Essay on My Favourite Place Ooty

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100 Words Essay on My Favourite Place Ooty


Ooty, officially known as Udhagamandalam, is my favourite place. Nestled in the Nilgiri Hills in South India, it’s a beautiful hill station known for its lush greenery and cool climate.

Scenic Beauty

The picturesque landscapes of Ooty are a feast for the eyes. The tea gardens, serene lakes, and misty mountains make it a paradise on Earth.


Ooty is home to many attractions. The Botanical Gardens, Ooty Lake, and the Rose Garden are some of my favourites.

Ooty’s tranquil environment and breathtaking views make it my favourite place. It’s a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

250 Words Essay on My Favourite Place Ooty

The enchanting retreat: ooty.

Ooty, officially known as Udhagamandalam, is a hill station located in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is not just my favourite place but a destination that has bewitched millions with its surreal beauty and tranquil ambiance.

The Natural Splendour

Ooty’s charm lies in its natural splendour. Nestled in the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty is a symphony of blue mountains, lush green valleys, and serene lakes. The Botanical Gardens, with its myriad flora, and the Doddabetta Peak, the highest in the Nilgiris, offer breathtaking panoramic views. The enchanting Pykara waterfall and lake are other must-visit spots.

The Cultural Richness

Ooty is not just about nature; it’s also a cultural melting pot. The annual Summer Festival, with its flower show and boat races, and the Tea and Tourism Festival, celebrating the region’s tea industry, are vibrant displays of local culture and tradition.

The Colonial Influence

Ooty’s colonial past is evident in its architecture. The Stone House, St. Stephen’s Church, and the Ooty Club all bear the stamp of British influence. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a living testament to the engineering skills of the colonial era.

The Serene Escape

Ooty’s allure also lies in its tranquility. Away from the urban hustle-bustle, it is an ideal place for introspection and rejuvenation. The quiet mornings, the cool breeze, and the star-studded night sky make it a perfect retreat.

In conclusion, my favourite place, Ooty, is a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, colonial legacy, and serene escape. It is a place that captivates the senses and soothes the soul.

500 Words Essay on My Favourite Place Ooty

Ooty, officially known as Udhagamandalam, is a picturesque hill station in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Nestled in the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty is fondly referred to as the “Queen of Hill Stations”. My favourite place, it offers a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Charming Landscape

Ooty’s charm lies in its captivating landscape. The verdant hills, sprawling tea gardens, and the mystic blue mountains create a panorama that is nothing short of a painter’s masterpiece. The winding roads, shrouded in a veil of mist, add to the ethereal beauty of this hill station. The picturesque Ooty Lake, enveloped by eucalyptus trees, offers a serene backdrop for boating and picnicking, making it a favourite spot for both locals and tourists.

Botanical Paradise

The Government Botanical Garden, a horticultural delight, is a testament to Ooty’s rich flora. This 22-hectare garden houses a myriad of plant species, including rare trees, ferns, and orchids. The highlight is the fossil tree trunk, which is believed to be 20 million years old. The annual summer festival, featuring the spectacular flower show, is a sight to behold.

Architectural Marvels

Ooty is not just about natural beauty; it also boasts of splendid architecture. The St. Stephen’s Church, one of the oldest churches in the Nilgiris, is an epitome of colonial architecture. The stone structure, stained glass windows, and antique wooden pews transport one back to the Victorian era. The Ooty Stone House, the first bungalow of Ooty, is another architectural gem that narrates the town’s colonial past.

Tea Culture

The tea culture in Ooty is another aspect that fascinates me. The town is dotted with numerous tea estates and factories. A visit to these places offers insight into the intricate process of tea production, right from plucking the leaves to packaging the final product. The tea tasting sessions are a treat for tea enthusiasts, with a variety of flavours to savour.

Climate and Ambience

The cool and pleasant climate of Ooty is a major draw for tourists. The weather, coupled with the tranquil ambience, makes it an ideal destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. The slow-paced life, the simplicity of the locals, and their warm hospitality add to the charm of this hill station.

Ooty is a place where nature and culture coalesce beautifully. The scenic beauty, the rich flora, the colonial architecture, the tea culture, and the pleasant climate make it a place worth visiting. For me, Ooty is not just a tourist destination; it’s a place that offers solace, a place where I can unwind and connect with nature. It’s a place that feels like home.

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Travel Character

A Perfect Ooty Itinerary For 4 Days – 96 Hours In Ooty

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Udagamandalam or famously known as Ooty is a popular hill station located in the western ghats of Tamil Nadu. Tucked between the magnificent beauty of Nilgiri Hills, Ooty along with Kotagiri and Coonoor makes the Golden Triangle of Nilgiris . So, a visit to Ooty will introduce the beauty of tea estates, the diversity of plants & flowers at the botanical garden, magnificent views of Nilgiris from Doddabetta peak, amazing waterfalls, ancient Toda tribe at Todda village, scenic lake beauty and many more. But to make your Ooty trip memorable you would need a perfect itinerary that makes sure you’re at the right place at right time. So, here we shared the perfect Ooty itinerary for 4 days that make sure you’ll have the best time in Ooty –

Why Visit Ooty?

why visit ooty

Ooty is a perfect place to visit for different kinds of vacations including family trips, backpacking trips, or honeymoons. Surrounded by the lush green beauty of Nilgiri hills, Ooty has no dearth of places to visit including tea estates, a government botanical garden, rose garden, Doddabetta peak, tiger hills, Nilgiri mountain railway and many more. And the proximity to Kotagiri and Coonoor gives you the options that everyone looking for vacation.

Best Time To Visit Ooty

Situated at an elevation of 2240 meters, Ooty is blessed with a pleasant climate throughout the year. However, October to May is the best time to visit Ooty .

How To Reach Ooty

  • Being the most popular hill station in the country Ooty is well connected to major cities and towns in South India and reaching it is very easy.
  • By Air: Coimbatore International Airport is the nearest airport to Ooty situated at a distance of 90 KM . From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Ooty.
  • By Train: The nearest major railway station to Ooty is Coimbatore Junction, which is around 85 km away. From Coimbatore junction, you can take a taxi or bus to Ooty.
  • By Road: Ooty is well-connected by road to major cities in Tamil Nadu and neighboring states. You can take a bus or hire a taxi from cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore, and Chennai.
  • By Toy Train: The Nilgiri Mountain Railway, also known as the toy train, is a popular way to reach Ooty. The train runs from Mettupalayam, near Coimbatore, and takes you through scenic landscapes and tea plantations. It is a slow but enjoyable way to reach Ooty.

How Many Days Would Be Enough For Ooty?

The number of days would depend on your agenda. A minimum of 3 days would be needed to enjoy the local tourist attractions of Ooty. But there are many places that are not visited by travelers frequently. So, if you want to explore the offbeat attractions and nearby villages like Kotagiri and Coonoor then 5 days would be the minimum you need.

Ooty Itinerary

Day 1 in ooty.

  • Enjoy scenic views at Doddabetta Peak – 8 KM from Ooty
  • Explore the Government Botanical Garden – 6 KM from Doddabetta peak
  • Boating in Ooty lake – 4 Km from Botanical garden
  • Enjoy scenic ride on toy train

Capture photos at Ketti Valley View Point

  • Do some shopping in the Ooty market

Day 2 In Ooty

  • Explore beautiful lakes – Avalanche lake, Upper Bhavani lake and Emerald lake
  • Pykara Falls

Toda Village – 5 KM from Ooty

  • Halasana Falls – 12 KM from Ooty

Enjoy the sunset at Tiger Hill

Day 3 in ooty, needle view hill point – 40 km from ooty.

  • Explore Coonoor and stay – 20 KM from Ooty

Day 4 In Ooty

  • Explore Coonoor and day trip to Kotagiri – 19 KM from Ooty

Enjoy Scenic Views At Doddabetta Peak

Doddabetta Peak

Starts your day early in the morning with amazing views of the highlands of Mysore and Coimbatore plains from the highest peak of Nilgiri Hills , Doddabetta Peak. Located 8 KM from Ooty, it is a commercialized place which means you can expect a bit of a crowd.

There you can easily spend an hour enjoying the stunning views of the hills, forest and border of Tamil Nadu. There are a few food and tea stalls for refreshing yourself. And don’t miss the ice cream.

  • Entry Fee – 6 INR for adults and free for children

Explore the Government Botanical Garden – 6 KM from Doddabetta Peak

ooty botanical garden

Just 6 KM from Doddabetta peak there is another famous sightseeing place named Government Botanical Garden. Spread over an area of 55 acres, Government Botanical Garden is home to thousands of exotic and local plants & trees including hundred species of ferns, groups of flowering plants, herbs, bonsai plants, fruit trees, rare plants and many more.

If you’re visiting Ooty during summer (May) then don’t miss out the Summer Festival which is a flower show in this garden. Overall, it is a great place for nature lovers to spend good time in peace.

  • Timing – 7 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Entry Fee – 30 INR for adults, 15 INR for Children, 50 INR for taking still camera and 100 INR for taking video camera.

Boating in Ooty lake – 4 KM from Botanical garden

ooty lake

Spread over an area of 65 acres, Ooty lake is an artificial lake that is famous for boating. The primary purpose to built this lake was fishing but with time it becomes a prominent tourist attraction of Ooty. In the summer festival, Ooty lake hosts a boat race that attracts tourists from all around.

Surrounded by the trees of eucalyptus, you can sit here and enjoy a sense of calmness. There are shops around the lake selling herbal oils and local handcrafts including eucalyptus oil and shawls.

  • Things to do here – Motor boating, paddle boating, row boating, cycling, horse riding, photography, having fun at an amusement park and enjoying the local food.
  • Timing – 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Entry Fee – 13 INR per person
  • Boating charge – 240 INR for a 2-seater paddle boat, 260 for a 4-seater and 290 for a 6-seater paddle boat.

Enjoy the Scenic Ride of Toy Train

ooty toy train

After boating in Ooty lake now it’s time to enjoy the scenic ride of the famed Nilgiri Hill Mountain Railway. A train ride to Coonoor from the Ooty railway station is one of the best things you can do in Ooty. The journey from Ooty to Coonoor will take 1 hour and 15 minutes. During the journey, you’ll get to see the lush green surroundings of western ghats, tea estates, serene lakes, verdant meadows, scenic villages and beautiful tunnels.

Either you can book tickets online on the IRTC website or book tickets through the ticket counter at Ooty railway station which is situated next to the bus stand. But due to the popularity of the toy train tickets get sold out pretty quickly so make sure you stand in front of the queue.

After reaching the Coonoor you can take a cab or bus to reach Ooty back.

  • Ticket Price – 205 INR per person in first class, 30 INR per person in second class and 15 INR for the unreserved category.

Located on the Ooty Coonoor road just 4 KM from Ooty, the Ketti Valley viewpoint is the best place in Ooty to watch mesmerizing sunsets & sunrise. Often referred to as the Switzerland of South India, Ketti Valley viewpoint provides panoramic views of Ketti Valley which is the largest valley in Nilgiris . There is a telescope room to get a clear view of the valley.

This place is perfect for nature lovers who love to spend time in peace while watching the sunset over the horizon of lush green meadows. The valley is home to many ancient tribes including Todas and Badagas which you’re going to explore on day 2.

Do Some Shopping in Ooty Market

Now it’s time to end day 1 in Ooty with shopping in the Ooty market. Roaming around the bustling market while shopping and eating is the best thing you can do in Ooty after sunset. Essential oils, chocolates, tea, coffee and handcrafts are the best thing you can buy.

Explore Beautiful Lakes – Avalanche lake, Upper Bhavani lake and Emerald lake

emerlad lake

Start your day 2 in Ooty with the serenity of lakes located around Ooty. Leave early in the morning around 7 AM so you can skip the crowd and have the best time enjoying the scenic beauty of the lakes.

Surrounded by captivating flowers and trees, Avalanche lake is situated at a distance of 21 KM from the Ooty bus stand. After reaching the lake you’ll be awestruck by its sheer elegance, simplicity and grace. This beautiful lake is best to enjoy mountain trekking, rafting, trout fishing, horse riding, rappelling and open jeep riding.

Just 5 KM from Avalanche lake there is another beautiful lake named Emerald lake. Nestled amidst the dense forest, tea estates and mountains this picture-perfect lake is perfect to spend quality time with family and friends. Sitting here while admiring its natural beauty gives you mental peace.

Now it’s time to visit the lesser-known and hidden beauty of Ooty, Upper Bhavani Lake. Prior permission from the forest department is needed to enter the area. It is the most beautiful lake in Ooty so we must recommend to you include this place in Ooty’s itinerary.

To reach the lake first you’ve to reach the forest department office from where you’ll get the jeep or bus which takes you to the Upper Bhavani lake. The entire back & froth journey will take around 2 hour time.

toda village

Located 5 KM from Ooty, Toad is a beautiful ancient village known for the Toda tribe and Toda huts. Toda huts are small unique huts-type rooms built of bamboo and decorated by the Toda art form. These huts look cute and beautiful. During the visit to this village, you can learn about their culture, food, clothes and a number of things about their community like the Toda tribe wearing homemade shawls and jewelry and their livelihood depends on dairy farming. And the most fascinating thing about this tribe is that their land is a UNESCO world heritage site .

Halasana Falls – 12 KM from Ooty

Gushes from a height of 150 feet, Halasana falls is a beautiful waterfall located on the privately owned property of Kollamuby Estate. To visit these falls you need to take permission from the owner.

The natural beauty of this fall will leave you awestruck especially after reaching the top which gives you a scenic view of the estate.

Day 2 in Ooty will end with mesmerizing sunset from Tiger Hill. Perched at the lower region of Doddabetta peak, Tiger Hill is the perfect place for relaxation in Ooty. At the top of the hill, there is a freshwater reservoir and cave which quenches the thirst of those who come here. There is also a resort that offers the perfect stay.

Needle valley view point

Start your day 3 with the 360-degree view of Nilgiris mountains at Needle View Hill Point. Located in a place called Guddalur on the Ooty-Mysore route, Needle View Hill Point is the place where you can literally touch the clouds . It is also known as the Needle viewpoint or Soochi Malai.

Away from the hustle and bustle of town, it is a perfect place for nature lovers who love to spend time alone.

To reach the top you need to walk for 1 KM. But it’s all worth it as you’ll get the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary, Bandipur and some parts of Mysore & Kerala.

Explore Coonoor And Stay – 20 KM from Ooty

coonoor village

Your trip to Ooty can’t be complete without visiting Coonoor . After Ooty, Coonoor is the second largest hill station in Nilgiri Hills . Blessed with a subtropical highland climate, Coonoor enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year. The famous toy train of the Nilgiri railway passes through the Coonoor. It will take 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Coonoor from Ooty via toy train.

Coonoor is home to a wide range of flora & fauna especially various kinds of wildflowers and birds. The unparalleled landscape of Coonoor provides the perfect setting for activities like trekking, hiking, and mountain biking. The abundance of tea plantations makes the surroundings beautiful enough to attract travelers.

Things to do in Coonoor

  • Learn about tea processing in detail at Highfield tea factory.
  • Enjoy a good time with your family at Sim’s park.
  • Explore beautiful waterfalls – Katary falls, Law’s falls, and Catherine falls.
  • Enjoy the scenery at Hidden Valley.

Explore Coonoor and Day Trip To Kotagiri – 19 KM from Coonoor

Kotagiri village

After spending a good time in Coonoor now it’s time to explore the 3rd hill station of Nilgiri Hills, Kotagiri. Surrounded by the blue mountains and Shola forests, the natural beauty of Kotagiri will leave you amazed. Even a short drive from Coonoor or Ooty to Kotagiri is magnificent with the fragrance of tea and lush green trees flanking both sides of roads.

The beautiful landscapes of Kotagiri offer a number of opportunities for trekking, hiking and rock climbing. Also, the leisure walks through the tea plantation allow you to watch the locals pluck the tea leaves.

Things to do in Kotagiri

  • Trek to Kodanad, Catherine falls and Longwood Shola.
  • Watch the splendor of Elk Falls.
  • Witness the past of Kotagiri at John Sullivan Memorial.

Where To Stay In Ooty?

Being India’s most renowned hill station Ooty has no dearth of staying options. From a luxurious resort with a private balcony to a campsite away from the city which gives you the nomadic experience or a budget-friendly hostel to engage with minded tourists like you, Ooty has all kinds of accommodations. But choosing accommodation will depend on your agenda, a hotel near the bus stand will give you the option to explore the attraction with ease while a resort away from the bustling city amidst a jungle will give you mental peace. So here we listed the best places to stay in Ooty with the cheapest booking code –

Best Hostels In Ooty

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to visit ooty.

Yes, Ooty is generally a safe place to visit. The town is well-developed and caters to a large number of tourists throughout the year. The crime rate in Ooty is low. However, you need to take a few things like avoiding climbing the hill after sunset as the region gets dark and the private taxi drivers in Ooty are not safe.

Which are the best places to visit in Ooty?

Doddabetta peak, Ooty, Upper Bhavani Lake, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Government botanical garden, Pykara falls, Nilgiri mountain railway, Murugan temple, Toda village, Ketti valley viewpoint, avalanche lake and Wenlock downs 9th mile shooting point are the best places to visit in Ooty.

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Hi Guys, My Name is Pursottam Saini, living the life of my dream – From traveling one destination to another and seeing the places I still don’t believe.

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easy essay on ooty

  • Travel Experience

My Trip to Ooty, Tamilnadu: A Mesmerizing Experience

My Trip to Ooty, Tamilnadu: A Mesmerizing Experience

“This blog is contributed by one of our readers, Dr. Gargi Mondal. Join her on a budget journey to one of the best places in Tamil Nadu, Ooty and find useful insights into places to visit near it as well.


You never know when the travel bug bites you! On a dreary weekend in August, without any previous plan, Neel and I set off for a weekend trip. Being budget travellers, we always avail the public transport safely keeping in mind the inconveniences of taking a much longer time than a drop off by car. On a Friday evening, we went to Mysore from Bangalore by bus which took us almost five and a half hours. One can go to Coorg, Ooty, Wayanad and ample other places from Mysore. One can also spend a day or two in Mysore also, a historical town itself.

Beginning of a Soulful Journey to Ooty

Ooty Journey Start

In my utter confusion of which hill station to visit, Neel suggested we take a bus to Ooty, another five and a half hour of journey. So we started, sitting in the cabin of the driver, having a clear view of the front, not compromising any side of the road. Just after 15 mins of the start of our journey, we came across the Chamundi hills and a number of lakes above which we could point out the cormorants and the ibis. The weather was pleasant with the sun and the clouds playing hide-and-seek and also one or two bouts of drizzles. The Mysore-Ooty highway turns adventurous once it crosses Gundulpet. After this, starts the Bandipur Tiger Reserve maintained by the state of Karnataka which continues as the Mudhumalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu. One can easily see herd of deer, peafowls and wildboars on the wayside. One may also come across the tuskers and various colourful birds if cautious. And if one is lucky enough, the big cat may also be sighted who keeps an eye on the busy highway from the shrubs!!!

After the Mudhumalai Tiger Reserve, the road takes you through the misty, meandering paths over the hills, green coffee and tea plantations to the Queen of Hills in the Nilgiris. In the Nilgiris on your way, you come across the shrubs of the Nilakurinji flowers. These flowers bloom once in twelve years and many people in the villages keep account of their ages by the blooming of these purplish-blue flowers. These are the flowers which turn the hills into a mesmerising blue thus explaining the name, The Nilgiris. Currently, these flowers are not seen much in Ooty as they have been destroyed by the widely flourishing tea plantations. The last stretch of the road from Guddalur to Ooty offers the most breathtaking views. At times the route traverses through the dense pine forests allowing glimpses of sunlight through the trees or at other times it passes through the thick bamboo woods. The presence of small lakes and waterfalls amidst the landscape only reminds you of God’s bounty. Through this splendid road among nature, one becomes spellbound when he/she reaches Udagamandalam or Kovai, a tinsel town surrounded on all sides by the Nilgiris and the blue toy train chugging through it.

Recommended Tours

Bandipur Tour with Ooty

Ooty at Last


So! We have reached Ooty, one of the famous tourist places for the honeymooners; the hill station about which we heard for the umpteenth time since childhood; the shooting spot for so many movies; the hill station harbouring the highest peak in Tamil Nadu. We simply liked to walk about its busy as well as quiet thoroughfares.

Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Ooty

Visit to the Majestic Dodabetta Peak

Dodabetta Peak

After lunch, we boarded an auto to the Dodabetta peak which is located about 6km from the city. This peak offers a scenic view of the valley around it. Enjoying a hot cup of the Ooty tea along with your beloved in the clouds and drizzles with a raincoat over the body offers a heavenly experience. The place also offers hot pakoras, bread omelette, Maggi among other things to enjoy with the tea. The forests here give you a glimpse of birds like the tit and the Asian paradise flycatcher.

Explore Kodaikanal to See Nature in Her Best Green Garb

First-Hand Experience at Tea Factory

Tea Factory

On our way back to the town, we stopped at The Tea Factory where we got a first-hand experience of how we a get a steaming hot cup of tea from the tea plantations after it passes through a long tedious process. One can choose from a range of flavours to buy tea packaged in different attractive parcels for daily use or gifts. Home-made chocolates are one of the other delicacies of this place. Our auto driver took us to a wax museum after this. The auto driver took Rs. 600 for this to-and-fro trip to Dodabetta along with waiting at the different places. Bikes or scooters were not available then for rent due to some administrative problem.

Honeymoon in Kodaikanal – Romance Enveloped in Mist!

A Rejuvenating Stroll at Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

During the afternoon, we took a walk to the Botanical Garden. The stroll through the garden was a rejuvenating experience, walking through innumerable species of plants and flowers.

After freshening up at our resort, we went out for dinner at 9.30pm but to our surprise we found all the shops were shut down by then. We managed to get dinner at one small hotel, but the food was fresh, delicious and cheap. While returning to our hotel, we found we were the only people strolling beside the lake on a quiet, dimly lighted curvy road, hand in hand, reminding us of “Pyar hua iqrar hua..”

Useful Information: The toy train runs from Ooty to Coonoor railway station four times a day. The train takes one through the breathtaking idyllic hamlets of Lovedale, Ketti and other famous hill stations of Tamil Nadu. Many Indian movies had been shot on this train. On the way, one can see a number of streams of water flowing from the hills and greenery abound.

Popular Hill Station Getaways to Explore in Tamil Nadu

Day 2 in Ooty Was Equally Fascinating

second day in ooty

We stayed at a resort by the north lake road, getting a good view of the Ooty lake through our window. The Ooty lake is a tourist spot for boating. Next morning, on waking up, we saw few spotted bill ducks and common coots enjoying the early morning drizzle in the lake from our window. During our second and last day in Ooty , after breakfast we took a walk to the Rose Garden which houses hundreds of varieties of roses. Then we boarded a bus to Guddalur which is on the way to Bangalore. We alighted at Paykara, approximately 19 km from Ooty. We visited the amazing Paykara Falls there, 700m walking from the bus stand. Plenty of rain birds were hovering over the water body which is surrounded by hills on both sides. The vast stretch of the waterfall could be visualised only when the mist cleared. One can also enjoy boating at this place, approx 1.5 km from the bus stand. Car parking facility is available at the bus stand. After a hot cup of tea, we again boarded a bus to Mysore. While entering the Bandipur Tiger Reserve , believe me!! We sighted a Royal Bengal tiger in the shrubs looking at the busy thoroughfare, just approx 70-80m from our bus.

Bangalore with Ooty and Coorg Tour

Safari at Bandipur

Bandipur Safari

We got down at Bandipur to do a safari. Gypsies can be booked online or if one books earlier. On the day of visit, only buses can be booked. We booked two tickets for us and went for lunch at the forest canteen. After lunch, we boarded the bus and took a tour in the jungle. Though we were not lucky enough to spot a tiger or an elephant in this jungle ride, but we caught a glimpse of the red jungle fowl, the big mongoose, the monkeys, herd of deer, wild boars and a number of colourful birds on our way. The bus ride was for approx 1.5 hours. After our safari, we boarded a bus to Gundulpet from where we boarded a bus to Mysore. From Mysore , we preferred train to Bangalore though bus services are widely available. Finally, we reached home at 1.15am after a two-day fun-filled, lovely trip to Ooty with the tune in our mind “Aay zindagi, gale laga le…”

Photo Courtesy: Neel

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Tour My India is among the top notch online travel organizations, which has been recognized by the Department of Tourism, Government of India. Owing to its rich experience in the travel domain, it has earned specialization in offering all types of tours. Right from an excursion on the rugged terrain of hilly areas, to pilgrimage on holy places, Tour My India has quality experience and expertise in making all the arrangements for a safe and memorable trip.

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A complete itinerary for your 3 days in Ooty

A complete itinerary for your 3 days in Ooty

How to Reach

Where to stay, day 1: nature's welcome, day 2: cultural exploration, day 3: tea and shopping.

easy essay on ooty

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A complete itinerary for your 3 days in Ooty

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Madman's Journey

Ooty Travel Blog: Our Incredible 3-day Trip

ooty travel blog

Ooty travel blog : Sitting by the pavements of our campus, we were all excited about the trip we’d planned out – a 3 days visit to Ooty . We all had our phones out, one planning the transport, others calculating the itinerary budget, while I looked for cheap homestays.

However, upon reaching – our booked stay changed, the car we had digested more fuel, and ultimately, the trip was nothing short of an adventure. This is our experience of Ooty, Tamil Nadu – Ooty travel blog.

Table of Contents

Ooty Travel Blog: Pictursque Hues on the Peaks

As we drove up the hills of Ooty through the hairpin curves, we couldn’t help but stick our heads out of the window. We even stopped at certain points for pictures where the buildings on the slopes added to colorful backdrops.

Never having visited Ooty before, I couldn’t get enough of the picturesque spot – the simple streets, the narrow curvy roads, and chocolates everywhere we went.

driving in ooty

We were a group of 8, all my branch mates from college and also, hostellers like me. Since we had a week off on term end and most other kids had gone home, we had nothing to do on the campus.

That’s when we took off! We hadn’t had a trip in a long while since the pandemic and this was no doubt exciting, to begin with.

Driving to Ooty

Since we were a large group, we decided to rent a car for 6 of us. One guy had a Royal Enfield and he declared to bring that along. The transport got sorted out quickly – 2 on the bike and the 6 in the car.

We drove from Bangalore through Mysore and the Bandipur Tiger reserve down to Tamil Nadu Ooty through the steep hairpin curves.

Looking to stay in touch with crazy travel stories? Here’s my IG @ below, what’s yours?

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Manas (@manastheblogger)

It was a 6-hour journey and 3 of us could drive (not me). So they took turns driving, each fighting on who’d drive up the curves on Ooty. In the end, my roommate who’d come along on the trip and not to mention, an excellent drive, took the wheel.

Thank god. I didn’t know how well the others drove, but I knew this guy drove smoothly. So we were in safe hands up the narrow curves after crossing the Bandipur reserve.

I could tell the route wasn’t for amateur drivers as huge buses and trucks zoomed past us by inches on the narrow paths. With blind spots, there were traffic mirrors on every hairpin curve for aid. To add to it was the chilly fog that slowly became denser as we moved up the mountains.

The Other Way to get There

Did you know self-driving rental cars are banned in Ooty? Call up any cab service in Ooty and they’ll offer you a tour with a chauffeur. I asked a couple of drivers myself and they said they don’t rent cars unassisted.

You can’t rent a self-drive car. You can tell the driver wherever you wish to go and he’ll take you. But you’re not driving. Madman, Ooty Travel Blog

With the roads narrow and tourists unused to them, rental cars aren’t allowed in Ooty anymore. Though the Bandipur reserve path was great, the recommended route (that we missed) is the Nilgiri Mountain Railway line (NMR) from Coimbatore. In fact, this train covers one of the best things to see in Ooty with it being a World Heritage site.

This is a 5-hour trip from Coimbatore where you get to land straight in Ooty train station. To say so much of it and we missed it .

riding bike in ooty

We Changed our Stay TWICE!

I’d booked the stay for all 8 of us from Booking.com where we’d stay together. As we’d primarily focused on budget travel, we’d picked the cheapest one as it caught our eye right away.

But that’s where it went wrong. Our stay sure had the facilities mentioned on the site. But it didn’t say where it was. As we reached its address, we had come down a ditch with almost no view of the beautiful slopes we’d crossed.

So we asked our hosts for some arrangements and later got a villa with a beautiful view behind it for a sweet price.

travel best accommodations

Ooty Travel Tip: Check up the location of your stay and make sure to get one on the higher slopes overlooking the town below – their prices don’t differ much !

Here’s a map with some stays around the Ooty main city I found for you from Booking.com along with their prices and locations. Check out your preferred stay!

Driving Through Bandipur Tiger Reserve

Early at 5 am, I managed to drag myself out of my bed and get ready as we were leaving early. It was a 6 and a half-hour drive from Bangalore and we got all our things into the car and on the bike and we began.

Driving for two hours or so, we had breakfast at a vegetarian restaurant by the road and began our trip again. Renting out a comfortable Innova for our 3 days trip to Ooty was probably the best and most expensive thing on our budget. With its cushiony seats, we didn’t have trouble through the hours.

Besides, the views through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve (also called the Mudumalai reserve from Tamil Nadu) were exciting as we slowly drove through the sanctuary. We weren’t allowed to stop inside the reserve so we kept moving with our eyes wide open to catch a glimpse of an exotic breed.

mudumalai tiger reserve when visiting ooty

While we had no luck with tigers, we spotted plenty of deers, some elephants, and peacocks. The drive itself was exhilarating throughout.

3-Days Ooty Travel Diaries

I’ll be building an Ooty itinerary soon. But this is my Ooty travel blog – my experience of visiting the place in 3 days.

Day 1 in Ooty

Less than 3 days to be more accurate. As we reached Ooty, it was already over 12 in the afternoon. Our hosts suggested a place to dine in where it cost us much more than anticipated. We spent around Rs. 350 per person, it was EXPENSIVE.

Rs. 350 for an afternoon meal is great for once in a while, but we decided to be more cautious as we had to spend 3 days here. After all, food wasn’t the only thing we were going to spend on. But I’ve to say the meal was pretty good and some of us could barely finish it.

Our next stop was the villa which we were going to check out for the first time. Located on the higher slopes of a locality in Ooty called Tiger Hills, we had an epic view behind the stay with a garden and pathway out the front.

We made no hesitation – it was perfect! We rented it out right away.

Visiting the Ooty Markets

It was already late in the evening as we unpacked and left our villa again for a tour. So we decided to pay the markets of Ooty a visit. I think the market, unlike my assumptions, was the sweetest market I’ve visited.

ooty markets, ooty travel blog

With the plastic ban in Ooty, no junk skims on the roads, coffee shops offer hot chocolates in ceramic mugs rather than disposable cups, and the cold makes the smokes of grilled corn makes all the more pleasing.

Woolen attires including beanies with pom-poms, hot street-side delicacies, local chocolates and coffees, and exotic plants are some of the beauties one’s bound to see while strolling here.

After a couple of hours of roaming, buying some chocolates, and trying hot coffee, we called it a night and returned to our stay.

picturesque coffee shop ooty

Day 2 – Touring the Town

While most of our team woke up lazily as the sun rose, I along with another guy who owned an iPhone (the same guy who drove really well), decided to stroll up the hill we were staying on. We passed by a few local houses, kids playing with firecrackers – yes in the morning , and then… bingo!

We hit a beautiful offbeat viewpoint towards the end of the path. The road ahead was blocked with the sign ‘Tiger Reservoir ahead, no trespassing allowed. But right before it was a high point overlooking the city down the valley.

With no vehicles and no soul around, we took in the mesmerizing air of the unperturbed wind. Not to mention, we got some amazing shots of the scenery.

ooty travel blog

Doddabetta Peak

Returning from the morning viewpoint, we freshened up for the day’s itinerary. We decided to visit the Doddabetta peak point first.

Since there were many things to see, we planned to see the places nearby to any attraction to visit. So heading up the curves of the Doddabetta Peak, we found a chocolate and tea factory and put it on our checklist.

Before the Doddabetta point, there was a road intersection with a steep view on one side where people had stopped to take pictures. Curious, we stopped here too only to find an amazing view of the tea plantations running down the hills from where we stood.

ooty trip experience

We decided to turn around from here as the road to Doddabetta went further down and felt like the view wouldn’t differ as much from our current spot.

Tea & Chocolate Factories

We turned back to the chocolate factory. For a mere Rs. 30 or so for each person, they took us for a tour around the processing of cacao to make chocolates and the tea processes… and we got a bar of chocolate each! Some white and some dark chocolates.

chocolate factory ooty

With so many chocolate and tea factories in Ooty, it’s difficult to describe which exact one did we visit. But to pinpoint, it lay next to the Eagles Dare Adventures – a site for sports like Sky Bridge walk, ziplining, and wall-climbing.

Pykara Lake

With none of the activities here in our budget, we headed to another nature spot after the tour – the Pykara Lake. We didn’t know what to expect from the place, but it wasn’t very exciting. Sure the pine trees loomed high making iconic Tyndall effects and the monkeys swung above us.

But you can find this elsewhere in Ooty – you need not visit the Pykara Lake for it.

easy essay on ooty

Ooty Lake Boating House

The Ooty lake stands as one of the most popular spots to visit and the boating house even more. This is a fun-vee spot for kids with features of an amusement park, a tiny train track, and paddle boats.

There were more like shooting range spots. But it stood on the expensive range of activities. Moreover, it didn’t seem worth it as we could find all of these activities back home.

We did go for the paddle boat though making it a great end to the day.

ooty lake boating house

However, it didn’t stop there, did it? Heading back to our stay, we stopped by the markets to pick up food and drinks for the evening – ultimately staying up late by a campfire, barely sober, and spilling out old honest stories.

Day 3: Visiting Coonoor

No, unlike the previous day, we hadn’t any energy to go for a quick morning walk up to Tiger hills. We all woke up late and lazily packed up the car again. We planned to visit Coonoor, another town 20 km from Ooty, and then head back to Bangalore .

However, with less time in hand for Coonoor, we could only visit one spot. And we chose to visit the Dolphin nose viewpoint.

easy essay on ooty

Dolphin Nose Point Coonoor

Coonoor’s very similar to Ooty with its cacao and tea plantations. The Dolphin nose point, as its name suggests, is a point at the edge of a narrow peak with steep drops on either side of the road.

At its tip ‘The dolphin nose point’, you’ll hear the gush of waterfalls beneath you and if you’re lucky, you’ll see them through the mists below. We arrived at the point early when the shops still remain shut and other visitors slowly started flocking in after us.

We didn’t waste time any further as we’d had to drive back for 6 hours and make it back before dark. While an idli shop opened up here, it wasn’t worth the prices. So we headed back into the town of Coonoor and had lunch at a local dine-in at affordable rates and began our drive straight away.

ooty travel diaries

Conclusion and Trip Budget

We came back to our Uni campus in time, a little over 7 in the evening. It was an exhausting ride back but it was an experience worth all of it. We got to see another elephant in the reserve and yet we wished we took a ride on the Ooty toy train.

But overall, the trip was worth it. We kept the whole plan dutch as the trip would get more expensive as we went.

We spent around Rs. 6000 per person and most of it was unsurprisingly for car fuel. The villa was much cheaper (around Rs. 300-400 per person per night) and the food got a little expensive. Some activities like boating and the entrance fee to many of the activities contribute to the rest of the expenses.

buying chocolates in ooty

The extra expenditure went on some of the street side food like corn, and carrots, and not to mention the irresistible beanie pom beanie caps. I got two myself!

That sums up my Ooty travel blog. I’ve been reading a lot about travel lately and the next time I visit Ooty, I’ll keep an eye on more offbeat places.

I hope this post on the Ooty travel blog made your day better. Do me a favor and share it with your friends! Hope you have a great day :)

carrots in ooty market, ooty travel blog

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' src=

Wow, what a pleasant read! Your Ooty tour weblog fantastically captures the essence of this enthralling destination. The vivid descriptions and lovely visuals truly transport the reader to the serene landscapes and brilliant subculture of Ooty. I especially cherished [mention particular factors you enjoyed, like the insights on neighborhood delicacies or the designated exploration of attractions.

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The Journey Lover

Enjoy Travel

How To Travel Within Ooty: Best 10 Tips Travel Within Ooty

How to travel within Ooty! Ooty is a hill station in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It has been a popular tourist destination since the 19th century when Europeans first arrived there to escape from the heat and disease of India’s plains.

Today it is known for its tea plantations, rose gardens, natural beauty, and cool climate. Ooty offers an excellent view of sunrise and sunset.

How to travel within Ooty

In short, Ooty has much to offer all kinds of travelers – from those who enjoy outdoor pursuits like hiking or cycling to those who want to explore history or take in some art events.

are also plenty of opportunities for shopping with local craftsmen selling their wares at markets throughout town.

But regardless of what you’re looking for when visiting this picturesque hill town, you’ll want to travel around it.

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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B006QF3TW4&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=traveltips000 20&language=en US


How To Travel Within Ooty

Although you can drive up to your destination, the most popular mode of transport in Ooty is the local bus. The best way for visitors to take them is by getting a ticket at one of the stands around town such as the one next to the CTO Office.

The buses run every 5 minutes or so, and a ticket costs Rs.5. You can also buy tickets from the conductor on board for Rs 10 each.

Bus services to all parts of Ooty start at 7:00 am and continue until 9:30 pm. Many of them will stop if they get even one passenger, which means that there are always buses less crowded – perfect if you’re in a hurry.

The roads around Ooty can get quite steep, which means that it’s recommended to hire a taxi or rickshaw. The drivers will likely be waiting at bus stands and locations frequented by tourists.

You can also ask your guesthouse owner for names of reliable taxi/rickshaw drivers who will offer a fair price. If you have a smartphone, Uber is available in Ooty as well.

Ooty also offers organized tours of the town on first-class coaches with Indian guides and a lunch stop at a local restaurant.

These tours cost from Rs 300 to Rs 1000 per person depending on Ooty also offers organized tours of the town on first-class coaches with Indian guides.

A lunch stop at a local restaurant. These tours cost from Rs 300 to Rs 1000 per person depending on the trip, and you can check which ones are available by stopping by the bus stand.

Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh External Battery Pack Type C Input Port Dual Flashlight

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07FDXDB3W&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=traveltips000 20&language=en US

If you’re feeling up to it, there is no shortage of travel agents around town that offer everything from train and air tickets to local tours and hotel reservations.

You can find them at colleges or look for signs advertising these services around town.

Bring a power adapter if you plan to use any appliances that require powering up

Ooty has a wide range of electrical outlets so it’s impossible for there not to be a special one for your particular electronic device. However, you will not always find a power adapter in the room so it’s best to bring one with you.

How to travel within Ooty

Be aware of the fact that English is only somewhat widely spoken

The people here are friendly and helpful but do not expect them to understand or speak fluent English all the time.

Consider the following tips for traveling to Ooty:

1. Collect A Map First To Travel To Ooty

While you can find places in Ooty by asking or checking a map, it’s much easier to locate yourself on a map before you go. The town is quite crowded and traffic makes it difficult for vehicles trying to get from Point A to Point B.

If you have a smartphone, download Google Maps in advance so that you can access their walking directions. Make sure the walking directions are set to “avoid highways.”

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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000069EYA&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=traveltips000 20&language=en US

If you want to travel by bus, make sure you know which stops are for your destination and how long it will take from each stop.

The Ooty bus system is a bit complicated – even locals get lost sometimes.

2. Stay At A Hotel In The City

There are many hotels here that offer a range of facilities and prices. Some of them also have restaurants serving local cuisines as well as international fare.

Hotels outside the city limits are good but can be expensive because they tend to cater more to those coming from overseas so they offer free transportation from the train station, etc.

Find a good quality hotel to spend the night from where transportation is convenient.

If you are looking for a hotel with English-speaking staff, internet access, and good restaurant facilities for breakfast, there are many options to choose from.

Remember to book your hotels well in advance.

The main season is during the summer months of March-June and September-November. If you plan to come here during these times, it is best to book your hotel room well in advance.

Pack warm clothes for winter

Even during the summer months, the temperature can drop unexpectedly so some warm clothes are good to have on hand.

You will need these if you plan to go on cool walks around Ooty town or even for a trip up the mountain behind the town. Don’t forget a supply of local currency.

Ooty is a popular tourist destination so it’s a good idea to have some Indian rupees on hand.

Many hotels and shops here will only accept Indian currency so you may not even be able to withdraw from ATMs if you don’t have enough rupees available.

3. Visit The Famous Tea Plantations

Ooty was founded by a British businessman who fell in love with the beautiful scenery of the mountains and streams. He saw great potential for starting a tea plantation here so he built himself a home and started planting tea for commercial production.

He soon built a factory to process the tea leaves and Ooty became famous for its high-quality “Indian Tea.”

 How to travel within Ooty tea plantation

Today there are more than 21 working plantations in this area, but not all of them offer tours.

Some do offer limited tours that feature the entire production process of tea – from picking fresh leaves to processing into fine powder form on the spot.

4. Enjoy Some Delicious Food While You’re There

Ooty is famous for its “haut-couture” cuisine.

It is said that this town has more restaurants per capita than any other city in India. If you’re looking to try Indian food, there are many different options here. There are also various types of international fare available at the hotels and cafes around town.

You can like it: How To Keep Beer Cold While Traveling: Top 5 Amazing Tips

5. Take Pictures Of All The Different Flowers That Grow Here

Ooty is a sight to behold thanks to the different types of flowers that grow here – especially during the summer months.

You will find roses, daisies, poppies, lilies, and many more in various parts of the town as well as a few tea plantations. There’s a reason Ooty is sometimes called the “Flower City” of India.

6. Drive Slow On Ooty Roads

The roads in Ooty tend to be windy and narrow. It’s best to drive slowly because many drivers tend not to look for other vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Do not take your eyes off the road to gawk at the sites around you because it is dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

7. Use Public Transport For An Easy-Peasy Commute!

Public transport is the best way to get around Ooty. You can take the state-run bus service operated by the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation to your desired stop.

There are also cabs and autos available as public transport options as well as car rental services.

Be sure to plan out exactly where you will be going beforehand since Ooty has a wide network of roads, some of which can be confusing.

In addition, you should have the phone numbers of the local cab services to call for a ride in case you do not see any cabs around or to your desired location.

If you are planning on being in Ooty for some time, then it is recommended that you purchase an unlimited travel pass to have access to all modes of public transport.      

There are buses every 15 minutes during the daytime but this service is not as frequent at night so plan accordingly.

Beware Of Auto Rickshaw Drivers That Want To Get You There Quickly!

These drivers have been known to charge exorbitant prices.

However, if you do decide to take an autorickshaw then find someone who speaks the local language and negotiate a price before getting in the vehicle.

8. Rent A Bike To Explore The City

At your own pace. There are plenty of bike rental shops all over Ooty, but it is recommended to rent from one located near the Central Bus stand if possible.

Do not forget to take a picture of the bike’s license plate before entering into any contracts with bike renters as they generally ask for this information if you seem suspicious.

It could be said that it’s safer to ride in an auto-rickshaw than on a bike in some cases because if something goes wrong, the bike rider has no protection against oncoming traffic.

9. You Can Explore The City Of Ooty By Bicycle

If you rent a bicycle, then beware that the roads can be dangerous in many areas of Ooty.

The roads are narrow, steep and the traffic from other vehicles is dangerous.

In some areas, you will have to share your bicycle with a local shopkeeper.

At most places, you can find someone who has a bicycle for rent and they mostly charge per hour.  

It is better to walk in some areas instead of riding a bike.

However, if you wish to rent a bicycle then the best place is near Sim’s Park.

It will cost you around 50 per hour, but it is relatively safe there because the roads are narrow and not too crowded. You can even find some rental shops outside Sim’s Park.

10. Check Out The Street Art In Town

While travelling to Ooty, you will notice that there are many works of art in different places. The colours of the paintings are vibrant and beautiful. If you want to see something different while travelling then it is a nice idea to stop by these art spots on your way.

Art in Ooty! It will take around 2 hours to reach Ooty from Coimbatore, but do not forget to make stops for sightseeing. There are many places to visit in Ooty, the most popular being the Coaker’s Walk.

The Best Places To Visit In Ooty

There are many places to visit in Ooty. Given below some list:

This is the first place that you should visit when you first come to Ooty. It is the best place for cycling because the roads are safe and not too crowded.

Municipal Garden

This is a very good park located near Hotel Blue Star. Many people visit this garden in the evenings to relax and enjoy.

Botanical Garden

This is also one of the best places in Ooty. You can spend lots of time with your family here. There are various types of flowers, plants, and trees in this garden that you will like for sure.

Gundha Park

This is the oldest park in Ooty. It is located near Gandhi Park. You can find lots of peacocks and other birds here.

Crystal Lake

This is also a very popular tourist destination in Ooty. There are many things to see here, like boating, toy train, fishing, etc. This place has a lovely ambiance.

Pine Forests

These are also popular tourist destinations in Ooty. You will find many varieties of pine trees here. It is one of the most beautiful places in Ooty.

Rose Garden

Roses are one of the best flowers available anywhere. This place has more than 100 types of roses. There are some specialties too. This place is situated near to Rose Garden Hotel in Ooty.

Municipal Park

This park is one of the oldest in Ooty, built-in in 1821. The garden also has a lake, which adds beauty to this place.

Gandhi Park

Gandhi Park was established in memory of Mahatma Gandhi. It is situated near to the Botanical Garden.

Government Botanical Gardens

Ooty is well known for its collection of flowers and plants. This garden houses more than 100 varieties of orchids.

Doddabetta Peak

It is located at a height of 2695 meters above sea level and is rightly called the Queen of Nilgiris. The panoramic view of sunrise and sunset can be seen from this peak.

Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint Situated at the top of Dolphin’s Nose hill, it is a popular viewpoint in Ooty. You can see views of Ooty from here.

Ooty is not a place for shopping.

However, if you wish to buy some souvenirs then I would recommend Government Art Emporium instead of private shops.

Where Is Ooty Located?

Ooty is a hill station in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. It was originally called Udagamandalam and has been renamed as Ooty since the British colonial rule . Also known by its former name Udhagai, Ooty is situated at an altitude of 2,240 meters.

Ooty is the summer headquarters of The Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu, which is one of the most popular hill stations in South India.

Ooty is located in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Ooty has its own post office and town code – 643001.

Distance from Coimbatore: 135 km. Distance from Madurai: 220 km. Distance from Bangalore: 300 km. Distance from Kochi: 170 km.

Distance from Mysore: 50 km. Distance from Kodaikanal: 65 km. Distance from Munnar: 45 km. Distance from Kumily (Periyar): 70km.

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Ooty?

October to February is the best time to visit Ooty. The monsoon months of June and August can be avoided as it gets extremely wet, muddy, and foggy.

The climate of Ooty is a pleasant surprise, with its moderate temperatures throughout the year, except during the monsoons. During the peak summer months of March, April, and May it is very hot at 34° Celsius to 39° Celsius.

It receives a good amount of rainfall from the southwest monsoon, with June being the wettest month.

Ooty has a pleasant climate throughout the year, but summers can be very hot with temperatures rising to about 39 °C.

Winter months are from November to February, when the temperature may drop to about 5 °C.

Ooty gets very heavy rainfall of more than 1710 millimeters during the months from June to August.

Ooty is situated in the Nilgiri hills and gets very heavy rainfall during summer. The average minimum temperature is 10° Celsius and the maximum is 35° Celsius.

What Is The Best And Cheapest Local Transport In Ooty, Tamilnadu?

If you want to explore the city of Ooty you can get buses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and taxis.

There are plenty of buses, taxis, and autos around Ooty. Auto fares start from Rs.10 for 2km.

However, it is better to talk about the fare before moving the vehicle.

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Ooty is a fantastic getaway for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of nature. The city has plenty of hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions that are worth checking out while you’re here.

You can reach Ooty by bus, train or taxi. If you are traveling with your family and luggage, it is best to use a private vehicle like an autorickshaw (three-wheeled covered carriage) for faster travel.

Don’t forget to let us know what the Ooty travel experience was like. Please leave a comment.

Have a nice trip!


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My Summer Vacation to Ooty

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Last Updated on March 4, 2017

  • Every year we plan a trip during summer vacation
  • This year, it was very hot in our place
  • So, we planned our trip to Ooty
  • Ooty is one of the best hill stations in India
  • We visited the Flower Show and enjoyed it very much  

My Summer Vacation – Ooty : (Short Essay)

Summer Vacation is the time for fun and enjoyment. We plan trips during summer vacation every year. We stay in Madurai and our place was very hot this Summer. We planned to visit a good hill station and spend time with our family. We went in a van with all our cousins’ family. It was great entertainment touring and staying with everyone. We stayed in a resort for 3 days. We visited all famous destinations in Ooty. The best experience was the flower show. It was overwhelming to see so many colorful all at a time in one single place.

My Summer Vacation – Ooty : (Brief Essay)

Ooty is one of the best hill stations in our country. She is called the Queen of Hill Stations. We have been planning to go to the best place during our summer vacation. Many people suggested us to go to Ooty for its cold weather and awesome spots.

We planned a 5 day trip to Ooty and booked a  resort before a week. We packed our luggage and boarded the train to Mettupalayam. From there, we booked a van and reached a resort in Ooty. In contrast to the Summer heat in our city, our trip to Ooty gave us a pleasant feeling. This cold temperature and wonderful natural sceneries are the center of attraction.

The whole environment of Ooty – Dodabetta Peak, Sims Park, Pykara Lake, Tea Garden and many more drew us into happiness straight away. Boating in the lake would be really fun filled if you are going with a bunch of people. We took many photos in the most amazing scenery spots and those are memorable till now. The most awesome part of Ooty is the Botanical Garden. Thousands of flowers arranged in a mind blowing manner are the main reason so many tourists to the Botanical garden. The best thing about Ooty is that we will happy in the company of nature. Not only nature, we can also ride horses in Ooty. There are people in Ooty who lend horses for riding; you can enjoy riding if you love to do so. Many of my friends and I tried it out and enjoyed very well. We thoroughly enjoyed each and every place in Ooty and felt comfortable with the food and accommodation. If you want to enjoy your summer vacation, Ooty is one good choice to go with your family and friends.

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Great essays on my best trips I would rate 5 stars .

super bro i this like

Very easy and nice essays

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easy essay on ooty

Ooty Tour : A perfect 5 days Ooty trip itinerary

easy essay on ooty

Ooty is rightly called the “Queen of Hill Stations”. Having been there 4 times already, we are still surprised to discover a new side of Ooty with every trip we do here. After our most recent trip to Ooty this time, we decided to pen down for our readers a perfect 5 days Ooty trip itinerary. This 5 days Ooty trip itinerary will include not only the usual touristy places to see in Ooty. But many others beyond them, which we have actually discovered on multiple trips that we have made to Ooty so far. Obviously this 5 days Ooty trip itinerary is not the one that we have followed. But, if we were to combine all our 4 Ooty trips together and come up with one plan, this would be the itinerary for us. Having said that, let me delve right into the itinerary.

I hope that this 5 days Ooty trip itinerary will have something for everyone. If you are a nature lover and want to stay far from the hustle and bustle of the main town, feel free to use the parts of the itinerary which are more suited for you. On the other hand, if you want to stay in the main town and visit it’s attractions, feel free to do so. Basically, if you don’t have 5 consecutive days at hand or if all the parts of this itinerary don’t suite you, feel free to customise it for your needs. By dropping few days or activities here and there. Before delving into the itinerary, let me give a brief overview of Ooty. And other important things required to plan your 5 days Ooty trip itinerary.

Table of Contents

How to reach Ooty

From most of the major cities around including Bangalore, Mysore and Coimbatore, regular buses ply to Ooty. One can also drive down to Ooty from these cities and towns. If using train, one can go upto Coimbatore which is the nearest town. And then take a bus or taxi from there to Ooty. Also, one can hire a taxi or drive down on their own. On our trips to Ooty from Bangalore, we have used overnight bus, hired a taxi and also drove on our own. The nearest airport is Coimbatore. So, one can also fly in there and then reach Ooty from there.

easy essay on ooty

What is the best time to visit Ooty

To be honest, Ooty is a year round destination. I myself have visited Ooty during the monsoons in the month of August . And then in summer in the month of April. My next two trips to Ooty were in February and January respectively. And I enjoyed my visit to Ooty in all these seasons. During the monsoon season, the crowd is least. And most of the attractions are empty. Plus, if you are like me, you are going to thoroughly enjoy the clouds hanging low. Actually, they will literally hug you. There are occasional bouts of rain now and then. But these are not very long spells. So you have to just stay somewhere in a shade for a while when it rains. And then continue on your trip after that.

easy essay on ooty

While in the winter months, the sky is clear. And there is warm sunshine in the day. While the air is chilly. So it gets really cold by evening. In fact, on my most recent visit to Ooty one morning we woke up to see the whole meadow covered with a thin layer of ice crystal. Which means the temperature must be dropping to freezing cold during the night at times! So, if you enjoy the winter sunshine and the chilly evenings then visit Ooty between November to February. This season is also not very crowded.

easy essay on ooty

In the month of May, the flowers in Nilgiris are in full bloom. There is even a flower festival held in the Botanical Garden of Ooty. The whole valley is fresh and green after bouts of monsoon showers. The days are warm and nights are comfortably cold during this month. But then it is also the peak season. So, you will find a bit of crowd at the usual tourist spots. So, book your accommodation in advance.

Where to stay in Ooty

We have stayed at different locations during our stay in Ooty on different occasions. And from our experience, we recommend the following accommodations:

Sterling Elk Hills, Ooty – This is located around 4km from the main town. Not very far, yet tucked in a beautiful secluded corner. The rooms have views of the valley. And the icing on the cake is that they have family suites with kitchenette. Which families are sure to enjoy. Apart from that the food is amazing. And so is the hospitality. We particularly loved staying here with our parents and kids because of the suite room, which reminded us of our similar experience while staying in Bangkok, Thailand . Although the kitchenette is equipped with a microwave. And a sink. Plus basic cutlery. I do wish that it had an induction cooktop or a gas cooktop and some basic pots and pans as well. Nevertheless, it is totally worth a short stay. As, it has all other facilities like wifi, strong network and proximity to the town etc.

easy essay on ooty

Book Sterling Elk Hill Ooty here at booking.com

Book Sterling Elk Hill Ooty here at Agoda.com

La Montana TGI (Previously Sagar Resort) , Ooty – This one is special to us. As, this was where we stayed on our first trip. And loved every bit of our stay here. The usp of this place is the big balconies attached to each room. And uninterrupted breathtaking views of the valley from these villas. You can also see the toy train crossing from the valley. Although, it is almost 8km away from the main town. So, if you want to enjoy some peaceful time and beautiful natural views, and don’t mind staying a bit far from the main town, don’t give a second thought to this place. They also have excellent food and service. While staying here, we had hired cab from the hotel for sight seeing. And the charges were very reasonable. Read my complete review of our stay at Hotel Sagar Resort here . 

easy essay on ooty

Book La Montana Ooty here at Agoda.com

Accord Highland Hotel, Ooty – Hotel Accord Highland is located at a very high altitude, only 3km from Dodabetta Peak, the highest peak in Ooty. Again, it is a bit far from the main town. But it is very conveniently located on the Ooty-Kotagiri Highway. I stayed here on one of the recent visits, just for the mesmerising views of the valley and the Nilgiris mountain ranges from here. The rooms have beautiful views. And there is a big lawn also for kids to play and elders to relax.

easy essay on ooty

Book Accord Highland Ooty here at booking.com

Book Accord Highland Ooty here at Agoda.com

Destiny Farmstay Ooty – This one is very far from the main town, almost 28km. But it is a completely different and unique experience. If you are following our 5 days Ooty trip itinerary, we recommend you stay here for one night. Read my blog post to destiny farmstay, emerald lake and the unique experience that it offers. Along with the description of Emerald Lake – the huge turquoise blue lake . Which is one of the most beautiful lakes I have visited in India. And why staying here at the banks of Emerald Lake at Destiny Farmstay is a very unique experience. We highly recommend staying here for once.

easy essay on ooty

Book Destiny Farmstay Ooty here at booking.com

Book Destiny Farmstay here at Agoda.com

5 days Ooty trip Itinerary

The 5 days Ooty trip Itinerary is carved assuming you drive to Ooty on your own. So, a lot of time on day 1 and day 5 is reserved for driving. If you are taking an overnight bus or other public transport, you might have a little extra time at hand than what I have put in this 5 days Ooty trip itinerary. So, if that is a case, leave me a comment and I will let you know what you can do for your itinerary as per your arrival and departure schedule.

Day 1: Arrival in Ooty & some sightseeing on the way

Assuming you are driving from Bangalore, Mysore or other such city. Start early in the morning. And then drive down via this route:-


This route is around 30km longer than the other route via Masinagudi that google maps shows you by default. But, it is much more scenic, one of the best road trips in India ! First of all you get to enjoy spotting the wildlife in Bandipur National Park and the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. We spotted herds of deer freely grazing near the highway, some elephants, peacocks, apes and lots of groups of monkeys on our most recent drive through Bandipur and Mudumalai.

easy essay on ooty

Plus you can do some sight seeing while on your way to your accommodation. As, it passes through Pykara Lake , 9th mile shooting point and 6th mile . So, if you start by 5:00am in the morning, from Bangalore, you can reach Pykara Lake by 1:30pm. Even after taking ample breaks on the way. It is a beautiful lake surrounded by forests. You can enjoy a boat ride in the lake. And also visit the Pykara Waterfalls right besides the lake.

easy essay on ooty

From here, you can go to 9th Mile, which is a beautiful green plateau. Perfect to enjoy the scenic green mountains around. It is a perfect spot to have your lunch. Assuming you are carrying it from home or can get it packed on the way. Also, it is a famous shooting place where several scenes from different Bollywood movies are frequently filmed. From 9th mile, proceed further towards the Ooty town. On the way, visit 6th mile. 6th mile is another shooting spot amidst pine forests. You can trek down the mountain slope here, crossing the pine trees. And finally reach on the bank of a scenic lake below. Again, another perfect spot to take some awesome pictures. After all this, you can reach your accommodation in town or near Ooty town by 5:30pm to max 6:00pm.

easy essay on ooty

Actually, we visited these spots on our second trip to Ooty. And the day after arrival in the town. Only to realise that you can cover them right on your way to Ooty!! Thats why we have included these on the first day of this 5 days Ooty trip itinerary.

Day 2: Ooty town sightseeing

If you have not been to Ooty before, it is totally worth it to visit the lovely tourist attractions spread around the town. The top ones include –

easy essay on ooty

A beautiful manmade lake in the centre of Ooty town. You can do boating in the Ooty lake.

Or, cycle around the lake. And shop from the numerous shops around the lake.

Dodabetta Peak

This is the highest peak of Ooty. There is an observation deck here. From where you can see far and wide into the plains beyond the Nilgiris. Also, it is mostly chilling and cold here. Because of the high altitude. It is located around 6km from the centre of the main town.

Botanical Garden Ooty

easy essay on ooty

One of the best gardens in India is the botanical garden of Ooty. It includes a huge variety of flora, a glasshouse, a small nursery and vast lawns where one can sit and enjoy nature. This is one spot that I have visited thrice while on my trips to Ooty. Totally love the different shades of green and the different species of plants here.

Deer Park Ooty

Located almost 2km from Ooty Lake, the deer park is a small wildlife sanctuary right in the heart of Ooty town. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts are very likely to love this place. However, I have personally never been here.

Top places to see in coorg

Toda Tribe Huts

The Toda Tribes in Ooty are mostly farmers and cattle herders. They live in very unique huts. (Which sure will remind you a bit of Hobbiton!). Although I am sure these tribes have never seen Hobitton. So, do visit these huts and drive the parallel yourself while in Ooty.

Rose Garden Ooty

The Rose Garden of Ooty houses 20 thousand varieties of Roses!! They are mostly in full bloom in the month of May. Where a flower show is also held in the garden. The Rose Garden is another beautiful spot to visit in Ooty town.

Apart from the above, if time permits, visit a chocolate factory. Here you can see the process of making the famous Ooty chocolates.

Day 3: A half day tour of Coonoor & Toy Train Ride

After covering all the Ooty town attractions on the second day of your 5 days Ooty trip itinerary, head for a half day trip to Coonoor from Ooty. Coonoor is another beautiful Nilgiris gem of a place, situated right next to Ooty. Self drive or hire a cab from Ooty, And visit the following attractions in Coonoor.

Tea Garden, Coonoor

easy essay on ooty

Coonoor is famous for it’s tea garden. So, why not visit one on your way there. Many of these tea gardens also have adjoining tea stalls from where you can enjoy freshly brewed tea. And they also have small shops from where you can buy tea leaves. My own memory from my first trip to Ooty is standing in the middle of tea garden. And hugging the monsoon clouds.

easy essay on ooty

What Ooty Botanical Garden is to Ooty, Sim’s park is to Coonoor. It is a very beautiful, large, manicured botanical garden that consists of several varieties of plants & trees. Also, it has a beautiful landscape. With flower beds, small ponds and fairytale bridges across those ponds. Do visit here when in Coonoor.

Dolphin’s Nose

A viewpoint high up that gives 180 degrees view of the surroundings. On a clear day, you can see as far as the town of Coimbatore from Dolphin’s Nose. Another must visit while in Coonoor. The name is “Dolphin’s Nose” because the viewpoint is pointed at the edge just like a dolphin’s nose 🙂

Lamb’s Rock

This is a unique rock which you can climb with a short trek involving intermittent stairs. And then you can trek back another path. There is a small view point at the top. And again, you get to see beautiful views of the plains stretching in all directions. And the Nilgiri mountains standing guard around these valleys.

After visiting these spots in Coonoor, head to Coonoor railway station. And catch the Coonoor Udagmandalam MG Passenger Toy Train (56138) on your way back to Ooty, At the time of this writing, the train leaves Coonoor around 4:30pm and reaches Ooty railway station by 5:45 pm. Meet your cab here and drive back to your accommodation. The toy train is a heritage train of Nilgiri Mountain Railways . Just like the Toy Train in Shimla & the Darjeeling toy train. It passes through beautiful valleys and mountain terrains. Some of the views that it offers are very picturesque and breathtaking.

Day 4: Drive to Avalanche Lake & Emerald Lake from Ooty town

easy essay on ooty

We have reserved the best for the last. For an offbeat experience from the main town of Ooty, visit Avalanche Lake & Emerald lake. These are two huge and beautiful lakes almost 28km from the main town of Ooty. Unspoilt, natural, beautiful! These lakes are located in reserve forest area. And the whole region is called “Silent Valley”. The name is completely justified given the tranquility of this region. They are a must visit. Alas, I didn’t know about them on my first two trip to Ooty. before the third trip, I was looking for something offbeat and beautiful. And that is when I stumbled upon these lakes. Although, I couldn’t plan to stay nearby or spend a good amount of time by these beautiful lakes. But I did return with that burning desire in my heart.

easy essay on ooty

So, on my fourth trip, I planned to spend a night at Destiny Farmstay, on the banks of Emerald Lake. And every moment spent here was totally magical. So, we highly recommend you don’t just drive to these lakes, but rather stay somewhere on the banks or near the lakes. So that you can take a walk or a trek alongside these beautiful lakes. Accommodations like Destiny Farmstay even arrange for camping and picnic by the side of the lake. Here’s my writeup on our Destiny Farmstay Experience! 

Please note that although these lakes are situated just 28km from the main Ooty town. But it takes nearly one hour to reach them. Because of the ghat roads and hairpin bends. So, plan accordingly. As you leave the town, and reach the Avalanche area, you get to a viewpoint from where you can see the whole reserve forest and the lake in the middle of it.

easy essay on ooty

Afterwards, you can further cross the Emerald Dam. And reach the Emerald lake viewpoint. From where you can catch a wider and closer glimpse of the lake. It really looks like an emerald sea in the middle of the beautiful green mountains. Drive further down and you reach the banks of the Avalanche lake. You can actually get down to the lake from here. And have a picnic by the banks.

easy essay on ooty

A little further from here, you reach the Destiny Farmstay Parking. So, if you have booked an overnight stay with them, you can park your car here. And then reach the farm stay in their vehicle. As the last 3km to the farm stay is a narrow mud road that most of the regular cars can’t ply. All the rooms in the resort have beautiful view of the lake. And they also arrange for walking and camping by the lake. So, enjoy your overnight stay near the lake here.

Day 5: Drive back from Ooty

Today being the last day of your 5 days Ooty trip itinerary. Post breakfast, checkout from your accommodation. And start your drive back home. Don’t forget to pack your lunch from Ooty town. Because most probably, during lunch time you will be crossing the forests of Mudumalai and Bandipur. Where you can’t find any restaurant. Neither are you allowed to stop your vehicle. If you pack something for lunch from Ooty, you can conveniently stop anywhere on the way and have it on time.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to stop by a chocolate factory outlet on your way back to buy some homemade, mouthwatering Ooty chocolates. Below is a an Ooty Chocolate Factory Outlet location pinned for your reference. We bought chocolates from here on our last two visits to Ooty. They have large variety and reasonable cost. Also, they have Nilgiris tea in different flavour, essential oils, spices and dry fruits as well.

Tips on doing the 5 days Ooty trip itinerary

  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking and trekking on the hills.
  • No matter which season you visit Ooty in, the nights get chilly. So, carry one thick jacket for the night time.
  • Carry more woollen cloths like sweater, cap, muffler when visiting end of December or January and February.
  • Also, carry an umbrella when visiting in the rainy season (April – September).
  • If you are visiting Ooty during the covid times, you need to e-register at the TN government website and carry a printout of the same. It will be checked at the border while entering Tamil Nadu.
  • Also, if you have more days at hand, you can consider staying overnight at Bandipur. It will be a nice break. Plus you can take the safari at Bandipur National Park.
  • The town of Ooty is very adequately stocked with all essentials that you need. You can always shop from there for anything and everything while there.

PS: Some of our links are affiliated, this means we will earn a commission when you buy a service or product by clicking those links. However, this will have no extra cost for you.

14 thoughts on “Ooty Tour : A perfect 5 days Ooty trip itinerary”

Nice article . Thank you for sharing useful information about

Nice article Amazing information about Ooty trip

Your blog perfectly captures the essence of Ooty – the misty mornings, the vibrant botanical gardens, and the nostalgic toy train journey. Reading about your experiences has ignited my desire to explore this gem in the Nilgiris. Looking forward to creating my own memories in Ooty soon!

Thanks for information nice blogs and images different places to visit

Great write up Neha and Abhishek. Any recommendations for good restaurants at different places you visited? Thanks

Hey Ranga…we mostly had food at the places we stayed at. But there are plenty of restaurants near the lake and botanical garden. I will add some names in the post.

Very detailed and useful information. We plan to travel with kids. Any recommendations on hotels/restaurants for food, during the day travel? Thanks!

Thanks Rini. There are many hotels near the Ooty attractions like the Ooty lake and the main market. I will suggest time your sightseeing in such a way that you can be in this central area around lunch time.

Please Give an approximate idea of expenses for this 5 day trip?

Hi Hemanshu Fuel cost was around 5k INR Hotel stay cost was around 30k INR (including one night stay at destiny farmstay which was around 10k) And other expenses were around 5k-6k

Please give some information if I can get a hired two wheeler from Coimbatore for my Ooty trip and also is it safe for us. As I will be traveling with my wife…

Sorry, I am not sure about 2 wheeler rental in Coimbatore but it should be possible. However, I would prefer a 4 wheeler anytime as the road is hilly and many bigger vehicles comply. You know what I mean, our safety also depends on how others are driving, not just ourselves.

Amazing information we will definitely consider this as we too are gonna travel along with our kids but for the first time.

Thanks Farida. Wish you a wonderful trip!

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Places to Visit in Ooty in 2 Days

15 Stunning Places to Visit in Ooty in 2 Days

Are you planning an Ooty itinerary? Find out the best places to visit in Ooty in 2 days in this ultimate destination list.

From getting recognized as a small idyllic village to becoming an industrially important city – Ooty has had a long transitional phase in promoting South Indian tourism. Factually, Ooty didn’t even exist on the Indian map for about two centuries. Today, its transformation tells what the city has achieved and will achieve in the coming years.

Personally, Ooty has been my favorite South Indian destination. The diversity, culture, scenic locations, and vast landscapes make you go awe and let you get inspired. The city is filled with incredible natural settings, including lush green pastures, dramatic mountain scenery, sprawling tea estates, shimmering water lakes, and stunning botanical gardens.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty has so many sightseeing spots that it’s often impossible to cover everything in a single trip. Especially when you only have 2 days – you might need to shortlist a few locations that you can enjoy entirely. Many of the tour operators in India offer 2-day Ooty tour packages for you to explore – but it’s best to know which destinations can be covered in Ooty in 2 days. Hence, to make your South Indian travel plans easier – we came up with this ultimate Ooty sightseeing list .

So without further ado, let’s get started by exploring these amazing places to visit in Ooty in 2 days.

Best Places to Visit in Ooty in 2 Days

Ooty botanical gardens.

The Botanical Gardens in Ooty is one of the most-visited attractions in Tamil Nadu. Almost any tourist who plans an Ooty itinerary for themselves includes the Botanic Gardens in their plan. Maintained and protected by the state’s Horticulture Department, the Botanic Gardens should definitely be on your Ooty sightseeing list.

Botanical Gardens | Places to Visit in Ooty in 2 Days

The Botanical Gardens spans 55 acres inland , harboring different flower houses and plantation facilities. These include the fern house, which almost contains 120 species of ferns; the Italian Garden , the New Garden , multiple nurseries, and conservatories. The area also features many natural ponds, floral carpets, and rose gardens. The other main highlight of the Ooty Botanic Gardens is the famous Fossil Tree trunk (20 million years old).

What’s the entry fee?  INR 30 for Adults and INR 15 for children. Timings for the Botanical Gardens : 7 am to 6.30 pm

Ooty Rose Garden

Like the Botanical Gardens, Ooty has another facility primarily dedicated to mixed roses. It approx houses more than 20,000 roses, with well-maintained gardens and organized outer premises. The Ooty Rose Garden has won the title “Garden of Excellence Award” from the Federation of the Rose Societies from South Asia.

Moreover, the garden space is massive in size, and each of its premises has been carved into curving terraces spanning approx 9 acres. If you love photography, then the Ooty Rose Garden is a visual treat to snap unique clicks. Overall, it’s a must-see place in Ooty and should definitely be included in your sightseeing for 2 days .

Ooty Rose Garden

Best Time to Visit Ooty Rose Gardens : The adequate sunshine during March and June provides great sustainability for the flowers to bloom nicely. Furthermore, its annual event – the Flower Show – is usually held in May. To avoid the summer crowds in Ooty, you can alternatively plan your visit during November and February.

What’s the entry fee?  INR 30 for Adults and INR 15 for children. Timings for Ooty Rose Garden : 7.30 am to 6.30 pm

Wenlock Downs

Wenlock Downs, one of the best places to visit in Ooty, boasts prolific greenery and verdant pastures for as far as our eyes can fetch. Popular amongst tourists, the mountains have lured not only travelers from around the world but also famous movie directors to shoot their film scenes.

Sunrise at Wenlock Downs | Places to Visit in Ooty in 2 Days

The tranquility of the place is so relaxing that you feel away from the hustle & bustle of the city crowd. The terrain slopes, lush green patches, and serene natural beauty – makes the Wenlock Downs look stunning in all seasons. The place is also a great hangout spot for golf lovers. Likewise, hiking and trekking are popular too.

What’s the entry fee?  Free. Timings for Wenlock Downs : 9 am to 6.30 pm

Pine Forests

Nature admirers who love being amidst the lofty trees, dense forests, and jaw-dropping sights can find themselves in one of the best places in Ooty – the Pine Tree Forests . The region lures you with charm, making you awe in the scenic canvas the tall trees present.

Pine Tree Forests | Places to Visit in Ooty in 2 Days

The Pine Tree Forests in Ooty is one of the famous film locations for Bollywood productions. The entire area is filled with soaring pines, spirally twisted branches, and molting barks – marking it as a perfect central base for all aspiring filmmakers. Bollywood movies like  Sadma  and  Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak  have been shot here.

Most pine trees, including Ponderosa and Siberian Dwarf species, are almost 1,000 years old, and many have even crossed the 4,000-year mark. Among the densely populated forests, you can expect to spot moths, squirrels, and various butterflies. Likewise, bird-watching is a popular activity too.

Recommended : Checkout these amazing Ooty sightseeing packages for 2 days .

What’s the entry fee? INR 5 for all tourists. Timings for Pine Tree Forests : 8 am to 6 pm

Kamraj Sagar Dam

Amongst the major sightseeing spots in Ooty, Kamraj Sagar Dam tops the ‘must-see’ places. Also known as the Sandynallah Reservoir, the Sagar Dam is quite a picnic spot for families and birdwatchers. Tourists from all parts of the city come to the dam to relax, unwind and soothe their mundane routine.

Kamaraj Sagar Dam in Ooty

Kamraj Sagar Dam attracts a significant group of nature lovers. Since the spot is abundant with flora and fauna – fishing is a popular activity. You’ll have to come early morning to avoid noise and distraction from the tourist.

What’s the entry fee?  Free. Timings for Kamraj Sagar Dam : 9 am to 6 pm

Doddabetta Peak

Tucked away between the surrounds of palatial tea estates, mist-clad mountains, and lavishly grown forests, Doddabetta Peak is one of the major sightseeing spots of Ooty. It’s also been deemed as the highest vantage point amongst the 24 peaks of Nilgiri houses.

A visit to Doddabetta Peak is a surreal experience. Whether you’re picnicking around or seeking an adventurous outcome – Doddabetta Peak makes it an ideal holiday destination for all types of travelers. The charming beauty of its natural bounties is unbeatable when you compare it with other Nilgiri peaks.

Doddabetta Peak | Places to Visit in Ooty in 2 Days

If you’re an avid hiker or love trekking – Doddabetta Peak won’t disappoint you! It’s one of the best places in Ooty to trek, as you tend to get 360-degree panoramic views of the entire Eastern and the Western Ghats. The path to the summit isn’t a strenuous one, but it still requires a moderate fitness level to walk up and down.

The best time to hike the Doddabetta Peak is early morning. The 3km trail to the peak traverses across rugged paths and grassy slopes before reaching your final peak point.

Travel Tip : It’s best recommended to pack enough water, some snacks, and a first aid kit before you hike the Doddabetta Peak. Try visiting early in the morning to avoid tourists.

What’s the entry fee? INR 5 for all tourists.

Pykara Falls

Cascading from the mountains of the Mukurthi peak, Pykara Waterfalls is a magnificent sight to behold. Located 20kksm from Ooty, the waterfalls have been an enjoyable tourist spot to come and explore its beautiful settings.

The surrounding area of the Pykara Waterfalls is famous for its Toda settlement. It’s one of few places in Ooty where you’ll see this indigenous tribe in their most natural habitat.

Travel Tip : It’s advised not to swim in Pykara Falls to avoid unforeseen accidents. Especially during the monsoon, the falls can be very unpredictable owing to the high levels of water in Pykara Lake.

Pykara Lake

If you’re around Pykara Waterfalls, you should ensure to visit the famous Pykara Lake of Ooty. Nestled 2km across the falls, the lake has been a significant tourist attraction of Ooty. The addition of the gaiety boat rides recently has bumped up its tourism – pulling every tourist to admire the beautiful location.

From 8-seaters to 15-seaters, there are several boat trip packages to choose from, and you can book them directly at the Pykara Lake Boat House . You can even try speedboats to add a thrill to your adventure.

Apart from boating, Pykara Lake has been an evergreen tourist spot for all families. You’ll find visitors strolling, picnicking, photography, and thoroughly enjoying the calm atmosphere in the evenings. No matter how you spend your time around Pykara Lake, it should top your list of the best places to visit in Ooty in 2 days.

What’s the entry fee?  INR 10 for entrance, INR 770 – INR 1300 for different motorboat seatings. Timings for the Pykara Lake : 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

The Emerald Lake

Nestled by stunning tea plantations, verdant green pastures, and a serene backdrop, the Emerald Lake is a perfect day trip for visitors looking to spend an enjoyable time in Ooty. It’s also one of the best places in the city to admire the sunrise and sunset.

Visitors from all over the world enjoy the scenic vistas Emerald Lake boasts. From dusk to dawn, the lake is a visual treat for tourists to relax and soak in the pleasant, positive vibes. There are even tea gardens located next to the lake, which offer deep insights into the production of South Indian tea. You can also sample a variety of tea as per your preference.

What’s the entry fee? Free. Timings for the Emerald Lake – 6 am to 5 pm.

Ooty Wax World

Ooty has its very own wax museum in the form of Madame Tussauds if you haven’t been to a wax museum and need to explore it, head straight to the  Ooty Wax World , which is only 2kms away from the central city.

Apart from its accessibility, Ooty Wax World has received much more fame and recognization for promoting its local tourism. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best places to visit in Ooty – offering a thoroughly enjoyable experience to families traveling with kids. The museum comprises statues of many prominent Indian figures representing national, political, sports, and cultural segments. Some notable names include Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, and Mother Teresa.

What’s the entry fee?  INR 20 entrance fee. Timings for the Ooty Wax World : 9 am to 8 pm

Ooty Lake, known for its striking views and picturesque settings, is one of the best places to visit in Ooty in 2 days. John Sullivan has artificially created it, making the lake span 65 acres. The lake is stunning, and the entire region is densely covered with eucalyptus trees and lush green bushes.

Initially, creating this artificial lake was to create more opportunities for fishing. Most of the locals rely on fishing as their primary occupation, and thus the lake’s inception provided them with the required jobs. Today, Ooty Lake has gained fame as the ‘city’s most important landmark.’

During the evenings, you’ll see families picnicking around, children biking across the trails, senior citizens gossiping with their spicy stories, etc. Be it any time of the day, the tranquility of the places always remains calm and relaxing. Thus, giving you a perfect chance to break the hustle and unwind leisurely.

Here’s a small list of things to do around Ooty Lake  –

Boat Trip Around the Lake  – Organized by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Board, the agency offers plenty of boat trip packages to tour across the lake. Usually, the ride is of 30-minutes, taking you through the dense forest areas of the region. Along with regular boat trips – pedal boats, motorboats, and row boating options are also available. The rates usually range from INR 240 to INR 990.

Horse Riding Around Ooty Lake  – Horse riding tours are ubiquitous around lakes and large ponds in India. You can find these short trips available at affordable rates at Ooty Lake. An evening horse ride across the lake sounds enjoyable!

What’s the entry fee?  INR 13 for Indians and INR 560 for Foreigners Timings for Ooty Lake : 9 am to 6 pm

Stone House

Deemed an important historic site, Stone House is one of the must-visit places in Ooty. The construction of the house marked the modernization of the city, as this was officially the first house to be constructed. Thanks to John Sullivan, the Collector of Coimbatore, who surveyed the place and thought of creating something visual for the locals. And that’s when Stone House came into existence.

The Stone House is built in a very picturesque area of Ooty. Its location is quite a scenic tour, with plenty of things to see and do around. Every year, travelers visit the place in large numbers, and it is often crowded during the peak season.

So if you’ve planned your Ooty itinerary for 2 days, you must definitely include the Stone House in your plan.

What’s the entry fee?  The entry fee is free for all tourists. Timings for the Stone House : 10 am to 5 pm

Tea Estate View Point

Ooty is a paradisical place for all tea lovers. If you’re an avid tea drinker, the city won’t disappoint you with its varied flavors and spices. But, along with the drink, it’s worth mentioning that Ooty has its own Tea Factory & Museum . It’s one of the best places to visit in Ooty in 2 days, letting you in on the ‘ South Indian chai masala ‘ secrets.

Tea Plantation area in Ooty

Visitors touring the tea factory can experience its live production, right from where the leaves are plucked, processed, and then packaged. Knowing its process and finer details will surely elevate your visiting experience. Moreover, you can taste a variety of teas near the plantation area to relish your taste buds.

The Tea Estate also has hiking trails that take you across the plantation area to learn more about the history & cultivation process. Likewise, it’s a surreal quest to find yourselves amidst the luxuriant plantation slopes.

Best Time to Visit the Tea Estate : October through March is the best time to explore the tea plantation area and its factory. The winter season in India provides favorable climatic conditions for the plants to grow and sustain themselves fully. Furthermore, temperatures around the daytime range between  20°C – 22°C , making activities like trekking and hiking more suitable.

What’s the entry fee?  There’s no entry fee to explore the tea plantation area. However, the Tea Factory and Museum cost INR 20 per person. Timings for the Tea Factory and Museum : 9 am to 5.30 pm

Toda Hamlet

Ooty is still home to many indigenous tribes who immigrated from the Western Ghats. Most of these tribal communities settled in the city decades ago, forming an essential part of the local population. Amongst these tribes, one such community that inspired the history and timelines of Ooty was the Todas.

Located at a distance of 15kms from Ooty lies the famous Toda Village – the home of the Toda tribal community. A visit to this tiny hamlet amazes you with the influx of history, culture, traditions, food, and much more. Moreover, exploring the village takes you back in time to learn & understand the practices followed by the Toda tribals.

The highlight of visiting the Toda Village is its semi-barrel-shaped huts. These houses were built next to each other, with open grounds used for cattle herding and farming.

What’s the entry fee?  Free. Timings : 10 am to 5 pm

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most important national parks in India. Based in the Nilgiri district, on the borders of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, the national park is a treat for wildlife lovers to explore and spectate a rich diversification of animal species.

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary boasts more than 500 birds, species, and reptiles, and it is even declared a Tiger Reserve, featuring 103 tigers in the national park. As you journey through the forests, you ought to come across many native species in their natural habitats.

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Ooty

Needless to say, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places to visit in Ooty in 2 days.

Things to do in Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary  –

Take a Jungle Safari  – The safaris are the most popular activity in any national park. Especially in Mudumalai – the jeep safaris bring you up close to the wildlife species in the best possible way. Common sightings include tiger, deer, leopards, panthers, grey langurs, and pit viper.

Take an Elephant Safari   – You will need to book your elephant safaris in advance to get a slot. The elephant rides at Mudumalai aren’t like your jeep safaris, as they don’t venture deep into forests. However, it’s perfect for visitors who want to get an upper view of the forest reserves and surroundings.

Go trekking  – Trekking is another popular activity in Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. The forest rangers won’t allow you to take the trails leading to the core national park; however, they’ll guide you to venture designated pathways for mountain hiking & climbing.

What’s the entry fee?  INR 30 for entry, INR 340 for jungle bus safaris, INR 4000 for jungle jeep safaris, and INR 1100 for elephant rides. Timings for   Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary : 6 am to 6 pm

Places to Visit in Ooty in 2 Days Schedule

Please refer to the schedule below to plan your Ooty sightseeing for 2 days. This will help you structure your Ooty itinerary accordingly.

Places to Visit in Ooty on Day one

Kamraj Sagar Dam Tea Estate View Point Pine Forests Wenlock Downs Pykara Lake Pykara Waterfalls The Emerald Lake Toda Hamlet

  Places to Visit in Ooty on Day Two

Ooty Botanical Gardens Ooty Rose Gardens Ooty Wax World Stone House Doddabetta Peak Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (could be done separately on day 3)

FAQs for Ooty Itinerary

Are 2 days enough for Ooty? Ooty is considered to be a perfect weekend getaway destination. Ideally, 2 days in Ooty is more than enough to explore its tourist attractions, sightseeing experiences & other popular activities . Moreover, you can add an extra day to your trip to explore Ooty in all its entirety.

What should you not miss in Ooty? You shouldn’t miss out on exploring the Ooty Botanical Garden , Ooty Rose Garden , Doddabetta Peak , and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary . Even if you’re short on time, try to prioritize these places in Ooty to explore the South Indian charm.

How much does the Ooty trip cost? The cost of your Ooty sightseeing trip will depend on its inclusions & exclusions. Ideally, tour operators in India charge INR 30,000 – INR 35,000 for a 4N/5D all-inclusive package . However, the cost may get reduced depending on the type of accommodation you choose, attractions you book, and other tour-related add-ons.

When is the best time to visit Ooty? Though Ooty is a year-round destination with a good climate & considerate temperatures, the best time to visit the town is between March and June. The period marks the summer season in India, with daytime temperatures rising up to moderate levels. Also, all of the attractions in Ooty are open during this time.

Explore Further Readings & Resoucres

Hope this guide helped you to figure out the best places to visit in Ooty in 2 days. To help you with your other destination plans – we’ve got some amazing guides & itineraries curated.

Feel free to browse through the below resources –

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  • 10 Ooty Travel Tips To Help You Experience The Town More Like A Local & Less Like A Tourist!

27 Mar 2023

‘Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.’

I didn’t know what this truly meant until I set foot in Ooty! And since it left me with a childish longing to stay here forever, forgetting all about the world and work, I decided to come back with a bucket full of Ooty travel tips to let you in on the blissful experience…through my eyes! Here’s everything I experienced on my trip right from transport, food, what to do, and what not to do, down to the most offbeat experiences I had even in the peak season!

My Best Ooty Travel Tips From An Epic Family Vacation In May

What all you must experience (and how) on your trip to Ooty:

10. Drive Slow On Ooty Roads

Drive slow on Ooty roads

I was surprised to find well-maintained roads in this part of the country. And that made driving on those curves all the more enjoyable! Though there’s also a high chance of spotting animals in this part of the Mudumalai forest, you need to make sure you drive slow on your way uphill to Ooty. This will help you ensure you don’t hit any animals crossing the road (we almost hit a Blue Bull!)

Don’t forget: To roll down the windows and enjoy the refreshingly cool breeze on your road trip!

  5 Amazing Homestays In Ooty That Date Back To The British Era

back to list

9. Book Your Nilgiri Mountain Railway (Toy Train) Tickets Well In Advance

Book your Nilgiri Mountain Railway tickets well in advance

I thought I wouldn’t require to book a ticket online, and ended up standing in a long queue before the ticket counter an hour before the train had even arrived at the platform. If I had booked my tickets well in advance on the IRCTC website, I could have reserved myself a seat in First Class. So make sure you learn from my mistakes and follow these Ooty travel tips for a two-fold benefit: You won’t have to stand in that long queue for the ticket, and you can make sure you get the seat with the best views!

8. Train Ride? Go From Coonoor To Ooty And Not Vice Versa. Thank Me Later!

    A post shared by Kanika Saxena (@trippintripod) on Jul 10, 2018 at 8:14pm PDT

7. Trying Delicious Ooty Food During Ramadan Is A Must!

Get a taste of the amazing Ooty food during Ramadan

My family and I visited Ooty in May-end and we were met with Ramadan festivities in every corner. The best part about it was the variety of Biryani and dates we got to have wherever we went for our meals. And when we were not having a delicious bowl of Biryani, we helped ourselves to the amazing variety of Tamil cuisine in Ooty. Just make sure you do your research and list down the high-rated restaurants before starting your trip, and Ooty food will surely leave you asking for more!

  Ooty Summer Festival 2022: An Artistic Celebration Of The Southern Hills

6. Use Public Transport For An Easy-peasy Commute!

Getting around the town is easy-peasy

Though we had ourselves a private cab that made going around in Ooty hassle-free, we used the public Ooty transport whenever the car wasn’t available, or whenever we just felt like experiencing the town like a local! We found that Ooty has a regular and reliable state-run bus service, as well as tuk-tuks that helped us get around the town with ease. Though the bus fare was next to nil, the autowalas quoted ridiculously high prices before my mom put her pro bargain skills to use and we traveled around the town at dirt cheap rates.

5. Tea Lovers, Cover Your Face Before Entering The Tea Factory In Ooty

Tea lovers, cover your face before entering the tea factory in Ooty

While we absolutely loved the chocolate processing room (mostly because of the free chocolate tasting session!), we ended up feeling claustrophobic in the Ooty tea processing quarters. Unlike other tea factories I have visited on my tours in the past, this one had a pungent smell and we immediately rushed out when it became unbearable. We’re certain it was only because of the rain, but make sure you’re well prepared before entering this room anyhow.

10 Best Villas In Ooty For A Pleasant Stay In The Hills

4. Visit Ooty During The Monsoons And You Will Never Forget It!

    A post shared by Kanika Saxena (@trippintripod) on Jul 16, 2018 at 8:41pm PDT

I, for once, wanted to dance in the rain! Turning the landscapes greener and fresher than they already are, monsoon in Ooty only added to its charm and we were glad we didn’t miss it! If you’re wondering what this is doing in a list of Ooty travel tips, then you really need to go and see it to believe it!

3. Offbeat Places To Visit In Ooty? Well, Go To The Tea Park

kanika ooty trip tea park

  54 Places To Visit In Ooty In 2022 That Are Fun And Incredibly Spectacular

It wasn’t there in our Ooty travel itinerary (or even in any Ooty tour guide for that matter) because not many people know about it. But it was the most fascinating experience on our tour other than the Ooty train ride. I felt it had been set up specially to let me tread into a picturesque tea plantation and click millions of Instagram-worthy pictures! After hours of driving by and simply looking at those pretty tea estates with a yearning to visit one, I finally got a chance to actually roam into one, pluck a tea leaf or two, and inhale the delicious aroma!

Don’t forget : To try the variety of Ooty tea flavors, including the tantalizing Masala Tea, at the tea stall inside the park!

2. Don’t miss the Ooty Flower Show (plan your holiday around it!)

Don’t miss the Ooty Flower Show

We were left wishing we had booked our trip while the Ooty Flower Show was still going on. We arrived on the final day of the 22nd Ooty Flower Show and realized we should have come sooner when we set our eyes on the remaining props and decorations. A marvelous depiction of the charming culture of Ooty, the show is an unmissable part of every traveler’s itinerary.

Pro Tip: Plan your trip around the Ooty Flower Show which happens mostly in May every year if you want to witness a splash of colors like none other!

1. Loved The Chocolates And Spices? Buy Them From Local Stores & Not Factories!

Buy Ooty chocolates and spices from local stores

The chocolates, spices, and essence we bought in the tea factory store cost us way more than what the prices the local stores quoted. Also, we found the quality and taste of handmade chocolates in these local stores in Ooty way better than those of the tea factory.

  30 Best Things To Do In Ooty That Will Make You Fall For The Hills All Over Again In 2022!

A Snippet Of My 6 Days Ooty Coorg Trip Itinerary

Though my trip also included Coorg and Mysore, I wanted to start by giving you all Ooty tips first since this destination touched my heart the most! But just to give you all an idea of my family trip, I would like to share that my Ooty family package included our transfers, meals, accommodation, and sightseeing – all at a per person cost of INR 19,800.

DAY 1: Arrival at Bangalore – Private transfer to Mysore – Mysore Palace – Brindavan Gardens – Check-in at hotel Ruchi the Prince – Dinner – Overnight stay DAY 2: Breakfast – Transfer to Coorg – Namdroling Monastery – Nisargadhama Forest – Check-in at hotel – Evening tea with snacks – Coorg backwaters – Dinner – Overnight stay DAY 3: Breakfast – Abbey Falls – Omkareshwara Temple – Raja’s Seat – Return to hotel – Dinner – Overnight stay DAY 4: Breakfast – Shopping – Transfer to Ooty – Bandipur & Mudumalai Forest Reserve – Check-in at hotel – Overnight stay DAY 5: Breakfast – Ride on Nilgiri Mountain Railway – Boating in Ooty Lake – Tea Park – Doddabetta Tea Factory – Return to hotel – Dinner – Overnight stay DAY 6: Breakfast – Check-out from hotel – Ooty Botanical Garden – Rose Garden – Transfer to Coimbatore airport – Flight back home

Ooty In Monsoon: Top 4 Experiences To Turn Your Getaway In 2022 Into An Awesome Affair

I really hope I have given you plenty of sweet reasons to visit this paradise in Southern India but in the right manner! Booking my Ooty family holiday via TravelTriangle turned out to be a great decision for us since it let us experience everything we wanted and that too on a budget! And guess what, you too can do the same by following my Ooty travel tips! Till then, Happy Tripping!

Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling To Ooty

Still confused? See if these common queries help out:

How can I travel locally in Ooty?

If you want to indulge in the Ooty experience like a local, then you will need to live there like a local! Travel on buses and trains, explore the gardens and roads on foot, eat at local eateries and street side stalls rather than fancy restaurants.

Where should I go after Ooty?

Every Ooty travel guide suggests that you also explore nearby cities and towns like Coonoor, Coorg, Kodaikanal, and Coimbatore once you’re done with Ooty.

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Meander Wander

How to Plan an Amazing Ooty Trip on a Shoestring Budget

' src=

Planning an Ooty trip anytime soon? Don’t worry, I have got you covered!

One of the most popular hill stations to visit in Tamil Nadu, Ooty has a lot to offer in terms of landscapes and activities. From boating in the lakes to experiencing safari rides, there is a lot you can do here.

But is it possible to plan a trip to Ooty on a budget trip? Well, yes! In the past couple of years, I have traveled to Ooty multiple times. On each trip, I have discovered a new part of Ooty and can assure you that there is something for all kinds of travelers here.

So, if you are planning a trip to Ooty anytime soon, then we have jotted down all the details for you in this Ooty trip guide.

How to Plan an Amazing Ooty Trip on a Budget

Best time to visit ooty.

One of the first things to plan your Ooty trip is to decide when you are going to visit this beautiful hill station. Although Ooty is a year-round destination, the best time to visit this place is during summers.

The weather stays cool and pleasant in the summer season and you can escape the summer heat of the neighboring cities. Monsoon season is also a good time to visit Ooty as you will experience lush greenery here but it will be cold.

For those who don’t like the cold, winter is certainly not the best time to visit Ooty. The temperature can drop to 6 degrees Celsius, making it cold for sightseeing and enjoying the activities here.

How to Reach Ooty

There are several ways to reach Ooty which we will be covering below.

Ooty - Avalanche Forest Reserve

The closest airport to Ooty is Coimbatore International Airport at a distance of 88 km. There are direct flights connecting this city to all the major cities in India.

The closest railway station to Ooty is Mettupalyam at a distance of 40 km. You will find trains from nearby cities to this station including Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, and more.

For those who are traveling from a little further away, Coimbatore Railway Station is the best choice. From here, you can take a private cab or local bus to reach Ooty.

You can also opt for a road trip to Ooty from nearby cities. Apart from that, local and private buses are available from Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, etc. to Ooty.

Where to Stay in Ooty

Ooty is a popular tourist destination so there are many stay options available here for people traveling on all kinds of budgets.

If you happen to plan a trip during the peak season then make sure that you book your stay in advance.

Delightz Inn Ooty

Although there weren’t any hostels in Ooty a couple of years, it is not the case anymore. There are 2-3 backpacker hostels that are perfect for solo travelers and budget backpackers.

In fact, there is also a Zostel franchise here which you can choose for your stay in Ooty.

Most of the hostels range between 400 – 600 INR and are a good way to meet other solo travelers and backpackers.

Hotels and Resorts

In case you are traveling with a group or need your privacy then there are several good hotels and resorts here as well. You can easily find a good hotel room for 2 people costing you about 600 – 1500 per night.

And if you want to avoid the city area and want to stay in a quieter area in Ooty then Delightz Inn Resort is certainly a good place to stay at.

Where to Eat in Ooty

One of the best things about a trip to Ooty is that there are lots of amazing places here where you can eat a decent meal at a reasonable price.

Also, you get all kinds of cuisines here. But if you traveling to Ooty then make sure you try the South Indian cuisine because their sambhar is freaking delicious!

Moddy's Confectionery

Local Restaurants

There are many local food joints and restaurants that you can try out when hungry in Ooty. Make sure you try Idli and Dosa here as they will be cheap and extremely appetizing.

In fact, you can easily get a good dosa or Idli plate for just 50 – 70 INR. And the varieties that you get in dosa will completely blow your mind and will make you want to try out all kinds of dosas available here.

Moddy’s Confectionery

Apart from the delicious South Indian dishes, Ooty is also quite famous for its chocolates. And Moddy’s is one of the most popular chocolate brands to check out in Ooty.

They have an assortment of chocolate flavors that you can try and select from. But that’s not all, they also offer snacks like patties, pizzas, etc. for people who are hungry after selecting chocolates for themselves.

Other Options

They also have some other commercial establishments like CCD, Dominos, etc.

So, if you are craving some coffee or pizza you can always head out to them. Although we would suggest you stick to the local cuisine so that you get a real feel of Ooty.

How to Travel In and Around Ooty

When you are planning an Ooty trip, then it is quite obvious that you will go sightseeing at some point. It may be to the places residing inside Ooty or places which are near Ooty.

Thankfully, there are many ways for you to travel around Ooty and make the most of your stay here.

Lakes in Ooty

Personally, I feel the best way to explore real Ooty and other Nilgiri Hills destinations is by taking a bus.

There is a good bus network here so you will find a bus for each place near Ooty like Kotagiri, Kodanadu, Coonoor, and so on. Also, the buses are cheap and quite convenient if you know where you are heading.

The only problem with taking a bus is that you have to plan your day in advance.

Most of the buses are available at a particular timing and often result in waiting so you can end up wasting a lot of time here.

A bus from the Ootacamund bus stand to Dodabetta will cost around 10 INR while a bus to Kotagiri will be around 25 INR.

If you don’t have a lot of time with you then the best and most convenient way to explore Ooty is by hiring a cab here. It can be expensive if you are traveling solo or with just 1 friend but it can be really useful when traveling in a group.

A tour to Avalanche Lake, Emerald Lake, etc. will cost you around 2,000 INR and will take at least 6-7 hours.

A tour of the Kotagiri side will also take 2,000 INR and will take almost the entire day.

So, if you do take a cab make sure that you have a few people to share the costs with else it can become really expensive for you.

If you are traveling in the town itself then the best way to explore the place is by walking. Most of the places are nearby and can easily be reached after an hour of walking.

Also, you get to admire the tea plantations and the mountain views and can stop wherever you like on the way.

For people traveling in the city, another convenient and quick mode of transportation is taking an auto.

It is great for short distances but it can cost you a lot as well. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time walking then taking an auto is the best way to explore this hill station.

Shopping in Ooty

Tea Estates Ooty

If you are doing an Ooty trip on a budget, then, of course, you have to be careful about what you shop here too. Thankfully, Ooty is famous for a few things like homemade chocolates, tea leaves, herbal oils, etc. that you can get at a reasonable price here.

In terms of clothing, Ooty is one of the best places to buy woolen clothes. From caps to gloves, you can find it all here at an affordable price.

For tea and coffee lovers, Ooty has many shops that serve a variety of teas and coffee products. You can get these in different flavors such as black, green, masala, jasmine, cardamom, and even chocolate.

Apart from that, you can also buy aromatic oils such as lavender, lemongrass, camphor, eucalyptus, etc. which have medicinal purposes and are good for your hygiene.

Finally, to tickle your taste buds, you cannot miss out on shopping for homemade chocolates here. There are many shops with a wide range of chocolate varieties for you to choose from.

Overall, you can easily spend 2000 – 3000 INR on shopping in Ooty.

ATM and Network Availability on Ooty Trip

Let’s discuss one of the most crucial aspects of traveling, ATM and Phone Network availability.

ATMs in Ooty

Since Ootacamund has developed a lot in the past few years, more ATM options have cropped up all over the hill station. So, you will easily find an ATM for IDBI, Indian Bank, SBI, etc. in Ooty.

However, during the long weekends, the cash could be low in these ATMs so it is always a good idea to withdraw cash from Coimbatore or your native place before reaching Ooty.

Also, if you don’t have your own vehicle then reaching these ATMs can be a pain if you don’t live near the main market area.

Always carry a decent amount of cash when traveling to Ooty.

Network Available in Ooty

Most major mobile networks work in Ooty including Vodafone, Airtel, JIO, BSNL, etc. However, in some areas, you will get only BSNL or JIO network.

Even Airtel’s 4G service is patchy in Ooty and there are a lot of spots where there is literally no signal in both Airtel or Vodafone network.

So, if you are in dire need of an Internet network on your trip to Ooty then carry a BSNL or JIO sim with you.

Ooty might not be as peaceful and serene as it was at one time but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t charming or beautiful places to visit here anymore.

Honestly, there are so many amazing things to do in Ooty that you can easily spend a couple of days here and still be short on time.

So, make sure that you do visit the offbeat places here and enjoy the Queen of hill stations.

Trust me, an Ooty trip on a budget can end up being really refreshing. And it can help you take a break from your fast-paced life for a better result.

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Can 4 people go here with 10k each i.e 40 k in total?

Yes, they can but keep in mind that cost will vary based on where they stay and the number of days spent there. Can help you more if you give me more details about the trip.

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  • A Visit to a Hill Station - Long and Short Essay


What is a Hill Station?

A small town situated at a higher elevated position than its nearby plains or valleys is referred to as a hill station. The climate is usually cold and a hill station has a low temperature. A visit to a hill station essay for 5 th class students and the students studying in higher classes is given below. The hill station essay is written in easy and simple words for the easy understanding of students. After reading this favourite hill station essay, the kids will be able to write a Visit to a Hill Station essay in English on their own. 

Long Essay on A Visit to a Hill Station 

Visiting a hill station in the summers is the best getaway from the scorching heat of the city you live in. In addition to that, the pleasant weather and temperature are suitable for meditation and health restoration activities. 

India is a hot country with very high temperatures during April, May, and June. A short trip to a hill station every summer is exciting and quite tempting. Everybody wants to escape the blazing heat to refresh and rejuvenate. People who cannot afford to travel abroad are always keen to visit nearby hill stations to enjoy the summers. It is a great escapade for people, away from the high temperatures of the plains. 

Shimla has been on our wish list for a very long time now, it was locked as our destination this summer. My entire family was excited about this trip to Shimla. Our love for train journeys made us choose to travel by train for this trip. We boarded the train for Shimla early in the morning, and were going through these lush green lands, intriguing tunnels, and beautiful hillsides. 

We were simply mesmerized to see the view of many other hill stations like Solan, Jakej, Kumarhatti, etc. The next day we arrived at Shimla in the afternoon and took a cab to reach our hotel. Our room in the hotel was huge and had a breathtaking view. We got ourselves some rest and, in the evening, planned to go shopping and explore the Shimla market. 

The Ridge or Mall Road is the go-to place for the crowd to shop. Banks, classy hotels, coffee houses, and fancy shops were in high demand. The Ridge ends at the Mahatma Gandhi statue. We could also see snow-capped peaks by then, which melted our hearts.  

The next day we started with the Hanuman temple in the morning. We spotted many monkeys at the famous Hanuman temple, who were getting fed with bananas by the locals and tourists. We then started for Mashobra, an apple farm and horticulture center that is pretty well known. We received eye-opening information about horticulture there. Several misconceptions regarding the plants and flowers were cleared too. Lakkar Bazaar was the destination for the evening. It is a wood market, selling items made out of wood including walking sticks and decorative pieces. We returned to our room and rested after exhausting ourselves completely. 

The next morning, we had our breakfast and headed for Badi Ki Dhar. We witnessed the beautiful sights of Shimla from this hilltop. With cold winds brushing by our faces swiftly, the view was outstandingly mesmerizing. It also has a famous temple of Lord Shiva. The Lord is commemorated in an annual fair organized on the 14 th and 15 th of June. 

The next spot for us was the Switzerland of the East. It has this peculiar name to it since it’s covered with snow completely. It was all of our first time feeling and touching the real snow in its serene surroundings. We kept playing in the snow to our hearts were content. We ate a little bit and went back to sleep in our rooms. 

There were two more spots left to see in our itinerary. They were the Chadwick waterfall and the Himalayan Bird Park. The Himalayan Bird Park was best for bird watchers and nature lovers. We got to see very rare species of birds, some exotic pheasants, peacocks, and the Himalayan Monal. The amazing colours of the birds along with their chirping sounds made the atmosphere very vibrant. We even fed the birds with our own hands. The park is also famous for its collection of rare trees and plants. The last spot was the most-awaited place called the Chadwick waterfall. Located in an undisturbed corner of the Glen forests, the looming greens, the breezy climate, the sound, and the fragrance of the wild works as a mood lifter for the senses. 

Short Essay on a Visit to a Hill Station  

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever!” I was always told that hills are a thing of beauty. I had a chance to visit Shimla with my family. We took a train this time and the journey was quite thrilling for us. Shimla being a beautiful hill station, it was a wonderful experience for us. The very famous Mall road was hustling and bustling with the crowd. Literally a meeting place for all in Shimla. The lower mall is full of life. One could see the entire Shimla hills from the ridge, the widest, and the most beautiful spot. The pretty church on the ridge is a bonus attraction for any tourist. Shimla is named after Goddess Shyamalais known as the “queen of hills”. 

Additional Essays on Hill Station


The place got silent and serene as the night proceeded. Insects could be heard buzzing throughout. The calm water of the lake and the moon's reflection in it preserve the beauty of it at night.

We decided to go for a walk the next day to explore what the area has to offer. There were plenty of other lovely sights to view. A variety of birds and animals were seen. Some of them were stunning and one-of-a-kind. They appeared to be content walking through the forests and among the huge trees. The houses were uniquely designed and appeared to be unique. 

As we drove back with wonderful recollections of this site, our only concern was the steady deterioration of its unique beauty. Nainital is not only lovely, but it is also relatively pollution-free. The clean water of the lakes and the green, gleaming foliage of the trees were examples. However, with the flood of tourists, the natural beauty of this location is now being exploited for profit. Forest areas are being cleared to make way for hotels and shopping malls. 

For us, the trip to Nainital was a fantastic experience. Following our tour, we felt revitalised and energised. 


Around the 15th of May, Delhi's schools close for the summer holiday. It was really hot at that time. As a result, my parents decided to visit Mussoorie. The mere concept of travelling to the hills was exhilarating. The preparations were already underway. 

We prepared our belongings and prepared for the travel. We took the train to Dehradun. We travelled by automobile from Dehradun to Mussoorie. 

Mussoorie is one of India's hill stations. It's referred to as the "Queen of Hill Stations." It features a variety of lovely sports. We went to see the town the next day after breakfast. We went to the Landour and Library markets. They were all crammed with visitors from all across the country. 

We went for a walk after lunch along the Mall and Camel Back Road. We were enthralled by the vista all around us. The skating rink, which is a hotspot for fashion and colour, is worth a visit. We were able to see the Kempty Falls and the snow-capped mountain. 

We stayed in a lovely summer resort. The mountain slopes are covered in tall, green trees that make for a lovely sunset vista and a spectacular appearance. The hours of the morning and evening are also very lovely. It takes one's mind off the sweltering heat of the plains. 

A cold breeze refreshes the mind. Being so close to Mother Nature made me joyful. My heart was filled with excitement as I saw the vivid multi-coloured flowers, the clouds soaring through the sky, and the snow-covered peaks of the high mountains in the distance. 

We stayed for a fortnight there. I unwillingly returned to Delhi. My vacation to Mussoorie remains a vivid memory in my mind. 


We booked a car as soon as we arrived to contact our hotel. We stayed at the hotel for the night. We awoke early and went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast the next day before beginning our adventure. Breakfast was delicious, especially the coffee and dosa. The Government Botanical Garden near Coimbatore was the first location we went to. 

The Garden is separated into numerous areas, each with a different flower in bloom, and it appears to be a great place for photography. Then we travelled to the Ooty Boathouse in the Nilgiris, which provides tourists with boating opportunities. While boating, we were treated to breathtaking scenery. 

After we finished our meal, we went to see the famed Rose Garden, which has over 20,000 different varieties of roses. We went back to the motel and slept the night away. On our final day in Ooty, we went to the tea museum and factory, where they make high-quality tea and Toda cottages created by the Toda tribal people. 

The shelter's distinguishing feature is that it lacks windows and is quite low in height.   

It is one of Ooty's indigenous tribes that is reliant on agriculture. These are some of the places we visited during our brief stay, but there are many more that we plan to visit next year. The view and the weather it provided fascinated us all. 


It was time for our journey back and it was by bus. It was captivating as the stars, the nightlife, the music, and the far-stretching hills were alluring us to revisit the place. The zig-zag roads gave us an opportunity to view nature from different angles. Shimla stands true to its tag of “queen of hills”. We would all love to come here again to find out the unexplored spots.


FAQs on A Visit to a Hill Station - Long and Short Essay

1. What is a Hill Station?

A small town situated at a higher altitude than the nearby valleys and plains is a hill station. It usually has a cold climate.

2. Which town in India is said to be the “Queen of Hills”?

Shimla is said to be the “queen of hills” in India.

3. What is a Hill Station?

4. Which town in India is said to be the “Queen of Hills”?

5. What are the 3 adjacent hills that make up Manali?

6.  Which is the best hill station for spring and summer flowers?

In this special limited podcast series, the Jacaranda FM News Team delves into the story of South Africa's 2024 elections. Gain insights into key issues, including the unprecedented use of three ballot papers and the challenges faced by first-time voters. The nation returns to the polls on May 29th, three decades after the historic vote that ushered in a new era of political and social change. These elections are being described as the most unpredictable in the post-apartheid era, with the potential to become a defining moment not only for South Africa but for the entire nation.

Elections 2024: The Power of Your X JacPod

  • APR 14, 2024

Voting is going to be as easy as 1, 2, 3

South Africans are just more than 6 weeks away from heading to the polls and apart from the changes in the political landscape, there will also be a new way of voting once you step into the booth. Making your mark on 29 May will be a historic act, because it will be the first time that each voter will be handed three ballot papers. In this first episode of our limited series elections podcast, the Jacaranda FM News team explains the voting process and why we are asked to put three votes in the ballot box …….

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Guest Essay

Anxious Parents Are the Ones Who Need Help

An illustration of a college campus where parents look distressed about their children while the children seem fine.

By Mathilde Ross

Dr. Ross is a senior staff psychiatrist at Boston University Health Services.

This month, across the country, a new cohort of students is being accepted into colleges. And if recent trends continue, the start of the school year will kick off another record-breaking season for anxiety on campus.

I’m talking about the parents. The kids are mostly fine.

Let me explain. Most emotions, even unpleasant ones, are normal. But the word is out about increasing rates of mental health problems on campus, and that’s got parents worrying. Fair enough. The statistics are startling — in 2022, nearly 14 percent of 18-to-25-year-olds reported having serious thoughts about suicide.

But parents are allowing their anxiety to take over, and it’s not helping anyone, least of all their children. If a child calls home too much, there must be a crisis! And if a child calls too little, there must be a crisis! Either way, the panicked parent picks up the phone and calls the college counseling center to talk to someone like me.

I am a psychiatrist who has worked at a major university’s mental health clinic for 16 years. Much of next year’s freshman class was born the year before I started working here. Technically, my job is to keep my door open and help students through crises, big and small. But I have also developed a comprehensive approach to the assessment and treatment of anxious parents.

The typical call from a parent begins like this: “I think my son/daughter is suffering from anxiety.” My typical reply is: “Anxiety in this setting is usually normal, because major life transitions like living away from home for the first time are commonly associated with elevated anxiety.” Parents used to be satisfied with this kind of answer, thanked me, hung up, called their children and encouraged them to think long-term: “This too shall pass.” And most everyone carried on.

But these days this kind of thinking just convinces parents that I don’t know what I’m talking about. In the circular logic of mental health awareness, a clinician’s reassurance that situational anxiety is most likely normal and time-limited leads a parent to believe that the clinician may be missing a serious mental health condition.

Today’s parents are suffering from anxiety about anxiety, which is actually much more serious than anxiety. It’s self-fulfilling and not easily soothed by logic or evidence, such as the knowledge that most everyone adjusts to college just fine.

Anxiety about anxiety has gotten so bad that some parents actually worry if their student isn’t anxious. This puts a lot of pressure on unanxious students — it creates anxiety about anxiety about anxiety. (This happens all the time. Well-meaning parents tell their kid to make an appointment with our office to make sure their adjustment to college is going OK.) If the student says she’s fine, the parents worry that she isn’t being forthright. This is the conundrum of anxiety about anxiety — there’s really no easy way to combat it.

But I do have some advice for parents. The first thing I’d like to say, and I mean it in the kindest possible way, is: Get a grip.

As for your kids, I would like to help you with some age-appropriate remedies. If your child calls during the first weeks of college feeling anxious, consider saying any of the following: You’ll get through this; this is normal; we’ll laugh about this phone call at Thanksgiving. Or, say anything that was helpful to you the last time you started something new. Alternatively, you could say nothing. Just listening really helps. It’s the entire basis of my profession.

If the anxiety is connected to academic performance — for instance, if your child is having difficulty following the professor and thinks everyone in class is smarter — consider saying, “Do the reading.” Several times a semester, a student I’ve counseled tells me he or she discovered the secret to college: Show up for class prepared! This is often whispered rather sheepishly, even though my office is private.

Anxiety about oral presentations is also quite common. You know what I tell students? “Rehearse your speech.” Parents, you can say things like this, too. Practice it: “Son, you wouldn’t believe how helpful practice is.”

I can prepare you for advanced topics, too. Let’s say your child is exhausted and having trouble waking up for class; he thinks he has a medical problem or maybe a sleep disorder. Consider telling him to go to bed earlier. Common sense is still allowed.

What if a roommate is too loud or too quiet, too messy or too neat? Advise your kid to talk to the roommate, to take the conversation to the problem’s source.

If your child is worrying about something more serious, like failing out of college: This is quite common in the first few weeks on campus. Truth be told, failing all of one’s classes and being expelled as a result, all within the first semester, is essentially impossible and is particularly rare among those students who are worrying about it. The administrative process simply doesn’t happen that fast. Besides, you haven’t paid enough tuition yet.

I’m making my job sound easy, and it’s not. I’m making kids sound simple, and they’re not. They are my life’s work. Some kids walk through my door in serious pain. But most don’t. Most just need a responsible adult to show them the way. And most of what I do can be handled by any adult who has been through a thing or two, which is to say, any parent.

I worry that the current obsession with mental health awareness is disempowering parents from helping their adult children handle ordinary things. People are increasingly fearful that any normal emotion is a sign of something serious. But if you send your adult children to a mental health professional at the first sign of distress, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. This is the beginning of their adult relationship with you. Show them the way.

The transition to college is full of excitement and its cousin, anxiety. I enjoy shepherding young people through this rite of passage. Parents should try enjoying it, too.

Mathilde Ross is a senior staff psychiatrist at Boston University Health Services.

The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. We’d like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles. Here are some tips . And here’s our email: [email protected] .

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