

Copilot also includes plugins, which allow the chatbot to expand its capabilities by connecting with other services.

If you're on Windows 11, it's also possible to use the chatbot to change settings. However, this feature is still limited, and in most cases, the assistant won't actually change a specific setting for you. Instead, it will open the corresponding settings page so you can configure the feature manually.

It's important to note that while Copilot is meant to make your life easier, it will make mistakes, like any other large language model. As such, you should always review every answer and never take a response as fact or something final.

Does Microsoft Copilot collect my data?

Copilot collects prompts and responses to analyze and respond to them. These are saved as "Chat History," which you can view and delete at any time from your account. According to the company documentation, the history data is stored for 90 days from the last update to the conversation.

Copilot Chat History

Although the company provides different security protocols to safeguard your privacy, it's always wise to be cautious about what information you share with AI assistants.

More resources

For more helpful articles, coverage, and answers to common questions about Windows 10 and Windows 11, visit the following resources: 

  • Windows 11 on Windows Central — All you need to know
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how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

  • Generative AI Tools /

7 Best AI Tools for Presentations in 2024

Table of Contents

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7 Best AI Tools for Presentations in 2024-feature image

Summary: Struggling with creating presentations? Why not harness the power of artificial intelligence? Let’s discover the best AI tools for presentations that can generate captivating slides and take your PPT to the next level.

Presentations are a great way to share your views, information and ideas with employees, students, and even friends. However, it is no secret that making a presentation takes a lot of time and it’s definitely not easy to build a new one from scratch.

Fortunately, AI has changed the way people create engaging and professional presentations. With the help of AI tools for presentations, you can build a new one and create deck slides within minutes. But which tool should you pick, as there are multiple options out there.

In this blog, we will be sharing what an AI presentation tool is, how it works, and some of the best AI tools for presentations available right now.

What is an AI Presentation Tool and How Does it Work?

As the name suggests, AI presentation tools are software for creating ppt that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to build beautiful and engaging presentations.

They simply work by analyzing the content or main key points, identify trends and turn them into presentation slides and flow. This helps users to create a complete report / demonstration with the help of AI using the text, without doing it manually. We will also explore some of the best AI tools for presentations in this blog.

What to Look for in AI Presentation Tools?

When you are on the hunt for the best AI presentation generator, you will be looking for tools that have a user-friendly interface, fit your budget, and have good reviews and ratings. Below are some of the points to consider when looking for an AI to create PowerPoint presentation:

  • Ease of Use

If you are looking to make PPT using AI, then you must consider a software option that is easy to handle and use. After all, you don’t like wasting hours of your time just to understand how that tool works. So, make sure to consider the ease of use before selecting any software.

  • Integration

People from the education and business industry know that the most used software for PPT is Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. What if the software you considered doesn’t integrate with your favorite presentation tool? That’s why check if the AI tools for presentations integrate with your preferred presentation maker before buying it.

  • Collaboration

A seamless collaboration can become a really handy feature especially if you are working on a project with a team. So, consider whether the AI presentation tool supports eollaboration features or not. Moreover, look for other options like real-time editing, version control, commenting etc. This will streamline the collaboration and enhance teamwork.

  • Customization

A good AI slides generator for PPT should allow you to personalize your presentations according to your brand guidelines, preferences, and the specific needs of your audience. Look for options to customize templates, fonts, colors, and layouts.

  • Tutorials and Support

Check if the AI presentation tool provides adequate tutorials and support resources. A strong support system with documentation, video tutorials, and responsive customer support can be crucial to learn the ins and outs of the tool. Further, it will help you to troubleshoot issues you might face while using the tool.

List of 7 Top AI Tools for Presentation in 2024: With Free Trial

Beautiful AI

Presentations AI

I have researched multiple AI presentation tools and made a list of the best options for you. Below are some of the best AI tools for presentations.


With Beautiful AI ‘s user-friendly interface, the platform offers intelligent design suggestions for presentation and simplifies the creation process. Users concentrate on content as Beautiful.ai handles all the aesthetics.

It provides customizable templates, intelligent charts for data representation, and analytics to gauge audience engagement with each slide.

Features of Beautiful AI (AI PowerPoint Presentation Creator)

  • Customizable templates
  • AI image and narration generator
  • Summarize and expand your text
  • Easy integration

Pricing: Beautiful.ai offers 3 types of paid plans- Pro. Team and Enterprise.

  • Pro: Starts at $12/month
  • Team: Starts at $50/month
  • Enterprise: Available on request

Pros and Cons of Beautiful AI

  • Create presentation with a single click
  • Generate contents using AI
  • Multiple templates for various industries
  • Custom template is not available in Pro plan


Designs.ai is an advanced AI presentation maker that can create visually striking presentations easily. This all-in-one platform offers powerful features, including AI writing aid, a logo maker, a video presentation creator, and even natural-sounding AI voiceovers.

This toolkit serves as your go-to resource for designing compelling and impactful content. It is one of the best AI to make PowerPoint presentations.

Features of Designs.ai

  • AI design element handling
  • Built-in content enhancement
  • Speechmaker for voiceovers

Pricing: Designs.ai offers 3 types of plans these are:

  • Basic: Starts at $29/month
  • Pro: Starts at $69/month
  • Enterprise: Starts at $199/month

Pros and Cons of Designs AI

  • Create logos, designs and more using Designs.ai
  • The AI voiceover sounds natural and real
  • Create appealing presentation in simple clicks
  • You have limitation on using premium images for each month
  • Seems a bit costly compared to its peers

Gamma ai presentation tool

Gamma AI is a cutting-edge presentation tool tailored for businesses, educators, and professionals. It is an efficient and innovative solution to streamline the presentation process.

This makes it the ideal choice for those seeking cutting-edge presentation tools with useful features. If you want to create an AI generated presentation, this tool is definitely worth considering.

Features of Gamma

  • Single click presentation maker
  • Send or present a live webpage within your presentation
  • Add Gifs, Images, links and charts to your slides
  • In-built analytics option

Pricing: Gamma offers a credit-based pricing model. The plans are:

  • Free: Total 400 credits
  • Plus: Starts at $10/month/user with 400 credits monthly
  • Pro: Starts at $20/user/month with unlimited credits

Pros and Cons of Gamma

  • Export files in multiple formats like PDF, PPT, etc.
  • Access to the change history
  • Easily create a presentation, document or even a webpage
  • Free version has a Gamma branding


Kroma.ai is one of the best AI tools for presentations and is great for making pitch decks if you’re a startup looking for money. It helps you create a convincing presentation quickly.

You can organize your info with charts and graphs, and there are lots of cool images and videos to use. You can even put your logo and customize the slides according to your brand to make them look more professional.

Features of Kroma AI

  • Robust data visualization tools
  • High-resolution media library
  • Offline editing
  • Seamless team collaboration

Pricing: Kroma AI offer three types of plans, and these are:

  • Explorer: Free plan
  • Premium: Starts at $49.99/month/user
  • Enterprise: Starts at $1699/month/5 users

Pros and Cons of Kroma AI

  • Offers prebuilt visuals for your presentations
  • New template addition on a regular basis
  • Offline access
  • With its free plan, you can only download one presentation
  • Premium support is available with enterprise plan only

Presentations AI

Presentations.AI is like a ChatGPT for PPT that makes slides and decks instantly. It has a smart design feature that makes your slides look great and consistent.

You can use different templates and easily customize them. Plus, it has other features like voiceover, automatic slides, and collaboration tools for working together on your presentation.

Features of Presentation AI (Top AI Tools for Presentations)

  • Premium templates for nearly every industry
  • Offers marketing campaign planning
  • Type a prompt and make presentations with a single click
  • Seamless collaboration for remote workers and team members

Pricing: The pricing plans for Presentation AI are as follows:

  • Starter: Free to use plan
  • Pro: Starts at $396/year/10 users

Pros and Cons of Presentation AI

  • Custom fonts and colors for your branding
  • Easy sharing option
  • Vast selection of templates
  • Limited credits in free version


Simplified is a text to presentation maker AI. It is one of the easiest tools to make presentations, you have to simply visit its website, select “Create AI Presentation” and explain your topics and ideas, and that’s it.

Simplified will automatically create a beautiful and engaging PPT in seconds. You can use that presentation as it is or modify it according to your requirements.

Features of Simplified

  • AI design assistant for easy ppt creation
  • AI writer, image generator, resizer
  • Prebuilt templates
  • Collaboration options for teamwork

Pricing: Simplified offers three types of plans with a 14-day free trial. These are:

  • Free: Free Forever
  • Pro: Starts at $9/month/user
  • Business: Starts at $15/month/5 seats

Pros and Cons of Simplified

  • Wide range of AI-based tools
  • Rich media library for images, designs, etc.
  • Multiple export formats like JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc.
  • Its animation feature is basic
  • Limited data visualization options


Another AI presentation tool on our list is Slidebean , as it is a perfect choice for creating pitch decks. They even have a special “Arrange with AI” feature that gives you different design options.

Whether you’re pitching your idea or trying to sell something, Slidebean makes it easy and increases your chances of success at each stage of your business.

Features of Slidebean

  • Automated content and design feature
  • Analytics feature to track activities
  • Seamless collaboration

Pricing: Slidebean offers two types of plans, these are:

  • Slidebean All-Access: Starts at $149/year
  • Slidebean Incorporation: Starts at $649/year

Pros and Cons of Slidebean

  • All in one pitch deck software
  • Investor tracker option
  • Built-in startup lessons and instructions
  • A bit costly compared to its alternatives
  • No free trial

Best AI Tools for Presentations: Price Chart

In the end, the best AI to make presentations offers a diverse range of options for various needs. For example, Beautiful AI stands out for its intuitive design suggestions, while Design AI excels with its comprehensive content creation features. On the other hand, Presentation AI provides an instant, ChatGPT-like solution.

The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences, requirements, and budget considerations. Based on our research and user reviews, these tools can elevate your presentations and leave a lasting impression.

FAQs Related to AI Presentation Tool

Is there any ai for powerpoint.

Yes, softwares like Presentation AI, Design AI, etc. are some of the popular AI for PowerPoint.

Which AI is best for presentation?

The best AI for presentation depends on individual preferences and needs. Tools like Beautiful AI, Presentation AI, and Slidebean are popular choices when it comes to the AI that makes presentations.

Can I make PPT using AI?

Yes, you can easily create PPT using AI. AI presentation tools like Simplified, Beautiful AI, Kroma AI and more allow users to create PowerPoint presentations quickly and efficiently.

How do I create a presentation in ChatGPT?

ChatGPT itself is not a presentation tool, but you can use it to generate a PPT outline. Simply visit the ChatGPT dashboard, enter your prompt or the PPT idea, and it will come out with a proper PPT outline.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

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how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Creating PowerPoint presentations is essential for sharing ideas and results in business. Creating these presentations can be challenging and time-consuming (especially if integrating Excel data is needed). It involves researching, organizing information, and deciding how to present key points clearly. Designing presentation slides that are visually appealing and adding graphs, charts and tables can further complicate the process. Wouldn’t it be nice to create PowerPoints from Excel with just a few clicks? 👀

It’s very common for consultants, marketing managers or other people to create PowerPoints from Excel data. This can include data like statistics, research findings, or forecasts in your presentations, which might be stored in Excel files. Manually transferring this XLS data to create graphs and charts is a lot of work. Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help simplify this task. AI tools can automatically turn Excel (XLS) data into PowerPoint slides. This is especially useful for consultants and professionals in various fields who need to present complex data efficiently.

There are two types of tools that allow you to create PowerPoint presentations from Excel automatically:

  • Tools that directly generate completed PowerPoint presentations.
  • Tools that create presentation content that you then need to copy manually.

In this blog post, we’ll cover how to create PowerPoint from Excel using both types of tools (both powered by AI). As a test example, we will use an Excel file containing data on changes in the US population by state from 1910 to 2020.

Note: The file was downloaded from the US Department of Commerce: https://www2.census.gov/programs-surveys/decennial/2020/data/apportionment/population-change-data-table.xlsx

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

We’ll explore tools like SlideSpeak, Microsoft Copilot, Beautiful.ai, and ChatGPT and provide a comprehensive guide on leveraging their functionalities to create impactful presentations. Additionally, we’ll list the pros and cons of each tool so that you can make informed decisions based on your specific needs and preferences.

Method 1: Generating PPT from XLSX using SlideSpeak

Website: https://slidespeak.co

SlideSpeak is a powerful AI tool that allows you to automatically convert PDF, Word, and XLSX files into ready-made beautiful presentations in minutes.

To generate a presentation from an Excel (XLS) file using SlideSpeak, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Select the Excel file: select the file based on which you want to create a presentation.
  • Upload the file: upload the file to SlideSpeak.
  • Preview data: preview the uploaded data in SlideSpeak. You can also ask it questions about the uploaded data.
  • Create a presentation: select the necessary parameters and start the process of creating the presentation.
  • Review the table of contents: review the presentation’s table of contents that SlideSpeak suggests.
  • Select a template: choose a presentation template.
  • Review the presentation: review and download the finished presentation. 

Step 1: Select the Excel file 

Open SlideSpeak . Drag the Excel file from which you want to create a presentation into the box in the center of the screen, or upload this file using the Click to upload button.

Step 2: Upload a file

To upload a file, click the Upload button under the file name and wait a little.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Step 3: Preview data

After loading the data, it will be displayed on the screen. You can now also ask SlideSpeak questions about the uploaded data.

To start the process of creating a presentation, click the Create Presentation button in the upper right corner.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Step 4: Create a presentation 

After starting the presentation generation process for your Excel file, SlideSpeak asks you to configure some presentation parameters. You can choose the desired number of slides, presentation language, and tone. In addition, you can add stock images to the presentation.

If you use the premium version of SlideSpeak, you can also use the brand logo, color, and fonts.

After setting all the presentation’s parameters, click the Next button at the bottom of the page and wait a few minutes for the presentation to be generated.

Step 5: Review the table of contents

Based on the data from the Excel file, SlideSpeak creates content for the presentation. Review it, and if you are satisfied with it, click the Next button to proceed to the next step of generating the presentation.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Step 6: Select a template

At this step, you will be prompted to choose a presentation template. Select one of the default templates or upload your own and click the Generate button. The presentation will be ready in a few minutes.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Step 7: Review the presentation

You can now review the finished presentation. Users with a paid subscription can also regenerate the presentation and download it as a PDF or PowerPoint file.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Pros and cons

  • The ability to upload an Excel file to SlideSpeak without the need for manual copying and pasting;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Automated and quick presentation generation process;
  • Ability to customize the presentation according to the user’s needs and preferences;
  • Ability to choose the presentation language;
  • Additional features are available for users with a paid subscription.
  • Limited customization options;
  • There is no possibility to edit the finished presentation;
  • Unlimited use requires a paid subscription.

SlideSpeak is a convenient and fast tool that allows you to automatically create PowerPoint from Excel. However, if you prefer to set up the presentation manually, you may miss some functionality. Therefore, before choosing a tool for creating presentations, it is important to define your needs and analyze the tool’s capabilities.

Method 2: Create PowerPoint from Excel using MS Copilot

Website: https://copilot.microsoft.com/

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered tool that integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint. Using advanced natural language processing techniques, it can summarize documents, generate content, and answer questions about content.

Copilot uses advanced AI to let you quickly create presentations based on the provided Excel data. Given that AI is not 100% accurate, you may need to manually edit the presentation after it is automatically generated. However, Copilot can do most of the hard work and significantly speed up the process to create a presentation. It is important to note that you need a paid subscription to use Copilot in PowerPoint.

Here is a brief overview of how to create PowerPoint from Excel using MS Copilot.

  • Open Microsoft Copilot in PowerPoint: create a presentation and open the Copilot toolbar.
  • Insert data into Copilot in PowerPoint: copy the data from your Excel file and insert it into Copilot.
  • Review the presentation: generate and, if necessary, edit the presentation.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Copilot in PowerPoint

Create a new presentation in PowerPoint and click the Copilot button on the right side of the toolbar. A Copilot panel will then appear on the right. The Copilot button is only available to users with a paid Copilot subscription.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Step 2: Insert data into Copilot in PowerPoint

Unfortunately, Copilot does not allow you to upload an Excel file. Therefore, you need to copy the data from your Excel file and paste it into the Copilot chat to generate a presentation. Write the following command in Copilot: “Create a presentation using the following data” and paste the data copied from Excel. However, in Copilot at the moment, the maximum length of a request is 2000 characters. Therefore, when you try to insert data from a large Excel sheet, excess data is cut off and not considered during presentation generation.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Step 3: Review the presentation

Wait a few minutes, and the presentation will be generated and displayed on the screen. You can edit the finished presentation, change the design and text, add slides, and more.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

In our experience the results based on copy pasted data from Excel were very poor in quality. So we decide to use Excel Copilot to see if it can create us some nice charts from our Excel file that we can then copy over into our PowerPoint presentation.

Step 4: Generate charts using Copilot in Excel

As you can see from the slides, Copilot in PowerPoint creates text analysis of the data and inserts images associated with the data into the presentation. However, if you want to automatically generate charts based on Excel data, you can do this using Copilot in Excel.

Open Copilot in Excel by clicking the Copilot button on the right of the toolbar.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Select a table with data and write the following request in the Copilot chat: “Create a chart that shows the dynamics of population change in different states”. Wait for the chart to be generated. Then click the “ Add to a new sheet ” or “Insert PivotChart” button to insert the chart into a new Excel sheet.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

After the chart opens in a new Excel sheet, you can edit it by adding new columns. Once the chart is ready, copy it into your PowerPoint presentation.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Pros and Cons

  • Increasing the efficiency and productivity of creating presentations;
  • Smart suggestions for slide layout based on analysis of its content;
  • The ability to automatically generate charts;
  • Wide possibilities for customization of the finished presentation.
  • A paid subscription is required;
  • Security and privacy risks of providing data access to an AI cloud service;
  • The maximum length of the request is 2000 characters;
  • The presentation may contain incorrect data as AI is not 100% accurate.

Copilot can fast and easily create PowerPoint from Excel. It also provides intelligent advice on the presentation’s content and design. However, users may still miss advanced features like the possibility of uploading Excel files. Additionally, a paid subscription is required even to use the limited features of Copilot.

Method 3: Create Presentation from Excel using Beautiful.ai

Website: https://www.beautiful.ai/

Beautiful.ai is cloud-based AI-powered presentation generation software. It provides customers with many professionally designed templates, layouts, and design elements that can be customized to match customers’ content and brand. Beautiful.ai simplifies and speeds up the process of creating visually attractive presentations. It saves users time and effort with design assistance and intuitive AI-driven tools.

Beautiful.ai is a paid tool, so you need to create an account and subscribe before you can get started. You can use a 14-day trial version for the preliminary study.

Below is a quick overview of the steps needed to create PowerPoint from Excel using Beautiful.ai.

  • Open Beautiful.ai: go to Beautiful.ai and create a new presentation.
  • Load data: load data from an Excel file into Beautiful.ai.
  • Generate a presentation: check the uploaded data and initiate the process of creating the presentation.
  • Review presentation: review and, if necessary, edit the finished presentation.

Step 1: Open Beautiful.ai

Open Beautiful.ai and ensure you are logged in to your account and have a subscription. After that, on the left side of the page, click Create Presentation -> Generate with AI .

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Step 2: Load data

At this step, you need to enter the presentation topic and upload data from Excel. Enter your presentation topic in the text box at the top of the page. After that, click on the Train AI with Additional Context button and select the data input method. Beautiful.ai does not provide the function of uploading Excel files, so in the drop-down list, select the Text option.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Step 3: Generate a presentation

Copy the data from your Excel and paste it into the text box that appears on the page. After that, click the Generate Presentation button.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Step 4: Review presentation

You can review and edit the created presentation. The presentation editor provides functions for changing colors, fonts, images, and layouts. You can completely change the content of the slides and add new ones. 

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

You can export the final presentation as PowerPoint and PDF files or Google Slides. 

  • Simple and intuitive user interface;
  • Visually attractive design;
  • Integration with Google Slides, PowerPoint, and PDF;
  • Ability to collaborate with team members in real-time and securely share presentations.
  • It is not possible to import Excel files;
  • A paid subscription is required to access Beautiful.ai features;
  • Limited customization options compared to creating presentations manually. Users may find it difficult to create a custom design or include certain branding elements.
  • There are possible errors, as the AI is not 100% precise.

Overall, Beautiful.ai allows customers to create visually attractive presentations, saving time and effort. However, it is worth analyzing all its pros and cons to determine whether it meets your needs.

Method 4: Create presentation content using ChatGPT

Website: https://chat.openai.com/

ChatGPT is an AI tool that can perform natural language processing and generate text based on input data. It can answer questions, create summaries, perform translation, and generate text that looks natural and fits the context.

It is important to note that ChatGPT does not currently provide the ability to create PowerPoint from Excel. However, you can use it to greatly simplify and speed up the process of creating a presentation. You can do this in two ways:

  • Generate titles and slide content with ChatGPT that you can copy and paste into your presentation.
  • Generate VBA code that you can use to create your presentation in PowerPoint.

To generate presentation content from Excel using ChatGPT, perform the following steps:

  • Ask to create a table of contents for the presentation.
  • Generate slides’ content.
  • Review the proposed content.
  • Copy the finished content in PowerPoint.

Step 1: Ask to create a table of contents for the presentation

Write the following request in the ChatGPT chat: “Please suggest a table of contents for 8 slides for a presentation for this data: ” and paste the data from your Excel file. With the paid version, you can directly upload XLS files in ChatGPT and let it generate stuff for presentations.

Review the proposed presentation structure and ask clarifying questions or request revisions.

how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

Step 2: Generate slides’ content

Ask ChatGPT to generate a few key phrases for each slide. For example, write in the following request: “Please provide 3–5 bullet points about Population Trends in the United States.”

Step 3: Review the proposed content

Review suggested content for each slide. Ask for content to be corrected or clarified as needed. You can also adjust the content manually.

Step 4: Copy the finished content in PowerPoint

Create a presentation in PowerPoint. Copy the title and content to each slide separately. Customize the design and add images and your brand logo to suit your needs.

  • On-demand generation of presentation content;
  • Ability to send an unlimited number of requests for free;
  • The possibility of improving the content of the presentation.
  • It is not possible to generate a ready-made presentation;
  • Unable to generate graphic content;
  • You need to do many settings manually;
  • To upload an Excel file, you need the paid version.

Using ChatGPT to create presentations can be helpful for efficiently generating ideas and content. However, you may also need to make manual edits and manually transfer content generated by ChatGPT to PowerPoint.

Therefore, AI-based tools, such as SlideSpeak, Microsoft Copilot, Beautiful.ai, and ChatGPT, provide powerful solutions for converting Excel files into PowerPoint presentations. These instruments allow you to create beautiful presentations, significantly saving time and effort.

However, before choosing the best tool for you, it is impotant to clearly define your needs and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each instrument. You can utilize the trial version to try the functions of each tool and make an informed decision based on your individual needs.

Is it possible to convert Excel to PPT (with AI)?

Yes. There are free and paid AI tools that can upload data from Excel file, automatically analyze it, and create ready-made, visually attractive presentations customized to the content. Examples of such tools are SlideSpeak, Microsoft Copilot, and Beautiful.ai.

How to automatically create PowerPoint from Excel?

AI-based platforms like SlideSpeak, Microsoft Copilot, Beautiful.ai, and others allow you to create PowerPoint from Excel automatically. The step-by-step process of creating a presentation depends on the platform you choose. However, in general, to generate a presentation from an Excel file, you need to do the following:

  • Select and upload an Excel file.
  • Generation presentation.
  • Review and adjust the finished presentation according to your requirements.

How to create PPT using ChatGPT?

ChatGPT cannot directly generate a PPT file. However, you can use it to generate the title and content of the slides and get advice on the visual design of your presentation. To do this, enter the appropriate requests in the ChatGPT chat and provide the data you need to generate a presentation. If you want a full AI solution to generate presentations with AI you can use SlideSpeak or design friendly tools like Canva.

Why don’t I have Copilot in PowerPoint?

For the Copilot button to appear in PowerPoint, you must have a paid Copilot subscription. Create a subscription and refresh PowerPoint. Then, the Copilot button should appear. You can find more info on this here: https://copilot.cloud.microsoft/en-us/copilot-powerpoint .

How can I create a PowerPoint with Copilot from an Excel file?

To create a PowerPoint presentation from an Excel file using Microsoft Copilot, make sure your Excel data is well-organized with clear column headings. Open Excel and then use Copilot to generate charts and graphs for your data. Afterwards copy the charts into PowerPoint. Microsoft Copilot in PowerPoint will then help you to figure out a suitable design for your slides. You have to use PowerPoint Copilot and Excel Copilot in combination to get good results.

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AI generate presentations and summaries.

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how to make powerpoint presentation using chatgpt

How to use ChatGPT (and how to access GPT-4o)

O penAI unleashed an  artificial intelligence  (AI) revolution when the company launched  ChatGPT  for public use in late 2022. Since then, ChatGPT -- a chatbot powered by OpenAI's large language models (LLMs) -- has dominated headlines and preoccupied the minds of executives running  Twitter ,  Google ,  Amazon , Microsoft , and  Meta , inspiring them to create their own generative AI projects.

The maker of the most popular AI chatbot recently announced a slew of new features coming to free ChatGPT users, most of which were previously accessible only with a Plus subscription , which costs $20 a month. The update will enable free users to use the  GPT Store  to access  custom GPT bots ; have a sense of continuity in their conversations with  Memory ; upload photos and documents to discuss them with ChatGPT; browse to give more current context; use the advanced data analysis feature; and gain access GPT-4o, OpenAI's newest and most advanced LLM.

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This update is rolling out gradually to free, Plus, and Team users right now, with ChatGPT Enterprise users coming soon. Because this gradual rollout will take weeks, not all ChatGPT users, free and paid, may see access to these features just yet. We'll cover how you can use ChatGPT and how to use the new features.

How to use ChatGPT

Zdnet's chatgpt guides.

ChatGPT users have come up with creative ideas for using the chatbot, from  asking questions in search of funny answers  to  correcting a bug in code . Across all these areas, one thing is abundantly clear: this AI tool is remarkable not due to any particular innovations  but rather because it's accessible and easy to use. 

Here are some of ZDNET's guides on different ways to use ChatGPT:

How to use ChatGPT for coding

  • How to use ChatGPT to write code
  • How ChatGPT can rewrite and improve your existing code  
  • How to use ChatGPT to create an app
  • How I used ChatGPT to write a custom JavaScript bookmarklet
  • I used ChatGPT to write the same routine in 12 top programming languages. Here's how it did
  • OK, so ChatGPT just debugged my code. For real
  • I'm using ChatGPT to help me fix code faster, but at what cost?
  • I asked ChatGPT to write a WordPress plugin I needed. It did it in less than 5 minutes    

How to use ChatGPT for work

  • How to use ChatGPT to make charts and tables
  • How to use ChatGPT to write Excel formulas
  • ChatGPT Plus can mine your corporate data for powerful insights. Here's how
  • How to use ChatGPT to build your resume
  • How to use ChatGPT to write a cover letter (and why you should)
  • How I used ChatGPT and AI art tools to launch my Etsy business fast

How to use ChatGPT for school

  • Need an AI essay writer? Here's how ChatGPT (and other chatbots) can help
  • How to use ChatGPT to do research for papers, presentations, studies, and more
  • How to make ChatGPT provide sources and citations
  • How to save a ChatGPT conversation to revisit later
  • How to use ChatGPT to summarize a book, article, or research paper
  • How your kids can use ChatGPT safely, according to a mom

Useful ChatGPT tips

  • Here's how to create your own custom chatbots using ChatGPT
  • How to use ChatGPT Plus
  • You can have voice chats with ChatGPT now. Here's how
  • ChatGPT now lets you create and share links to your chatbot conversations
  • How to write better ChatGPT prompts for the best generative AI results
  • How (and why) to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus
  • Can AI detectors save us from ChatGPT? I tried 5 online tools to find out
  • How to use ChatGPT to plan a vacation
  • 6 helpful ways to use ChatGPT's Custom Instructions
  • Six skills you need to become an AI prompt engineer
  • 7 advanced ChatGPT prompt-writing tips you need to know
  • How to block OpenAI's new AI-training web crawler from ingesting your data
  • How to use ChatGPT as a Siri shortcut on your iPhone or iPad

How can I use GPT-4o?

GPT-4o is gradually rolling out to all ChatGPT users, free and paid. Once your account has access to GPT-4o, you can use it by clicking on the model selector at the top of the chat window and then selecting GPT-4o from the dropdown menu that appears. 

What's the difference between free and paid ChatGPT?

There are two big differences between using the free ChatGPT tier and using a Plus subscription: First, paid users will have up to five times the limit of free users. Two, subscribers can use GPT-4 when their GPT-4o limit runs out, while free users can use only GPT-3.5 when their quota runs out.

Aside from that, ChatGPT Plus subscribers have priority access to new features from OpenAI, including the upcoming Voice Mode over the coming weeks. 

What are some good prompts for ChatGPT?

ChatGPT's responses to prompts are good enough that the technology can be an essential tool for content generation, from  writing essays  to  summarizing a book .

The  better the prompt , the better the response you'll get. Here are examples of prompts you could start with:

  • How does a computer store and process information?
  • Analyze this code and tell me how to fix it: [Paste the code].
  • Write a poem about migraines in Walt Whitman's style.
  • What is the difference between a virus and a bacterium?
  • Write a sick note for my child who has to miss school.
  • Write a song/poem about [insert topic here] (try adding multiple details). 
  • Give it a list of ingredients from your pantry and ask it to write a recipe with them.
  • Ask it to summarize ideas or concepts.
  • Request a packing list for a three-day trip to the beach.

Your imagination is the limit. Have fun with different ChatGPT prompts. For example, ZDNET's David Gewirtz asked the AI chatbot to  write a WordPress plugin  and used it to  help him fix code faster . He also requested ChatGPT to  write a Star Trek script  and  start a business  using the technology and other AI tools.

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Others have used the tool to  write malware . ChatGPT is an AI assistant programmed to reject inappropriate requests and doesn't generate unsafe content, so it may push back if you give it certain potentially unethical requests.

Can I use ChatGPT without a login?

OpenAI now allows users to access the free version of ChatGPT, powered by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4o, without logging in, though you must create an account to access your chat history. To access GPT-4, you need an account and a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Also: ChatGPT vs. Microsoft Copilot vs. Gemini: Which is the best AI chatbot?

If you'd rather access GPT-4 for free and without logging in to a website, you can use Microsoft Copilot, formerly known as Bing Chat , which uses OpenAI's GPT-4, a larger and newer model than GPT-3.5. You can log in with a Microsoft account for extended conversations. GPT-4o is a faster and smarter model than GPT-4, but free users revert back to GPT-3.5 when they reach their usage limit, though OpenAI doesn't specify the limit. 

What is ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus is OpenAI's paid subscription to ChatGPT that offers access to GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and GPT-4o. A paid subscription gives you priority access to new features, has a higher usage limit than a free account, and lets you use the AI chatbot during peak times.

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Is ChatGPT accurate?

ChatGPT and other AI assistants are prone to misinformation because they're trained on massive amounts of data humans create. These tools can be biased if their data is flawed and can give inaccurate responses, especially regarding world events.

You should challenge any incorrect premises and always fact-check information from ChatGPT and other chatbots.

Can I use ChatGPT on my phone?

OpenAI offers mobile apps for iOS and Android. These apps offer a rich ChatGPT experience, letting you talk with ChatGPT through voice conversations powered by OpenAI's Whisper without requiring a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

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If you don't want to download an app, you can use the AI-based tool in your mobile browser. The steps to use OpenAI's ChatGPT from your mobile browser are the same as on a PC: Go to chat.openai.com and start typing. The AI chatbot should work just as when you access it from your computer.

  • ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat: Which AI chatbot should you use?
  • How does ChatGPT work?
  • How to get started using ChatGPT

How to use ChatGPT (and how to access GPT-4o)


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    On Mac, click Tools → Macro → Visual Basic Editor. If you don't have Developer mode enabled, go to Files → Options → Customize Ribbon → Main Tabs → check the box for Developer. 5. Paste the code in the editor. Click Insert Module and input ChatGPT's provided code.

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    Step 3: Copy and paste the ChatGPT output into Plus AI. Install the Plus add-on and click Extensions -> New presentation with Plus AI. Once Plus AI is open, copy and paste the presentation outline from ChatGPT and click the Generate button. Note: Make sure you select the right number of slides for your presentation.

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    Step 1: Groundwork. Laying the Groundwork Before we dive into the design magic, we need to get our ducks in a row. And by that, I mean setting some clear goals for our presentation and sketching out a rough outline. Trust me, taking the time to clarify what message you want to send and who you're sending it to will pay off big time.

  10. How to Use ChatGPT to Create a Presentation

    Check Replace Existing Slides . Go to the Themes tab and select a style. When all is set, go back to the Text tab and click Create Slides . SlidesAI will now take the text you generated with ChatGPT and use it to automatically create the slides for your presentation. This can take a while, depending on your input.

  11. How to Use ChatGPT For Making PPT?

    Step 4: Search for PPT. In the search bar, type "PPT" to generate a PowerPoint presentation. Step 5: Select the Prompt. After searching for PPT, you will see a list of prompts. Click on the desired prompt that suits your needs. The chat bar will now change to accommodate the PPT generation. Step 6: Provide Prompt Details.

  12. Using ChatGPT to Create PowerPoint Presentations

    If you plan to use a specific template, create the new presentation from the template first. [card to how to create a template] Now in the Home tab, click the small down arrow next to the New Slide button. From the drop down menu, choose Import from Outline or just Outline on a Mac. Navigate to the file location.

  13. How to Create Presentations with AI using ChatGPT

    Best practices for using ChatGPT in presentations. Now it's time to brief some tips to help presenters extract the potential of ChatGPT for presentations at its current state-of-the-art. Avoid complex inputs. Asking a detailed question can make ChatGPT crash. You can question whether it is your mistake or just the server overloading.

  14. 3 Ways to Create Presentation with ChatGPT

    Step 2: Click on "Generate Presentation". SlideSpeak extracts key ideas from the documents. Review and edit these if needed. Create presentation with SlideSpeak GPT. Step 3: Choose a ...

  15. How to Use ChatGPT to Create PowerPoint Pres

    Step 2: Search for MagicSlides.app and Start a Chat. In the search bar, type 'MagicSlides.app' to find the specific GPT tailored for creating PowerPoint presentations. Once found, click on 'Start Chat' to initiate the process. This specialized GPT is designed to understand and execute commands related to PowerPoint creation efficiently.

  16. How to create amazing PowerPoint presentations using ChatGPT AI

    Using ChatGPT to make PowerPoint presentations Once you have your AI-generated outline, the next step is to refine and format the content. This can be done in a Word document before exporting it ...

  17. Can ChatGPT make PowerPoint presentations? Yes, here's how

    Yes, ChatGPT can make PowerPoint presentations! ChatGPT can create .pptx files by using a plugin. Plugins are only accessible via a paid plan, for which you have three options. ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Team, and ChatGPT Enterprise subscriptions enable plugins for PowerPoint creation, and the plugins themselves are free.

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    If you'd rather access GPT-4 for free and without logging in to a website, you can use Microsoft Copilot, formerly known as Bing Chat, which uses OpenAI's GPT-4, a larger and newer model than GPT-3.5.