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ProWritingAid Everywhere for Windows

Get writing suggestions and writing reports to improve your text directly in Scrivener, Word, and all your favorite Windows writing apps.

No credit card required


I am continually impressed with the positive input this program offers me every time I sit down to write. My skills have improved immensely since I bought it, and I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to have more confidence in their own writing.

Product review headshot

Ginger Wakem

I’ve tried every free and paid writing/editing/grammar extension out there, and this by far is the best one my team and I have found. It’s fast, accurate, and really helps improve your writing beyond simple grammar suggestions.


Joel Widmer

ProWritingAid has been a resource in my writer toolkit for many years. The program helps me to craft and clarify my stories for a better reader experience. Your editor will thank you for making their job easier.

Product review headshot

Siera London

All the features you love, available everywhere you write

Real-time writing suggestions.

Wherever you write, whatever you write, our real-time AI suggestions give you a second set of editing eyes, anytime.

Product Image: Style Improvements Repeated Words

Get 25+ writing reports

Make your story come to life with 25+ reports, including sensory reports, overused word checker , consistency checks , pacing improvements , and more.

Find the best way to say it, every time

With our smart AI paraphrase tool and in-depth word explorer , the right words are always right at your fingertips.

How It Works


Download the extension

Download ProWritingAid Everywhere and follow the on-screen prompts.


Open your app

Open your favorite app and look for ProWritingAid suggestions in your text.


View reports

Analyze your writing with 25+ reports in the report menu.

Works Wherever You Do

Get writing suggestions and writing reports across all the desktop apps you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i control where prowritingaid everywhere works.

Hover over the ProWritingAid icon in the bottom-right corner of your app's text area. You will see a power button. To turn ProWritingAid off in that app, click the power button.

You can turn an app back on in the ProWritingAid Everywhere settings.

What version of Windows does ProWritingAid Everywhere work on?

Because ProWritingAid Everywhere uses features of the latest Microsoft Operating Systems to work, you need to be running at least Windows 10, version 1903 (or newer) or Windows 11.

Please check your version of Windows before installing.

How do I uninstall ProWritingAid Everywhere on my computer?

Go to your computer's control panel.

Choose Programs and Features from the options in Control Panel. You will see a list of your installed programs.

Select ProWritingAid Everywhere and click the Uninstall button.

What's the difference between ProWritingAid Everywhere and the desktop app?

ProWritingAid Everywhere works within Scrivener, Word, and more, so you can get all suggestions and features where you write. With the Desktop app, you need to copy, paste, and edit documents in the ProWritingAid app.

Drop us a line or let's stay in touch via :

Paraphrasing Tool - paraphraser.io

Paraphrasing Tool - paraphraser.io

Our paraphrasing tool for windows can help you paraphrase your content to give it a new and fresh look without changing the original meaning. this app has a smart ai-based functionality and it provides intelligent results like an actual human being. unlike other paraphrasing tools available in the market, this one comes with multiple modes that you can use for getting smartly paraphrased content with little to no contextual discrepancies. how to use this paraphraser for windows here are the steps that you will have to follow in order to use this paraphrasing tool: >> firstly, you will need to enter your content in the input space by typing it out directly or copy-pasting it from a source. >> alternatively, you can also upload a file from your local storage. >> after that, you can click on the ‘paraphrase now’ button to start the process. note: supported formats for file uploading are word and pdf. benefits of using this paraphrasing tool for windows our paraphrasing tool comes with a lot of perks and benefits that you can enjoy. some of those include: >> useful post-processing options once the paraphrasing process is complete, this app lets you do the following things at the click of a button: • copy the text to the clipboard • download the results to your device • clear the input space for a fresh start >> multiple modes there are multiple modes available in our paraphrasing tool. these modes include: • standard • fluency • creative • smarter the first two modes are available for all users whereas the latter two are for premium members only. thanks to the availability of multiple modes, you can get the outputs that you need for your particular need and requirement. >> multiple languages supported if you want to paraphrase in a language other than english, you can easily do it with this application. before starting the process, you can click on the us flag at the top right corner to open the list of supported languages. then, you can choose the one you need. some supported languages include russian, portuguese, espanol, french, etc. >> history tab the “history” menu is a useful feature provided by our paraphraser for windows users. if you ever need to retrieve some text that you’ve paraphrased using our app in the past, you can go to the “history” tab and easily find it. your past work will be saved in the “history” menu. you will be able to download it from there or remove it permanently by clicking on the ‘delete’ 🗑 icon. >> ample word limit our paraphrasing tool provides an ample word limit for you to enter your content. with a lot of tools, you may have to deal with a limit of around 500 or 1,000 words. but if you’re using our app, you can enter up to 5,000 words in a single go. , 11/23/2022 4:18:59 pm.

Reach Your Professional Potential

Everyone has tons of work to get through. Some accept the frustration. Others choose Wordtune Generative AI to speed up their tasks.

Try Wordtune for free. No credit card required.

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paraphrasing tool windows

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Get to know Wordtune’s GenAI platform

Write with confidence

Perfect your writing with Wordtune Rewrite— from a single word to an entire page

Write like the professional you are with AI recommendations

Unleash your thoughts without worrying about grammar or spelling mistakes

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AI writing assistant

Enhance your productivity.

Write faster with AI suggestions — while remaining true to your unique style

Personalize your writing further with statistical facts or even a joke

Say goodbye to endless iterations — gain full control of your GenAI creation process

paraphrasing tool windows

Create with AI

Create from scratch with ai.

Streamline your work with a variety of templates personalized for you

Create quality content from scratch with the press of a button

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Cut reading and watching time in half

Summarize YouTube videos, blog articles, PDFs and more

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Gain full control of your information, docs and more

Create a personalized knowledge base on your own Wordtune library

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Whether you're on your desktop, mobile device or using your favorite apps, Wordtune is there for you.

Google Calendar

Microsoft word, chrome extension, google docs, wordtune for ios.

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GenAI that’s empowering, not overpowering

Wordtune has become an essential copywriting assistant for my social media team. As a result, we have saved 70% of the time we would have spent brainstorming and editing captions. 

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Jonathan Kessler

Social Media Team Lead, Imagen

Wordtune speeds up our entire writing process by 15%. Additionally, it improves the quality of our messages and accurately captures the ‘melody’ of what we want to say in a more fluid language.

paraphrasing tool windows

Barak Cohen

Learning & OD manager

Wordtune improved my customer satisfaction score (CSAT) by 30%. My goal in support operations is to translate technical language into clear and understandable English — Wordtune helps me achieve just that.

paraphrasing tool windows

Tomer Ben-Arye

Support Operations Manager

paraphrasing tool windows

Wordtune speeds up my writing process by 20% every day, saving me several hours of work. In my experience, Wordtune humanizes my content much better than any other AI tool.

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Daniel Somers

paraphrasing tool windows

Wordtune has reduced my email writing time by 30%. It’s a crucial tool for client-facing interactions and has allowed me to write at scale while maintaining the utmost quality.

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Michal Livnat

Success Architect

paraphrasing tool windows

The summarizing feature speeds up my research process by 25%, helping me discern which articles will be useful to read in full and which articles are irrelevant. 

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Ariel Sasson

Legal Data Team Leader, Attorney

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Managers from our client-facing teams, such as product and support, reported that 80% of employees that use Wordtune found that it enhanced their communication.

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Ortal Lozowick

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The Best Paraphrasing Tools, Software and Apps

best paraphrasing tool

Paraphrasing is an essential skill in the digital age.  Whether you are a professional, student, or content creator, paraphrasing can help you prevent plagiarism in writing , enhance your ability to write, and offer original content in just a few steps. Moreover, these tools can help you save your time and improve the calibre of your work.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the importance of paraphrasing and its benefits for Windows, iOS and Mac users. Furthermore, we will talk about the best available online tools, software-based resources, and apps to make paraphrasing simple.

What’s Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the act of using your own words to restate or rephrase a passage of text while maintaining the same meaning. It can be beneficial for a number of reasons, let’s discuss one-by-one:

  • Avoid Plagiarism: Plagiarism can have serious consequences and knowing what it is, is the best way to avoid it. It may harm to a person’s reputation in the workplace. Consequently, we must prevent ourselves from plagiarizing intentionally or unintentionally. With a proper attribution to the original writer, paraphrasing let users include information from several sources.
  • Producing Unique Content: Using different words and phrases to convey the same thought is known as paraphrasing. It is a useful method to recreate previously published content in a different way that will appeal to a variety of audiences.
  • Improving Comprehension : A thorough knowledge of the original text is quite needed for effective paraphrasing. As a result, this improves comprehension since it requires users to interact with the content, consider it, and present it in a rational and unique way.
  • Developing Writing Techniques: Writing techniques can be significantly enhanced by regular practicing paraphrasing. It improves users’ capacity to express complicated ideas clearly and helps them advance their vocabulary.
  • Upholding Copyright Regulations: Copyright rules must be taken into consideration by creators. Anyone who produces content for blogs, websites, and social media can enhance it without violating copyright regulations by paraphrasing.

Now that we know how important paraphrasing is, let’s move on to the available best tools, apps for macOS, Windows and iOS users to make the work quicker and more effective.

Top Paraphrasing Tools Online

Content creators who need to quickly and easily rewrite ideas might use online paraphrasing tools. Let’s have a look at the top online paraphrase tools:

1. Rewritetool.net

text paraphraser

The rewording tool by rewritetool.net excels at effectively rewriting your text and improving its quality. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process, while its cutting-edge AI system ensures that the rephrased text maintains its originality while achieving complete uniqueness. Thanks to the AI-powered algorithms, which offers various paraphrasing modes that streamline the entire process, the platform consistently delivers high-quality content rewrite with remarkable efficiency.

Now, let’s delve into the features that set Rewritetool.net apart:

Smart Paraphrasing Technology: Rewritetool.net harnesses the power of advanced AI algorithms to create paraphrased content that not only matches the context but also maintains originality. This cutting-edge tool ensures that the rephrased material stands out as distinctive and free from any traces of plagiarism.

Grammar and Style Enhancement: Beyond just paraphrasing, The rewording tool goes the extra mile by offering suggestions to enhance grammar and style. Creators and users receive immediate feedback to elevate the readability and overall quality of their writing.

Synonym Suggestion: With an extensive library of synonyms at its disposal, Rewritetool.net empowers users to select the most fitting words for their specific context. In doing so, the tool delivers paraphrased content that is both diverse and seamlessly coherent.

Flexible Paraphrasing Modes: Rewritetool.net provides users with a range of writing modes tailored to various purposes. Choose from four distinct modes:

  • Reworder : for straightforward rewording.
  • Formal : To add a touch of formality.
  • Expand : For explaining intricate ideas.
  • Shorten : To simplify your text for easier comprehension.

Rewritetool.net’s features can be a game-changer when it comes to optimizing your content and taking it to new heights. The tool is completely free of cost, with no hidden charges or fees involved.

Pricing: (Free)

WordAi is an advanced paraphrasing software that has unmatched rewriting capabilities to boost written content. It offers customers a simple way to reword text, articles, or any document while keeping context and uniqueness. WordAi is a useful tool for international because it supports many languages.

  • Readability and Grammar: The software not only targets paraphrasing but also offers recommendations to enhance the content’s general readability and grammar. Users can improve their quality of work by using WordAi’s constructive feedback.
  • Multi-language Capabilities: WordAi’s multi-language support makes it worthy software for content writers, who have to work in different languages.

In order to meet a wide variety of user requirements, WordAi offers several pricing plans:

Monthly: WordAi offers a starter plan of $17/monthly for regular users who want unrestricted access to its paraphrase features. And, power plan with $57/month.

Yearly: Writers who want to get a yearly subscription can do so at $9/month (Starter) and $27/month (Power). Anyone, who buys a yearly plan receives continuous access to WordAi’s paraphrase services for a whole year.

3. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is comprehensive paraphrasing software goes beyond simple synonym replacements. It is one of the widely recognized tools for content writers that offer a dependable means of avoiding plagiarism and creating unique written work.

  • Bulk Content Paraphrasing: Duplichecker lets users rapidly paraphrase several bits of information at once. It is a perfect software for writers working on large writing tasks because it processes numerous papers or articles at once to save time and effort.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Duplichecker is known to have a powerful plagiarism checker in addition to paraphrasing. Writers can cross-check the content they have paraphrased with the help of huge databases to make sure it doesn’t include any copied or duplicated text. Read more about top free plagiarism checkers online.

Pricing: Duplichecker provides various pricing structure that meets a range of user needs:

Free Plan: Duplichecker’s core paraphrasing and plagiarism-checking functions are available for free. Since there are no upfront costs for users, it is a fantastic choice for newbies.

Premium Plan: Available for $10/month, the Premium

Top Software-Based Paraphrasing for Windows

Software-based resources are best for those content writers or creators who prefer offline solutions with advanced paraphrase features. Let’s have a look at the top Windows software resources for paraphrasing.

1. Grammarly’s software

Grammarly's software

Grammarly stands as a respected writing assistant software for users, renowned for its robust writing capabilities and comprehensive language support. Within the windows environment, it provides an array of paraphrasing options, empowering users to enhance their writing while preserving the authenticity of their content. Operating as a cloud-based writing assistant, Grammarly ensures error-free composition across platforms like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and various other applications and software.

  • Advanced Paraphrasing Suggestions: Grammarly’s powerful AI-driven software, offers advanced paraphrase suggestions that are fitting for the context. It assesses the context of your text and suggests different words and phrases to increase the clarity of your content.
  • Real-Time Writing Assistant: Grammarly does more than just paraphrase your content, it constantly keeps an eye on your writing and provides immediate feedback on your grammar, spelling, and punctuation-related error.

There are two different Grammarly subscription plans:

  • For Grammarly Premium for Individuals: $12/month
  • For Grammarly Premium Business for Teams: $15/month per user

Plan provides advanced paraphrase features but with no more than 25000 words at a time.

2. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is a powerful tool made exclusively for windows users. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the context and produce precise paraphrased results. To assure the content’s uniqueness, the software also includes a built-in plagiarism detector.

  • Bulk Rewriting: With the software’s support, users can manage numerous sentences or paragraphs at once. Anyone working on a lengthy writing project will find this function to be amazing, since it boosts the speed of the rewriting process and save time.
  • Thesaurus Integration and Synonym Suggestion: Chimp Rewriter provides users with a wide range of vocabulary options by integrating thesaurus. This guarantees a lot of fresh and attractive rephrases while maintaining the essence of the actual text.

Pricing: Following a free trial period, Chimp Rewriter offers two pricing structures:

Monthly Plan: This software provides a monthly subscription of $15/monthly for those who are looking for more advanced tools and limitless access to sentence rewriting. With this plan, premium features are made available for one month.

Yearly Plan: If you’re looking for a longer period plan, then you can choose an annual subscription option for $99 per year. The amount represents a considerable discount above the monthly plan. The annual membership gives users unrestricted use of Chimp’s sentence rephrasing services for one year with free software updates.

Top Paraphrasing Apps for iOS and macOS:

1. ginger writer.

Ginger is a thorough proofreading & Paraphrasing application specially designed for iOS users. It provides a number of options for content enhancement, including grammar and rephrasing. It offers an array of mostly used words and idioms to help you with creating original content.

  • AI-Powered Proofreading: The app verifies your writing for grammatical errors, assisting you in avoiding all manner of embarrassing blunders. Users can enhance the clarity and readability of the work with the help of a proofreading engine.
  • AI-based rephraser: With a click of the button, the Ginger will process your existing content and rewrite it for a better readability, uniqueness and tone. It empowers AI to guarantee an excellent, new copy that you and your readers will enjoy.

Free: Most of the options on the app are paid. However, for a 7-day trial period, you can utilize all of its features, though.

Premium: You can get access to some of their advanced features by purchasing Ginger Premium. After the trial period, the subscription price cost you $4.99/mo.

Mobile apps provide ease and a range by allowing us to paraphrase text at any time and from any location. We’ve listed here the finest paraphrase applications for Mac and iOS users:

2. Quillbot’s macOS App

Quillbot for macOS is a user-friendly Mac application that makes paraphrasing simpler. Users may easily paraphrase text with its simple UI and straightforward navigation. The app has several paraphrase modes to accommodate different writing styles.

  • User Friendly: There are other online paraphrasing apps, however, this sentence rewriter app is one of a kind. It is faster and simpler to use. You can paste your text and then click the button for paraphrasing and rewriting.
  • Content Friendly: This app generates excellent paraphrase material in just a few clicks. It examines the material for keywords and adds keywords related to them. You can also prevent keywords from being replaced with synonyms while paraphrasing by freezing them in the article and many more option to try.

Pricing: (Free/premium)

Free Plan: The free plan has various restrictions on the number of daily rewrites and the length of input text. But it still gives users access to the fundamental paraphrase functions.

The app is free to download and there are no ads, but there are in-app purchases for additional features. Those who purchased a premium plan can gain unlimited access to advanced AI paraphrasing, grammatical improvement, along with customer assistance. The Premium Plan costs around $4.17.

Now, it’s time to wrap up this article, here what we’re meant to teach you is how to rephrase text by using top resources and tools for both Mac and iOS users. In order to create unique content with avoiding plagiarism, one must need to master the art of paraphrasing. It became now easier and quicker than ever, thanks to the wide variety of technologies that help generate human-like text.

By using above mentioned online tools, and software-based resources, anyone can express someone else’s ideas in their own voice, while keeping the same essential meaning. Hence, use these tools to your advantage to become the proficient paraphraser you were meant to be.

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Quillbot 2.2 was available to download from the developer's website when we last checked. We cannot confirm if there is a free download of this software available. This free software was originally created by QuillBot One. We recommend checking the downloaded files with any free antivirus. Quillbot belongs to Education Tools.

From the developer:

Quillbot is a free artificial intelligence based paraphrasing tool that helps paraphrase your text without words and Characters Limit

You may want to check out more software, such as In the beginning was The Word , BrainVoyager Brain Tutor or NoteCard , which might be similar to Quillbot.

Preferable for students

Best app ever

In the beginning was The Word

Teaching Tools

BrainVoyager Brain Tutor

Document management


paraphrasing tool windows

Paraphrasing Tool


paraphrasing tool windows

Special Features

Vendor voice.

paraphrasing tool windows

User topics

Article topics, windows 11 24h2 might call time on that old nas under the stairs.

Microsoft's Ned Pyle has issued a warning to Windows 11 24H2 users. Security has been tightened up, so attempting to access some third-party Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices or a USB drive plugged into certain routers might fail. Pyle, a principal program manager, has long been an advocate for driving a stake into the …


That's rich

"However, Pyle recommends upgrading the device, either through a software or firmware update..."

Haha, oh that *is* funny!! Expecting a company to issue firmware updates for your old NAS. That pig that just flew past my window wants to have a word with you...

Reply Icon

Re: That's rich

> and perhaps get the vendor to fix it with an update.

Assuming of course the vendor still exists and still has the source for that machine, or the tools to rebuild an image for it, or a sample of that machine to test it on.

Some vendors are pretty shocking with their support for their older kit, but there are NASs out there that are *really* old

I know they're a bit slow on the patching, but my old QNAP was still getting OS patches 10 years after I bought it.

Thumb Up

My Synology DS916 is getting updates after eight years.

If only they'd release a model that can do 10G and decent transcoding then I'll probably upgrade...

Re: still getting patching 10 years later

Because it's QNAP. I've had two, a TS-253 Pro that died from the Celeron RTC failure, and its current replacement a TS-251D.

QNAP needs to keep giving us software updated because their firmware is so bug-ridden, so infested with security holes, that they can't help but try to continuously patch their leaking dams. QNAP software "quality" is an oxymoron.

I replaced a QNAP in my office with a Synology and while I find the hardware less impressive (plastic chassis vs metal, etc) at least the software works. The Synology gets but a fraction of the firmware patches the QNAP [does], and stuff actually does work as expected (surprise!).


Yeah, good luck getting all those redundant Drobo's updated. Mind you, I did predict their demise and haven't used mine now for over three years as they are nowhere as near as good as they were cracked up to be.


Voda Ultrahub

My Vodafone/Cityfibre connection has a supplied Vodafone Ultra Hub. It allows a USB connected harddisk for simple DLNA/SMB sharing....

A nice notice indicates

"The protocols in use do NOT support encryption and will only operate in your Local Network. All data will be exchanged in plaintext"

And it is running V22.1.0515-6261033 of the firmware, and the online updater indicates "you are already running the latest firmware"

And, no username/password required, all anonymous.

Re: Voda Ultrahub

It could be as simple as adding your server to a white list, but that's too much forward thinking for MS. Better to allow for the whole security setting to be turned off and then blame the users.

Anonymous Coward

Sounds like that's in breach of the very basic cyber-security requirements, the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act 2022 and Regulations 2023:


I'd report it to Vodafone, asking when this will be fixed, and telling that unless there's a compelling and prompt response you'll escalate the matter to the Office of Product Safety & Standards (contact details at bottom of that link). If you do escalate it, temper expectations - as with any new regulations the regulator won't want to be heavy handed, so prosecutions are unlikely, and a quick resolution is improbable.

Thank goodness there are people who figure out the workarounds for all this and take the time to answer people like me when we go looking for solutions. Otherwise it would be walled gardens and premature obsolescence all around.

paraphrasing tool windows

The workaround that will consist of the following complicated steps:

1. Turn it off.

Changing the default setting doesn't make something obsolete if the previous setting is still there. You can use any insecure thing you want, and it's not anyone's responsibility to leave everything else insecure so you can do it without effort. There are times when something is really intended to make you have to buy new stuff. This isn't one of them.

Provided allowing access isn't hidden in the recesses of Microsoft documentation. There will be a lot of home users who won't know how to research the answer and frightened of technical docs. So, we'll all get annoying calls from indignant family members demanding us to re-enable access to their photos because it's "urgent"!

Quite true, but that's not something that should decide how something is designed. Someone can't be bothered to do a simple Google search and, even with Google's reduced quality, the instructions will be the first result if it's not printed right there on Google's page, so therefore we should leave the insecure protocol enabled by default on everyone else's machines? Come on, that's exactly the kind of thing for which Microsoft would be blamed any time someone used that to do something malicious. Insecure protocols get disabled. Manufacturers should stop using them. People should override this if they need to after actually checking if they need to and what other actions they should take, but that shouldn't and doesn't stop us from disabling them when we do not.

Let's talk again when 25H1 is released and the registry switch disappears.

I think we all know how the frog is boiled by now.

The workaround is start using Linux no matter how painful while you learn. Make the break from the evil empire. ;)

Re: Workaround

SMB1 has been disabled on most Linux distros for years.

It's easy to turn back on though, and you could bind a dedicated SMB process to a specific network interface that only has the old NAS on it for extra security.

We had the problem the other way around on RISC OS as the client was SMBv1 only and couldn't talk to modern a NAS which only supported v3, but a Raspberry Pi running Linux can act as a protocol relay, and you could do that here too.

How do you spot a Linux user? You don't, they'll tell you.

That said, the moment there's a liveable Linux phone (with VoLTE), I'll be first in line.

Thumb Down

Another reason not to upgrade to Windows 11

Though I had plenty already.

Re: Another reason not to upgrade to Windows 11

There are plenty of good reasons not to downgrade to Windows 11. This isn't one of them.

Damn you for making me take Microsoft's side on anything. But even they get something right occasionally!

paraphrasing tool windows

Update to Windows 11 24H2 with yet more telemetry and built-in Copilot nonsense or keep access to backups and data on my NAS. Hmm, big decision.


The only thing I have learnt from this article is that the UK traffic stop sign is eight sided.

Re: Stop sigh.

Isn't that shape global?

Wikipedia, of course, has a pleasingly thorough article about stop signs .

Yes, the octagonal style is now probably the most commonplace around the world (at least partly because its unique shape always identifies its meaning if the sign face is obscured by snow, etc), but there is also an older design with the standard Vienna Convention red bordered circle form of sign (usually used for prohibition signs ("You must NOT do this"), although this is really a "You MUST do ONLY this" sign, which more usually use the blue circle form, and you can see why you might want to make a STOP sign emphatically red), with that older design having markings based on "Give Way" within the circle.

It looks as though some countries might still use something similar to the older design, and you possibly also might still see some older design signs that have simply never been replaced, in some rural places?

(There is nothing (or maybe very little) unique about UK road signs (other than distances and speed limits not in metric units), which follow the Vienna Convention, which was intentionally devised as an international standard, but, Ireland, on the other hand, uses a rather unholy mishmash of some Vienna Convention signs but US-like yellow diamond warning signs …)


8 sided yes, but the photo is clearly AI-generated because the actual UK Stop sign design reads “Kindly Cease Forthwith”.

Not "Keep calm and brake"?


Given the UK's last decade I would think Douglas Adams' DON'T PANIC! (in large friendly letters) might be more appropriate.

Nah I think the Ozzie's have it right

"Shits fucked cunt" - for a friendly warning

"Shits fucked mate" - for an unfriendly warning

Given the UK's last decade I would think inverse paraphrasing Douglas Adams and having "PANIC" (in large scary letters) would be more appropriate.

"Given the UK's last decade I would think inverse paraphrasing Douglas Adams and having "PANIC" (in large scary letters) would be more appropriate."

I won't be able to read it due to my Peril Sensitive Sunglasses.

"Keep Calm and DON'T Carry On"


Some of us fondly remember the old UK "T" HALT sign: Pre-Worboys Committee (Alamy.com image) whose shape was unique.

Which like the current octagonal one, could still be understood if the lettering was obscured by snow, bees, etc. >>=====>

Bronze badge

Expectation Vs. Reality


"We'll hopefully get the vendors to push updates for older NAS's"

"Oh yeah, the NAS is not visible from the windows desktop, so I keep an older Linux box around and keep it offline to use the NAS, its just an ingestion/egress box"


Re: Expectation Vs. Reality

Well MS did decide to break a lot of network and WiFi functionality when they released Win10: Stuff which had worked perfectly fine for years just stopped working and MS said, "You need to contact the vendor of the relevant device to get updated drivers." Nice.

The reality is that MS expects you to continue to hoop-jump and suck up everything they throw at you because you are product, they know best and they are doing you a favour so shut up and be grateful you selfish bastards!

The Reality is that Microcrap are continuing to make home networking a difficult as possible.

It wasn't broke (Windows 7), so they decided to fix it.

Yep, the long tyerm plan is for everything to be connected to their cloud, including replacing your home network. Everything in the cloud. Want to share a photo at home? Send it the MS cloud so your whole family can easily access it (and have it slurped) rather than old fashioned local sharing (which is slightly harder to slurp)

He said: "Both changes will make billions of devices more secure."

Can't read from it, can't write to it. Totally secure.

Re: Security

What is wrong with the statement is that it does not make the devices more secure.

If there is nothing you can do to update the NAS this does not make it more secure.

Except that the billions of devices referred to include the following:

1. Windows computers that don't need SMB1, and therefore are no longer vulnerable to problems with it.

2. Devices which weren't updated from SMB1, but their manufacturers fixed this because they didn't want to deal with user complaints.

It does not include these, which were not referred to by the statement:

3. Devices whose manufacturers can't be bothered to use a secure version of the protocol.

4. People who re-enable SMB1 to continue using devices in section 3.

So yes, if you look at the devices he wasn't talking about, you're quite correct that they're no more secure.

> SMB1 is over 40 years old,

And Windows is similar age. And yet here we are... still plugging away with the old shite.

Really, you're still using Windows 1.0?

"Really, you're still using Windows 1.0?"

It's highly likely that some code from 1.0 is still in there :-)

Sounds very arrogant and dictatorial.

But, if this is just a default change and it is clear how you allow access to that old NAS then no big deal.

I hate all the "we know what's best for you" attitude, that's unnecessary.

Re: Arrogant?

I recently tried to access a Linux device that's quite old (about twenty years old), only for my SSH client to refuse to connect because it did not support any modern encryption algorithms. Is it arrogant and dictatorial for OpenSSH to have decided not to include encryption that can be easily broken, exposing my connection to the vulnerability that someone could break in and impersonate me with a little effort?

Unlike Windows and SMB1, that wasn't a setting. If I wanted it to connect, I was going to have to recompile OpenSSH. OpenSSH was right to remove that. Microsoft is right to disable this.

A Pyle of ... Something?

1. I do see how authenticated, encrypted connections are more-secure than connections which are not authenticated-and-encrypted.

2. I do not see how unauthenticated connections (passwordless "guest" read-only mode) make it more- likely for BadServer to trick your PC into believing BadServer is GoodServer.

We're not all made of money

The arsehat. "Just get a firmware update" how about no. Because my Netgear ReadyNAS is so old it no longer gets updates. But its all I got as all I can afford.

The fuck whit.

Re: We're not all made of money

This is from the people who bought you "just buy a new computer" so you can run Windows 11, so having to buy a new NAS, printer, etc... as well is a small step from there.

Maybe Bill has inside information on his old company and is buying large swaths of farmland to create new landfills for hardware made redundant by Windows 11? </end sarc>

Get an update :)

Two decades ago I was presented with a fairly new consumer lacie nas device whose vital forces had departed this earthly realm. The owner was not too concerned as it was only a secondary backup but unknown to her an academic whose computing skills were legendary (ie nil) had managed to use it as his primary and only storage (not backed up) on his PC.

I extracted the (pata?) drive which was ok and attached it to a Linux box to discover while in the land of the living it ran an ancient Linux kernel* and software on some odd risc SOC - even then I thought this device was never intended to get an update.

The data files were on a Linux file system (ext4 or xfs) so complete recovery was possible.

Personally I wouldn't let gormless users loose with anything more capable than an X Terminal.

* the SOC just booted linux from a disk partition ie not from firmware.

Re: Get an update :)

X terminal can be every bit as dangerous as the server it connects to.

Some "important" users should only be allowed something like the (text only) DEC VT320 for "important" work. Back then VMS had file version control. If they had stuffed one of their documents, you could get back a previous version - Assuming that they had saved it!


"Some "important" users should only be allowed something like the (text only) DEC VT320 for "important" work."

Some "important" users should only be allowed an Etch-a-Sketch

How to check

Is there a simple way to check if a NAS will be affected by these changes? Would allow some time to prepare some guides on work-arounds

windows for a long time has had NFS capabilities.

Just install it and set it up on your nas of choice, feed it usernames, rejoice at the nice fast and secure access.

Re: Drop SMB

Windows 10 NFS is soooo slooowww compared to SMB, although nobody seems to know why. Crappy client code?

"Not Invented here" syndrome?

....if the user is simply trying to access some holiday snaps on an old NAS...

That can be a problem. All the Millennials could lose their early childhood pictures snapped 30-years ago on grainy digital cameras.

Certainly won't be problem for GenX though. Despite all the so-called improvements Microsoft continues to cram down our throats, there is no problem looking at the grainy Kodachrome pictures from 50-years ago.

Snarky comment aside...

Deprecating old standards does pose a risk of data loss for historical information. In terms of human civilization we have just started the digital age. The electronic storage mediums have not proven viable for long term storage. Magnetic, flash, and optical media all degrade over a matter of years. Whereas ancient documents have survived thousands of years and can still convey their information.

Yeah, I did say that.... Papyrus scrolls have a proven track record for long term information storage versus our unproven electronic equivalents.

Re: ....if the user is simply trying to access some holiday snaps on an old NAS...

Or fired cuneiform tablets? In the 1980s I had a project where we were asked to archive individuals' health/safety data for 70 years, "the possible length of their adult lifetime". IBM suggested their "new" WORM optical storage. A couple of years later they told us that the long term archival properties were "disappointing". We saved everything on disk as ASCII plain text and printed it out onto "unbleached" archive quality paper. Cheap chlorine bleached paper degrades badly and becomes friable and discoloured in a few years/decades. Documents from before the mid 19th century hand-written with tannic or carbon based inks are usually OK, a newspaper from the 1930s is likely to be very degraded.

"We saved everything on disk as ASCII plain text and printed it out onto "unbleached" archive quality paper."

And that's probably still the current long term storage solution. OCR can always be used to re-digitise the data for research down the line. The first OCR reader I used was a small puck that slid along a guide to slowly and imperfectly "read" a line of (limited selection of typefaces) text, one line at a time. Nowadays, pretty much any cheap mobile phone can take a photo of a page and produce a pretty good PDF searchable PDF document from it almost instantly. Commerical OCR is usually orders of magnitude better, faster and much more forgiving of creases, page curls etc. and can often fill in minor gaps with one of the rare actual use cases for "AI".

My computer regularly connects to malicious servers in order to steal my data, I put up with this behaviour because inertia. If, in addition to this behaviour, the latest version of this spyware will also make my NAS unreachable then it may force me to overcome my inertia and go over to a different OS.

You're supposed to use onedrive, of course.

Solutions need to be user friendly

Sure SMB1 is insecure, it has been for decades but in a closed system like a small home network there shouldn't be a need for high levels of security. We know that most users just aren't interested in big network security techniques, they want stuff to be seamless and simple. (This is why WiFi has preshared keys and devices like printers have a mechanism to read that key over the wireless connection. It might completely invalidate the entire security architecture but its easy to set up and it is 'good enough' for most people.) Forcing users to conform to a one-size-fits-all model, especially as its really needed just to support inherently insecure IoT devices, is just going to annoy people. Cloud solutions like MSFT's "One Drive" seem viable but in practice they merely compound the problems by adding complexity, unnecessary expense and many more potential points of failure to what should be simple and seamless.

As someone who owns "an old NAS under the stairs" (actually in a closet) I suppose I should upgrade it but its primarily used as central storage for media -- in other words, its read-only most of the time for most people. That in of itself is more adequate security for everyday use and the fact its mirrored by an air-gapped device (i.e. an even older NAS that's mostly not in service -- and not physically connected) makes it relatively solid. Since the only time we've had a malware outbreak was due to a Windows system infection this is the obvious weak point, its these systems that need to be isolated in their own restricted network space. As for the makers of devices, I suggest something really dumb but easy to use like a physical hardware key that can be given to each device.

(BTW -- SMB isn't just an old protocol, its really, really, REALLY, old. It belongs in a world of Xerox, triaxial cable and huge network adapters. I bet this fellow thinks its some kind of file sharing protocol that runs on UDP......)

Re: Solutions need to be user friendly

You have raised the point I cam here to comment on too. People using home networks neither want to require strong internal security. Most things will be accessed either fully openly or via stored credentials. If $Black_Hat has got through the external defences, they have access to all of the LAN and you are stuffed anyway. Having internal certificates for internal SMB shares is not going to slow them down at all since they are probably already logged in as you.

I updated my PC to Ubuntu and that’s all it needed! The problem with old NAS equipment is that it doesn’t have the performance necessary to hold all the surveillance information that spyware from Microsoft Apple Google are collecting on you without your knowledge or consent.

Just move on from these obsolete corporations, they don’t even pretend to try to improve their products for your benefit, not for years now.

If it's a really old NAS then wouldn't it be a simple solution to fire up and configure the native FTP server that's probably already installed there but never been used before because it was disabled by default? You just then install an FTP client on your Windows 11 machine and you're off and running again. Or have I missed something with this presumably easy fix?

When Windows started disabling SMB 1.0 by default I updated my old NAS device (Buffalo Linkstation) with a newer version of Samba. I did this by telnetting to it and updating the software it was running manually. I was a little shocked that this was possible, but it's stayed like that for years so it seems to have worked. I'm sure an update would set it back to stock but all we know that's not happening with a 10+ year old NAS device.

So some of these things might be fixable if you try hard enough.

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