1. 5 Best-Practice Email Marketing Case Studies

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  2. 18 Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Email Marketing

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  3. 15+ Professional Case Study Examples [Design Tips + Templates]

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  4. Email Marketing Case Study: How To Get Your Emails Opened And Read

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  5. Case Study: Email Life Cycle of a Customer or Client

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  6. 10 Case Studies on Growing an Email List

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  1. 20 Email Marketing Case Studies: Examples & Results to Learn From

    Top Email Marketing Case Studies: 1. Getting 1,300 Monthly Donations Email Marketing Case Study 2. Collecting 100,000 Emails In One Week Example 3. The Science Behind Obama's Campaign Emails 4. The Amazon Email Experience 5. Boost Open Rates By 3X & CTR By 2X 6. Increasing Reach, Impact & Subscriber Satisfaction 7. Birchbox Boost Conversions By 25% 8. 109% Revenue Lift for Dell with GIFs 9 ...

  2. 9 Great Email Marketing Case Studies (and Counting)

    Each one is somebody who got the e-mail and loved it enough to post on their website and tell all their friends. That one goofy e-mail created thousands of new customers. Simon Schmid calls this finesse the "personality layer.". Here are a number of other examples. A few more case studies from the Vero archives:

  3. Email Marketing Case Studies: How 4 Companies Increased Their Open Rates

    First step: The company crafted an email to their subscribers about using symbols in email content. The subject line read "Make your emails stand out with symbols.". Second step: This email performed fairly well, producing an open rate of 20.5%. Mailigen wanted to see if they could improve on that rate.

  4. Email Marketing Templates: 9 Case Studies for Success in 2023

    For free. Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing channels for an ecommerce business. It's also one of the most time consuming. Email marketing templates save time by formatting the contents of each email. Instead of resizing fonts, arranging photos, and writing content, an email marketing template stores this information for you.

  5. Email Marketing Case Studies: Unveiling Successful Campaigns

    Case Study 1: Clothing Retailer's Personalization Powerhouse. A well-known clothing retailer implemented a highly personalized email marketing campaign that led to a substantial increase in customer engagement and sales. The key to their success lay in collecting and leveraging customer data effectively.

  6. 6 Practicable Email Marketing Case Studies to Inspire You

    2.2. Personalization. People decide to join your email list, not because they love getting emails but because they feel they can benefit from them. According to a survey, 38% of responders opt-in to an email list to receive relevant emails that can improve their lives and business.

  7. 5 Best-Practice Email Marketing Case Studies

    Hammock. Hammock, a creative agency, has its work cut out for it when it comes to email signups. Most agency email subscribers are B2B clients, and they already receive so much email from agency account managers, projects managers, and creatives that they would need a very compelling reason to read any more agency email.

  8. 6 Email Marketing Case Studies for eCommerce in 2023

    2. Rx Smart Gear Implements a Multi-channel Revenue Strategy. Another case study to take note of showcases the strength of leveraging a multi-channel revenue strategy with unified email and SMS marketing. Rx Smart Gear — a world-leading fitness brand — was hopeful in turning SMS marketing into their next highest revenue source.

  9. Email Marketing: 4 quick case studies to help you get higher open rates

    Quick Case Study #3: Farm pivots to subscription product after retail locations close in pandemic, increases online sales more than 500% with email marketing Soluna Garden Farm is a small farm in Massachusetts specializing in herbs, flowers, tea, and spices.

  10. Email Marketing Templates: 9 Case Studies for Success in 2023

    Shopify Email has templates for annual events like spring, fall, Singles' Day, and Father's Day. Schedule your digital marketing emails around these events, and angle the messaging around it to capitalize on people who treat the occasion as an excuse to spend money. Smart ways to use these templates in your email marketing campaigns include ...

  11. Case Studies and Best Tools to Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy

    Case Study: Adidas. Footwear brand Adidas has honed its email marketing strategy to appeal to new subscribers. After sending out a welcome email to new subscribers, the company informs the subscriber that they have unlocked enough points for an exclusive product with an opportunity to customize their own shoes.

  12. Email Marketing 2016: Nine case studies that show how marketers

    Email was used this year as a key part of marketing campaigns to bolster and drive ecommerce practices and to drive qualified leads. With relevancy and dedicated content focused on continuing customer conversations, marketers were able to build lasting relationships. Read the nine most popular case studies from this year to see how marketers from both B2B and B2C companies best utilized email.

  13. Email Marketing Case Study: How a B2B Company Scheduled 70+ Calls With

    Step 1:LinkedIn connection + personalized message. Step 2: Wait two days. Step 3: Start cold email sequence. This way we already had a connection with them before we reached out with a (cold) email. Some of them already checked us on LinkedIn, browsed our profile, and thus met the sender of the emails beforehand.

  14. The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Case Studies

    Conclusion. Case studies are powerful marketing tools. They tell your potential customers relatable stories, demonstrate your company's success, and help you build credibility. Case studies will help you reach your audience in a way that no sales pitch, email, newsletter, or advertisement will.

  15. 20 Email Marketing Case Studies in 2024

    20 Email Marketing Case Studies in 2024. As a part of the digital marketing strategy, email marketing utilizes email campaigns targeted at specific recipients to promote products, services, or content. It is a direct and effective method to engage customers, offering personalized and relevant content that can enhance sales, brand recognition ...

  16. Email Marketing for B2B: Best Practices and Case Studies

    Illuminating Case Studies in B2B Email Marketing Adobe's Emphasis on Interactive Emails. Adobe, a major player in the creative software industry, has increasingly incorporated interactivity into its email campaigns. Recognizing that B2B decision-makers are inundated with emails, Adobe sought to make their communications stand out.

  17. 15 Captivating Email Marketing Examples That Convert

    This campaign, recognized for its innovative approach, secured the "Best Use of Interactive Emails" award at the prestigious MediaPost EIS Awards 2022.. Read the complete cast study here!. Pro Tip: Incorporate use cases like interactive product carousels, spin the wheel for product discovery, add-to-cart, and cart 2.0 for product purchase while feedback surveys and zero-party data forms ...

  18. 16 Important Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing

    Use case studies in your email marketing. Case studies are particularly suited to email marketing when you have an industry-segmentable list. For example, if you have a case study from a client in the insurance industry, emailing your case study to your base of insurance-related contacts can be a really relevant addition to a lead nurturing ...

  19. 10 Marketing Case Study Examples

    Without going into details about the methods, it's another typical third-person case study designed to build trust. 6. Video marketing case study: L'Oréal and YouTube. In this case study, various members of L'Oréal's global marketing team break down exactly how they used YouTube ads to launch a new product.

  20. 18 Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Email Marketing

    Drip email series. Build up tension and craft cliffhangers with a drip email series designed around a case study. For example: Email #1: discuss the frustrating problem. Email #2: give hope with ...

  21. How to Write a Case Study: Bookmarkable Guide & Template

    Download a case study email template. While you gathered your resources, your candidate has gotten time to read over the proposal. ... To show you what a well-executed final product looks like, have a look at some of these marketing case study examples. 1. "Shopify Uses HubSpot CRM to Transform High Volume Sales Organization," by HubSpot.

  22. 15 Email Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

    Step 2: Grasp your audience. Pinpointing the right email subscribers to engage is crucial. Go deep into their preferences and understand what they anticipate from your brand's content. Step 3: Curate engaging content. Tailor your content to cater to the desires of your target audience.

  23. Boost Your Business with the Best Email Marketing Platform

    Case Studies: Successful Businesses Using Email Marketing Platforms Let's take a look at three case studies that demonstrate the power of email marketing platforms: Company A: Company A, an eCommerce retailer, experienced a 50% increase in sales after implementing an email marketing platform.

  24. Amazon Marketing Strategy: Case Study (2024)

    Posted on May 22, 2024 by Daniel Pereira. The Amazon Marketing Strategy has been largely responsible for the company's meteoric rise to becoming one of the most powerful players in the global market. Dissimilar to conventional marketing approaches, Amazon's strategy has revolutionized the way businesses operate, reach out to customers, and ...

  25. Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing remains a highly complex discipline that many in-house marketing teams struggle with, often lacking the bandwidth…. Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your web traffic and earn additional income. It's a versatile…. Influencer Marketing Hub is the #1 Resource for Influencers, Agencies & Platforms.

  26. 28 Case Study Examples Every Marketer Should See

    Open up with a summary that communicates who your client is and why they reached out to you. Like in the other case study examples, you'll want to close out with a quantitative list of your achievements. 16. " NetApp ," by Evisort. Evisort opens up its NetApp case study with an at-a-glance overview of the client.

  27. What is Marketing Automation?

    Marketing automation defined. With marketing automation, businesses can target customers with automated messages across email, web, social, and text. Messages are sent by the technology, according to sets of instructions called workflows. Workflows may be defined by templates, custom-built from scratch, or modified mid-campaign to achieve ...

  28. Daily marijuana use outpaces daily drinking in the US, new study says

    In 2022, an estimated 17.7 million people reported using marijuana daily or near-daily compared to 14.7 million daily or near-daily drinkers, according to an analysis of national survey data. In ...