1. Teaching Social Problem-Solving with a Free Activity

    problem solving method of teaching social studies

  2. Complete about Problem Solving Method last part of teaching Method

    problem solving method of teaching social studies

  3. problem solving as a teaching method

    problem solving method of teaching social studies

  4. Teaching Problem Solving Strategies Using Newmans Prompts

    problem solving method of teaching social studies

  5. what is the problem solving method in social studies

    problem solving method of teaching social studies

  6. Teaching Social Problem-Solving with a Free Activity

    problem solving method of teaching social studies


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  1. This is How Students Can Learn Problem-Solving Skills in Social Studies

    Researchers found students were able to learn problem-solving skills through the series of structured computer analysis projects. "The purpose of social studies is to enhance student's ability to participate in a democratic society," said Meghan Manfra, associate professor of education at NC State.

  2. PDF How to Teach Critical-thinking in social studies education: An

    views on promoting critical-thinking have shown more commonality than divergence. Conclusion: The result of this study revealed that the use of classroom discussions, writing activities, and questions should be utilized more in social studies classrooms to promote critical-thinking. However, more studies are needed to examine the effects of ...

  3. Solving Problems with Twenty Questions

    As with the teaching of any thinking skill in social studies, problem solving skills need to be taught systematically, and this is next to impossible if teachers rely on the textbook for questions. ... Twenty Questions is a highly effective method of problem solving, but other approaches also enable middle school students to focus on complex ...

  4. Full article: Understanding and explaining pedagogical problem solving

    1. Introduction. The focus of this paper is on understanding and explaining pedagogical problem solving. This theoretical paper builds on two previous studies (Riordan, Citation 2020; and Riordan, Hardman and Cumbers, Citation 2021) by introducing an 'extended Pedagogy Analysis Framework' and a 'Pedagogical Problem Typology' illustrating both with examples from video-based analysis of ...

  5. PDF A Vision of Powerful Teaching and Learning in the Social Studies

    demic courses, and the critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative skills needed for the workplace. This framework encourages the development of social studies curriculums that ... • Social studies education must also provide a connection to the world of work through the exploration of careers and

  6. PDF Powerful Teaching and Learning in Social Studies

    Powerful social studies teaching and learning are essential to a well-educated populace in a democratic society and global system. Our social studies classrooms must be "laboratories for democracy" where ... Engaging in problem-solving activities develops reasoning and critical thinking, and by being actively involved with all steps of the ...

  7. IDEAL Method as a Problem-Based Learning Approach in Social Studies

    Problem solving method is a way of solving problems based on data or information which is accurate to obtain a conclusion. ... LITERATURE REVIEW The IDEAL method in teaching Social Studies is an alternative and constructive approach in creating meaningful and authentic teaching and learning in the classroom replacing lecture-based instruction ...

  8. PDF A systematic review on teaching methods used in social studies course

    Abstract. The aim of this study is to make a systematic review of the articles published in Web of Science, ERIC and Google Scholar on the teaching methods used in the Social Studies course between 2019-2022. For this purpose, the studies included in the study were determined according to certain keywords.

  9. IDEAL Method as a Problem-Based Learning Approach in Social Studies

    The IDEAL method as a Problem-Based Learning is a constructivist, student-centered instructional strategy in which students work collaboratively to solve problems and reflect on their learning ...

  10. PDF

    Problem Solving Skills in Social Studies Education* Ceyhun Uzun1, Kamil Uygun2** 1Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education ... Koç (2013) stated that teaching with traditional methods in Social Studies education is insufficient to gain skills such as creative thinking and problem-solving, which are included in general social studies. ...

  11. Problem Solving Skills in Social Studies Education and Problem Solving

    Problem solving skills are mentioned among the skills which need to be acquired in the Social Studies course. In this study, how the social studies teachers perceived problem solving skills was ...

  12. PDF EDS 4643 Methods of Teaching Social Studies

    Course Objectives. The teacher candidate will: Identify the steps in each of the Teacher's Curriculum Institute (TCI) social studies teaching strategies. (INTASC 7, 8; CFPO 10; CAEP 1.1) Review a brief history of the social studies content area. (CFPO 1; CAEP 1; NCSS 1-10)


    Some methods of teaching Social Studies include, stimulation, laboratory, inquiry, project, dramatizations, questions and answer, field-trips, discussion, lecture, problem-solving, dramatization ...

  14. Problem Solving in Social Studies: Concepts and Critiques

    Problem Solving in Social Studies: Concepts and Critiques. Ronald L. Van Sickle, J. D. Hoge. Published 10 November 1989. Psychology, Education, Political Science. Recent developments in the field of cognitive psychology, particularly in the area of information processing, have shed light on the way people think in order to make decisions and ...

  15. ERIC

    The plea of this bulletin, the second and full revision of The Problems Approach and the Social Studies copyrighted in 1955 and 1960, is for teachers to do more with the reflective method in their classrooms. It draws upon the latest and most pertinent insights distilled from research, theory, and practice associated with reflective thinking; deals with specific whats, whys, how, and whens of ...

  16. PDF Section- A Chapter 1: Meaning, scope and nature of social studies

    problem solving method, etc. Methods are used for teaching social studies that young students can easily receive the learning material of that subject and which will also bring behavioural change e.g., explanation method, storytelling method excursions, and use of AV aids.

  17. PDF Principles and Methods of Teaching Social Studies

    devices or equipment and people or places used by teachers and learners to facilitate teaching and learning, understanding or acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes by their learners. Some examples are Television, Slides, Filmstrips, Computers, Charts, Videotapes, Human Beings, etc. They could also be explained.

  18. Problem-Solving: Our Social Studies Standards Call for Deep Engagement

    Problem-solving matters across all grades in social studies. To give just a small taste: Kindergartners should be able to "Construct an argument to address a problem in the classroom or school. Third-graders should be able to "construct an explanation, using relevant information, to address a local, regional or global problem"

  19. Pedagogical Analysis of Teaching Social Studies: An Empirical

    Shaftel describe role playing as a group problem solving method that . ... The purpose of Social Studies Education is to help the youth develop ability to make informed and reasoned decisions ...

  20. PDF Exploring Effective Teaching Strategies Employed by Social Studies

    still needs to be completed. Therefore, this paper will explore the most effective teaching strategies social studies teachers use in the classroom. By examining the different approaches and methods educators use in this field, we can gain insight into what works best and how we can improve the quality of education in social studies.

  21. PDF Teaching with Educational Games in Social Studies: A Teacher's ...

    games can be used as an effective method in improving imagination creativity and problem-solving skills, it also enables students to gain experience through independent thinking. (Aykaç & Köğce, 2021). ... examine the opinions of teachers about the use of educational games in the social studies teaching process. METHOD .

  22. PDF Integrated Approach to the Teaching of Social Studies at Basic

    This paper advocates the integrated approach to the teaching of social studies at the basic education level based on the understanding of children's nature. The paper has been organized under the following sub-headings: Social Studies in Basic Education Curriculum, Integrated Approach to Teaching Social Studies, Concerns on the Use of ...

  23. The Influence of Activity-Based Teaching Method Used in Teaching Social

    The study further found that activity-based teaching strategies such as collaborative learning, problem-solving learning and cooperative learning positively significantly affect students ...