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A Comprehensive Guide To Trust Amendment Form (Word / PDF)

  • Grace Harry

A trust amendment form is used when you want to update your existing living trust. With the help of this form, you can make specific changes to your trust document such as adding a beneficiary, editing a specific provision, and more. What is a trust amendment form? A trust amendment

Free Founders Agreement Templates for Any Startup (Word)

The founders of a company need a founders’ agreement template when they are launching a small company with several friends. It contains information about the roles and responsibilities of founders and co-founders. This document is also known as a shareholder’s agreement. What is a founders’ agreement? A founders’ agreement is

10+ Free Social Media Policy Templates (Word / PDF)

A social media policy template is an essential tool that specifies how an organization and its employees should use social media professionally and personally. It protects your business’ reputation by preventing to post any potentially harmful content. What is a Social Media Policy? A social media policy provides guidelines and

Free Assignment of Partnership Interest Forms (Word / PDF)

An assignment of partnership interest form is used by a partner when they sell their interest in a partnership to a third party. This form contains the details of the transfer to the new partner. The potential new partner is the assignee, and the current partner is the assignor. Through

Free Printable Parenting Plan & Custody Agreement Templates (Word)

A parenting plan and custody agreement template is made by the parents when they go through a divorce to guide and develop their lives for taking care of the children. You have to customize this plan to establish and address the requirements of your own family. What is a parenting

Free Printable Temporary Guardianship Forms for All States (Word)

You have to accomplish a temporary guardianship form while granting temporary guardianship for the care of children to another party for a set amount of time. What does it mean having temporary guardianship? A temporary guardianship is basically a relationship build when parents grants custody of their child to another

Free Printable Volunteer Hours Log Templates [Sheets & Forms] (Excel / Word)

You can use a volunteer hours log template to keep track and report the impact of your volunteer work. Making use of a volunteer hours log is the best way to monitor managing and tracking such impact. What is a volunteer hours log? You will never know what benefits you

Free Adjustment Letter Templates With Examples (MS Word)

An adjustment letter is written by a company in response to a complaint received by the customers when they have experienced an inconvenience. To mend fences, the company has to write this letter. By writing such a letter, the company can continue an amicable relationship with the customer. What is

Personal Letter of Recommendation for a Friend (Samples & Examples)

Writing a letter of recommendation for a friend is the best way to help your friend when he/she has been looking for a job. You can recommend their good work to prospective companies through this letter. In the letter of recommendation, you should highlight their characters, capabilities and qualities regarding

Free Letter of Transmittal Templates (27+ Examples & Samples)

A letter of transmittal is a type of letter that generally comes with another larger or more important document. This letter is usually attached to explain what it’s for. It acts as a documentation for the sender that something was sent and received. Moreover, a good letter of transmittal is

28 Professional Promotion Letter Templates (How To Write)

Most professionals or employees don’t want to remain in the same position for years and years without getting a promotion letter. However, they are holding a good position right now but they want to move up the corporate ladder. The importance of a promotion letter: In your company, take a

Sample Invitation Letters for Visa, Events & General (Word)

We have received an invitation letter at some point in our lives that covers a certain event to which our presence is much appreciated. An invitation letter has information regarding the host, the time, date, and venue of the affair. What is an invitation letter? An invitation letter, if defined

Free Referral Agreement Templates & Forms (MS Word)

A referral agreement template is an important document on which many businesses depend. This agreement saves them both time and money. The good referrals can be extremely reliable and valuable sources of revenue and employers know this. Also, they won’t have any difficulty to pay a referral fee agreement just

Professional Development Plan Templates (Personal, Individual, Career & Employees)

A development plan template is a document used by the employee to establish his/her career development goals and strategies on how to achieve them. Making a professional developmental plan takes a lot of time and effort. However, writing and executing this plan can help you in establishing and developing your

Free Editable Tear Off Flyer Templates (Word)

A tear off flyer template is a very useful marketing tool. These flyers are seen with tear off tabs everywhere. But, people don’t realize that why we need them or why they can be extremely beneficial. This type of flyer can help you out a lot when you want other

Free Printable Goal Chart Templates (Excel / Word / PDF)

You need a goal chart template for keeping track of your progress in achieving your desired goals. Every person has their own life goals. But, due to some reason, we tend to lose track of them over time. By having a goal chart, you can gain the capability to clarify

100% Free Editable Curriculum Vitae Templates (Word / PDF)

You should require a curriculum vitae template for making a professional curriculum vitae that will make you stand out among all candidates. It also enhances the chances of your getting a job for a better position. What is a curriculum vitae? Actually, a curriculum vitae (CV) is a Latin word

21 Free Editable Volunteering Certificate Templates [Word]

Employees deserve a volunteering certificate template for the hours they have rendered. They can also request the certificate for their own personal reasons. The organizations issue these certificates to their employees because of appreciation. Employee’s training hours will also consider during the issuance of a certificate. No matter whether you

Free Claim Letter Templates & Examples (How to Write a Claim Letter?)

A claim letter is a written notice to someone to let them know your intent to seek damages. These damages may include personal injuries or incomplete or unsatisfactory work on a specific project. What is a claim letter? A claim letter is a formal letter written to inform a second

Free Editable Engagement Letter Templates (Word)

An engagement letter is a written agreement that describes the business relationship between a business establishment and a client. The main purpose of this letter is to set the expectations for both parties. Usually, the agreement explains what services to deliver, terms and conditions, compensation, and deadlines. The importance of


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