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  1. Later school start times is no solution for teenagers

    Dan Walters, Sept. 30, 2019. As educators, we are always looking to improve the well-being and success of each of our students. In his column, Dan Walters opines that Senate Bill 328 furthers that goal by mandating later start times for middle and high school classes.

  2. What We Think About School Start Times

    38.2% of surveyed U.S. adults believe school start times in their area should be later, compared to 36.6% wanting earlier starts and 25.2% wanting no change. California has mandated an 8:30 a.m. or later start time for its high schools as of July 1, 2022.

  3. Argumentative Essay Example: Schools Should Not Have a Later Start Time

    To begin, schools should not have a later start time because it negatively impacts low-income families. With parents working normal hours, kids will have to come home to an empty house and spend up to four hours without supervision.

  4. Should School Start Later?

    "Wake up!" he calls. "The bus will be here in 10 minutes!" You groan. Five more minutes. Please, please, pleeaasseeeee! If this sounds familiar, you aren't alone. Before the pandemic, nearly 70 percent of teens weren't getting enough sleep.* Last year, things were different.

  5. The Pros and Cons of Starting School Later

    Fact checked by Andrea Rice If you've ever had trouble getting your teen up in the morning or you've seen teens fall asleep during the school day, you're not alone. Many adolescents struggle to wake up early for school. It's sparked a discussion about the pros and cons of starting school at a later time.

  6. Later School Start Times More Popular, But What Are the Drawbacks?

    Forty-two percent of schools started earlier, including 10 percent—predominantly suburban schools—before 7:30 a.m. These start times are too early, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Middle and high schools should start at 8:30 a.m. or later to give students the opportunity to get the sleep they need.

  7. Should Your School Day Start Later?

    560 Most middle schools and high schools across California will start no earlier than 8:30 a.m., under a new state law. Byron Smith for The New York Times By Shannon Doyne Published Oct. 28,...

  8. Later school times promote adolescent well-being

    Delaying start times. Though comprehensive national statistics on school start times are not available, it is common for American public high schools to begin their instructional day between 7-8 a.m. Research has shown that these early bell times are responsible for the discrepancy between how much sleep teens need and how much sleep they get ...

  9. What new research tells us about elementary and middle school start

    This includes analyses of an urban district that shifted many elementary school start times from 9:00am to 7:45am or 8:30am, as well as statewide analyses of start times in elementary and middle ...

  10. Wendy Troxel: Why school should start later for teens

    James Forbes Teens don't get enough sleep, and it's not because of Snapchat, social lives or hormones -- it's because of public policy, says Wendy Troxel.

  11. 7 Key Reasons Why School Should Start Later: A Full Analysis

    Many students are actively involved in after-school programs, including sports teams, clubs, and other organizations that play a significant role in their development. This presents a clear argument for why school should not start later, as it could lead to conflicts with extracurricular activities that depend on fixed schedules.

  12. Later school starts linked to better teen grades

    That's why doctors, teachers and scientists have recommended for many years that school should start later. Some school districts have listened. For the 2016-2017 academic year, the high-school start time in Seattle, Wash., changed from 7:50 to 8:45 a.m. The new study analyzed the results of that delay. A real-world experiment. The ...

  13. Why Should School Start Later: Negative Effects of Early School Start

    Updated: 3 November, 2023 Table of contents Introduction Everyone has always hated getting up super early to go to school. As children get older they move to different schools, from elementary to middle to high school, and the start times get earlier.

  14. The Benefits of Later School Start Times

    For middle school students, a start time between 8:30 and 9:00 AM resulted in a greater number of students getting sufficient sleep (defined as at least 9 hours). Of note is that only about a ...

  15. School Start Times Should Be Later: [Essay Example], 455 words

    School Start Times Should Be Later Categories: Starting School Later Words: 455 | Page: 1 | 3 min read Published: Mar 1, 2019 Should school start times be later in the day or should they be earlier? If kids don't get enough sleep can it affect kids performance in school and sports?

  16. Why Should Not School Start Early: Persuasive Essay

    Why Should Not School Start Early: Persuasive Essay Cite This Essay Download They say that public schools (P-12 Education) should start at 8:00 or later because it gives kids and parents time to do their homework or work and other activities and finish their responsibilities earlier and have the rest of the day to themselves.

  17. Against Later Start Time For School

    Should School Start Later Essay Over 87% of teenagers don't get enough sleep and go to school tired. Teenagers have constant expectations to live up to, but with the amount of sleep they're getting it can be seemingly impossible. The question has been brought up time and time again, should the school day start later?

  18. Why Should School Start Later Essay

    Download Have you ever got up on Monday morning and felt like you needed more sleep? Students are required to have eight to ten hours of sleep every night to function best for the day, but it's not possible when having to juggle homework, sports, work, and social life.

  19. Why School Should Start Later Persuasive Essay

    Pro: Teenagers in high school should start at about 10 am. This would allow for a leisurely morning, making the day start off less fraught and stressful. A teenager could stay up until midnight or 1 am and still get a decent amount of sleep, which doesn't happen when they have to wake up at 6:30 or 7 am.

  20. Why School Should Start Later Persuasive Essay

    Another reason why school should start later is, it will help students stay out of trouble. "Later school days mean less unsupervised time for teenagers, meaning that bored youth would less likely to get in trouble" (Late 1). In some places, schools get out as early as 2:30. To get out that early leaves students with a lot of time on their ...

  21. School Should Start Later Argumentative Essay

    Views 9506 Most students if asked would tell you that they wish school started later. Many studies have shown that a later start time for school can be quite beneficial for the students. I believe that school should start later due to many reasons that I will address. For one, if school started later students would be able to get more sleep.

  22. Critical Analysis of the Speech on Why School Should Start Later

    Conclusion. In conclusion, Wendy Troxel created an excellent speech and argument on why schools should start later for teens. To assist her argument, she implemented various rhetorical methods including ethos, logos, pathos, and visuals. The use of statistics, her background, stories, and images helped to create a strong support for her argument.

  23. Why School Should Start Later (Free Essay Sample)

    Introduction Benefits Of Starting School Later An early school day affects the overall learning environment. When classes start later, attendance improves, and tardiness decreases. Sleep affects academic performance. Later school schedules lower the risk of health problems. Later school activities can lower the risk of vehicular accidents.